Are you looking for the best agility ladder available in the UK? OriGym has got you covered!

Using speed or agility ladders is excellent for improving your overall quickness and explosiveness. It is a must tool for any elite athlete looking to take their fitness to a new level.  

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What Is An Agility Ladder?

Before we share our thoughts on the best speed and agility ladders, we’re going to quickly explain what it is and answer some quick questions about this kind of product. 

An agility ladder is a piece of equipment made from nylon and plastic. It is normally laid on the floor, indoors or outdoors to give yourself a quick and intense workout. 

You can use it for drills, part of a workout routine or even a change from just a normal run. Elite athletes such as footballers use it to improve their overall performance. 

You can use the ladder to help raise your heart rate and improve your balance and coordination. 

Agility ladders can be used for various training programmes including HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), HIFT (High Intensity Functional Training), and circuit-training.

How To Use The Agility Ladder?

Just below, we have given some basic instructions explaining how to use this kind of ladder as part of your workout. This brief guide will teach you the basic single foot drill to help you get started! 

Want further tips on how to do more advanced drills? There are tons of great tutorials on Youtube and other fitness-related websites!

  1. Prepare the ladder and lay it out in front of you. Before you start using it, practice the movement of stepping sideways to get the moves right. 
  2. Step into the first square with your left foot, quickly place your left foot down and shift the weight onto that foot. 
  3. Repeat the same movement with your right foot. Quickly place the foot down and shift the weight onto that foot. 
  4. Repeat the movement from step 1 and step into the third square. 
  5. Continue the sequence until you’ve reached the end of the agility ladder. 

Now you know what it is and how to use it, let’s find out where to buy an agility ladder!

Best Agility Ladders (UK)

#1 – MANTRA SPORTS – Agility Speed Ladder

Price: £23.97

agility training ladders

As speed and agility ladders go, they don’t get much better than this one, manufactured by Mantra Sports! 

Mantra has described this product as one of the best ways for kids and adults to gain a competitive advantage in football, rugby, and hockey. 

The equipment works to improve speed and alertness, both of which are essential skills in the elite level sport. 

Mantra’s speed ladder is 6 metres long and is suitable on any surface in any weather type. 

The heavy-duty nylon straps are incredibly durable, so you won’t have to worry about any wear and tear affecting your product use. 

It comes with rust-resistant metal pegs for use on grassy surfaces, but it can also be used in your home gym too, making this a perfect choice for anyone looking for an indoor agility ladder. 

There are 12 rungs on this training agility ladder, and they’re all easily adjustable to suit your individual workout needs. 

This particular product comes with eight plastic drill cones to provide direction and measure your balance and agility. The set includes a bag to carry all the gear in and a double sided wall poster with a range of drills and exercises on it! 

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It’s available in 2 different colours, with yellow or orange, and for just £23.97, this is a great pick if you’re after a cheap speed agility ladder! 

#2 – Juvale – Speed and Agility Training Set

Price: £18.99 

speed ladders

The Juvale Speed and Agility training set is a great option if you’re looking to buy cheap speed ladders! 

You’ll be able to improve your speed, explosiveness, balance, reflexes, and agility with this set, manufactured by Juvale. 

The agility ladder measurements are as follows. It measures 6.1 metres long (20 foot) and has 12 rungs, each 41.1cm in length. The rungs are also adjustable, meaning you can move them closer or further apart from each other, depending on what training exercise you’re taking part in. 

Juvale has made this product to be as durable as possible and is suitable for different sports. This kind of product can also be used in a school P.E lesson as part of a rugby or football training session. 

This particular speed agility ladder comes with a few extras too. Not only does it come with six disc cones, but it also includes a resistance parachute! The parachute can be used in conjecture with the ladder to build your strength and speed as you look to improve your explosiveness. 

All of this is available to you at a price of just £18.99, which we think is a brilliant deal!

#3 – GIEMIT Agility and Speed Ladder

Price: £10.88

exercise ladders

If you’re looking to buy an agility ladder, then look no further, as GIEMIT may just have the perfect product for you.

Although this agility and speed ladder already has an impressive 12-rung design, it can also be adjusted by up to 6 meters rung to rung, meaning that it can be used for many different exercises and abilities.

If this wasn’t enough, the ladder’s two ends can be connected to make it even longer!

GIEMIT suggest that their agility ladder is suitable for all types of sports training, from football and basketball, to tennis and lacrosse.

One of the benefits of an agility ladder such as this one is that it is incredibly durable. This is because it is made of heavy-duty polypropylene, as well as having nylon straps, so it is definitely built to last through all weathers.

Another great design feature is the bag that it comes with, which can be used to easily transport the ladder from place to place. Whether you want to work out in your garden, the local park, or even next to your next, you can with GIEMIT’s agility and speed ladder!

So, if you’re looking to increase leg strength, speed, balance and control, then why not give this ladder a go?

#4 – Ohuhu Agility Ladder

Price: £11.99

ladders for agility training

If you’re shopping for a good roll out agility ladder, we recommend you take a look at this one from Ohuhu.

Crafted from high-quality polypropylene, this product has been designed so that it will last for many years, no matter how much you use it.

In total, Ohuhu’s agility ladder is 6 metres long, and has 12 rungs placed 15 inches apart. The individual rungs can be moved and adjusted to suit your preferences.

This speed ladder is also incredibly easy to set up; simply unravel the straps and rungs on any surface, and you’re ready to get training!

Not only is this great for practising your agility and speed in sports such as football and rugby, but if you like boxing, you can practice your footwork too.

Available in two colours, yellow and blue, the blue version does cost more, but at £13.99 this certainly won’t break the bank.

Buying the yellow version will also only set you back by £11.99, making it one of the most affordable agility ladders on the market!

#5 – Mitre – Training Ladder 

Price: £15.95 – £26.95

ladders for speed training

Mitre are giants in the football training gear game, so you know that you’ll be getting a high quality product from them! 

If you’re looking for a high quality soccer speed ladder, then this one will be right up your street. 

It is only 4 metres in length, making it ideal for children, or anyone shopping for a small agility ladder. 

There are nine rungs on this product, all in a vibrant yellow colour to ensure that you can see them clearly, reducing the likelihood that you’ll stand on them during training. 

A rapid clip is attached to both ends of these straps, allowing you to connect multiple ladders to create an even longer, more challenging assault course to improve your speed, agility, and footwork even further! 

This soccer speed ladder will improve your footwork, coordination, and stability in both your knees and your ankles. 

Mitre’s product is a great option if you’re looking to buy a high-quality foot speed ladder soon! 

If you’re planning on training outdoors, you may want to consider a running gilet to keep you warm during the winter months.

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#6 – Forza – Speed & Agility Football Training Ladder

Price: £5.99 (3m), £9.99 (6m)

agility ladder uk

Practising your football footwork is just one of the many things you can do if you’re after cheap agility ladders. 

It is available in two sizes, those being 3 metres and 6 metres. However, if that’s not long enough for you, you can simply attach more unto the ends of this one to increase the length of your speed drills. 

It is 6 metres long and has 12 rungs and is made from ultra-durable flat plastic that has been engineered to reduce the risk of slipping on them whilst training. 

The rungs are bright yellow too, ensuring that you’ll be able to see them in all conditions, leaving you with a safe piece of training equipment. 

The rungs are adjustable too so that you can tailor them to your training needs and skill level. They slide up and down the nylon straps easily and fuss-free, giving you more time to work on your footwork drills rather than stressing over faulty kit. 

At a price of just £9.99 (for the 6 metre version), you’d be wrong not to check it out if you’re after an agility ladder for cheap!

#7 – PetHot – 4m Foot Speed Ladder

Price: £8.99 

buy agility ladder

This piece of kit by PetHot is a great option if you’re looking to buy a small agility ladder for your training! 

Due to its size, there are only three rungs on it. However, that doesn’t make it any less of a great piece of kit to practice your footwork and agility whilst you train for sports such as football, rugby, and tennis! 

This makes it ideal if you’re after an agility rope ladder. The material of the straps is durable and ensures a long life for this piece of kit. A nylon bag is also included, so you can carry it around with you wherever you go.

Not only is it suitable for training your agility and speed, but this product, in particular, is a top choice if you’re looking to buy an agility ladder for your kids. The size of it makes it a great option to improve the balance and co-ordination of younger children in particular. 

As for the price, at just £5.99, we consider this an absolute steal, and a great option if you’re looking to buy a small speed ladder for your children! 

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#8 – YISSVIC – Agility Set 

Price: £20.99 

benefits of agility ladder

This piece of kit by Yissvic is one of the best agility ladders around for sure! 

Described as being ideal for beginners, professionals, and athletes alike, this 6 metre agility ladder will allow you to train like an athlete as you improve your speed, coordination, and flexibility, whilst also strengthening your tendons, ligaments, and joints. 

This speed ladder has 12 rungs which can be easily adjusted to suit your training needs. The rungs themselves are made from strong plastic to ensure that they don’t snap if you happen to stand on them. 

These straps are made from durable nylon that’s engineered to stop them from fraying. You know for a fact that this product is going to be around for a very long time! 

It is easily foldable and is lightweight so that you can take it with you and train on-the-go. 

The set also comes equipped with ten plastic cones that can mark out training areas, and a nylon bag to carry it all in. 

You’ll be reaping all the benefits of agility ladders if you decide to go for this one when you’re next shopping online!

#9 – YBCPACK – Agility Ladder

Price: £14.99 

agility ladder cheap

If you’re looking for an agility ladder for tennis footwork practice, then this one by YBCPACK could be the best one for you.

It is 6 metres long and has 12 rungs, however, if that isn’t long enough for you, the buckle design at either end of the straps means that you can add more together until you have the desired length which best complements your workout needs. 

The rungs themselves are made from an environmentally friendly polypropylene material that is anti-crack and pressure resistant, so you won’t have to worry about them breaking if you happen to stand on them during training. 

It can also be used outdoors and indoors, ideal for anyone shopping for an indoor agility ladder. 

As a little bonus, YBCPACK has also included 12 disc cones as part of this speed ladder set to enhance your training further. 

So, suppose you’re after a piece of equipment to help improve your coordination, speed, and footwork for sports such as football, rugby, tennis, and even Karate. In that case, YBCPACK’s agility set could well be the one for you!

#10 – The Soccer Store – Speed Agility Ladder 

Price: £11.95 (3m), £13.95 (4.5m), £20.95 (9m)

cheap agility ladders

Don’t be fooled into thinking that buying speed training ladders will only improve your footwork for football. 

You can just as easily use this to improve your speed and flexibility for many sports. So if you’re looking for a basketball agility ladder, then you should consider this one! 

This speed training ladder is available in 3 different sizes, 3 metres, 4.5 metres, and 9 metres. The 9 metre option can be split into two 4.5 metre ladders, meaning you can quickly change it around to best suit your training needs. 

As are the vast majority on this list, the rungs are adjustable, so you can increase or decrease the distance between each one, depending on how intense you want your training session to be. 

The rungs themselves are made from durable hard-wearing plastic, so you won’t have to worry about them breaking on you anytime soon. 

Additionally, Somebody can use it for both indoors or outdoors. 

It is lightweight and features a stacking handle, which ensures easier non-tangle storage opportunities. 

The Soccer Store product is a great option if you’re shopping for an agility ladder on the cheap, with the smaller, 3 metre option only setting you back by £11.95!

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#11 – Alyoen – Agility Ladder 

Price: £11.99 

speed agility ladders

If you’re looking for speed agility ladders that will not only benefit you as you take part in a variety of sports, but that will last you a long time, then look no further than this one, manufactured by Alyoen! 

It is 6 metres long 12 durable plastic rungs on it and is designed to withstand your weight even if you accidentally step on them during a training session. 

The rungs have been spaced out 15 inches apart from each other, though you can adjust the rung according to how you want to train.

The rungs are also a high-visibility yellow colour, so you won’t have any issues not seeing them. 

The straps on either side of the rungs are made from extremely heavy-duty nylon, and you can attach multiple ladders on either end to make your training drills that extra bit more challenging. 

This agility training ladder is lightweight and can be used for training your speed and agility for a multitude of sports, such as athletics, American football, and even volleyball. 

This versatile agility ladder is built to last. It is guaranteed to be a massive help with your training in a wide variety of sports where your speed and agility skills are of paramount importance!

#12 – AIQI – 5 Rung Agility Ladder

Price: £7.89

basketball agility ladder

If you’re after a five rung product for your speed and footwork training, then this one by AIQI is by far your best option!

It is a small agility ladder, with it only measuring in at 3 metres long. 

But don’t let its size put you off, it is a high quality, durable speed ladder that has been built to last. 

The rungs are made from a durable plastic that will withstand you stepping on them without cracking or breaking. 

The rungs are also adjustable so you can choose how difficult you want your training drills to be by moving them closer together. 

The straps are made from heavy-duty nylon, designed to not fray or snap over time. It’s lightweight too, so carrying it around with you won’t be an issue. 

As for the cost, this small speed ladder will only set you back by £7.89, and for such a high quality, versatile product, we find it difficult to find fault with that price!

#13 – GHB Agility Ladder

Price: £11.99

training ladders

Are you in the market for a cheap speed ladder? At £11.99, this one from GHB is a great option!

Similar to many others on our list, this agility ladder has 12 durable plastic rings, with each rung measuring 17 inches. The rungs are highly flexible and can also be adjusted by up to 15 inches, depending on your training needs.

Though this easy to set up, roll out agility ladder is plenty long enough at 20 feet, it does have plastic buckles at the end, which gives you the option to connect two together to make one long ladder!

Plus, there’s no need to worry about your ropes getting tangled, as GHB have supplied organising straps to keep the rungs tidy when you pack them away into the conveniently-supplied storage bag.

As ‘Amazon’s choice’ when it comes to agility ladders, we’d highly recommend investing in this one!

#14 SMART – Agility Ladder

Price: £53.20

agility rope ladder

The SMART agility is a must have if you want to help you improve your balance and speed! 

It is 4.5 metres long but can be split in half to provide you with 2, 2.25 metre long segments. However, if 4.5 metres isn’t long enough for you, the clips at both ends of the straps mean ladders can be added to it. 

This agility training ladder’s rungs are made from rigid plastic rungs designed to be versatile and safe. SMART’s speed ladder is lightweight and designed to be easy to use, easy to transport, and easy to store. 

We can see from this great piece of kit the only downside is the price, with the ladder costing £52.20. 

However, for this price you know you’re guaranteed a high quality, durable piece of training equipment from a well known brand that you know will last you a long time, no matter how much you use it!

It is a worthy final addition to this list of the best speed and agility ladders on the market!

Before You Go! 

These are the best 14 agility and speed ladders you can find online right now! 

Without doubt, using this equipment will help you get stronger, faster and most importantly, help hit your fitness goals in no time at all. 

As mentioned previously, when we discussed how to use this piece of kit, incorporating an agility ladder into your workout, it’s a great way to switch things up in cardio and make it more interesting. 

Take your time with learning the technique, and once you’ve learnt the method, you’ll be able to pick up the speed in no time! 

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