If you’re looking for the best free yoga studio software then this definitive list will help you to make an informed decision on what’s best for your business. 

We’ll look at the unique features of each software, and offer an unbiased comparison of the free yoga software options out there.

But if you’re looking to expand the services on offer at your studio, consider enrolling on a Level 4 yoga teaching course. You’ll develop your existing knowledge and skills, and even specialise in a highly sought-after yoga discipline. 

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The Top 21 Options for Free Yoga Software

#1 – Momoyoga

#1 yoga software free download Momoyoga

If you’re prioritising free yoga scheduling software, then Momoyoga may be an ideal option. This platform adapts to meet your studio’s specific needs, allowing you to:

  • Create schedules 
  • Book students into classes
  • Integrate the system into your yoga teaching website
  • Work from a variety of devices, including both iPhone and Android 

As one of the best free yoga studio softwares on the market today, Momoyoga also helps your students pay for their sessions, with a wide range of billing options available. 

Alternatively, you can offer an option for students to set up a recurring payment plan, ensuring that you can maintain a steady stream of income.

#1 yoga class plan software free Momoyoga Credit

But beyond organising your studio’s sessions, this free software also allows you to add pre-recorded classes for those students who prefer to work from the comfort of their own homes.

The management tool also includes finances, as it helps teachers to oversee statistics such as estimated turnover and payments, which can then be used for forecasting.

Keep in mind that Momoyoga’s yoga class plan software is free for a 30 day trial only. 

But don’t worry! Following this, you will only be expected to pay £20 – £24 every month, meaning it won’t be as pricey as other competitors.

#2 – Bookyway

#2 yoga studio management software free Bookyway

Running a successful yoga studio can be stressful and fast-paced at times, meaning that you’ll likely wish to work on the go. 

Thankfully, Bookyway is a highly adaptable application and can operate on your:

  • PC/Mac
  • Tablet
  • Smartphone 

This yoga class plan software is free to use and highly efficient, as with just the touch of a button customers can:

  • Register at your studio
  • Pay for classes
  • Add their names to waiting lists 

If you teach online yoga sessions then Bookyway has the perfect feature for you, as with ‘LIVE’ mode you students can attend virtual classes in real time. 

This is made possible through integration with all the main conference platforms such as Zoom and Skype.

#2 yoga software free download Bookyway

You may be looking for a free yoga studio software in order to efficiently communicate with your students. This is made possible with Bookyway’s virtual bulletin board, which allows you to inform students about:

  • Offers and deals
  • News regarding the studio and classes 
  • Shoutouts to students – e.g. Birthdays 

You can share these updates with push notifications that will appear on each student’s smartphone so that they never miss any important information!

When using the application, students will pay for your services through Stripe. Once the payment has been processed, customers will receive Bookyway credits that can be spent on your studio, and you will then receive a payment into your own Stripe account. 

#3 – Yocale

#3 Yocale free yoga scheduling software

If you’re someone who prioritises organisation, Yocale is an ideal free yoga scheduling software that you must take advantage of. 

Specifically, the calendar function will allow you to manage every aspect of your day-to-day life with total ease. To ensure your business runs at optimum level, you can even pair Yocale with your Google and Outlook calendar too! 

Speaking of Google integration, Yocale can also connect to your GoogleMyBusiness account, allowing customers to find your business through Google Maps, regardless of whether they’re on mobile or webpage. 

These features have made Yocale one of the best free yoga studio software, with users reporting:

  • A 64% increase in new bookings through the Reserve with Google tool
  • 86% reductions in no-shows with email and SMS appointment reminders
  • A 34% increase in client bookings, as the booking widget makes bookings possible after hours

#3 best free yoga studio software Yocale

Customers also have their own personalised portal, allowing them to manage bookings, complete payments, and access all of the class information that they need in one place.

If you’re only interested in yoga studio software that is free, then the Yocale’s Essential plan will be the ideal option for you. But be aware, members who pay on a monthly basis will gain access to a wide range of other benefits. 

#4 – Setmore

#4 - Setmore yoga software for free

When it comes to using yoga software for free, some studio owners may wish to prioritise appointment scheduling, in order to keep track of the customers in attendance. 

Setmore can help with this process, with a scheduling software that integrates into a variety of platforms, such as: 

  • Zoom
  • Teleport
  • Google Calendar
  • WordPress

Through this integration, you can create and customise an online booking page that is bespoke to your yoga business. On this page you can display class times, availability and reviews from previous students. 

Setmore also allows you to open a yoga business from your own home, and reach students all over the world with Zoom and Teleport integration.

The software sends out personalised email or text reminders to every student with a booking, to ensure that they don’t miss a class. This reduces the number of no-shows that you will get.

#4 Setmore yoga class plan software free

In addition to this, Setmore also integrates across a variety of payment platforms including:

  • PayPal
  • Square
  • Stripe

You can accept payments easily and securely online, which simplifies the payment process for students and means that you don’t have to go chasing late payments.

Whilst you may want to use yoga studio management software for free, keep in mind that Setmore’s premium option is only £4.15. This is a considerably cheap example, and can unlock a plethora of added benefits. 

#5 – Bitrix24

#5 BirtX Free yoga software

Whether it’s your first time using free yoga software, or you’re simply looking to upgrade your existing system, Bitrix24 is an ideal and affordable platform for all. 

With a wide variety of tools at your disposal, you can effectively run your entire business from the app’s single ecosystem. This is because you can use the yoga studio software for free to complete tasks such as:

  • Client Management
  • Customer Support
  • Marketing Tactics 
  • Social Media Optimisation 

For example, when it comes to client management Bitrix24 can help with process of generating leads through various platforms including:

  • Live chats
  • Web forms
  • Phone calls
  • Social media

#5 BirtX  yoga studio software for free

Students who generate a lead can then be added to your studio’s system automatically, allowing you to store all of their details in one place.

This tool is particularly effective if you have more than one instructor within your business. That way you can delegate clients to a specific teacher ensuring they will be in attendance for their specific classes.

Not only does Bitrix24 make your business management easier, but it also allows you to design websites, landing pages, and online stores. Proving that you really do have everything you need in this one software! 


#6 – Fitogram Pro

#6 Fit Programme yoga class plan software free

If you’re looking for a yoga studio management software that is free and specifically designed for the practice, then Fitogram Pro is the ideal option for you. 

Once downloaded, you can use the application to complete the following administrative tasks:

  • Manage online bookings
  • Monitor student’s payments
  • Review your business finances 

The online booking tool has several payment options for clients to choose from, including ‘Pay Later’, SEPA direct debit and credit card payments. Being able to offer this flexibility will appeal to students looking for an easy way to book and pay for their classes.

#6 Fit Programme yoga class plan software FREE 2

This tool also allows you to include details about your classes that may encourage students to spend more at your studio. This may include:

  • A free or discounted class for their visit to your studio
  • Purchase of a single class
  • Unlimited monthly membership which renews via direct debit

For further guidance on this matter, check out our in-depth look at how much you should charge for your yoga classes

The intuitive software takes only 30 minutes to set up, meaning that no coding or special IT skills are needed. Furthermore, whilst this yoga software is free to download, premium membership is also available for studio owners looking for a wider range of benefits. 

#7 – Ubindi

#7 Udndi best free yoga studio software

The word Ubindi means ‘the easiest way for people to access your offerings’.  The company itself claims they chose the name as a reflection of how accessible their software is, even for those who aren’t as savvy.

The primary focus of this free yoga software is to create organised groups for your clients, in order to highlight what aspects of your business does well. 

For example, if you teach a beginners yoga class, students who attend these sessions can be tagged with phrases such as ‘beginner’.

Ubindi will then generate intuitive reports which will show your most loyal students, as well as those who may need further encouragement to attend classes.

#7 Udndi yoga software free download B

This is another great free yoga studio software for instructors who offer on-demand services, as the platform will accept payments from students anywhere in the world. Better yet, this is done on a direct debit basis, meaning you’ll never have to worry about chasing clients for money.

Ubindi’s yoga software is a free download which allows you to manage up to 50 students. Then, as your business grows, you can upgrade to allow you to add more students to your system, beginning at just £6.63 per month.

#8 – YogaTrail

#8 YogaTrail yoga software for free

YogaTrail is a platform which allows teachers from around the world to list their services on a global platform. In doing so, yogis will be able to find classes within their local area.

For reference, yoga teachers will be able to post the following services:

  • Yoga Classes
  • Yoga Workshops
  • Yoga Retreats

You can use this simple yoga software for free to set the availability of these sessions, and even allow students to subscribe to a specific class so they never miss out on your updates. 

Whilst on the topic of schedule, you can also use YogaTrail’s widgets to depict your availability through your personal website and social media pages, in order to generate more leads.

#8 YogaTrail yoga class plan software free

When compared to competing yoga studio softwares, YogaTrail offers a unique directory feature. Here, students can access a huge back catalogue of studios from across the world in order to find one that’s right for them. 

Although YogaTrail is free, you can upgrade from £14.92 to £106.95 per month, which allows you to benefit from several features including:

  • Exposure to more than 50,000 yogis each month
  • Being able to post unlimited events and classes
  • A feature in worldwide newsletters and special landing pages

This could be the ideal option once you have familiarised yourself with the software, and feel comfortable investing in the product for your business.

#9 – Amelia Lite

#9 Amelia yoga class plan software free

Amelia Lite is a plugin that can be installed on a WordPress website to help manage the bookings for your yoga studio. The interface is minimalistic, meaning it can be adjusted to suit your site’s chosen theme and branding. 

If you’re specifically looking for a yoga class plan software for free, then Amelia Lite can specifically be incorporated into your business to handle bookings automatically. 

This can improve the booking experience for both customer and studio owner, as you will no longer have to enter the information manually. For reference, you will be able to see the bookings through a calendar feature as so:

#9 Amelia yoga studio software for free

Amelia Lite also automates the payment process and then provides real-time SMS reminders for students. These updates can inform clients with:

  • Confirmation of bookings 
  • Information regarding cancelled sessions
  • Rescheduled classes 

Amelia’s booking plugin also offers an insightful dashboard that summarises all of your business KPIs. 

This allows you to track the performance of your business as a whole, along with individual instructors to see where improvements need to be made.

You won’t need specialist IT training to install Amelia Lite, as installation, back-end, and front-end actions are all intuitive and do not require more than 2 to 3 clicks.

#10 – Momence Lite 

#10 Momence  free yoga scheduling software

Momence is one of the best options for free yoga scheduling software on the market to date, making it the ideal choice for instructors who are looking to streamline their admin process. 

Along with the typical in-person class registration, Momence also allows you to live stream your sessions through Zoom integration. 

Better yet, the application also offers unlimited storage for videos and PDF files, making them accessible to customers at all times. 

When it comes to payment methods, Momence offers further integration across the following platforms: 

  • Stripe
  • Mailchimp
  • Classpass
  • PayPal
  • Zapier

Momence also provides visualised insights and reports into your business, which can be used to identify what you’re doing right, as well as areas for improvement.

#10 Momence best free yoga studio software

As a studio owner, you’ll also have access to 24/7 support through phone, live chat, and email. 

This essentially allows you to receive expert guidance at no additional cost, reinforcing the idea that this is one of the best free yoga softwares available.

#11 – Simplybook.me

#11 SimplyBook yoga software free

SimplyBook.me is a highly adaptable booking platform that can be used across a variety of industries, including yoga.

Setting up your business on the platform has never been easier either, after choosing a mobile responsive template, you can customise your chosen design to fit your business’ branding and identity. 

But the mobile-responsive features don’t end there, as this yoga software also allows you to accept online bookings via a variety of sources, such as: 

  • Your own mobile-optimised booking website
  • Integration with your existing website
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google

These bookings and appointments are all managed through SimplyBook’s branded client app, which can again be customised to suit your studios specific brand:

#11 SimplyBook free yoga studio software

As an instructor, you can download SimplyBook’s admin app to manage your daily business activities wherever you are. This is an excellent feature, as you will receive push notifications regarding bookings and cancellations. 

You can also see a calendar overview at all times, in order to adjust your schedule, and scan student tickets on arrival to ensure that everyone has paid for the class.

If learning about the best free yoga softwares interests you, then you should also check out the following articles:

#12 – Legitfit

#12 LegitFit yoga studio management software free

Whether you’ve recently started a yoga studio, or are a well established business with an existing base of students, LegitFit has a free yoga software solution to suit your individualistic needs. 

The LegitFit dashboard also provides a snapshot of everything that you need to know about your business in one place, including:

  • Sales
  • Bookings 
  • Class Schedules 

Whereas your students will be able to use the yoga studio management software for free, in order to buy memberships and packages online. The difference between these two interfaces can be found below:

#12 LegitFit free yoga software

You can then track the revenue generated from all of your income sources to keep track of which classes are the most popular. For instance, you can see:

  • Your current Stripe payment balance
  • Profits that are on the way to your bank
  • Monthly recurring revenues
  • Average revenue generated per user

The automated payment processing system not only makes it easy for customers to make recurring or one-off payments, but also allows you to collect income on time and track your expected expenses.

Rated 5 stars by over 650 yoga studios and gyms, give LegitFit a go if you’re looking for some of the best free yoga studio software on the market.


#13 – Clubworx

#13 ClubWork Free yoga scheduling software

Clubworx offers a platform that is specially designed as free yoga studio software. From a single dashboard, the management software automates every possible membership feature including:

  • Administration
  • Payment Methods 
  • Communications With Customers

This has all been specifically designed to minimise the amount of admin work you need to perform, allowing you to focus on your passion for yoga. 

Specifically, Clubworx provides a self check-in service, which makes it easy for your members to use. But to add another layer of individuality, the software also allows you to send custom forms to your customers that specifically relate to your business. 

This feature is beneficial to instructors who struggle with maintaining organisation, as you will have all of this documentation in one place.

#13 CluBWork yoga studio management software free

If you’re hoping to improve your marketing strategy, then Clubworx offers sales and CRM tools such as:

  • Email and SMS templates
  • 2-way text notifications and reminders
  • Integrations with your website, Facebook, and Zapier

As well as marketing, the software also helps you from a financial point of view, by showing sophisticated business insights. 

This can help you to make money as a yoga teacher, as it provides insight into the revenue your business already generates.

With this information in mind, you can use it to invest in aspects of your business that you know will succeed due to this existing popularity. 

#14 – Square Appointments

#14 Appointments best yoga class plan software for free

Throughout this article we discussed multiple examples of the best yoga class plan software for free, and Square Appointments is yet another example of a tool that can benefit your business. 

For example, with Square Appointments you can create a website that best reflects your studios style and branding, including the ability to customise:

  • Colours
  • Layout 
  • Content of pages 

But the possibilities don’t stop there, as you can also link this free yoga scheduling software to your Google Calendar. In doing so, you can avoid double bookings and easily etch out time for personal events.

Instructors can also sync their schedules across multiple locations, including in different time zones, to allow you to reach customers across the globe. 

This is incredibly beneficial if you teach online classes, as these students will receive information as it pertains to their location too.

#14 Appointments yoga studio management software for free

Customers can even book directly from your website using the Square Appointments widget, which is compatible with sites powered by tools such as:

  • Wix
  • Squarespace
  • WordPress

To set expectations for your students, the software will help you to create and enforce a cancellation policy for late cancellations and no-shows. 

This will ensure that you can assign empty class spaces to those on your waiting list without missing out on income.

For further information on this matter, check out our guide on how to create a yoga cancellation policy.

Whilst this yoga studio management software is free to use, there are paid programmes available should you enjoy the service and wish to invest more. 

#15 – Reservio

#15 Reseverio free yoga scheduling software

Reservio’s calendar feature gives you a perfect overview of all of your studio’s classes in one place. This is especially handy if you employ more than one teacher and wish to monitor a specific class’s success. 

You can then filter your calendar by date, employee, and types of service to help you keep control over your business in order to maintain your schedule effectively. 

This particular feature can be used on a variety of platforms, such as desktop, Android, and iOS devices. 

Reservio also offers several options to help keep your class schedule full, including:

  • Create your own booking website
  • Add a booking button to your existing website
  • Customise a booking form
  • QR code
  • Booking link to include on social media pages

#15 Reseverio yoga studio management software free

Reservio allows you to keep a database of your clients and their contact details, which you can use to keep in contact with loyal students, in order to keep them updated.

In addition to this, you can also keep notes relating to specific students. This can be used to highlight their specific preferences and progress, as well as flagging any repeated no-shows. 

#16 –  Bookamat

#16 BookaMat yoga studio management software free

Bookamat provides yoga studio management software for free, which has been designed specifically for those within the health and fitness industry. 

With the option to install it as a mobile or desktop app, you can use the software to manage your classes, retreats, or special events, on the go with no interruptions. 

As well as simply allowing customers to book online, Bookamat offers various options such as memberships and special discounted passes. This allows you to offer payment plans that suit both new and existing customers. 

If you’re looking to make passive income as a yoga teacher, then you’ll be pleased to know that Bookamat allows you to create an archive of recorded classes, which will be accessible to students at all times. 

Alternatively, you can livestream sessions through Zoom, Skype and Google Meet respectively.

Another advantage of using Bookamat is that you can encourage students to also download the mobile app. This will allow them to:

  • Manage their bookings
  • Receive notifications an hour before class
  • Book on behalf of family and friends
  • Join class waiting lists
  • Make card payments online
  • Receive reminders for upcoming bookings
  • Add their bookings to Google Calendar or iCal

#16 BookaMat best free yoga studio software

If you’re looking to use yoga studio management software for free then Bookamat is ideal, as you will be able to closely monitor individual students. 

This will provide information regarding their attendance, billing history, and outstanding payments all in one space. 

Whilst the starter package makes Bookamat free to use, you can also upgrade to the Essential and Professional packages as your business grows. 

#17 – Plan2Play

#17 Plan 2 Play yoga studio software for free

Plan2Play is based upon the thoughtful software solution ARC – which stands for:

  • Attract members
  • Run your business
  • Connect your community

The ‘Attract’ features make converting users and followers into leads easier than ever. For example, they allow you to build a website which is customised to your branding, run targeted ad campaigns, and analyse performance with custom reporting tools.

ARC also helps to make your day-to-day business activities run smoothly and efficiently, with features allowing you to automatically schedule classes, manage payments, and keep client documents up to date.

#17 Plan 2 Play free yoga studio software

This allows you to spend more time on what really matters, which is creating and leading great yoga classes!

Finally, ‘the connect your community’ features provide you with the tools to create a strong, loyal community of students. This allows you to engage students through:

  • Email drip campaigns
  • Social media integrations
  • Special events and discounts

Plan2Play offers all of these features in their yoga software as a free download, with the option to upgrade to the ‘Pro’ software if you’d like to access more features and help your business to grow in future.

#18 – Reservation.Studio

#18 Reservation Studio Free yoga studio software

With the option to use it on both PC or mobile app, Reservation.Studio is one of the best free yoga studio softwares that provides you with more than 20 free management functions.

For example, when a new client books a session using the innovative format calendar, they will automatically be inserted into your business’ database. As a result, you will immediately be able to interact with them on a one-to-one basis.

Reservation.Studio will also provide you with the opportunity to add multiple pricing points per class. 

This gives students the opportunity to choose a package that suits their needs best, be it a one off payment, or a monthly package that provides them with a specific number of classes. 

Speaking of generating revenue, Reservations.Studio will also allow you to record any and all expenses and earnings throughout the month. This helps you to keep track of your business’ financial forecasting in an easy to understand manner. 

#18 Reservation Studio yoga studio software free

If you have more than one instructor working at your studio, the personnel management feature allows you to share business activities with multiple employees. 

For instance, said employee will receive notifications upon new or altered booking, as well as calendars displaying all of their upcoming classes. 

This will help them to plan their own schedule, providing insight into what they can expect from their working day.


#19 – Classfit

#19 Class Fit best free yoga studio software

Built specifically for the health and wellness industry, Classfit has been designed with feedback from instructors and studio owners informing every step of the process.

The booking calendar can easily be integrated into your pre-existing website to allow clients to view and book classes whenever is convenient for them.This calendar can be customised to fit your branding, giving a sleek and professional look to your website.

With Classfit, you can also set up different payment options such as recurring memberships or class bundles, and then use the handy widget to integrate them into your website.

This allows you to receive payments quickly and easily with the automatic electronic payments feature, which offers industry-leading low fees.

#19 Class Fit yoga software free download

The free yoga software also helps with customer relationship management. For example, it allows you to brand emails with your logo, name, and brand colours for a consistent and professional feel.

In addition to this, if you teach online yoga, you can stream your classes with the Zoom integration that automatically sends out the meeting link to those who have signed up.

Classfit offers complimentary set-up services if you’re unsure at any point, as well as customer service that runs 7 days a week in case you encounter any issues with the software.

Although there is a 2% charge for all online transactions, there are no contracts or set-up costs for Classfit, making it one of the best free yoga studio software options on our list.

#20 – Zoyya

#20 Zoyyaa yoga software free download

If you’re interested in free yoga studio software that helps with the business side of running a yoga studio, then Zoyya is the ideal option for you. Here you can obtain business reports that help you see what aspects of your studio are the most popular.

This information can be downloaded in an Excel spreadsheet or PDF, allowing you to store it in your personal record for safety. 

Arguably one of Zoyya’s best features is the automated schedule creator. You simply provide the software with information relating to your class schedule, and the software will create a detailed planner for you to follow, such as the following example:

#20 Zoyyaa yoga class plan software free

Clients can then view this planner and book onto your classes at a time that’s most convenient for them. 

With this free yoga studio software, you’ll also be able to list your business on the Zoyya platform, which can help your visibility on the likes of Google. As a result, you could potentially attract more paying customers from your local area.

#21 – Sagenda

#21 Sagenda yoga class plan software free

Sagenda’s free yoga studio software can be embedded into your existing website using the brand’s seamless plugin. It can then be customised to match your own business’ branding, including text and button colours to give your students a seamless experience.

As one of the best free yoga studio softwares on the market, Sagenda will help to complete administrative duties through automated messages that are sent to your students.

This is great if you have multiple instructors, as they can adjust their availability from their mobile devices outside of business hours. This ensures that their availability will always be accurate, ensuring that customers always get the best possible service for their money.

Many studio owners are often dubious about downloading yoga studio software for free, as they worry pop-up ads will detract from their brands professionalism. But this isn’t a worry with Sagenda, as the application is entirely ad-free! 

Sagenda also places no restrictions on the number of bookings or students that you can manage, meaning you will never be forced to upgrade as your business expands. 

Why Your Business Needs The Best Free Yoga Studio Software

class plan software free stock

Now that you’re aware of some of the best free yoga studio software options on the market, you may be wondering how specifically these tools can benefit your business. 

This section will provide insight into this matter, through exploring these different reasonings in greater detail. 

#1 – The Best Free Yoga Studio Software Maximises Efficiency

yoga class plan software free

Studio management software typically automates the booking process, allowing students to book into their chosen class, without the need of going through you. 

This frees up time for you to focus on aspects of your business that you’re genuinely passionate about, such as creating yoga sequences for your students to follow. 

Not only is this beneficial for you, but it makes the entire booking process more convenient for your students. Instead of having to contact your studio directly in regards to a class’ availability, this information will be readily available. 

Even better yet, as evident from the list above, most yoga softwares will even send automated texts and email messages to remind these customers that their classes are coming up. 

This again saves time for studio owners, as you will no longer have to send these messages manually. 

#2 – Free Yoga Scheduling Software Helps to Increase Your Income

best free yoga studio software

Along with maximising efficiency, automating your booking processes can also help you to generate an increased revenue.

This is because it allows you to provide the option of creating multiple pricing packages for students to choose from when it comes to booking their sessions.

For example, Yoga Haven offers various options when it comes to sessions that students can book on their scheduling software, as shown below.

yoga software free download

Recurring automated fees such as the example above is the best way to price yoga classes. This is because the option leaves no potential gaps in your income, you can always depend on the student’s fees to come on time and in full.

In addition to this, students are less likely to cancel direct debits, meaning that if your software allows for this, you’ll likely continue to generate this increased, dependable income. 


#3 – Yoga Software That Is Free Allows You To Have More Control Over Your Finances

yoga software free to download now!

Free yoga studio software streamlines the payment process for students, making it much quicker and easier for them to pay for sessions in blocks or via monthly direct debits.

You will then have access to all of their memberships and details in one place, which is much more efficient than trying to record them manually on a spreadsheet or paper.

This then allows you to manage payments, including those who haven’t yet paid or are running behind.

The benefit of having all this information in one place is that you will be able to easily forecast your finances. 

For example, with these statistics you will know how much you’re bringing in every month, which can then inform your spending and investment habits. 

#4 – Using Yoga Studio Software That Is Free Will Increase Your Business Performance

yoga software free

Good yoga software provides you with analytical tools that allow you to assess your business performance. 

You can then use these analytics to evaluate areas of your business which could be working more efficiently and make the necessary alterations.

For instance, you may use this free yoga software to analyse which variations of yoga are preferred by your customers. As a result, you could increase the frequency of these classes. 

This will help to increase your business performance as you’re essentially capitalising on something that’s already popular among your customers, feeding the demand of your clientele.

Before You Go!

You will now have a clear idea of how the best free yoga studio softwares can improve your overall business. 

In order to ensure you find the product that’s right for you and your customers, it may be worth experimenting with multiple examples until you find the perfect fit. 

A Level 4 yoga teaching qualification can also help to improve the services available at your studio. You’ll learn how to teach students of mixed abilities, as well as develop a lucrative specialism for your yoga teaching.

You can also download OriGym’s course prospectus for FREE here!

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