Whether you want to improve your personal fitness, learn cool tricks, or join a rollerblading team, there’s an array of rollerblades to choose from!

Check out OriGym’s comprehensive list of the best rollerblades of this year to see which ones are ideal for you!

We’ll look at:

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What Are Rollerblades?

First, let’s clear up a common misconception about rollerblades: they are not the same as roller skates! 

Roller skates are the traditional four-wheel skates (two in the front, two in the back) that most people have used as a child or in a roller rink. 

Rollerblades, on the other hand, have a single axle with three-to-five wheels that are secured in a single file.

best rollerblades for men uk image

There’s a number of different kinds of rollerblades as well, depending on what you’re going to be using them for, including:

  • Recreational rollerblades are the most common. They can be worn and used by anyone. Unless you’re in need of a more specific type, these are the best selection for you!
  • Fitness rollerblades are essentially high-performance recreational inline skates. They’re geared towards skaters going longer distances.

where to buy rollerblades uk image

  • Hockey rollerblades are specifically designed for the sport, and roller hockey is one of the fastest growing sports and can be done by all ages.
  • Racing rollerblades are for the serious skater who wants both competition and fitness. Some of the best professional rollerblades sit comfortably in this category. 
  • Street rollerblades are also known as urban rollerblades and are essentially a hybrid of recreational skates with the functionality of a more aggressive style skate.

The Best Rollerblades

It can be difficult to decide which rollerblades are right for you. Our comprehensive list should help you choose between professional rollerblades and cheap rollerblades, as well as telling you where to buy them!

#1 – Alexis 90 BOA

alexis 90 best rollerblades for women uk image

Price: £249.99

The Alexis 90 BOA rollerblades are designed to meet the different components of fitness. As one of the best inline skates available today, the Alexis provides a precise, customisable fit that allows you to make on-the-fly adjustments. 

Thanks to the K2 Softboot, D.C. Aluminium Frame, and Stability Plus Cuff, comfort and stability come standard, and the ILQ-7 bearings and 90mm wheels ensure a smooth, fast ride.

The BOA lacing system makes it easy to wear the shoes comfortably and take them off with ease. The aluminium frame makes your ride more lightweight, as well as helping transfer maximum energy to the wheels which each of your strides.

High speeds and the ability to make changes at the last minute isn’t the best way to begin your rollerblade journey. 

But, for those more experienced, this is one of the best fitness rollerblades for women available right now.

Pros: Excellent arch and lateral support, with built-in stability cuff

Cons: Footbed can feel slightly too tight

Ideal For: Fitness (women)

Skill Level: Intermediate

#2 – Zetrablade W

zetrablade w best rollerblades for women in the uk image

Price: Available on enquiry

Not only are the Zetrablade W one of the best rollerblades for women, they’re also ideal for beginners.

These adult rollerblades boast unbeatable support, comfort and stability at a low price point, and user-friendly design for a smooth ride. 

They also feature high cuffs that increase support with the stiffness of the shoes. This works with the durable shell to hold the foot in place by a number of buckles, straps, and laces.

All of this will help increase stability and support your feet, without restricting your range of motion.

zetrablade w 2 best rollerblades for adults uk image

The upper of the skate is crafted from a more breathable and lightweight mesh than many other adult rollerblades and inside there’s ample padding for support and comfort. 

The liner is also lightweight, which means your feet can remain cosy without feeling weighed down. 

Because of this, these are some of the best inline skates in the UK!

Pros: High cuffs increase support and stiffness, comfortable liner, great for learning and improving skills

Cons: Sizing can be confusing with this brand

Ideal For: Recreation (women)

Skill Level: Beginner

#3 SEBA E3 80 Premium

seba e3 premium where to buy rollerblades uk image

Price: £129.95

The SEBA E3 80 Premium aren’t necessarily cheap rollerblades but they’re ideal for beginners as an entry-level piece of gear.

SEBA is the leading rollerblades brand for individuals who love freestyle and slalom (a highly technical style of skating involving tricks around straight lines and cones.)

This is why they’re one of the best adult rollerblades for outdoor training

seba e3 2 best rollerblades for adults in the uk image

The SEBA are famous for their snug and firm fitted boot which offers maximum control and good energy transfer to the wheels.

Another reason these are some of the best rollerblades is the X2R Rockerable 243mm frames, which are ideal for both recreational and freestyle skating. 

A visually striking feature of these rollerblades is the abundance of ventilation holes. This is uncommon among freestyle inline skates. The plastic used is rigid and thick, resulting in a secure frame and boot connection to ensure you get the smoothest ride possible!

Pros: Amazing quality for price, secure frame, flexible when turning

Cons: No frame adjustment

Ideal For: Freestyle/Slalom (unisex)

Skill Level: Beginner

#4 Edea Overture with Off-Ice Blade Attached

edea overture best inline skates uk image

Price: £347

The Edea Overtures are the perfect professional rollerblades for figure skaters and ice skaters to practice with when the ice isn’t available. 

They are lightweight and designed for single jump and axle practice, and the fibreglass and nylon sole allows for more power and increased stability.

The sole of these rollerblades is waterproof and the leather upper is the same kind used for top-of-the-range rollerblades. This is water repellent too for easy maintenance!

The Edea Overture are more expensive but this is because they’re some of the best rollerblades for professionals and can be used for both rollerblading and ice skating.

edea skates where to buy rollerblades uk image

They’re designed so that you can attach a wheel or blade depending on what you’re using them for!

As a roller skate, the Edea uses a direct ventilation system where the entirety of the bottom of the foot is ventilated.

Whilst the rollerblades fit the majority of skaters right out of the box, the thermoformable structure allows manipulation when heated, meaning the boot can morph to your foot for more comfort!

Pros: Quality leather padding, lightweight, comfortable, durable

Cons: One of the more expensive options

Ideal For: Off-ice (women)

Skill Level: Professional/Figure skating

#5 LIKU Black Professional Inline Skates 

LIKU best inline skates uk image

Price: £112.08

The LIKU unisex rollerblade is a durable, comfortable pair that are easy to clean! 

They boast a thick, durable shell that will both protect and stabilise your feet, making it easier for you to balance.

They’re some of the best rollerblades for beginners because of their ease of use, comfortable fit, and being unisex means they’re ideal for anybody starting out!

Because thick shells on rollerblades can be heavy and uncomfortable, LIKU’s rollerblades are lined with ventilation holes for breathability. This encourages air flow, and keeps your feet cool and comfortable. 

Once you’ve completed your skate, you can remove the cotton liners padding the interior of the boot. 

These liners are incredibly easy to slip in and out of the skates, making it hassle-free for you to keep your skates clean and odour free.

Thanks to its buffering heel design, the rollerblade has more cushioning and shock absorption which will help to slow the impact of the road on your feet. 

Pros: Durable, breathable, suitable for several terrains

Cons: Heavier rollerblades than other brands

Ideal For: Recreation/Fitness (unisex)

Skill Level: Beginner

#6 K2 Skate Women’s Alexis 84 Pro

k2 alexis pro best rollerblades for women in the uk image

Price: £200

The K2 Skate Women’s Alexis 84 Pro rollerblades are some of the most popular women’s rollerblades in the UK. They’re great for light training and improving your skills whilst skating.

The K2 Softboot Design technology, as well as the Stability Plus Cuff ensures maximum comfort and support even after hours of skating.

As well as being durable, the increased support will create a comfortably tight fit around your ankle. 

The Softboot also ensures you won’t feel the hard plastic of the moulded shell at all. Plus, the antimicrobial footbed ensures your feet stay comfy and fresh!

alexis 84 pro best rollerblades for women in the uk image

On the underside of the rollerblades, there are 84mm wheels with ILQ-5 bearings, which not only provide a greater speed but also an incredibly comfortable ride. 

For a pair of fairly cheap rollerblades, the quality of these rollerblades is very high. You’ll also notice that the wheels are large enough for you to skate over almost every type of terrain with comfort and ease, and improve your skills!

Pros: Affordable, comfortable, sturdy

Cons: Not suitable for more advanced skaters

Ideal For: Recreation (women)

Skill Level: Beginner

#7 Atom Luigino Strut Inline Skate

atom skates best inline skates in the uk image

Price: $389.95 (approx. £345.10)

Atoms are renowned for their professional rollerblades and their most popular pair, the Atom Luigino, has had an upgrade to the ‘Strut’.

Now it features a blended carbon fibre shell to give you the structure and responsiveness you need and the shell can accommodate wheels up to 125mm.

The Nano Buckles from the previous generation have been upgraded to ensure your heel is firmly in place while skating.

Because of the large size of the wheels on these rollerblades, you don’t need to worry about losing your balance even when you’re speeding down a hill. 

Going faster will mean you can scale up your workout and combine with other cardio to create the ideal workout!

atom strut best rollerblades for men in the uk image

Larger wheels have a lower rolling resistance and reach top speeds much faster than traditional rollerblades, so you’ll have to put less effort in to keep skating!

Their unisex design, with a choice of a few colourways, means they’re some of the best rollerblades for all adults. If you’re looking to take your skating to the next level check these out!

Pros: Carbon fibre shell, large wheels for speed and balance, high cuff for support

Cons: Slightly heavier than traditional rollerblades

Ideal For: Urban/Recreation (unisex)

Skill Level: Intermediate – Professional

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#8 Macroblade 80 W

macroblade best rollerblades for men in the uk image

Price: £159.99

The Macroblade 80 W are the ideal womens rollerblades for beginners or casual skaters looking for a good quality entry-level skate to help with their fitness motivation

These are considered one of the best inline skates for recreation and commuting, due to their ability to ride smoothly over a large amount of surfaces with very little discomfort. 

For comfort and support they have:

  • A secure boot
  • Padded liner
  • Engineered mesh sock

And the 80mm Performance wheels and SG5 bearings lead to increased speed and manoeuvrability.

This combination helps to improve flexibility and sturdiness meaning you’re covered for a variety of terrains and uses! You can transition from your journey to work, to learning and perfect tricks, seamlessly!

The Macroblade Shell and Engineered Upper Mesh work in tandem to surround your foot in comfort, while the triple closure system, consisting of a buckle, power strap, and laces work to improve your stability.

They’re also one of the best rollerblade brands overall, so check out their other items for some of the best rollerblades for men too.

Pros: High cuff for increased support, breathable tongue and ankle

Cons: Not suitable for professional skaters

Ideal For: Recreational (women)

Skill Level: Beginner – Intermediate

#9 FR-W 80 Skates

fr skates best rollerblades in the uk image

Price: $209.99 (approx. £173)

The FR-W 80 Skates are some of the best professional rollerblades for women available on the market. 

The X2R aluminium frames are rockerable too – this basically means you can alter which wheels you’re standing on in order to alter positions better!

This will be especially important for turning whether you’re doing roller hockey or slalom tricks and routines.

The FR-W are incredibly versatile rollerblades that can cope with city skating over tarmac just as easily as skating down at the beach front.

Featuring the FK buckle fastening for the ankle area, and a velcro mid-strap that fastens across the top of your feet, your foot will remain secure.

fr skates best rollerblades for women in the uk image

The FR laces are of high quality as well with:

  • Long length
  • Width
  • A matte finish which creates a gripping effect

 All-in-all, this pair of professional rollerblades are one of the best available today.

Pros: Durable, comfortable, versatile for different surfaces

Cons: More expensive

Ideal For: City skating/Slalom skating (women)

Skill Level: Intermediate – Professional

#10 Bladerunner Women’s Pro Skates

bladerunner best rollerblades for women in the uk image

Price: £77.52 – £118.44

These are a great choice of cheap rollerblades for women, especially those who have little to no experience skating. They’re a great option for learning and improving small tricks.

Bladerunner rollerblades use a three part closure system to give your feet a super supported, super comfortable ride:

  • The lacing system: this is designed to give a more customised fit
  • The velcro strap: this can be tightened around your heel
  • The buckle system: these tighten and adjust to reduce ankle strain

bladerunner 2 best rollerblades for adults uk image

The semi-soft boot is made of high quality materials too which conform to the foot giving a custom feel and comfort. 

All of these things make the Bladerunners a great investment if you’re looking for the best rollerblades for beginners. 

Overall these are the best women’s rollerblades if you’re just starting to practice!

Pros: Moulded shell for support, durable, lower price

Cons: Wheels aren’t as high quality as other rollerblades

Ideal For: Reaction (women)

Skill Level: Beginner

#11 Maxxum Edge 90 Fitness

maxxum best rollerblades for men in the uk image

Price: £245.95

The Maxxum Edge 90 Fitness rollerblades are hybrid men’s rollerblades. They’re particularly popular with Rollerblade’s ‘Skate to Ski’ programme which educates athletes about the benefits of using rollerblades during the off-season.

Known as ‘the everything skate’, they are ideal for:

  • Urban skating
  • Fitness
  • Recreational skating
  • Commuting to work

They also use high performance Hydrogen Wheels for an incredibly smooth and fast ride. Both agile and durable, these rollerblades are ideal for anyone who prefers style and performance.

maxxum 2 best rollerblades for adults uk image

The micro-adjustment buckles on both the upper ankle and insteps areas mean there’s plenty of adjustment to ensure comfort and stability for your foot.

The moulded shell has a vented boot to provide breathability along with support, and a V-cut cuff for flexibility while turning.

There’s also a unique anatomical padding on the heel to help with shock absorption! This means you can skate for longer and further, as well as having maximum support during tricks!

Pros: Fantastic speed and support, lightweight

Cons: Limited sizing options available

Ideal For: Fitness/Recreation (men)

Skill Level: Beginner – Intermediate

#12 5th Element Women’s Inline Skates

5th element best inline skates uk image

Price: Approx £209

These are the best inline skates for beginners because of the frame. The aluminium chassis (part of the frame where the wheels sit) maximises the transfer of power so your legs don’t get too tired!

The wheel size of 80mm sits right in the middle of the scale making them adaptable for different terrains and activities!

The 82A durometer (essentially the softness of the wheel) also sits somewhere in the middle. This works with the chassis to help you skate on a variety of surfaces without damaging the skates or straining yourself!

5th element 2 best adult rollerblades uk image

They’ve also got you covered for stability and support. They’ve got:

  • Traditional laces
  • A buckle
  • A hook and loop strap

All of these help give you optimum ankle support and foot stability so that not only are you able to skate on different surfaces, you can easily transition from one to another!

Pros: Smooth riding experience, strong lining material, comfortable

Cons: Not designed for professionals

Ideal For: Fitness/Recreation (women)

Skill Level: Intermediate

#13 Macroblade 100 3WD

macroblade 100 best rollerblades for men in the uk image

Price: Available on enquiry

These are some of the best women’s rollerblades for those looking to maximise their speed!

Providing superior support, for more experienced skaters, these aren’t the best rollerblades for beginners but those looking to go up a level.

The 100mm wheel has a very low centre of gravity to give you better:

  • Control
  • Agility
  • Power transfer.

The bearings around the wheels also reduce wear and are another feature that help you to maximise speed!

There’s also a specially engineered mesh shell made for breathability as well as extra padding around the tongue and ankle area for added support.

macroblade 100 2 best rollerblades for men uk image

This works in a similar way to the best cushioned running shoes: they’re snug but comfortable allowing the rollerblades to form to your feet.

The aluminium cast frame also aids energy transfer so you won’t be putting in tonnes of effort for little movement.

Overall, these are some of the best rollerblades for women bridging the gap between fitness and recreation and wanting to increase their speediness!

Pros: Comfortable footbed, secure grip, lightweight

Cons: Expensive for beginners

Ideal For: Fitness (women)

Skill Level: Intermediate – Professional

#14 K2 Trio Women’s Urban Inline Skates

k2 trio best womens rollerblades in the uk image

Price: £169.95

These are another one of the best options if you’re looking for the top rollerblades for women!

They have a Trio Cuff and Softboot technology for a plush, comfortable feel without you having to sacrifice support or agility. 

This also helps to absorb shock in harder landings, allowing you to skate around the city whilst protecting your knees and ankles.

There’s also an option to upgrade the wheels when you purchase so you can adapt them as you update your skills and get better!

k2 trio best inline skates uk image

The quicklace system also makes these some of the best women’s rollerblades. They’re super quick and easy to take on and off whilst maintaining security when fastened. 

These aren’t the best if you’re looking for cheap rollerblades but there’s a few unique features that make them a worthy investment. 

There’s also a men’s version making them some of the best rollerblades for adults whatever their ability!

Pros: Soft boot for extra support, extra supportive

Cons: High price for beginners

Ideal For: Urban/Recreation (women)

Skill Level: Beginner

#15 Powerslide Next 110 Skates

powerslide 110 best rollerblades for men uk image

Price: $299.99 (approx. £248)

Powerslide Next 110 rollerblades are a very versatile, unisex skate which combine great fit and comfort for the more aggressive urban skater. 

The boot also offers a number of unique customisable options such as:

  • Adjustable cuff height for increased flexibility and support
  • Removable, heat moldable to fit your foot exact

This moldable material is a super-foam that’s:

  • Durable
  • Absorbs shock
  • Controls impact
  • Increases comfort

powerslide next core 110 best rollerblades uk image

What makes the Powerslide one of the best inline skates is the super light frame. It’s the perfect style for increasing speed and smoothness of movement.

There’s also one of Powerslide’s staples: The Trinity. This is a three-point mounted frame putting you closer to the ground, lowering your centre of gravity for balance.

This is another customisable feature as it can be adjusted based on your needs and style of skating!

Pros: Customisation options, super lightweight

Cons: High price point

Ideal For: Urban/Recreation (unisex)

Skill Level: Intermediate 

#16 FR Skates FR1 80

FR skates best rollerblades uk image

Price: $374.97 (approx. £311)

FR1 rollerblades are a fantastic way to up your urban skating game. These adult rollerblades offer:

  • Comfort
  • Speed
  • Customisability 

FR rollerblades are an industry standard skate that are a fantastic all-round skate! Whether you’re using them for urban skating, or doing slalom, each element is designed to boost your comfort and skills.

The sole contains “orthomove” insoles in the liners which are super padded and comfortable along with several adjustable key features!

You can alter the frame to fit your feet and the hard shells can accommodate two different liner sizes, so you can customise them based on fit, purpose, and style!

Because the shell is wide enough to accommodate two different liner sizes, this is something to be aware of when buying! Our advice would be to go half a size or a full size up when buying.

Pros: Rockered wheels for higher control, lightweight

Cons: Expensive for beginners

Ideal For: City skating (unisex)

Skill Level: Beginner – Intermediate 

#17 K2 Skate Men’s F.I.T. Pro 84

k2 fit pro 84 best rollerblades for men in the uk image

Price: £124.95

These F.I.T. Pro 84 are some of the best rollerblades for men interested in urban commuting or boosting their fitness levels!

The K2 rollerblades are packed with features for the fitness skater, such as the D.C. Aluminium frame which gives incredible responsiveness, or the 84mm wheels that deliver high speeds without sacrificing control.

There’s also a built-in liner, integrated into the outside of the boot, which will reduce movement of the liner, and the foot, as much as possible.

k2 fit 2 best rollerblades for men uk image

Combined with the High-Cut cuff your foot remains stable helping to reduce DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), helping you go faster and further!

Pros: Speed lacing system, well ventilated

Cons: Expensive for beginners

Ideal For: Fitness (mens)

Skill Level: Beginner – Intermediate

#18 Zetrablade Men’s Adult Fitness

zetrablade mens best rollerblades for men in the uk image

Price: £111.58 – £173.52

These Zetrablades are some of the best rollerblades for men, with all the benefits of the version for women!

Perfect for beginners who want to develop their skills, these are an entry-level pair of skates for recreational skaters.

These are another pair from Zetrablade with the monocoque frame, lowering your centre of gravity and helping you remain balanced.

They’re one of the best options as an investment for new skaters, who may be in it for the long haul. The wheels can be upgraded and replaced as you advance and use them for different styles of skating!

They’re also one of the more cheap rollerblades on our list and so are a great budget place to start if you want to perfect your form with maximum comfort.

Pros: Good value for money, well ventilated

Cons: No good for professionals

Ideal For: Fitness/Recreation (men)

Skill Level: Beginner – Intermediate 

#19 RB 110 Inline Skate

rb 110 best adult rollerblades in the uk image

Price: £219.95

This is another pair to invest in for speed! The RB 110 are not only cheap rollerblades but are some of the best adult rollerblades generally with their unisex design!

Fast and agile, these rollerblades come with large 110mm wheels in a rockered 3-wheel setup. This means you can reach high speeds whilst maintaining responsiveness and control.

The 85A wheels of these rollerblades are fairly soft, which improves grip, perfect for practising street tricks and agility necessary for dancing on rails, benches, staircases and curbs. 

rb 110 best rollerblades for men uk image

What makes these some of the best inline skates is the performance liner which has additional heel shock absorbers.

This dampens vibrations when you skate making it easy to travel longer and have a smoother ride! 

Pros: Large wheels for speed, lower price

Cons: Narrow size fit

Ideal For: Recreational (unisex)

Skill Level: Intermediate 

#20 Twister Edge X

twister edge best adult rollerblades in the uk image

Price: £209.26 – £222.33

Twister Edge are some of the best inline skates for men on the market. These are the elite, upgraded version of the Twister Edge and are designed more for a variety of environments and a more experienced skater.

The boot itself is moulded and includes an ‘anti-torsion’ box. This component is built into the mould and reduces the flexing of the plastic whilst you’re skating.

This makes the skates more responsive and so are great for:

  • Tricks
  • Quick turns
  • Different surfaces

This combines with an aluminium frame and the plates to reduce shock absorption. All of these are perfect for transferring maximum power to every stride you take, increasing both your speed and agility.

Overall, these are some of the best men’s rollerblades and are an incredibly versatile option for both intermediate and professional skaters. 

Pros: Shock absorbers help prevent injury, easily adjustable

Cons: More expensive than competitors

Ideal For: Urban/Recreation (men)

Skill Level: Intermediate – Professional

#21 Lolly Outdoor Complete – Pineapple

lolly outdoor best rollerblades in the uk image

Price: $369 (approx. £305)

These Lolly Outdoor roller skates are ideal for if you’re looking to branch out into other recreational and fitness roller activities like roller derby!

They’re some of the best roller skates for women looking to combine fitness and fashion! The soft leather boots break in easily and form to your foot unlike more cheap rollerblades and skates in synthetic fabrics.

The wheels have been upgraded from the previous model, with a slightly narrower width. This improves agility and the rounded face helps promote easy turning!

lolly best rollerblades for women uk image

The plates that come as standard are sturdy enough for beginners, but are more suited to heavy duty shredding and those looking to boost their form!

Pros: True to size, easy to upgrade, adaptable for different environments

Cons: Eyelet hooks bend easily 

Ideal For: Recreation (women)

Skill Level: Beginner – Intermediate 

What to Look For in a Pair of Rollerblades

best adult rollerblades in the uk image

If you’re wondering “what are the best rollerblades for my needs?”, hopefully we’ve shown the range available, and the particular elements you need to look for!

There are two things to consider when choosing the right skate: price and skill level.

There’s not much point in spending a lot of money when you’re a newbie, but if you’re leaning more towards professional rollerblades, an appropriate pair doesn’t necessarily need to break the bank! 

There’s a few different styles of adult rollerblades that we’ve featured on this list:

  • Recreational rollerblades: These are the pair to buy for skating along the seafront, in the park, or in an urban setting. These are the most common and accessible style
  • 3-wheel rollerblades: These are perfect for marathons and gaining speed in tricks and routines like slalom or freestyle. They’re great for flare or speed if you’re getting competitive!

best inline skates in the uk image

  • Aggressive rollerblades: These are designed for hardier tricks like sliding along rails. The wheels will be ‘anti-rocker’ where the middle two are raised in order to lock onto surfaces easier
  • Freestyle rollerblades: Here you’ll find the shortest wheel bases possible to give you stability when making tight turns. They’re built for rigid support durability, and used for skating freestyle routines, especially in the city.

Whichever pair of rollerblades you choose, they are a fantastic piece of equipment for those wanting to join a club, skate professionally, or even have some recreational fun! 

best rollerblades for adults in the uk image

We hope our list has helped you find the best adult rollerblades, for both men and women, to help you find the perfect pair for you!

Benefits of the Best Rollerblades

balance best rollerblades for men in the uk graphic

The best rollerblades have a wealth of health and fitness benefits. Regular skating builds muscle endurance as it actively targets your upper legs, hips, buttocks, and lower back. 

Skating can be used to maintain weight loss or as part of strength training if you’re interested in building muscle!

You’ll also see an improvement in your:

  • Control 
  • Balance 
  • Better posture
  • Increased stamina

posture best rollerblades for adults in the uk graphic

Rollerblading is categorised as a vigorous cardiovascular exercise and can assist with weight management and loss. 

One hour of rollerblading can help a 160-pound person burn more than 900 calories. To compare, an hour of jogging by the same person will burn less than 600 calories.

This is why it’s one of the best unexpected fat burning exercises!

weight loss best rollerblades for adults uk graphic

As an added bonus, rollerblading can have a positive long-term impact on your muscles and joints, and give you some of the benefits of running and cycling, without the high-impact and risk of injury!


Is rollerblading difficult to learn?

Like any practice, it can be at first but comes down to who you are and how dedicated you are!

If you’re more naturally coordinated and have a great sense of balance, you’ll have an easier time than someone without those skills. 

The majority of people can do it with only an hour or two of practice, while others may take a few days. Becoming an expert or professional will obviously take longer and, as you can see, will demand a different style of adult rollerblades.

group best rollerblades uk image

What age is appropriate for rollerblading?

Contrary to popular belief, you can actually skate as soon as you are confident walking – even a two-year-old can skate under supervision! 

You just need to make a judgement on the level of fitness, ability, and safety.

tricks best rollerblades in the uk image

Can roller skating help ice skating?

Practising on rollerblades can be incredibly beneficial for less experienced ice skaters. It can improve your sense of balance and boost your confidence getting back onto the ice. It targets agility and single leg control as well. When you move from basic to advanced skills, you will challenge your:

  • Balance
  • Ability to coordinate
  • Responsiveness 
  • Agility

All of these elements are essential to being a good skater, whether it be on pavement or ice.

Is roller skating bad for your knees?

knees best rollerblades for adults uk graphic

As you can see from some of the items on our list, the best adult rollerblades will have comfort and joint support in mind.

Equally the movement of skating is fluid and has less harsh impact than other activities like running or dancing.

In fact, one University of Massachusetts study showed that skating causes less than 50 percent of the impact shock to joints compared to running.

You also always choose one of the best knee compression sleeves for extra support if you’re interested in the more extreme styles with aggressive rollerblades

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About the Author: Erin McDonough

Erin OriGym Author
Erin holds a BA in English Language and Linguistics, which she attained whilst studying at Bangor University. Whilst studying, she found a passion for editing and writing, and has worked with writers from the Wirral and Liverpool area over the past 3 years. Erin also has a keen interest in strength training and yoga, often incorporating mindfulness techniques into the latter. Outside of work, Erin can be found gaming, catching up with the newest book releases, or song writing.

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