The bike market can be a confusing place, and this may make it difficult to uncover the best BMX bikes for your specific needs, especially if you’re relatively new to riding BMX bikes, or you’re unsure of what you’re looking for. 

This is where OriGym’s shortlist comes in. We’ve compiled our favourite products from the best BMX brands out there, including a buyer’s guide to help you decipher the terminology used across seller platforms, and ultimately make the right purchase.

Whether you’re a seasoned rider, or you’re just getting started with your first set of wheels, our complete guide encompasses everything you need to know.


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What Is A BMX Bike?

While you may already be completely aware of what a BMX bike is, it’s equally important to fully understand how they might differ from a more conventional bike, as well as the origins of the name. This is especially necessary if you’re planning to opt for a more premium option from our list of the best BMX bikes. 

BMX bikes are a style of bike that is mainly used for stunt riding and racing. BMX stands for bicycle motocross, and these bikes were originally designed specifically for racing on dirt tracks. In fact, it’s recently become recognised as an Olympic sport, prompting a much greater appreciation for the pursuit. 

Good BMX bikes are instantly recognisable for their smaller frame and thick tires, which help with stability and safety when riding, as well as being lightweight and maneuverable for tight turns and jumps. This lack of weight works extremely well when coupled with the benefits of good posture, and an excellent centre of gravity.

Over the years, the sport of BMX developed from racing to also encompass performing tricks, and riding on skate parks. BMX bikes changed too, developing various specialised aspects that aren’t found on any other bikes. This is an aspect that we’ll cover in much more depth later on.

What’s The Difference Between A Regular Bike And A BMX Bike?

There are many features that make pro BMX bikes markedly different from other types of bikes. Not only are they typically smaller with thicker tyres, but compared to other bikes they are also much lighter to help with racing and freestyle tricks.

Cheap BMX bikes are often made with a lightweight steel frame to cut weight, whereas the more expensive ones are made with chromoly tubing. Chromoly is an incredibly strong material, but less is needed to create the frame, which helps to cut the weight dramatically. 

This is often a material used to strengthen certain folding electric bikes, too, as these will need to be lightweight to function effectively. 

Good BMX bikes also come with more spokes on the wheels – anywhere from 32 to 48. This is to help with impact when riders are racing or performing tricks, as more spokes add more stability and durability to the wheels. 

The handlebars can also be vastly different to other styles of bikes, but this depends on rider preference. Some riders enjoy wider bars for more control, or narrow bars to help them turn quickly. They also tend to be much higher than normal bikes, which helps with tricks and racing. 

We’ve got a full breakdown of some of the specific aspects of BMX bikes later in this article to help you choose the right bike for you. 

The Best BMX Bikes

Let’s answer the question of ‘what are the best BMX bikes on the market’! 

Before we begin, be aware these descriptions will not cover all the details of these bikes, as there are far too many technical aspects to cover in detail. Here, we’ll just be covering the key points so you get a good overview of each bike.

However,if you want to view the detailed specifics of each bike, we’ve included a link to each product that will give you the full rundown of each bike. 

#1 – Wethepeople Audio 22” BMX Bike

Price: Available upon enquiry

With a large 22” diameter wheel, the Wethepeople Audio model is the one of the best BMX bikes for taller people. With an entire range of parts designed specifically for taller riders in mind, this is a bike that proves that bigger sometimes can be better.

Weighing in at a tiny 11.73kg, this is a good BMX bike whether you’re using it on the trails or in the skate park. Trails can often be a challenging surface and having a sturdy bike is integral to enjoying your ride.

Made from strong chromoly and with an extra sturdy front fork, it will be able to handle everything that you throw at it, whether you’re riding on the trail or tricking at the skatepark. 

Wondering why the front fork matters? Well, as the part of the bike that connects the frame to the front wheel, it takes a lot of stress and pressure when riders are racing and jumping. The stronger the front fork, the better, as it keeps you safer and prevents buckling and breaking when you’re riding. 

Wethepeople have a proven track record in creating some of the best BMX bikes on the market, with over 20 years of experience creating frames and parts of the highest quality. With the new Audio bike, you can rest assured that you’re getting a quality product from one of the top BMX brands out there.

#2 – Kink Williams 2022 Bike

Price: $899.99 (approx. £685)

With a full chromoly frame for strength and lightness, the Kink Williams 2022 is a perfect BMX for adults and teenagers alike. In a unique Brown Rattlesnake colourway, this bike is subtle but eye-catching with its amazing craftsmanship. Weighing only 26lb and 9oz, this is a fantastic BMX for flying down trails or practicing tricks on the skate park.

This bike has a 21” top tube, making it perfect for riders on the taller side, and 2.5” wide tyres for perfect balance when performing complex tricks or dealing with tricky jumps. If you’re curious about why the top tube length matters, we’ll explore all the necessary components in a later section of this guide.

The Williams bike was created with pro BMX rider Nathan Williams to be as close to his personal bike as possible, so you know that you’ll be getting a professional quality BMX bike without the price tag we might associate with that. Although it is still pricey, this is a great option for riders looking to graduate from a beginner BMX bike to a more professional model.

#3 – Flybikes Supernova 18” Bike

Price: €540 (approx. £462)

With a top tube length of 18” and tyres of 18”, the Supernova model from Flybikes is one of the best BMX bikes for younger riders thanks to its smaller stature and high-quality build. Coming in two attractive colours, glossy black or orange, it’s sleek and stylish finish is sure to be a great favourite with younger riders.

Built from 100% chromoly, this bike is durable and lightweight, weighing in at just 9.6kg, making it ideal for performing freestyle tricks or racing. Flybikes is a popular and well-established BMX brand that is known for creating fantastic frames and some of the best quality bikes on the market – and the Supernova is no exception. 

A strong chromoly fork connects the front wheel to the frame, guaranteeing longevity and minimising the risk of breakages and accidents. This can often be a risk, especially if you’re undertaking high risk manoeuvres and tricks, but the Supernova’s sturdy construction mitigates against common problems, such as injuries to the ACL, foot, and legs. 

Although this isn’t a cheap BMX bike, the Supernova is fantastic for younger children who need a high-quality bike made from the best materials to keep them safe and secure while they’re shredding on the skate park or trying out the racing circuit. 

#4 – Jet BMX Block Bike

Price: £269.99

A great beginner BMX bike, the Jet model is not only strong and durable, but also affordable. Coming in 9 unique colours, it’s a perfect all-rounder for testing out several aspects of BMX riding before committing to a more expensive bike.

Built from high tensile steel, it has a top tube length of 20.25” and 20” wheels, making it a great choice for shorter riders or teens looking to get into the sport. Its level of accessibility also means it’s easily equippable with function items such as bike phone holders and water bottle storage.

Good, cheap BMX bikes can be hard to come by, but the Jet bike makes sure the quality doesn’t suffer for a lower price, and still includes strong chromoly cranks for more power and durability – keep reading to find out more about the importance of cranks at the end of this article. 

While high tensile steel is still strong, light, and durable, it isn’t as durable as more expensive materials such as chromoly, so be wary of this when buying. Although the Jet bike is amazing as a first bike, if you’re a more advanced rider, opt for an intermediate or professional BMX bike instead.

If you’re curious about exploring career options, find information on the highest-paying fitness jobs.

#5 – GT 2023 Slammer BMX

best bmx for tricks

Price: £379.99

GT is one of the most trusted BMX companies out there thanks to their years of experience in creating high-quality bikes at good prices. The GT Slammer is one of the best BMX bikes out there for people looking for a high-quality new bike to get into the sport, or for kids upgrading to a larger bike.

Not only that, but it’s arguably one of the best beginner BMX bikes thanks to the lower price point and the amazing features that it comes with. Made from quality high tensile steel, the 20” tyres are 2.3” thick, which makes this one of the best BMX bikes for all-round activities on the skate park, on the trail, or even just on the street. 

When looking at the specifications, you might notice that the wheels of this BMX are different sizes. The bike tyre of this BMX is narrower than the front by 0.1”, making it an ideal racing bike, as this saves on weight and helps with acceleration. 

GT BMX bikes are available in a range of sizes and colours for all abilities, ages, and levels of rider. The Slammer is a great model that comes with a lot of great features for a reasonable price.

#6 – Mongoose Legion L60 BMX Bike

bmx bikes best

Price: £379.99

This is an ideal beginner BMX bike for those who want to invest in a fantastic all-rounder that will be able to handle trails, skate parks, or the road. With a 20.5” top tube length and 20” tyres, the recommended height is for those between 5 and 6 feet tall, ideal for teenagers or just anyone looking to get a great new bike.

Made from high tensile steel and with 3-piece chromoly cranks, it ranks highly if you’re looking for BMX bike reviews, with 5 stars on the SourceBMX website. But how do these cranks factor into those BMX bike review scores?

Cranks are what connect the pedals to the bike, and the stronger they are, the less chance they have of breaking when you’re riding hard. Chromoly cranks are super strong and durable, and a great feature to have on a beginner BMX bike.

Mongoose is a highly rated professional BMX company that manufactures many types and styles of bikes at all price points and for all levels of riders. The Legion bike comes in two colours – sleek black and a vibrant purple – and will be sure to suit every level of rider.

#7 – Mafiabike Gusta 18 Complete BMX Bike

the best bmx bikes

Price: £348.95

The Gusta bike is has been refined into an incredibly high-quality bike that deserves its reputation as one of the best BMX bikes on the market. With over 80,000 sold in the UK alone, the Gusta makes a great beginner BMX bike for those looking to invest in something that will be by their side for a long time.

The 20.4” top tube makes this an ideal bike for riders on the taller side, and with a high tensile steel frame makes this BMX bike a fantastic all-rounder for trying out all aspects of the sport. 

The 2.4” tyres that it comes with are perfect for both racing and performing tricks, and with an overall weight of just 11.79kg (26lb exactly), you’ll be able to combine those tricks with a high level of speed, too.

#8 – Eastern Nightwasp BMX Bike

Price: $629.99 (approx. £460)

Eastern bikes are known as one of the top BMX brands on the market, with a huge range of bikes for every level of rider. The Nightwasp is an excellent beginner BMX bike, with a full chromoly frame for strength and durability and chunky 2.4” tyres to keep you balanced when racing or freestyling.

This BMX bike has a top tube of 20.5” with 20” tyres, making it ideal for older riders and those who are tall. The chunky, 2.4” wide tyres make this one of the best BMX trick bikes for balancing and jumping, as well as maneuvering tightly and efficiently.

You’ll also be able to combine this with a range of upgrades available directly from Eastern, which are ideal as a starter kit or as gifts.

Weighing 25.5lb, this lightweight and durable freestyle bike is perfect for not only beginners but also those who want to upgrade their bike to a high-quality frame. Retailing at $629.99, while it isn’t a cheap BMX bike, it is excellent quality and will be able to take anything that you throw at it.

#9 – Haro Midway Freecoaster Bike

which is the best bmx

Price: $579.99 (approx. £434.78)

Haro is one of the most popular BMX brands globally. 

The brand has over 30 years of experience creating some of the best BMX bikes and the Midway Freecoaster is no exception. 

Constructed from a 100% Chromoly frame with mid-BB shell, this freestyle bike is durable and hard-wearing, and will be able to withstand a range of tough trails. 

The 9” bars are also made from Chromoly and are accompanied by Haro’s infamous 1978 alloy top load stem for enhanced stability and support when riding. 

The highly durable rubber wheels and engraved pattern offer enhanced grip while promoting greater traction for uphill riding. 

The Midway comes in Haro’s ‘Bali blue’ that will guarantee to turn heads on the dirt track and skate parks. 

It comes in two size options; either 20.75 or 21 to accommodate different heights. 

Now, when shopping around for the best BMX bikes, reviews can influence which you go for. 

The Midway Freecoaster currently has a 100% 5-star track record with reviewers loving the cool aesthetic and smooth riding experience.

The reviews and great features are why Haro is one of the top BMX brands on the market and is well worth checking out in time for your next ride. 


#10 – Sunday Forecaster Park Maca Perez Grasset Signature BMX

bmx bikes for tricking

Price: £599.99

This is a freestyle bike that’s best suited to be used on the skatepark, but can also be used for racing and trail riding if you want to test out a few styles or terrains, such as cycling uphill on rocky roads, or smooth rides on tarmac.

Made with a blend of chromoly and high tensile steel, this is a good BMX bike for the price, perfect for intermediates or beginners looking to invest in a higher quality bike.

The top tube length of the Sunday Forecaster model is 20.5”, perfect for anyone between 5 and 6 feet tall, adult and child alike. Super light at 26.78lb, or 12.16kg, you can fly down the trail or stun at the skate park on a vibrant and eye-catching bike.

A unique allure of this professional BMX bike is that the brakes are removable. While this might sound dangerous, it is very common for BMX riders to remove their brakes for racing or performing stunts, and so companies have adapted their bike models to allow people to do this safely and without damaging the bike.

However, this is something that only advanced riders should attempt – it can still be very dangerous, and if you’re new to BMX riding, we’d strongly advise keeping the brakes on, even if you don’t rely on them too much.

#11 – Radio 2021 Revo 20 TT BMX Bike

Price: £341.99

Cheap pro BMX bikes are hard to come by, but the Radio Revo bike is the perfect combination of affordable and high-quality. Built from high tensile steel, and with 20” wheels and a 20” top tube, this is a great BMX bike for adults looking to get into the sport, or older children who want a quality beginner bike.

The Radio Revo model makes a great beginner BMX bike thanks to its reasonable price point and the amazing features that it comes with. Sturdy construction coupled with a featherweight 12.35kg (or 27.20lb), each component is selected to create a solid bike to get started with, and one that’ll last as long as you need it for. 

The Radio Revo line is also available in various different sizes and colours to suit everyone, from a compact 14” wheel for smaller riders in a vibrant yellow to a cool mint colour to a sleek black, ideal for colour matching with your running shoes.

Just bear in mind that while it is an excellent price, the Radio Revo model comes with unsealed bearings, which can collect dirt and debris kicked up from riding and slow your ride – but more on bearings soon. 

#12 – Voodoo Malice BMX Bike

Price: £200

Packed with amazing features at a very affordable price, this bike is one of the best cheap BMX bikes you can find in the UK. With 20” wheels and wide handlebars, this is ideal for older riders who want to take their rides to the next level, or younger riders with significant experience in BMX riding.

With a 48-spoke rear wheel for extra strength while landing from jumps, the Voodoo Malice bike weighs only 12.8kg, making it a good BMX bike to take to the skatepark to practice your jumps, or to test out on some trails. If you are planning to take on the trails, make sure you’re fully prepped for a difficult ride with your water bottle.

The Voodoo Malice BMX bike comes with a super high-quality chromoly crank set, which is the component of the bike that the chain wraps around and drives the bike as you pedal. As chromoly is lightweight and durable, you won’t be dealing with any broken chains any time soon. 

Halfords also gives you the option to buy your bike pre-built for an extra £10, perfect for if you’re a bit short on time or simply don’t know a wrench from a screwdriver. Not only that, but you can personalise your bike with a custom sticker for only £5 more.  

#13 – GT 2021 Pro Series Heritage BMX Bike

Price: £599.99

Racing BMX bikes can be hard to come by in larger sizes, but thankfully, the GT Speed Series is here to change that. With 24” wheels, this is by far one of the best BMX bikes for riders over 6 feet fall, while still managing to be incredibly lightweight. 

BMX reviews praise this bike as simple and sturdy, great for anyone who needs something solid underneath them for a race. Its racing pedigree sets it apart as one of the best options when it comes to BMX racing. 

While this is a bike that has been designed specifically for racing, it’s not well equipped for skate parks or performing freestyle tricks. The tyres are slightly thinner than some other bikes, at 1.75”, which makes them better for performing in races. Strong chromoly cranks help you get up to speed faster, and increase the overall stability of the bike.

Printed with an attractive camo design, this is a great professional BMX bike at a very affordable price. The full aluminium frame comes with a chromoly fork for extra strength when performing jumps when racing, so you can focus purely on the race.

#14 – Redline MX 24 Racing BMX

Price: $500 (approx. £365)

The MX24 is part of a family of racing BMX bikes that are built with strengthened aluminium to help with speed. Extra lightweight but still strong and durable, aluminium can improve BMX bikes performance during races by cutting any unnecessary weight. With strong chromoly cranks to help with performance, this is one of the best BMX bikes for racing on the market.

With a top tube length of 21.8” and 24” tyres, this is also one of the best BMX bikes for anyone on the taller side who still wants a high performing bike without having to deal with an uncomfortable bike that might be too small for them.

Just bear in mind that this is specifically a racing bike and isn’t particularly suitable for use on the skatepark or for performing freestyle tricks. If you’re seeking to race, though, this is amongst the best options, and works seamlessly well with your existing gear, especially if you’re using an outdoor or indoor cycling app to track your progress.

With top BMX reviews at 4.5 stars, this is a tried and tested racing bike that will quickly become a firm favourite with any rider that tries it. 

#15 – Subrosa Letum 2021 BMX Bike

Price: £579.99

The Subrosa Letum bike is built with 100% chromoly of the highest quality, and is a great all-round bike for those who want to perform freestyle tricks as well as participate in races. With standard 20”, 2.3” wide tyres, you can do just about anything with this BMX, whether you want to try your hand at tricks or jump on the racetrack. 

The top tube length of this bike is 20.75”, and, combined with the 20” wheels, is ideal for tall riders. This bike weighs in at 13.22kg, which is very light for a bike for taller people. A chromoly fork adds strength for performing jumps and tricks, the Subrosa Letum comes with fully sealed bearings for better maintenance and a smoother ride.

Coming in two colourways of black and matte teal, with chromoly cranks for extra durability, this is one of the best BMX bikes to opt for if you’re looking to upgrade your BMX game or invest in a fantastic beginner BMX. 

What To Look For When Buying A BMX

When finding the best BMX bike for you, there’s several things that you’ll need to take into consideration. Just a reminder that good BMX brands will always include a breakdown of the full specifications of the bike on their website, but we’ve given a general overview below.

Good BMX bikes are tailored quite heavily to their rider, but this doesn’t mean that you need a custom bike – keep reading to see what to think about in order to find the best BMX for you. 


Size is probably one of the most important things to consider when finding the best BMX bike for you. You want a bike that will fit you and your leg length without being uncomfortable, which you can find in several ways.

The first is to consider the top tube length. The top tube on a BMX bike is the part that connects the front of the bike to the seat. The taller you are, the longer you’ll want the top tube to be. The top BMX brands will often have a guide on their websites to help you find the right top tube size for your bike.

The second is the wheel size. Again, the taller you are and the longer your legs are, the larger you’ll want your wheel size to be. Most pro BMX bikes carry wheel sizes up to 20 inches, but some brands are starting to introduce larger 22- and 24-inch wheel sizes, which are great for taller riders.

As with most fitness-related decisions, much of it falls down to your personal preference and what works best for your individual needs.


When buying a new bike, how much it weighs can be a deciding factor. Racing BMX bikes and freestyle bikes tend to be very light to help with performance or tricks, but there are various factors that can influence the weight.

The material that it is made out of can make the bike heavier or lighter. The more expensive material that premium BMX bikes are made from (chromoly) is lighter than others, and can therefore impact the bikes performance.

The size of the bike can also affect the weight. BMX bikes for adults have larger wheels and frames and will weigh more than those that are smaller. You might prefer a lighter bike if you’ll be performing more tricks or participating in races, so be sure to check this on the bike specifications. 

Much of this decision can rely upon how fast you’re aiming to go, and the strength you have in the necessary leg muscles for pedalling and movement on the BMX. If you’re aiming to go faster on a heavier bike, it could be a good idea to incorporate specialist leg exercises into your workouts.

Riding Style

Depending on what you’ll be using your BMX for will depend on which bike is right for you. There are several disciplines of BMX riding, including freestyle, trail, vert (in which riders use a large ramp to perform tricks), and racing.

There are many different BMX makes and models that are tailored to various events. If you specifically want your BMX for trail racing or riding, you won’t want one that is designed for performing freestyle tricks.

Racing BMX bikes are usually made of aluminium, which is not recommended for freestyle riders as it is more brittle and can break when performing tricks. Sturdier models will often have more stable construction, and therefore be suitable for more rugged terrains.

Ultimately, it’s vitally important to consider what you’ll be using your new BMX for before you buy, and choose a model that’s right for what you want to achieve.


Different BMX bikes designed for various events are usually made from different materials. BMX bikes designed specifically for racing can be made from lightweight aluminium, perfect for quick acceleration and maintaining high speeds even in tight corners. 

On the other hand, bikes designed for freestyle use can be made of a material called chromoly, a light and durable type of steel that is stronger than regular steel, but that maintains that rigidity necessary for a solid bike.

Individual parts of the BMX bikes can be made from different materials, particularly in racing BMX bikes. The cranks, which the pedals are attached to, are sometimes made from chromoly on bikes with frames of high tensile steel or aluminium, for added strength so that they don’t snap when riding. 

Although you can find good, cheap BMX bikes made of high tensile steel rather than chromoly, this material isn’t as durable as aluminium or chromoly. However, if you’re after a beginner bike and don’t want to splash out on one yet, high tensile steel will do the job. 

Sealed vs. Unsealed Bearings

Many BMX bikes will specify if they have sealed vs. unsealed bearings – but what does this mean? The bearings are the parts of the bike that need to turn, so they’re found on the wheels and pedals. 

Professional BMX bikes will usually have sealed bearings, which are more expensive to make and manufacture than sealed ones. Sealed bearings are considered higher quality as they are protected from any debris that the bike kicks up and can spin without as much friction as loose ones do. 

Loose ones are prone to breakages and are often found on cheap BMX bikes, or those that are only recommended for use on smooth surfaces. This is a crucial element to be sure of when choosing anything you’ll be riding regularly, whether it’s your BMX or an electric scooter.

Although materials and size usually get all the attention, bearings are something important to keep in mind when you’re in the market for a new BMX bike – they impact the ride more than you realise!


The fork of a BMX is the part which connects the frame to the front wheel and is a vitally important part of the bike for multiple reasons. It’s integral to the construction of any kind of bike, and needs to be effectively strengthened.

This is the part which takes the brunt of the impact when you’re racing or coming down from jumps or tricks, and so it’s important to choose the right one for you. It’s especially important that your fork is strong if you’re riding difficult trails.

If you are planning to undertake more intensive cycling, we’d suggest also investing in a pair of sturdy cycling headphones, especially as music can seriously aid exercise performance.

Some forks are made from chromoly for extra strength on racing and freestyle bikes, even if the frame is made from aluminium or high tensile steel. This adds extra safety, so the metal doesn’t buckle or snap when completing jumps and freestyle tricks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Beginner BMX Bikes Good For Children?

While they’re often only considered as part of a sport or hobby, BMX bikes are a fantastic option for children as they are very easy to find in smaller sizes, and the chunky tyres can help lend the bike more stability. 

Plus, they tend to be very light and durable, so they’re easy to pick up and store once they’re not in use. Parts are also readily available from high street retailers and even some supermarkets, meaning they can be fixed for a comparatively small price.

Good BMX bikes for kids will have a smaller wheel size and a shorter top tube size, with a 16” wheel size being most suitable for children over the age of 8. Just be sure to check the specifications of each bike to find the recommended heights for each bike – if you have a taller child, you’ll need a bigger bike.

Just bear in mind that the best BMX bikes for kids will probably be more expensive than other bikes out there due to the materials used and how they are constructed. 

Do BMX Bikes Come With Gears?

In a way, yes. BMX bikes usually come with one single gear, which can be adjusted to help the rider with their goals. That can range from trail riding down steep inclines, to performing tricks at a skatepark.

These two types of gearing are tall and short, with tall making it harder to pedal and short making pedalling easier. Tall gearing helps riders get up to speed quickly, making it the preferred style of racers. 

Each bike comes with a different gear ratio, which is how many times your back wheel will spin as you turn the pedals. This can easily be adjusted to be tall or short depending on your riding style. Make sure that you check what gearing ratio your new bike comes with and play around with what feels best for you. 

Do Good BMX Bikes Come With Brakes?

While some may choose to disconnect or remove them, it’s important to note that all bikes (including BMX bikes) will come with brakes. Bikes are required by law to have brakes on them, and BMX trick bikes usually install them at the back. 

This is so that when riders are performing tricks, the brakes do not get tangled or break when the front wheel is spinning, which can in turn cause injury or accidents that lead to more serious problems.

However, while brakes are required when using BMX bikes on the road, this isn’t true for a skate park or a private racetrack. Some riders choose to remove their brakes, and some bike models even offer removable brakes for ease of access.

However, we don’t recommend this for beginners or children – leave it to the pros and keep the brakes on for your kids. Keeping the brakes on won’t affect how fast you can pedal, either, so you won’t be missing out.

How Much Is A BMX Bike On Average?

The price that you’ll be paying for your bike will vary significantly depending on what brand you go for, the material that it is made from, and whether you’re buying a beginner or professional BMX. 

As a general rule, you’ll be looking at paying around £250 for a beginner BMX bike. Anything less and the quality could suffer, making the bike unsafe. You don’t have to find the best BMX in the world for your first bike, but it should be an investment that will last you for years. 

Make sure that it comes from a trusted brand and is made from a strong material such as high tensile steel, especially as this is not only the lightest material, it’s among the safest, too. Being safe while exercising is paramount, especially in a gym. 

For intermediate and professional BMX bikes, you’ll probably be paying a lot more, as the material quality gets higher. These will cost around £400 – £600, possibly more if you want to get a specialised racing bike or freestyle bike. 

Again, this will be a great investment that will last you for a long time, but we’d strongly advise that you read the specifications of each bike in detail to ensure that you’re selecting the right one for you. 

Before You Go!

Now that we’ve covered the absolute best BMX bikes out there, we hope you have an idea of one that’s right for you, and what you’ll need to look for to ensure it’s perfect for what you need it for. 

Remember that in order to choose the perfect BMX, you must consider your height before almost anything else. Height is crucial in determining the size and strength of key components of your BMX. 

But if you’re already confident in everything you need from fitness, and you’re looking to impart your expertise, then a career in fitness is your next step.

OriGym’s industry-leading PT diploma offers the ultimate package, with expert support available 7 days a week, unlimited guidance throughout your course and beyond, and guaranteed interviews when you graduate.

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