If you’re curious as to how to attain a bodybuilder’s physique, or wondering how to start your own bodybuilding Instagram, you may be wondering ‘which are the best bodybuilding Instagram accounts to follow?’.

For whatever reason it may be, look no further as this list encompasses our favourite Instagram bodybuilders so you don’t have to spend hours searching. All 17 accounts present men and women within the field of bodybuilding, each at different points in their fitness career, so you’re bound to find a few that will inspire you.


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What Is Bodybuilding?

body building

By definition, bodybuilding is the use of progressive resistance exercise to develop muscle and increase strength. This is typically done for aesthetic purposes, which is what makes bodybuilding different when compared with similar sports, such as powerlifting.

To become a professional bodybuilder, you have to be recognised by the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness), which is the governing body of bodybuilding. Several of the bodybuilder’s whose Instagram’s are discussed in this article are recognised by the IFBB. 

If you’re interested in female bodybuilders on instagram specifically, head over to our article: 23 best female bodybuilders here.

Why Follow Bodybuilding Instagram Accounts?

body building social media

If you’re an aspiring bodybuilder, following an array of Instagram bodybuilder accounts is a great way to get in the know before beginning your own journey. Almost every bodybuilder documents their workouts, whether it be in the gym, at home or on holiday. 

Regardless of how bodybuilders choose to work out, documenting their progress is a great way to encourage their followers to get involved. Not only will this give aspiring bodybuilders the basic tools on how to get started, but it will also inspire a wealth of people into following a healthy lifestyle.

Some bodybuilding influencers also provide dietary and nutritional information on their platform. Specifically, vegan bodybuilder’s Instagrams are a great place to learn how to attain a high protein diet while living a plant-based lifestyle – one of the main battles with going plant-based.

Many also teach their following about moderation with foods, showing that a healthy lifestyle should be something sustainable rather than a temporary fix. Finally, the sport of bodybuilding has a great community spirit, and so by engaging with the various bodybuilding influences out there, you’re bound to feel inspired. 

You can also get inspired with the help of the best bodybuilding apps that you can find here.

The Best Male Bodybuilding Instagram Accounts

The following accounts present some huge male bodybuilders on Instagram. These accounts will certainly get you feeling inspired to get started with your own bodybuilding journey and help you to keep your mind on track in achieving your goals.

#1 @mikeohearn | 1.9 Million Followers

bodybuilding instagram

Mike O’Hearn holds 4 IFBB Mr. Universe titles, which transpired in him being featured on the front cover of over 500 health and fitness magazines throughout his career. He is also the founder of the ‘Power Bodybuilding’ programme, an intense 12-week strength and fitness course that aids fellow bodybuilders in achieving their goals. 

O’Hearn’s Instagram bodybuilder account includes a variety of gym-based videos documenting his workouts, many with explanations outlining the correct form and technique of exercises, alongside inspiring captions. 

He also includes progress pictures of himself and his clients, flaunting the results of his successful programme. What makes him stand out that much more is the various acting roles throughout his career as a bodybuilder, bagging roles in the renowned Gladiator and Thor.

He gives each of his 1.9 million followers bags of inspiration by being in such shape at the age of almost 53! Making it clear that anyone, of any age, can do it with the right attitude. So, what are you waiting for? Give O’Hearn a follow and use his page as motivation to hit the weights.

#2 @cbum | 2.7 Million Followers

bodybuilding male instagram

Chris Bumstead is one of the best bodybuilding Instagram accounts purely based on his artistic candid posts, both in and out of the gym. He strikes the right balance between posting content of his personal fitness successions, while also recognising the struggles that come with the sport. 

As for some background information on Bumstead himself, the Canadian bodybuilder was inspired from a young age by Tom Platz and Arnold Schwarzenegger. His hard work and dedication resulted in his first entry into the IFBB in the Classic Physique division at just 19-years-old, and him winning his first title 2 years later, at age 21. 

If you’re a newbie to the world of bodybuilding, Bumstead is definitely one to follow, he often posts words of encouragement to help his huge following stay motivated. His honest and engaging content won’t just keep your motivation levels high, but it will also give you an insight into his workout routines. 

He also posts ample content with his friends and co-bodybuilders, each at various stages in their bodybuilding journey. This is great for those just approaching the sport who need a bit of reassurance that they are heading in the right direction.

The 2 time Mr. Olympia champion is also a fan of before and after photos, another encouraging way to keep his 2.7 million followers reassured that their own transformation will feel just as rewarding as his in the end.

This male bodybuilder’s instagram was built on hard work. If you’re serious about putting the work in to become a bodybuilder, it helps to follow a strict diet. 

#3 @matty_milkshake | 11k followers

 bodybuilders instagram

If you’re in need of motivation, Matty Thompson has one of the greatest Instagram bodybuilders to check out.

Thompson’s matter-of-fact approach to his bodybuilding Instagram account is raw and honest. He is constantly encouraging his followers to go out and get their goals, reminding them that nobody else is going to achieve them other than you. 

With the occasional post of him experiencing the best parts of life with his girlfriend, on holiday and enjoying good food, Thompson’s Instagram account oozes success and confidence. 

So, whenever you’re feeling lethargic and unmotivated to workout, stumbling across one of Thompson’s ripped Instagram posts will give you a push to get down to the gym. 

Regardless of how close you are to achieving your bodybuilding goals, this guy will be sure to keep your mindset on track. His account is one of the best male bodybuilder Instagram’s that we come across, so be sure to check him out.

#4 @therock | 246 Million Followers

female bodybuilders instagram

We simply cannot curate a list of the best bodybuilding Instagram accounts out there and not include Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Recognised by his ring name, The Rock is a retired professional wrestler and American football player, and now an actor and music producer. It’s fair to say that he has made his way down every creative avenue. 

While his Instagram account is a lot more family-oriented compared with his wrestling days, his content still includes plenty of inspiring snaps of his protein-fuelled diet and his time in the gym. 

Each photo, regardless of where he is in the world and what he is doing, is a huge reminder of his gigantic stature and toned figure. 

In 2019, The Rock announced that he would be launching a new bodybuilding competition that is set to rival the notorious Mr. Olympia competition. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, plans to launch have been halted until further notice. However if you give The Rock a follow, you’ll be sure to be updated with further information on how to get involved.

The Rock’s feed is a huge bodybuilder’s Instagram account to follow, so be sure to check out his page if you want to feel inspired! 

#5 @brandon curry | 1.1 million followers

female muscle instagram

As a 3 time Arnold Champion, 2019 Mr. Olympia winner, and an exercise science graduate – it’s fair to say that Brandon Curry is a huge male bodybuilder on Instagram.

With a wealth of professional snaps of him flexing his figure at every angle during competitions, he flaunts his hard earned physique at the gym and even alongside his son. 

Curry was influenced by his G.I. Joe figures as a boy and received a set of dumbbells for his sixth birthday. Since then, he has not stopped striving to maintain his muscular bodybuilder physique. 

His Instagram reflects him as someone who knows what his vision is. His strong, no excuse mentality is injected into each Instagram post, making him one of the most motivated bodybuilding influencers in the field.

He also creates Instagram videos and reels discussing the best supplements to use and what protein-based companies he is aligned with. This way, his following is always kept in the loop of what to fuel their body with after an explosive workout. 

Brandon Curry is definitely worthy of a following – his content is nothing shy of inspiring. 

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#6 @torre.washington | 190k followers

female bodybuilder instagram

Torre Washington is another prime example of someone who has one of the best bodybuilding Instagram accounts out there. But, what Washington does differently compared with the previous male bodybuilders on Instagram, is that he lives a plant-based lifestyle. 

Washington has been a vegan for the past 22 years and is often shown reviewing a variety of plant-based protein powders and supplements so that his 190k+ followers know where to find the best vegan products. 

In a 2020 interview, Washington mentions how Arnold Schwarzenegger inspired him to get involved in competing in bodybuilding. Washington was always a fan of working out at the gym and lifting weights, but decided to take a jump into the competing side of bodybuilding back in 2009. He’s never looked back since.

He is among the kind of vegan bodybuilder’s Instagram pages that include a variety of content, from videos sharing his muscle-gaining gym programmes to plant-based recipe ideas. Everything he does is with the intent of showing that a vegan bodybuilder’s diet is flexible and unrestricted, contrary to what many may think. 

Washington also mentions that there is a common misconception with veganism and bodybuilding, and that meat is not necessary for optimum muscle gain. However, Torre argues that a comprehensive workout routine, sleep and recovery are the main aspects that make up a successful bodybuilder. 

So, if you’re apprehensive about following your bodybuilding dreams due to your vegan lifestyle, check out Torre Washington’s Instagram on how to get started. 

#7 @stevecook | 2.5 million followers 

huge bodybuilders instagram

This guy does not rest.

Rain, shine, at home or on the beach – Steve Cook’s bodybuilding Instagram shows him constantly working out. He is constantly keeping his huge 2.5 million followers engaged and motivated by churning out the workout videos, inspirational transformation shots and toned selfies.

For a bit of background information, Cook is an American bodybuilder who started at a Muscle & Fitness event in 2010. He is a 2 time Mr. Olympia top 10 finisher, so with that in mind, alongside his inspirational Instagram content, he is absolutely worthy of a follow.

There are no excuses when it comes to Cook’s attitude; so if you’re someone who struggles to find motivation from time to time, Steve Cook is worth a follow from you. Whether it’s stairs or on the side of a cliff, he has a workout for you and that’s why he is one of the best bodybuilders on Instagram.

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#8 @donsaladino | 302k followers

vegan bodybuilders instagram

Don Saladino is a big name in the fitness industry, often referred to as a ‘fitness expert’ by publications such as Muscle & Fitness and Men’s Health. He is also a big name within the film industry and has coached huge Hollywood names from Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, and Emily Blunt. He has recently partnered with Anne Hathaway in helping her to attain the right physique before shooting major films. 

Saladino’s bodybuilding Instagram account gives his 300k+ followers some insight into his various workout programmes. His Instagram posts mainly depict him working out at home or at the park, showing that you can get active anywhere.

From cardio-based routines which require no equipment, to workouts that use kettlebells and medicine balls, there’s plenty of workout content that will be sure to get you inspired. If this is your kind of workout, read our article to find a full-body kettlebell workout for any fitness level here.

So, if you’re someone who is wanting to make some changes to your figure, Don Saladino is the guy for you. If he can transform a celebrity’s body in just a matter of weeks, the same can be done for you so hit that follow button! 

The Best Female Bodybuilding Instagram Accounts

The world of bodybuilding is often seen to be a male-dominated sport, but these women are set to challenge this narrative. The below accounts present some of the best female bodybuilding Instagram accounts out there. 

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#9 @ifbbprocherylmears | 23.2k followers

bodybuilders on instagram

As you can probably gather from her Instagram username, Cheryl Mears is an IFBB Pro bodybuilder in the Women’s Physique Division. 

This huge female bodybuilder’s Instagram radiates positivity and warmth. She is certainly worth a follow, especially if you ever need a pick-me-up before starting an intense day of training. 

Her Instagram content varies from videos of her practising her bodybuilding posing techniques in glamorous, fluorescent bikinis, to an insight into her workout routines at the gym. Each post is also accompanied by a meaningful caption, and when coupled with her smiley snaps, it’s sure to give you a push to get moving.

Cheryl Mears has been a competitive bodybuilder since 2016, where she ranked 3rd in the Figure Novice division. She often posts transformation photos of her physique, epitomising how hard work and dedication pays off. 

So, if you want to inject some positivity into your Instagram feed, be sure to give Cheryl Mears a follow. 

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#10 @laurenfisher | 1.2 million followers | GrownStrong  64.5k followers 

best bodybuilders instagram

Lauren Fisher is a 7 times CrossFit Games Athlete and founder of GrownStrong, a fitness programme dedicated to building strong and confident women around the world. 

Lauren’s bodybuilding Instagram account is great for beginner females wanting to get into the sport. She posts videos and reels to her Instagram with captions and voiceovers explaining how to use the weights effectively and with the correct form. The candid shots of her pushing herself to achieve personal goals are nothing shy of inspiring.

From content on how to grow your glutes, to the correct deadlift form, Lauren Fisher has what any woman needs. Her account is a great place for anyone wanting to embark on their own bodybuilding and fitness journey. 

If Lauren Fisher is someone you’d like to follow, be sure to also take a look at her other account @grownstrong for more content on: workouts, nutritional information and truly motivational quotes. This account documents countless women from all around the world achieving their bodybuilding and fitness goals.

Both accounts provide access into the various programmes on offer, and these programmes will give you the necessary tools on getting started!

#11 @nicolemwilkins | 436k followers

huge female bodybuilders instagram

Nicole Wilkins has done it all. As a 4x IFBB Figure Olympia World Champion, 3x IFBB Figure International Champion and CEO of supplement brand Power Nutrition; this is a huge female bodybuilding Instagram account that you should be following. 

Wilkins’ Instagram content showcases her incredibly busy and inspiring lifestyle. It shows her regularly training in her at-home gym, building her supplement brand whilst taking full-time care of her baby, Harper. 

From push and pull workout guides, with the occasional postpartum transformation photo, this bodybuilders Instagram has everything you’ll need to feel motivated.

But not everything is about her, as many women take part in Wilkins’ ‘40-day Buns & Glutes Challenge’. It is over at her Instagram feed that she showcases the incredible success the challenge has had for women over the world.

Showing female bodies before and after photos is certainly encouraging, and a great way for her 430k+ followers to feel motivated in chasing after their ideal physique. 

Nicole Wilkins’ bodybuilding Instagram feed reveals the real side to many bodybuilders’ lives. Wilkins’ shows her fitness lifestyle and her home life, sharing with her followers that doing both is absolutely possible. To be a bodybuilder doesn’t mean spending every waking moment working out, as she understands that there’s more to life than that. 

If you’re a busy person whether it be at work or with family (or both!), and have aspirations of getting into bodybuilding and fitness, Nicole Wilkins’ account is definitely one to follow. 

Women are on the up in the industry, so head over to our article on the rise of the female PT here for some female empowerment!

#12 @nataliya.amazonka | 677k followers

male bodybuilders instagram

Nataliya Amazonka has a huge female bodybuilding Instagram account that is like no other. The 2018 IFBB Romania Pro winner has a physique that is super ripped, bound to provide you with your daily dose of motivation.

The bodybuilding influencer can bench press 179kg, deadlift 240kg and squat 280kg. She is 5’7 with an off-season weight of over 220 pounds!

Nataliya’s Instagram focuses on how her followers can attain a high muscle mass and low-fat percentage. Her drive and dedication to the sport is truly inspiring for fellow bodybuilders who want to attain a similar physique, which is why she is a worthy contender for the best bodybuilding Instagram accounts out there.

Her Instagram account shows the best protein powders, supplements and creatine options that are on the market, and what she uses to attain such a defined figure. 

Whether you’re just starting your bodybuilding journey now or feel you’re knowledgeable of the sport, giving Nataliya a follow will be sure to blow your mind with every post. Sometimes that’s what we need before heading to the gym; some serious motivation to keep us on the right path. 

#13 @ifbbmissytruscott | 67.6k followers

male bodybuilder instagram

Missy Truscott, 2020 Olympia Fitness champion, has one of the best bodybuilder’s Instagram accounts in the sport. Her dedication and drive for bodybuilding shines through with every post as she eagerly awaits her upcoming competitions. 

Her recent content shows her enjoying her offseason after her Olympia success, holidaying in and around America. She poses, showing off her incredible physique that she’s worked so hard for.

But holidaying and memory-making isn’t just what this bodybuilding influencer posts online, as it’s typically gym and workout based. Whether it’s insightful video footage of her step-by-step routines or smiley selfies showing off her defined muscles, Truscott’s Instagram content will keep you engaged. 

Truscott is one to regularly update her 65k+ following of her favourite meals and tricks on how to up your protein intake, which bodes well for those working towards their bodybuilding goals.

She’s currently counting down the days until the next Olympia competition, regularly updating her page with her current progress compared with her offseason figure. So, keep your eyes peeled for the best female, muscle Instagram accounts out there, as Truscott is certainly one you don’t want to forget!

#14 @sciencestrength | 10.9k Followers

bodybuilding influencers

Dr Anastasia Zinchenko is a vegan, biochemistry bodybuilder from Israel. Strength and sustainability are of utmost importance to her, and that is certainly reflected within her Instagram feed. 

This vegan bodybuilder’s Instagram page has anything and everything needed for those participating in the sport, while living a plant-based lifestyle. 

Her aesthetic food snaps of various vegan meals are insightful and educational, as she shows a variety of plant-based dishes that are high in protein and low in fat. These are perfect for those wanting to gain muscle mass while being vegan. 

Just because she has a lower Instagram following compared with other female bodybuilder’s Instagrams doesn’t mean she isn’t an inspiration. Anastasia’s refreshing approach to documenting her personal bests followed by her positive aura is sure to make you want to get your own endorphins souring. 

#15 @latoryawatts | 95.8k Followers

male bodybuilding instagram

Do you love an inspirational quote or find yourself prep talking to yourself before an intense workout? Because so does Latorya Watts!

This 2x Miss Figure Olympia Champion and 3x Arnold Sports Champion knows how to inspire her following, and her content focuses on her body transformations over the years. She believes that training hard and eating clean is the key to success and attaining a figure as defined as hers. 

Watts presents herself as having a very controlled mindset on her Instagram account, urging her 95k+ followers to adopt a similar stance when it comes to food. 

She is a bodybuilding influencer who regularly posts content that has a focus on encouraging people to feel more positive and confident towards their body. All the while she is a firm believer that you must have a strong mindset and a pinch-of-salt kind of attitude with social media, particularly when adopting a lifestyle that requires so much dedication.

Her Instagram photos of her flaunting her defined figure speak for themselves, so head over there and give her a follow! 

The Best General BodyBuilding Accounts

Following specific instagram bodybuilders is a great way to keep track of their individual progress, lifestyles and what competitions they’re entering. However sometimes a general overview of the sport and its key names is also beneficial. So the following accounts showcase some of the best men and women in bodybuilding within each account.

#16 @top_physiques | 1.1 million followers 

body builders

This is a huge bodybuilder’s Instagram account, with over 1 million followers each keeping an eye on the highlights of the sport. The account posts numerous times a day, so you’re definitely going to get an array of content that will keep your motivation levels high. 

This page covers just about everything you need, from inspiration on new ways to train, to highlights from popular bodybuilding competitions. You can also get inspired with some insane transformation photos; regardless of what it is you’re looking for, this umbrella-type Instagram bodybuilders account has it all. 

Top Physiques also have their own programmes, tailor-made to train specific muscle groups. They have 3 different types:

  • 90-day training programmes
  • 180-day training programmes
  • 90-day extreme training programme

More information on these can be accessed via their highlights on their page, alongside a series of glowing reviews from their clients. 

But Top Physiques aren’t just focussed on training, workouts and gains 24/7. Their page is also a place to turn to when you need a bit of a pick-me-up, with various memes and funny videos waiting to brighten your day.

So head over and delve into the variety of content.

#17 @beautifulbodybuilders | 121k followers 

body builders instagrams

Beautiful Bodybuilders is dedicated to posting some huge female bodybuilders on Instagram. These women are all different sizes and at different stages of their bodybuilding journey. So if you want some idols to look up to, this account is definitely for you.

This account showcases the best bodybuilding influencers in the sport, it is particularly beneficial if you’re wanting to start your own bodybuilding Instagram for inspiration on how these women pose and boast their physique.

If you’re considering beginning your bodybuilding venture and need that extra push, this page will guide you to some of the best women in the sport.

Each image that Beautiful Bodybuilder’s post is accompanied by each woman’s Instagram handle; so this Instagram account is perfect for if you’re wanting to discover some of the main faces involved in the female bodybuilding world, or get your own account out there. 

The account has over 2,500 posts, each presenting a different female bodybuilder instagram page, so you’re spoilt for choice on who your newest idols will be. 

Before You Go

Whether you’re somebody who is creating a female muscle instagram, a male physique page, or you’re just looking to follow accounts that share information on bodybuilding, you’ve surely found some inspiration by now.

Bodybuilding is strenuous and takes huge amounts of dedication, so if you think you’ve got what it takes, why not set up your own page and share your bodybuilding journey!

One more thing, if you’re mad about fitness, check out our personal training diploma to get qualified and kick-start your career in fitness sector. Alternatively, if you’re already qualified or you’re interested in another area of the industry, such as nutrition, you can find all of our courses laid out in our course prospectus here.

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