Are you looking to buy a BOSU ball? We’ve got the article for you! 

We have tried and tested the 19 best BOSU balls as well as alternative fitness balls so you don’t have to spend hours researching yourself! 

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Right, so what is a BOSU ball?

David Weck created the BOSU ball in 1999 and ever since it has taken the fitness industry by storm!

The half ball balance trainer may look strange at first but it’s one of the most effective tools for you to have either in your home gym or to use in a commercial one. 

The word is an acronym for ‘Both Sides Utilised’ and it’s a great way to target your core and other muscles in your body. 

Below you will find not only official BOSU balls, you’ll find half balance ball alternatives from other brands, too. 

We decided to do it this way because we want to make you aware that a BOSU ball is a product and a company as well. There are other companies on this list who make very similar products to the BOSU ball brand and still have the same benefits!

Whether you’re looking for a branded product or a more affordable option, you should definitely look at the fitness training balls down below.

So let’s find out where to buy a BOSU ball and it’s alternatives!

#1 Core Balance Trainer Gym Ball  

Price: £49.99 

buy bosu ball online

If you’re looking to buy a cheap BOSU ball alternative in the UK, then we highly recommend this one by Core Balance Fitness. 

Push your core strength, stability, and balance to the limit with this ball, which can be placed dome side up or down for two completely different workout options.

As half balance ball reviews go, this one is right up there and is worthy of the top spot on this list of the best you can buy. 

By placing this gym equipment dome ball dome down, you can work on your balance and your core stabiliser muscle. If you place it dome side up, you can stand, sit, or lie on it and work on your core. 

The dome also has an anti-slip design, which does what it says on the tin, meaning you won’t be sliding off during a workout anytime soon. 

This Core Balance even comes with accessories such as our favourite resistance bands, which allow you to perform lateral raises, deadlifts and other resistance exercises. 

At just £44.99, this is a cheap ‘BOSU’ ball alternative that’s well worth considering, and judging by the reviews, you wouldn’t be going far wrong in doing so!

#2 BOSU Fitness Balance Ball NextGen Pro  

Price: £188.50 

buy cheap bosu ball

If you’re after BOSU balance balls, then you’re in luck! This product is made by the Physical Company and sold by the official reseller of BOSU balls in the UK.

This is a must if you’re looking to buy a good quality BOSU ball for your home workouts,  and is a perfect choice in helping you improve your balance, flexibility, and enhancing your strength and conditioning. 

Whilst it is admittedly slightly on the pricey side, this is a high quality BOSU ball, and judging by the consumer reviews online, it’s one that’s worth checking out. 

The ball has been designed for enhanced grip with your hands or feet on the dome and is perfect for using to do new exercises. 

It’s been made out of latex-free, burst resistant material and can hold weights of up to 150KG (350lb), ensuring that using this BOSU ball equipment will not break during your workouts anytime soon. 

The dome of the ball has four quadrants to help with positioning and grip too. The quadrants allow for precise body positioning whilst working on cardio, balance, core, agility, strength, and mobility exercises.

#3 Ativafit Fitness Balance Half Ball 

Price: £81.81 – £89.71 

how much does a bosu ball cost

The AtivaFit half ball balance trainer is perfect if you’re looking to purchase a product that is guaranteed to be durable and stand the test of time. 

This ball is made from environmentally friendly, non-toxic PVC. It is made of tried and tested anti-burst technology that ensures your safety when using it for your workouts. The anti-skid rubber legs found on the base of the ball means that you can jump, kneel, or stand on the ball worry-free too.  

The AtivaFit ball is light-weight and incredibly easy to carry and take with you, but don’t let that fool you. The ball can also hold up to 660lb’s of weight (300KG)! It’s also easy to inflate and deflate, so you can adjust it to the resistance you desire. 

The half balance ball comes with two resistance bands, allowing you to experience low impact workouts that are designed to target your core muscles and build your strength. This ball is ideal for doing a wide range of workouts and exercises on, so you can make the most out of your home workout.


#4 Fitness Ball BOSU Trainer 

Price: £139.84

best price bosu ball

This BOSU training ball, made by the BOSU brand themselves, has been described as a versatile piece of kit that delivers ‘killer cardio workouts’, improves your balance and stability, builds strength, and fine-tunes your sports skills. 

You can use this BOSU gym ball both dome or platform side up, and it has integrated hand positions into the platform. It also has the widest range of stance options available when you’re standing on the dome. 

The ball is made from latex-free, burst resistant material, which pretty much guarantees it won’t be popping under you during a workout and can hold weights up to 300lb (136KG).

This BOSU ball balance trainer ball has been proven to last 10 times longer than your average, run-of-the-mill ball, which is always reassuring.

This ball comes in a range of colours, and can easily deflate, meaning you can take it with you wherever you go.

Also, as a small added bonus, when you purchase this particular BOSU balance trainer ball, it comes with a couple of fitness DVD’s too, which is perfect if you’re going to be working out at home alone and need some guidance!

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#5 BOSU Ball Pro Balance Trainer 

Price: £218.64 

balance ball bosu

Whilst it is an expensive option, this BOSU ball for balance guarantees you an amplified workout that will excite untapped muscles and give them the workout that they need.

This BOSU exercise ball’s dome is made from extra durable material and has a honeycomb pattern non-slip grip for ultimate traction when using it.

The dome also has a ‘power zone’, which has been designed for maximum return to spring loaded movements very similar to those you would perform on one of these fitness trampolines.

There are also numerical points located on the dome for precise positioning during your workout. 

The gym equipment BOSU ball can take weights of up to 400lbs (204KG), so you won’t have to worry about it bursting under the pressure of a hard workout. 

The ball is also lightweight, meaning you can pack it up and take it with you anywhere! This is a top product and a great option to look at, even if it is a little on the costly side.

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#6 BOSU Ball Professional Version 

Price: £180.00

bosu ball for cheap

Despite the slightly steep price, the reviews for this BOSU balance trainer ball are brilliant, making it one you should consider taking a look at, even if it is on the expensive side.

This is another piece of branded BOSU ball equipment on this list, and for good reason.

Used in fitness, rehabilitation, and sports conditioning facilities and gyms around the world, the BOSU Gym Ball Pro Balance Trainer challenges your entire body in a workout.

This BOSU gym ball is lightweight and portable, but it can also hold weights of up to 350lbs (150KG), so you won’t have to worry about it not being able to take the workout you’re going to give it.

The pro BOSU ball is three exercise devices in one, those being a platform, a balance board, and an exercise ball.

Should you purchase this BOSU, this will give you a wide range of workout options, allowing you to work on your core muscles, improve your balance and stability, and enhance your strength.


#7 Sportneer Balance Fitness Ball 

Price: £59.99 

bosu ball discount

One of the cheaper alternatives to ‘BOSU’ balls online, the Sportneer Balance Ball’s 4mm thick PVC dome design means it can work under maximum pressure and hold weights of up to 300lbs (136KG). 

This balance ball comes with two resistance bands, giving you the opportunity to work on your core muscles, improve your balance and stability, and enhance your strength.

The workout options are endless with this ball, which you can also use to do crunches, lunges, planks, squats, push ups and more! As far as exercise balls go, this product has an extreme anti-skid performance.

With 8 anti-slide pads on the base of the platform to ensure maximum stability and strength, you’ll feel extra stable when you’re working out on this. 

For £59.99, this is well worth checking out if you’re looking to purchase one of the cheaper half dome balls out there. For that price, you can’t go far wrong.


#8 Z Zelus Balance Fitness Ball

Price: £37.99 

 Bosu ball UK

If you’re working on a budget and want to buy a cheap half ball balance trainer, then we’d recommend taking a look at this one manufactured by Z Zelus. 

With this balance ball, you can complete exercises such as ball lunge, reverse extensions, diamond push ups and hamstring curls at home. 

If you wanted to take it anywhere you like, you can deflate the ball since it’s incredibly lightweight and portable.

The ball is made from environmentally friendly PVC and has a non-slip base, anti-skid texture to enhance your stability whilst using it, as well as anti-bust technology that guarantees your safety during your workout.

As a bonus, the ball comes with two detachable resistance bands, allowing you to work on your arm strength, as well as opening up a wide range of exercise options when doing your workout. 

At £39.99, this is well worth taking a look at if you’re looking for a cheap option!

#9 Sfemoi Balance Ball Trainer

Price: £37.99 

where to buy bosu ball

If you’re looking to purchase an alternative to a branded BOSU ball that still comes with accessories, you’re definitely in the right place. The Sfemoi ball comes with detachable resistance bands, ideal if you wanted to mix up your workout. 

This particular fitness balance ball is made from environmentally friendly, non-toxic PVC.

The dome has an anti-slip texture to improve your stability whilst you’re working out on it, guaranteeing your safety. The ball can also hold weights of around 350lb (158KG). 

The aforementioned resistance bands mean that you can do a variety of extra workouts with this fitness balance half ball, thus contributing to a full workout that targets and helps you to engage your core, legs, arms, and much more. 

As a bonus, the balance ball trainer can deflate and is lightweight, meaning that it’s super easy for you to take with you wherever you like.

So if you fancy going to do a workout on the beach, you can just take the Sfemoi fitness balance ball with you no problem! 

This ball can be used for a variety of purposes, including fitness rehabilitation, physical therapy and improving your core, and taking the online reviews into account, is one of the better gym balls on the market.


#10 Umi Home Balance Trainer

Price: £49.99 

This next product from Umi is actually a fairly small balance ball for the UK, which makes it much more feasible if you only have a small workout space. 

It also makes it much easier to store after use, because you can tuck it away in a corner until you need it again.

This is one of the more heavy duty home balance trainers available with a weight capacity of 300kg, which is further complemented by the thick rubber dome with textured rings to help spread the pressure evenly.

The best BOSU balls are known for their versatility because you can comfortably switch between the flat board and rubber dome depending on your workout routine.

With this product the rubber dome is smooth which means you can switch between balance exercises and burpees or planks without marking your hands.

The flat side of this balance trainer ball has 6 rubberised non-slip pads to help you keep steady, which is perfect for when you’re using the BOSU ball for balance exercises.

If you’re looking for a BOSU ball to buy online the Umi is available on Amazon, so you’ll be able to get it delivered super fast and can jump right into exercising with your new fitness ball.

#11 JLL Maze Balance Trainer Ball

Price: £49.99

Another great BOSU ball to buy online is this product from JLL, which is available on Amazon for £49.99.

The JLL is a fairly cheap exercise ball compared to others on the market, but you’re still getting loads of features that make it excellent value for money.

For example this particular JLL home balance trainer comes with a set of resistance bands that can be attached to the side, which means you have more flexibility and creativity when it comes to designing your workout using the fitness ball.

This home balance trainer comes with a pump to easily inflate the dome when you need to and you can get started immediately once it arrives.

The dome is made of burst resistant latex with a weight capacity of 135kg, so you can feel safe whilst your training. The flat side also has non-slip textures to reduce the chance of slipping whilst it’s in use.

To make this balance ball even better, JLL have even managed to incorporate a mini maze so you can train your mind and your body!

#12 FitnessMad Ball Balance Trainer 

Price: £80.09 

buy cheap bosu ball

The FitnessMad Air Dome is perfect for a truly challenging and varied full body workout. This small exercise ball provides you with an extra level of intensity to your workouts. 

The ball can hold a maximum weight of 300lbs (136KG) and is super lightweight. It can be deflated, so you can adjust the resistance level that will complement your workout best.

The BOSU fitness ball substitute comes with an anti-slip base, giving you the stability you’ll need during your workout, as well as eyelets for you to clip resistance bands onto if you wish (bands not included). 

The ball can also easily change from being a ‘Swiss’ half ball to a wobble board, depending on what muscles you want to work out, giving you a wide range of workout options to choose from.

With the reasonable price of the ball and the online reviews being as good as they are, we’d recommend checking this one out!

#13 Bonnlo Yoga Half Ball Balance Trainer 

Price: £39.99 

where to buy bosu ball

If you’re looking to buy a similar looking cheap half dome ball, then this product by Bonnlo will be right up your street.

Lightweight and portable, the Bonnlo ball is a great addition to your home workout equipment and your yoga practice. The ball can hold weights of up to 660lbs (300KG), and is made from anti-burst technology and has an anti-slide base, ensuring that you can workout worry-free. 

The environmentally friendly PVC dome is made from anti-skid technology too, so you won’t be slipping off it anytime soon.

The Bonnlo balance trainer half ball comes with two resistance bands, thus broadening your workout types. On top of all this, the ball also comes with a pump, so you can inflate and deflate it to the resistance level that it needs to be. 

The ball can be used to do a variety of exercises on, including planking, lower ab crunches, front squat and much, much more.

#14 ReaseJoy Balance Ball Trainer 

Price: £39.95 

best price bosu ball

If you’re looking for the cheapest exercise ball without paying for the brand name then this ReaseJoy Yoga Trainer is perfect for use in the gym or at home, and is designed to increase your core strength, and improve your flexibility, coordination and endurance. 

You can even help your flexibility even further by buying a yoga block to help you reach those difficult poses!

The ball can be used on both sides, therefore broadening the number of different exercises you can do on it.

To add to this, there are two elastic resistance bands attached, to help you keep your balance and give you an even wider variety of exercises to do during your workout.

The ball is fast inflating and comes with a foot air pump. The base also has anti-skid massage dots, which will undoubtedly improve user stability.

The dome itself is also made out of soft, non-toxic PVC which has been designed to last. For the cheap price of just £39.95, there’s not much else you can ask for!

#15 SportPlus Exercise Balance Trainer Ball 

Price: £69.99 

how much does a bosu ball cost

The next balance ball trainer on the list is the SportPlus Exercise Ball, which is perfect for those looking for a ball with straps on it for further exercise possibilities. 

These two straps will undoubtedly ensure that your training with the ball will be even more intense and varied! 

The fitness balance half ball can be used on both sides. Laying it flat on the floor will help you work on your balance and strength for your upper body and legs, whilst laying it dome-side down will allow you to challenge yourself whilst doing push-ups and dips. 

Made with anti-burst technology, this ball is also the owner of a rubberised, non-slip surface, ensuring your safety throughout the workout. 

On top of this, the ball can take weights of up to 120KG (264lbs), proving that it is built to last.


#16 Comots Balance Fitness Ball 

Price: £30.00 

bosu ball for cheap

Here’s another like for like BOSU ball alternative which has been described by the manufacturers, Comots, as being perfect for anyone, of any age. 

It is ideal for elite athletes or those who are going through physical therapy after an injury. If you are worried about your knees when you use the fitness ball, pair the ball with some knee compression sleeves for superior protection! 

This ball is made from non-toxic soft PVC, which will pose no danger whatsoever to your health, and has been made to take whatever you throw at it. 

It also comes with two elastic resistance bands, which are there to help you keep your balance, and to do even more exercises than you couldn’t usually do with your average balance trainer ball. 

The dome is also made from non-slip technology, which does what it says on the tin, and ensures your safety throughout the workout. 

As with all the balls on this list, the Comots Yoga Balance ball can be used on both sides, meaning you can work on different muscle groups just by flipping the ball over.

Cheap BOSU balls are very hard to come by and whilst this isn’t an offical branded BOSU ball, at just £42.00, it’s well worth checking out if you’re working on a budget!

#17 DYSD Non-Slip Balance Trainer Half Ball 

Price: £98.99 

 bosu ball discount

This super-lightweight training ball only weighs 11 pounds, meaning you can pick it up, pack it up and take it with you anywhere you fancy working out. It’s the ideal exercise device for home and gym workouts! 

The ball can hold up to 800lbs (360kg), meaning it can take so much more weight than any of the other balls on this list. The dome of the fitness balance ball also has 282 massage points on it, which will be able to help you relax your muscles. 

Non-slip and stable, the base of the ball has multiple anti-skid pads on it, which in turn improve the stability of the whole device, which is good news when you want to work on your balance. 

The dome is made from environmentally friendly PVC that the company can guarantee 100% health and safety. 

Whilst it isn’t the cheapest balance ball to buy online, you know you’ll be the owner of a high quality piece of kit if you do buy it! 


#18 TnP Balance Ball

Price: £31.99

If you’re looking for a cheap exercise ball, you should definitely check out this product from TnP.

At £31.99 this balance ball is one of the more affordable options on our list; but don’t worry, you don’t have to compromise on quality.

With a 58cm diameter this is a comparatively small balance ball (for a UK market) which just means you’ll be able to store it easily when not in use.

Conversely this balance trainer ball has a height of 25cm once inflated, which is taller than some other fitness balls on our list. 

This added height can help if you’re looking for a BOSU ball for balance exercises, because you have a larger range of movement up and down – for example if you’re tilting the ball from side to side to improve knee strength.

In addition to the balance ball this product comes with 2 handles which easily attach to the flat side, and offers you the option of a more flexible workout. Here you can train your upper and lower body at the same time, whilst also working on your overall balance.

Overall this is definitely a cheap BOSU ball with great value for money, and the perfect entry into balance ball workouts.

#19 PROIRON Home Balance Trainer

Price: £55.99

Finishing up our round up of some of the best BOSU balls is this product from PROIRON, which is sold via Amazon.

For most people BOSU balls are for balance training, but these fitness balls are incredibly versatile and you can structure a full body workout solely around this one piece of equipment.

For example, included in your purchase are 2 detachable handles so you can incorporate even more exercises into your fitness ball workout. You also get a pump so you can immediately inflate your balance trainer ball for use.

To complement rigorous usage this product is highly durable and made to be used for a long time. PROIRON have included non-slip features on both sides of the BOSU ball, so you can train safely whichever way you orient it.

The PVC dome has a max bearing of 300kg so it’s incredibly sturdy and can be used by anyone. The dome also has 2 ridged zones that can be used for muscular massage, which can help with your recovery after exercise. 

So for a quality BOSU ball you can buy online, why not try this PROIRON balance trainer and get started straight away?

Before you go! 

We hope our guide has helped you to find the best BOSU ball or half-balance ball for your next workout.  

Whether you choose to purchase a branded BOSU ball or a cheaper alternative from one of our recommended brands , they all have the same purpose and we’re sure that you’ll be pleased with your purchase. 

If you feel inspired after reading this article to go for a new career in the health and fitness sector, take a look at our L3 PT Diploma and download our prospectus for more information!

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