Are you searching for the best boxing shoes the UK market has to offer? No need to look further, as we here at OriGym have done the research for you and compiled a list of the top boxing boots available right now. 

Whether you’re looking for cheap boxing shoes, custom made boxing boots to represent yourself in fights, or just a fresh footwear for boxing classes, we have a pair of boots here that will suit everyone’s boxing needs and demands.

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What are Boxing Shoes?

If you’re new to the sport of boxing or unsure on what equipment to kit yourself out with – boxing shoes are a must. The purpose of boxing shoes is to help the fighter move around the ring more quickly, safely and smoothly. Your boxing boots hold a lot more responsibility than a person may think; they are responsible for the safety and care of your ankles and movement, therefore, can be the cause of a serious injury, or the reason behind your progressive success. 

We would recommend your boxing boots to provide you the sensation of a second skin and should feel like you’re not wearing shoes at all, yet still quietly aiding you through your boxing journey.

So, let’s begin.

#1 – Adidas Box Hog. 3 

1 all black boxing boots

Price: £86.14

To kick start our list, we’re starting with one of Adidas’ best boxing shoes, the Box Hog 3. This product is simple and no nonsense, so it is great for anyone looking for their first boxing boots.  

The materials are elite, with the shoe itself made of a comfortable synthetic material that slides on well. It’s a single layer of mesh, which makes it one of the most breathable boxing shoes on the  market right now. The sole is made of gum rubber, which is perfect for grip. This shoe will be a great help in improving your stance and mobility – if you have a good shoe, you’ll notice an improvement almost instantly, as you will with the Box Hog.  

The design of these tall boxing shoes is exactly what you’d expect from Adidas, with the addition of the signature three stripes. It’s a very common sight in the ring, so if you’re looking for a shoe that will fit in, this would be perfect for you. 

What’s more, if you’re searching specifically for some pink boxing boots, you’re in luck, because there are a few colour options to choose from. Their most popular design is all  black; this is a departure from a lot of Adidas products, because the signature stripes are muted. We think all black boxing boots look incredibly smart, so this gets a big tick from us.  

If you’d prefer to train from home, we would still recommend investing in all the correct boxing gear to reduce the risk of injury and reach your full potential.

We would definitely identify the Box Hog 3 amongst the best boxing shoes you can buy in terms of quality and price and if you’re hesitant to invest in a more expensive pair of professional boxing shoes, then these cheap boxing boots would be a good compromise, giving you the support you need without fully breaking the bank.

#2 – Nike Hyper KO Boxing Boots 

2 yellow boxing boots

Price: £179.99

Chances are, you’ve probably seen these Nike boxing ring shoes in the gym before, since they’re one of the best selling shoes for boxing around; and there’s a good reason for that. 

The material is super light and allows for maximum speed and manoeuvrability. The boots have Nike Flywire support, a system  designed by Nike to give your feet support exactly where they need it.  The strap at the front of the boot makes you feel like you’re entirely  secure – something that every fighter knows can make or break a fight.  

The sole is rigid and stiff and gives you the grip you need, and then  some. The outer layer has a lot of visible mesh, so you know that these winning boxing shoes are going to have a decent flow of air to keep you cool.  

The design is solid, too: black and gold will never not look good in  the ring. It will fit in with any other gear you have and stand out without  being too flashy about it. Previous boots in the KO range are available in different colours, so if you want a pair of red, blue, or even yellow boxing boots, then this range will have it covered. These tall boxing shoes are up there with the best boxing footwear in the UK you can get. From the fit, to the design, to the manufacturing, there are very few, if any, bad things we can say about this shoe.  

What else can we say? The Hyper KO is simply a really great  boxing boot, well worth the price that you’re paying for it. If you want a quality boot that just gets the job done, then Nike has got you covered with these boxing trainer shoes.

#3 – Rival RSX-ONE

3 Good boxing shoes for training

Price: £89.99

It can be difficult to find a pair of cheap boxing shoes that perfectly fit your feet,  especially if you don’t have a conventional foot type. To combat that, the Rival RSX are some of the best boxing boots for flat feet. With extra arch support and comfortable materials, you’ll find that these high boxing shoes will be right there to support you no matter what you come up against.  

The outsole is thick and rubberized, while the insole is cushioned and ergonomically designed to be as comfortable as possible for a flat  foot, while providing the support and traction you’ll need to hold your own in the ring. These tall boxing shoes also have a mesh lining which is incredibly  breathable, perfect for keeping your feet cool.  

The design is smart, without being flashy. Black, with a splash of  orange, which gives a strong but subtle vibe. It’s understated while still  feeling like it stands out due to the uniqueness of the design – a great middle ground in terms of aesthetic.  

Boxing is primarily about the upper body strength, so if you feel you’re lacking in this department, you would definitely benefit from giving our guide on the best weighted vests to strengthen your upper body a read and investing in one of the products from the list!

If you have trouble with flat feet, these classic boxing shoes may well be the  answer to your prayers. And while they are fantastic for flat feet, we would still encourage any buyer in the market for some good shoes for boxing to factor these into your potential purchase, regardless of your foot type. They’re high quality, offer brilliant support, and have an attractive design; these boxing style shoes are perfect all-round for giving you the edge in the ring.

#4 – Lonsdale Contender Boxing Boots 

4 good boxing shoes

Price: £49.99

This is for all the people searching high and low for the best cheap boxing boots on the market, that don’t sacrifice price for the sake of its affordable price tag.

Lonsdale are a highly popular, well-liked brand when it comes to those in the market for shoes for boxing training, and these particular boots prove why that is. Solid, dependable, and comfortable, they are a great investment for anyone looking to up their performance in the ring.  

The boxing ring shoes are made of black leather, which not only gives great  support but also looks professional and attractive – and lucky it does, because it only comes in the one colour and design. But, once you’ve strapped yourself into these ultra cheap boxing boots, you won’t want any other designs in your life.  

The Contender is a mid-cut boot, with quilted ankle support, so you can bet they will fit like a dream. It’s important to feel secure when you’re laced up, so having the cushioned lining in the ankle makes you feel like you can depend on these tall boxing shoes when it counts.  

Usually with leather boxing boots, you’d have some extra weight to lift around, but not with these shoes for boxing, which are surprisingly light. It’s important to be light  on your feet in the ring, and these boxing  boots are designed to cater to that and let you move the way that you need to in order to win – and what’s more, these fall solidly into the cheap boxing shoes category, meaning you don’t need to splash the big bucks to be a champion.

So, if you’re looking for high quality black leather boxing shoes, look no further. If you’re ready to take your  boxing to the next level, then grab a pair of these and head straight to  the ring to try them out, you won’t be disappointed.

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17 Best Boxing Shoes Of 2024 (UK)

#5 – Venum Elite Boxing Boots 

5 Red and white boxing shoes

Price: £129.99

When it comes to the most attractive pair of shoes for boxing on the market, we’ve found our top contender. If you want to base your choice of boots on looks alone (which, of course, you shouldn’t!) then you couldn’t get better boxing footwear in the UK than this entry from Venum. Not only do they look amazing, but they are top quality and will provide  everything you need to excel in the ring.  

These boxing style shoes come in a variety of colours, but the black and gold design is a personal favourite for us here at OriGym. Both bold and strong, they will ensure you stand out in the ring. If you’re after a different colour, maybe silver,  black, or red boxing boots, then you’re catered for, too.  

The classic boxing shoes are made of a strong synthetic material, with a very  breathable mesh around the toes and ankles for optimum cooling. The  sole is rubber and provides all the stability and grip you could ever need.  The Venm Elite are mid cut boxing boots, so will provide plenty of ankle support, too.  

Like we menioned, in order to excell at boxing – it’s vital to improve your upper body strength. For this reason, we strongly recommend practising exercises such as push ups. If you don’t want to practise at the gym, why not purchase one of our top push-up bars to strengthen your upper body, and set it up in the comfort of your home?

In terms of price, these sit roughly around average price for boxing boots in the UK, however, we understand for beginners the £129.99 price tag can seem a little steep – but we can promise with this investment you are undoubtedly getting what you pay for. These unisex boxing shoes also come in a huge range of sizes, ranging from a petite woman’s foot, right through to a male size 13. If you’re after the best shoes for boxing training, then these will definitely do the trick.

#6 – Everlast Elite Boxing Shoes 

6 red boxing boots

Price: £155.98

We couldn’t have a list of the best boxing shoes in the UK without mentioning this entry from Everlast, one of the few pure boxing brands out there. Everlast has been prominent in the sportswear market for over 100 years, and is one of the leading sellers of boxing and MMA equipment – so it’s a fair bet that most of what they put out is going to be of a high enough calibre for any fighter.  

These classic boxing shoes are no exception. They’re designed to be useful both in the gym and in the ring, and durable enough for both. So you’re getting far more bang for your buck than you normally would.  

Everlast’s footwear for boxing is perfectly flexible and breathable, which almost feels like you’re not wearing a shoe at all. The Elite has got a specially designed tread, so you get all of the grip you’ll ever need. A great combination if you ask us!  

While not specially designed for them, these are another great option for those shopping for boxing boots for wide feet, with a little extra room built in, however, they still fit snugly regardless of your foot size. 

The design is minimalist and sleek, and you get your choice of colours: black, blue or red. We here at OriGym are personally fond of the blue boxing boots, but each to their own!  

If you’re nervous about dropping a tidy sum of cash on new boxing shoes, then it would be a smart move to stick with Everlast.  Their reputation as one of the best boxing shoes companies out there is well earned, and the Elite boxing shoes do not disappoint. They’re not the cheapest, however, they promise to be some of the best boxing shoes on the UK market, so they are 100% worth the hit.

#7 – Cleto Reyes Leather High Top Boxing Shoe

7 knee high boxing boots

Price: Currently Out of Stock

Another entry for those looking specifically for black leather boxing boots is this addition from Cleto Reyes.

These are a perfect set of boxing boots for anyone looking to go really old  school with their look. These are classic looking, black leather, nearly knee high boxing boots that evoke the feeling of the sport from the early 20th century.

Genuine black leather boxing boots are pretty rare on today’s market, which is why  the price tag is on the higher end of the spectrum. Though, these boxing boots are not just for show, and you’ll realise they are worth the price tag once you slip them on. They feel incredibly sturdy, but still comfy enough that you could train for long periods of time without issue. The sole is rubberized, unlike the classic boots Cleto are imitating here, which eliminates potential skidding and gives some much needed traction. 

One modern addition to these good shoes for boxing class is a zip along the side,  making it far easier to get in and out of them than the boots of a century  ago – very handy, as this is one tall boxing shoe and we wouldn’t fancy  tying up all of those laces! As well as this, the calf area of the boot is designed for bigger calves, so if this has been a problem for you in the  past, Cleto has got your back.  

We’re firm believers in the saying: “practise makes perfect”, so for anyone keen on either starting boxing or building on your already existing skills, we would strongly advice checking out our guide on the best boxing gloves for sparring and training, so wherever you are, you’re always prepared to practise.

One drawback of these boxing trainer shoes is that, being genuine leather,  they’re going to need to be taken care of more than your average boxing shoes. This is to be expected though, and is a small price to pay for the connection you’ll feel to the last 100 years of the sport.  

If you’ve currently got old school boxing shoes knocking around and want to upgrade to a new pair to emulate the fighters of the past, these are 100% your best bet.  They have the look down perfectly, but also back it up by delivering everything a good fighter needs – these really are a special entry to our best shoes for boxing training.

#8 – Otomix Ninja Warrior Boxing Shoes (wide) 

8 Leather boxing shoes

Price: £115.00

As we’ve said, it can be tricky to find boxing shoes for feet that are arched, or flat, or in this case, wide. And even when you do, they can feel like boats, weighing you down. Not so with this shoe: in fact, these are our pick for the best boxing boots for wide feet. They’re great all round, won’t affect your mobility, and have that bit of extra width for those who need it.  

The Otomix boxing shoes are made of some very lightweight materials that feel fantastic to wear. The majority of the shoe is canvas, which is somewhat rare for shoes for boxing training, but it really does work. They feel like  they are high quality, and they will not slow you down in any way. So, if you’re looking to up your speed in the ring by improving your equipment, then these boxing shoes are definitely worth getting your hands on.

The sole is thick and supportive, and the ankle is padded to keep you safe. They’re not the most breathable shoes for boxing class, so they don’t allow for the release of sweat as well as some other shoes, however, we think this is a minor problem with a really great shoe. 

These boxing boots for wide feet are designed to be used in professional fights, and will  be as useful in MMA as it is in boxing. So whatever your need, these boxing shoes on the UK market are a smart investment that have the potential to take you to the  next level in your fighting career.

#9 – Reebok Boxing Boot 

9 boxing boots uk

Price: £64.13

If you’re searching particularly for a pair of all black boxing boots in the UK, this entry from Reebok is speaking out to you.

If your ankles are generally a problem area or an element you have to factor in when purchasing new shoes, rest assured Reebok are particularly famous for their ankle-supporting boxing shoes. And while all of their  boxing  boots could be considered a strong contender, we’ve picked this particular addition because we think it’s the best of the bunch.  

The Reeboks are mid-cut and have an inner layer of synthetic fur, designed to provide as much support and comfort as possible. They also feature a strap that goes over the ankle, which gives your ankle that extra bit of help. All of this combined makes this one of the best boots for ankle stabilisation, and we couldn’t recommend it more if that’s what  you want and require. 

As for the rest of the boot, it’s a classic, high quality, breathable product. The mesh features all over with the addition of leather details; a combination you can find on other decent boxing shoes. The sole is pretty flat, so may not be perfect for pivoting, but other than that, we have no further negatives whatsoever about this boot.

They do only come in the one colour, however black with a splash of white is acceptable and unobtrusive, so we can’t criticise.

If you’re a fighter who relies heavily on intense boxing footwork, then you can’t afford to not invest in some ankle-supporting boots, and these are about as good as you’ll find anywhere. So do yourself, and your feet, a favour and nab a pair of these fantastic boots.

#10 – Asics Cael V7.0  

10 white boxing boots

Price: £82.08 – £307.53

If you’re a shopper in the market for low top boxing shoes, we know we’ve neglected you up to now, but we have your new boxing shoes right here.

The Cael is a great, versatile shoe, equally good for boxing as they are wrestling. Usually, boxing shoes and wrestling shoes serve different  purposes, but this one is popular with both types of fighter.  

For starters, these boxing shoes have a fantastic fit, and your feet will glide into them like a glove. There’s plenty of ventilation, more than enough to keep your feet cool and dry. Since they double as a wrestling  shoe, there’s more grip than you’d normally find in boxing shoes, so if  that’s what you’re after, then you’re in luck.  

There are a few very funky styles to choose from – if you’re going for subtle and restrained, these are probably not the best shoes for a boxing workout for you. In colours such as ‘aluminium burgundy’ and ‘black orchid turquoise’, you can rest assured that you’ll stand out in the gym wearing these winning boxing shoes.  

The low top boxing shoes also contain Lace Garage technology: essentially, they feature a pocket that you can tuck your laces away out of sight. A lot of boxing shoes have problems with their laces being too long, and this is a  clever solution to that. So definitely a good shout if this is something  you’ve had trouble with in the past.  

This is an interesting shoe, with a foot in two camps. One thing is for sure though, if you’re a versatile athlete looking for new boxing shoes that can keep up with you, then this is definitely the product.

#11 – PUMA Women’s Eskiva Cross-Trainer Shoe 

11 footwear for boxing

Price: £113.80

Women often have a lot of trouble finding a shoe that works for them because most boxing shoes are built with men in mind. These Puma boxing shoes, however, are built specifically for women and provide a strong contender for the best shoes for boxing class. 

They are as comfortable and breathable as any other everyday shoe, crafted with a combination of high quality leather and mesh. The sole is strong and reliable as well,  perfect for training in the ring.  

Instead of laces, these white boxing boots feature a zip at the outer side of the product, which means putting  them on and taking them off is incredibly easy. The trade in is that you can’t tighten them, so you might not feel as secure in them as you would  in laced shoes.  

They only come in one colour, but if you’re after some white boxing boots, then that won’t be a problem. We would have liked a bit more customisation available, but the one design that’s there is pretty solid.  

Overall, you can’t do much better than Puma’s boxing shoes, which ticks a lot of the right boxes. They certainly are a great beginner’s shoe,  and we recommend them for anyone looking for simple, affordable boxing shoes to start off their boxing journey.

#12 – Boxfit Custom Leather Shoes 

12 boxing footwear uk

Price: Dependant on Customisation – enquire via company website

If you’re looking for a pair of custom boxing shoes that enable you to inject your personality into your training wear, this entry from Boxfit is your perfect match.

While you can easily get customised gloves, shorts, and other fightware, it’s pretty rare to find a company that can provide custom boxing boots. That’s why we were so excited to find Boxfit, an online company that allows you to order custom made boxing boots to fit your own personal specifications. There are a few different base shoes to choose from, but we decided on the Claret & Blue leather boxing shoes, for a few reasons. 

Firstly, they have that old-school, classic, traditional look to them that embodies old school boxing shoes; a rare find on the UK market.  Secondly, they are a solid mid cut boot, providing plenty of support and balance when in the ring.  


Boxfit also offers further customisation to their design of your own boxing boots, with the option to mix up the colour or add any embroidery – there are an array of changeable factors that allow you to make your custom made boxing shoes feel truly unique. The toss up to all this is that you can bet these boots won’t be cheap. But when asking for custom made boxing shoes, you have to be willing to pay for not only quality, but time, craftsmanship and originality.  

The option to design your own boxing boots may seem slightly  gimmicky, but Boxfit backs up this gimmick by using the best materials  to create a really great and unique pair of boots, which will be sure to be the envy of the gym, and the ring.

#13 – Mizuno Boxing Shoes 

13 Best shoes for boxing workout

Price: £240.80

Mizuno is a new brand to the boxing product game, so new that it’s incredibly difficult to get your hands on a pair of their boxing shoes in the UK. But if you find that you can swing it, they are undoubtedly worth it.  

These boxing shoes in black are ultra lightweight, to the point that you barely notice that you’re wearing them. The materials are of the highest quality  and put together with top craftsmanship. Like every product that finds their way onto the best boxing shoes lists, this one is breathable and tough, so your performance is sure to be at its  best while wearing a pair of these.  

The designs available are slick and stylish, with a multitude of options to choose from. You could go for the ever popular black and gold, or the Mizuno also include red and white boxing shoes in their range, too – whatever you are searching for, chances are Mizuno has it available.  

It goes without saying, boxing is a sport that takes plenty of energy and stamina, and sometimes you may need a little boost in those departments to provide your best performance; for this reason, we’d strongly recommend investing in some of the best hydration tablets to fuel your body during these times.

Unfortunately, since they are so hard to find, they are amongst the most expensive boxing shoes in the UK market right now. However, we strongly believe they are worth the  price, so if you are able to part with £200 plus, then you should consider purchasing these boxing ring shoes by Mizuno. You might just find yourself ahead of the curve.

#14 – Adidas Kid’s HVC Boxing Shoes 

14 boxing boots for wide feet

Price: £53.73

For this next product, we’re going to take a look at a pair of the shoes for boxing training that targets the childrens market, because you’re never too young to step into the ring. These Adidas black boxing boots are perfect for kids who want to give boxing a go. 

With these boxing shoes, you’ll find much of what you’d find in top quality adult boxing shoes, with a mesh lining, synthetic leather, and some ankle  support. The HVC shoes also feature a non-skid sole, too, so you don’t have to worry about accidental injury in the ring. 

And, most importantly for kids’ low top boxing shoes in the UK, they aren’t too expensive,  so when your little boxer inevitably outgrows them, you haven’t wasted  a heaping helping of money.  

All in all, these are good boxing shoes for kids who want to start  out their time in the ring, with all of the features you’d expect to find in adult shoes at a fraction of the price.

#15 – Adidas Speedex 18 

15 shoes for boxing class

Price: £129.99

Up next we’ve got another pair of Adidas shoes, the Speedex 18. We’ve  included this model due to the differences this shoe has when compared with the Box Hog. In short, the Sppedex has been frequently hailed the  best footwear for boxing due to having a bit more heft and substance to it, so if the Box Hog is a little too dainty for your tastes, the Speedex might be more your speed.  

Like most Adidas shoes, this entry for the best shoes for a boxing workout is of a high standard, and feels like it will last you longer than the average boxing shoes. The design  is, again, what you would expect from Adidas: modern and slick, with a  few choices in terms of colour. So far, the same!  

The biggest difference between the Speedex and the Box Hog is in the ankle. The Box Hog forgoes a lot of ankle support in the name of shaving off weight, which is fine if you’re not in huge need of that support. However, if you are, the Speedex boxing shoes have it in spades, with a thick, cushioned  area surrounding the ankle that effectively stabilises that part of your leg  to prevent injury.  

This really is the biggest difference between the two, so if you  thought the Box Hog was perfect but lacked ankle support, we’d recommend trying these winning boxing shoes out – it might just solve your problems.

#16 – Lonsdale Lace Up Shoes 

16 Boxing shoes  black

Price: £54.99

Another addition to the list for those searching high and low for the best cheap boxing shoes; we present to you the Lonsdale Lace Up Boxing Shoes.

We again have another Lonsdale shoe that, like what the Speedex does for the Box Hog, provides a sturdier and more padded experience than the Lonsdale Contender.  

The Lace Up mainly changes things up by having a padded ankle collar, which not only provides plenty of support for your ankle, it also prevents common problems such as chafing and blistering that can be recurrent with other shoes for boxing training. This is a really great addition, because every fighter knows  that one blister or bruise could be the difference between victory and defeat, and having that added bit of protection could make all the  difference.  

Although the Lonsdale does a similar job to the Speedex, you’ll  find the Lonsdale to be a lot more agreeable, price-wise. You could argue that Adidas does it better, but Lonsdale certainly does it cheaper – for just £54.99, these cheap boxing shoes promise to provide you a reliable, impressive and industry-level product, something you will struggle to find anywhere else.

#17 – Ringside Diablo  

17  Old school boxing shoes

Price: £84.62

We know we have provided you with many options for good boxing shoes for training, but we couldn’t end or list without including an entry from Ringside.

Ringside is a company dedicated specifically to martial arts, with a particular focus on boxing, and they make some of the best boxing shoes the UK market has ever seen. The Diablo is an absolute beast of a shoe, perfect for sparring and training.  

These boxing trainer shoes are hefty, which means you’re going to be supported, no  matter what you do. The trade off is that this boot runs a little heavier  than others, so they may not be the perfect boxing boots to fight in. However, with some really solid design work behind them, we would certainly rank them as some of the best shoes for boxing training.

While this is a reasonably low cut boot, the ankle collar is padded, which again means chafing and blistering is at a minimum, as is risk of injury.  

The synthetic leather that these shoes for boxing are made from is good quality  and easy to look after. It also makes for a great design, being both simple and striking at the same time, perfect for that understated statement that you want to make.  

A great way to keep yourself inspired to by documenting your progress and training sessions; we’d recommend picking up one of the products listed in our best fitness journals to keep you motivated in 2024 buyers’ guide to ensure you don’t slack on achieveing your goals.

All in all, you are getting an impressive pair of boxing style shoes for what you’re paying  – similar quality boots of other brands would set you back a little more. But this brand understands fighters, knows what they need, and knows they shouldn’t have to pay enormous amounts of money for it. That’s why we recommend giving these cheap boxing shoes, and the other Ringside boots, serious consideration – we know we will!


What Stores Sell Boxing Shoes?

Due to the ever growing popularity and interest in martial arts, you won’t struggle to find a sportswear occupier that doesn’t stock boxing footwear in the UK. The obvious stores to mention would be the likes of Sports Direct, JD, Amazon, and then the individual sports names who provide their own products such as: Adidas, Nike, Decathlon, etc. 

Also due to its prominence in the world of sports, many online companies specialise in providing niche boxing sportswear, from custom boxing boots, to robes and gloves, so if you can’t find a pair of boxing boots when you’re on your travels or you would prefer to get our hands on a pair of custom made boxing boots, you may find your search to be more successful online. We hope this helps you answer your question of “Where can I buy boxing shoes?”.

Should I Buy Boxing Shoes?

So you think because you have a pair of boxing gloves that you can stop there? Not if you want to progress and improve! While boxing gloves are undoubtedly a vital part of your boxing equipment kit, a good pair of boxing shoes will have an influence on your speed and agility in the ring. 

Boxing shoes are a must-have if you intend on participating in boxing competitions or competitive sparring. Not always necessary if your training programme includes a large amount of running or skipping on hard surfaces, as most offerings do not have any support of shock absorbing material in the soles, so older knees and shins will not like the constant shock.

The purpose of all boxing boots, no matter the difference in design, features and selling points, they all aim to give the fighter an advantage – so to answer your question of “should I buy boxing shoes?” We will always encourage it for competitive fighting.  

best boxing shoes for boxing image

What Boxing Shoes Does Floyd Mayweather Wear?

If you’re a keen boxer, or simply someone who has walked the Earth over the last two decades, chances are, you know who Floyd Mayweather is and his significance to the sport of boxing. 

An FAQ that often circulates the world after a Mayweather fight is “what boxing shoes does Floyd Mayweather wear?” and we get it – an unbeaten champion, who wouldn’t want to follow his every move? So we’re here to provide you with the answers you need to follow in the footsteps of one of the greatest boxing names to have ever blessed the sport. 

In his most recent fight, that saw him leave retirement to fight MMA name Conor McGregor back in 2017, Mayweather was sporting a pair of gold and black custom Adidas boxing boots, bearing his name and a fringe collar. However, this was a surprise to those who have followed his career over the years as, particularly towards the latter years of his profession, Mayweather became renowned for boxing exclusively in Reebok boxing boots.

Before You Go!

So, there you have it; our shortlist of the best boxing shoes in the UK is complete. We’re certain by now you have found a pair within our list that calls out to you, catering for all your personal demands, needs and supporting any injuries or issues you might need to pay special attention to. 

We must say, we’re big fans of showcasing personality through our sportswear, so the custom boxing shoes are a personal favourite for us here at OriGym; but whatever your choice, we know your new boots will see you progress through your boxing career for years to come. 

Before you head off, like we mentioned at the beginning of the article, if you’re a keen fitness enthusiast who believes they can help better and inspire the lives of others, why not take a look at OriGym’s L3 PT Diploma or download our latest course prospectus here to find out more!

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