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We are thrilled to announce that CIMSPA has awarded OriGym with the highest rating on their quality assurance framework – ‘Enhancing’ status.

CIMSPA (The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity) introduced this framework in early 2024 to instil ‘confidence in the credentials of training providers’. The rating aims to reassure prospective students that their chosen qualifications meet the necessary standards within the fitness sector.

Think of it as being the fitness industry’s equivalent to Ofsted (the organisation that observes and assesses the management and operations of schools). According to the CIMSPA website, as the professional development body for the health and fitness industry, they strive to:

…shape a respected, regulated and recognised sector that everyone wants to be a part of, and that others are confident interacting with

To obtain a rating training providers (such as ourselves) will undergo vigorous quality assurance assessments. The process will be conducted by an imperial CIMSPA auditor. Specifically, these external reviews look at:

  • Quality of Education Provisions
  • The Learner Journey
  • Marketing and Promotion Materials

CIMSPA Enhancing Quality Assurance Sticker

When discussing the necessity of this framework, CIMSPA’s Quality Assurance Manager Linzi Waite had this to say:

“The CIMSPA quality assurance outcomes act as a standard for ongoing improvement in the industry, motivating education providers to aim for excellence and improve their services regularly.

By promoting accountability and transparency, the quality assurance framework benefits professionals seeking learning opportunities and encourages a shared dedication to elevating standards across the sport and physical activity sector.”

But what does ‘Enhancing’ actually mean and how does it relate to factors that are reviewed and assessed? Let’s take a closer look at each of CIMSPA’s ratings to understand how a higher rating aligns with quality training.

Analysing CIMSPA Quality Assurance Ratings:

OriGym Students Learning in a Classroom

Following the independent quality assurance review, there are three potential ratings a CIMSPA-endorsed training provider can receive:

  • Enhancing: This rating assures potential students that the training provider is offering the highest quality provisions to learners.
  • Enabling: This signifies that there is evidence of good practice, with minimal improvements needed.
  • Emerging: The provider meets the minimum operating standards set by CIMSPA, but needs to implement actions to further adhere to standards and expectations.

Receiving an ‘Enhancing’ status following this assessment is a testament to the hard work of OriGym’s staff and the quality of the training we provide.

It also allows us to put this stamp of approval across our platforms, to offer immediate clarity to prospective, current and future students.

Enhancing Status OriGym Rating

Here’s What OriGym’s Managing Director Neil Cosgrove Had to Say About Achieving ‘Enhancing’ Rating!

“Achieving the highest level ‘Enhancing’ status from CIMSPA’s Quality Assurance Team is the result of our team’s hard work and dedication to our students. We are proud of this recognition and will continue to provide the highest standard of training in the industry!”

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