Are you looking for the best exercise sliders in the UK? We don’t blame you!

As many individuals are opting to go for home workouts rather than going to the gym, there has been a huge resurgence in buying this kind of fitness equipment! 

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Very soon you’ll find our list of the best exercise sliders that money can buy, but first, let us quickly explain what they are and how they work! 

What are exercise sliders?

Sliders are small discs that can be used to modify tons of different exercises, either to further engage your muscles or to adapt your workout with minimal equipment.  

Whether you want to do a plank or even a pike, this is a great piece of equipment to use to take to the gym or as part of a home workout.

How do exercise sliders work? 

Each of the sliders below has 2 sides, both with different textures so that they’re suitable for any type of flooring. 

Whether you want to workout on laminate or carpet, you will just need to flip the sliders to the appropriate side and begin your exercise.

These discs will protect the longevity of your floor whilst challenging you as you exercise with them. 

So let’s jump right into the article and found out the best sliders for you!

1. O RLY Exercise Sliders For Carpet

Price: £12.99

exercise sliders uk

If you’re looking for an unstable training surface to challenge your body and force you to engage muscles, up the impact of your regular training program, and target muscle groups, the O RLY workout sliders are one of the best choices available. 

One of the best exercise sliders for carpet use, the O RLY sliders have a convex design for easy sliding over any surface.

The O RLY exercise floor sliders are six inches in length and made from a durable, half-inch thick EVA foam, which is stress-crack resistance, waterproof, and UV resistant. 

This EVA foam is the same foam they use for yoga mats, so you’ll be sure this product will be built to last!

The padded top of the O RLY sliders for exercise is easy on the hands and contours the palms, fingers, knees, feet or elbows for exceptional grip avoiding any risk of slipping during reps or mid-pose.

Each of these fitness sliders has a smooth polypropylene base and a durable and heat resistant plastic which glides easily with you as you push through alternating leg curls, lunges, and planks.

Simple, effective and well made, O RLY has some of the best sliders available on Amazon for maximising the intensity of your at-home or gym-based strength training, abdominal training, gymnastics training, Pilates, yoga, balance and more.

2. Victoper Fitness Equipment Sliders

Price: £11.99

slider exercise equipment

This product from Victoper has a dual-side design so it will glide easily on all floors from laminate to carpet. 

Victoper’s sliders for exercise training are light and compact with one side featuring a foam cushion which grips to sweaty feet, elbow, hands, and knees. 

The foam side is designed to be used face down when working out on wooden floorboards, tiles, vinyl or laminate to avoid scratches and tarnishes to flooring. 

The other side of Victoper’s fitness sliders is made of super smooth ABS, a very tough, durable form of plastic used to make lego bricks and lightweight frames for vehicles. 

In other words, these sliders are built to withstand intense workouts and are sure to stand the test of time. 

These exercise sliders even come with 5 types of resistance bands, green, red, yellow, blu, and black, increasing in resistance from extra light (5 to 10lbs) up to X-heavy (30 to 40lbs).

And with an included carrying bag, you can take these sliders to the gym or anywhere you want to! 

Unsure whether this is the right product for you? You’ll be pleased to know that they come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee from Victoper. 

For an exceptional set of core sliders and resistance bands to suit any training program, the Victoper full package is a 4.5-star option from Amazon UK for core strengthening, balance training, athletic conditioning, physical therapy, and much more. 


3. Beast Gear Core Sliders

Price: £9.97

sliders fitness equipment

For a high impact, abdominal workout and a huge range of targeted workouts for hamstrings and glutes, the Beast Gear Core Sliders are Amazon’s Choice with 4.5 stars from almost 800 ratings. 

Light, compact, and easy to pack, the Beast Gear exercise floor sliders are double-sided for use on carpet and rugs as well as hard floorings such as laminate, wooden floorboards, or vinyl.

Brand Beast Gear has partnered with Assassin Promotions, a boxing stable, and WBO Intercontinental Champion Ben ‘Duracell’ Jones to showcase that their sliders are some of the best, trusted by elite athletes.

Each slider has a diameter of 7″ inches and a thickness of 0.35″ inches, and is lightweight yet robust, and latex-free.

With every purchase, Beast Gear includes a written and easy to follow instruction leaflet plus their comprehensive, pdf guide to core training with detailed exercises followed by personal trainers and pro athletes.

The Beast gear core sliders come with a lifetime guarantee so you’ll be able to replace it if any issues arise!

The Beast Gear slider exercise equipment can be used for adding a core training component into running, boxing, rock climbing, OCR racing, and Jiu-Jitsu. 

It’s a brilliant supplementary tool for up-ing the impact of at-home CrossFit, calisthenic training, circuit training, and interval training.

4. Amonax Sliders Exercise Equipment

Price: £8.99

sliders workout equipment

Amazon’ Choice for “core sliders” with 4.5 stars from over 600 ratings, the Amonax core sliders come with a detachable strap for a secure, 0-slide grip when working out. 

The Amonax core sliders are dual-sided with a foam side for use on hard floors such as wood or laminate and a smooth plastic side for use on carpet. Whatever flooring you want to work out on, this product allows you to perform bridges, lunges, and planks at home, on the go, or at the gym.

Each gliding disc is 0.3″ inches wide, 7″ inches in diameter, and has a detachable strap measuring 7.6″ inches in length.

If you want to challenge yourself, take the next step in core training, ab rollers are a great investment to help you feel the burn. 

The Amonax fitness equipment sliders are available in black with a red strap, black with a clock face design of potential core strengthening workouts, and a variation of each with a red plastic side.

Each set of sliders come with a drawstring carrying bag printed with the Amonax brand name, a printed workout guide with aerobic exercises to target abs, glutes, legs, arms and chest, plus Amonax offers a 2-year warranty with every purchase.

5. Strength Training Exercise Sliders

Price: £9.99

If you’re looking to up the intensity of your workout on a budget, this set of exercise sliders from Decathlon are a great option.

At only £9.99 these are a quality product with excellent value for money – and the perfect entry into the use of sliders for fitness routines.

The design of these exercise sliders means that you can use them anywhere; from your living room to the gym floor different surfaces won’t be a problem.

The foam side is perfect for use on hard floors, whilst the smooth side will let you glide easily over carpet. They’re also helpfully colour coded, which is a great feature to help you quickly recognise which side you need.

This product is lightweight and even comes with a handy carry bag so you can use your foot sliders for exercise on the go – from the gym to a sneaky workout on your lunch break.

There’s also the eco-design feature to consider, as these exercise sliders are made of 66% recycled polypropylene plastics!

Exercise sliders as equipment are great for strengthening the whole body because they’re super versatile and easy to incorporate into your existing exercise routines.

So for a quality product that will excel on a budget, why not try these sliders for your fitness routines?

6. INMAKER Foot Sliders

Price: £8.99

sliders for exercise

Thin, light, and abrasion-resistant, the Inmaker core exercise sliders come in two sizing options of 7″ inches and 9″ inches for larger hands. 

Along with the two foot sliders for exercise, your purchase will also come with a carrying bag, a printed instruction manual, and an e-book packed with suggested exercises for strengthening your core, engaging muscles and maximising the impact of your workouts. 

Each of these sliders has a polished plastic side which is great for use on carpeted areas as it moves with you through your routine. On the flip side there is a comfortable, padded foam side that is suitable for hardwood, laminate, and tile flooring. 

Lightweight and compact, these sliders come in four colour options: red, black, green, and pink, all with a smooth rounded edge to prevent chafing on palms and fingers.

Each ab slider weighs only 94g, half that of a standard smartphone, allowing this core slider to act as an extension to your body as you move through your fitness program. 

For an intense strength-training workout which sculpts and tones your full-body without the need for tons of floor space, the Inmaker core sliders have everything you need at under ten pounds.

If you need something to grip the workout sliders, think about getting a pair of yoga socks as they have an anti slip base to prevent you from slipping over. 


7. FitBeast Core Exercise Sliders

Price: £7.99

core sliders exercise equipment

Another Amazon’s Choice with 4 stars from 400 ratings, the FitBeast core exercise sliders come in all black or black with a Fuschia pink plastic side for use on carpets. 

Each disc has the FitBeast bull head logo and brand name printed on their fabric side and with each purchase, these sliders come with a drawstring bag, black or pink depending on which colour you chose.

The smooth side of the FitBeast core sliders is made from durable, compressed plastic and the other side of non-slip EVA foam covered with rip-resistant cloth. Combine it with a skipping rope and you’ve got 2 pieces of equipment for the best circuit you can do at home! 

FitBeast also includes with every purchase a free course on how to maximise your results with your sliders including a full YouTube course, PDF course, and a paper guide. 

For pumping up the full-body muscle engagement of planks, lunges, bridges, strengthening moves, and mountain climbers, the FitBeast sliders are a great piece of fitness equipment to bring a different approach to workouts.

There are plenty of highest-paying fitness careers you can pursue, if you would like to learn more about opportunities in the industry.

8. Hurdilen Core Sliders

Price: £7.39

slider exercise machine

Next up, these dual-sided sliders by Hurdilen are one of the best buys from Amazon UK.

This next product is small, easy to carry, and available in pink and black with the Hurdilen brand name printed on it in block white.

These exercise sliders for carpets also have a padded foam side covered in fabric for use on hard flooring, making this the perfect piece of fitness kit for muscle training, endurance training, coordination, and core stability. 

If you would like tips on core improvements, we have written a step by step guide on how to engage your core better! 

Each exercise slider has a 7″ inch diameter and Hurdilen includes a drawstring carrying bag and written instruction manual with every purchase to help you to get started. 

A brilliant addition to your workout arsenal, the Hurdilen core sliders can help you level up the impact of lower ab workouts, for maximum intensity strength training, for stretching exercises, physical therapy and gymnastics.

It can be also used as exercise foot sliders due to their grittier, fabric side which provides the perfect friction for trainers.

9. Sweaty Betty Bala Core Sliders

Price: £20.00

These bala core sliders from Sweaty Betty are a great piece of kit, and would make a welcome addition to any collection of workout accessories. 

Foot sliders for exercise help you take advantage of an uneven work surface to engage the muscles and make your workout more intense.

So whilst they’re on the more expensive end of the scale, these exercise sliders are well worth the investment as they’ll certainly help make your workouts harder.

Sweaty Betty has designed these sturdy and versatile exercise sliders for any fitness routine. 

They’re primarily made from silicone and metal which gives them a robust composition that you know is going to last you for a long time.

Similarly to other core sliders on this list this product is double sided so that you can use them comfortably on different types of flooring. The plastic side will easily glide over carpet, whilst the softer side is better for laminate or other hard floorings.

The compact design is easy to fit into a bag for when you’re travelling or can simply slot into a drawer at home when not in use.

With a simple black design with the bala logo in the centre, this pair of core sliders will be a brilliant addition to your fitness collection.

10. Heveer Exercise Sliders 

Price: £6.99

ab slider exercise

This is Amazon’s Choice as the best leg slider for exercise and at under £7.00, you can’t go wrong!

These sliders have a stylish streamlined design in black or dark pink.

The sliders for exercise training also have an anti-slip border around their EVA foam padding and with a diameter of 7″ inches promise to be the perfect fit for your hands and feet.

Each slider has one smooth ABS plastic slide for use on carpets and another fabric coated EVA foam side for use on hard flooring.

Lightweight, compact, and portable, the Heveer foot sliders for exercise are everything you would expect from a top-market workout slider at a brilliant price from Amazon UK. 

These fitness sliders are a versatile supplementary fitness tool to add into Pilates, strength-training, or weight-training to ramp up workout difficulty and target core, delts, triceps, biceps, quads, and more.

If you wanted to focus more on your biceps and triceps, take a look at OriGym’s article on how to get bigger arms! 

11. RYACO Core Exercise Sliders

Price: £5.99

ab slider exercise machine

Presentation and design are what makes the Ryaco core exercise sliders stand out in the market so it’s really no surprise that they’re Amazon’s Choice for a “Pilates glider”. 

Want more information about pilates? You may want to look on Amazon to find the best Pilates books around! 

With its dual-sided ABS plastic and EVA foam sides, this product is suitable for all floor types, at-home, the gym, or whilst travelling.

Available in 10 colours, all with the Ryaco brand name, you are guaranteed to find a pair of sliders that you like the look of. A selection of a few of the colour options available includes mint green, magenta, and yellow.

These sliders for exercise have a 7″ inch diameter, 0.3″ inch thickness, and each set of two comes with a sleek, drawstring carrying bag and instruction manual.

Not only that, but each purchase of the Ryaco exercise sliders comes with an 18-month warranty and full lifetime support from Ryaco. 

These sliders workout equipment works well with bare feet and is superb value to make your workouts more challenging.

12. CampTeck Dual Sided Discs 

Price: £5.99

sliders fitness equipment

Some of the best quality and most recommended exercise sliders available on Amazon UK, the CampTeck slider exercise equipment comes in black or pink. 

The CampTeck discs are dual-sided with EVA foam on one side and hard plastic on the other, meaning that they work on all flooring types for an easy glide and scratch-free flooring. 

Both durable and lightweight, these sliders weigh only 190g and move with you easily as you work through your fitness class whether it be yoga, Pilates, gymnastics, or strength-training.

Yoga is great to not only relax but can be a great career path if you want to find out more, take a look at our article on how to become a yoga instructor for more detail! 

If you’re looking for sliders for fitness and you’re on a budget, CampTeck will be the perfect option for you!


13. Iron Core Fitness Slider

Price: £5.95

sliders fitness

Our final exercise slider is available in ‘Cherry Red’, ‘Cobalt Black’, and ‘Neon pink’, the Iron Core Fitness sliders is Amazon’s Choice for a “slider”.

These workout sliders are dual-sided for use on wood, tile, laminate, vinyl, rugs, and carpet and all three colour choices come with the Iron Fitness logo in white on their fabric side.

Beloved by personal trainers for good reason, each Iron Core Fitness exercise foot slider has a 7″ inch diameter, a thickness of 0.5″ inches.

This is the perfect product for HIIT, cardio, Pilates, strength-training, and other tons of other exercises, making for a challenging workout which fires up abs, biceps, and glutes. 

Lightweight and portable at 190g for both exercise floor sliders, the Iron Core Fitness sliders can easily be slung into gym bags or travel bags to take your workout with you on the go. 

Each purchase of the Iron Core Fitness exercise sliders comes with a free instruction ebook with over 20 exercises for a full-body workout plus a quick-start guide on how to use your sliders for beginners.

Before you go!

Well, there you have it the 13 best exercise sliders you can find online!

We hope you have found the right slider for you, these sliders are fantastic for beginners or experts at working your core.

As long as you practice using the sliders regularly, you’ll have rock hard abs in no time!

If this has inspired you to take up a career in the health and fitness sector, why not download our prospectus for more information? 

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