Establishing a home gym workout routine can feel quite monotonous from time to time, and that’s where the useful fitness dice comes in. We’re all guilty of trying to talk ourselves out of getting a workout done, but this compact assistant can motivate you to get moving.

If you exercise daily, a fitness challenge dice for your home routine is a unique and innovative way of injecting some fun into your workout. It doesn’t matter what your current level of fitness is, whether you prefer focussing on certain muscle groups or a full-body session – there are exercise dice that cater for all. 

In this article, we will cover:

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What Are Fitness Dice?

fitness dice pair

A fitness dice is a particular kind of dice that has different exercises written on each face, as opposed to numbers. Just like with a regular dice, you use a fitness dice by rolling it and then performing whichever exercise it lands on. Each exercise is either accompanied by the number of repetitions you are to do, the duration of time to do the exercise for, or some options come with a separate die to indicate this for you.  

Exercise dice games can be played alone, with your workout buddies, or while leading a virtual fitness class. The option of how many or few people you play with is entirely down to you.  

Additionally, whether you decide to use an exercise dice by yourself or with friends, there are ample combinations that will keep your routine exciting and fresh. 

When using the dice with other people, you could divide yourselves up into teams to add a level of competition to the game. You can even set yourself daily fitness challenges with exercise and decision dice, so you can track you and your team’s progress over time. 

Fitness dice are designed to test a variety of different fitness types: your endurance with HIITs, strength with bodyweight exercises and flexibility with yoga-based games. There are so many different types of fitness dice on the market to keep your workout routine from feeling too regimented. 

We have a similar tool that is fantastic for those designing a home workout, so head over to our page to build your own home workout now! 

Why Use Fitness Dice?

exercise die

Firstly, it doesn’t matter what your current level of fitness is. Whether you’re a newbie to the world of exercise or consider yourself quite the gym fanatic, a fitness dice will keep your routine varied.  

For those who don’t know where to start with exercise, using fitness dice for a whole workout can be a good way to become familiar with different exercises. Working out can feel quite intimidating when you’re not entirely sure what you’re supposed to be doing, so introducing exercises with fitness dice is the perfect place to start. 

Alternatively, if you work out regularly, using a fitness dice might be better used as a warm-up or as an extra push at the end of a session. 

Fitness and exercise dice games are also great for those leading fitness sessions to use as an ice-breaker for newbie participants. You’ll be sure to see everyone’s inner-child bursting to get involved.

Another advantage is that you can set yourself daily fitness challenges with exercise and decision dice. This way, you can test your fitness by letting the dice decide how intense your workout will be and track your progress over time! 

So, here we have 9 of OriGym’s favourite fitness and exercise dice sets.

9 Best Fitness Dice

#1 RUBBERBANDITZ | Exercise Dice

Price: £10.75 

fitness dice

First up we have a product from RUBBERBANDITZ. This is a set of 3 dice: one for bodyweight training exercises such as lunges and jumping squats, and one for CrossFit exercises like pull-ups and bench press. Along with this, the final die indicates the number of reps or amount of time to be spent per exercise. 

This set is designed so that each unique roll targets a different muscle group, resulting in a greater calorie expenditure, higher intensity workout, and of course, more fun!  

There are a total of 24 different exercises and 12 repetitions or time options. This gives users over 700 unique rolls so you can bid farewell to monotony.

Each die has a diameter of just 1 inch and comes with its own soft travel bag. The dice are made from solid plastic meaning they can be washed with warm and soapy water after the sweatiest of workouts or if you opt to use the dice in group sessions. 

Choosing to use dice for your exercise routine eliminates having to plan a workout beforehand, which can be one of the reasons why we find it difficult to maintain motivation. With this product, you can let your exercise dice decide exactly what your workout will look like, making life that whole lot easier.

So, why not consider incorporating daily fitness challenges with exercise and decision dice into your routine to test your limits and fitness? 

#2 The Works’ | Exercise Decision Dice

Price: £5.00

exercise dice

This singular die has a super lightweight and spongy feel, meaning it is super easy to take with you wherever you go.  

The main difference with this fitness and exercise die is that it has the exercise and rep or time number on each face, so only one die is necessary to complete a sweaty yet satisfying workout.

The exercises vary from cardio-based exercises such as skipping for 1 minute, to targeting specific muscles. The more that you work different muscles within a short period of time, the more calories you will burn. 

The larger design of this die means that it is a lot easier to incorporate into group fitness sessions like ice-breaker activities in a fitness class. Everyone will be able to see the result of the roll much easier than compared with other smaller dice. 

If you’re a fan of the 7-minute workout apps and HIIT-based sessions then this fitness die will be great for you, as the small rep or shorter time to perform each exercise will keep you moving in short bursts. 

The only slight issue with this exercise die is that its soft-touch material makes it tricky to clean without rubbing away the image and text. But, if you’d prefer to have 1 die rather than a whole set, then this one is definitely worth investing in – particularly if you are on a budget.

If you’re looking for a fitness dice for home workouts, head over to our article on nailing your home workout routine: the definitive guide now!

#3 Phoenix Fitness | Exercise Dice Games 

Price: £9.99 

daily fitness challenge

Next, we have a product by Phoenix Fitness. Their set of exercise dice is one of the top-rated on Amazon having curated over 500 5-star reviews in just 2 years. 

Testing your level of fitness with exercise dice is super easy with Phoenix Fitness’ dice. There are a range of exercises from walking lunges to push-ups alongside the secondary die, indicating how many reps you should do or the length of time you are to perform each exercise.

With 36 different variations, these fitness and exercise dice games are perfect for a heart-pumping warm-up, quick HIIT or as a final push.  

The exercises allow for you to switch between different areas of the body: upper body, lower body, cardio and core, so you’re bound to feel satisfied and ready to move into your main workout after warming up each muscle group. 

Thanks to the handy vinyl material, Phoenix Fitness’ set of dice are super easy to clean with an antibacterial wipe or damp cloth. This is especially useful if you plan on using these with multiple people at a time, or you need to sanitise in-between clients.  

As Phoenix Fitness says, you’ll be sure to “feel the burn” with these exercise dice! So, be sure to grab yourself a pair today.  

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#4 Yoga & Fitness | Yoga Dice

Price: £22.04  

exercise dice game

Next up is an exercise and fitness die that is a little different from the previous dice in this list. Instead, this one is tailored for those who want to practice their yoga poses. 

This fitness dice will assist you in practising your form and balance before a yoga class, or if you’re the teacher, it could even help you build a new routine to teach students.

This die is perfect for beginner yogis who want to get in the know of the different gestures and poses before their first class. There’s nothing worse than feeling unprepared for a session and with this yoga die, there’s no excuse to not be clued up with the basics before a class. 

This 12-sided yoga die has 12 different poses, including some that will test your flexibility with others testing your balance. 

However, there is no time limit or rep number, giving you the option to decide how long you stay in any position. A good recommendation is to maintain a pose for a certain amount of deep breaths before rolling and moving on.

The die is super lightweight which is perfect for popping into your bag to use wherever you feel you want some yoga time – whether that be in the park passing by, or at the gym. 

For all you newbie yogis out there, set yourself some daily fitness challenges with exercise decision dice like this to track your progress and feel rewarded for how far you’ve come. If you are just getting started with yoga, read our article on the 24 yoga styles here to choose what’s best for you! 

#5 Chronicle Books | 7 Wooden Yoga Dice

Price: £14.05

exercise decision dice

Now that you have an option for a yoga die for beginner yogis, this one is for the more advanced.

This set of 7 wooden yoga dice each have 5 different poses for yogi’s to replicate. They include poses and stretches which aim to test your balance while incorporating some that practice your twists. 

The beauty of these dice is if you’re in a rush and don’t have time for a full session, or just want to focus on one type of yoga pose, it’s possible to do so. 

You can incorporate daily fitness challenges with exercise and decision dice by setting yourself targets of how many different poses you can master within one session. 

At just over £14, this set is excellent value for money. Their attractive rustic aesthetic also makes the perfect gift for any yoga lover. 

With the average rating being 4.5/5 stars on Amazon, these fitness dice are definitely worthy of a spot on our list!


#6 Exer-Dice | 4-Pack Exercise Dice Bundle 

Price: £37.48

fitness dice pair

If you’re looking for a fitness dice for the whole family, then this Exer-Dice version is a great option!

Made of a lightweight foam, and with a 4×4 inch size, these exercise dice are easy to transport in the mesh carry bag that they come with. Whether you’re at the gym, the park, or a friend’s home, this means that they can be taken anywhere.

Not only are you given 4 fitness dice, but Exer-Dice also provides an exercise manual to give you even more inspiration for your workout.

No matter your goal, these dice can be used for any type of exercise, and are marked in different colours to help you choose:

  • Gold– HIIT exercises, to get the heart rate up and help you to burn fat.
  • Black- Strength exercises, to build muscle definition.
  • White- Yoga exercises, for flexibility and joint mobility
  • Purple- Advanced exercises, for that extra challenge.

The workouts offered on these fun, colourful exercise dice are suitable for both beginners and those at a more intermediate stage, meaning that they can be used for both adult workouts, and as entertainment for children.

So, if you’re wanting some dice that will challenge you regardless of ability or experience, Exer-Dice’s fitness dice are highly recommended. 

#7 WADEO | Fitness Exercise Dice Games

Price: £29.99  

fitness exercise dice

Next up we have a product from WADEO and it quite literally has it all. 

This includes 3 different difficulty levels with the addition of a yoga die too! They are perfect for those who are just starting out in their fitness journey and equally so for those who are well underway. 

The set comes as a pack of 4, each containing a 12-sided dice so you can rest assured the versatility of the workouts are vast. 

There are 3 HIIT and cardio-based workouts – beginner level, intermediate level and advanced level, along with one yoga die. The yoga die is a great way to finish off an intense workout by firstly allowing your muscles to relieve and stretch, while also pushing your work out to the max. 

Each purchase comes with a mesh bag for your dice set, ideal for taking to an exercise class, the gym or even on holiday. Additionally, each set comes with an information manual highlighting the correct form of the exercises. 

Light-hearted and fun competitions are a great way to keep active with your loved ones. So, set yourself, your family and friends daily fitness challenges with dice like these today!  

#8 UncommonGoods | 7 Wooden Fitness Exercise Dice 

Price: £13.72 

dice for exercise

Next up this list is a product by Uncommon Goods, providing 7 wooden fitness dice. 

6 of the 7 dice have a series of exercises with the 7th dictating how many repetitions you’ll be doing, or how long you’ll be performing each exercise. 

When working out from home, deciding what your workout routine will consist of is half the battle. But, with this set of 7 wooden dice, you’re given ample variety of what you’ll be working on each day. 

The makers boast how the only requirements for using their product is your body weight and your will. Amazingly, they say how every roll can lead to one of 45,000 possible routines! Let’s just say you can keep hold of this dice for a long time to work your way through such a choice.

Not to worry if you’re new to exercise dice either, as there is an instruction booklet to walk you through varied challenges – perfect for any experience level.

At just shy of £14, this collection of exercise dice games are perfect for individual use, exercising with friends and family or using at a class. 

#9 Myga | Children’s Yoga Dice 

Price: £9.99  

exercise die

Last but certainly not least is Myga’s range of children’s yoga dice. 

This set of 3 yoga dice are great to facilitate your own yoga sessions, particularly at home. Setting up daily fitness challenges with exercise and decision dice like these has never been easier – especially as Myga offers dice that cater for children, meaning the whole family can get involved.

With 2 yoga dice being dedicated to the poses and the third for actions, you no longer have to find time away from the kids to practice your yoga, instead you can get them all involved. 

Their soft foam design makes these yoga dice kid-friendly and safe to use, so don’t worry about any impracticalities – you can certainly make this a regular family practice!

Each yoga die comes with 6 different poses, all of which are suitable for yoga newbies. Each pose is accompanied by an illustration of how to perform that pose, pretty straight forward right?

Using exercise dice games with kids is a great way to teach them the importance of leading a healthy and active lifestyle, disguised as a game rather than as a lesson. So, get your yoga on and your kids involved with Myga’s dice!

Before You Go!

So, there we have it! 9 of OriGym’s favourite dice for switching up your exercise routine. Whether you want to use your dice for HIIT, cardio, or yoga-based activities, there’s a set out there for you. 

One of the toughest aspects of motivating yourself to get a workout done is planning what it will consist of, but, exercise and fitness dice significantly cut down the time it takes to think of a workout. 

Just before you leave us, could you see yourself being a part of the fitness industry? If so, head over and check out our L3 Personal Trainer Diploma. Or, you can always browse through our extensive course prospectus here!

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