Searching for fitness DVDs in the UK? If so, you’ll be glad to know that OriGym have tried and tested all of the DVDs listed below, and we’ve even provided an honest review for each of them. 

Let’s face it, not everyone has time to fit 3+ gym sessions in per week, especially when they work full-time. This is why home workouts are growing in popularity now even more so than ever, and why they are quickly becoming one of the most effective ways to exercise. Plus, celebrity fitness DVDs are a great source of inspiration – looking up to your idols can give you that final push you need to get going!

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1. Beachbody P90X: Home Fitness Workout 

Price: £90.00

the best fitness dvd

This isn’t a home fitness DVD to be taken lightly. It’s designed for people who are serious about every area of fitness and want to make big, positive changes to their life. P90X is a gargantuan programme, with 12 different workouts, a three-phase nutrition plan, and personal trainer in the form of Tony Horton to keep you motivated every step of the way.

Most of the top fitness DVDs have an area of specialisation, be that weight loss, toning, or muscle growth, but Beachbody P90X is multifaceted and covers every area imaginable. It’s also brilliant for increasing flexibility, strength, tone – you name it, this exercise programme covers it.

If you are in need of instant hydration after a tough workout like the Beachbody P90X, be sure to check out OriGym’s list of the best hydration tablets on the market for more information on products that can help you out. 

The workouts target every area of the body and are used by everyone from professional gymnasts to weight lifters and martial artists. We can’t stress enough how varied this programme is. This is a deliberate choice, as the Muscle Confusion technique constantly introduces new exercises to stop your body plateauing. 

Beginners are well catered for, and Tony explains every movement (complete with modified versions for novices) at the start of a workout. The fitness DVD for beginners promises to get you in shape in just 90 days. To back this up, P90X offers an amazing money-back guarantee: if the programme doesn’t have you ripped in that time frame, then you’ll get your money back. 

This is a bold claim, but with a 4.4/5 star rating on Amazon from a staggering 2,078 ratings, not only is this the best-rated workout DVD currently available, but we think it’s the best full stop. 

With over 3.6 million users, 1.2 million videos posted on youtube and a glittering array of endorsements from professional athletes, there is no better place to start with one of the best at-home fitness DVDs.

2. Joe Wicks- The Body Coach Workout

Price: £4.71

best fitness dvd for beginners

Joe Wicks has become a household name in fitness, so it’s no surprise that his first, and still the best fitness DVD for beginners has to make it onto the list. This DVD is very much a product of his incredibly successful YouTube channel, which has helped people across the world of all ages and skillsets. It’s accessible, it’s fun, and it will make a real difference in your life.

You don’t need any special equipment or even a large space, so this fitness DVD for beginners is perfect. When you load the disc you’ll find:

  • 1 x warm-up routine
  • 2 x 15-minute workout 
  • 2 x 20-minute workout
  • 2 x 25-minute workout
  • 1 x 30-minute workout
  • 1 x cool-down routine
  • Nutritional advice

We loved being able to fit the shorter workouts around our schedule and anyone looking for the best home fitness DVD will be more than happy with what’s on offer here. 

There are also seven levels of higher intensity workouts, perfect if you’re on the hunt for HIIT fitness DVD’s and want to push yourself a little harder.

Joe is friendly and encouraging at all times, and he feels more like a friend than a personal trainer. His demeanour is much more welcoming than some of the other more aggressive coaches who often make an appearance on cheap fitness DVDs. With this product, you’ll never feel out of your depth or alienated from the world of fitness!

3. Davina: Toned in 10

Price: £3.00

boxing fitness dvd

Davina McCall is a big name in the world of celebrity fitness DVDs, with an extensive back catalogue and plenty of programmes to her name. We’ve chosen Toned in 10 because we enjoyed its structured approach, but also it offers something a little different and has a higher intensity than some of her earlier offerings. 

The DVD comprises 10 different sections, each containing a different type of workout:

  • Warm-up
  • Strength and resist
  • Flex and flow
  • Powerbox
  • Tone and define
  • HIIT
  • Arms
  • Glutes
  • Abs
  • Cooldown

As you can see, there’s a workout for everyone and every part of the body. The aim is to get toned using at least one of the sections per day and of course, you can mix and match to determine your own fitness programme making it a contender for the best fitness DVD for weight loss in the UK.

We enjoyed this level of customisation, which made us feel like we were in total control of our fitness. If you really wanted to challenge yourself, take a look at our full-body kettlebell workout for any fitness level that you can perform from the comfort of your own home! 

These workouts are somewhat different, as they’re based on ballet/barre type exercise. The intensity is high, more so than on some of Davina’s earlier DVDs, and even the warm-up will have you sweating. Throw in elements of boxercise and plenty of dancing, and you’ve got an incredibly varied boxing fitness DVD. It’s never a boring collection of exercises and you’ll have fun each time you play the DVD. 

Davina is a trusted name, and we’re pleased to see her add something new to her collection. This is certainly one of the best selling fitness DVDs that UK audiences can get their hands on, especially if they’re searching for a collection of varied and interesting exercises.

4. Strong by Zumba Fitness DVD

Price: £6.77

best ballet fitness dvd

Make no mistake, despite its music and synchronised movements, Zumba fitness DVDs can be tough. It includes a 60 minute, high-intensity workout, and a 20-minute bonus workout, which will have you sweating hard and shedding calories. 

Studies have shown that this Zumba based routine doubles caloric burn post-workout. Couple that with the sheer intensity of the workouts themselves, you’ve got the best fitness DVD to lose weight fast and boost your conditioning.

If you’re not familiar with Zumba, it’s a high-intensity workout where each of your movements is synchronised to the beat of the music, encouraging you to push harder. The exercises are varied and include movements like squats, planks and burpees, all designed to give you a full-body, intense workout.

We love the impact of this Zumba fitness DVD. You’ll be working on your whole body at once, burning calories as you tone your muscles. Since this is at heart a bodyweight workout, you won’t need any equipment apart from yourself. We actually offer a CPD in Body Weight Training, incase you’re interested in learning more on this topic. 

Better still, anybody looking to strengthen their core will be delighted to find a whole quadrant of the programme dedicated solely to core engagement. This is a massive plus since the core is so vital to nearly all fitness programmes. If you want to know about your core in further detail, we have written an article on how to engage your core to help you. 

The Zumba instructor is great at keeping you up to pace, and telling you about your next moves long before you have to make them, so you’ll always feel prepared. If you can handle the intensity, you won’t find many top fitness DVDs for looking after your all-round health.

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5. Insanity Max 30 Base Kit Strength and Cardio Workouts

Price: £40.99

best fitness dvd

Insanity has a somewhat fearsome reputation which definitely proceeds it, but that’s not to say that the workouts aren’t suitable for everyone. This is probably one of the most intense workout DVD sets on the list. You get several cheap fitness DVDs, yet it’s impossible to argue with the results that this workout promises.

With Insanity, high intensity is the name of the game. Routines only last 30 minutes, but during that time you will have to push incredibly hard. The exercises are based around strength and cardio, with the aim of maxing out both. You get 12 workouts spread across 10 DVDs, as well as a nutrition guide, a wall calendar to keep track of your progress, and a cooking guide.

Make no mistake, this is one of the HIIT fitness DVDs that you do not want to miss out on. If you can find the willpower you’re effectively guaranteed results. It promises the “craziest” thirty minutes of your life, and asks not whether you can complete the exercise, but where your limits lie. 

Anybody searching for convenient workout routines will be pleased to hear that none of the exercises last more than 30 minutes. You can easily fit the fitness training DVDs into your life, but the programme does require a degree of commitment if only to live with the intensity day in day out.

Fortunately, Shaun T is probably the most inspirational and motivating fitness coach you’ll find, and with him by your side, you’ll be amazed at the results you can achieve, and how far you can push yourself. Without a doubt, Insanity is one of the best fitness DVDs currently available.


6. Billy Blanks’ Tae Bo: The Ultimate Collection

Price: £4.01

best fitness dvd to lose weight fast

Released in 2004, this certainly isn’t one of the latest fitness DVDs, but it really has stood the test of time as it stands out as a programme that offers something a little bit different. Tae Bo was devised in the 1990s and fuses martial arts with fitness. It takes moves from disciplines like boxing and Taekwondo and incorporates them into pure workouts.

The aim is to burn calories and to do so at a high intensity that the individual can manage. Tae Bo is known to be a highly effective cardiovascular form of exercise, and the variety of movements on offer are enough to hold your interest through a lot of workouts. This collection offers 4 fitness training DVDs, each with a different set of routines:

  • Abs and glutes
  • Active
  • Get ripped
  • Energise

This means that you can choose an individual area to work on, or concentrate on your whole body. Better still, Tae Bo has been shown to burn more calories than a traditional workout, making this arguably one of the best fitness DVDs you can buy. You’ll be putting a lot of work into your abdominal area, so if you’re looking for a DVD with a difference, then Tae Bo might very well be for you.

Due to the nature of Tae Bo, this is a very fun beginners fitness DVD. By practising martial arts techniques you’ll be doing exercises not commonly included in other products. We loved the upbeat music and cheerful vibes of the videos. It’s high intensity, but the actions are so varied and original that you’ll quickly forget about the strain.

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7. XTFMAX: Find Your Shape – Women’s Complete Home Fitness

Price: £19.99

dance fitness dvd for beginners

If you’re searching for female fitness DVDs, then you can’t go far wrong with XTFMAX. Everything is tailored towards female health. The programme aims to lose fat and gain lean muscle. 

The set contains 12 discs, with a huge variety of exercises, all of the different lengths and all designed to work on different parts of the body, including abs, arms, back and legs. Throw in the intense 26 minute Total Body Blitz, and you’ve got a great range of female fitness DVDs of all ages and fitness levels to enjoy. 

Along with the DVDs you get a calendar to schedule and plan your workouts, a training guide, and a nutrition plan. You will need dumbbells or resistance bands to get started, but apart from that the workouts are simple and don’t require a lot of space. It’s perfect for those who want to squeeze workouts into their everyday life with minimal disruption.

Our favourite feature of this programme is the 4 different workout levels, so you can scale your workouts up and down depending on your skillset and aims. This is a fantastic way for women trying a daily workout routine for the first time to ease themselves in, or seasoned fitness professionals to stay at the top of their game.

8. Chalene Johnson PiYo

Price: £21.99

post pregnancy fitness dvd

As you might have guessed from the name, this programme combines yoga with Pilates to create a fantastically unique fitness programme. Chalene takes the best of both disciplines, so you get all the strength and flexibility training, along with the muscle-sculpting and core building. Therefore, if you’re after fitness DVDs that work, this product will be your answer. 

The programme includes 12 workouts spread across 5 good fitness DVDs, along with a quick start guide and workout calendar to schedule your exercise and track your progress. As an added bonus you get a healthy eating diet plan and a tape measure.

We absolutely loved the simplicity of the techniques. You won’t need any equipment to get started, and there aren’t even any jumps. Instead, you get yoga/pilates moves scaled up and performed at a fairly fast pace. The aim is to burn fat and tone your muscles, but we think you’ll just enjoy the exercises in their own right, and want to keep coming back for more.

Everything is kept blissfully simple. Chalene explains all the moves and there are none of the more complex poses which yoga is sometimes renowned for. Better still, since the programme relies on carefully synchronised movements, you’ll be using your own bodyweight to actually lose weight!

This is a great “catch-all” programme that we would recommend to anybody looking for a low impact but highly effective exercise routine. You’ll be able to take care of your strength, cardio, and flexibility in one place. This type of product will be the ideal post-pregnancy fitness DVD if you want to get back into fitness.

9. Dance That Walk – Dance Fitness DVD For Beginners

Price: £10.95

pregnancy fitness dvd

Dance That Walk is based around an incredibly simple, highly-effective idea. Most people don’t get the required number of steps per day, but by adding music and fun routines, anybody can get their step count up to a reasonable level. It’s a fantastic way to boost your overall fitness, health and wellbeing, and perfect for anybody looking for a less punishing workout, yet it’s still one of the best fitness DVDs in the UK that money can buy. 

The routines are fairly low intensity, and the emphasis is on inclusivity: these workouts are suitable for everybody, even the most inexperienced beginner. The dance fitness DVD consists of several circuits and these are divided into 4 x 5-minute rounds that alternate cardio and toning. Every exercise features three trainers performing at different levels of difficulty, so you can choose to follow whoever suits you.

Dance That Walk is certainly the best fitness DVD workout for anybody recovering from an injury who wants something low impact to keep their fitness up. We enjoyed the all-encompassing approach to exercise, with individual routines designed to sculpt your back, legs, thighs and shoulders.

There’s no floor work and elderly people who want to maintain their fitness without risking their body will likely find that this will work for them. A fitness and dance DVD can sometimes seem to alienate or even a little daunting, but that isn’t the case here. Anybody will benefit from the low impact, big fun routines on offer so this makes it the best fitness DVD for losing weight.

10. 10 Minute Solution: Beginner’s Fitness DVD

Price: £4.63

fitness dvds uk

If you lead a busy life, you might be wondering what the best workout DVD is for maximising results in a short space of time. With 10 Minute Solution: Ultimate Bootcamp, we might have just found the answer. It’s a 10-minute workout DVD that promises to put every part of your body through its paces and deliver amazing results with minimal time compromise. 

No matter how jammed your schedule, if you can find just 10 minutes in your day you can make positive, healthy changes with the help of 10 Minute Solution. The HIIT Fitness DVDs include five different boot camps, each designed to work on a different element:

  • Fat fighting skills and drills – high cardio to burn fat
  • Upper body training – functional strength training
  • Lower body training – tighten and tone your lower body
  • Total body training – power, strength and endurance in a high-intensity workout designed to yield rapid results.
  • Ab attack – designed to burn stomach fat and tone your abdominal muscles

Since these bootcamps only take 10 minutes, you can effectively customise your daily workout around areas you want to improve. With the exception of ab attack, where weights are required, the rest of the workouts don’t need any special equipment or a particularly large space. The routines are fast-paced though, and intensity is high to maximise gains.

This combination of variety and sheer convenience makes 10 Minute Solution easily the best fitness DVD for beginners who are tight for time.

11. Jillian Michaels Lift & Shred

Price: £5.93

fitness dvds uk

It’s surprisingly difficult to find the best fitness DVD for beginners that focusses primarily on lifting, but Jillian Michaels certainly fits the bill. This is a somewhat back to basics approach to building a strong physique, so it’s gimmick-free and reliant on hard work. If you put in the effort, the results will be incredible.

The DVD includes two thirty-minute workouts with weights, but the exercises are scaleable. There’s no need to plunge in at the deep end and the stronger you become, the higher you can scale the workouts, using heavier weights at a higher intensity. It’s a great way in for people who want to experiment with weights but aren’t sure how it works.

Jillian’s method promises to boost your metabolism via weight training, which in turn leads to an increase in fat burn and a leaner, more contoured physique. There’s an emphasis on building muscle, making this perfect for anybody searching for a ripped workout DVD that will really shape their body.

This is the first fitness DVD in the UK from Jillian which specialises in pure strength with virtually no cardio, but it’s a welcome addition to her extensive back catalogue. We really loved the simple, back to basics exercises. Nobody will ever feel lost while watching these videos, and Jillian traces clear links between each movement and how it benefits the body.

She’s enthusiastic and knowledgeable throughout, and if you’re trying to buy female fitness DVDs then this will certainly help you along.

12. You Are Your Own Gym

Price: £16.99

best fitness dvds

As a special operations trainer and internationally best selling fitness author, it’s safe to say that Mark Lauren knows what he’s talking about when he tells you that you don’t need expensive gym membership or equipment to get fit. If you wanted to find more books then take a look at our article on the best fitness books for more inspiration.

It’s incredibly reassuring to know that you’re getting the best fitness DVD for your money, and Mark’s explanations are always clear, concise, and easy to follow, making this men’s fitness DVD suitable even for absolute beginners. 

The DVD contains 9 full-body workouts. These are divided over 3 difficulty levels, allowing you to scale up your workout if and when you feel capable of doing so. Mark advises doing 3 workouts per week, and since these are only 30 minutes each, you won’t be losing a great chunk of time, even with the accompanying cool-down exercises.

That said, this home fitness DVD isn’t a shortcut to fitness, and Mark continually stresses diet and consistency. You can’t simply do the exercises and nothing else. We like this approach, however, as it certainly feels more realistic than other fitness DVDs in the UK that promise miracle results with minimal effort.

As you might expect, the military-themed workouts are the most difficult, but the varying levels mean that if you’re ever stuck, you can always drop down a notch until you feel more comfortable. 

What really sets this DVD apart is Mark himself. His explanations at the start of each workout are really useful, and he’s a brilliant motivational coach. You’ll never feel alone as you work your way through the levels and this is, without doubt, the best fitness DVD for weight loss motivation.

13. Ballet Beautiful – Ballet Fitness DVD


cheap fitness dvds

If you’re looking for the best ballet fitness DVD that provides a low impact, relaxing workout that still brings results, then Ballet Beautiful might be for you. It’s inspired by ballet, so it’s not your usual dance fitness DVD. That said, all you’ll need to get started is a yoga mat, and 60 minutes of spare time per workout

Your instructor Mary Helen Bowers trained Natalie Portman for her role in Black Swann, and during the Ballet Beautiful course, she takes you through a number of movements designed to isolate and tone specific muscle groups. You’ll find:

  • A bridge series
  • Abs exercises
  • Inner thighs
  • Outer thighs
  • Arm series
  • Standing series

Users have the option of running these exercises concurrently to make up the full 60-minute routine or practice each one in isolation. Although this is a lower intensity fitness and dance DVD don’t be fooled. The first time you attempt these exercises you will feel the burn afterwards, and you’ll get results quickly.

The aim is to tone a longer, leaner physique, but we actually found these exercises closer to yoga than traditional fitness programmes, and we really enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere of the ballet fitness DVD. You’ll benefit from the soothingly aesthetic background, relaxing music and a calm instructor who is a welcome change from some of the more shouty boot camp style coaches common on these products. 

This is the best home fitness DVD in terms of bringing something completely new to the table. We loved the ballet theme and the soothing, no-stress environment. It makes a pleasant change from the high-intensity offerings elsewhere on the list, and it’s a great way to get fit without any of the accompanying stress.

14. Vicky Pattison’s 7 Day Slim

Price: £3.72

zumba fitness dvds

It’s easy to see a fitness video endorsed by a famous face and write it off as just another one of those celebrity fitness DVDs, but Vicky Pattinson offers something a little different. She’s enjoyed personal triumphs with the exercises included here, dropping 5 dress sizes and 3 stone. 

The DVD promises to deliver similar success to anybody who follows the 7-day programme, and you can lose up to 5 pounds per week. A team of fitness experts including Team GB long-jumper Chris Kirk, fat loss expert David Souter and personal trainer Robbie Thompson collaborated with Vicky to create the DVD which, if you’re willing to put the work in, will deliver definite results.

We were particularly impressed with the length of the workouts. At just 10 minutes long, anybody (regardless of a busy schedule) will be able to fit the routine into their life. Better still, workouts are scalable, with an impressive 6 levels of difficulty. This makes it the best fitness DVD for weight loss in the UK if you’re on a tight schedule. 

Beginners and experts are catered for and if you start to find a workout too easy, simply increase the difficulty by a level, safe in the knowledge that you can always revert back to an easier stage if you need to do so. This is one of the most accessible fitness DVDs on the market and we were big fans of the more light-hearted, animal-themed workouts like the gorilla and sea turtle.

Everything here is designed with a laser-sharp focus on weight loss, so anybody wondering what is the best fitness DVD for beginners to lose weight? need not look any further.


15. Tara Stiles: This Is Yoga

Price: £22.91

best selling fitness dvds

Tara Stiles is a yogi with a difference. She’s an internationally renowned yoga teacher who even invented her own form of yoga called Strala, which eschews the more esoteric elements of traditional yoga in favour of accessibility and ease. As you might expect, this is one of the latest fitness DVDs which anybody can get into and benefit from. 

We can’t praise Tara enough for her continued efforts to make yoga accessible. You won’t find complex movements or chanting, just simple exercises to make you feel better and fitter. While this isn’t a traditional fitness DVD in the same sense as some of the others on the list, there’s a lot for beginners and fitness experts to love.

Tara aims to help you build flexibility and strength, and she keeps a firm focus on mental wellbeing. The DVD contains yoga flows of varying lengths designed for different times of the day, including quick 5 minute routines for the morning, and longer 50-minute bedtime flows for maximum relaxation.

This level of variety is really impressive, and we were fans of the 1-hour Strong Yoga in particular, as well as the half-hour routine designed purely for relaxation. While it certainly isn’t the most high-intensity fitness programme on the list, Tara’s Strala form excels with its emphasis on mental wellbeing alongside the purely physical aspects of exercise.

If you still need convincing, This Is Yoga’s 4/5 star rating on Amazon (from an impressive 307 reviews!) is testament to many satisfied customers, and makes it one of the best-rated workout DVD programmes available.

16. XTrainFit Circuit Burnout 90

Price: £27.99

best pregnancy dvds

With an impressive 14 DVDs, 10 workouts, a complete training guide, nutrition plan, and training calendar, it’s safe to say that XTrainFit gives you a lot at a very reasonable price. Bonus DVDs even offer a stretching tutorial to aid recovery and prevent injury. All things considered, this is one of the best selling fitness DVDs you can possibly get to having your own personal trainer on call 24/7.

Each DVD features its own workout, and as you might expect from such a huge package, they cover nearly every area of fitness:

  • Abs and Assets target abs, glutes and uses planks, crunches and lunges
  • Abs and burn tones abs and burns calories through an assortment of moves
  • Lower body circuit trains the lower body and includes intense cardio
  • Lower body toning encourages strength and endurance
  • Support yoga for the lower body
  • Support yoga for the upper body
  • Total body circuit designed for maximum fat burning
  • Total body toning involves strength training for every muscle
  • Upper body circuit for cardio and toning
  • Upper body toning to build strength and definition in the entire upper body

Every exercise can easily be adjusted in terms of difficulty, meaning that even beginners will be at home here. It’s quick, too, as exercises range from 25-40 minutes, so you should have no problem fitting them into your schedule, making this the best fitness DVD for beginners who are also particularly busy. 

It’s the all-encompassing approach to fitness that makes this DVD so impressive. From individual exercises with specific aims to nutrition plans and even a detailed workout calendar, everything is taken care of, so that all you have to do is focus on your health.

17. The Tracy Anderson Method: Pregnancy Fitness DVD

Price: £14.98

the best fitness dvd

Tracy Anderson is a hugely influential fitness coach and personal trainer. She has even trained Gwyneth Paltrow and developed her own exercise programme: The Tracy Anderson Method. For the sake of this list, though, we’re more concerned with her post-pregnancy workout, which offers a simple, accessible, and most importantly of all, safe way, for women to get fit after giving birth.

The post-pregnancy fitness DVD promises gentle exercises to slowly ease you back into fitness. No specialist equipment is required, and Tracy even recommends using water bottles as weights, making this one of the most accessible home workouts today. If you need more inspiration apart from this DVD, take a look at our step by step guide to nailing a good home workout.

It can be difficult to know which workout methods to focus on after pregnancy, but Tracy is an international fitness guru and has a personal interest in this project as she used the exercises to lose weight after her own pregnancy. We have absolutely no doubt that this is one of the best pregnancy fitness DVDs available.  

Many of the workouts are restorative, and are designed to help you to restore your abdominal strength, and encourage the skin on your stomach to properly adhere back to your muscles. It promises to tone, but also works as a boost to your overall fitness and wellbeing. 

Better still, as these exercises are all low impact and gentle, they are suitable for anyone who doesn’t feel able to partake in high-intensity programmes. This DVD will not just benefit mothers, but also people carrying injuries, the elderly, or simply beginners who want to tone their body but feel daunted by some of the more high impact and strenuous routines on offer.

Before You Go! 

We hope you found our top fitness DVDs article helpful and useful. 17 DVDs may seem like a lot to process at once, however, it is good to have a range of training fields to choose from, so that you can find the one that suits you and your goals.  

Whether your initial goal was to find the best fitness DVD for losing weight, or you’re looking for some HIIT workout inspiration, we are certain that there is something here for you. 

It’s important to find what suits your level of fitness best. Good fitness DVDs with multiple discs tend to start you off slow and as you get more confident, you’ll be able to learn more complex exercises to test your body even further! 

If you want to pursue a career in health and fitness, why not take a look at our look at our L3 PT Diploma or download our prospectus for more information?

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