The 57 Best Fitness Instagram Accounts to Follow

Want to get in shape, but your fitness Instagram feed is filled with gin and junk food?

Good news, we’ve got the 57 best fitness Instagram accounts to follow in 2022 to spark your motivation.

To make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for, we’ve separated the accounts into the following categories:

  • Personal Training
  • Fitness brands on Instagram
  • Sport
  • Fitness on IGTV
  • Fitness food on Instagram

Personal Training

It only makes sense to add a cluster of PTs to your list of fitness Instagram accounts. What’s better than a fitness expert showing you how to deadlift? Especially when you’re in bed debating the gym. Maybe you’re even thinking of becoming a personal trainer yourself, in which case you should check out our Personal Trainer Diploma.

We’re not ditching Instagram fitness models, but there’s plenty of time for modelling when you’ve fought for your body.

Here’s who we’ve handpicked to get your heart racing, in no particular order.


1 – Justin Gelband

instagram fitness

Handle: @justin_gelband

Followers: 20k

Named the ‘model whisperer’ by The New York Times, Justin Gelband is a great trainer to start with. How could a Victoria’s Secret model trainer not inspire you? His feed is filled to the brim with snappy, action-filled videos and mid-workout shots. Perfect for getting you that model physique.

2 – Gunnar Peterson

Handle: @gunnarfitness

Followers: 309k

The man responsible for the Kardashians’ body transformations, as well as Matthew McConaughey’s form in Magic Mike. Need we say more?

If you want a feed full of kettlebell and deadlift techniques, then this is your man.

3 – Faisal Abdalla

Handle: @faisalpmafitness

Followers: 68.7k

Nike influencer, Level 1 CrossFit Trainer and bestselling author of his own book, ‘The PMA Method’, Faisal is a must-have on your fitness Instagram list. His quick-fire challenges and informative captions are enough to get anyone moving.

4. Joe Holder

Handle: @joeholder

Followers: 56.6k

A master Nike trainer and performance/health consultant as well as being the founder of the Ocho System, Holder is all about the mental as well as the physical. This shows in his feed, which has a polished, modern feel.

A good mix of multimedia focused on holistic training, this feed is not to be missed.

5. Joe Wicks

Handle: @thebodycoach

Followers: 2.3m

A very popular fitness Instagram name that deserves every follow. With over 9,000 posts, this account is very active and is unlikely to escape your notice in the midst of brunches and dog videos. His pinned Stories have something for everyone, as does his sharply-edited video content.

The regular before and after shots of his clients and healthy recipe posts will send you running to the gym as fast as you can say avocado toast.

As you can see, Joe has a very large online following. To find out more about virtual coaches and trainers, read our article – 17 Best Virtual Personal Trainers In The UK.


6. Jeanette Jenkins

fitness instagrams to follow

Handle: @msjeanettejenkins

Followers: 500k

She’s got 28 years of experience as a personal trainer, and some amazing recipes to try. They’re as kicking as her Bench Circuit shown above. Her videos are easy to try out for yourself, and persuasive enough to get you off the sofa. Why not give them a try?

7. Massy Arias

Handle: @massy.arias

Followers: 2.5m

Arias is the brains behind the MA30DAY Program, which involves a four-week meal and workout plan, which also has its own Instagram account, @mawarriors.

Her posts are bright, motivating, and very delicious. She gives great tips on gaining weight and muscle with healthy protein shakes, and sometimes hangs from the side of vehicles.

8. Erin Oprea

Handle: @erinoprea

Followers: 121k

Celebrity PT and author of The 4×4 Diet, Oprea could be the reason you put down the Nutella and reach for your running shoes. Her posts inject a lot of fun into the fitness Instagram game, and her realistic approach to dieting and exercise is very relatable.

Who doesn’t love a PT that unashamedly loves donuts and wine? Her Pumpkin Protein Smoothie above looks unreal and means you don’t have to miss out on your autumn treats.

9. Jennifer Johnson

Handle: @iamjjdancer

Followers: 41.5k

It is impossible to feel anything less than energised whenever Johnson’s posts spring up on your Instagram feed. A celebrity fitness trainer with a unique style, she has trained clients such as Jessica Alba and Jenna Dewan.

Looking to throw some dance into your routine? If so, then hit follow.

10. Tanya Poppett

Handle: @tanyapoppett

Followers: 370k

If you’re looking to add some aesthetics to your fitness Instagram feed, then Poppett is your girl. As an ambassador for @adidasau, this means she trains in some extraordinary locations.

Whether she’s getting active at the beach or on a rooftop under the setting sun, her stunning backdrops will encourage you to get moving wherever you are.


11 – Meggan Grubb

fitness instagram accounts

Handle: @meggangrubb

Followers: 1.3 million

Meggan Grubb has one of the most aesthetically-pleasing fitness Instagram accounts out there. 

Most images flaunt her muscular physique in picturesque locations, each with warm filters that creates a truly beautiful Instagram page. 

With that, Meggan frequently posts workout inspiration, tips, and details about her fitness-fuelled lifestyle.

Each of these posts will guarantee to keep you motivated and actively working towards your own health and fitness goals and is well worth a follow for these very reasons. 

12. Antione Dunn

Handle: @pt_dunn

Followers: 4.5k

A KOBOX instructor and freelance PT in London, Dunn will have you in stiches with his hilariously energetic posts. We haven’t seen captions quite like his before, or excitement when it comes to brands. We’re sure to see more of him on Instagram as his follower count is on the rise.

13. Morit Summers

Handle: @moritsummers

Followers: 16.7k

Summers’ inclusive approach to fitness on Instagram and through her PT studio @formfitnessbk is what we love to see. She is all about body positivity, and believes that anyone can be fit, no matter their shape or size. Her feed is packed to the brim with inspiration.

Her energy is contagious, and if there’s one account that can get you up and fighting for your body today, it’s this one.

14. Harry Jameson

Handle: @harryjamesonpt

Followers: 13.1k

If you’re looking for an account that holds more than just killer exercises or fitness models, this will fill the bill. As well as being a PT, Jameson is a wellbeing expert, and campaigns for awareness in men’s mental health. You know what they say; healthy mind, healthy body.

He has a lot to bring to the table when it comes to exercise routines and aesthetics and is by no means lacking in these areas. Why not add some all-round motivation to your newsfeed?

15. Laura Miranda

Handle: @drlauramiranda

Followers: 10k

Have you ever had the sudden urge to start exercising on your way to work? You will if you see Miranda’s moves. Who wouldn’t want to try this?

Her posts are lively and demand attention. From ‘Wonder Woman’ workouts to city-centre racing, they’ll have your engines rearing to go.

Fitness brands on Instagram

Once you’ve got a nice set of PTs for your fitness Instagram feed, what could be better than a few cheeky brands to get you geared up? We’ve got brands for everyone, so scroll down to see what your feed is missing.

For everyone

16. CrossFit

Handle: @crossfit

Followers: 2.6m

If you aren’t already following CrossFit, then where have you been?

Having gained somewhat of a cult following, CrossFit is hugely popular, and so is their Instagram. If you want your daily dose of workout tips and motivation from relatable, everyday people as well as buff PTs, then this is one for you. Who knows, you might even get yourself down to a training session!

17. Alphalete

Handle: @alphalete

Followers: 586k

As well as having real motivation from mid-workout shots, sometimes you need an Instagram fitness model to brighten your day. This clothing brand’s feed has plenty of them, as well as some fabulous new styles to try. They sell both men’s and women’s fitness apparel and post stunning images whilst doing so.

18. Gymshark

Gymshark fitness instagram account

Handle: @gymshark

Followers: 2.5m

Looking for a brand that is constantly seeking new ways to be innovative?  They know how to mix things up on Instagram, with video content and Q&As splitting up the stream of modelling photos, making for a unique and fun feed. Their products are amazing too.


Handle: @asics

Followers: 698k

This photo speaks for itself. ASICS’ feed is absolutely stunning, and so are their products. Who wouldn’t want to drool over shoes that were part of a ‘Solar Shower Collection’?

ASICS have posted 2,247 times on Instagram since they joined the platform, so your feed will never be short of an array of colourful graphics and new trends.

20. New Balance

Handle: @newbalance

Followers: 3m

Having started in 1906 as a ‘Fearlessly Independent’ brand, New Balance are still as fresh as their name suggests. Their fitness Instagram theme is to die for, with every photo having a consistent crispness and tint.

If you’re a sucker for themes like we are, then you won’t want to skip this one. Their aesthetic alone will make you want to jog into next century.


21. Nike Women

Handle: @nikewomen

Followers: 7.6m

You know what we’re going to say. Just follow them. Their feed is full of Instagram fitness models absolutely killing it, and you’ll leave your phone feeling empowered enough to become a fitness model yourself!

22. Athleta

Handle: @athleta

Followers: 452k

What’s more inspiring than a brand that backs a movement called #PowerofShe? That’s one to add to your list of Instagram fitness hashtags. If you want to fit into those Sculptek Denim jeans, then you’d better bend over backwards for your new fitness goals. You won’t find it difficult to stay motivated with Athleta’s feed.

23. Under Armour Women

Handle: @underarmourwomen

Followers: 689k

If you give this account a scroll, you can find a massive range of content. From videos highlighting the triumphs of female athletes to inspiration-fuelled text posts, there’s always something new to grab your attention. If you’re a fan of women’s fitness movements, then this is a good source to find the latest ones.

24. Lululemon

Handle: @lululemon

Followers: 2.6m

The main thing that stands out to us on this account are the video graphics. They are the definition of unique, striking content. Although lululemon is a unisex brand, they do a lot to celebrate women in the fitness industry, and their feed is full of this enthusiasm.

25. Fabletics

Handle: @fabletics

Followers: 894k

From groovy sports leggings to fitness models walking their dogs, this page does not disappoint. It praises all women despite their level of fitness and is centred around positivity and enthusiasm. Their theme is well-thought-out, and results in a string of posts that blend together perfectly.

Before we move onto the next section, here’s an article we think will benefit you – Best Fitness & Gym Franchises UK.


Who can make you feel alive in the fitness world like your favourite athletes can? There seems to be something special about those who started as you are and went on to achieve great things. Also, it’s exhilarating to discover up-and-coming sportspeople that are waiting for their big break, as they can be even more relatable.

We’ve handpicked a few of the ones we think are making a big impact in the fitness Instagram world.

– – – –

In addition to checking out fitness instagram accounts, why not take a look at some more articles below:


26. Serena Williams

Handle: @serenawilliams

Followers: 10.1m

This short video speaks for itself. Serena is always humbling herself to motivate and inspire her followers, and this is what we love about her feed. She can seem pretty intimidating out on the court, but her Instagram is an insight into her everyday life, and leaves you feeling as though you can achieve whatever you’ve set your mind to.

27. Usain Bolt

Handle: @usainbolt

Followers: 8.9m

It would be impossible to leave him out. Nothing stopped him becoming the world’s fastest man, so what’s stopping you? His posts will certainly make you question this and give you the push you need to eradicate your doubts. Also, his Instagram fitness hashtag game is on fire. #DontThinkLimits

28. Stephanie Rice

Handle: @itsstephrice

Followers: 103k

Not only did she win three Olympic gold medals at the 2008 Summer Olympics, Rice also has five world records under her belt. If that doesn’t impress you enough, then her Instagram will (especially if you’re into swimming).

If you do enjoy swimming, check out our lsit of the 15 Best Swimming Trackers to Help Track Your Data.

29. Eddie Hall

Handle: @eddiehallwsm

Followers: 874k

Hall is known as being the world’s strongest man (and for folding a frying pan in half on This Morning). He’s also known for being somewhat of a gentle giant, as he regularly posts about mental health awareness, and what it took for him to get to where he is today.

Seeing the world’s strongest man appear in your newsfeed daily is bound to get you lifting like there’s no tomorrow. Start by growing your arms with this article here – How To Get Bigger Arms Fast: Ultimate Workout Plan.

30. Elisabeth Akinwale

Handle: @eakinwale

Followers: 111k

A two-time Regional Champion of the CrossFit Games, Akinwale is certainly in our spotlight of fitness Instagram athletes. She is a true wonder woman and will soon have you believing that you can be the same. Whether she’s deadlifting or doing yoga by the pool, she is consistently strong.

31. Scott Pendlebury

Handle: @sp_10

Followers: 128k

Pendlebury’s page is not to be missed if you want to have a chuckle along with your dose of motivation. You certainly shouldn’t overlook his account when it comes to chasing your own fitness goals; he is a professional AFL player after all.



32. Jumpman Jay

Handle: @therealjumpmanjay

Followers: 15.2k

A police officer, SWAT operator, and sponsored athlete, Jay keeps his Instagram updated regularly despite his hectic lifestyle. If you want action, head over to his page to see how its done.

33. Amanda Cass

Handle: @kickitlikecass

Followers: 10.4k

Cass engages her followers with insane stunts, aesthetics, and by asking questions in each post. She seems to be building quite the community, so now would be a good time to go and give her a follow! Can you do handstands?

34. Garrett Chow

Handle: @garrett_chow

Followers: 22.4k

This feed is filled to the brim with biking imagery, mostly against gorgeous backdrops. When was the last time you went for a real bike ride? Following Chow will be enough to make you miss biking, even the muddy trails.

35. Kelvin Trautman

Handle: @kelvintrautman

Followers: 15.8k

He may shoot films and capture outdoors photography, but that doesn’t take away from how athletic Trautman’s feed is. Think of it as athletics romanticised. His feed certainly deserves a spot on your fitness Instagram list, especially with his gorgeous high-res adventures.

36. John McAvoy

Handle: @jonnymac83

Followers: 12.9k

Nike athlete and Ironman Triathlon competitor, McAvoy’s posts are refreshing and fun to follow. He has a great collection of pinned stories, and has started to upload onto IGTV, making him someone to keep an eye on.

37. Holly Brooks

fit insta accounts

Handle: @hollyb_fitness

Followers: 127k 

Next on our list of the best fitness-related Instagram accounts is Holly Brooks.

Holly is relatively new to the fitness scene despite having amassed over 100k Instagram followers and almost 350k followers on TikTok.

Her Instagram is a shrine to all things food. These are protein-rich, low-fat, delicious-looking meals that will be sure to inspire you each and every day.

Holly is also a very transparent figure in the fitness industry who chats about all things wellness, mental health, and realistic progress.

She’s also a sucker for a transformation photo which functions as a great motivational push for her followers.

38. Dan Morgan

Handle: @danmorgancoach

Followers: 14.3k

As you can see from the photo above, Morgan lands some solid moves on his Instagram. Who said that yoga wasn’t athletic? He also owns a blog, so be sure to check that out too.

Extreme sports

Here’s where things take a bit of a turn. You’ve got a good fitness Instagram list built up by now, and you’re wondering how it could get any better.

We’re going to show you exactly that. Here’s some Instagram fitness accounts that might’ve slipped through the net in your search.

39. The Berrics

Handle: @berrics

Followers: 1.8m

If risk taking or skateboarding is your cup of tea, then you should give this account a follow. Even if it isn’t, still look, because you might surprise yourself. From stunts that go well to those that have your heart in your mouth, each post gets your adrenaline pumping, and makes you want to try something new. Maybe you could take it up yourself?

40. Marie-France Roy

Handle: @mariefranceroy

Followers: 24k

There’s something gripping about snowboarding posts, especially when winter is coming. It’s a sport that could easily be overlooked when looking for inspiration to get fit. Just look at that height!

Roy’s Instagram theme is breathtaking and encouraging when it comes to looking for fitness inspiration on Instagram.

41. Marshall Miller

Handle: @marshall_miller

Followers: 62.4k

Yes, that’s Miller soaring to the bottom of a mountain in a wing suit. Still feeling lazy? Nonsense.

42. Deus Ex Machina

Handle: @deuscustoms

Followers: 450k

They’re a brand that sell custom-made motorcycles, and their Instagram account is just as fascinating as it sounds. If you want to get a good measure of motor and surfing action to induce yourself into exercise, hit follow.

43. Brandon Semenuk

Handle: @brandonsemenuk

Followers: 408k

In the spirit of keeping this section rather different to the previous ones, this account is last but by no means least. There aren’t many fitness Instagram themes that work as well as this one. The saturated, gritty colours only compliment the crazy moves that Semenuk pulls off. His posts are stupidly addictive, and if they don’t inspire you to get on your bike then what will?

Fitness on IGTV

44. Bobby Holland Hanton

Handle: @bobbydazzler84

Followers: 128k

If you’ve seen Avengers Infinity War, then you will have seen Hanton without even realising it. That’s right, he’s the stuntman for Chris Hemsworth in the film. He’s somewhat of a fitness guru, as keeping up with Hemsworth is clearly a challenge and something that he must keep in shape for.

Give him a follow and check out his IGTV, as he’s started to upload some good content to get you lifting!

45. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Handle: @therock

Followers: 119m

With IGTV still being in early days, it’s hard to find quality content on there. One celebrity fitness icon that has started to post on the platform is none other than The Rock himself. If there’s one person to watch out for on there, it’s him. Who could be more persuasive when it comes to dieting and training?

46. EHPlabs

Handle: @ehplabs

Followers: 794k

A health & fitness supplement company based in America, EHPlabs has an wealth of instruction videos on IGTV. On a new platform that is slightly lacking in content so far, this account gives an insight into good things to come.

47. Tom Daley

Handle: @tomdaley

Followers: 2m

As an Olympic medallist and an ambassador athlete for adidas, this surely qualifies Daley to be worthy of a watch on IGTV. He boasts some excellent recipes and fitness challenges on the platform, and really encourages viewers to get involved.

Like Tom, do you also enjoy keeping active in the water? If so, check out our articles of the Best Water Sports Providers in the UK.

48. London Fitness Guy

Handle: @london_fitness_guy

Followers: 26.7k

You’re in the right place if you want some cracking home workout tips or leg day motivation. He’s beginning to upload content to the IGTV platform, and so far, it’s looking good. Grab a pair of dumbbells, and that’s all you need. His feed specialises in ‘anywhere workouts’ after all.

Fitness food on Instagram

How could we create a post about fitness on Instagram without mentioning food?

If you’re having one of those days where not even the strongest man in the world can convince you to go out and claim the title for yourself, then a little fitness food on your feed could be your saving grace.

49. Live Green Healthy

Handle: @livegreenhealthy

Followers: 888k

Healthy pizza. Is there a person alive that wouldn’t want a slice of that? Tacos, burgers, ice lollies gone good… this page has it all. Brilliant vegan recipes.

50. Feel Good Foodie

Handle: @feelgoodfoodie

Followers: 1.9m

Fear not if you feel like a healthy lifestyle will drag you away from your favourite autumn treats. Who would have thought that a healthy pumpkin spice latte existed?

51. Fit Men Cook

Handle: @fitmencook

Followers: 1.2m

Kevin Curry who runs this account incorporates a lot of otherwise unhealthy dishes into a fitness food routine. Whether you’re a meat-eater, vegetarian or vegan, Curry’s posts have something for everyone. Each recipe is highly adaptable and looks like a real treat. It just goes to show that quesadillas can be done without cheese…

52. 8fit

Handle: @8fit

Followers: 512k

8fit get it right when it comes to motivating followers to change their lifestyle. Meal prep doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. This page is a great one for your fitness Instagram list, especially if you’re not sure where to start when it comes to fitness food.

53. Fitness Meals

Handle: @fitness_meals

Followers: 2.4m

Want to diet, but can’t live without pasta? There’s no need for distress. This one is for those who like to make their carbs healthy instead of giving up on them altogether (this can be what causes you to stop trying with a diet in the first place). Avocados are ample here too, so definitely give the page a follow if you like your greens.


54. Chef Merch

Handle: @chef_merch

Followers: 11k

These recipes may look like gourmet dishes, but they aren’t as complicated as they appear. Why not note down some ideas for your new diet? Just because it’s a diet, it doesn’t mean you have to starve. You can’t go wrong with waffles.

55. Christine Byrne

Handle: @christinejbyrne

Followers: 16.9k

She develops her own recipes, and followers literally beg her to release them on every post she makes. She’s also a food writer, which makes her an interesting addition to your list. Who doesn’t want to discover how to make a weeks’ worth of healthy dinners with only 12 ingredients?

56. Deborah Murphy

Handle: @dietitiandebbie

Followers: 12.1k

Filled with colour and simple to make recipes, Murphy’s page is spectacular. It’s a great option to replace the junk food posts littering your fitness Instagram feed, and certainly a pit stop to learn some new healthy cooking skills. Go check it out!

57. Abby Langer

Handle: @langernutrition

Followers: 19.6k

Langer is a self-proclaimed ‘food and nutrition expert’ of Canada, and she is dominating the Instagram health food world with her cooking. She whips up some amazing recipes, including the mouth-watering pizza shown above.

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Before You Go!

By now you should have a strong list of fitness Instagram accounts filling up your feed.

Whether you’re knocking out those pre-gym doubts or kicking back with some almond butter fudge, you’ll be oozing with inspiration from our best fitness Instagram accounts to follow in 2022.

It’s your turn to talk! Which is your favourite account on our list? Who would you add?

Let us know by commenting below, or leave us a message on Facebook or Twitter.

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