Keeping a fitness journal is the perfect way to track your progress and keep yourself motivated whilst trying to attain your fitness goals.

OriGym have listed 15 of the best fitness journals on the market to inspire you to stick to your new fitness journey, or get it back on track if you’ve recently lost sight of what you were hoping to achieve. There are a few variations that can be useful depending on your individual goals, like exercise log sheets, daily food and exercise logs and specific training programmes, so do keep an eye out for those! 

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#1  – BODYMINDER Workout & Exercise Journal

Price: £19.50

exercise daily log

This journal of exercise and fitness is a complete daily diet and exercise log with space for daily recordings of water, supplements, vitals, sleep, food, fitness and even weather and pollen counts. 

The Bodyminder workout and exercise journal includes a weekly planner and a checklist style daily food and exercise log. It also has diagrams of the human body to accurately monitor pain and pathologies by marking any aches, pains, or inflammation. 

Spiral-bound, the journal features a slip pocket at the back which is perfect for storing membership cards or credit cards, is structured with a weekly body measurement log, and consists of 224 pages.

Each day consists of a two-page spread and the pages aren’t predated: you can log your fitness when you feel it is most necessary, for example if you have upcoming GP or fitness trainer appointments. 

The Bodyminder also includes features such as instructions on how to get the most out of the health and fitness journal, and a calorie-count list of over 100 foods. 

Just less than A5 size, the Bodyminder Workout and Exercise Journal is a great daily fitness journal for tracking progress and finding patterns in your physiology, mental wellbeing, and motivation.

#2 – The Workout Log

Price: £7.99

food fitness journal uk

The Workout Log fitness & performance journal is an Amazon’s Choice product, with over 1000 fitness journal reviews and an average 4.6 out of 5. The company motto is “what gets tracked gets beaten”, and it’s obvious that they want to provide their customers with a product that can aid them in tracking all aspects of their fitness. 

The Workout Log is made from 100% recycled paper, and is wire-bound, durable, and printed in the UK. This fitness workout journal is A5 size which gives you plenty of room for any extra notes and allows you to set up to six fitness goals with target dates to help you to break down your fitness journey into manageable, organised segments. 

This journal also includes an exercise tracking log which can record 100 workouts, one whole page per workout and up to 11 exercises per training session with space to record rest intervals, duration, calories and sets. 

Also a food fitness journal, The Workout Log includes a 2-page spread for reporting weight, body measurements (including chest, forearms, waist, hips, thigh and calves), and personal bests to help keep track of changes in your nutrition and boost your motivation when looking back over your journey. If you want to learn more about nutrition, you should take a look at OriGym’s nutritionist course for everything that you need to know, including how to coach others.  

Weighing 200g, the product is portable enough to keep in a gym bag to record your progress as you go. It’s available in a variety of colours including ‘Charcoal Grey’, ‘Azure Blue’, ‘Avo Green’ (which includes an avocado graphic on the front cover), and ‘Peach Pink’ (with a peach graphic on the front). 

Altogether, it’s one of the best fitness journals to keep your motivation up and your targets clear.

#3 – NewMe Fitness Complete Fitness and Nutrition Journal

Price: £43.12

best fitness journal

The NewMe Fitness Complete Fitness and Nutrition Journal is a great fitness training journal that gives you a structured layout to plan and record your gym sessions, as well as space to set goals and record workouts.

Research has shown that 12 weeks of intense exercise and healthy nutritional choices is enough time to actually see improvements in your metabolism as well as lowering stress hormones, yet short enough that you won’t lose motivation, making the length of this diet and fitness journal a dream.

With sturdy wire binding, and a thick cover with a laminated protective coating, this fitness management journal includes a total of 144 pages and 4+ months of nutrition and fitness tracking. 

The NewMe Journal is durable, and can be easily tossed into a gym bag thanks to its compact build. It measures 13.9cm x 21.5cm (5.5” x 8.5”).

The NewMe Journal of exercise and fitness features detailed tracking sections for recording your goals and starting/end stats. The training journal also includes graphics that show which exercises target which muscles, as well as a guide for measuring body fat.

There’s everything you need to plan and maintain your fitness progress: a monthly exercise log, a whole page for planned routines, and another for goals and daily tracking templates.

NOTE: If you’re new to weightlifting, you may want to check out our guide to common weightlifting injuries that also works as a prevention guide. 

The Lift Log is your best training companion to help you put your goals to paper, visualise your targets and crush them six months down the line.

#4 – Fitbook: Fitness Journal and Planner

Price: £20.00

exercise log sheet

This journal of fitness and health is a 12 week planner that encourages you to set fitness goals (such as weight loss, muscle gain, inch loss, maintaining a new routine) and achieve them by the end of the 12 weeks. The Fitbook: Fitness Journal and Planner gives you all the resources to track, structure and plan your journey up to that 12 week target. 

The Fitbook is a wire bound food and fitness journal with a sleek charcoal grey cover, and is compact measuring 16.5cm x 14.5cm (6.5″ x 5.7″ inches) which is just a few wire turns longer than a bio pen. The Fitbook includes a one-page spread for each week plus an exercise and nutrition log broken down into breakfast, lunch and dinner, a detailed exercise tracking log including sets for strength training and time and distance for cardio, and includes a box for motivational notes at the bottom of each page.

A few more unique and useful touches of the Fitbook include: a notes section to rate your workouts and monitor your stamina building, dedicated sections to record workout classes, and a nutrient tracker which allows you to tick off grains, veggies, fruits, dairy, protein and fat with guidance on recommended servings.

With specific sections for cardio and strength training, space to write down a reward for when you hit your weekly goals, and dedicated space for stats such as weight and body fat percentage, the Fitbook covers any possible stat that you might want to record in a simple yet efficient format. 

This journal of health and fitness is a great little helper which enables you to breakdown your health and fitness targets, further organise how you’re going to reasonably reach them, and then track your journey overall.

#5 – DIETMINDER Personal Food & Fitness Journal

Price: £14.95

health and fitness journal

Roughly 70% of our fitness goals are the result of our diet, so to get the best results possible from our workout and ensure full body health, it’s a good idea to keep track of how we’re fueling our bodies. DietMinder is a diet and fitness journal with comprehensive, dedicated space to track meal counts, macronutrients and supplements. 

A luxury food and fitness journal, the DietMinder lays out each day on a two-page spread which includes space for tracking your daily exercise and activities as well. Other great features included in the DietMinder are calorie counts on over 100 common ‘Favourite Foods’, a ‘Goals’ section where you can place your targets over the next coming months, and a specified space where you can stick a ‘before’ picture which makes it easier to notice changes and realise the progress you’ve made.

The Dietminder is a gender-neutral food fitness journal that works for everyone and every diet, from plant-based, keto, or a yoga diet. The DietMinder has generous space for each meal encouraging you to break down your food to fully understand your eating habits. 

It’s lightweight and has an introduction instructing its user on how to get the most out of their nutrition and exercise log. 

The DietMinder is a great diet & fitness journal to break down your daily eating habits and understand where you need to focus and stay more committed to help improve your habits.


#6  – SaltWrap The Daily Fitness Planner

Price: £28.30

nutrition and exercise log

An athlete fitness journal, the SaltWrap Daily fitness planner is a great tool if you’re specifically training for a competition or race, with detailed daily fitness logs. The SaltWrap makes a great exercise log book, featuring weekly check-ins so you can monitor your stamina and motivation, and weekly planning pages so you can structure the road to your target. Ever thought about becoming a sponsored athlete? Take a look at our step-by-step guide on how to become a sponsored athlete here to learn more. 

Spiral-bound with space for up to 16 weeks, the SaltWrap has a PU leather cover in black with felt-lined interior and thick pages both for quality and durability. 

This fitness training journal includes an elastic book strap for page marking and a ‘one-glance’ page layout showing your training schedule as a single snapshot. A brilliant resource for athletes working on resistance training or circuit-style training. 

The SaltWrap Daily Fitness & performance journal includes an exercise and nutrition log, allows you to note down body compositions and performance, has a minimalist style layout and finally a ‘Goal Tracking Template’ for reward and accountability. 

This is a great nutrition and fitness journal designed for athletes by athletes boasting a scientific approach to organising your training via daily food and exercise log sheets.

#7 – Cossac Fitness Log Book and Workout Planner

Price: £41.79

fitness log book

If you’re new to tracking your goals with a diet and exercise log book and aren’t entirely sure how to keep a fitness journal, then this is the best fitness journal book for you. The Cossac Fitness Log Book and Workout Planner is a complete workout package with multiple sections that keep you accountable for your gym sessions.

Spiral-bound and measuring 21.8cm x 16.3cm (8.6” x 6.4”), the Cossac Fitness food and fitness journal has thick pages for durability, and has five sections:

  • Schedule for you to fill with your program details; include your body fat percentage, weight, reps, cardio, and more.
  • Body measurements for you to keep tabs on; body fat, weight, hips, biceps, and any other body part you’re focusing on
  • Gym logbook for progress tracking
  • Personal goals
  • Notes; specify the muscle groups you want to develop, note the supplements you take, your well-being, and the pros and cons of your current program

This fitness training journal is recommended by Runner’s World due to its straightforward and easy-to-use design, and 177 pages that cover 140 days (over 4 months) of tracking. 

While you can track your workouts digitally, there is something therapeutic about taking the time to write them out after you’re finished.

Altogether, this is a great choice for anyone new to keeping a fitness journal book who needs that extra push of accountability. Plus, it comes in a pack of two, so you can either set yourself up for a whole year, or get one for your gym buddy to encourage some healthy competition!

If you find yourself excelling at writing about your fitness, take a look at our article on how to become a fitness writer to take your passion to the next stage!

#8 – Hello New Me: A Daily Food and Exercise Journal

Price: £7.33

journal of health and fitness journal

An Amazon UK ‘Best Seller’ with almost 2000 fitness journal reviews and an average rating of 4.3 out of 5, the Hello New Me Daily Food and Exercise journal is an excellent 90 day exercise and nutrition log. Describing itself as “the perfect daily companion on the journey to become the best version of yourself” this fitness food journal is charming, clear, and organised.

The Hello New Me nutrition and exercise log covers a 3 month period for a weight training program or general lifestyle change program. The Hello New Me encourages you to monitor your water intake, has an exercise log sheet, gives you the option to track hours of sleep, record breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, and monitor your cravings, which means you will get better understanding and better control of how your mood affects your health. 

There are motivational quotes on each page to help encourage you through your 90 days and a smiley face score sheet to track your feelings on the success of each workout. This food and fitness journal also includes a body-positive measurement log with reference diagrams to take note of hip, waist, chest, and thigh measurements plus your overall weight. 

Measuring 19cm x 23.4cm (7.5″ x 9.25″ inches) it can slot easily into most gym bags and is a great 90 day fitness journal for anyone looking for something upbeat and basic but with everything you need to guide you through the first three months of your fitness journey.

#9 – Life & Apples Food Journal & Fitness Diary

Price: £30.89

diet & fitness journal review

Made of vegan, eco-friendly paper, The Life and Apples Food Diary is a daily fitness and nutrition journal for tackling the psychology of making a permanent change towards a healthier, fitter you.

As well as a nutrition and exercise log, this journal has a dedicated section for setting goals, a habit tracker, a weekly goal review section, motivational quotes, check-ins on sleep, sun and activities which brought you joy, dedicated space to write down positive thoughts and further space to note down what you’re grateful for. Keeping a fitness journal has never been so positive!

Alongside premium quality paper, this vibrant journal of fitness and health has an environmentally friendly cover plus an elastic pen holder, closure band, and 2 ribbon bookmarks.

The Life and Apples journal is a diet and exercise log book which makes mental wellbeing and overall happiness as much a priority as what you’re eating and how much you’re moving. This is a fitness journal which aims to make the new you a happier you, so that you never feel the need to return to old habits or fall out of motivation.

#10 – Habit Nest The Weightlifting Gym Buddy Journal

Price: £19.90

monthly exercise log

Looking for a 12-Week personal training program in your pocket? Then the Habit Nest Gym Buddy Journal is the best fitness journal for you: it features a monthly exercise log plus 60 weightlifting workout guides for different muscle groups plus alternative moves and space to record reps and rep goals.

This food and fitness journal comes with detailed sections providing key information on ensuring your weightlifting journey is efficient and safe, with chapters including ‘The Key Factors of Weightlifting Success’, ‘Optimizing Every Aspect of Your Nutrition’, ‘Getting Started’, ‘The Workouts’, and ‘Fin’, making for a complete weightlifting program plus fitness journal. 

The program includes information on recovery periods for beginner weightlifters, the significance of the ‘mind-muscle connection’, getting the most out of supplements, tips on exercise safety, common bodybuilding myths, and a clear explanation of the pyramid program utilised in the journal.

The Habit Nest Weightlifting Gym Buddy also includes ‘Double Pro Tips’, diagrams for each move, and space to note how much weight you’re lifting for each rep. Each day’s workout within the journal’s program is broken down to two primary muscle groups with 4 exercises of 3 sets per muscle group. 

The Habit Nest Weightlifting Gym Buddy comes with a lifetime guarantee that means if you don’t love this fitness journal you can get your money back. With just under 500 reviews on Amazon and an average of 4.5 out of 5, the Habit Nest Weightlifting Gym Buddy is a personal trainer in your pocket, taking the guesswork out of bodybuilding and letting you focus on your workout. 

A 12-week program completely laid out for you in your palm, simply follow the exercises making note of weight and reps to track and watch yourself progress.

#11 – GymPad Mini Workout Journal

Price: £6.99

food and fitness journal uk

The GymPad is a straightforward weight and exercise log with space for essential notes in a pocket-sized A6 design, available in colours such as ‘Black Mini’, ‘Blue Mini’ and ‘Pink Mini’.

The GymPad Mini has thick paper for increased durability and quality which is easily written on, and full colour spreads which are clearer and more vibrant. The front and back covers are water resistant so don’t worry too much about carrying it around with your running water bottle. The journal begins with one measurements page, and then includes another for every 25 workouts.

Each page can record up to 6 exercises and features a motivational quote in the corner of the page, with a two-page spread per day. The days are undated so you can record specific workouts without worrying about missing days, and you can specify which muscle groups you’re focusing on.

The GymPad Mini includes a space for you to slot in your ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos and a total of 100 full-colour workout templates created by fitness professionals to help you track your workouts. 

The GymPad Mini comes with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee or your money back and is a great little workout journal at a great price to take with you to the gym.

#12 – DailyGreatness Training Journal

Price: £16.85

nutrition and fitness journal uk

The Dailygreatness Training Journal is a 12-week workout and exercise log to better physical and mental wellbeing with dedicated space to plan meals and exercise. The Dailygreatness journal follows a daily 8-step training program on self-awareness, gratitude, intentions, meditation, stretching, diet and health reminders.

Your own personal trainer in your pocket, this personal fitness journal includes weekly and monthly check-ins to help you stay accountable plus a 12-week review to enable you to see the progress you’ve made. 

The health and fitness journal is made with a flexi-bound cover with a smooth matte finish which is durable, designed to be taken with you to the gym, uses premium quality paper, has 168 full-colour pages with inspirational quotes, is lightweight, and includes two silk ribbons for page marking. 

The Dailygreatness Training Journal is an engaging journal for fitness focusing not only on nutrition and exercise but also on positive thinking, creating healthier habits, coping mechanisms and overall helping you to achieve full body-mind success.

#13 – Log it or Lose it XL Version

Price: £7.89

daily diet and exercise log

The Log It or Lose It XL training diary is Amazon’s Choice for a “gym log book” with a clear layout to quickly look over workout sessions, dedicated space for additional notes on mood, how the workout went, motivational quotes on each page, and enough space to track 100 workouts. 

Wire-bound, Log it or Lose it’s XL version comes in A5 size, with their original pocket version being A6 size, and has a thick hardback cover for support when writing. 

The Log it or Lose it health and fitness journal can track up to 16 exercises with 5 sets or 80 total sets per page plus sections for notes and a column for rest time. The fitness and diet journal has an initial measurements page at the beginning, 14 progress pages spread throughout, and includes a dedicated box for supplements. 

The Log it or Lose it XL Version is a weight and exercise log book which is simple, minimalist and perfect for anyone who wants an uncomplicated, larger-sized fitness journal for logging their weight training progress.


#14 – Clever Fox Fitness & Workout Journal

Price: £16.12

diet and fitness journal uk

Spiral-bound with an A5 laminated cover, the Clever Fox Fitness and Workout Journal logs weightlifting sets, cardio, body weight and much more. Available in eight colour choices from Amazon UK including ‘Neon Green’, ‘Orange Red’, ‘Ocean Blue’, ‘Neon Yellow’, ‘Orange’, and ‘Pink’, there’s an energetic colour for everyone. 

With 127 daily pages, this daily fitness journal is a good all-rounder working as a weight loss and fitness log: if your target is muscle gains, or if you need a fitness journal for competitive training, then the versatility of this book will definitely suit you. 

The features of this journal of fitness include: tracking tables that are detailed with separate sections to monitor cardio or strength training, to-dos towards the back of the journal, sections for recipes and shopping lists, and a weekly progress tracker for everything from your weight and body measurements to your rep count at the gym.

The Clever Fox health and fitness journal is A5, lightweight, comes with a quick start manual filled with tips and examples and has thick 120 gsm paper. The journal begins with 2 pages for goal setting, starting measurements and target measurements, a calendar, and has enough pages to last 4 months of daily use. 

The Clever Fox fitness planner is a great choice if you’re looking for a physical fitness journal that combines your exercise log with your diet planning.

#15 – Food and Exercise Journal: Work. Sweat. Achieve.

Price: £4.57

daily food and exercise log

A slim and light exercise log, the Food and Exercise Journal: Work. Sweat. Achieve. is a 90 day fitness journal that is one of the best for the daily tracking of your weight and fitness journey.

The diet and fitness journal includes a nutrition log with sections to take note of daily intakes such as total calories consumed, water, fibre, and macronutrients. There is also an exercise log with space to take note of exercise type, sets, reps and distance and time for cardio. 

On the first page of the Food and Exercise Journal there is a dedicated page with male and female diagrams to write down your starting measurements including chest, stomach, hip, waist, thighs, and BMI. Succeeding measurement pages follow on days 30, 60 and 90 for check-ins where inches may tell you more about your progress than the scale.

The Food and Exercise Journal: Work. Sweat. Achieve. is a great planner with everything you need to record, monitor and motivate for a successful, permanent change in lifestyle. Keeping things simple, this fitness journal and exercise log is perfect for tailoring a target-driven fitness plan, week by week, which is best suited to your body and lifestyle needs.

Tips on How to Keep a Fitness Journal

Seeing a tangible record of your fitness journey is a great way to stay focused and motivated, and there are a few essential things you need to make a note of in your health fitness journal in order for it to be effective. 

  • Record your starting weight and body measurements, with regular updates to compare your progress (for example every 3 weeks) – this allows for clear tracking of progress, whether your goals are weight loss, muscle building, or just healthy maintenance.
  • Plan and record your workouts including the exercises to do, how many reps, how many sets, rest times, any equipment you might need, how easy or difficult you find it – this gives you structure to your fitness which increases the efficiency: you’re much more likely to reach your goals if you know exactly what muscle groups you are targeting during various workouts.
  • Track your food intake – your diet is a massive factor in almost all exercise programs so tracking the relevant aspects of this and tailoring it to your goals will help you create and maintain healthy habits, reaching those goals faster. 

Other aspects to record in your diet and fitness journal which could prove helpful include:

  • Tracking your water intake – this is just generally a good idea in terms of keeping your body healthy, but remaining hydrated whilst exercising is also essential.
  • Make a note of mood, pain, energy, sleep, motivation – these elements all contribute to the success of working out, so keeping track of them will help you fully understand your body and how to improve.
  • Important quotes and achievements – writing these down can help bring a more positive mindset into your life which will ultimately give you more motivation to achieve more!

Keeping a dedicated personal fitness journal will help keep you accountable to yourself as you’ll be able to see the effects right in front of you. Try to record your progress in your fitness management journal every day, and be sure to be completely honest with yourself! 

Before you go!

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, track your fitness progress, increase your body positivity, or even start a weightlifting program, there’s a great health fitness journal on this list for you. Writing in a food and fitness journal has huge benefits: being able to clarify fitness goals, plan future workouts, and monitor muscle gain and weight loss will all contribute to maximized progress. 

If this has inspired you to take the next step in your fitness journey then why not take a look at our L3 PT Diploma, or download our latest course prospectus to see how you can help others with their fitness!

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