Looking for some fitness memes to brighten your day? You’re in the right place. We know exactly how it feels to crave something relatable when you’re not feeling the gym.

From fitness motivation memes to the just plain ridiculous ones, we’ve got it all. We even had time to poke some fun at crossfitters, no offence intended…

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  • Gym memes – #1-17
  • Workout memes – #18-28
  • Crossfit memes – #29-41
  • Nutrition memes – #42-58
  • Fitness motivation memes – #59-67
  • Bodybuilding memes – #68-73

Gym Memes… are you ready?

We thought we’d kick things off with a popular topic. Since gym memes are one of the most searched for topics under fitness memes, it would be rude not to.


Fitness memes: sleeping at the gym meme

It could happen to anyone, right?

Maybe not, but even so it’s one of the best gym memes to kick things off with. We can relate to skipping the gym for longer in bed!


Fitness memes: no squatting in the texting rack

Ahh, texting in the gym when there’s a queue for the squat rack… if that’s not on your pet peeve list then we don’t know what is.

Are you guilty?


Fitness memes: dumbelldore second image

Most of us aspire to be like our heroes. If you’re a fitness nerd, this might be what you have in mind…


Fitness memes: dumbelldore image

And a bonus right here. If you know, you know…


Fitness memes: how people look at the gym when they're waiting for you to finish your set

‘How many sets you got left?’

This is a question we don’t hear too often, but when we do… we pretend we didn’t hear it over our music.

If they’re going to be that rude then they’re basically asking to be made into one of the best gym memes.


Fitness memes: wanna skip the gym meme

You don’t need that sort of disrespect in your life. They’re just jealous that you’re about to have a banging beach bod when they’re sat eating Domino’s…

Good job you have our fitness memes to keep you motivated.


Fitness memes: taking a gym selfie meme

The shame… but it’s not enough to stop you from doing it again!

After all, do gains even count if you don’t share them on Insta? Which brings us to our next gym motivation meme…


Fitness memes: goes to the gym once meme

What’s life without a little fun?

No offence to anyone who’s just started out, but we can’t help but have a giggle at this. You know what Frank Ocean said; ‘work hard in silence, let success be your noise’.


Fitness memes: when she asks you if you go to the gym

Another one for the nerds amongst us.

We know the rush you get from collecting gym badges and becoming the best trainer in Kanto is pretty amazing, especially on a chill day when it’s weighed up against the gym…

Why not go for 1 hour? You’ll be back defeating team Rocket in no time. OR you can go for a jog and leave Pokemon GO running. The best of both worlds!


Fitness memes: double days at the gym meme

In stark contrast to chilling at home, you may even need the motivation to stop thinking about the gym too much.


Fitness memes: how to catch a gym rat

Gym rats needed to show up in this list at some point… if we’re going to poke fun at newbies then we had to do this.


Fitness memes: tell facebook when i go to the gym

Have you ever ‘checked in’ at the gym?

If the answer is yes, go hang your head in shame.


Fitness memes: only left your house to buy chicken meme

There’s nothing wrong with sticking to your plan while everyone else indulges, but it wouldn’t hurt for you to have a cheat day every now and again…


Fitness memes: last person was weaker than me image

A gym motivation meme that hits the nail on the head. Is there really any better feeling than this?

If the shoe is on the other foot then it’s a different story…


Fitness memes: when someone asks me meme

Yeah, we went there again. It’s THAT annoying.


Fitness memes: finding a chair at the gym meme

We wish this was true… does finding an empty locker qualify as the third hardest?


Fitness memes: i don't always go to the gym meme

I’m sure most of us can relate! Work those biceps…

Fitness Memes: the workout memes you’ve been missing

Whether you’re brand new to fitness or a complete gym junkie, there’s nothing better for feeling good about yourself than appreciating some good workout memes.

At the end of the day, watching other people making the mistakes that you’d never dream of making has you feeling like some kind of pro (even if you’re not). This has its benefits when you’re feeling low after cheat day.


fitness memes: you're doing it wrong meme

10/10 for effort, but we’re not sure what you’re working there.


fitness memes: pre-workout scoops, too many scoops

Two workout memes deep and we’re already roasting pre-workout. What’s a good gym motivation meme without it?


fitness memes: squat partner meme

Who can afford to let anyone hold them back when summer is just around the corner? When it’s leg day, you go hard.


fitness memes: how my wrists feel after front squats

The pain is something else, but the quads and glutes are worth it. That’s what we like to tell ourselves anyway!


fitness memes: 3 days after leg day meme

One of the most accurate workout memes we’ve ever come across. Is that karma or what?


fitness memes: the face of cardio

Why do cardio when you can hit the free weights?


fitness memes: amount of time i have for cardio

…and again.


fitness memes: squatting, you're doing it wrong

Please delete this.


fitness memes: einstein meme

Healthy body, healthy mind… but we’re sure none of us could develop the theory of relativity if we wanted to.


fitness memes: finding the right songs to workout

One of the truest fitness memes we’ve seen. Start off a workout with the wrong music and all hell can break loose.

How many songs have you begun to hate because of the gym? The good news is we have a Best Rap Workout Songs article for anyone looking to change up their playlist. Take a look!


fitness memes: when i look at myself after a workout

Finishing off our workout memes section on a high, we’ll leave it at that.

If you can’t relate to this, do you even lift?

CrossFit Memes (yes, we went there)

If you thought that we were going to write a fitness memes article without poking fun at crossfitters, then you were wrong.

Don’t worry, it’s all light-hearted humour! (we promise)

After all, crossfit memes are prevalent on the internet and it would have been a shame to leave them out…


fitness memes: oh you do crossfit?

Seriously, it’s like the crossfit edition of beetlejuice. Say beast mode, beast mode, beast mode, and one will appear. They might even lend you some pull-up socks too.


fitness memes: when you do crossfit and haven't told anyone in 5 minutes

We’re not saying that this is true, but we’re saying that it’s not completely inaccurate either.


fitness memes: great idea this crossfit invention

Shots fired…


fitness memes: she ain't messin' with no slow lifters

One of the kinder crossfit memes! You can’t tell us you didn’t sing the tune in your head when you read that.


fitness memes: when your body is sore but crossfit is life

Is it necessary to workout every day when you could look at more fitness memes?

If you’re tearing muscle fibers 6-7 days per week, then they’re not going to repair and become ‘stronger’. You could actually be making yourself weaker by training like this.

Aim for 4 days of exercise per week, sometimes 5 (alternate). This gives your body the rest it needs, and you’ll build more muscle mass.


fitness memes: i'm crossfit confident

One of the best crossfit memes by far.


fitness memes: there are burpees in the WOD

Don’t fear burpees. They’re one of the most effective bodyweight exercises that you can do, and they’re great for weight loss!

Besides it’s good to give your joints a rest from all the heavy lifting.


fitness memes: the first rule of crossfit

…we’ll just leave this here. It might give you some crossfit team name ideas.


fitness memes: does fran forgets to count

The ridiculously named workout that you really don’t want to lose count for. Probably because it’s just as ridiculous as it sounds and rather taxing on the body.


fitness memes: when i see a running WOD

We’d feel exactly the same thing if our WOD (workout of the day, apparently) was this FRAN workout.


fitness memes: crossfit the scientologists of fitness

The crown goes to this for outshining all other crossfit memes.


fitness memes: crossfit transformation

Remember those rest days we talked about?

It’s not just crossfitters this happens to, but anyone who doesn’t have enough rest in between workouts will stunt muscle growth. Fact.


fitness memes: it's worth it meme

What a way to finish our section on crossfit memes. You’re welcome!

Nutrition memes

Moving away from some of the more conventional fitness memes, let’s take a look at something a little more niche. You may have to delve deeper into the internet to find them, but nutrition memes are just as if not more humourous than their counterparts. 


fitness memes: wii fit trainer

There’s a wii fit trainer in all of us.


fitness memes: instagram is down just describe your food to me

Instagram is the centre of all nutrition memes. If you didn’t post your meal prep, does it even count?


fitness memes: you're on a detox diet?

Not only are detox diets lacking in nutrition, they’re also seen as a joke. There are much healthier ways to detox, like eating a normal healthy diet rich in antioxidant foods!

Even the NHS brand detox diets as ‘novelty diet programmes’ in their dieting article. They definitely deserve their place in nutrition memes… we’re sorry if you’re a fan.


fitness memes: when you open the perfect avo

There’s nothing worse than opening an avocado to find that brown mush… and nothing better than the just-ripe green goodness. You’ll feel healthier just looking at it.


fitness memes: nutrition memes meme

When you’re a nutrition guru or dietitian, you know the feels.


fitness memes: me after eating a lettuce leaf

We all have to start somewhere…


fitness memes: you eat carbs at night?

Who said you can’t bond over nutrition?


fitness memes: plain chicken and rice again?

A little seasoning never did anyone any harm.

If you need some fresh meal prep ideas to keep you motivated then have a look online!


fitness memes: i lost half a pound on this nutrition challenge

How we all feel after a break from nutrition. We’ll keep to it this time, we promise!


fitness memes: how i feel reading the nutrition facts label

Got to calculate those macros.

If you need some help with nutrition labels then this How to Find Macro Amounts in Foods article will be your saving grace. It even gives you apps to use and advice on how to do so.


fitness memes: whole 30 got me like meal prep monday

These fad diets have people going to extremes… is she going to pull out a hob next?


fitness memes: macros meme

One of those nutrition memes for the die hards.

Seriously, if someone asks to take a bite after you went through all that effort then that’s just utter disrespect.


fitness memes: y tho meme

Fitness memes aren’t complete without a dash of self deprecating humour.


fitness memes: really glad i started meal prepping

We would have preferred a Peroni but fair play to them.

Meal prep is fun and all but you have to take a break sometimes. Who said that it has to be healthy? It isn’t technically in the name.


fitness memes: it's that damn paleo-diet

Mugatu had to make an appearance at some point, not to mention the paleo-diet. We’re not throwing shade but nutrition memes speak for themselves.


fitness memes: it fits!

Always make room for pizza.


fitness memes: lunchables meal prep

If lunchables aren’t what started meal prep then we’ll eat our gym shorts.

Fitness motivation memes

Since this is the definitive list of fitness memes, let’s take a step away from the humor and take a look at some fitness motivation memes for you to gain some inspiration from before your next workout.


fitness memes: arnold motivation meme

You can’t have fitness motivation memes without Schwarzenegger. He’ll never be a dead meme…


fitness memes: bodybuilding is an art kai greene

Bodybuilding undoubtedly takes a lot of effort to make it successful, which is why it can be classed as an art. If you’ve hit a plateau in your journey, try seeing everything in a new light!


fitness memes: the hard part isn't getting your body in shape

They may be simple but these words certainly ring true when it comes to fitness memes. How can you keep at it without the mental motivation?

That seems to be all it boils down to when making sustainable lifestyle changes and reaching your goals.


fitness memes: someone who is busier than you is running right now

Time is a favourite excuse amongst those who avoid getting into fitness. At the end of the day, everyone has the time to start a healthier lifestyle, they just need to put things into perspective and rethink their current routine.


fitness memes: i've grown from setbacks serena williams

As far as fitness motivation memes go, there can’t be anything more inspiring that this quote from Serena Williams.

If the road to fitness was easy, then we’d all be doing it. The truth is, as much as it is difficult to change your lifestyle and create habits that you will keep for life, and to push through intense exercise sessions, it’s easier than a lot of people think.

The reason for this is that it is addictive, and once you take that first step to becoming fitter in a healthy and realistic way, you won’t want to look back.


fitness memes: kai green quote meme

We couldn’t resist another quote from Kai Green in our fitness motivation memes section…

One great tip to help you out with starting to believe that you CAN achieve your fitness goals is to look up your icons before they got to where they are now. No one is born with six pack abs!

They are real people just like you, and likely started off at the same place that you are now. The only difference between you and them is that you are yet to believe in yourself. Why not start TODAY?


fitness memes: training is an outlet for suppressed energies

Schwarzenegger again, but there’s a reason that he’s prevalent in fitness memes!

He was the youngest bodybuilder to be crowned as Mr. Olympia, which he went on to win another six times during his career. This is significant considering the fact he was brought up in a strict household where dreams like this where frowned upon.

When he started weight training, he even used to break into the gym when it was closed so that he didn’t miss a day of working out! That’s the dedication we all need…  


fitness memes: winners fail but keep trying

As far as fitness memes go, this speaks for itself. It’s the failing along the way that makes your success so significant.


fitness memes: i always believed meme

After seeing the success that Ennis-Hill has had during her career, it’s impossible not to believe her when she says this!

Bodybuilding memes

As we come to the end of our definitive list of fitness memes, we thought we’d go out with a bang. That’s why we saved the bodybuilding memes till last!


fitness memes: asks if you train legs meme

We mean, you should always train legs but fair enough.


fitness memes: bodybuilder or loaf of bread?

The resemblance is uncanny. No amount of fake tan remover can undo that…

We really couldn’t leave this one out of our bodybuilding memes section.


fitness memes: forgot your protein, can feel the gains leaving

There’s nothing more disheartening about getting in shape. Why bother?


fitness memes: pre-workout meme gandalf

At least you’ll be able to make a new PB.

What would a section on bodybuilding memes be without mentioning pre-workout?


fitness memes: when you haven't eaten in a few hours and you can feel your gains diminishing

We feel your pain. Isn’t that what protein powder is for?


fitness memes: i became a roadmap

Google Maps would be so jealous.

And here is where we conclude our fitness memes article!

Before you go…

We can only hope that you found everything you wanted and more in our ultimate list of fitness memes.

Got any hilarious fitness memes that we missed off? If so, tag us on Instagram or send a tweet of your favourite one!

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