When setting up a workout space in your home or garage, the importance of selecting the best flooring for your home gym is often overlooked. It’s easy to focus on how many weights you’ll need or whether you want machines or not, but actually, choosing the right flooring is just as important. 

For that reason, we’ve compiled this list of our favourite types of floors for home gyms so that you don’t need to spend hours doing your own research.


From foam to rubber, cork and wood, getting padded flooring for your home gym is of utmost importance. In this article, we’re going to cover all of the benefits of each material to give you ample home gym flooring ideas.

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What Should I Consider For My Home Gym Flooring?

uk home gym flooring

Selecting the right home gym flooring is one of the most important factors to take into consideration before building your dream home gym. 

There are a variety of materials that your home gym flooring can be made out of, including: rubber, foam, cork, vinyl and carpet. 

Most gyms are equipped with rubber flooring due to their easy-to-clean, springy feel and great durability. But, just because most gyms are installed with this flooring, doesn’t mean that it is the best option for you. 

When comparing home gym flooring options, you need to think about what you will be using your home gym for. If you’re wanting to use the space to practice yoga or pilates, a foam floor is the best option for you. Whereas for lifting weights, rubber home gym flooring would be the most suitable choice. 

With that in mind, you’re probably asking: what are the best home gym flooring options for me? Well, let’s get stuck in and find your answer! 

Best Rubber Home Gym Flooring

Almost all UK gyms have flooring made from rubber and there are many good reasons for it: it’s strong, has great shock absorption, and is super easy to clean. Rubber flooring for home gyms typically comes as interlocking tiles or rolls, making it easy for you to transform any space into your own home gym. 

Rubber is among the most versatile materials to use for your gym, which is why this list kickstarts with the best rubber home gym flooring, from UK based companies.

#1 Polymax | Tough Weight Lifting Tile

Price: Starting from £25.99

best home gym flooring

Starting our list are Polymax, a UK gym flooring company providing gym fanatics with the highest quality products to kit out their own gym space. Polymax’s TOUGH range of Weight Lifting Tiles, are one of the best rubber home gym flooring options out there. 

These durable interlocking tiles are designed for strenuous workouts with heavy weights, so you can reach your PB without worrying about damaging your flooring. You could argue that this is the best flooring for home gym deadlift sessions, due to their high impact shock absorption and premium quality non-slip material. 

You can read about the 9 benefits of deadlifts here to inform your exercise.

The tiles come in 1m x 1m squares, and are available in a variety of colours – perfect for if you want to inject some personality into your home gym. Polymax also offers a variety of thicknesses with their gym flooring options to best suit your needs, varying from 20mm to 45mm.

Their environmentally friendly material also makes it incredibly easy to clean. All it takes is a quick wipe with a damp, soapy cloth and you’re good to go. 

The pricing of these tiles varies depending on your desired thickness starting from £28.99 per tile. While these tiles aren’t the cheapest option within this list, they will certainly be one of the more durable! 

#2 Flooring Fitness |  Black Rubber Floor Tiles

Price: Starting from £29.95

Home gym flooring

Next up we have another UK gym flooring company called Flooring Fitness. 

Their rubber floor tiles are suitable for heavy duty, high intensity gym training. Similar to Polymax’s rubber tiles, these too can withstand sessions including heavy deadlifts. 

Floor Fitness’ new anti-porous technology makes it incredibly easy to clean the tiles after a sweaty workout. This technology also provides an extra softness and bouncy quality, subsequently providing a less strenuous impact on your joints when lifting heavy weights.

The bouncy quality of the tiles is also great for cardio-based workouts as you’ll be jumping around the room with an extra spring in your step.

The dimensions of these rubber tiles work out at 1m x 1m, with a 30mm thickness, so you’ll easily be able to work out how much you need to cover your space. Floor Fitness run offers on their products too, making their rubber flooring a good quality but affordable option. 

Head over to their website for more information on how you can take advantage of their offers and bag yourself some durable flooring.

#3 ONONESHELF | Rubber Gym Floor Tiles

Price: £24.00

These rubber gym tiles are among only the best, with a material composition of natural rubber and recycled rubber – you can work out knowing you even did your bit for the environment by opting for On1Shelf.

You can count on a sleek finish with an elephant skin pattern and a comfortable thickness of 16mm. But that’s not all, as you can get your sweat on with this flooring as the cleaning process is easy. Simply wash the floor with lukewarm water and if it’s just a quick clean you’re after, you can even vacuum the surface.

This flooring is confident in being perfect for gymnasiums due to the slip prevention and equally brilliant comfort and safety factors. How does it do this? Well, the technology used includes an anti-slip top to give the best grip during exercise and studs at the bottom provide a cushioned feel.

Finally, you can be sure that you can get your HIIT workouts done on this flooring as it ensures to minimise damage to the knees and ankles and overall reduces the shock to leg joints. This is vital in looking for the perfect gym flooring, so opt for On1Shelf and upgrade your home gym!

#4 ARKMat | Rubber Heavy Duty Mat 

Price: £88.69

rubber flooring for home gym

Here we have our final option of rubber flooring for your home gym.

So, let’s say that you want all of the benefits of rubber flooring but aren’t so keen on the price tag. Or, you might not be fond of the idea of transforming an entire room into a home gym – this is where ARKMat come in.

ARKMat are a fitness company who have been supplying home gym flooring for UK based gym fanatics for the past 11 years. Coming in at 12mm thickness, these mats will be sure to provide your gym with plenty of shock absorption for dealing with the heaviest of weights. 

Their 6ft x 4ft heavy duty rubber mats can be rolled out for your workout just as easily as they can be tucked away whenever not in use. That way, you can turn a room from an office, living room, or bedroom into your very own home gym. 

While the mats are relatively heavy when compared with some of the foam options on this list, ARKMat have specially designed hidden handles on the underpart of the mats. This design feature makes it easy to manoeuvre the mats wherever you wish to work out. 

You need not worry about the difficulty of cleaning either, as their anti-porous technology means that they are cleaned with a simple warm, soapy cloth – beneficial for those sweaty workouts. 

When considering your home gym flooring, reviews play an important factor. On Amazon, ARKMat has a 4.7/5 star rating, showing exactly why their heavy duty rubber mats are worthy of a purchase. 

#5 Gym Flooring Company | Interlocking Rubber Mega Gym Tile

Price: £20.00

The interlocking gym tiles are the perfect solution for gym goers who are designing a top notch home gym, or sprucing up their own studio for the public. 

The great thing about these tiles is the key versatility feature that they offer. They are perfectly ideal for small areas that are not a simple shape. Not only that, but the surface is super grippy and can provide great stability.

You don’t have to worry about cleaning the tiles either, as this job is made easy. Thanks to the material being so stable you can simply sweep the mats without them moving around your floor!

So if you think the dimensions of your gym are too difficult to cater to fear not, as these interlocking gym tiles not only fit with one another, but you can buy smaller tiles from the Gym Flooring Company to attach your large ones to – ensuring you get in every nook and cranny!

So grab your gym tiles and edging strips to create a sturdy gym flooring perfect for any studio!


In summary, choosing rubber flooring for your home gym has lots of benefits, regardless of the brand! You can reap the benefits of having a great floor for weight lifting based workouts, strong and durable features and high shock absorption and sound absorption and easy to clean.

However, as with anything there are disadvantages, such as the expense and weight of rubber flooring.

Best Foam Home Gym Flooring

Next up we have foam, which might just be the best flooring for your home gym.

As seen with the previous options, rubber is quite an expensive material to kit out your home gym with. So, it’s only right that we now provide some cheap home gym flooring ideas.  

Foam is an inexpensive, lightweight and soft material that is one of the most sought after flooring options among people looking to kit out their home gym. For those who are constructing home gyms in garages, flooring your space with foam is a great way of getting the concrete cushioned.  

In particular, if you’re planning to use your space for yoga, pilates, or light cardio, considering a foam floor for your home gym is definitely recommended. If yoga is your forte, head over to our article on the 24 styles of yoga here.

#6 ComFy Mat | Foam Exercise Mats 

Pirce: Starting from £19.95

best flooring for home gym

Next up on the list are ComFy, a company based in the UK whose gym flooring is definitely worth considering. ComFy’s range of interlocking foam exercise mats are fantastic if you want your home gym up and running in no time. 

They are easy to install due to their simple and lightweight design, and can also be installed on top of a range of floor types, such as: carpet, wood, vinyl, tiles and concrete flooring. 

The tiles are made with high-density EVA foam, a material designed specifically for workouts. EVA foam, similar to rubber, makes it super easy to wipe away any sweaty residue after a tough workout. 

So, what sort of workouts are these foam tiles good for? ComFy’s foam tiles are designed for yoga, pilates and light cardio-based workouts.

Incorporating kettlebells, medicine balls and light dumbbells into your workout are acceptable with these foam tiles, however, they are not designed for heavy duty weights. Due to their soft, cushioned material, heavy duty weights could leave dents and tears in these foam tiles. 

You can purchase these foam tiles in a pack of 6, covering a total of 24 square feet. The tiles have a thickness of 10mm and come in either black, grey or tones of brown. 

Getting padded flooring for home gym purposes has never been easier with these foam tiles, especially if you want to transform your home gym quickly, easily, and for an affordable price.

#7 Umi | ‘Wooden’ Foam Tiles

Price: Starting from £10.29 

home gym flooring ideas

Next up we have the range of foam tiles from Umi, a company offering stylish home gym flooring that UK based gym enthusiasts are loving.

As you can tell, these tiles are made with foam but have a wooden appearance. This means that you have multiple options with your space – a home gym by day that still works as an entertaining space by night. That way, you’re not restricted to solely transforming a room into a home gym, and can have some versatility with your space. 

These flexible and lightweight interlocking foam tiles make it super easy for you to configure your foam flooring however you like as they are easy to install and dismantle as needed. 

As with ComFy’s range, these tiles are super easy to clean after a workout with just a wipe with a damp cloth. 

Each box comes in a pack of 9 with prices starting from £10.29. There are a great range of different wooden flooring aesthetics on offer including oak white, light wood and dark grey – just to name a few.  

Again, when considering your home gym flooring, reviews are always good to refer to. Umi’s ‘wooden’ tiles are just shy of 4/5 stars, and so are great options to consider for your space. 


In summary, choosing foam flooring for your home gym has lots of beneficial attributes such as it being affordable, easy to clean, soft and bouncy material, versatile and of course the straightforward installation and dismantle.

Again of course, disadvantages come with any kind of flooring depending on what you use it for. So, avoid using heavy weights as this could cause dents and can even tear the material relatively easily.

Best Carpet Home Gym Flooring

Another option for your home gym flooring is carpet.  

Constructing a home gym with carpet flooring is a very popular choice, since many homes are already decorated with carpet throughout.

If you’re wanting to transform a room that is already fitted with carpet, you shouldn’t feel any great urgency to change it. We’ll run through the benefits of carpet and for anybody without carpet flooring, we’ve included the best carpet flooring options for your home gym! 

#8 St. Ives | Carpet Installation 

Price: Starting from £7.99 per M²

the best home gym flooring

First up, we have the St.Ives Anthracite, the perfect choice if you want to complete your home gym with carpet flooring.

This carpet is a great flooring material to use for home gyms, the 4.5mm pile height provides what they describe as ‘exceptional depth’ that is soft and comfortable. This comfortability factor is useful to cushion any trips or falls.

The durability is not to be overlooked, as the looped/Berber pile is extremely durable and maintains its appearance. So, it is a good choice should you be weight lifting, or performing any other strenuous workouts. 

The only thing to bear in mind with carpet is that sweat does absorb into the carpet fibres, so regular cleaning is recommended to avoid any unpleasant odours from lingering. 

Fortunately, this product as this carpet is bleach cleanable. So with a diluted bleach solution, your carpet is clean and like new again. So, why not install your home gym with carpet flooring and get exercising!

If you already have carpet installed in your home and you want to use the room for yoga or pilates, consider getting a yoga mat to use on top of the carpet to avoid slips.

#9 B&Q | Carpet Tiles

Price: Starting at £2.99 per m2

ideas for home gym flooring

Up next on the list of ways you can transform your home gym with carpet flooring, are these carpet tiles from B&Q. 

B&Q offer individual pieces of carpet that can be slotted together to cover a space of your choice. This way, you can bring in as many or as little carpet tiles as you need, without having to fit a whole room, which could get quite pricey. 

So, what are the benefits of kitting your home gym with B&Q’s carpet flooring? 

This carpet has a soft material which provides a slight bounce to your home gym flooring. This is great for your joints and limbs as the shock isn’t as intense when performing cardio-based exercises. 

Another reason why you should consider this carpet as your home gym flooring, is the comfortability factor. B&Q describe these tiles as both hard wearing and comfortable, the perfect combination for a home gym. 

Over on B&Q’s website, they have an array of carpet tile options for you and your home gym flooring needs. They each work out at the same size (50cm x 50cm), with a variety of colour options and cushioning qualities. 


#10 Viceroy Bedding | Shaggy Rectangle Carpet Rug 

Price: Starting at £17.99

cheap home gym flooring

Another way of transforming your home gym with carpet flooring is by using a shaggy carpet rug. 

This is great if you want a home gym with carpet flooring, but might not necessarily want to transform a whole flooring space. 

This product blends right into your home aesthetic with minimal effort. Whatsmore is that if you want to use this solely for working out purposes, it’s easy, as you can tuck your rug away once you’ve finished exercising. 

Shaggy carpet rugs are particularly useful if your home space is currently installed with harder floors such as wood, vinyl or concrete in a garage. This is an especially good choice if you’re looking to protect your joints and limbs when working out for an affordable price.

The shaggy carpet rug listed above can be purchased over at Amazon with various sizes and colour options available. That way, if you don’t wish to dedicate a specific colour to a whole room, you can inject just a splash of colour with your new rug. 

For those building home gyms in garages, flooring your space with a carpet rug is a quick, easy and affordable way to get more appropriate flooring rather than working out on concrete. So, head over and check them out!


In summary, transforming your home gym with carpet flooring has many advantages, and to highlight some of the main benefits it is: affordable, has a soft and bouncy material, and is versatile. Last but not least, is the compact nature so it can be tucked away whenever not in use.

To mention the limited number of disadvantages, you should be aware that yoga or pilates activities are not recommended and it is more difficult to clean.

Best Wood / Vinyl Home Gym Flooring Options

Next up, we have some of the best wood and vinyl home gym flooring options. 

Wood and vinyl are highly durable materials that can be cleaned easily even after the sweatiest of gym sessions. 

Since most homes are already installed with wood or vinyl flooring, you might not feel the need to change your flooring. But, this is very much dependent on what you want to use your home gym for. So, find our top choices below, boasting the benefits of installing a home gym with wood flooring.

#11 UK Flooring Direct | Real Wood Flooring Installation 

Price: Starting at £33.99 per m2

home gym wood flooring

Next we’re going to talk about wood and vinyl – we have 3 different wood options here to give you numerous ideas for your home gym flooring space.

This wood is a beautiful and versatile material that brings warmth and softness to any home space. While one of the more expensive options on the list, real wood is arguably the most durable and strong flooring option for your home gym. 

You can spruce up your home gym with the help of this product, ready for activities from Zumba to Yoga. Moreover, with this wood flooring being a great surface for a yoga mat, avoiding slips and slides just got a whole lot easier.

This is great for design lovers too, as the random length boards create what they describe as ‘a more relaxed look’. So, you can have an effortless finish on your flooring.

Having this solid wood flooring is also a great idea if you have cardio machines like  a treadmill, cross trainer or step machine, as Flooring Direct’s product is confidently strong and durable. 

Offering an array of wooden flooring options at different costs and colours, you can design your home gym with personality. They also run offers, so you can even design your home gym on a budget. So what are you waiting for? Head over to UK Flooring Direct now!

#12 Tapi | Vinyl Flooring 

Price: Starting at £13.99 

padded flooring for home gym

Vinyl is a more affordable version of wooden flooring options for your home gym. But not only that, it is also a versatile material that can be used for a variety of purposes.

Tapi’s range of Arcadia vinyl flooring offers a natural looking space with adaptable design options. With a 22 metre square room just working out at just over £300, vinyl flooring is a relatively affordable option compared to a home gym with wood flooring. 

You can be sure to push yourself to the limit in your new home gym, as vinyl is also easy to clean and even water resistant. 

The features don’t end there either, as you can rest assured that this flooring is VOC free, meaning that it is free of volatile organic compounds. This means it is super safe to be used indoors and you won’t be breathing in any nasty chemicals.

As well as this, working out at a high intensity means we sometimes lose our balance, however with this flooring promising slip resistance, you can minimise the risk. 

So take advantage of all the benefits from felt backing to durability and make Tapi your choice.

#13 Factory Direct Flooring | Cushioned Vinyl Flooring

Price: £5.95m2

home gym carpet flooring

One of the most overlooked home gym flooring options is cushioned vinyl flooring. With the incorporation of a closed-cell-foam lower layer underneath the vinyl top finish, cushioned vinyl still has a hardwood feel with a slight bounce. 

Factory Direct Flooring offers vinyl flooring that makes working out kinder on your joints and knees. This flooring is perfect if you wish to use your home gym space for cardio-based workouts, weights or machines.

This cushioned vinyl is durable, strong and easy to clean. Moreover, you can choose from several shades and finishes of the floor to match the rest of your home aesthetic, this includes their popular choice of grey cushioned flooring.

Their dimensions are available from as thin as 2.2mm to 4mm in thickness and everything in between, ensuring they fit any size requirements.

Sometimes it’s hard to judge colours and aesthetics online, that’s why their vinyl flooring comes with free samples and next day delivery across the UK. This grants you a no obligation sample and try before you buy, though they are sure confident you’ll love their cushion vinyl as much as they do.

If cushioned vinyl flooring sounds like something that you could benefit from with your home gym, head on over to Factory Direct Flooring to get your home gym flooring sorted for an affordable price! 


Before moving on, let’s summarise all of the benefits and disadvantages of wooden and vinyl flooring so you can make an informed decision. The key benefits include its strong, durable material, easy to clean feature and the versatility of the material overall.

Though limited, some disadvantages include the pricey nature of the material and the fact that it does indeed have a low impact absorption, so be sure to bear this in mind!

Best Artificial Grass Option

Next up, we have an artificial grass option. 

Artificial grass can be used either inside or outside and although inside would be quite the statement, it is still a fantastic home gym flooring option that ought to be considered. 

If you’re planning to use your gym space for weight training or cardio-based workouts, you should definitely consider an artificial grass floor for your home gym. 

Training outside is super beneficial, read our article on outdoor training: everything you need to know here!

#14 Orlando | Artificial Grass

Price: £9.99 per m2

home gym flooring reviews

Next, we’re moving onto artificial grass to give you some more innovative ideas for your home gym flooring space. 

Orlando’s grass provides a cushioned material that makes it a great surface to protect your joints and limbs when using weights. It’s great for workouts like Zumba as it doesn’t wear down your perfect lawn, and also has a springiness to aid you during jumping exercises.

This artificial grass has a thickness of 20mm for what they say is a luxurious feel and realistic look. As well as this, Orlando uses PP & PE fibres, this makes the grass softer to touch as well as being more resistant due to their flexibility.

You can also install this grass yourself, so you can save on any installation prices you were going to spend on your gym flooring. Whatsmore, you can count on this grass staying in shape all summer thanks to the UV protection and it welcoming some rainfall for cleaning purposes.


So, let’s quickly highlight the benefits and disadvantages of artificial grass. The main benefits are that you can expect a bouncy material with good shock absorption, low maintenance and of course, it’s really affordable.

Minimal disadvantages come along with this flooring, particularly if you are keeping it outdoors. However, the disadvantage of wanting an indoor home flooring and opting for artificial grass is the bold statement it makes, as well as this you should avoid doing yoga and pilates on this flooring. 

Best Cork Option

Next up, we have a cork tile option. 

Cork tiles are a very affordable and an environmentally friendly option for your home gym. 

Cork is great for those who are wanting to create home gyms in garages. If you’re thinking about kitting out your home gym for cardio-based workouts and HIIT, consider cork flooring for your home gym for great durability at a price that won’t break the bank.

#15 Soft Floor Kids | Natural Cork Floor Tile 

Price: £22.98

home gym flooring options

This product is from Soft Floor Kids and for just under £23, you can equip your home gym flooring space with 16 30cm x 30cm interlocking cork tiles. Compared with other materials, cork is definitely more economical. 

This flooring has great durability that is suitable for a variety of workouts. It’s slight bouncy quality means it’s easy on our joints when doing cardio-based workouts and HIITs. Cork is also a sturdy material meaning it can handle the weight of dumbbells, medicine balls and kettlebells.

If you’re a sustainability conscious individual, then this material is for you. Soft Floor Kids’ cork tiles are made entirely from environmentally-friendly recycled materials that are also biodegradable. 

There’s no need to stress about impacting the environment in any way when you’re getting your sweat on, as  Soft Floor Kids have made this top quality cork flooring for your home gym with upcycled materials. 

In summary, cork interlocking tiles have some great benefits, such as the environmentally friendly decedent and the easy installation and dismantle. Alongside that you have the affordability however, there is a slight disadvantage of risk of tear with heavy weight usage.

Best Yoga Mat Option

Last but not least, we have the yoga mat flooring option. 

This option is great for those who are a little hesitant about converting an entire room into a home gym, and instead would like a bit of versatility. 

As obvious as it may seem, the yoga mat option is ideal for those wanting to use their home gym space for yoga, pilates and any light-weight cardio-based workouts. So, if you’re considering using your space for these activities, add this link to your list of the best flooring for home gym options. 

#16 Cambivo | Extra Large Yoga Mat 

Price: £62.99

cork flooring for home gym

This extra large yoga mat is perfect for if you want to temporarily transform a space into an at home gym or yoga studio. If some versatility is what you’re after with your home gym, then this is another great option for you. 

Cambivo states how you will never feel restricted or limited by the size of this fitness mat and the extra-large space allows you to practice: yoga poses, pilates, stretch, foam rolling, cardio workouts and meditation.

Not only this, but Cambivo have made a product that is also useful for various barefoot bodyweight training like squats, lunges, push-ups, plank variations, and calisthenics.

Cambivo prides their product on being ‘grippy not slippy’, it uses a two-toned textured slip-free design, so you can perform any movement with confidence. This is done through the wavy underside that stops the mat from sliding on the floor, and the laser graved surface, preventing you from slipping out of position.

The mat comes as a standard size of 183cm x 122cm, so it’s still small enough for you to carry it and roll it out with ease, but large enough to modify your space into a home gym.

With pricing starting from £55.99 and coming in blue, black or purple, this is the perfect cheap home gym flooring option. You could even use this for 1-2-1 yoga lessons, if you’re interested in finding out – how hard is it to become a yoga instructor? Here.


So, let’s summarise the benefits and disadvantages of the extra large yoga mat, such as its affordability, the lightweight feel and ease of roll out – making it the perfect choice for yoga and pilates. One disadvantage, however, if you’re somebody using heavy weights, they could leave dents, so bear this in mind.


How Important is Flooring For Home Gyms? 

home flooring for gym

Getting padded flooring for your home gym is of the utmost importance. 

If you’re wanting to use your space for yoga or pilates, getting padded flooring for your home gym is the best way to go. Whereas, if you’re wanting to use your workout space for more cardio-based workouts that include Zumba or kickboxing, then a home gym with wood flooring would be more beneficial. 

It is strongly recommended that you consider your home gym flooring before getting carried away with purchasing weights, resistance bands or machines. This is because if you don’t have the right flooring, your joints and limbs could suffer as a result. 

With each home gym flooring option listed above, each comes with their own range of benefits, disadvantages and what type of workout that flooring is best suited for. Having a second look at these will give you some ideas for your home gym flooring needs. 

Can I Get a Cheap Gym Floor That is Good?

cheap home gym floor

There are an array of cheap home gym flooring ideas for you within this article so, don’t worry, you don’t need a huge budget to get good quality products!

Some examples of cheap home gym flooring options are interlocking foam padding which provides you with cushioned support and extra bounce. These are perfect for yoga and pilates based workouts.

Another example is cork flooring – great if you want to incorporate some weights into your workout, and a cheap home gym flooring option that shouldn’t be disregarded. 

While it can withstand some extra weight, cork is made from all recycled products, thus providing a great worry-free workout that your purchases haven’t negatively impacted the environment.

Which is The Best Home Gym Flooring Option? 

home gym flooring

Ultimately, there isn’t one best home gym flooring option. What gym floor you choose is very much dependent on your uses for your gym.

If you want a space to use for yoga, a foam floor is best. Foam is a cheap home gym flooring option for you which still has great durability. Whereas if you’re going to workout with heavy weights, a rubber flooring for your home gym is recommended.

It is important to research which floor will benefit you the most, as some exercises on certain flooring could cause you injuries. For example, you would typically want to avoid performing pilates on a carpet, as it could result in carpet burn!

Make sure you know what the best home gym flooring is for you and your needs so that you can get the most out of your workouts. 

Before You Go!

Getting padded flooring for your home gym should be at the top of your list of things to get prepared when building a home gym. Hopefully after reading this article, you have an array of home gym flooring ideas to begin transforming your space! 

But just before you leave us, if you’re interested in becoming a fitness professional head over to our page and enquire about our diploma in personal training. Alternatively, you can browse through our downloadable course prospectus here.

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