Lift Off The 30 Best Indoor Trampoline Parks in the UK

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Remember when you were young and there was that slightly-too-cool friend who owned a trampoline?

Well, prepare to put all the years of childhood envy behind you, because trampolines are back… but not as you might expect. In fact, 2018 has seen the rise of the trampoline park, with indoor trampoline parks springing up across the UK at an alarming rate.

But how do you know what are the best indoor trampoline parks in the UK?

Fear not my thrill-seeking friend! Here at OriGym, we have scoured the land to find the 30 best indoor trampoline parks in the UK. We have surveyed our students, as well as fitness professionals in a variety of different fields, to discover their favourite venues in order to bring you the most comprehensive list available.

But what – you may find yourself asking – do fitness students and professionals know about indoor trampoline parks? Well, you may be surprised to hear that indoor trampolining is one of 2018s hottest fitness trends, with indoor trampoline fitness classes soaring in popularity over the past six months.

So, by following the advice in this best indoor trampoline parks article, you can both fulfil all of your childhood dreams of soaring high above your friends, pulling off the most outlandish flips and tricks, while also improving your fitness.

So, what on earth are you waiting for? Get reading!

Featured: What are the best indoor trampoline parks in the UK?

  1. Freedome Park – Cheshire Oaks
  2. Xscape – Yorkshire
  3. Gravit8 – Airdrie
  4. Kick Air – Manchester
  5. Red Kangaroo – Nottingham
  6. Skyline Trampoline – Aberdeen
  7. Rush UK – Birmingham
  8. Infinity Trampoline Park – Cardiff

Best Indoor Trampoline Parks in Scotland

Flip Out – Glasgow

trampoline parks in the uk

Starting our list of the best indoor trampoline parks is Glasgow’s Flip Out, a 63,000 sq ft space that boasts a range of exciting features for both kids and adults.

Flip Out is one of the first trampoline parks in the UK to feature a Ninja Obstacle Course to put your flipping skills to the test.

The park also includes:

  • Flip Street for adults
  • Inflatables
  • Basketball course
  • Bungee run
  • 5m helter-skelter

They also host Flip Fit classes that teach you how to perform the best front flips, backflips, and other tumbling tricks to show off to friends.

Each of these classes aims to tone and strengthen your physique while burning up to 1000 calories. 

So, just when you thought that indoor trampoline parks were exclusively reserved for kids, think again – they’re also fantastic for helping you break a sweat and for keeping fit. 

“Flip Out is a Worldwide family-focussed leisure entertainment brand selling a trampoline and adventure park experience.

“All our focus is on delivering a fun family experience from the minute you enter the park and creating memories that last a lifetime. 

“We take pride in being an innovator and leader within the industry while “keeping ahead of the pack” with an evolving offer and customer experience.”

Skyline Trampoline – Aberdeen

Skyline Trampoline is Aberdeenshire’s premiere indoor trampoline park and leisure facility. Housed inside a massive 32,000 sq. ft. arena, with 1,000s of square feet of trampoline space, the facility caters for jumpers of all ages. As well as trampoline areas, the facility also houses dodgeball courts, battelebeams, foam towers, Olympic rings, a traverse climbing wall, a 2 metre jump tower, and much more. Essentially, if you want to jump off something and fall onto something either springy or padded, Skyline Trampoline has you covered. They also host a massive range of kids’ parties and jump classes, including the hugely popular Sky Fit.

“Skyline’s wow factor begins when you walk through the front door of our trampoline park. The openness of the space, the brightness, and the colours are a feast for the eyes and senses. The park was designed with a focus entirely on the participating and viewing customer. We wanted to create a space which gives the customer a freedom and excitement despite being indoors. We love to see families playing together, it’s a great way to bond, have fun and keep fit without the ‘grind’ of more traditional ways of exercising: it’s harder than it looks, but everyone can jump!”

Gravit8 – Airdrie

You may be wondering where the distinction lies between a regular trampoline park, and an extreme trampoline park (the description used by Gravit8 for their facility)Well, we might start with the extremity of this venue’s ambition: they are self-proclaimed as one of Glasgow’s top trampoline parks, and are currently Europe’s second biggest trampoline park, with over 80 trampolines, 16,000 square feet of free space, and a range of different activities and state-of-the-art equipment. The venue cherishes the expertise of its staff, and as such can provide a friendly, welcoming, and safe service, in addition to running specialised trampoline fitness classes on a regular basis. Gravit8, we might say, are therefore extreme in every sense: in ambition, fun, and in their attention to detail.

“Our inclusion comes so soon after our Dinom8 soft play area was named Best Soft Play Area of the Year 2018 at the Scottish Hospitality Awards. For the 2 years that we have been open, it has been a combination of the great staff and their work ethic to ensure the safety of all our customers on the trampolines as well as our inclusive facilities that have created the great place Gravit8 is today. 

“The facility itself is a credit to the owners. They have designed a trampoline arena that allows for endless hours of enjoyment for the children and ‘big kids’ whilst the parents can observe the entire trampoline area whilst enjoying a bite to eat or a hot drink. The size of the park is perfect for the younger children who require extra supervision but at the same time provides the older ones a game of dodge ball or to fight their mate on our gladiator zone.  

“Soon after the opening of the facility, various members of our staff created a range of fitness classes to help the local community engage in physical activity on whatever night of the week would suit. A combination of the vast freestyle area we have in the park, consisting of over 40 trampolines and variety of classes such as BounceFit or our 30 Day Challenge class, created a welcoming and accessible opportunity for many people to get active.”

Air Thrill Falkirk

“The skies are no longer out of reach, with Sky High.”

With a slogan like that it’s hard not to think of Air Thrill Falkirk as one of the best indoor trampoline parks in the country. This indoor trampoline venue, based in Scotland, wants its visitors to be creative in how they use their park, encouraging freestyle exploration of their many trampolines, or high intensity games of basketball and dodgeball on their trampoline courts. They also have a super-sized air bag, specifically designed for perfecting aerial stunts.

For those looking for specific activities, Air Thrill run neon parties on the last Friday of every month, in addition to their Sky Fit classes, utilising trampoline-based activities to create a high intensity, high-entertainment cardiovascular workout.

Infinity Trampoline Park – Inverness

The “infinity” of Infinity Trampoline Park is perhaps referring to the options jumpers have once they are inside. This is because the entire park is parkour-inspired: designed with freestyle jumping and creativity in mind. Visitors therefore have access to over 50 interconnected trampolines, vault boxes, tumble tracks and performance beds.

Whether its practising flips into the foam pits, working on a gymnastics routine in the main court, or even walking the walls in Infinity’s specifically designed parkour arena, you can be sure of keeping fit in an exciting and engaging way when you visit this indoor trampoline park.

Best Indoor Trampoline Parks in the North of England

Airbox – Cramlington

With a promise to deliver the “ultimate trampolining experience for children and adults alike,” Airbox have grasped the broad demographics of trampolining and its increasing popularity and ran with it (or jumped with it). This can be seen in their wide range of facilities, from interconnected trampolines, to roll-over platforms, angled walls, foam pits, and battle beams.

There’s also plenty for the fitness enthusiasts to enjoy. Airbox have a fairly unique “cardio wall” combining athleticism and flexibility, with aerobic fitness. They also run dedicated Jump Fitness classes on a regular basis, with benefits that include improved physical strength and cardiovascular ability, and muscle development and coordination, in a fun and inclusive environment.

Planet Leisure – Newton Aycliffe 

Based in the North East, Planet Leisure offers a veritable feast of entertainment activities including ten-pin bowling, roller skating, laser quest, and, of course, a fully equipped trampoline space ranking among the best trampoline parks in the UK. Located above their roller skating rink (testament to how large this venue actually is), Planet Leisure’s indoor trampoline facilities are some of the best in the UK, including dodgeball courts, a wide array of interconnected trampolines, and an airbag area on which to perform stunts.

The venue also runs an increasingly popular trampoline fitness class, with the dual aim to get more people excited about living a healthy lifestyle, and to get more people into trampolining as a serious sport, rather than a one-time weekend activity. These sessions are all coached by professional fitness trainers, and as such participants are guaranteed a fun but comprehensive workout, during which they can expect to lose anything up to 1,000 calories.

Xscape – Yorkshire

If you haven’t heard of it, Xscape in Yorkshire is a massive multi-entertainment complex, which includes facilities that can cater for climbing, snowsports, and, you guessed it, trampolining. The venue’s indoor trampoline park is actually run by Gravity Trampoline Parks, who are market leaders when it comes to safety. As you might expect, this venue has all the added extras that come with being one of the best trampoline parks in the UK: dodgeball areas, a large air bag on which to perform stunts, slam dunk arenas, and much more.

We also found, in our initial survey, that the venue was popular for its HIIT-style trampoline fitness classes. In Xscape’s and Gravity’s own words:

“Our HIIT Fitness Trampoline classes, are fun packed fitness with loads of health benefits! High Intensity Interval Training Classes on a trampoline get your blood rushing. It is high energy, and helps to tone, condition and burn fat.

“Jumpers can expect enhanced cardio vascular performance, better balance, improved muscle tone, core strength and a healthier lymphatic system after just a few sessions with us. And it’s fun!”

Adrenaline International – West Yorkshire

trampolining park

It is perhaps unfair to describe Adrenaline International as solely an indoor trampoline park. Instead, it’s more accurate to consider the wide array of facilities and activities that they host on a regular basis. Owned by the Fitzpatrick Family, recent investment in the venue means that they now boast a comprehensive trampoline park, with a main court, free style court, slam dunk lanes, two dodgeball courts, and an airbag arena, in addition to toddler adventure play zones, VR gaming areas, and dedicated party rooms. Basically, if you’re looking for an adrenaline filled day of activities, it should perhaps be unsurprising (given the name) that Adrenaline International should be your first port of call.

Not content with just improving people’s day-to-day enjoyment of life, Adrenaline International have also invested in improving their fitness too. Their Cardio Fitness classes, for example last 45 minutes, and focus on all areas of the body.

Kick Air – Manchester

Kick air Manchester describes itself as a “freestyle park,” rather than just being an indoor trampoline park. What does this mean? Well, the venue is separated into different zones, comprising of an air zone (trampoline based activities including dodgeball, basketball, and total wipe-out), a kick zone (football based activities including taking on the robokeeper, and football darts), and Little Kicks (kids’ play area and soft play). The venue runs special events and themed evenings, ensuring that there are plenty of opportunities to get fit in fun and exciting ways using this premier facility.

“Kickair will have been recommended for a number of reasons. It’s the largest freestyle park in the UK; the number of challenges available to the participants are so vast that each participant is guaranteed to feel they have received value for money; the challenges vary in degree of difficulty and therefore anyone from beginners or experts can use them.

 “There are also a number of standout features to our venue. The Kick Zone housed in Kickair is unique and not seen in any other park in the world, and all of our equipment is of high quality thus offering a quality experience.”

Air Unlimited – Liverpool

trampolining parks uk

Air Unlimited is hands down one of the best trampoline parks in the UK. It features:

  • Wall to wall trampolines
  • Inflatable playground
  • Bouncy football pitches
  • Mega drop slides
  • Obstacle courses
  • Tumble tracks… just to name a few

You and your kids can bounce, run, and slide forever thanks to Air Unlimited’s vast features that put flipping skills to the absolute test.

This indoor trampoline park has 3 different sessions; Open Bounce, Toddler Morning, and Air Autism.

Open Bounce is the most frequent session that allows all over the age of 5 to take part in all that Air Unlimited has to offer.

Toddler Morning is for those under 5 to bounce safely without big kids getting in the way. More kids’ inflatables are brought into the mix for enhanced excitement and fun.

Air Autism are customised sessions to accommodate young people with autism to play in a relaxed and safe environment 

“Air Unlimited has something Amazing for everybody. Whether you bounce, slide, run, or jump around, it is adrenaline-fuelled fun for the whole family. 

Our Urban Indoor Playground hosts plenty of activities, offers, events, and Air-Mazing times!”

Fusion Trampolining – Preston

best trampoline park uk

Energi Preston quickly garnered a ton of votes from our students and fitness professionals, and it’s easy to see why. The sheer number of different activities on offer at this venue is mind boggling. As well as being a fully kitted out indoor trampoline park, with high jump targets and a variety of different surfaces and platforms to jump from, the facility also caters for parkour, indoor bouldering, and trampoline basketball. There are also a couple of unique features to Energi Preston, including the Fusion Skyride – the UK’s first indoor skyride – and The Wall – a Cirque Du Soleil designed freestyle piece of equipment.

With this abundance of space and facilities, Energi Preston stay well on top of the fitness benefits of trampolining:

“We think trampolining and fitness go hand in hand. We run three dedicated fitness sessions a week so that as many people as possible can come and get fit and have fun at the same time. People – adults and children alike – come off the Park exhausted, exercising without even thinking about it. It is great for kids who perhaps don’t particularly like sport but can come here and get fit without realising it. 

“However, I think the main reason people like coming back to us is purely down to the team here at Energi Preston. We all work together irrespective of position in the company. We are a proper team effort, and we put our customers’ experience with us, and their safety, first. The most comments we get are related to how friendly our staff are, how much we interact with our customers, and how we have fun with them to improve their visit. Our customers know, as soon as they arrive, that they are going to experience a great atmosphere, and know that we are going to keep them safe.

“We love what we do, and we absolutely love having fun with our customers.” 

Freedome Parks – Cheshire Oaks

Freedome indoor trampoline park is a one of a kind facility. Innovated by Sky Zone, the world’s leading manufacturer of trampoline parks, Freedome has a mightily impressive list of events and facilities guaranteeing its place on this list of the best indoor trampoline parks in the UK. These include fitness classes, open jump sessions, competitions, state-of-the-art trampolines, air bags to perform stunts onto, ultimate warrior courses, and a variety of jump-sports arenas. Perhaps then, given their expertise and facilities, it would be best to hand over to them to describe why you should visit Freedome…

“Whether you’re looking to feel the fun and benefits of simply bouncing around or want to practice your flips and tricks in a fun-and-safe environment, then Freedome has the facilities and activities to suit your needs. 

“At Freedome you can channel your inner Patches O’ Houlihan and dodge, dip, duck, dive, and dodge your way around our Ultimate Dodgeball Court, which is the world’s first pad-less trampoline court specifically designed for Freedome.

“Not a dodgeball fan? Show off your inner Michael Jordan and practice your alley-oops and slam dunks on the high-flying FreeSlam, or if you just want to bounce you can FreeStyle on our enormous continuous trampoline court complete with sprung walls for the serious jumper.

“We also, run our very own high-intensity fitness class, FreeFit. FreeFit is a new concept in trampoline fitness classes, based on the popular HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) principle, and consisting of a specific 45 minute full-body workout and 15 minutes of open jump, all of which takes place on our trampolines.  

“Don’t just take our word for it though. Numerous studies have been conducted on the subject and trampolining has been found to have a whole host of health benefits when done safely. Such benefits include: Increased balance and coordination; low impact, so less stress placed on joints compared to running; and increased cardiovascular endurance and oxygen capacity.

 “So if you want to get fit and have fun in an exhilarating, innovative, friendly, and safety first environment, get down to Freedome now, the UK’s leading aerial freestyle park!”

Ascent Trampoline Park – Blackpool

Self-proclaimed the North West’s best trampoline park, Ascent Trampolines does a lot to earn their title. They are kitted out with trampolines in the dedicated “flip zone,” a professional air bag to safely perform stunts and flips onto, a bouldering wall, parkour facilities, as well as slam dunk and dodgeball arenas. You would, however, be mistaken in thinking that this wide variety of activities detracts from the trampolining itself. Ascent offer a variety of different themed sessions, including Ascent Todds, autism friendly sessions, and beat night (Friday nights with music aimed at 11-17 year olds), in addition to Ascent Academy and in-house fitness classes. All in all, Ascent have pretty much every base covered.

“Ascent Trampoline is dedicated to providing a fun, safe and challenging environment for all shapes and sizes looking to improve their fitness and wellbeing. Since the park opened in March 2016, we have held Fitness Classes several times a week, and to date have had over 3000 participants join us on the trampolines. Tests have shown that you can burn up to 409 calories per hour on a trampoline, so the benefits of the exercise, plus the enjoyment the classes bring, have resulted in the classes being so popular.

“Our state of the art facilities provide the perfect venue for fitness enthusiasts, with over 100 trampolines in our large and high capacity arena. We are pleased to say that during our peak months, the classes are attended by over 70 attendees per day. We also run our Fitness Classes alongside our Children’s gymnastic classes to encourage parents who might struggle with childcare to bring their child along to get fit and learn new abilities.”

AirVault Inflatable Indoor Trampoline Park – Bolton 

trampolining parks for adults

AirVault in Bolton offers 90 interconnected trampolines that are suitable for kids and adults alike. 

Whether you want to play a game of dodgeball and basketball or just want to try out AirVault’s vast features, then this is the ideal place for you.

Just a 1-hour session provides plenty of time to experience the following:

  • Leap up and down the ninja wall
  • Dive into the foam pit
  • Reach the top of the climbing wall
  • Try out all of the mega slides

Alternatively, you could take part in AirVault’s exercise classes. Trampolining is a low-impact form of exercise that puts less strain on your heart and joints with each jump.

You don’t need a flashy gym membership to get fit and burn calories, just a space dedicated to jumping to your heart’s content! 

AirVault’s varied schedule is why it’s one of the best trampoline parks in the UK. Why not head on over to Westhoughton in Bolton to see what all of the fuss is about?

“Grab your nearest and dearest and head down to AirVault for our exhilarated airjump sessions. 

“Book for just turn up and get your bounce on for an hour after school, college, or work. Laugh, leap, flip, twist, and get super fit in the process.

“After your session, hang out in our Mezzanine Cafe and cool down with a refreshing slush or relax with a hot coffee.”

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Velocity – Wigan

jumping parks uk

Next on our list of the best indoor trampoline parks is Velocity, situated in Wigan. 

Velocity is an incredible 46,000 sq ft trampoline park, one of the largest parks in Europe. 

Whether you want to literally bounce off the walls, slam dunk in the trampoline basketball courts, or play a game of dodgeball, you have the option to do so again and again. 

You can also practice your and your kids’ tumbling skills on the track or challenge them to a battle beam, all in a safe environment with cushioned padding in every corner. 

But, as well as accommodating for bigger kids, Velocity also hosts their Toddler Time sessions during term time from 10am-2pm. 

This allows younger kids to exert their energy in an exciting place that makes a nice change from the local park or daycare. 

With prices starting from just £6 per session, you can guarantee your kids can get their trampolining fix without breaking the bank. 

“Velocity Trampoline Park in Wigan is one of the largest of its type in Europe, and our jump sessions are perfect for hanging fun, keeping active, fun with friends, practising flips, leaps, and keeping fit!

Our indoor trampoline courts offer an exhilarating fun experience for everyone from beginner to a seasoned gymnast, so come along and give it a go!”

Bounce Central – Manchester

jump parks uk

Bounce Central has over 90 trampolines which creates a huge bounce area that’s perfect for families, friends, school groups, and aspiring gymnasts.

This indoor trampoline park also features a super exciting Jurassic Jungle soft play area with a range of fun inflatables that is designed for little jumpers.

Alternatively, if you plan on taking big kids to Bounce Central, their Twilight sessions will be right up their street.

Held each Friday and Saturday evening, Twilight night is an exclusive bouncing disco with flashing lights, party music, and sweet treats. 

Bounce Central also hosts fitness sessions every Monday and Tuesday that work the whole body with minimal impact. 

Fitness classes operate by moving for 20 seconds with 10-second breaks, working different muscles each time. Just 1 session can burn up to an incredible 1000 calories!

Bounce central offers everything and more which is why we think it’s one of the best indoor trampoline parks in the North. 

“Looking for indoor active fun? We’ve got you covered. You can jump over to our trampoline park and join in the fun, no matter what age or ability.

“We are the very best indoor trampoline park in Manchester with interconnected trampolines, airbags, rollover blocks & basketball lanes!”

Best Indoor Trampoline Parks in the Midlands

Red Kangaroo Nottingham

Red Kangaroo Nottingham is one of the largest venues in the midlands: when they say they have “wall-to-wall trampolines,” they really aren’t exaggerating. Among the many trampoline-related activities, the indoor trampoline park also includes Wipe-out facilities, a mega Ninja course (enough to warrant inclusion in our list of best trampoline parks alone), a tumble track allowing for more acrobatic somersaults, and a double cardio reaction wall.

Indeed, many of our students recommended Red Kangaroo Nottingham exactly for the facilities they provide in terms of gymnastics and fitness, in particular their high intensity “KANGA Fitness” classes, during which participants can burn up to 1,000 calories per hour.

“For some, the social pressures surrounding a visit to the gym may be daunting. Where trampoline parks like RedKangaroo Nottingham come in is that we offer exercise dressed up as fun. Accessible for all, RedKangaroo provides the chance to get fit together in a relaxed, low pressure environment, where every individual can exercise at their own pace regardless of perceived fitness levels or abilities. Parks like ours are ideal in the face of a growing childhood obesity crisis.

“There are so many health and wellbeing benefits to trampolining from building muscle strength to increasing cardiovascular fitness, improving co-ordination, and significantly reducing stress. Ten minutes of trampolining is believed to be a more efficient cardiovascular workout than 30-minutes of running. It is also lower impact on joints compared to other forms of exercise.”

Rush UK – Birmingham

The team at Rush UK are all about championing trampolining as a serious way of getting fit. In their own words: “Did you know that you can burn up to 1,000 calories an hour on a trampoline? Fitness is about feeling good, inside and out, and at Rush we want that for you and your family. Rush Birmingham is the perfect place to get fit while still having fun!”

Rush UK’s indoor trampoline park is a huge 35,000 square feet, with appropriate facilities for kids, gymnasts, casual jumpers, and even circus enthusiasts! With over 100 wall-to-wall connected trampolines, dodgeball courts, gigantic foam pits, and trapezes, among many other pieces of equipment, the park ensures that everyone is catered for. Perhaps most importantly, everyone is welcome. Whether you know nothing about trampoline parks in the Uk and simply want to pop down on your own for a quick jump, or want to seriously train for an upcoming gymnastics routine, Rush UK can accommodate your needs. 

Founder, Sam Williams, and Fitness Director, Jo Edwards, are passionate about health and fitness and are on a mission to get the UK into shape. Both have a profound understanding on what you can achieve and how you can achieve it whilst having an exhilarating and fun experience.

 “Incorporating a trampoline into your fitness regime allows you to experience low-impact, healthy fun that combines core exercises, strength and conditioning exercises with high intensity interval training (HIIT).Individual 1-1 attention is given to everyone in every class and the motivational highly experienced Instructors cover ALL abilities.

“Why you’ll love it? There is NO Membership tie-in. You can ‘pay as you go’ or buy a block of 10 or 20 sessions.Just one hour of low impact training on the trampolines will help you burn up to 1000 calories, and 10 minutes of exercise on a trampoline is equal to a 30 minute run.”

Freestyle Trampoline Park – Kirkby in Ashfield

As the largest indoor trampoline park in the midlands, Freestyle Trampoline Park have a lot to boast about. What’s perhaps more impressive are the range of classes and services they run for their growing customer base. With everything from freestyle fitness classes, to party bookings, and school trips, Freestyle have the space, expertise, and knowledge to cater for most, if not all needs. The venue, of course, boasts a massive range of state-of-the-art apparatus, including 140 interconnected trampolines, a giant air bag, a traverse wall, and arenas for slam dunk and dodge ball games. Open to all ages, Freestyle are a premium facility for anyone in the midlands and was a certainty for inclusion when it came to our list of the best trampoline parks in the UK.

“One of the things that make us special are the staff that we employ. 

“All of them undergo regular training to ensure they are providing an outstanding experience for every customer that walks through the door. Our aim is to ensure that all customers understand the health benefits as well as the potential risks that are associated with trampolining. We strive for enjoyment, but safety is our TOP priority.

“Then there’s the unique facilities we offer.

“Currently, we stand as the largest Trampoline & Fitness Park in the East Midlands. With over 140 interconnected trampolines spread across 8 fun-filled activities. Not many parks boast this many trampolines and this many activities. Our facilities are second to none.

“The perks of trampolining are becoming more and more clear and each day we notice an increase in the demand of our sessions, whether that’s our open jump sessions, parent & toddler, sensory or our fitness classes. We offer a variety of sessions that benefit EVERYONE.

 “Our main aim as a trampoline park is to provide a numerous amount of opportunities to the public to get fit and healthy whilst having fun doing so. We encourage families, couples, people of all ages and sizes to come and experience what Trampolining and in particular, what we have to offer.”

Bounce Revolution – Derby

Set up by a local entrepreneur, Bounce Revolution is one of those special indoor trampoline parks rooted in their local community. Supporting other local businesses in the Derby area, the venue also places emphasis on catering for school parties and group sessions, and provides a wealth of facilities to keep everyone entertained. Whether it’s strictly trampolining, wipe-out style inflatables, or just a coffee from their friendly café, Bounce Revolution is an indoor trampoline park that is as welcoming as it is fun. 

“I believe Bounce Revolution is recognised due to our friendly and approachable staff, our top of the range attractions such as Wipe-out and Airbag, and due to being great value for money.”

Best indoor Trampoline Parks in the South of England

Base Jump – Essex

Base Jump don’t mess around when it comes to describing their venue: they describe themselves as the UK’s Ultimate Trampoline Park. With over 35,000 square feet of trampoline space, the venue also has some outstanding unique features ensuring their place on our list of the best indoor trampoline parks in the UK. For example, visitors to the park can enjoy the exhilarating experience of the UK’s first trampoline half-pipe, in addition to 2 metre high base jump platforms (with an air bag to soften the landing) and a freestyle jump arena with over 75 interlinked trampolines. The venue also runs a range of fitness classes in addition to “standard jump” sessions, including weekly Bounce Fit and HIIT Bounce classes.

“Base Jump is a fun, friendly and vibrant park! Our staff are young energetic and make every experience an enjoyable one. Whether you are bouncing in our fun and well-designed park, or enjoying some chill out time in our trendy café, we really do cater for everyone. We feel we are one of the BEST parks in the country.”

Jump Evolution – Essex

There’s no doubting it, Jump Evolution is one of the UK’s biggest, and most impressive indoor trampoline parks. Based in Essex, the sheer size of the park means that it is split into dedicated sections, each homing state-of-the-art, and in some instances unique, trampoline-based equipment. These include, Jump Evolution’s infamous obstacle course, “The Wall”, Gladiator Arena’s where visitors can battle it out above foam pits, the UK’s first Cageball facilities, a game that tests your stamina and skill, and the UK’s first indoor trapeze hanging over a foam pit.

The park holds regular trampoline lessons and junior sessions, in addition to venue hire, and increasingly popular Jump Fit classes. Their fitness classes are also designed to be suitable for jumpers of all abilities, and are an impressive workout in their own right. 10 minutes of trampolining, for example, is a better cardio workout than 33 minutes of running!

Jump Street – Colchester & Chelmsford

Jump Street have created an amazing couple of indoor trampoline parks that are as fun for children, as they are for parkour and action sports enthusiasts. Their venues are spacious, safe, and full of colour, and include state of the art equipment allowing for gymnastics, slam dunk sessions and dodgeball. They also run a host of fitness classes and children’s sessions, and have even included Clip’N Clumb facilities for those more at home scaling a wall, than they are jumping over it.

“Boasting two large trampoline parks in Colchester and Chelmsford, both Jump Street sites are set up to offer fitness fanatics the chance to bounce themselves into shape. Each park runs a range of fitness classes suitable for beginners to more serious jumping enthusiasts.  

“The classes focus on core fitness aspects, such as High Intensity, Metafit, Jump’n Tone and many more routines to get fitness lovers smiling as they jump. Whatever your end goal, whether it is tone up or lose weight, Jump Street offers a class to suit you. To make life even more affordable for guests, the parks offer a fitness multi-pass of just £35 for 8 fitness classes per month.”

Flip Out – Brent Cross

Flip Out Brent Cross has everything you would expect from a member of one of the UK’s most popular indoor trampoline parks. Facilities include an advanced trampoline area, trick park, and ninja skills centre, in addition to wall runners, tumble tracks, super-hero themed obstacles, and much, much more. As you might imagine, then, the venue itself is lurid and exciting, and the venue is also set to announce brand new Flip Fit classes in the near future, offering visitors another avenue to get fit in a new and exciting way.

“We believe the arena is the perfect spot for gymnasts, free runners and anyone with an enthusiasm to jump. Flip Out Brent Cross is perfect for anyone 6 months plus. We hold sessions for everyone within the North London community. Our Unlimited Mini Flipper sessions are a hit for children aged 5 and under, we also hold SEN sessions for anyone with special educational needs. Tuesday Takeover has gone down with a storm as we have some of the UK’s best free runners using our stunt boxes to practise and film their amazing tricks and flips. Every Friday and Saturday, our After Dark 2 Hour Clubbing Experience gives your weekend a twist. The lights are low and the music is up!

“The arena boasts a wide range of energy busting things to do. Challenge yourself with the ninja obstacle course (as seen on TV!), try your stealth skills in our laser maze, plunge into the foam pit, try out your balancing skills on the battle beam, or flip your way down the tumble track. Set in our massive arena we also have an Olympic standard trampoline for budding gymnasts, there’s a trick park to try out new stunts, and there’s a designated area for under 5’s to keep them safe and having fun. With free parking and a café onsite plus a sky lounge for arena views, we are a must visit destination for any age!”

Flip Out – London E6

Taking a slightly different approach to indoor trampoline parks, Flip Out London E6 is more comfortable with the label “trampoline and adventure park.” In actual fact, they are the biggest indoor trampoline park and adventure facility in the capital, with a mind-boggling range of facilities. These include a large arena of trampolines, stunt boxes, and trick obstacles, London’s first 100 meter indoor caving and potholing experience, 12 climbing walls, and a laser maze, to name but a few. While also running children’s parties and a variety of age specific opening hours, Flip Out London E6 offers a variety of ways in which adults and kids can stay fit while also enjoying themselves.

“I think we were selected due to our unique features such as our 100m indoor caving experience and our 30ft ninja drop slide. These activities and features all add to our uniquely urban feel.

“Our centre is perfect for people wanting to get fit through trampolining because of our diverse classes from learn to jump, learn to free run, and our climb fit. These sessions are all run by our amazing safety and climbing team, and we also pride ourselves as being the perfect place for families, where kids and parents can both come and have an amazing time whether that be to get fit, or just to have fun!”

Super Tramp – Bodmin 

trampoline centres uk

Super Tramp is located in Bodmin, Cornwall, and has a range of activities for kids of all ages. 

Super Tramp has top-quality sports corners designed to transform into different sports courts. 

Whether you want to play a game of bounce football, dodgeball, or basketball, you can do each in the same space over and over.  

They also have airbags and wall-to-wall trampolines with tumbling tracks to practice a whole range of gymnastics tricks. 

But, if you’re after indoor trampoline parks for younger kids, Super Tramp has you covered too. 

Their soft play area has a wealth of small slides, inflatables, and mini trampolines for toddlers to have tons of fun in a safe, supportive environment. 

Super Tramp, therefore, is a great way to keep kids fit and active while being the perfect location for a play date. 

With prices starting from just £6 for a 1-hour session, there’s never been a better way to exert some energy than here. We’re sure you and your kids will thoroughly enjoy your time!

We have been established for over 35 years, so there’s not much we don’t know about trampolines and trampoline parks.

“We are passionate about trampolines and strive to deliver a first-class customer experience in all of our venues.

“We value the support of our customers and look forward to welcoming you to Super Tramp in the future.”

Super Tramp – Plymouth

Based in the heart of the South West, Super Tramp Plymouth was one of the most popular indoor trampoline parks we encountered, with over 30 years experience in safety and trampoline entertainment.

In addition to open bounce sessions, the venue runs after school and family bounce sessions, making it hugely popular with a wide variety of ages. They also have more specialist equipment and facilities. For example, Super Tramp offers the South West’s #1 Wall Running set up, combining the skills of trampolining with parkour. In addition to hugely popular workshops for wall running, Super Tramp’s Superfit exercise class was recommended highly by our students and readers. These 60 minute trampoline fitness classes have all the benefits of a high intensity gym session, but are a lot more fun!

Best Indoor Trampoline Parks in Wales

Infinity Trampoline Park – Cardiff

With over 70 interconnected trampolines, vault boxes, tumble tracks, and more, Infinity Park is one of those special indoor trampoline parks that cherish flexibility and creativity for their customers. As you might imagine, the park is aimed at a wide range of ages, running everything from family sessions and parties, to the hugely popular Infinity Active sessions. Indeed, the fitness side of Infinity Trampoline Park really stands out, with a host of qualified instructors offering everything from introductions to trampoline fitness, to intense aerobic trampoline classes. What’s more, as one of the oldest centres in the UK, Infinity Park is a trailblazer in terms of design and innovation, with many high-end parks subsequently taking inspiration from their early ideas.

“Infinity Trampoline Park in Cardiff was one of the first parks in the UK to open, but what we take pride in is the revolution in trampoline parks that we initiated. Before we opened, parks were typically very flat (ironically). The idea of connecting trampolines in a long expanse was very common abroad and in the UK, and using our experience in extreme sports, we wanted to create something that would take trampoline parks to the next level. We spent months pouring over the design of Infinity Cardiff, and used raised platforms, vault boxes, and other parkour-inspired features to create an experience unrivalled in the UK. We designed a ‘performance wall’ section that involves bouncing on your back and running up the wall, with multiple levelled platforms allowing advanced users to unlock a whole new dimension of freestyle tricks and manoeuvres. 

“Since we opened, we frequently hear of other park operators taking inspiration from our design and take pride in this.

“Our whole Infinity Team and ethos revolves around personality, customer engagement and enthusiasm for the freestyle niche that we’ve created. Because of this, we’ve secured a 5 star rating across Facebook and Trip Advisor, and display a Trip Advisor certificate of excellence with pride. We’ve also won several local, regional and even national awards, with more ‘finalist’ status secured for upcoming ceremonies. Examples include – Wales Start Up of the Year 2017 in the Leisure & Tourism sector, Inspiring Entrepreneur of the Year at the national Start Ups Awards, and finalists for Entrepreneur of the Year at the Cardiff Business Awards (announcing June 15th) and finalist for the Elite Awards’ Fitness Award (announcing June).”

Hangar Five – Pembrokeshire

Hangar Five is another seriously popular trampoline park, known throughout Wales and the UK. With around 10,000 square feet of interconnected trampolines, including special features like angled walls, an airbag for stunts, slam dunk basketball courts, dodgeball areas, and facilities for volleyball, Hangar Five have enough equipment to compete with the best trampoline parks in the UK.

What’s more, the venue is popular for kids’ parties, meaning that staff are fully trained and friendly, and that the venue has additional facilities like a soft play area to cater for every child’s need. For adults, there are the hugely popular (and effective) Rebound classes: trampoline fitness classes designed to give a full body workout without any stress on joints.

“We think that Hangar 5 is so highly regarded by our readers and our customers because of the dedication of myself, Mandy, and indeed all our staff to make sure that every bouncer that visits Hangar 5 Trampoline park is treated the same way.Customer satisfaction and safety really are at the top of our list. We also have the Hang 5 café serving Hot and Cold Food/Drink, Birthday parties which are very very popular at Hangar 5, and loads of fantastic reviews.”

Before You Go!

And there you have it!

If you’re looking for a new way to get fit, we can’t encourage you enough to get out and try a trampoline fitness class in your local area.

Indoor trampoline parks are opening all around the country, so if you feel we’ve missed anyone off our list, be sure to get in touch on Facebook or Twitter

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