Are you after the best wrist straps for lifting? We completely understand why as straps help keep your grip strong and secure so the bar doesn’t slip from your hands! That’s why we have written this ultimate buyer’s guide to help you!

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Very soon we’ve listed the best lifting straps available to buy in the UK, but first, let us briefly explain how to use straps if you’re a beginner!

How To Use Lifting Straps

If you haven’t used lifting straps before, we’ve got you covered!

Weightlifting wrist straps are often used in heavy pulling exercises! The straps are either made from leather, nylon, or canvas and have a loop on each end.

This is a rough guide to using lifting straps as there are many types of straps available, you should double-check either by learning a tutorial online or asking a coach or fitness professional to wear it correctly.

  • With one hand, select the end of one of the straps and place it on the bar.
  • Wrap the excess material of the strap in a twisting motion around the bar.
  • Any excess material of the can hang around the barbell
  • For the strap to feel tight against the bar, clinch the strap and repeat for the other hand.

So now you know how to use the straps, let’s find out where to buy weight lifting straps!

#1 AQF Power Weight Lifting Hand Straps

Price: £6.19

weight lifting straps uk

These lifting straps are proof that sometimes simple is best. Their no-frills, all functionality approach makes them the cheapest straps on the list by some distance.

They offer fantastic wrist support and enhanced grip, which equates to a higher lifting potential. With their durable and rugged design, they’re suitable for all kinds of strength training including deadlifts, pull-ups, and weighted chin ups.

Weight lifting straps don’t come much simpler than this. The open-loop design means that there’s virtually no setup time – you simply thread the free end through the loop, wrap that around the bar and you’re good to go.

There’s no excess faff or fiddling, and these straps are great if you just want to start your workout with no fuss.

They’re exceptionally robust and have the feel of a rugged piece of kit. Heavy-duty cotton webbing is extremely strong, and the added support makes a palpable difference.

The length of the straps is slightly above average at 21 inches, and this means that they’re suitable for use with any bar or dumbbell, regardless of size.

There’s no need for gym straps to be excessively complicated, and this offering from AQF should be a staple in any weight lifter’s kit bag.

506 Amazon reviews and a brilliant 4.5/5 star rating are proof of their popularity, and we can’t think of a scenario where they’ll let you down. They even ship with Amazon Prime, so you can get hold of a pair in no time!

#2 Starwood Lifting Straps

Price: £9.99

unisex lifting straps image

These Starwood lifting straps are designed with heavier weights in mind, making them a great choice for those looking for Olympic weightlifting straps or anybody looking to pull more weight and improve their grip strength.

Available in a simple black and white style, this unisex design means that this product is supre versatile.

The straps are super secure on the wrist and make a very noticeable difference, especially with higher weights. Whether you’re looking to improve your deadlifts, shrugs, or pull-ups, these straps will take the stress off your fingers and palms, allowing you to lift heavier without worrying that you’ll drop the weight.

Many deadlift straps can have a detrimental effect on your hands, with bruises and calluses common after use, and some that even cut off blood flow at crucial moments during heavier lifts. There are no such problems with these straps though as they are made from strong, premium materials.

The straps are fully adjustable so they’ll fit any hand size, male or female, and they’re quite long at 24 inches. This means that they can be wrapped 2-3 around the bar, offering even more support.

If you wanted to move on to heavier weights, you should invest in a pair of weightlifting shoes to help hit your personal bests!

If you’re thinking of tackling Olympic weights for the first time or are finding that regular straps chaff and injure your hands, then Starwood are offering the upgrade you need.

#3 Elite Body Weightlifting Straps

Price: £6.99

weight lifting straps image

A pair of strong all-rounders, these padded fitness straps will aid you in a wide range of exercises including pull ups, deadlifts, and a variety of snatch variations.

Sure to become a staple in your bag, this budget-friendly pair of lifting straps are available at a fraction of the price of many of the other all-purpose straps available.

These straps are made from heavy duty 100% cotton, making them a durable option with a premium feel that belies the budget price. Even after a couple of uses, the straps don’t stretch during a lift and they show no signs of fray or tear.

These are a great pair of wrist straps for weightlifting enthusiasts due to their phenomenal value for money, but also their durability and grip, both of which are enhanced by the straps extended length of over 60cm.

Not only that, but these straps are definitely one of the more comfortable and stable options thanks to their durable neoprene wrist padding.

If you want further protection on your knees, take a look at OriGym’s recent article on the best knee compression sleeves. This combination of equipment is perfect for anybody wanting a little more support as they tackle the heavier weights.

Since wrist straps are designed with general functionality in mind, taking the plunge with knee wraps elevates your kit into the realms of all-round, high-performance strength training equipment.

Since these are budget-friendly options, you could grab both for less than the price of some of the other straps on the list!

#4 Amica Powerlifting Straps

Price: £8.99

 best lifting straps for deadlifts

Made of the highest quality blend of neoprene and nylon to enhance their durability, these powerlifting straps from Amica represent affordability without compromising on quality. If you’re a beginner weightlifter unsure of what equipment you might need, this package is the best place to start.

Not only do these lifting straps utilise the best materials available, they’re also at the forefront of weightlifting strap technology, using a foam pad that’s designed to mitigate against and even prevent injury when lifting even the heaviest of weights.

These straps just feel premium – they don’t stretch, and we can’t imagine any conditions where they might develop tears.

Amica is recognised as a producer of some of the best wrist straps for weightlifting in terms of sheer durability. The premium nylon material is incredibly strong, and the rigorous testing process has paid dividends. These are long-lasting, nearly invincible grip straps weightlifting enthusiasts and professionals will love.

Not to mention that these lifting straps are available in three different colours, meaning you can accesorise properly with all your other gym gear!

#5 BEAR GRIP Lifting Straps For Weight Lifting

Price: £9.97

weight lifting straps for beginners

As you might expect from a pair of Olympic lifting straps, these are highly durable, super strength, robust pieces of kit.

They can pull up to a staggering 300kg with no problems, and they can take that kind of weight again and again.

We also found that they don’t slice into the wrist as much as other straps, so despite their incredible strength, they are low impact.

The single loop design is quite ingenious, and it ensures that the straps never become too tight around the wrists.

On a basic level that makes them more comfortable, but with sustained use, it means no problems with blisters, friction burns or interrupted blood supply to the hand.

Considering how these straps are marketed with strength as their primary feature, we were amazed at how soft they were.

That doesn’t come at the expense of security, though. The straps won’t stretch at all, giving you an exceptionally strong support base around the wrists.

This makes them great straps for the deadlift, as well as snatches, pull-ups, and of course, powerlifting, for which they were designed and excel at.

Much like the AQFs from earlier in the list, this product requires no setup and is good to go straight out of the box. This has the additional benefit of making them exceptionally quick to release should a lift begin to fail.

That’s an important safety concern and another reason that these straps are so effective with heavier weights.

There’s absolutely no doubt that these are some of the best Olympic weightlifting straps on the market, and they’ll serve you well as you work your way up through the weight brackets.


#6 Harbinger Women’s Padded Lifting Straps

Price: £10.30

pink weight lifting straps

These heavy-duty lifting straps pack quite a punch beneath their colourful exterior.

They come with strong stitching that eliminates any stretch or tearing issues, and as a result, they’re some of the longest-lasting weight lifting wrist straps on the list.

We love the pink weight lifting straps because most of the other straps come in the usual black colour.

Neotek pads provide excellent comfort and protection around the wrists. They’re nice and chunky, and you can feel them taking the brunt of each lift on your behalf.

We were big fans of the merrowed tabs on the end of each strap, too. Much like the stitching, these tabs are in place with longevity in mind.

They stop the straps fraying even after prolonged use, and mean that this equipment could feasibly last for years.

They’re 1 1/2 inches wider than standard straps, and while this might not seem like a lot it does make a difference. It provides a larger surface area, which enhances grip quite strikingly.

We think this is ideal if you’re beginning to scale up your workout, as the added traction can make handling heavier weights much safer.

These are the only straps on the list designed specifically with women in mind. While other straps do claim to be unisex, fit can be a little different for female hands.

These colourful weight lifting straps from Harbinger deliver big on durability and longevity, so they represent an excellent long term investment.

#7 Pioneer Fitness Cotton Single Weightlifting Strap

Price: £18.99

single weight lifting straps

Another pair of bargain gym lifting straps, the Foxters represent excellent value for money and look good too! The stark red and white text stands out brilliantly against the black material.

It’s quite a visceral design, and makes the straps look as though they mean business right from the off!

Truly all-purpose straps are hard to come by, and that alone warrants the Foxter’s prominent position on this list.

These are without a doubt the most multipurpose set of fitness lifting straps on the list. They’re great for everything from CrossFit to bodybuilding, all the way up to much more demanding powerlifting.

Wrist support is excellent, and the fabric has a durable, none stretch feel capable of enduring anything.

Three different loops mean that they aren’t the most straightforward straps to get on, but once they’re in place they’re extremely secure and offer tremendous grip.

They’re comfortable too, and prolonged use won’t lead to any blisters or chaffing. The interior padding is rather plush and feels softer against the skin than most.

This makes it one of the best lifting straps for bodybuilding if you’re planning to do a lot of sets and reps with these straps.

It’s quite easy to find specialised gym hand straps for the likes of Olympic weights or powerlifting, but it’s often more of a tricky proposition to find solid all-rounders.

Most straps are designed with a specific purpose in mind, but the Foxters will see you through anything.

Many weightlifters carry two or three different types of straps for different weights, so we’re pleased to see a product that negates that requirement.

#8 Grip Power Pads

Price: £35

best weight lifting straps

These weightlifting wrist straps look formidable, and in this case, looks certainly aren’t deceiving.

They’re very, very heavy duty, offer deep padding and an extremely secure grip. The cotton straps are rubber coated for extra strength, and the neoprene padding around the wrist area offers fantastic comfort without sacrificing circulation.

If ever a product was built to last, it’s these straps. The rubber coating prevents them from stretching, tearing, or even fraying.

Neoprene is a notoriously long-lasting substance, and there’s little to no chance of the padding wearing down.

The straps do fit snugly around the wrists, perhaps snugger than many of the others on this list, but they aren’t constrictive and the padding feels nicely responsive.

Padding is strategic, so it’s deeper in areas that experience more pressure. Grip Power believes that these straps will fit almost anybody, and it’s easy to adjust the size.

If you’re looking for fun ways to exercise, you should invest in weighted hula hoops to add a fun dynamic to your workout!

Slip the pads onto your wrists, and then tighten them until they feel snug. These straps are certainly at the higher end of the pay scale, they’re some of the most expensive on the list, but they are worth it.

Their robust quality makes them perfect for heavier weights, including Olympic standard, and we think they’re fantastic deadlift wrist straps.

A 4.5/5 star Amazon rating from 850 reviews doesn’t lie, and you won’t find any other weightlifting straps that offer this level of protection.

Everything from the way the straps fasten firmly around the wrists to the grippy top layer just feels secure, so you’ll be able to lift with confidence.

#9 Rogue Leather Lifting Straps

Price: €30 (approx. £26.51)

weight lifter straps

These leather weight lifting straps from Rogue have a truly premium look and feel. The leather adds a touch of class and, of course, extreme durability.

Leather lifting wrist straps aren’t as common as you might imagine, and these offerings from Rogue are without a doubt the best you’ll find.

Unlike their cotton counterparts, they won’t suffer from issues like stretch or fray, and as a result, they have a much greater lifespan.

While the exterior of these straps is certainly rugged, the interior has a soft lining which is exceptionally kind to the hands during a lift, even more so than standard cotton.

The lining doesn’t cause any issues with friction, and thus eliminates problems like blisters or calluses.

Despite their tough look, these straps are extremely comfortable, and even the excess strain of heavier weights doesn’t affect the blood supply.

A slightly elongated width of 1.5 inches offers a wider surface area and therefore more grip, and since leather provides exceptional traction (better even than cotton), you’ll encounter no issues with stability.

They’re fantastic for any level of weight, and the box stitching adds even more support in high-pressure areas.

Rogue has developed a pair of lifting straps gym lovers will adore for their comfort, grip, and durability.

Not only will these straps allow you to easily transition through different weight levels, but their leather design will last for years.

Since leather is a somewhat more adaptive material, the longer you use these straps the more they’ll mould to your hands, and after a while, they’ll feel like they were custom made!

#10 Nordic Lifting Straps

Price: £12.92

best olympic weightlifitng straps

Nordic is famous for endlessly redeveloping and tweaking their products in pursuit of perfection.

These gym wrist straps have certainly benefited from this ongoing overhaul, and they’re made with some of the highest quality materials around. We love them for their durability, value for money and expansive range of use.

The first thing you’ll notice about these straps is the quality of the material. Only top of the range cotton and neoprene are used, and build quality is exceptional.

Even the stitching is reinforced. All of this equates to an incredibly strong pair of straps that won’t tear no matter how much pressure you subject them to.

Fortunately, with great strength comes great comfort. We found the neoprene padding to be slightly deeper than on some of the other straps, and it provides excellent cushioning.

Similarly, the level of grip is better than most, making these the perfect straps if you sometimes struggle in that area, especially on heavier weights.

Special mention has to go to how versatile these straps are. They’re some of the best weightlifting straps for powerlifting, deadlifting, and working with Olympic weights, but they’ll also see you safely through CrossFit and a wide variety of other strength training.

This is all due to the premium materials and high build quality.

You also get two sets of straps for the price of one, which makes these some of the best value wrist straps for weightlifting on the market.

Better still, they come with a 1 year warranty and the promise that, if you’re not satisfied, you can return them at any time during the first 30 days.


#11 IronMind Lifting Straps

Price: £15.99

lifting straps deadlift

They’re certainly not a budget option, but these lifting straps are a serious choice for those who want to take their workout to the next level.

Beginners might be put off by the higher price bracket and various customisation options, but more advanced weightlifters, and even those with an eye on the professional sphere, will love this offering from Ironman.

There are quite a few customisation options available with these straps. The entry level straps are the go-to hand straps for weightlifting of any level.

They offer great all round protection, grip and build quality, but there’s plenty more to choose from.

If you like to have a different perspective of working out at home, why don’t you try and buy fitness trampolines! Especially if you’re lacking space at home.

Blue Twos offer extra width and length for larger bars and bigger hands, Short and Sweet is a classic style intended for Olympic weights, and you can also choose more heavy duty lifting straps for professional strongmen in the form of the “Strong Enough.”

It’s unusual to see weightlifting straps that offer this level of customisation and specialisation, as many simply masquerade under the banner of being all-purpose.

Ironman is a serious brand for serious lifters though, and the level of choice speaks volumes about the target audience. These are straps for athletes and professionals.

Whichever option you choose, you can be certain that you’re getting some of the best weight lifting straps in the UK.

They are (of course) made using only super durable cotton that offers exceptional support around the wrists.

The grip is high and non slip, and the straps are easy to take on and off, which also means that it’s much easier to extricate yourself should a lift begin to fail. If you’re looking for one of the best wrist straps for lifting with a professional standard, then you can’t go far wrong with these straps.

#12 Serious Steel Fitness Figure 8 Weight Lifting Straps

Price: £52.99

weight lifting hand straps

These deadlift grip straps are some of the most expensive on the list, but they’re also some of the strongest.

Serious Steel boasts that they can take any amount of punishment, and we can attest that they’re super strong and suitable even for the heaviest of lifts.

They’re favoured for intense powerlifting and deadlifts, and the extra level of durability offered by these straps is extremely impressive.

Figure 8 straps come with several advantages. They loop once around your wrist, then the weight, and then over your hand.

This multilayered grip locks you much more firmly to the bar, enhancing traction and making the lift far more secure.

Not only this, but they’re also much easier to take on and off for added convenience and safety.

These Serious Steel powerlifting straps are the best figure 8s currently available, and their durability is second to none.

They come in several different sizes and even have a 1 year warranty for additional peace of mind.

The extra stitching around the seam area is especially welcome, as is the comfortable padding. We even loved the stylish red and black aesthetic!

The figure 8 design makes these the best deadlift straps that you’ll find, and they offer unprecedented security and “connection” to the bar.

Figure 8s are favoured by powerlifters around the world for their extra layer of security. While beginner weightlifters might baulk at the high price tag, those working with heavier weights will love the increased durability.

#13 Grip Power Pads Weight Lifting Hooks

Price: $18.95 (approx. £15.62)

secure weightlifting straps

If you have slightly smaller hands, finding the right gym wrist support straps can be problematic. Fit is often on the larger side, but loose straps can make lifting more difficult or even dangerous.

Fortunately, GPP are here to help, and these unique hooks hold a distinguished position on the list as the only pair truly suitable for small hands!

Padding is some of the deepest at a very impressive 6.5 mm. It cushions the wrists and protects them from blisters and other friction related problems without even being too constrictive.

We found the deeper padding far less noticeable than some of the thinner offerings on the list, perhaps because it absorbs more strain from the lift.

Heavy-duty stitching (especially on the wrist area) makes the straps extremely durable, so they should last for a long time, and they come with a money back guarantee to back this up.

These are certainly the best wrist straps for weightlifting if you happen to have smaller hands and are struggling to find a good fit elsewhere, but they’re well built enough to be an easy recommend for anybody.

#14 RDX Lifting Straps With Hooks

Price: £9.99

weightlifting straps uk

These are some of the more technical weightlifting straps in the UK. You may have heard of RDX from our recent article on the best weighted vests! 

These straps include several unique features designed with comfort, durability and grip in mind. Blended cotton is the most noteworthy addition.

This elevates these lifting straps into a league of their own by increasing compression and heat retention, all the while safeguarding blood flow.

The first thing you’ll notice on these padded lifting straps is the thumb strap. The weight lifting straps with hooks ensures that they’re easy to use and offers an added layer of grip.

The special flex rubber grip further bolsters traction levels and provides one of the strongest holds on the market. As such, we think these are the perfect straps for deadlift and even powerlifting.

An often encountered problem with lifting straps is sweat. Sweaty hands inevitably have less grip, especially if that sweat begins to permeate into the straps.

Fortunately, the special blended cotton wrist support comes with anti-sweat properties, so you won’t have to worry about sweat related slippage.

Supports are adjustable to suit every hand size, and the hook and loop strap is hassle-free to take on and off, the ideal lifting straps for a deadlift.

We loved the multitude of small, well-conceived features on these straps, which, when combined, make a big difference.

The enhanced grip is a huge bonus, but we were most impressed with the material. It’s sweat-resistant, ensures proper blood flow, and doesn’t stretch during a lift.

The RDX’s might be the most comfortable straps on the list, but thanks to all those features they’re also some of the most supportive and one of the best weight lifting wrist straps on this list.

#15 Rappd Single Loop Lifting Straps

Price: £19.72

wrist support straps for lifting

Single loop lifting straps have the benefit of being the easiest to use. It is just a matter of slipping these straps on, and then getting to work.

They make excellent Olympic weightlifting wrist straps too, due to their flexible design, which facilitates rapid movement.

Convenience does come with certain compromises, however, not least because single loop straps offer less grip.

If, however, the grip isn’t a major area of concern and you just want a simple strap perfect for day to day gym sessions, then you can’t go far wrong with this product from Rappd.

The wrist support straps for lifting are made with 100% cotton, which is of course excellent at soaking up sweat and has a soft, comfortable feel. Neoprene padding offers some additional comfort too.

Grip has been improved and is generally excellent, even for single loop straps. We detected no issues with fraying or tearing, and other reviewers report owning these straps for many years with no problems.

They’re fantastic for eliminating grip and forearm fatigue, which allows you to lift more and for longer, all the while concentrating on muscle growth rather than worrying about your failing grip.

Rappd has certainly produced some of the more user-friendly straps on the list. Quite simply, they do what they say on the tin without frills or fanfare, but they do it incredibly well.

The newly enhanced grip is a particularly welcome addition, as it offsets some of the associated disadvantages of single loop straps.

These are one of the best Olympic weightlifting straps for customers who place ease of use at the top of their list of priorities.


#16 Schiek Sports Schiek Leather Lifting Straps

Price: £22.99

weight lifting straps with hooks

Despite being harder to come by, leather weightlifting straps can be extremely advantageous.

Not only does leather tend to be more comfortable against the skin than nylon or even extra soft cotton, but it is extremely unlikely to lose its shape. Leather is also much better at absorbing sweat than you might think.

It is, then, a great all round material. The feel is different from any other straps and will appeal to people on an individual basis.

These leather lifting straps from Schiek are a little on the expensive side, but that’s to be expected with this material.

They’re some of the widest on the list at an impressive 11.5 inches and they’re long too, coming in at around 21 inches.

You’ll be able to wrap them around the bar quite a few times for added security, and the extra width boosts traction.

The wider a strap, the more surface area that comes into contact with the bar, hindering any slippage.

Leather will always last a long time, but these straps take things one step further. They’re manufactured using extra strength, extra thick leather. It’s much more durable than anything else on the list and will give you years of faithful performance.

Whether you opt for leather straps eventually comes down to personal preference, and whether you enjoy their feel against the skin, but the benefits are undeniable.

These Schiek straps are an excellent example of their kind, and the double strength leather makes them even easier to recommend if you’re on the hunt for weightlifting straps in the UK.

#17 Dark Iron Suede

Price: £25.88

figure 8 weight lifting straps

If you’re after super luxurious lifting straps in the UK then look no further! This product from Dark Iron Fitness is made with exceptionally soft but durable leather, they’re some of the most comfortable you’ll find.

They take the emphasis off struggling for grip or grappling with friction burns and blisters, and place it firmly on the lift itself. This frees you up to focus purely on building muscle.

Reinforced stitching covers the length of the straps, which makes them exceptionally resistant to any kind of wear and tear.

There’s no neoprene padding (a common addition to most straps), as Dark Iron believes that it interferes with grip.

Instead, the straps tighten around the wrist without impediment. This probably wouldn’t work on cotton straps, but because leather is much softer, the increased grip doesn’t come at the expense of comfort.

These straps are genuinely one size fits all, too. While many others make this claim, the absence of the usual neoprene padding means that they’re much more adjustable, and they’ll fit snugly to any wrists.

There’s no denying that they do offer a stronger grip than their more common cotton counterparts, and they feel as though they’ll never break.

It’s rare to find such a perfect combination of grip and comfort, as one tends to come at the expense of the other.

If you want to build a home gym and want to branch out to get the best equipment to train your lower body, OriGym has written the ultimate buyer’s guide on leg press machines so check it out whilst you’re here!

Dark Iron Fitness has so much confidence in these straps that they’ll replace them, completely free of charge, in the unlikely event that they ever fail.

These are some of the most comfortable lifting straps gym users will find, and they’re built for the long haul.

Before You Go!

We hope you found the best lifting straps for you! Whichever one you choose, we know you’re going to love and enjoy the product for years to come!

As always, when you buy the straps, ensure you wrap your wrists correctly to feel the full benefit of wearing weightlifting straps.

So get ready to hit those personal bests with the straps assisting you every step of the way!

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