How to Make Money as a Yoga Teacher

Learning how to make money as a yoga teacher can help your business to grow exponentially, but finding success can be challenging. This is why we’re going to break down the process of making money as a yoga teacher into three simple steps:

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Learning How to Make Money as a Yoga Teacher With 5 Marketing Techniques

how to make money as a yoga teacher

Marketing is one of the most important aspects you need to consider as a yoga teacher, and forms a core part of any successful yoga business plan.

With the industry being highly competitive, a well-developed marketing strategy can help to increase sales and bring more customers to your business.

In this section, we’re going to break down five possible marketing techniques you can implement for making money as a yoga teacher.

#1 – How To Make Money As A Yoga Instructor Through Referral Schemes

how to make money online yoga instructor

A referral scheme is where an instructor will ask their current customers to recommend their services to their family and friends, in exchange for an incentive.

These schemes typically work best when it’s marketed to your most loyal customers. These are yogis who already enjoy the service you provide, and will therefore be more willing to provide a recommendation.

Your customers may also need to be incentivised to provide this referral, so offer them something of value in return. This doesn’t have to be expensive – simple examples can include:

  • A free class of their choice
  • Merchandise or brand affiliated products
  • Money or gift cards

For example, take a look at Battersea Yoga, who offer their customers a £10 credit when they make a successful referral to their friends. This credit can then be used as a partial payment on their classes:

how to make money with yoga Battersea

In terms of learning how to make money with yoga referrals, offering an incentive of this kind is always financially rewarding. 

For example, let’s say the existing customer and their friend choose to spend their £10 reward on 6 Battersea classes, which typically retail at £96.

how to make money online as a yoga teacher Battersea Prices

The yoga instructor will still make a total profit of £172 (£86 each) from the two purchases, and all they had to do was offer that initial small incentive. 

In short, referral schemes are an efficient way of learning how to make money as a yoga instructor, as there are no upfront costs, and they don’t devalue the service you offer. 

A customer only earns their incentive once a successful referral has been made, and you earn a profit, as well as a valuable new customer.

#2 – Offer A Sign Up Incentive To Boost Your Yoga Teacher Earnings 

how to make money with yoga

When researching how to make money as a yoga teacher, many marketing strategies focus on targeting your existing customers. 

Whilst keeping your existing customers is obviously important, putting all your eggs in this basket won’t bring in additional revenue.

New customers may be nervous about committing to your regular fixed rate for numerous reasons. They could:

  • Be new to yoga as a practice
  • Be unsure if your teaching style is suitable for them
  • Have never pursued the type of yoga your studio provides e.g. hot yoga

For this reason, when questioning how to make money as a yoga instructor, you should consider offering a sign up incentive. This marketing strategy will act as a push helping to convert potential customers into paying ones.

passive income for yoga teachers

Examples of sign-up bonuses you can provide include 

  • Free meditation class
  • Merchandise and/or branded products 
  • Discounted rates 

Take a look at the Liverpool based yoga studio ElevenEleven, which offers new customers a discounted price as a sign up incentive:

ElevenEleven how to make money online yoga instructor

From the price breakdown, we can see that new customers are offered a discounted rate of £20 for a total of five classes, which would typically cost upwards of £40

A discount of this manner will incentivise potential customers to sign up for your service, as it’s immediately less of an investment on their behalf, and they feel as though they’re getting more for their money.

#3 – Student Retention Is Crucial In Learning How To Make Money As A Yoga Teacher

how to make money with yoga students

Now that you have a strong grasp on how to make money with yoga students that are new to your studio, let’s turn our attention to your existing customers.

Having a group of loyal yogis in your studio will provide a consistent stream of income. For this reason, you should look for ways that will build the rapport you share with each other.

A strong relationship will increase this sense of loyalty among students, encouraging them to remain paying for your service, and one of the simplest ways is to acknowledge your students’ hard work.

making money as a yoga teacher

For example, let’s say one specific student was really struggling to master a specific pose. Throughout the weeks you can monitor their progress, and show support with words of encouragement.

This form of acknowledgement could take the form of verbal communication. You can either personally congratulate the student, or do so in front of the class to get everyone involved. 

Alternatively, you can choose to celebrate this progress on your business’ social media accounts. An example of how to do this well can be found below from Yoga8:

YogaEight make money online yoga

By celebrating a student’s progress, you effectively can make money with online yoga posts. This will ensure that the customer in the post feels special and uplifted, whilst new potential customers can see the beneficial effects and want to get involved.

Another way to increase retention rates among existing students is to offer a reward scheme or loyalty program.

Take More Yoga for example, their studio operates a reward scheme on a points based system, that is awarded as followed:

  • Birthday +100 points
  • Attend Any Workshop +25 points
  • Class Attended +10 points
  • 4 Classes a week BONUS +40 points
  • Rate on Main Facebook Page +150 points
  • Review any MoreYoga studios on Google (3 visits minimum) +150 points

In turn, these points can be exchanged for the following rewards:

Reward Scheme make money online yoga

This is a great example of a reward scheme that can add great value to your business. If you implement something similar, you’ll likely notice that students remain in your business for longer periods of time in the hopes of generating more points.

As a yoga instructor with high retention rates. you will earn money through customers that continuously pay for your classes, with the reward system’s discounts acting as an incentive for customers to spend even more money. 

#4 – How To Make Money Online As A Yoga Teacher: Implementing GoogleMyBusiness

make money online yoga Google

When it comes to marketing your business online, creating and managing a Google My Business account is absolutely essential. Without it, your business will remain practically invisible on the world’s most popular search engine.

This process is straightforward. Simply head over to Google My Business and fill out relevant information in relation to your business. 

Once your yoga business has been registered with Google, it will begin to appear in local searches among other studios within the area. This occurs when users search things, such as “Yoga Studios in Liverpool” or “Yoga Classes Liverpool”.

Adding a location (in this case, Liverpool) is what makes it a “local search”. Yogis in this area won’t want to view studios that aren’t local.

Advertising like this can help customers to gain vital information regarding your yoga business, such as:

  • Operating hours
  • The business’ address
  • Contact information 

This will help them make an informed decision about whether they wish to make a purchase with said business. An example of how this looks can be found below:

GoogleMyBusiness Make Money Online with yoga

But how can Google My Business help in the process of making money as a yoga teacher?

Users who are conducting these local searches have ‘high intent’ which means they are already interested in making a purchase. 

In fact, according to Search Engine Land, 80% of these ‘high intention’ local searches lead to a sale within 24 hours. 

The research also shows that 92% of these sales were made in business that fall into the first three results. This will look something like this:

Google My Business make money online yoga

That’s all there is to it! By simply creating a Google My Business account, you can make money online with your yoga business through increased visibility, and greater brand recognition.

For more information on how to achieve this check out our article on How to Use Google My Business as a Fitness Professional.


#5 –  How To Make Money As A Yoga Teacher With Facebook & Instagram Ads

how to make money with yoga social media

Google My Business isn’t the only way you can make money online with yoga ads. Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook also provide key resources for your business.

Using ads on both Facebook and Instagram will allow you to capture the attention of those who don’t already follow your page. 

As a result, you will be able to draw in more customers and increase your earning potential. Let’s look at each of these platforms individually and break down how you can go about creating ads.

How to Make Money Online as a Yoga Instructor Through Facebook Ads:

Facebook Ad Manager Logo Make Money Online With Yoga

By creating fitness Facebook ads, you can target your exact demographic through the site’s tailored functions. Keep in mind that these are ‘inorganic’, meaning that you will need to pay for them to appear to prospective customers.

Over the years, Facebook has collected more data on its users than any other site, and as a result the algorithm knows:

  • What content we like
  • How we interact with posts
  • What we like to buy
  • Where we live

This information works to your financial benefit when using Facebook Ad Manager, as you can tell the site exactly who you wish to target.  This can include information such as:

  • Your desired audience e.g. yoga enthusiasts
  • The location you wish to target 
  • The age and gender of your demographic

The process will look like something like this:

Facebook Ad targets passive income for yoga teachers

Those questioning how to make money online as a yoga instructor through Facebook ads should ensure they make their promotional material actionable. 

In short, when a customer clicks this ad link they should be redirected to a sign-up page, where they’ll be able to immediately join your studio.

OriGym personally implemented this strategy in the past, which resulted in 23 sales, and an overall profit of £24,022.75.

Facebook Graph how to make money as a yoga teacher

If you’re looking to make money online with yoga ads you must pay attention to the click-to-conversion rate. This information will display how many customers are actually clicking on your advertisement and being directed to your landing page.

To gain insight into this, check out Facebook Ad Manager’s Tracking Centre, as seen below: 

Tracking on facebook making money as a yoga instructor

This essentially tells you how prospective customers are interacting with your ads. If you notice one approach working better than the others, you can continue this idea in future advertisements.

Equally, if an advert you’ve listed isn’t performing well, you can explore different ways of marketing your yoga business through Facebook ads.

How To Make Money With Yoga Ads On Instagram:

Instagram logo how to make money online yoga instructor

Due to being owned by the same company (Meta), Instagram operates in a similar fashion to Facebook ads. You will still need to follow the same basic outline as above. This involves:

  • Setting up a professional business page
  • Choosing specific photos and videos for your ad
  • Honing in on your target demographic
  • Determining your budget/duration of the ad

Where the two platforms differ, though,  in their approach to advertising is how these ads are displayed. 

While Facebook simply offers a traditional post that appears of prospective student’s feeds, Instagram provides business owners with more customisation options, such as:

how to make money teaching yoga online Instagram Ads

We’ve chosen to specifically focus on Instagram story ads, as this is often the easiest and most effective way to advertise. 

For more clarity on how each advertising campaign operates check out this breakdown from Meta.

Story ads are particularly popular, as these will act as pop-ups appearing to your target demographic in a way that will feel natural to them. 

Here’s an example of an OriGym story ad:

Instagram Ad how to make money teaching yoga online

These ads are beneficial as they will appear at random to clients who are most likely to be interested in the service you offer. This will make them seem more natural, whilst targeting your ideal demographic in order to make money.

For example, a potential student could be looking through Instagram stories, all depicting different yoga practices before seeing your ad for classes. 

Having this nestled between similar content may inspire the prospective student to sign up for the service as a result. 

These ads are measured in ‘impressions’ – how many people they reach. For example, one of OriGym’s recent Instagram story campaigns reached a total of 297,799 people which can be seen below: 

fb insta impressions chart How to Make Money as a yoga teacher

This graphic should highlight just how valuable this form of advertisement can be. By choosing to invest in Instagram stories you have the potential to reach thousands of potential customers, all of whom will already share an interest in yoga and fitness. 

To increase the likelihood of generating a sale, you must include a link within these advertisements. This will prompt customers to perform a ‘swipe up’ which will direct them to a landing page where they can make a purchase. 

Make money as a yoga teacher with insta ads

For more advice on how you can use social media as a fitness professional, check out our YouTube matter where the topic is explored in more depth:

Whilst researching the topic of how to make money as a yoga teacher, these other OriGym articles may be beneficial for you:

7 Ways To Improve Your Services & Make Money As A Yoga Teacher

7 Ways To Improve Your Services & Make Money As A Yoga Teacher

Diversifying the services your business offers is a great way to earn more money as a yoga teacher. Think of it this way. Whilst hot yoga may be incredibly popular among your existing customers, it will only ever attract yogis interested in hot yoga. 

By offering a diversified range of services, you’re essentially casting a wider net, attracting a different base of customers, and generating a higher revenue as a result.

With this in mind, let’s explore some of the services you can provide in order to become a more successful yoga instructor.

#1 – How To Make Money With Yoga Classes After School

How To Make Money With Yoga Classes After School

Regardless of what kind of yoga you teach, the typical demographic for the practice is adults. An easy way to diversify your services is by becoming a yoga instructor for children, and offering an after school programme.

When working as a yoga teacher with children you must ensure to have all the correct documentation in place. This includes:

  • Your Level 3 Diploma in Yoga
  • A Government Approved DBS Check
  • First Aid Certification
  • Full Coverage on Your Insurance 

Some of these aspects may require you to spend additional expenses, but while there is an initial outlay, you’re more likely to turn a profit down the line. 

For more information head over to our article discussing the process of becoming a yoga instructor for children.

This is somewhat of a niche practice, but by offering this service, you can tap into a lucrative market with a premium group of clients. Take this role advertised below from Rattle and Roll Performance:

Rattle and Roll Performance how to make money with yoga

The value of this service is apparent from the salary on offer, as you will be earning £25 per hour

Hypothetically speaking, if you lead 4 one hour classes a month, you would still walk away with £100 in additional income

On the other hand, if you own your own yoga studio then you may wish to incorporate this service as an additional class. 

This can still be an incredibly lucrative venture, as proven by Kids Love Yoga. They offer this service to help Y6 students deal with stress associated with their exams:

Kids Love Yoga making money as a yoga teacher

If you followed a similar pricing structure in your own studio, you could turn quite a profit. 

For example, if you had 5 students and they all signed up for the most expensive programme, you would be earning anywhere between £750 – £825 every month

#2 – Running Workshops Is A Fantastic Way To Make Money With Yoga

Running Workshops Is A Fantastic Way To Make Money With Yoga

During workshops yoga instructors and their students can work together on a more personal level. These events differ from typical classes as they are: 

  • Longer in duration, typically spanning several hours
  • Conducted in smaller groups
  • More tailored towards the student – the instructor can help students with their specific needs, like form or posture

For example, you could choose to run a workshop centred around pregnancy yoga. 

During this time you can teach your customers specific variations on classic yoga poses to ensure they remain comfortable and safe. Due to the level of knowledge and personalisation shared, yoga workshops typically cost more than the traditional class.

To demonstrate this, look at this pregnancy workshop hosted by the yoga studio A Space to Be:

Yoga Workshop how to make money teaching yoga online

These monthly workshops cost £25 in total, which differs from the studio’s traditional classes that are priced at £10 for drop-in sessions. 

When it comes to learning how to make money as a yoga teacher through workshops, you may wish to use your drop-in price as a baseline. From this you can determine how much you want to charge for the workshops. 

Let’s say you charge £12 for a drop-in session that runs an hour, if your workshops last for 2 hours, you can simply double this, charging prospective customers a total of £24.


# 3 – A Yoga Retreat Is A High Effort, High Reward Method For Making Money As A Yoga Instructor

how to make money as a yoga teacher with retreats

Planning and running a successful yoga retreat can be a daunting task, but when executed correctly the process can be a highly lucrative way of generating income.

When planning a retreat of your own some factors you will need to consider include:

  • What style of yoga will you teach? – e.g. Hot yoga, Ashtanga, etc.
  • The location – Will you stay in the UK or go abroad?
  • When you want the retreat to take place
  • How long the retreat will last
  • An itinerary for the duration of the trip
  • The cost of catering food

Each of these points will help to determine how much you charge for the retreat. The overall price will not only need to cover expenses, but will also need to result in a profit for your yoga business. 

For example, if you wished to plan a weekend yoga retreat for 14 people in the popular UK location Barley House, you’d be looking at the following price:

Yoga Retreat passive income for yoga teachers FIRST

The cost displayed above will cover your 14 student’s accommodation for the weekend, totaling £225 per customer

In order to make a profit on this retreat, you may wish to charge an additional £25, as this will ensure you walk away with £350 in additional revenue.

Once all of these aspects are planned, it will be time to market your retreat to your customers. 

One way to do this is through a yoga teacher website, where you can create a dedicated landing page that will provide your customers with relevant information, such as:

  • An Overview Of The RetreatDescribe what makes your retreat special, you will want to sell it as a unique experience that customers won’t find anywhere else.
  • Basic Itinerary OutlinePotential customers will want to know what they can expect day to day whilst on your retreat. Even if your plans are not set in stone, a rough outline can provide some clarity on topics such as how long classes will run.
  • Call To Action (CTA)A CTA will be the thing that prompts customers to book a space at your retreat. Check out this example from Adventure Yogi, encouraging their customers to either ‘Book Now’ or ‘Make an Enquiry’ for further information.

making money as a yoga teacher Retreat Price

Learning how to make money with yoga retreats won’t be an easy process – the planning stage alone will take a lot of time and dedication on your part. You will then be expected to deliver an exceptional experience worthy of the price in question.

For further guidance, we’d advise you to refer to our article on how to run a successful yoga retreat, which provides an in-depth look at this topic. 

This will be a vital resource that you can come back to at every stage in order to ensure that the trip runs smoothly.

#4 – Offering Private Sessions Is An Excellent Yoga Teacher Money Maker

making money as a yoga teacher

Whilst yoga is traditionally conducted in groups, offering private sessions can be an effective way of generating additional income. In this instance, instructors can either work on a one-to-one basis with an individual, or with a much smaller class of yogis (usually fewer than 5).

Students who pay for private classes may want a regular session, whilst others will come to you with specific goals such as:

  • Improving their flexibility 
  • Improving their posture
  • Easing pain in a specific area 
  • Unwinding from stressful situations

A key component of offering private classes is facilitating the individual customer’s needs. They will request a specific service, and you will provide it.

For example, if a private student comes to you looking to ease pain in their back, it will be your responsibility to teach them variations on poses that they can conduct safely. 

But with this level of specificity comes an increased price tag. This is evident from the example provided below from Liverpool’s Rosanna Yoga, which shows that private sessions are almost quadruple the price of drop-in classes.

Rosanne Gordon how to make money as a yoga instructor

Rosanne Gordon how to make money as a yoga instructor 2

Those who question how to make money as a yoga instructor offering private classes should take a page out of Rosanna’s book.  By selling just 1 private session a week, you could earn a total of £160 in additional revenue every month

When offering these private classes you should try to get as much information as possible about the students expectations. This will help you to determine:

  • How long the session should be 
  • What equipment you’ll need
  • Where the class will take place (e.g. will you host it at the studio or travel to them)

This information is vital for ensuring that the customer is appeased, increasing the likelihood of them returning for further private sessions at the inflated price. 

#5 – How To Make Money As An Online Yoga Instructor

how to make money with yoga

In an age where many students are regularly working from home, attending virtual yoga classes has never been more popular. 

Online yoga classes aren’t that dissimilar to in-person sessions – students will simply access your teachings remotely rather than attending a studio. 

For those left questioning ‘how to make money teaching yoga online?’, one popular method is hosting Zoom classes that users can attend in whatever environment that feels comfortable for them.

Some instructors may choose to simply set up a recording device in their studio and live stream their in-person classes, while others will host personalised sessions for their online students.

Yoga Point’s approach is an example of the former, with their in-person classes also being live streamed for Zoom purposes:

Yoga Point how to make money teaching yoga online

Here we can see that the studio charges a slightly lower price for these virtual classes, an approach you should seek to replicate in your own business. 

In doing so, you could potentially double the average income of your in-person classes, as your sessions become more available to customers who can’t visit your studio.

In contrast to this, Catherine Annis is an example of a yoga instructor who offers classes exclusively for Zoom students:

How to make money teaching yoga online Catherine

Offering online yoga classes exclusively (like Catherine Annis) can work to your financial benefit, as you won’t have to lower your prices in accordance with in-person sessions.

This is because there is no other alternative, with in-person sessions being viewed as more valuable. Instead, you can price the online session in accordance with your own personal preferences.

If you’re interested in learning how to make money teaching yoga online through Zoom, you need to follow our quick checklist.

  • You must have a zoom account – This will allow you to host the sessions and interact with your students.
  • Buying the right equipmentYou’ll need a high quality camera for your Zoom yoga classes. This will ensure that the sessions are presented and filmed in good quality for those joining at home.
  • Your existing customers should be aware of the class’s existence – For example, you could tell your students in-person at the studio, or put a notice on your website’s landing page. Customers simply need to be aware that this service is available to them.

This is a financially beneficial alternative to in-person classes, one that could attract paying customers who would otherwise be unable to attend sessions at the studio, e.g. those that live in remote areas.

In addition to this, hosting online classes can also reduce business expenses too. For example, instead of paying for transport to and from a studio, you can host these online classes from the comfort of your own home. 

All of these factors combine to ensure that you’re generating a good source of income for your business and personal expenses. 

#6 – Online Programmes Can Be A Source Of Passive Income For Yoga Teachers 

 Online Programmes Can Be A Source Of Passive Income For Yoga Teachers

When researching the topic ‘how to make money online as a yoga teacher’, one effective method is creating and selling pre-made programmes on your website. 

These programmes will help your customers reach specific goals such as:

  • Losing weight 
  • Relieving stress
  • Improving their balance 

Creating these guides can generate passive income for yoga teachers, as once the programme is created you can simply sell them, with no additional work or personalisation required.

This doesn’t mean that creating programmes is easy, as you will still need to write multiple weeks worth of teachings that help facilitate a specific goal. Instructor Live is the perfect example of exactly how much detail needs to be included in this feature:

Instructor Live passive income for yoga teachers

The screenshot provided offers insight into how expansive online programmes must be. Remember, in order to make these features valuable, you should try to incorporate as much information as possible.

Instructor Live is a good example to follow, as it’s “chunked” into daily routines that are easy for the customer to digest and understand. From this, your students will be able to develop skills in the passing weeks, implementing what they learn as the programme progresses. 

In terms of payment, yoga brands that offer these programmes typically ask their customers to sign up to a subscription with recurring payments:

Instructor Live Price passive income for yoga teachers

This payment method is the most effective way of ensuring student retention levels remain high, as they can continue paying as they progress, reducing the risk of dropping out mid-programme.

One thing to note from the Instructor Live price breakdown is that the ‘4 Months Free’ banner will make customers feel they’re getting more for their money. In reality, they’re only paying slightly less than customers on the monthly programme.

For example, with 4 months FREE, customers would be paying £29 for 8 months. Whilst customers on the monthly payment scheme of £4 will be paying £32 in total for the same allotted time. 

#7 – Making Money As A Yoga Teacher By Developing A Specialism

Making Money As A Yoga Teacher By Developing A Specialism

By developing a specialism you can attract a niche demographic of students, most of whom will be willing to pay inflated prices to learn from an expert. 

To understand this let’s look at the pricing package for Ashtanga Yoga Essex, who as the name implies, specialises in offering Ashtanga yoga.

how to make money online as a yoga teacher Ashtanga

Compare this with the prices displayed for Planet Yoga, a studio which opts to take a more holistic approach and offers multiple different class:

Planetyoga making money as a yoga teacher

By comparing these pricing structures we can see how financially valuable a specialism can be for your business. For a 10 class pass, customers will have to pay £19 more for Ashtanga Yoga Essex’s teachings.

Learning how to make money as a yoga teacher with a specialism will require dedication on your part. In order to ensure you’re efficiently trained in this specific area, you will need to take on additional training.

At OriGym we help to facilitate this process within our Level 4 certificate in yoga teaching, encouraging students to pick a specific niche as part of their core modules.

3 Selling Tips To Supercharge Your Yoga Teacher Money Making Methods

3 Selling Tips To Supercharge Your Yoga Teacher Money Making Methods

Knowing how to make money as a yoga teacher often comes down to your ability to sell. This skill can influence every aspect of your business, along with every point that has been made within this article thus far. 

With the right sales strategies in place, you can make significantly more money than you’re currently earning. Let’s look at exactly how you can implement these strategies:


#1 – Research Your Competitors & Update The Price Point For Your Yoga Classes

Research Your Competitors & Update The Price Point For Your Yoga Classes

When researching how to make money as a yoga teacher it’s very easy to have tunnel vision and only focus on your own business.  In order to ensure that your prices are competitive you must be aware of what other studios in the local area are charging.

Some of your competitors may not publicly advertise their prices, which can be for a range of reasons. 

Just because this information may not be readily available does not mean you should skip this process. By obtaining this information, you’ll be able to determine whether raising your prices is feasible. For example, you may be able to justify a price increase:

  • When competitors are charging significantly more than you
  • You’re more qualified than those within your local area 
  • You offer a specialist service at your studio

For instance, if you ran a hot yoga studio in Birmingham, one of your biggest competitors would be Yoga SweatNote from the example below how the brand charges £69 for a complete membership, which allows their customers to attend unlimited classes a month:

How to make money as a yoga teacher sweat

If you regard your business to be just as popular as Yoga Sweat you could increase your business’ earnings by charging a similar price of £60 per month for unlimited classes

This will allow you to earn a similar profit as your competitor, whilst still presenting your business in a positive light as the cheaper alternative. 

Be aware that there are some things to consider before immediately increasing your prices. For example, we purposely stressed that prices should only be matched if you regard your business to be just as popular as your biggest competitors. 

Learning how to conduct competitor research can inform you how to make money as a yoga teacher, but it’s important to remember that you should be comparing yourself to businesses of an equivalent size.

#2 – Offering Package Deals Can Boost Your Yoga Teacher Revenue

Offering Package Deals Can Boost Your Yoga Teacher Revenue

When selling yoga classes, many studios offer their customers the chance to buy sessions in bulk. For example, they could charge £80 for 10 classes a month

Whilst this approach can work for some popular studios, offering package deals is a great moneymaker for smaller yoga businesses, too. These packages should follow a simple structure, allowing students to pay through direct debit on a recurring monthly basis. 

An example of how this can be implemented can be seen below from Yoga House London:

Yoga House London passive income for yoga teachers

Selling your classes in packages (similar to the example displayed above) reduces the risks associated with block selling. Classes that are sold in blocks will be advertised in a manner similar to this example from Yoga Life UK:

How to make money as a yoga teacher Block selling

This approach may look like a beneficial way to earn additional income, but remember these purchases come with an end date. 

This means that once a student has reached their class limit, you will have to resell in order to have a continuous stream of income.

We’d instead advise selling through packages that don’t have a defined end date, to ensure that these offer as much financial benefit as possible. Let’s discuss how to make money as a yoga teacher using this approach.

Step One: Make Pricing Options as Simple as Possible:

First and foremost, when creating packages to sell yoga classes, you should ensure you keep things simple. Avoid offering too many options, as this will only confuse potential customers who won’t know which to choose.

Yoga Kula is a great example of a studio who offers clear and concise breakdowns of their packages:


Yoga Leeds how to make money online yoga instructor

By following a similar pricing structure, your students will be able to choose from three easy to understand options, and you’ll be able to keep track of when it’s time to renew their memberships.

Step Two: Ask Your Students to Set Up a Direct Debit:

Once your student has selected their package they should set up a direct debit, as this is the easiest way to ensure that they keep paying their monthly instalments. 

Let’s again refer to the example from Yoga House London, where you can clearly see that the package is described as a ‘rolling monthly contract’.

Yoga House London passive income for yoga teachers

Direct debits are considered to be the most efficient way of paying for classes, as over time your students will simply view them as another monthly bill, similar to the one they pay for their phones for example.

In addition to this, direct debits allow you to plan your own finances accordingly too. For example, if 10 students pay a direct debit of £70 on the 1st of every month, you can expect £700 to enter your bank account on this date.

Step Three: Learn How to Upsell In Order To Make More Money

Making money as a yoga teacher with upselling

Those interested in knowing how to make money as a yoga teacher will have to learn how to upsell. ‘Upselling’ refers to the process of recommending a tailoring a sales plan to your student that will work in your favour.

For example, let’s say you notice one student is attending multiple classes a week but is still paying for drop-in sessions. One way to upsell would be to recommend that they switch to a monthly payment scheme that allows them to attend unlimited classes.

To contextualise this process, let’s look at Yoga Kula’s pricing breakdown again:

Yoga Leeds how to make money online yoga instructor

Let’s say you had 25 students all signed up to the 1 month package, earning a total of £1875

When it comes time to renew their membership, you should be recommending the 12 month package or the annual membership, as these examples will generate the most income. 

Now, say you successfully upsell an annual membership to 10 of these students, this will generate a total profit of £6,500. Whilst you may have less customers you will be earning more as a result.

One of the most effective ways to upsell a pricier package is to mention to customers that they are getting something of value for their money. 

how to make money teaching yoga online

For example, you could highlight how the annual package works out as the cheapest alternative on a yearly basis. Customers who opt for the monthly payment schemes would be paying the following prices otherwise:

  • 1 Month Package – £900 a year
  • 6 Month Package – £840 a year
  • 12 Month Package – £780 a year

Framing the packages in this manner will entice customers to opt for the annual membership. Reducing the risk of students dropping out before they can reach a year, whilst still increasing your earnings as a yoga teacher.

#3 –  How To Make More Money As A Yoga Teacher By Converting Leads Into Students

How To Make More Money As A Yoga Teacher By Converting Leads Into Students

A topic such as ‘how to make money as a yoga teacher’ can be condensed down into learning how to convert enquiries your business receives into actual students. 

This point links back to how you market your yoga business, as this will influence how many enquiries you receive. The reason it falls under the ‘sales’ subheading is that you can have the best marketing tactics in the world, but if you can’t close the sale, you won’t make money.

The easiest way to convert someone from a potential lead into a paying customer is to directly communicate with them, so try to get them on the phone or to meet in person at the studio.

This will allow you to conduct responsibilities such as:

Summarising Your The Positive Aspects of Your Business

How To Make More Money As A Yoga Teacher Through Selling

By directly communicating with this potential customer you can highlight all your business has to offer. This can include the likes of:

  • The services you offer
  • The qualifications you possess 
  • A joiners discount 
  • Previous customers success stories 

Remember, those that submit an enquiry will only have a surface level knowledge of your business, likely gained from either your website or social media pages. 

During this conversation you should strive to offer as much information as possible. Holding back or being too vague may result in a customer deciding not to sign up, meaning that the lead will be lost.

Use An Alternative Closing Techniques

making money as a yoga teacher alt sales

Part of learning how to make money as a yoga instructor is mastering your closing techniques. This will be the moment in which you can convince a lead to sign up and pay for your classes. 

When directly communicating with a potential lead, we’d recommend using the assumptive closing technique. This refers to the process in which the seller already acts as if the potential lead has already decided to buy their product.

For example, here is how you could implement the assumptive closing technique as a yoga instructor:

Yoga Instructor: We have 2 price options for you, the first one will see you pay directly of £25 per month, which will grant you total access to the studio with unlimited classes during this period. Or you could opt for the 6 month package, which comes with all of those same perks, but will work out cheaper at just £21 per month.

Which option sounds best to you?

how to make money online yoga instructor

This closing sentence removes any choice, there isn’t a direct yes or no answer, and the potential customer will be more inclined to choose from the options you have provided.

Following this you should implement a silent assassin technique. This is where you will remain silent until the potential customer has provided you with an answer.

Customer: Well, if it’s cheaper, I’ll go with the 6 month contract 

Yoga Instructor: Great, we’ll just need to set up your direct debit payments and once the first increment has been made you will be sent a welcome email. Once this has all been processed, you can get started whenever you’re ready! Looking forward to seeing you in class! 

Through the implementation of these sales strategies, you can improve your knowledge regarding how to make money as a yoga teacher. 

But don’t be deterred if a customer initially declines these techniques – it will all be part of the learning process and something you can build upon over time.

Before You Go!

You’ll now have a better understanding of how to make money as a yoga teacher, but be aware that you should always personalise your approach to your specific business. 

This means that you may have to experiment on what strategies you implement in a bid to make money, as some will naturally be more effective than others.

OriGym’s prestigious Level 3 Yoga Diploma provides all the practical skills you’ll need to succeed, as well as a dedicated post-course support team who’ll provide you with everything you need long into your career.

OriGym’s course prospectus can also help to shed light on additional qualifications that can help to increase your overall profits. 

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