Choosing the best songs for your yoga classes can help to create the perfect atmosphere in which your students thrive. 

To help the creation of your yoga class music playlist, we’ve curated our own list of ideas that are sure to inspire you, and get your class’ creative juices flowing. 

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27 Best Songs For A Yoga Class

27 Best Songs For A Yoga Class

Below we’ve included some great music for yoga classes, all of which are sure to help your students get into the right mindset for the class at hand. 

We’ve included a wide range of genres and styles, so even if you don’t see something you personally enjoy, these examples will inspire you to think of songs that work for your class. 

#1 – Thousand Mile Stride – Kalabi

BPM: 88

Duration: 3:54 mins

Whilst this artist started their music career in garage bands, Kalabi is more famous for mixing synths and real instruments. The final result is what can only be described as a chilled-out instrumental beat, which gradually builds as the song progresses. 

Thousand Mile Stride is regarded as some of the best music for yoga class warm-ups, due to the fact it has a fairly low BPM (beats per minute) at 88. 

This is ideal for the start of class, as you want to ease your students into the session without exhausting them. Through incorporating Kalabi into your yoga class playlist, you can set a steady tone for the rest of your session, ensuring that your students are both mentally and physically ready for the class ahead.

#2 – Saudade, Saudade – MARO

BPM: 83

Duration: 3:01 mins

Originally a top 10 Eurovision hit for Portugal in 2022, this song by MARO can act as the perfect addition for your yoga class music playlist. 

The message behind the song is sad and, despite having no direct translation into English, Saudade describes feelings of sentimentality and nostalgia. For this reason, it may be perfectly incorporated alongside yoga class readings that centre on self-reflection.

In addition to this, the song also has a fairly mellow beat, with a relatively low 83 BPM. Coupled with the lower octave of MARO’s singing voice, you’ll be able to add this music in the yoga class to sooth your students into a state of relaxation. 

#3 – Together – Jay Aliyev

BPM: 100

Duration: 3:49 mins

If you’re someone who enjoys incorporating electronic-inspired music into your yoga class playlist, Together by Jay Aliyev may be exactly what you’re looking for. 

The song takes inspiration from the musician’s Azerbaijani roots, whilst still managing to stay modern with a beat that will get your students energised. 

The combination of synth and lyrics in this song is upbeat and steady, making Together a brilliant way to get your students ready for the session without overstimulating them.


#4 – Papa Tau (A Tribute To Papa Tau Moe) – Debashish Bhattacharya

BPM: 94

Duration: 5:56 mins

Debashish Bhattacharya is a trailblazer in the Indian music scene; between his collaborations and development of several Indian slide guitars we’d be remiss not to include him on this list of the best songs for a yoga class.

As most of you will be aware, the history of yoga can be traced back to India over 5,000 years ago. For this reason, incorporating music from the culture itself, is a logical step that honours the practice’s rich cultural impact. 

With a soothing melody that invokes feelings of inner peace, Papa Tau is the perfect example of traditional music for yoga classes which encourages students to get in touch with the practice’s rich history. 

#5 – Stables (Breath Of The Wild) – Hajime Wakai et al

BPM: 79

Duration: 3:23 mins

While an example from a video game may be regarded as an unconventional choice for a yoga class music playlist, there is a good reason behind its inclusion. 

Stables from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild was specifically composed to help gamers focus. Yogis will be able to relate to this, and the song may invoke a similar mindset during the class itself. 

Fans of the game will know the calming melody is used to invoke a feeling of safety, in an environment in which you feel comfort. This describes everything a successful yoga studio should be, which is exactly why we’re recommending it as an adaptable piece for any yoga class music playlist.

#6 – Flight – Anoushka Shankar

Anoushka Shankar is an incredibly talented musician and activist with several Grammy nominations to her name. With a complex blending of electronic music with the traditional Indian sitar, Flight is an example of good music for yoga classes that honour the practice’s tradition, whilst still injecting something new into the mix. 

With a slow and steady beat of 119 BPM, you will be able to effortlessly incorporate this song into various stages of your yoga class. 

For example, you could use Flight at the beginning of the session in order to create a sense of focus among your students, although any one of Anoushka Shankar’s songs will make for great music for yoga classes. 

#7 – Landslide – Fleetwood Mac

BPM: 79

Duration: 3:19 mins

When choosing the best music for your yoga class, sometimes you’ll want to incorporate examples that your students will already be familiar with. For this reason, why not choose one of the most well recognisable songs of all time, in Fleetwood Mac’s Landslide. 

With a steady 79 BPM, Landslide will keep your students flowing from one pose to the next, without creating a sense that they need to rush. 

If you’re looking to set yoga class intentions for your class, Landslide will be the perfect accompaniment to sessions centred on self-reflection. The lyrics are introspective, focusing on moving from one phase of life to another. 

#8 – To Be Alone (Instrumental) – Hozier

BPM: 67

Duration: 5:23 mins

When discussing ‘good music for yoga classes’ many instructors will typically incorporate ‘indie’ stylings to a degree. This is due to the fact they often have a slower, steadier beat, which students can latch on to when transitioning from one pose to the next.

For this reason, we have chosen to include the Instrumental version of Hozier’s To Be Alone in our recommendations for yoga class playlist. At over 5-minutes long, the song makes for excellent ambient music that is sure to hone the focus of those in attendance. 

With a BPM of 63, this entry will be ideal for different yoga variations which are slower than others. For example, Hatha movements are deliberately steadier, in order to involve a sense of relaxation and will therefore pair well with the melody.

#9 – Orinoco Flow – Enya

BPM: 115

Duration: 4:26 mins

Long considered a staple for yoga class music, Enya has proven that her creative sound pairs perfectly with the teachings imparted during your sessions. 

Specifically, we have chosen to highlight her song Orinoco Flow, which is arguably one of the most unique entries on our list. 

What makes Orinoco Flow some of the best music for yoga classes, is that it incorporates Enya’s breath as a beat. With this, your students will be able to sync their own breathing to the music. 

#10 – Beast Of Burden (Instrumental) – The Rolling Stones

BPM: 101

Duration: 4:25 mins

‘Beast Of Burden’ by The Rolling Stones is a brilliant blending of elements from soft rock and soul music. The final result is a mellow tune that can still bring a sense of excitement to your yoga class music playlist. 

The gentle rolling guitar harmonies and steady drum beat will provide a great backing sound for the latter period of your class. 

This is because the lower 101 BPM, will see class attendees pair their breath to beat, thus lowering their heart rate as a result. Whilst The Rolling Stones may not be the first example that springs to mind when discussing the best songs for yoga classes, this instrumental rendition is sure to capture the attention of your students. 

#11 – O-o-h Child – The Five Stairsteps

BPM: 88

Duration: 3:17

Sole music is yet another example of an unconventional genre that can produce good music for yoga classes. 

Specifically, O-o-h Child from The Five Stairsteps can offer some steadiness and relaxation following an intense yoga class. This is made possible with the song’s 88 BPM, which encourages students to slow down their breathing and heart rate. 

In addition to this, you can recommend your students listen intently to the song’s lyrics, which will help to convey a sense of optimism for the future. Finally, the final fade out will cap off your session on a relaxing note, ensuring students leave your class feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.  

#12 – Instrumental – dodie

BPM: 162

Duration: 0:50

This short melody by dodie is aptly named, and feels almost like a lullaby. For this reason, many regard it as ideal music for leading yoga nidra, or a meditation session. Specifically, the soft use of piano trio can help to create a peaceful atmosphere that lulls your students into a state of deep relaxation. 

At just under a minute long, you could also choose to loop this song in order to pair it with a specific pose. 

For example, students could hold the Lotus pose and meditate as the song plays on loop, only coming out of the asana when the final chord has finished.

#13 – Cloudy – Simon and Garfunkel

BPM: 92

Duration: 2:11 mins

Simon and Garfunkel are known for their whimsical musical stylings, with ‘Cloudy’ being arguably the best exemplifier of what makes the duo’s sound unique.  When incorporated into your yoga class playlist, the song can help to ease any tension that may have built up in the student’s lives prior to their class.

With lyrics such ‘My thoughts are scattered and they’re cloudy, they have no borders, no boundaries’, it’s easy to see why many make the connection between the song and the practice of yoga.

You could use the lyrics as a lesson for what students should be feeling during your classes, with “thoughts without borders or boundaries” relating back to letting go of daily stresses through yoga.  

#14 – Willow – Marie Denis

BPM: 125

Duration: 3:05 mins

When discussing great music for yoga classes, many instructors will typically favour instrumental sounds over songs with lyrics, as this is regarded as the more ‘traditional’ approach to instructing. 

With this in mind, piano instrumentals will make for excellent additions to your playlist, as they are highly adaptable, with the potential to be both motivational and relaxing. 

‘Willow’ by Marie Denis feels very traditionally classic, with rolling chords that provide the perfect backing sounds for your class. 

Specifically, due to the steady and consistent BPM, this example of yoga class music is ideal for closing out a yoga class, helping to ease your student’s breathing techniques. 


#15 – Petrichor – Poppy Robson

BPM: 67

Duration: 4:05 mins

Similarly to the example above, Petrichor by Poppy Robson is another classically-inspired instrumental music for yoga classes. When implemented into your class, your students will be able to calm their minds and focus on the various asanas and movements.

With a soothingly low 67 BPM, coupled with higher notes incorporated throughout, Petrichor helps to create a restful vibe that will reverberate through any studio. 

Simply put, this is a great bit of music for a yoga class to end on, especially in savasana or a seated pose where students can meditate comfortably. 

#16 – Better Together – Jack Johnson

BPM: 110

Duration: 3:27 mins

Another example of music that can end yoga classes on a high note is Better Together by Jack Johnson. This mid 00s throwback is great for a cool down session, as the melody is upbeat but isn’t too overstimulating. 

The combination of fingerpicked guitar and piano is characteristic of the acoustic styling of the 00s, but works well as music for a yoga class as it offers a range of depth and warmth. 

As a result, your students will feel comfortable and at ease as their session gradually winds to a natural conclusion.For further advice on how you can end your classes, check out our in-depth exploration of how to plan a yoga class

#17 – Other Side Of The World – KT Tunstall

BPM: 80

Duration: 3:34 mins

Other Side of The World by KT Tunstall is yet another example of great music for yoga classes that rely solely on instrumental accompaniments to invoke a feeling from those listening.

Specifically, this entry can add some much needed warmth to your yoga class music playlist, thanks in large part to the distinctive strummed chords. This creates a fuller sound, and differentiates between many of the aforementioned songs that only include finger pricked chords. 

Once again it is worth noting that this song has a lower BPM than other entries. For this reason, it may be better suited to slower variations of yoga, or points in your class in which you want your students to rest. 

#18 – Easy On Me (Instrumental Version) – Vitamin String Quartet

BPM: 71

Duration: 3:40 mins

Rounding off this initial section of the best songs for yoga classes is a classical take on a recent Pop hit. Composed by the iconic Vitamin String Quartet, this reinterpretation of Adele’s Easy On Me has been featured on the likes of Netflix’s Bridgerton.

This may seem like another strange choice for a yoga class playlist, but with a well rounded, rich sound, your students are sure to be lulled into a sense of deep concentration during this song.

In fact, any one of Vitamin String Quartet’s compositions would make excellent additions to your class, if you’re looking to incorporate more pop-influences without featuring lyric heavy pieces. 

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 The Best Songs For Yoga Class Power Poses

Whilst the previous section focused on relaxing beats and melodies for slower yoga variations, not every class will follow this format. 

With this in mind, we have curated an additional section, specifically dedicated to yoga class music for power sessions. Here you will find examples that focus on music that is higher in BPM and aims to motivate your students through their classes.

#19 – De Sol A Sol – Reykon, Alkilados, Martina La Peligrosa, Sebastian Yatra

BPM: 100

Duration: 3:42 mins

Sometimes you need some added motivation to hold more challenging poses, or to complete difficult sequences. For this reason, choosing the right song can go a long way in improving a student’s performance. 

‘Del Sol A Sol’ is a happy song with a great beat, once it’s played in your yoga class it’s sure to get your student’s blood pumping. 

Not only will this increase their overall enjoyment of the session, but it can also help to increase their motivation levels pushing them through any difficulties they may be having in class. 

This is a song with great Summer vibes, and could pair perfectly well with outdoor classes. For more information on how you can host these, check out our exploration of how to teach yoga classes in parks.

#20 – Under Pressure (Instrumental) – Queen and David Bowie

BPM: 114

Duration: 4:08 mins

With the iconic combination of Freddie Mercury and David Bowie, ‘Under Pressure’ makes for an excellent backdrop for a smaller series of yoga poses. 

In fact, why not use this yoga class music as a ‘beat challenge’ asking your students to pair their movements to the song’s 114 BPM.

For this specific yoga challenge, the instrumental version linked above may be more effective. This will allow your students to specifically hone in on the beat, ensuring their movements are correct, rather than getting distracted by the lyrics. 

When it comes to discussing the best songs for a yoga class, Under Pressure is yet another unique choice, but it’s one that’s sure to excite your students nevertheless. 

#21 – Kerala – Bonobo

BPM: 125

Duration: 3:57 mins

Good music for yoga classes is hard to find, but this track by Bonobo is the perfect backing to any yoga practice. The beat is fast-paced and vibrant enough to encourage your students to work hard without any complex vocals drowning out your instructions. 

The blending of high and low tones evokes a sense of the natural world, whilst the gradual build in the track gives you the chance to up the intensity of your routine in response. 

Yoga class music needs to add to the student’s experience, which this track certainly does.

#22 – Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) – Kate Bush

BPM: 108

Duration: 4:58 mins

With a song that garnered somewhat of a renaissance in 2022, Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill masterfully blends a combination of synth sounds with the singer’s haunting voice. 

With this addition to your yoga class music playlist you have the chance to create fun yoga sequences that pair well with the track. 

For example, as the song features lyrics that invoke a sense of optimism and resilience, you could incorporate more warrior poses into your routine. In doing so, you can ensure that your students are connected to the lyrics and feeling just as resilient and strong as Kate Bush herself. 


#23 – Keep Driving (Instrumental) – Harry Styles

BPM: 165

Duration: 2:20 mins

If you’re looking for a mellow vibe with an impressive beat for the peak of your sequence, ‘Keep Driving’ by Harry Styles is the perfect addition to your yoga class playlist. 

The instrumental version linked above is the perfect option if you’re looking for a shorter song that will uplift your student’s mood. 

From the moment it begins playing it’s impossible to not be enamoured with the rhythm, and filled with a sense of happiness. 

In addition to this, the song features 165 BPM (one of the highest to feature on this list). The song gradually builds to this point, meaning you could create a sequence that increases in intensity, incorporating harder poses as the song progresses. 

#24 – Piya O Re Piya (From Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya) – Atif Aslam and Shreya Ghoshal

BPM: 168

Duration: 4:52 mins

Taken from the romantic comedy Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya, ‘Piya O Re Piya’ is a beautiful romantic song with a great rhythm that would suit any yoga class music playlist. 

At nearly 5 minutes, it’s also an ideal length to work through the transitions between poses.

The steady backing beat behind the lyrics works to ground the rest of the track, and the gradual build to the bridge would be a great way to naturally increase the difficulty of your poses and hold onto that intensity during the chorus.

#25 – ME! (Instrumental) – Taylor Swift ft. Brendon Urie

BPM: 91

Duration: 3:13 mins

You’ll undoubtedly want music in your yoga class that suits the session’s themes, as well as your personal yoga teaching styleIf you’re looking for something vibrant and upbeat, ‘ME!’ from Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie is sure to lift the spirits of your students.

The track itself may work best at the beginning of your class, as it will encourage your students to enter a positive state of mind. When it comes to complimenting the overall themes of classes, ‘ME!’ is one of the best songs for yoga classes that centre on freedom and positivity. 

For example, it may pair well with movements that increase body awareness and flexibility, such as the Upward Facing Dog, as this specific pose is designed to meet the aforementioned goals. 


#26 – The Punjaabban Song (From JugJugg Jeeyo) – Tanishk Bagchi, Gippy Grewal, Zahrah S Khan, Romy and Abrar Ul Haq

BPM: 139

Duration: 3:19 mins

Whilst this feels more like a dance track, ‘The Punjaabban Song’ from JugJugg Jeeyo would make an excellent addition to most yoga class music playlists – especially when you want to hit those power poses!

When discussing good music for a yoga class, this highly energised melody is sure to get your students pumped and excited to tackle tricky sequences. 

But above all else, the song will create a fun atmosphere and improve the moods of the yogis in attendance. 

#27 – Butter (Instrumental Version) – Ray Mak

BPM: 110

Duration: 2:58 mins

Great music for yoga classes shouldn’t be limited by genre, so why not take a chance on this K-Pop inspired instrumental. With that being said Ray Mak’s cover of Butter is the perfect song to incorporate some upbeat modern vibes to your class. 

This is a piano cover of the BTS hit that still manages to convey the smooth feeling of the original song. This means that students will still be able to connect to the song’s motivational beat, without feeling too distracted or overwhelmed by the lyrics. 

Butter by Ray Mak is perfect for all pop lovers, who are looking for an upbeat, relaxing melody that will help their students to gradually wind down, so why not decide to incorporate this into your yoga class music playlist today! 

Before You Go!

Whilst we have covered many examples in this article, remember these are just what we consider to be some of the best songs for a yoga class, and taste will always be subjective.

Every yoga instructor will have their own preferences, but if you ever struggle to curate a playlist why not ask your students for advice. This will ensure their voices are heard, and make them feel that they have some say in the classes they attend. 

Remember, a Level 4 Yoga Teaching Diploma will allow you to advance your practice. You’ll acquire advanced knowledge, and develop a lucrative specialism that can take both your personal and professional practice to the next level.

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