Write An Effective Nutritionist Bio For Instagram

By writing an effective nutritionist bio for your Instagram, you can encapsulate your brand’s image and draw in more potential clients. 

We’ll look at relevant examples of current nutritionist Instagram bios, and explore topics such as: 

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What To Include in a Instagram Bio For a Nutritionist 

nutritionist bio for instagram

A bio is one of the first things a user will see when they arrive at your Instagram profile. During the writing process, you should communicate exactly what you’re offering.

We’re going to break down exactly what you should include in this bio, and how you can do this as effectively as possible.

#1 – Instagram Nutritionist Bios Must Include Who You Are & What You Do

instagram nutritionist bio

One of the most important aspects of a nutritionist Instagram bio is introducing yourself and your business. This can be a straightforward process, including information such as:

  • Your name
  • Any certificates, qualifications, and accomplishments
  • Your line of work

While it might seem difficult to include these in a 150-character limit, this doesn’t have to be overly complicated.

Let’s look at @thefoodmedic’s page for an example of an account with a strong Instagram nutritionist bio: 

TheFoodMedic Nutritionist Bio for Instagram

This example provides a clear and concise answer to what kind of nutritionist Dr Hazel Wallace is, as from the information provided we can determine:

Name: Dr Hazel Wallace

Certificates, qualifications, and/or accomplishments: Nutritionist (ANutr), Medical Doctor, Author, and Podcaster

Website: www.thefoodmedic.co.uk

It’s important to include this information, especially your nutritionist qualifications, in your Instagram bio, as it provides potential customers with reassurance that you’re equipped to provide them with everything they need.

Take Bryony Clark (@body_by_b) as another great example – she displays both her Level 3 personal training certificate and her Level 4 nutritionist qualification as a way to build trust and reassure her potential clients.

nutritionist bio instagram

You should proudly display all your qualifications alongside other areas of expertise that you feel set you apart in the nutrition field, like recipes you’ve created or projects you’ve been a part of.

For example, Hazel Wallace included the name of her nutritionist podcast, which lets visitors know what she gets up to in her free time, as well as how she keeps up-to-date with developments and news in the industry.

Ultimately, The Food Medic is a prime example of a strong nutritionist bio for Instagram that utilises the space well to convey valuable information about them and what they do. 

#2 – A Nutritionist Bio for Instagram Must Encapsulate You & Your Business

writing your nutritionist bio for Instagram

When writing your nutritionist bio for Instagram you will also need to incorporate your mission statement.

A mission statement simply describes the purpose of your nutrition business, shedding light on why it was created to begin with. The purpose behind the inclusion is to help customers visualise what they can achieve with your guidance. 

Therefore, when incorporated correctly, mission statements can be incredibly persuasive tools used to attract clients to your business. @cleancookingcaitlin’s Instagram account is a great example:

CleanCooking instagram nutritionist bio

Within the highlighted section, Caitlin effectively communicates her mission statement by explaining that:

  • She helps to combat obesity
  • She offers predominantly vegan recipes
  • Clients can expect ‘healthy lifestyle changes’ and to get ‘fit’

Just a handful of characters offers plenty of relevant and valuable information that helps to turn a generic Instagram user into a potential customer.


#3 – An Effective Nutritionist Bio for Instagram Should Include Strong, Compelling Language

An Effective Nutritionist Bio for Instagram Should Include Strong, Compelling Language

As we have already mentioned, when using Instagram a nutritionist bio should include compelling language that encourages users to sign up for your service. 

With an unlimited character limit at your disposal this would be an easy task, but remember when crafting your bio you will be limited to 150 characters. This means that whatever language you do use must be snappy and persuasive. 

Pronouns are an excellent example of compelling language, as they address the reader personally. Examples of this include: 

  • You
  • Your
  • Us
  • Our
  • We
  • Together

Such language helps to break down barriers between a client and a nutritionist, allowing them to feel that you’re personally inviting them to sign up.

When it comes to Instagram bio ideas for nutritionists, refer to the example below from @nutritionhappens to gain a better understanding of persuasive pronouns:

instagram bio for nutritionist NutritionHappens

May Zhu’s Instagram bio includes the pronouns you and yourto warmly welcome potential clients into her practice. 

When reading this, Instagram users will feel that Mary is directly addressing them. In doing so, she highlights just how important her clients are, ensuring they know that they’re placed at the forefront of her business. 

This also shows that you do not need to include each example of the persuasive language discussed earlier to communicate your passion for helping other people. 

By implementing any of these Instagram bio ideas for nutritionists, you’ll be able to make the most out of your 150-character limit. 

But with this in mind, a strong bio will make use of multiple different mediums to attract clients. 

The Importance of CTAs and Links in a Nutritionist Bio for Instagram

Instagram Nutritionist Bio Example

Creating a strong nutritionist bio for Instagram will also require you to use CTAs (Call to Action) which invite customers to complete a task such as:

  • Sending a direct message
  • Calling me at [phone number]
  • Emailing me at [email address]
  • Filling a form on my website (include a link)

By incorporating these direct CTAs into your Instagram bio, you can increase the likelihood of turning a potential client into a paying customer. For example, take a look at @twist_of_lemons bio:

TwistofLemons instagram bio ideas for nutritionist

Katie’s Instagram bio encourages followers who are interested in the service to submit an enquiry email. 

Whilst written CTAs are a reliable source of converting followers into sales, other Instagram bio ideas for nutritionists include incorporating links to your website. 

These sites can offer significantly more information about your business to prospective clients, rather than restricting this information to a character limit. For example, check out @prenatalnutritionist.

Prenatalnutrition Instagram Ideas for Nutritionist

Ryann Kipping’s nutritionist Instagram bio instructs her followers to ‘Join the Library today’ using an emoji to point to a link below. 

When users click on this link, they are led to Ryann’s website.

Instagram bio for nutritionist Example Site

Here, users can discover more about Ryann’s business, such as:

  • Her professional nutritionist qualifications
  • Her existing community of clients  
  • The price of his nutrition advice and meal plans

By including a link to your website within your Instagram bio clients will be able to gain access to more relevant professional information. This would be otherwise unavailable due to Instagram’s strict character limit. 

If you want to include more than one link in your bio, you should consider creating a LinkTree account. This platform is used by over 20+ million people in the world, which allows them to have all their links in one place, directing customers to: 

  • Website
  • Blog
  • Portfolio
  • Podcast
  • Book
  • Online store
  • LinkedIn

Here’s an example of @the_fitness_dietitian’s Instagram bio which details a LinkTree link:

TheFitnessDietican nutritionist instagram bio

This is what an Instagram user will see when they click on the link:

TheFitnessDietican nutritionist instagram bio LinkTree

As you can see, there’s no feasible way that Leanne could have included each link in her Instagram bio, which is why LinkTree is a valuable tool for those wanting to market several aspects of their business. 

LinkTree has several packages on offer, each varying in price, so be sure to conduct your independent research before determining which one would be right for your business. For more of these top tips, check out our in-depth guide exploring 9 strategies for marketing a nutrition business.

As a nutritionist, your Instagram bio should include links, and to do this yourself, follow the steps outlined below:

Professional instagram nutritionist bio

  1. On your Instagram profile, select ‘Edit Profile’
  2. In the ‘Website’ box, insert the link to your website 
  3. Click ‘Save’ 

Always be sure to check that your links are working correctly, as broken links can negatively affect your business by presenting you in an unprofessional manner. 


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Other Aspects to Consider Alongside Your Instagram Bio for Nutritionists

Instagram Bio Ideas for Nutritionist Header

Even if you have the best possible Instagram bio for a nutritionist business, this factor alone won’t be enough to attract clients. 

Instead, you will need to consider other aspects, and how you can incorporate them into your nutritionist business plan.

#1 – Alongside Your Nutritionist Instagram Bio You Will Need a Relevant Handle

Instagram Bio Ideas for Nutritionist's Social Media

Once you’ve created a nutritionist bio for Instagram you should also choose your handle wisely. 

Whilst it may seem inconsequential, an Instagram handle can help to attract clients to your business, it must therefore be: 

  • Relevant to your business
  • Easy to read
  • Memorable
  • Communicate something about your brand

Here’s an example of Dr Megan Rossi’s Instagram handle (@theguthealthdoctor):

instagram bio ideas for nutritionist  TheDoc

As you can see, Megan’s username is easy to read and communicates fundamental aspects of her business niche. 

From simply reading TheGutHealthDoctor we can immediately tell that Dr Megan Rossi is a nutritionist in the medical field, who specialises in gut health.

Hypothetically, if you’re a nutritionist for a sports team, your handle could be something related to sport, like GymRecipesByJake or FoodForFootballers.

This advice is only really applicable if you have a niche, whereas holistic nutritionists should instead use their actual name as their handle. 

Take @jennahopenutrition‘s Instagram account as an example: 

JennaHope Instagram Nutritionist Bio

Including your name in the handle can help to create a sense of personal connection, highlighting to visitors that you are the face behind the business. 

This is also a great example of a username that’s easy to read and communicates key aspects of the business.

#2 – Switching to a Professional Account Can Add Further Resources to the Nutritionist Instagram Bio

Instagram Nutritionist Bio example

For immediate clarity, if you’re looking to switch your personal account into a professional one, follow these simple steps outlined by Instagram’s support team:

  1. Select the Menu (3 horizontal lines) in the top right-hand corner
  2. Select Settings
  3. Tap Account
  4. Select Switch to a professional account
  5. After tapping Continue, select the relevant category for your business
  6. Include any contact details – this step is optional 

By making this switch, you can add additional buttons that allow potential customers to instantly connect with you. 

Take @sophieshealthykitchen’s professional page as an example, as you can see she now has the option to ‘Email’ her, rather than just generic ‘Follow’ or ‘Message’ options.

Sophie Instagram Bio for Nutritionist

When selected, your preferred email app will automatically pop up with Sophie’s email address already inserted. This only allows your followers to immediately get in touch with you in regards to signing up for the likes of meal plans.

While it may seem like such a minor addition, when accompanied by a strong nutritionist bio for Instagram, a professional account will help to streamline your sales. 

In addition to this, when you change over to a professional account, Instagram will begin to promote your service as a local business. 

Local customers looking for Nutritional guidance will then be directed to your page, increasing your rate of online engagement and the likelihood of generating a new lead. 

#3 – An Instagram Nutritionist Bio Should be Accompanied By a Good Quality Profile Picture

instagram bio ideas for nutritionist photo

Alongside your nutritionist bio for Instagram, you must ensure to have a quality profile photo. 

This image should convey a sense of professionalism, for that reason we would recommend avoiding selfies. Instead, opt for the likes of: 

  • A good quality photo showing your face clearly with a plain or relevant background (an image taken during a photoshoot would be even better)
  • Your nutrition brand logo

For example, @bewellbykelly’s Instagram profile picture displays her face, with the photo shoot taking place in her kitchen, a relevant location for her business.

BeWellByKelly  instagram bio ideas for nutritionist

If a photo like this is preferable to you, we would recommend hiring a professional photographer who will be able to direct you on getting the best quality photos. Whilst it is an additional business expense it will help to generate profit down the line. 

Alternatively, you can go down the logo route for your profile photo such as @mynewroots:

MyNewRoots nutritionist bio for instagram

Having a graphic logo will help to create a sense of professionalism, and further build upon a sense of brand identity. Customers will be able to see the logo and immediately associate with your nutrition business.  

Deciding which approach is right for your business may take some trial and error, experimenting with different examples until you find one that works for your business. 


Before You Go! 

Within this article, we have covered different examples of Instagram bio ideas for nutritionists. If implemented correctly, the ideas discussed can help you to communicate your brand and grow your business. 

If you’re looking to expand, earning a Personal Training Diploma and offering additional services to your clients can help. Through the completion of this course, you will be able to create bespoke workout programmes that work alongside a client’s existing nutrition plans. 

Download OriGym’s comprehensive course prospectus to learn more, and start your journey today. 

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