Looking for the best obstacle course races for you, your friends or family to take part in during 2020? You’re in the right place.

Using our ultimate list of the best obstacle course races in the UK, you can compare and contrast everything from inflatable obstacle courses and wild mud runs to indoor events!

To make your decision easy to make, we’ve listed each event with the following info:

  • What’s included (in the ticket pricing)
  • Obstacles 
  • Locations (the event is available at)
  • Pricing 
  • Reviews
  • FAQs 

Equipped with this info, we hope it takes you a matter of minutes to find the right event for you and your gang. After all, it’s much easier to make a decision when all of the information is in one place!

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Let’s jump straight in…

Rough Runner – Mud Run & Inflatable Obstacle Course

Picture your favourite TV show based obstacle course race like Takeshi’s Castle or Gladiators and put them in once place, that gives you the Rough Runner obstacle course!

With 5km, 10km and 15km distances available to pick from, this amazingly fun, obstacle-packed day out should not be missed. Rough Runner has partnered with the British Heart Foundation to allow people to run for free, but there are always limited spaces so make sure to be quick. 

Take a look how fun this obstacle race event could be for you or there is the junior obstacle race course for kids too!

#1 – What is included in Ticket Pricing?

  • Wristband at the start
  • Medal at the end
  • Free finishers photo 
  • Free bag drop service 
  • *NEW – On-site entertainment 

#2 – Obstacles

Fancy a go at the Rough Runner obstacle course? You might want to check out the list of exciting obstacles below first:

10km obstacle race image

#3 – Locations

Rough Runner is one of the largest and toughest adult obstacle course races in the UK and they have multiple venues:

  • London North
  • London South
  • Scotland
  • Salford
  • Manchester
  • North East

#4 – Rough Runner Pricing 

Here is a breakdown of the Rough Runner Pricing, but do note this can vary based on how close the next obstacle race course is:

Saturday Pricing:

  • 5km – £57.00
  • 10km – £65.00
  • 15Km – £73.00
  • Roughian Rascal (Obstacle Course for Kids) – £15.00

Sunday Pricing:

  • 5km – £52.00
  • 10km – £60.00
  • 15Km – £68.00
  • Roughian Rascal (Obstacle Course for Kids) – £15.00

#5 – Reviews 

Over 95,000 people to date have completed a Rough Runner Challenge, so it’s clear that the osbtacle race is pretty popular! If you want to find out more about what previous participants have to say (so that you can decide whether or not this is the race for you), check out what they have to say below:

Rough Runner Obstacle Course Image

#6 – Rough Runner FAQs

  1. You can upgrade your ticket to a higher distance (can be done on the day of the event), costs £10-20 
  2. You can transfer your ticket to a different day (better done in advance to avoid expense) 
  3. You can transfer your ticker to someone else (up to 10 days from the event date) 
  4. The minimum age is 16 years old 
  5. Most events have hot showers available, as well as changing facilities (marquee tents) 

The Wild Mud Run: Mud Run Course

The wild mud run in the midlands is an extremely well organised obstacle course race where you will take on literally obstacle after obstacle, with 34 in grand total. If you like getting muddy, this is the mud run course for you!

There are water slides, climbing obstacles and more mud than you can imagine. Based in Derbyshire makes this race accessible for the majority of the UK and you can raise money for a charity of your choice if you wish.

As you can see from the video below this obstacle race (UK) looks like amazing fun!

#1 – What is included in Ticket Pricing?

  • Free Technical T-shirt
  • Race pack
  • Timing chips
  • Goodie bag
  • Medal
  • Wrist band

#2 – Obstacles 

There are an impressive 34 obstacles on this mud run course, making it one of the most challenging yet fun events on our list. 

To give you a sample, here are some of our favourites (and the most ridiculous!):

  1. Free Fall – 80% ‘Fear Factor’
  2. Muddy Good Fun – 25% ‘Fear Factor’ (not too bad!), and described as having more mud that Glastonbury… 
  3. Walk the Plank – 80% ‘Fear Factor’, involves a leap of faith into cold water 
  4. Water Slide – 70% ‘Fear Factor’, 100% wet & muddy… you can’t complain about that on a mud run!
  5. Sidewinder – a fearsome climbing challenge with a 75% ‘Fear Factor’ (but thankfully there is a beginner’s route…)

#3 – Locations 

If the X-Runner Wild Mud Run is the event for you, you can find it at the following locations in 2020:

  • Derbyshire 
  • Nottingham 

#4 – Pricing 

Depending on the distance that you select for the Wild Mud Run event, the price range is *£14.95-79.95. 

#5 – Reviews

What do people think of this fun mud run course?

Well, we wouldn’t have included it on our list of the best obstacle course races if it wasn’t popular amongst fitness addicts and thrill seekers! You can check out the latest review scores below:

X-Runner Obstacle Course

#6 – FAQs

  • On-site parking – £5 per vehicle charge
  • Designated bag store area which we will fully supervised
  • Purchase drinks and food whilst on-site
  • Cold water bowser at every event for showering & washing off
  • Free spectators allowed

Ultimate Ninja – Challenging Indoor Obstacle Course

Certainly one of the best obstacle course races in the UK on our list is Ultimate Ninja!

Ultimate Ninja! is one of the very few indoor obstacle course runs and is based in Colchester, Essex. 

This indoor obstacle course is packed with challenging and fun tasks that will really get your muscles working. The obstacles require you to support your own body weight to navigate past them, but they can be easily adapted based on your experience and requirements.

The Ultimate Ninja indoor obstacle course is designed for kids, adults wanting a challenging day out with friends or even if you want a hold a corporate team building day, Ultimate Ninja can cater for every need!  The team on hand are highly experienced and qualified trainers with years of training specifically in Obstacle course runs.

#1 – What’s included in the ticket pricing? 

  • A 1-hour session training on the indoor obstacle course 
  • A chance to enter the Ultimate Ninja UK Leaderboard (if you let them know that you wish to do this on arrival) 

#2 – Obstacles 

The Ninja Warrior indoor obstacle course has 21 daring and very physical challenges that are not for the feint hearted. Take a look below at the challenges you will face:

Mud run race image

#3 – Location

As it’s an indoor obstacle course, Ultimate Ninja is based in one main location, which is Colchester

#4 – Pricing – Cost to Enter Ultimate Ninja 

The Ninja Obstacle course race cost is the same for both adults and children:

£10 – If Pre-booked

£12 – If you pay on the day

All slots are one hour in duration and you and your friends are feeling extra competitive, you can enter the Ultimate Ninja competition where you will be timed on completion of the course and compete to enter the open leader board.

#5 – Reviews 

What do past Ultimate Ninja’s make of this indoor obstacle course? Take a look at the reviews below, taken from their Facebook page:

Top Obstacle Course Image

The Wolf Run: Outdoor Obstacle Race

The Wolf run describes their inflatable obstacle course as “wild running” and they have different courses available for the different seasons. This obstacle race is over 10km over different terrain, including woodland, thick mood, lakes and a plethora of different obstacles to try and overcome.  This obstacle race course is designed to test your mental aptitude as you will literally crawl, climb and swim your way through. Voted the UK’s number one Obstacle race course (UK) and they call participants “wolf runners” and for good reasons. Complete this fitness event for charity or for just the fun of taking part.

Check this fitness challenge out below on Wolf Runner’s introductory video:

#1 – Obstacles/Races 

The Wolf Run is one of the few Obstacle course races (UK) where it has different races for all of the seasons of the year. This is what can really seperate the recreational racers to the seriously dedicated:

autumn and winter wolf obstacle course events

The Wolf run’s notorious Winter Wolf run can be brutal as you combat the elements of ice, snow and freezing temperatures. Completing the Wolf run in the Summer is one thing, the Winter though? That is a whole different level!

#2 – Obstacle Course Race Locations

Warwickshire – This 10km obstacle race has a new location in Warwickshire, spread over the 1,000-acre site, which will provide you with some challenging terrain and obstacles that will test and thrill you.

Leicestershire – The Leicestershire obstacle race has a surplus of mud and water to push you inner limits to the maximum, making it one of the toughest obstacle courses races in the UK. Surrounded by beautiful scenery and vast woodland this obstacle race course offers both natural and man-made obstacles to challenge you.

Inflatable Obstacle Course UK Image

There is a Junior obstacle race for kids on the Summer event so why not bring the whole family and make a day of it!

#3 – Pricing

Cost to enter Obstacle Course Race

  • Early Wolf – £45
  • Standard – £55
  • Skin of Wolf Teeth – £65

If you enter this amazing obstacle race course as a “pack” every 5th person gets to run for free. Do register at the same time to obtain the free place.

#4 – Reviews

But, what do people who have completed the outdoor obstacle course say about it?

The Wolf Run Reviews on Runners World are as follows:

Indoor obstacle race image

#5 – Wolf Run FAQS

  • Parking available at £5 per car and £10 per minibus
  • Cold Showers available
  • Food, drink and alcohol available
  • Car key drop off point, but keep items in your vehicle
  • Changing facilities available
  • Spectators watch for free

Gung Ho: Inflatable Obstacle Course Race

This has to be one of the funniest inflatable obstacle course races in the UK from 2019. Gung Ho isn’t so much about being the most difficult or toughest obstacle course, but more designed to be the funniest! Suitable for all ages and the whole family, you will manoeuvre from inflatable to inflatable, some over 50 metres long and 8 metres high over a 5km distance. Regardless of your fitness levels, you will find Gung Ho a blast! Walk, run or in most cases stumble your way around, but although there is no water or mud at this inflatable obstacle course, there is plenty of soap!!

#1 – What’s included in the ticket pricing? 

  • Gung-Ho! Race number (so you can display it during the event!)
  • Wave Time Wrist Band 
  • Gung-Ho! Winner’s T-Shirt 
  • Gung-Ho! Headband 

#2 – Obstacles  

There are 11 giant obstacles for you and your friends to enjoy during the Gung-Ho! event. 

This is a 5km obstacle course race but do remember 5km largely on inflatable-based objects may be harder work than you think!

This inflatable obstacle course is ideal for kids with no lower age limit required, but they must be 122 centimetres in height and if under eleven escorted round the course by an adult.

Gung Ho obstacle course race image

#3 – Location

Wondering where you can attend this inflatable obstacle Race (UK)? The inflatable obstacle race is based out of four locations listed below and is well worth giving a bash!

  • Maidstone
  • London
  • Southampton
  • North East

Wave Times:

  • First Wave: 09:00
  • Final Wave: 13:45
  • Frequency: 15 Minutes

#4 – Pricing 

The Gung Ho race can be completed on your own or via a group booking and its cost £25 per head to complete one full circuit or you can purchase the “Anywave ticket” and you can go round as many times as you like for £60 per head.

#5 – Gung-Ho! FAQS

  • Spectators are welcome, and they won’t need to pay
  • Parking availability varies at each venue
  • Valuables can be left at a manned bag drop

Hell Runner Rat Race: Toughest Obstacle Course Race?

Hell runner is not an obstacle course race per say, it’s more a wild mud run with mother nature as a whole being the true obstacle!

Hell runner really is an adult obstacle course and is as gruelling as the name suggests. You can choose distances up to marathon and half a marathon at certain locations all whilst mitigating thick mud, swamps, steep muddy woodland, rivers and more. This “hellish” event is truly one of the toughest mud runs in the UK.

If you are feeling devilish and want to give this tough mud run a go, you need to be quick as prices increase closer the event draws. Teams will get discounts for entering, but there is a £5 premium to be aware of when trying to enter the first wave of the day.

#1 – What extras do I get for my ticket?

  • Finisher’s medal
  • Rat Race tech t-shirt

#2 – Locations 

  • Hell Runner Down South – Tunbridge Wells
  • Hell Runner Up North – Cheshire

Some unwitting soles have completed the Hell Runner mud run course five times or more and got their names listed on the Hell Runner’s Wall of Pain. Reckon you have the steel to complete this mud run challenge?

Mud Run Race Course Image

#3 – Pricing 

10Km Hell Runner Prices:

Going Solo

  • First 200 People: £35 per head
  • Before End of January: £37.50
  • Before End of April: £40
  • Before end of August: £42.50
  • Before end of September: £45
  • Before Event: £50

Team of 5+

  • First 200 People: £30
  • Before End of January: £32.50
  • Before End of April: £35
  • Before end of August: £37.50
  • Before end of September: £40
  • Before Event: £45

Team of 10+

  • First 200 People: £25
  • Before End of January: £27.50
  • Before End of April: £30
  • Before end of August: £32.50
  • Before end of September: £35
  • Before Event: £40

If you’re feeling brave (or stupid), you can upgrade for a second lap for just £25 and turn this 10km obstacle race (UK) into a half marathon of pain or even worse try the marathon edition. Take a look at some of the snaps below of what you will be letting yourself in for:

Mud Obstacle course race image

Despite the brutality of Hell Runner, there is a mud run course for kids that you can enter your little devils into. It’s a 2Km distance and costs as little as £10 pre-booked or £15 on the day. Children 13 and under may enter, but those 7 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

#4 – Reviews 

What do past obstacle course runners think of Hell Runner?

Outdoor Mud Runs Image

Beach Ballistic: Beach Obstacle Course

Want a great obstacle course idea? You need to check out Beach Ballistic! It is without doubt one of the toughest obstacle races on this list and if you’re looking for a genuine fitness challenge, this is for you!

Beach Ballistic is one of only two World and European Championship qualification OCR courses in Scotland and will really put you through your paces. Running through mud is one thing, running up a sand dune is very difficult, but running up a sand dune with a wheel under your arm, that is a different ball game!

#1 – Obstacles 

This obstacle race is based just North of Aberdeen and has three distances, the 6Km, 16km and 32km distances. Take on the coastal landscape of Scotland of mud sand and sea, this really will push your mental toughness to the limit.

Take a look at the obstacles you will be battling against:

Beach Obstacle Course Image

#2 – Location 

As it’s a pretty unique obstacle race course, Beach Ballistic is actually based in one location; just North of Aberdeen! 

#3 – Pricing 

Wondering how much this obstacle course race costs? You’ll be glad to know that it isn’t one of the most expensive events on our list, despite giving its entrants on the 16K and 32K courses the chance to qualify for the OCR World and European Championships!

  • 32km – £55 – Saturdays
  • 16km – £50 – Saturdays
  • 6km – £35 – Sundays

(All fees are non-inclusive of bookings fees, but a percentage of all proceeds will go to Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland)

#4 – Reviews 

Want to know what are people saying about this fun and unique beach obstacle course? Check out this review from their Facebook page, as well as their impressive score: 

Obstacle Races UK Image

Total Warrior: Popular Mud Run Course

With 25 punishing obstacles, get ready to become a “total warrior” with thousands of other participants! You will wade rivers, climb walls tackle and jump over fire.

Yes, we said fire!

This obstacle course (UK) has been running for six years and is certainty one of the muddiest on this list. It’s also one of the most popular due to how unique and challenging it is…

#1 – What is included in ticket pricing?  

  • Finisher’s T-Shirt 
  • TW Headband 
  • 1 FREE victory beer (what’s not to love?) 

#2 – Obstacles 

Wondering what Obstacles you will face at Total Warrior? You can view our list below for the complete collection, although some are unique to some of the listed locations. 

It’s a good idea to prepare yourself for this obstacle course, especially since some of the obstacles are so intense… (particularly the Waterfall). 

NOTE: The names of the obstacles are the names harnessed by Total Warrior and some of the obstacles listed are specific to certain races. 

Total warrior obstacle course image

#3 – Location

The main event is located at Bramham Park, Wetherby. 

#4 – Pricing

Total Warrior: Cost to Enter Obstacle Course Race

Prices can vary depending on the day of the week you wish to complete the obstacle course race:

Original Total Warrior – 12km (25 Obstacles)

Friday – £64.95 When Pre-Booked (£85 on the day)

Saturday – £72.95 When Pre-Booked (£85 on the day)

Sunday – £64.95 When Pre-Booked (£85 on the day)

Total Warrior Half – 6km (15 Obstacles)

Friday – £54.95 When Pre-Booked (£75 on the day)

Saturday – £54.95 When Pre-Booked (£75 on the day)

Sunday – £54.95 When Pre-Booked (£75 on the day)

Ultra Warrior – As Many Laps of the obstacle course as possible

Sunday – £95 When Pre-Booked (£120 on the day)

Junior Obstacle Course – 3km – 10 Obstacles

Saturday – £27 When Pre-Booked (£35 on the day)

Sunday – £27 When Pre-Booked (£35 on the day)

#5 – FAQs

Total Warrior FAQS:

  1. Food, music and bar available
  2. Photos available to purchase
  3. Hand wash faciltiies
  4. No pets allowed

The Monster: Ultimate Inflatable Obstacle Course

The Monster is true to it’s name, it is the world’s largest inflatable obstacle course and it’s back and even bouncier than ever for 2020. The Monster may look like it’s for kids, but actually it’s an inflatable obstacle course for adults too! With a live DJ, craft beers, cocktails and beer pong, it really is a unique day out.

#1 – Obstacles 

The Monster has over 40 inflatable obstacles, including the 18-metre mega slide and the terrifying House of Hell. It’s a great day out for all the family (during Summer holiday sessions for Kids & Families) if you’re looking for a more fun obstacle course challenge.

#2 – Locations

The Monster utilises venues at both London’s Alexandra Place and Birmingham’s NEC, and slots do book up quickly as you can imagine! 

To avoid disappointment (due to the limited locations that the obstacle race course is based at), you should keep your eyes peeled on their website and social channels and book tickets as soon as they are released. 

#3 – Pricing 

You get one full go at the Monster and you will only be able to enter at your given time slot and tickets must be booked in advance.

  • Adult Fare: £25
  • Kids Fare: £20
  • Spectator Fare: £5
  • Free Viewing when with kids
  • Get 20% off when booking for a group of 6 or more

Adult’s days are held separately to children’s days for obvious reasons so do ensure to check the days before bookings.

#4 – FAQs 

  • There is a secure cloak room available at the venue
  • Street food and refreshing beverages are available 
  • Dogs are not allowed (except for guide dogs)

Insane Terrain: Outdoor Obstacle Course

Either take part in the 5-10km obstacle course race or join the 3km fun day, the choice is up to you!

Be prepared to climb hay bales, wade in water, water slides and more! Get ready to go Insane with lots of mud, sweat and ultimately fun with this fitness obstacle course.

Insane Terrain hosts all its events in Cambridgeshire with events running on the weekend to cater for the masses. Insane Terrain really has a little something for everyone with fun slides, tough challenges and fitness side to it that makes it a great obstacle course idea for family or friends.

#1 – What is included in the ticket price? 

  • Go Insane – dri-fit t-shirt, medal and a bottle of water
  • Family Fun Day – medal, packet of sweets and a bottle of water

Not too bad for the price! We love a good freebie or two, especially after all the hard work it takes to complete an obstacle race course… 

#2 – Location 

Each of the Insane Terrain events scheduled for 2020 (and in the past) are based in Cambridgeshire, the exact address being:

Washbrook Farm, Benwick Road, Doddington, Cambridgeshire, PE15 0TY.

#3 – Pricing 

Go Insane 5-10KM

  • Early Bird Price (Before 1st April) – £40
  • Standard Price (After 1st April) – £45
  • On the day booking – £50 (Cash Required)

Go Insane 3km Fun Day – Pre-Booked Pricing

  • Adult – £25
  • Child 13 – 17 Years – £12.50
  • 12 and Under – FREE

Go Insane 3km Fun Day – On the Day Pricing

  • Adult – £30
  • Child 13 – 17 Years – £17.50
  • 12 and Under – £5

This fun obstacle course race for kids is extremely popular due to its free entry allowance for under 12’s and free car parking, which is a nice touch, so ensure to get yourself booked up fast! 

Fitness Obstacle course race image

#4 – FAQs

  • Wash down facilities available
  • It is free for spectators
  • Free parking available on site
  • Fully qualified medical staff on site
  • Refreshments are available on site
  • Dogs allowed, only to spectate

X Runner – Water Wipeout: Water Obstacle Course

X Runner brings you the ultimate water obstacle course! Join thousands of other wetsuit fanatics at Nottingham’s National Water Sports Centre. Water wipeout may seem fun, and it is, but it’s tougher than it looks!

This is definitely one of the best obstacle races in the UK, which has been validated by Water Wipeout winning obstacle course race of the year in 2017, and for good reason!

If getting wet and sweaty is not your thing, you might want to give this one a miss. This water obstacle race has far less running, but far more obstacles, with up to 60 obstacles to master! You can either complete a 5km or 10km course, depending on how fit you’re feeling and there are separate dates for kids, teens and adults so the entire family can get involved in the fun.

Even we have just booked this water obstacle course whilst writing this article (no joke).

#1 – Obstacles

What will you face on this Extreme Obstacle Course?

Get ready to slide, climb, duck, dive and crawl your way through this onslaught of obstacles!

Outdoor Obstacle Course UK Image

X-Runner also brings you teen warrior and kids warrior, giving you the chance to work as a family or not in some instances around the inflatable water obstacle course. The outdoor water obstacle course for kids is 1.5 or 3km whilst the teen Warrior race is a 5km lap of the adult course with just a few of the bigger obstacles taken out.

Start Times

  • Water Wipeout for Adults – First start time is 9:00am and then every half an hour a wave of 400 runners 
  • Kids Warrior – Start times at 12:10hrs and 14:10hrs
  • Teen Warrior – Start time 14:00hrs

#2 – Location

The pre-scheduled events for 2020 that are live on the X Runner website are based at Osmaston Manor in Derbyshire, and at the National Watersports Centre in Nottingham

#3 – Pricing 

On the day Costs:

  • Adult – £75.00
  • Family 5k – £50.00 
  • Kids – £25.00 

Pre-Booked Costs

  • Adults from £52.95 5k or 10k / 34 or 68 obstacles / 15+ years
  • Family 5k from £39.95 5k 30 obstacles / anyone 12+ years

#4 – FAQs

  • You can enter as an individual OR a team
  • You can recieve early-bird discount 
  • You must sign up to the registration system online to enter an event

Gelt Gladiator: Mud Run Race

The Gelt Gladiator mud run race is now in its 5th year and each year has been busier than the last. Gelt Gladiator consists of 4 events including a 10-mile, 10km and 6km on the first day and the 3km family event on the 2nd day. This muddy obstacle course contains mud crawls, climbing steep walls, balance beams, tunnels and more. 

#1 – Obstacles

This race is not for the faint-hearted, largely due to how intense the obstacles (that are both natural and man-made) are. They’re pretty unique due to the location, with Scafell Pike and Hadrian’s Wall being listed as obstcales themselves! 

Ever wanted to feel like a Roman soldier in training? You can’t get much more authentic than you can with the Gelt Gladiator event… 

Gelt gladiator Obstacle Race Image

#2 – Location 

The events are based in the beautiful and scenic location of Cumbria, where you will be taken down a deep Sandstone ravine and through 30 natural and man-made obstacles. 

Little Welly: Obstacle Race for kids

If you’re looking for a junior obstacle course for kids, then the Little Welly could be right down your street!

It really is a kid’s dream, fun, soap, fitness and lots of mud. Little Welly is far more though than just an obstacle course, it’s a full-blown festival, to get kids outdoors and finding new experiences. Additional to the kid’s obstacle course is live music, a magician, trampolines, climbing walls, electric cars and much more to keep your little ones engaged and active.

The main attraction is the Children’s obstacle race, which has 30 great challenges for them to tackle, which are spread over a 3km distance. The main obstacle attractions are the climbing walls, foam run, the big slide and the giant ball cage. Depending on your child’s age and ability it should take them an hour or so to conquer the entire course and yes, you can watch as a spectator to see how they’re getting along!

#1 – Location

Little Welly is based in Kent and Oxfordshire, and the address is St. Clere Estate, St Clere Hill Road, West Kingsdown, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN15 6FP. 

#2 – Pricing 

The prices of Little Welly vary depending on your requirements:

  • Child Course and Festival Ticket – £23.45 per person (Not including VAT & Booking Fee)
  • Group –  Child Course and Festival Ticket – £20.25 per person (Not including VAT & Booking Fee)
  • Adult Assistant Course and Festival Ticket – £9.50 per person (Not including VAT & Booking Fee)
  • Festival Only Ticket – £6.50 – per person (Not including VAT & Booking Fee)
  • Child Under 4 Years Entry Ticket – Free

Fitness challenge image

#3 – FAQs

  • Paid car parking available
  • Kids get a medal after completing
  • Bring food for babies & toddlers only
  • Street food and bars available
  • No pets allowed
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult
  • Baby changing area available

Before you go! 

That’s it! The best Obstacle Courses (UK) covered, hopefully you found one for your liking. If you’re new to obstacle course racing, start on a shorter distance or one of the less intense races and remember, have fun!

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