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Why Monthly Packages Are The Best Way To Set Your Online Yoga Class Prices

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When you’re deciding how much to charge for online yoga classes, there are two payment plans you should consider to make money as a yoga teacher. The first one involves allowing customers to purchase recurring monthly packages, whilst the other offers block bookings.

Let’s explore these two payment options in more detail, and understand the risk and benefits each of them carry.

Why Pricing Your Online Yoga Classes With Monthly Payments Is The Better Option

How much to charge for online yoga class 1

Monthly packages are much easier for your students to understand. Packages are simplified, detailing the services that will be provided, and are done using a subscription-based model.

It increases the likelihood of people choosing your services because they don’t have to worry about their sessions expiring.

This also means you won’t have to worry about reselling your classes, because you’ll have set up a cancellation period, allowing people to end or restart their subscription

See this in action with Yoga Reading‘s website below:

How much to charge for online yoga class 2

With a subscription model like this, you’re also guaranteeing a more stable income for your business, which is essential if you’re just starting.

It will also be greater value for money for the customer because they’ll be paying less per class the more they sign up for.

Take The House of Yoga‘s model as a great insight. A yearly membership saves a student £198 compared to an ongoing monthly subscription.

How much to charge for online yoga class 3

Monthly packages can also create a more consistent revenue stream compared to block sessions, and allow you to better forecast your finances as part of your yoga business plan.

This will reduce missed payments from happening because the student will have set up a direct debit for their preferred subscription.

It will also guarantee that the yoga clients attending your yoga classes are treated fairly and pay the same amount for the classes they attend.

Avoid Using Block Sessions To Set The Prices For Your Online Yoga Classes

how much to charge for online yoga class uk 3

This payment structure is commonly seen throughout the fitness industry, but this doesn’t mean it’s beneficial to your business’s success and customers’ satisfaction.

Below is a payment plan to illustrate how block payments might be structured. While this might look like a great way to bring in income from your online yoga classes, it’s a difficult model to sustain:

how much should you charge for online yoga class 3

For example, offering your students a different number of sessions and costs can be confusing. This could discourage them from choosing your services because they’ll have to work out not only the number of sessions they would like to commit to but also the number of weeks.

Sessions that are sold in blocks also come with an expiry date. Once purchased, your student has a set number of weeks or until an allocated date to complete the number of sessions they’ve purchased.

The yoga classes offered on WooCommerce are a great example of this:

how much to charge for online yoga class uk 8

Selling block sessions with expiry dates runs the risk of a student not returning or continuing with their practice once they’ve used all the sessions they purchased.

This might require you to sell the same service to them again which requires you to spend time and effort on a task you have already completed. Not only that, but reselling is almost always more difficult, especially if they weren’t completely satisfied the first time.

Your yoga teacher’s income might be affected as a result, whilst your student decides whether they want to continue working with you to improve their yoga practice.

Now that you understand the benefits and risks that come with block sessions, let’s explore why monthly packages are a more suitable option for your business.


7 Things to Consider When Determining Your Online Yoga Class Price

how much should you charge for online yoga class 7

To help you determine how much to charge for an online yoga class, there are several factors you need to consider before setting prices, these include:

  • The type of online classes are you running
  • Your competitor’s rates
  • Your qualifications
  • How much teaching experience do you have

Let’s explore these factors in more detail.

#1 – How You Run Your Online Yoga Classes Can Help You Decide How Much To Charge

yoga class online prices

How much you should charge for an online yoga class can often be determined by how you deliver those classes. There are two main options for this:

  • Selling Access To A Library Of Prerecorded Classes
  • Live Streaming Your Classes

Let’s explore both in detail, focusing on why you might choose one over the other and how your choice should determine your prices.

Offering Pre-Recorded Classes Guarantees A Steady Stream Of Income

yoga online class prices

You could opt to record a wide range of classes and guided sessions, before making these available for a subscription fee.

This is one of the most popular options for many yoga teachers deciding how to run their online yoga classes and for good reason.

This generates a source of passive income for yoga teachers, without the need for any live guidance.

Services like Omstar capitalise on this, offering access to a growing library for a lower fee (just $18/£16 per month) than live classes would command:

online yoga class pricing example

These pre-recorded classes also aren’t subject to the time constraints that more conventional classes would be, in that students can access the videos at a time that suits them.

Live Streaming Your Online Yoga Classes Means You Can Charge More

how much to charge for online yoga classes

If you opt to livestream, you’re able to charge a premium, and ultimately set a higher package price for your online yoga classes.

There are a few reasons for this. Livestreaming is often more intensive than pre-recorded classes, and your prices should reflect that.

You’ll need to plan your yoga sessions in advance, and guide students through each asana in a live environment, answering questions and providing feedback on the fly.

This also means you’ll need the equipment to reflect that, including a fast Internet connection, and the relevant software and hardware.

how to price my online classes

There’s also a significant time commitment in comparison to recording your classes, which means you’ll only have a limited time in the day to deliver these sessions.

Take Yoga Point as a great example. They charge £60 a month for unlimited access to their live-streamed sessions over Zoom.

price example for online yoga classes

With a regular timetable that includes a variety of yoga styles, and a sizable team of teachers, they’re able to justify what is quite a high price point.

#2 – Research Your Competitor’s Prices To Inform Your Online Yoga Classes

how much should you charge for online yoga class 5

Researching your competitors’ rates will help you know how much to charge for an online yoga class (UK).

One way you can get accurate information to set prices is by discovering an online yoga business that charges a premium rate, and another that charges classes cheaper.

Yoga Reading is a great example of a yoga business that understands the needs of the students, offering morning and evening classes as part of their subscription:

example of prices for online yoga

This then means they can realistically charge a higher price for their online yoga classes (£50), as they offer a convenient service for students:

Compare this to Yard Yoga, which offers a limited number of classes per month, but for a comparatively lower price of £20 a month.

online yoga classes prices membership

Ultimately, discovering how your services stack up against your competitors can ensure you are priced appropriately for what you can offer students.

With this in mind, you might also choose to offer discounts on any other services you offer, or exclusive offers for those who’ve signed up for your services.

Take The Exeter Yoga Workshop as a great example. They offer discount codes for their workshops and courses to entice students to sign up for their unlimited package, and can justify the higher price tag (£68) as a result:

yoga class online pricing structure

Ultimately, competitor research helps you better determine how valuable what you offer is, and what you can do to provide the additional value that means you can charge more in the future.

#3 – Your Qualifications Can Determine How Much You Can Charge For Online Yoga

how much to charge for online yoga class uk 9

The yoga qualifications you hold can help you determine how much you should charge for an online yoga class.

If you hold a Level 3 qualification in teaching yoga, you’ll be able to charge at least the minimum rate for your class.

This is because you’ll be able to sequence poses using your knowledge of planning and delivering yoga sessions to create an engaging yoga class for your clients.

Take Sharon Cannon as a good example – she offers beginner-friendly classes with a scalable membership to ensure that everyone can get involved:

pricing your online yoga classes

Her style of yoga (Yoga Flow) also lends itself to calmer, more meditative practice, which is perfect for those just starting.

However, with additional qualifications come additional ways that you’ll be able to increase your earning potential through specialised classes.

For instance, you could offer higher rates if you’ve built on your knowledge with a Level 4 Yoga Qualification and combined it with expertise from other qualifications such as Lower Back Pain.

For instance, your expertise in lower back pain enables you to identify sources of back pain and adapt yoga exercises to minimise any discomfort.

Busy Lizzy capitalises on this, offering tailored pregnancy yoga plans from trained postnatal yoga teachers for a higher price point:

online yoga class prices example


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#4 – Your Level Of Experience Can Influence How Much You Charge For Online Yoga Classes

how much should you charge for online yoga class 6

How much to charge for an online yoga class (UK) is often determined by your experience as a professional.

You’re more inclined to charge cheaper rates if you’re newly qualified, especially compared to teachers with several years of experience.

This is reflected in data gathered by Jobted which states:

A Yoga Instructor with less than three years of experience can expect to earn an average total compensation of £10 net per hour. A mid-career Yoga Instructor with 4-9 years of experience earns an average total compensation of £23.60 per hour, while a Senior Yoga Instructor with 10-20 years of experience makes on average £36 per hour. Yoga Instructors with more than 20 years of experience earn £41.20 per hour on average.

how much to charge for online yoga class uk

One way you can attract clients to your class is by offering a free introductory class to attract clients, after this, you can charge a basic rate to retain those yoga clients.

This is a model that is adopted by Sarabjit Kaur on her Superprof profile, offering webcam classes as part of her services at a competitive rate:

how much to charge for online yoga class uk 6

After several years, you will be able to utilise your experience to charge a premium rate. This will be built on the back of the results you’ve achieved with your previous clients.

You will be able to offer tailored classes that reflect the needs of your classes. If you specialise in a brand of yoga this would also allow you to charge a higher rate.

Laura’s Superprof provides an insight into how you would market your premium services, detailing the many benefits her brand of Kundalini yoga will provide students:

how much to charge for online yoga classes 1

You can also use reviews to complement the rates you’ve set. This demonstrates that you have a successful service that can deliver customer satisfaction:

How much to charge for online yoga class 5

When it comes to setting prices to start your online yoga business, make sure it is competitive to reflect not only your experience but also the services you provide.

#5 – Defining Your Target Demographic Will Help You Calculate Your Online Class Prices

how much should you charge for online yoga class 11

Deciding how much you should charge for an online yoga class can be determined by finding your yoga target market.

For instance, if you choose to offer specific memberships for NHS staff, you could offer a discounted rate for your services.

As one of the largest employers across the UK, this is a huge corner of the market you could target, as well as an excellent opportunity to give back to the community.

The Yoga Factory does this well, providing additional discounts to NHS workers, as well as those in the emergency services:

discounts for online yoga class prices

Alternatively, if you’re looking to approach a different sector of the market, you could offer your services to corporate businesses to help boost their staff’s well-being and productivity.

These classes could be kept short, allowing staff to participate in the classes during their break. You could offer time-based tariffs, so regardless of the attendance levels, you still get paid.

It’s also a great idea to make these classes available on-demand after you’ve led a corporate yoga session so that absentees can still take advantage of what you offer.

That’s what Yoga Tonic UK do, offering a comprehensive corporate service aimed towards larger companies:

yoga tonic prices for online yoga classes

If you adopt a similar marketing strategy for your online packages, you increase the likelihood of your services being retained because you’re making your business reflect the needs of other companies.


#6 – Offering Additional Online Yoga Services Can Boost Your Class Prices

how much should you charge for online yoga class 5

How much to charge for an online yoga class can be influenced by the additional services you provide.

This can provide you with an advantage over other yoga providers online as you’re offering customers a greater range of services that can improve other areas of your health.

One possibility is that you can offer nutrition-based plans to complement your students practicing yoga.

You could offer plant-based or meat-based client nutrition plans to cater to the diverse range of students you’ll attract.

A great example of this can be found through The Yoga Class, which offers nutrition plans for both vegan/vegetarian and omnivorous diets:

how much to charge for online yoga classes 4.png

The yoga business offers this add-on as part of a monthly subscription of £19.99, which is beneficial to the business generating a continuous income.

When you advertise your additional services, you can sell them as part of a package or as additional purchases.

It’s crucial that when these features are being sold to the public they’re tied into the person’s practice of yoga this will increase the features being sold.

You could, for example, state that purchasing a nutrition plan can help increase a client’s energy levels and promote weight loss, which will help improve their yoga techniques.

Alternatively, you could offer other class types as part of your package. If you’re qualified to deliver HIIT classes you’ll be able to offer this alongside the yoga classes to give more value for money.

Yoga Tonic UK offers such a package when people sign up for their premium memberships:

how much to charge for online yoga classes 2

When you create a package, make sure you research the add-ons offered by your competitors, as this will allow you to sell features not provided by other yoga instructors.

These features will also be purchased if you can link their benefits to a person’s practice of yoga which is the key area they want to improve in.

#7 – The Price Point For Your Online Yoga Classes Should Cover Your Expenses

how much should you charge for online yoga class 4

Before you finalise how much to charge for online yoga classes, it’s important to calculate the overheads for your business.

This will provide you with a liveable wage, and finances to help your business operations and help you generate profits.

When it comes to your living costs, you will need to consider the following:

  • The cost of your rent
  • Food costs
  • Bills you pay for utilities
  • How much it costs you to travel
  • Recreational spending

You will also need to consider equipment costs associated with your business to manage your expenses. These will include factors such as:

  • Uniforms -such as yoga pants, shorts, tops and headbands, preferably carrying your business logo
  • Yoga mats to help you carry out your online classes in a safe and professional environment
  • Yoga blocks – if you’re demonstrating how to improve alignment
  • Yoga straps – if you’re demonstrating how to perform poses that are difficult for people to hold with their feet
  • Electronic devices – a laptop to carry out administrative tasks, a camera and microphone to capture video and audio of your classes

To help you manage your expenses, and better understand any yoga teacher tax deductions, there are plenty of online calculators to help you manage your outgoings.

Natwest, for example, provides a budget calculator to help you work out your expenses to manage your finances for most of these items:

how much should you charge for online yoga class 9

Finally, you will also need marketing costs. Salesforce suggests you should allocate 10%-20% of your budget to promoting your online yoga classes.

This can be done through several channels:

  • Print leaflets for distribution
  • Create a website
  • Running ads on social media
  • Running Google Ads

Let’s take a look at Google Ads, which allows you to advertise your services on Google to people looking for services similar to yours.

Since you’re providing ‘online yoga classes’, you would enter this into the search bar on Google’s Keyword Planner to see what keywords it would generate for you to include in your advertisement:

how much should you charge for online yoga class 8

You can see from this snapshot that you would need to bid a maximum of £5.50 for your advert to appear on the top of Google searches with these keywords.

Full Online Yoga Class Pricing Template

how much to charge for online yoga class uk 10

Now that you’ve completed research on how much to charge for online yoga classes, you can create monthly subscription packages to help sell your services.

When you’re structuring packages, it’s important to remember that they must be kept simple but informative to attract clients to your services.

This can be done by labelling prices and packages clearly and providing a brief overview of what each package provides.

Here’s an example of what these packages could look like for Vinyasa classes:

How much to charge for online yoga class 5

On the monthly plan, you can see that we have added more features for long-term plans while simultaneously lowering their cost.

We have also highlighted the most popular plan to encourage people to purchase this item. This will help generate interest in our business, and ultimately tie students into a plan that generates more revenue.

When you’re selling your packages, you can adapt this plan to meet your needs but also introduce higher rates if you’re providing specialised classes.

Before You Go!

We hope you now have all the information you require to set up a successful online yoga business.

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