If you’re a yoga teacher looking for the most effective way of leading your classes, you may be interested to know about the best platform to teach yoga online.

In this article, we’ll provide you with a list of 9 different platforms to choose from, as well as explaining exactly why you may consider using each platform to help run your business.

The ideal way to supplement your chosen platform is with additional qualifications, and OriGym’s Level 4 Yoga Diploma provides just that, offering you the opportunity to choose your specialism, and develop intimate knowledge of how to run your yoga business.

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#1 – Uscreen

platforms for online yoga delivery

Price: £79.92 to £160.65 per month

Whether you’re new to the yoga world, or have more experience as a teacher, Uscreen is a great choice if you’re looking for the best platform for online yoga classes.

Uscreen’s Full HD, multi-bitrate adaptive streaming ensures that the quality of your live stream stays consistent, regardless of location or bandwidth.

Once students have booked your live-streamed class, you can then send notifications to the client-facing Uscreen app so that they don’t forget to attend.

Build excitement for your class with a countdown and then use the live chat feature during the session, which allows you to ask your yoga students questions, as well as for them to ask for feedback or advice.

platforms you can use for online yoga

Uscreen is also a Video on Demand (VOD) platform, meaning that you can record your classes and make them available straight away.

This is beneficial, as it allows you to build a catalogue of pre-recorded yoga classes for students that cannot attend the live class.

platforms for delivering yoga

Along with uploading individual videos, you can also organise them into chapters or playlists.

You can easily monetise your content in the format that suits you, including:

  • Subscription-based payment models
  • Pay-per-view
  • One-time view
  • Rental

Uscreen has an intuitive website and landing page builder so that you can build a video membership website that fits in with your brand aesthetic.

This is shown in the website example below from Sara Beth Yoga.

online yoga platforms for classes

Trusted by over 25,000 creators and entrepreneurs, Uscreen is one of the best online yoga platforms as you can stream from all devices, with apps for:

  • IOS
  • AppleTV
  • Android and Android TV
  • Fire TV
  • Roku

As a business owner, it is easy for you to manage your content from Uscreen’s admin area. For example, with pre-recorded classes, you can control the availability of the content. 

This includes setting release dates for your videos so that Uscreen will automatically publish them on your chosen date.

#2 – Zoom

where to lead online yoga classes

Price: Free with the option to upgrade from £119.90 to £185 per year

As well as being used by businesses in all industries for communication, Zoom is up there as the best platform to teach yoga online.

Firstly, the special Zoom Events feature allows you to host both group and private classes. 

You can embed the video onto your website and send a link to students via email, which will take them straight to the class that they have booked. 

Leading yoga over Zoom also gives you the option to simultaneously stream on Facebook if you choose.

One of the best things about using Zoom is that you can both see and hear your students. This allows for interactivity, meaning that you can correct their posture and alignment when needed.

platform for a yoga teacher online

However, if students are uncomfortable, then they have the option to turn their cameras and microphones off. You can also mute all students if practising a meditation that requires focus and silence.

Zoom Meetings syncs with your calendar, meaning that you can see the dates and times of all your classes. The class will also be automatically added to students’ calendars so that they will not miss their booking.

If you’re looking to teach yoga on an online platform, then security is crucial.

Zoom therefore has a solid security system with encryption, to ensure that your classes are not disrupted and can only be attended by those who have booked. 

Each class also has a unique meeting ID and password to ensure that classes remain secure.

platforms for yoga teachers online

Before the class starts you can choose to record and save it, which is beneficial for students who may not have been able to attend the class at the scheduled time.

You can also run an audio test beforehand to ensure that your audio quality is good enough for the class. If students can’t hear you, this may disrupt their focus and mean that they do not wish to attend another class.

Although the basic version of Zoom is free, the downside is that you can only host 40-minute classes, otherwise you will have to start a new live stream. 

However, if you decide that you like this platform, you can then upgrade to one of four options.

yoga instructor online platforms

For instance, the Pro plan allows you to have up to 100 participants with uninterrupted live streaming.

#3 – Marvelous

deliver online yoga sessions platforms

Price: £26.82 to £169.04 per month

Formerly known as Namastream, Marvelous is the best online platform for yoga teachers that allows you to teach through live stream, on-demand, and online courses.

There’s no need to have any technical expertise, as Marvelous allows you to create a professionally built, yet simple online studio in minutes.

What’s great about this platform is that there are two live-streaming options for both public and private events, which can be created and scheduled into your calendar.

platforms for delivering yoga classes online

This means that you can teach one-to-one or small group sessions, as well as open sessions if you’re hoping to get more yoga students.

Once completed, every live stream is recorded and stored in your virtual library for students to watch back if they were unable to attend that class. You can also create pre-recorded videos, audio, and PDFs to add to your library as a form of bonus content.

To help build your brand and attract clients, Marvelous allows you to build a beautiful landing page with your choice of fonts and colours. You can also upload your logo and create a custom domain name for your page.

This is perhaps the best platform to teach yoga online as it integrates with many popular apps, including:

  • Instagram
  • Zoom
  • Calendly
  • Mailchimp
  • Acuity
  • Zapier

On your personal dashboard, you can monitor sales and student activity with Marvelous’ detailed reports. 

This allows you to see where you’re excelling and where you could make improvements to your classes, to ensure that you are able to keep offering content that appeals to your target audience.

platforms for online yoga instructors

Marvelous costs just $33 or £26.82 for the starter package when paid annually, which you can upgrade to one of three other packages as your business grows.

#4 – Udemy

yoga teaching platforms online

Price: Free to create a course

Udemy allows you to create and sell video courses for students looking to learn more about specific disciplines or styles of yoga.

This is arguably the best online yoga teaching platform for those wanting to add a secondary revenue stream to their yoga business portfolio.

You will earn revenue from each paid enrollment on your course, although you will have to pay Udemy a small percentage of your earnings.

Udemy currently has 13,000 online video courses, with new additions published each month means that there is a huge user base for you to gain new clients from.

deliver online yoga classes platforms

The biggest advantage of this is that not only will users purchase your course, but it may also encourage them to attend your live yoga classes, or any yoga workshops you create

If you are new to creating pre-recorded yoga content, Udemy’s support team is available to help you through the process. They can also provide you with feedback on test videos to ensure that your content is professional and will appeal to your target audience.

Once you have created and uploaded your course, you can then use the Instructor Dashboard to monitor how well your course is doing.

platforms for delivering yoga online

Another reason that Udemy is one of our choices for the best platform to teach yoga online is the custom coupon tool.

This allows instructors to offer incentives and discounts for enrolment, such as in the example below where the Chair Yoga course has a 73% price reduction.

best platform for leading yoga

When you join the platform, you will also have access to the Udemy community which allows you to join thousands of instructors across the globe offering tips for success.

#5 – Mindbody

best platforms for yoga online

Price: Quotes are available upon request

Mindbody is a class management platform and yoga class scheduling tool that is one of the best platforms for teaching yoga online.

The most unique feature of Mindbody is the marketplace, which allows instructors to advertise their classes for potential clients to find. They can then easily enrol on these classes through Mindbody’s easy-to-use and automated booking system.

what platform to use to teach yoga online

Their live streaming feature has been custom-built for the fitness industry and gives instructors the option to record their classes.

This can then be automatically uploaded to your video-on-demand (VOD) library, which gives students exclusive access to your online library of VOD content whenever they like.

The Insights Dashboard provides you with everything you need to know about your business, including your personalised KPIs.

what platform do I use for teaching online yoga

For example, you can see your class sales from month to month, so that you can put strategies into place to improve them if needed.

Mindbody offers a mobile app that students can use to book themselves into classes, which you can personalise to your own brand. 

As well as being useful for bookings and payments, the app automatically sends push notifications to students to ensure that they do not miss classes.

The AI assistant feature responds automatically to missed calls and messages, enabling clients to book classes when you’re not around. This means that you have more time to dedicate to teaching classes!

best platforms for online yoga classes

From Starter to Ultimate Plus, Mindbody has 4 pricing packages available to choose from, which vary in price depending on your individual business needs. 

Simply contact Mindbody to get a quote to begin running your online yoga classes with the platform.


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#6 – Teachable

alternatives to zoom for yoga classes

Price: Free to £96.18 for the Pro package

As well as being able to host live classes, Teachable allows you to create self-paced courses that students can complete in their own time to supplement their skills and knowledge.

Here is an example from Rachel Jesien Yoga:

yoga teacher online platform

You can also create features such as comments, quizzes, and certifications of completion to optimise student engagement and satisfaction.

Courses can be created easily with the drag-and-drop builder, which means that you are able to begin generating income simply and immediately.

The platform offers full e-commerce capabilities through Teachable:pay, meaning that no third-party system is needed. This allows you to take payments monthly, weekly, or even daily if you prefer.

However, Teachable also offers several integrations with apps and programmes, such as:

  • Google Analytics
  • MailChimp
  • ConvertKit
  • Zapier

Teachable is amongst the best online yoga platforms as it provides powerful insights for users through advanced data reporting so that you can understand how your yoga business is performing.

yoga teaching platform

This includes reports on sales and student engagement, to help you make data-informed decisions on your next business move.

Another benefit of choosing Teachable as an online yoga platform is that they offer industry-leading fraud protection, encryption and backup capabilities. This ensures that your data remains protected at all times, and that you’re better conforming to GDPR guidelines for yoga teachers

Teachable’s dedicated team are on hand 24/7 to provide personalised support, whether you need guidance with your launch or help handling connection problems during a class.

platforms for teaching yoga

Join for free, then upgrade to a Basic, Pro, or Business plan if you decide that Teachable is the best platform to teach yoga online.

#7 – Kajabi

yoga teacher platform online

Price: £96.54 to £258.79 per month

Kajabi provides yoga teachers with the opportunity to create the type of content that is best for their business model, including:

  • Online courses
  • Coaching programmes
  • Podcasts
  • Memberships
  • Livestreams

All of these features can be created with a drag-and-drop tool, making Kajabi one of the easiest and best platforms for teaching yoga online.

The platform also has several product templates so that you don’t need to worry about programming, coding, or designing. Simply choose a template and customise it to suit your own branding.

You can create your own website to showcase all of your content, with a custom domain and memorable address of your choice.

best platform for online yoga teaching

This platform supports various pricing options so that you can monetise your offering with subscriptions or one-time payments, depending on what works best for you.

Kajabi is an all-in-one business management platform, so as well as hosting classes, it will help to automate tasks, such as marketing your yoga business, or managing finances.

It also means that you don’t need to learn how to use several different programmes and plugins. Everything for your yoga business can be done in one place!

Kajabi allows you to create an online community where students can connect with you and each other to share their struggles and achievements, helping you to build a loyal client base.

As the best platform to teach yoga online, Kajabi also makes the payment process easy for both yourself and your customers with Stripe and PayPal integrations.

best platforms for online yoga

One of the best things about Kajabi is that they don’t take a percentage of your revenues, meaning that all of the income that you make is yours to reinvest into your business!

The only downside of this platform is that it costs £96.54 per month just for the basic pricing plan. However, we think that this is totally worth it for an all-in-one platform with all of the features that it offers!

#8 – Thinkific

list of platforms for teaching online yoga

Price: Free, with the option to upgrade your package from £29.18

Thinkific allows you to create online courses from a range of templates with the drag-and-drop editing tool, so no coding or editing skills are required.

online yoga platforms for teachers

Along with being able to choose from self-paced and scheduled classes, students will also have the option to take part in live classes taught by you. 

You can also use the platform to stream classes through Live Lessons with Zoom. This helps to add an element of variety to your yoga class offerings, whilst also boosting engagement.

To show your support for students and keep them motivated throughout their yoga journey, Thinkific gives you the option to incorporate quizzes and certificates into your courses.

best platforms for online yoga teachers

You can also create a varied learning experience with:

  • Videos
  • Interactive files
  • Images
  • PDFs
  • Audio files
  • Presentations

This allows you to offer different styles for different types of learners so that students never become bored!

A unique feature of Thinkific is their App Store, which allows you to access more than 80 apps for a variety of purposes, including:

  • To provide an enhanced learning experience for students
  • Reduce the amount of time spent on administrative tasks
  • Increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts

To showcase your classes and courses, you can create a website easily with Thinkific to help market your yoga business.

platforms for teaching yoga online

This takes just minutes to create with templated marketing pages. However, if you do have coding skills, the website builder has advanced HTML/CSS so that you can customise your theme.

Along with a space to live stream your classes, you can add several different pages to your website to allow visitors to find out more about your classes and encourage them to take part. This includes:

Trusted by more than 70,000 creators, Thinkific is perhaps the best platform to teach yoga online and one that we would fully recommend to all instructors.

#9 – LearnWorlds

where to teach yoga online

Price: £19.46 to £201.89

LearnWorlds allows you to host live yoga sessions through connections with Zoom, Webex, and Calendly. 

What makes this the best platform to teach yoga online is that if your business consists of more than one instructor, you can run multiple sessions simultaneously. 

This allows you to maximise revenue and provide various class options for students. These can be one-to-one or group sessions and provide features such as Q&As and breakout rooms to encourage interaction.

Live sessions can be accessed via the iOS and Android LearnWorlds mobile apps so that you can teach anywhere, and students can attend no matter their location!

LearnWorlds automatically tracks attendance for each session and then generates performance reports, to allow you to see which classes are your most popular.

platforms for online yoga

Once live-streamed, your content will be recorded so that you can make your classes available for students, even when you’re not.

Learnworlds is therefore the best online platform for yoga teachers looking to increase their reach, especially for students who have a busy schedule.

As well as live-streamed classes, you can also create a library of interactive courses that will allow your students to deepen their yoga knowledge. This is useful for those who want to gain a more in-depth understanding of yoga, or who may not be able to commit to weekly classes.

LearnWorlds offers a variety of ways for you to distribute this content, including:

  • Private yoga classes & courses
  • Openly listed courses
  • Paid courses
  • Free courses

Your students will then benefit from a range of fast and safe payment options that make the process much easier.

online yoga platforms

This includes options from Google and Apple Pay, to Clearpay and Klarna. Clients are therefore much more likely to purchase a course or session with you, plus it gives you much more flexibility with how you charge for your yoga classes.

The platform also provides a series of marketing tools to help make your business more visible within the health and wellness industry.

For example, LearnWorlds allows you to add conversion pixels to your website, which helps to track where your best results come from. From this, you can then improve your sales pages and funnels to help you attract more clients from your target audience.

Pricing plans start from $24 (£19.46) and are designed to suit every budget, with the option to begin with a free trial.

Before You Go!

Although it may require significant financial investment, selecting the best platform to teach yoga online is essential if you’re hoping to offer more class options to students, and increase revenue in the long run.

If you’re looking to seriously boost your income as a yoga teacher, though, OriGym’s bespoke Level 4 Yoga Teacher Training course offers the chance to learn a lucrative specialism, as well as develop a full understanding of the business side of yoga.

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