Most Useful Personal Trainer Software

All personal trainers have incredibly busy schedules, and by using personal training software, you’re able to streamline those processes, and maximise your efficiency

Whether you’re looking for an easy way to balance client schedules, dispense workout plans, or ensure that all payments are processed effectively, our definitive list of the best PT software covers every aspect of a personal trainer’s role.

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OriGym’s Definitive List: The 47 Best Personal Trainer Software Options

1) PT Distinction

personal trainer software

To make money as a personal trainer, you need to streamline your service and ensure everything runs effectively to keep clients coming back.

This is why we’re starting our list of the best PT software starts with perhaps one of the most recognisable brands on the market – PT Distinction. 

Offering a comprehensive package of tools that are designed to streamline and provide effective, simple tools for PTs of all experience levels, this software provides an all-in-one experience.

Their vast range of tools and features encompass:

  • Creating online fitness challenges that you build once, then deliver on auto- pilot.
  • Checking and monitoring clients’ exercise technique inside the app.
  • Providing nutrition and lifestyle coaching
  • Adherence and habit tracking
  • The ability to integrate the app into your website, transforming it into a powerful tool for your members.
  • An organised interface that enables you to handle anywhere from 1 to 1000 clients at no extra cost or hassle.
  • The schematics to develop and sell your own individual flagship programs.
  • Facilities to run online bespoke online coaching entirely through the software.

What really helps set PT Distinction apart as a premium piece of personal trainer software, though, is the level of customisation you’re offered from the get go.

You’re able to immediately brand the app and services with your colour scheme, and ensure that you’re always in control of what your clients see, and how they receive your training.

And while this personal training software has always retained a relatively low price point compared to its closest competitors, you can try the service entirely free for a month!

2) FitSW

personal training software

Simplicity and ease of use is something that many PTs look for with their software and FitSW offers arguably one of the most user-friendly experiences when it comes to personal training software.

A clean, easily navigated interface is supported with high-tech, hugely valuable features, such as:

  • A robust, interactive workout builder for clients and trainers
  • Sophisticated tracking for everything from one rep maxes, to weight loss and measurements
  • Fully integrated nutrition and client diet plans
  • A full complement of features designed to build healthy habits
  • The ability to conduct virtual 1-on-1 sessions with any client, as well as group classes through FitSW’s revolutionary Find.Train.Gain platform.
  • Complete control over schedules, and seamless integration with client lifestyles

FitSW doesn’t just offer practical support for your sessions and services, though – your payments are all handled in the personal training software, too. 

They offer full support of all major forms of payment, including applications like PayPal and Venmo, as well as more traditional ways of paying, like cash, card, and even cheques.

By combining all of these services together in one affordable, cutting edge package, FitSW offers one of the most complete personal trainer softwares on the market.

3) Booksteam

pt software

Managing client schedules alongside your own busy timetable can be a huge headache, but it’s an unavoidable one. Booksteam aims to change that.

They’re a cloud-based online scheduling service, aimed at both small and larger businesses worldwide. 

Booksteam is designed to offer a wide range of flexible calendar management tools that help to automate appointments, classes and group schedules. 

To ensure that all of these can happen as efficiently as possible, this PT software distils its service to 3 fundamentals:

  • The resources to schedule sessions.
  • The means to track attendance of your clients.
  • An online store to allow clients to book their timeslot

By keeping their services as streamlined and easy-to-use as possible, this personal training software offers the ideal companion for a PT whose commitments mean they simply don’t have the time to spend organising their daily schedule.

Booksteam’s deceptively simple nature ensures it’s not only easy to use, but that it also has a much lower price point than many other options, with monthly plans starting at less than £20.

4) BobClass

software for personal trainers

As a personal trainer, your software needs to be as adaptable and intelligent as you are. That’s where BobClass, a robust scheduling app, comes in.

This PT software represents one of the best choices for personal trainers whose sessions take them beyond the walls of the gym, and out into parks, running on beaches, or just in an isolated studio.

While many personal trainer softwares will expect a constant Internet connection, that’s not always possible, and BobClass understands that, with offline capabilities that match those you have when connected.

Whether you’re online or offline, you’ll be able to:

  • Schedule sessions and classes
  • Monitor attendance
  • Track client progress
  • Create message templates to send out to clients and colleagues

Unconvinced? BobClass’s reviews are glowingly positive, with one user praising the personal training software’s adaptability and interactivity, saying:

Bobclass has been the answer to my organisational needs. It takes care of the details, so I can take care of my clients.

Not only that, but this is one of very few entirely FREE personal training software options, with a package that covers all the core features any personal trainer needs. 

5) WorkoutLabs Train

software for personal training

When it comes to personal training software options, some apps can go too far, offering services and features that the average PT simply doesn’t need.

With WorkoutLabs, though, you get everything you need, in a uniquely interactive interface, and for a hugely competitive price of £220 per year.

The standout features of this personal trainer app include:

  • A powerful calendar with a revolutionary engagement system that tracks client workouts
  • The ability to provide detailed instructions for any and all exercises
  • Seamless management and organisation of clients and client data
  • Complete customisation, allowing you to add in your own logo and colour scheme
  • An in-built messaging system to help you keep in touch with clients

However, perhaps this personal trainer software’s biggest plus point is its exceptional “drag and drop” interface. 

You’re able to create detailed, easy-to-follow workouts with complete control and customisation. You’ll be given unrestricted access to: 

  • An ever-growing library of over 500 clear and accurate hand-drawn illustrations
  • Fully customisable instructions, reps, sets, and exercise variants
  • A visually appealing and easily navigable layout
  • Completely adjustable search terms, allowing to find ideal workouts for clients with no equipment, limited access, or specific requirements

This level of interactivity is unmatched, and it’s one of WorkoutLabs’ biggest selling points, especially for PTs who are looking for a way to create detailed workout plans for clients.

Of course, a personal trainer software of this calibre does come with a price, but this is yet another area where WorkoutLabs seeks to excel.

They offer two flexible options:

  • A $29 (£22) per month plan. This will allow you to have up to 3 clients but you will have to pay an extra $5 (£3.80) to include another client.
  • If you’re looking to expand your business and gain PT clients, you should opt-in for the unlimited clients option, billed yearly at $295 (£220).

6) Hexfit

software personal trainer

Personal training software can often be limited in certain areas, whether that’s pricing structures, or the product itself.

However, Hexfit’s diverse complement of innovative features and interactive elements, coupled with a tiered system that ensures PTs with any budget can experience what they offer, ensures they provide a comprehensive service.

Their flagship personal trainer software comprises everything a PT needs, with aspects that include:

  • Automated aggregation of data from sources such as fitness watches and PT apps
  • Powerful tools that allow you to fully plan and periodise client workouts
  • A highly intelligent integrated AI that helps you plan as effectively as possible
  • A vast database of over 10,000 animated exercise demonstrations

Of course, these features are superb, but what really helps Hexfit stand out from the crowd is its equally well-designed client app, ensuring you’re always connected with those who you’re training.

Naturally, this is entirely customisable to your specifications, meaning it can blend seamlessly with your usual colour scheme and design.

Not only that, but this premium feature is available regardless of the plan you opt for, a rarity for any personal training software. 

Hexfit’s price range offers options for those on a budget (just €33/£28 per month), all the way up to complete packages for business owners (starting at €119/£101 per month). 

7) Dietmaster

software personal training

Professional-level nutrition software can be difficult to find, especially for an affordable price. Diemaster aims to change that, combining unmatched user customisation with huge flexibility and functionality.

This personal trainer software allows you to seamlessly create and incorporate diet plans for a wide range of clients, as well as providing a streamlined approach with templates.

These can then be filled out using Dietmaster’s vast database of common foods and drinks, ensuring you’re in complete control of the diets you outline for clients.

By purchasing this premium-quality PT software, you’ll have access to:

  • A complement of tests and assessments to help gauge client fitness levels
  • Recall and analysis of client journals to determine optimum nutrition
  • Printing functionality for custom food labels
  • Connectivity with client smartphones to ensure full coordination
  • The ability to create and print off shopping lists for clients to follow

Dietmaster also offers complete interactivity with the recipes and ideas you present to clients, allowing you to dispense effective, tailored nutrition recommendations and advice.

Or, if you’re stuck for time, or struggling for inspiration, you can take your pick from a bespoke library of plans created by registered dieticians and nutritionists.

While this personal trainer software’s price tag ($499 / £368) can be a hurdle at first, the free trial allows you to fully experience everything Dietmaster offers before using the software as part of your programmes.

8) Total PT Fitness

software pt

Those who are new to the industry, or trainers on a tight budget, can often struggle with the limited options available.

For as little as $19.95 (approx. £15) a month, Total PT Fitness provides a comprehensive package, comprising everything a personal trainer software should be able to accomplish.

This includes:

  • Testing and tracking functionality for all clients
  • Customisable assessments for over 150 different client demographics
  • A database of meal plans specifically crafted by a registered dietitian
  • The ability to supply bespoke fitness plans for clients to complete at home or in the gym
  • An entirely free client app, complete with your bespoke fitness logo

Perhaps what really sets TPTF apart from the crowd, though, is the ability to freely create and manage customised fitness programmes with ease, offering one of the most user-friendly experiences on the market.

This interactivity and simplicity is coupled with high tech features, such as full integration with conferencing software Zoom, and a dedicated fitness portal to contain all client data and information.

Personal training software can often be too heavily focused on facts and figures, and TPTF excels here too, presenting data in easy-to-read charts and graphs.

If you’re still not fully convinced of Total PT Fitness’ credentials, they’re one of very few personal training software companies to offer a completely free trial with no obligation, allowing you to try before you buy.

9) JoinIn2

personal trainers software

Personal training is often a diverse career, and your PT software should reflect the different changes and developments you’ll undertake.

JoinIn2 understands this, and offers an incredibly flexible personal training software that encompasses a huge number of fitness career paths and businesses, including:

  • Sports Complexes
  • Universities and Educational Settings
  • Sports Academies
  • Personal Training
  • Freelancing
  • Working in a gym or studio

This thought process really shines through with the vast capabilities of their software, with a huge range of features included as part of their standard packages.

You’re able to outline and implement your personal training business plan from the get-go, using the software’s robust capabilities to manage staff workloads, organise schedules, and build rapport with your clients and customers.

What really sets JoinIn2 apart from the crowd, though, is their emphasis on social features, promoting interaction on a much greater level with those who use your services.

With this PT software, you’re able to:

  • Seamless plan and schedule sessions
  • Instantly display upcoming appointments on client’s apps
  • Reward loyal customers, and scout out new opportunities for leads
  • Provide easy options for payment and billing

Offering one of the most comprehensive personal training software experiences, JoinIn2 combines functionality and affordability, with industry leading features and innovative ideas.

10) CoachMePlus

software for personal trainers

Interactivity and usability are often key features we look for in our personal trainer software, and CoachMePlus prioritises those, placing the user at the forefront of everything they do.

Their sleek yet simple interface hides a hugely powerful, robust engine that allows personal trainers to:

  • Seamlessly track nutrition and exercise plans
  • Generate detailed reports
  • Instantly message clients with important information
  • Build customisable dashboards to track client data
  • Assign custom roles and metrics to individual clients

Of course, these are just the core features this personal training software offers – CoachMePlus also aims to revolutionise the way you interact with your clients’ data.

The highly adaptable dashboards allow you to keep an eye on everything, ranging from client measurements, to personal bests and even session timings.

You’re able to then transform this data into more visual formats (like bar charts or line graphs) to better display a client’s progression, and provide them with that little bit of motivation.

Not only that, but CoachMePlus’ integrated routine builder ensures you’re never struggling for that next idea, plus each and every step is instantly shared with your client.

11) Mindbody

software for personal training

If you’ve been searching for a personal training software that offers one of the most complete, all-round packages available, Mindbody provides exactly that, and more.

Mindbody’s pedigree speaks for itself, encompassing a huge range of different business and areas of fitness, as well as offering an exceptionally well-rounded experience for clients, too.

As one of the more premium entries on our list (with prices starting at £109 per month), Mindbody presents itself as an ideal choice for those looking for ways to stand out as a PT, and push their career even further.

They offer a comprehensive service, which incorporates:

  • Full integration for delivering online personal training sessions
  • A full suite of personal trainer marketing tools and software
  • Huge functionality for scheduling and booking sessions
  • A customisable app for both you and your clients to use
  • Financial and client-focused reports delivered regularly so you can chart your progress

All of these features, as well as a wide range of others, are all displayed in a clean, easy-to-understand interface, and blend together effectively.

Mindbody’s free demo, coupled with a vast range of tutorials and seminars to ensure you get the most out of your personal training software, means that it fully justifies its price tag, and provides everything an experienced PT needs.

12) Vagaro

budget software for personal trainers

The chances are, if you’ve spent time looking at personal training software specifically aimed at scheduling, you’ll already have some familiarity with Vagaro.

It’s earned a reputation for providing business owners and freelancers with incredibly effective ways to design and implement schedules that work for both themselves and their clients.

While it is a simple tool at its root, the features of Vagaro offer much more than simply building a timetable. 

By opting to utilise this personal trainer software, you’ll be able to:

  • Send out automated reminders to clients
  • Organise and schedule sessions whenever and wherever you are
  • Accept and process payments with a variety of popular payment methods
  • Setup and customise client profiles
  • Build and distribute digital forms
  • Develop marketing materials and strategies

Vagaro’s prestige does speak for itself, but reviews of this personal trainer software support their reputation, with one reviewer stating:

It’s easy to use, customer service is always available and helpful (even if they can’t solve your request right away, they get back to you), our customers LOVE the ease of the program, and it’s actually affordable!

That affordability is perhaps one of the key features of Vagaro, with packages starting at just £20 per month, with the option to expand and grow as your business excels.

13) Virtuagym

scheduling software for personal trainers

For those who are pressed for time when it comes to running their fitness business, Virtuagym is an indispensable piece of personal training software for a wide variety of reasons.

With this PT software, you’re providing your clients and customers with round the clock access to the services you provide, allowing them to book sessions, check your availability, and browse prerecorded workouts.

Virtuagym’s intelligent system also means you can combine the services you offer in-person with entirely online classes and sessions, building both of these components into your schedule with ease.

Of course, the innovative features don’t stop there. With this platform, you’ll also have the following capabilities:

  • A full suite of client engagement tools, such as challenge and reward functionality that gamify your client’s goals and targets
  • Comprehensive social media-esque tools, allowing you to communicate through private messages, push notifications, and dedicated groups
  • Access to a constantly expanding database of thousands of detailed, 3D animated exercises, which allow you to build custom workouts
  • Robust tools to help generate and implement meal and nutrition plans
  • Entirely in-app scheduling, booking and payment systems, incorporating the most popular payment methods for PTs (like debit and credit cards, PayPal, and bank transfer)

Perhaps the greatest feature of Virtuagym, and what really helps set it apart from other personal trainer software options, is its sheer scalability.

Virtuagym expands as your business does, and offers you a vast range of pricing packages that cover everything you could possibly need as your business grows, with options to add additional staff and user accounts as you start to employ others.

Unconvinced? This PT software also offers an unrestricted demo, ensuring you can see exactly what you’ll be getting before you commit.

14) Trainerize

workout software for personal trainers

Trainerize sets out with one main goal in mind – bridging the gap that can sometimes arise between clients and their trainer.

This personal trainer software is specifically designed to help PTs better connect with their customers, promote engagement and client retention, and ultimately provide solid foundations for sustainable and profitable growth.

Naturally, this means that Trainerize’s complement of social features is among the best in personal trainer software, with innovative functionality such as:

  • In-app functionality for high quality video calling and conferencing
  • Fully customisable interfaces to promote excellent brand recognition
  • Social groups to ensure flowing channels of communication
  • Push notifications to inform clients of important updates and developments

Of course, social connectivity is only one step in ensuring clients feel well provided-for, and this personal training software also provides a diverse array of features that provide that value a client will be looking for.

With robust tools to help you build impactful; workouts and diet plans for all clients, alongside those all-important social connections, Trainerize offers a PT software that places the client at the forefront of its design.

Not only that, but this all-in-one fitness solution also offers the flexibility to set up and sell online fitness programs, a highly sought-after functionality that’s yet to become commonplace in personal training software. 

Plus, with a substantial 30 day free trial, you’ll be able to experience Trainerize’s complete complement of features without the commitment other personal training softwares can come with.

15) ClubWorx

personal trainer program

ClubWorx is described as a time saving, profit-producing software, created with the modern personal training studio in mind. 

As you might expect of such a focused, streamlined personal training software, it masterfully accomplishes everything a flourishing PT business needs, including:

  • Attendance tracking
  • Automated marketing emails and texts
  • Complete client lists and reports
  • Fully automated payment, invoicing, and receipts
  • Integrated enrolment forms and documentation

All of these key features point towards a personal trainer software that is directed towards those who are looking to expand and continue to grow as a studio owner. 

It supports studio trainers and entrepreneurs by steadying the stream of payment and communication between the studio and its members, and through its innovative suite of features that provide new leads and opportunities.

This is broken down into an easy-to-follow 3 step process:

  • First, ClubWorx does this by ensuring a regular and predictable source of income through an automated payment system, included as standard with the PT software
  • Secondly, the software will integrate the payment process by collating a wide range of optional data, such as demographics, contact information, and type of training
  • Finally, ‘ClubWorx’ opens a secure and accessible conduit of communication by implementing SMS and email platforms. By using these communication tools, you’re able to obtain and maintain your studio’s client base.

With this, ClubWorx takes it a step further, providing you with an entirely free website, hosted through their dedicated servers, ensuring you’re able to save a significant amount, as well as providing a portal for your clients to view and access the services you offer.

While ClubWorx is specifically designed with existing personal training studio owners in mind, their pricing structures ensure that even those just starting out can access their exceptional suite of features.

Their free package supports those just beginning their journey, while their more premium offerings cover an unlimited number of active members for as little as $149AUD (approx. £82) per month.

16) Nudge Coach

personal training program

Building a fitness business is a huge commitment, and Nudge Coach aims to streamline and simplify the basics to ensure you’ve got the time to be the personal trainer you want to be.

This personal training software option strives to simplify client accountability, and build strong relationships between clients and trainers both in the gym, and in-between sessions, through interactive, intelligent features.

The ‘Nudge Coach’ platform is designed to let you set up daily health tracking for your clients to help them stay accountable to their SMART fitness goals, and keep track of their progress through:

  • Dedicated, customised push notifications
  • Intelligent prompts and ideas for workouts
  • Alerts ahead of sessions and consultations
  • Notifications regarding diet and wellbeing

This integration with client smartphones and devices is unparalleled across all personal trainer software platforms, and allows you to connect with your clients in a way that’s both innovative and impactful.

More specifically, the client mobile app allows your clients to track specific lifestyle habits manually, or by simply syncing up with other data collecting apps or wearables, such as Apple Watches or Fitbits.

Client data is neatly organised in the Nudge Coach platform to provide insights on client health habits and reasons for more valuable touchpoints beyond the gym, which can be sent directly in the app.

While you might expect such a bespoke, customisable service to be exceptionally expensive, Nudge Coach excels once again, with a range of payment packages and options on offer.

  • If you manage up to 5 clients per month, and don’t require too much customisation, the basic package for this PT software is entirely free!
  • If you’ve got up to 50 clients, but don’t require customisation, you’ll be paying $60 (approx. £45) per month.
  • If you’ve got above 50 clients, and don’t want customised elements, the package for you starts at $100 (approx. £75) per month, with each additional client above 100 costing an extra $1 (approx. 70p).
  • Finally, there is a white label option that is custom made for your brand. The price of this package is based on your business’ unique needs, but the base-level package starts at around $500 per month, with discounts available for annual upfront payment.
  • All plans, regardless of pricing, include hands-on account setup and a free training session, and you can request a free 14-day Pilot Account to try it before you commit.

17) EZFacility – Personal Trainer Software

pt program

Personal training softwares that truly manage all aspects of your business are few and far between, but EZFacility offers a comprehensive package that covers everything from initial marketing, to personal trainer consultations and planning.

The nature of this PT software means that it’s difficult to fully list its capabilities, but from our experience, here’s just a few that really set it apart:

  • Simple yet in-depth profiles for every client you train, containing key measurements and metrics to ensure you’re never far from the next session
  • Complete payment software integration, which tracks and manages transactions in real time
  • In-built CRM functionality, ensuring you effectively communicate with clients and customers
  • Fully integrated scheduling, with the ability to make on-the-fly updates to yours and your clients’ schedules

Each of these incredibly strong features is supported by one key pillar that many larger-scale personal training softwares simply miss out on – the basics are absolutely spot on, too.

Whether that’s producing an invoice for a client, or keeping track of payments ahead of a tax return, EZFacility streamlines the simple tasks so you can focus on the more important roles of a personal trainer.

A free trial is available immediately for any interested PTs, alongside a visual demonstration from a member of their expert team. Pricing is entirely dependent on the size of your PT business, but is completely customisable based on your budget and company needs.

18) My PT Hub

schedule software for personal trainers

Budgeting as a personal trainer can be a huge task, but by finding a personal training software that combines the features of several different programs ensures you’re able to save both time and money.

My PT Hub does just that, providing a central hub for all the core tasks and obligations that come coupled with being a personal trainer. With just a tap or click, you’re able to:

  • Design bespoke nutrition plans, complete with full logs and macro tracking
  • Produce in-depth workout plans, with access to a library of over 7,500 HD exercise videos
  • Organise client schedules and timetables
  • Chat instantly with clients through the integrated messaging system
  • Manage all payments, with help from highly-regarded payment system Stripe

This comprehensive coverage reaches the client app, too, with full integration with smart devices across both iOS and Android, and data from external apps such as Strava and Nike Run Club.

Unconvinced by our testimonial? Check out this review from their SoftwareAdvice page, praising the software’s interactivity and overall user-friendliness:

For the cost, this is an exceptional piece of software, much better than competitors which cost much much more. It’s a superb all-round, one-tool-fits-all for PT’s and gym facilities.

And with a colossal 85,000 fitness professionals actively using the personal training software to revolutionise their approach to exercise, it’s unlikely to be the only positive review out there.

19) PTMinder

finance software for personal trainers

PTMinder is perhaps one of the most common names we consider when it comes to personal training software, and for good reason.

While many PT softwares choose to focus on one aspect of the role, PTMinder aims to excel in every area that can help a personal trainer progress in their daily roles and responsibilities, including:

  • Payments made on time, without the need for chasing or invoicing
  • Administrative tasks, like ensuring availability
  • Recording and storing client information and assessment data
  • Issuing timely reminders for clients ahead of sessions

Of course, PTMinder wouldn’t make our list of the best personal trainer software options if it didn’t just cover the basics. These are fortunately just the tip of the iceberg.

As personal trainers, we’re proud of who we are and what we do, and PTMinder’s versatile suite of customisation options ensures you’re able to personalise the app to your liking, whether that’s with a colour scheme, or with specific functionality.

Not only that, but if you’re looking to dispense nutritional advice as a personal trainer, PTMinder’s robust database allows you to track client intakes in real time, as well as offer input on what they could eat to attain maximum results.

In its 5 year history, PTminder has facilitated over 24 million bookings, and processed over $530m in payments, and with such a comprehensive package, there’s only one way these figures are likely to go.

Interested in getting involved now? PTMinder offer a free option for those with less than 2 clients, and for any more than that, prices start at as low as £25 per month.

20) Total Coaching

financial software for personal trainers

Perhaps one of the most crucial aspects of any personal training software is its ability to connect effectively and seamlessly with clients, keeping them informed of any changes, developments, or important updates.

Total Coaching puts you in complete control of that, with bespoke apps available for all your clients’ devices, which keep them fully up to date with their schedule.

Not only that, but Total Coaching’s huge database of over 1000 fully animated exercises ensures you’re able to produce detailed exercise plans for clients to follow in tandem with your training.

This PT software’s most influential feature, though, is its streamlined nature, which allows you to effectively manage all the administrative tasks you simply don’t have the time for. You’ll be able to:

  • Build comprehensive meal plans from scratch, choosing from a database of over 25,000 foods
  • Track and log important client data
  • Receive and monitor client feedback
  • Establish full exercise plans for clients to easily follow

Total Coaching’s simplistic interface, combined with its powerful features and robust functionality, ensure it’s an ideal choice for personal training software, regardless of experience levels.

And their pricing structure reflects this, with plans starting at as little as €14 (around £11) per month for up to 5 clients, expanding all the way to €219 (approx. £181) per month for as many as 1000 clients and 30 trainers.

21) Acuity Scheduling

best software for personal trainers

A well-balanced, effectively structured schedule is absolutely essential for any personal trainer. It forms the basis of a lucrative, successful career in personal training, and Acuity is one company that really recognises that.

Their personal trainer software’s central focus is just that – building, managing and adjusting your schedule with minimal effort on your part.

As arguably the most instantly recognisable scheduling software, personal trainers can make hugely effective use of Acuity by utilising its powerful digital calendar that brings together important aspects of a personal trainer business within a single interface. 

The interface was intentionally designed so that it could be navigated with ease, but it disguises an incredibly effective suite of tools, including:

  • Automation of client intake forms, allowing you to gain all the information that you need
  • Instant synchronisation with other data platforms, including QuickBooks, WordPress, Google Analytics, and PayPal. 
  • Full control over all admin tasks, such as organising payment methods, data storage, inputting client profiles and developing marketing opportunities
  • Easily shareable calendars and schedules, ensuring you’re never double booked again

This ease-of-use is, for many, the reason why they opt for Acuity over other personal trainer softwares, and their reviews praise the program’s accessibility for both clients and professionals:

“When I first started I had new clients come to me not because of my experience, but because I was the easiest to schedule with.” – Kim, Peace and Healing for Women

Now, you may expect Acuity’s price tag to match its pedigree, but with prices starting at just $14 (approx. £10) per month, even emerging businesses can take advantage of this personal trainer software’s simple yet incredibly effective approach to scheduling.

22) 10 to 8

best software for personal training

10to8 is a popular personal trainer software designed with the idea of optimising and streamlining the day-to-day runnings of a fitness business

Trusted by over 100,000 businesses worldwide, such as the NHS and travel company Expedia, 10to8’s scheduling functionality comes coupled with a hugely varied array of tools and features, including:

  • Automated text, email and voice reminders ahead of sessions and meetings
  • A completely customisable bookings system
  • Full integration with popular calendar softwares, including Google Calendar, iCal, and Microsoft Outlook

This seamless integration extends beyond scheduling, though, with 10to8 offering an unmatched package that features compatibility with additional useful programs like:

  • Zoom – for video conferencing and meetings
  • Quickbooks – for managing finances
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Facebook
  • Salesforce

This all-in-one approach to personal training software ensures that 10to8 offers a comprehensive package for both beginners and more experienced PTs, and particularly for those looking to grow and thrive in the industry.

Perhaps 10to8’s greatest strength, though, lies in its ultra-flexible payment plans, which start with their completely free account, all the way up to a more bespoke experience, with prices available upon enquiry.

Other plans include:

  • Basic Plan – Up to 2 staff logins and 100 appointments/month – £7.50/month
  • Grow Plan – Up to 3 staff logins and 300 appointments/month – £16/month
  • Bigger Business Plan – Up to 6 staff members and 600 appointments/month – £30/month

23) Timely

best software for pts

Scalable personal training softwares are often difficult to find, especially so for those who are working solo, or that are just beginning their journey into fitness entrepreneurship. That’s where Timely steps in.

Advertised as an all-in-one solution for booking and business management, our next choice for personal trainer software encompasses every aspect of your role in one compact, aesthetically pleasing package.

While the interface is arguably one of the prettiest on the market, it doesn’t in any way detract from the robustness of the features Timely offers.

With the software, you’ll be able to:

  • Flexibly adjust and adapt your timetable to make the most of your time
  • Build a speedy and seamless checkout experience for your clients
  • Establish marketing projects, and see them through to completion
  • Create in-depth reports on individual clients and client groups
  • Connect with other crucial apps you use daily, like Mailchimp, Google Contacts, Quickbooks, and PayPal

Timely’s adaptability and smooth interface means it’s also easily accessible and usable on a variety of platforms and devices, ensuring you’re never far from your schedule.

In terms of pricing, Timely excels here, too, offering one of the most flexible and diverse payment schemes we’ve seen from any PT software provider.

With their budget option costing just £15 per month for a solo personal trainer, all the way up to more bespoke plans for multiple staff members,there’s options to suit all trainers and their individual needs.

24) Wellness Living

the best software for personal trainers

Wellness Living is an all-in-one personal trainer software that offers you the means to optimise your business’ key processes, and the tasks that ultimately form the bulk of your day-to-day running.

As personal trainers ourselves, we understand how these things can be incredibly time consuming, and so do Wellness Living. Their flagship personal training software takes care of: 

  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Merchant processing
  • Payroll and invoicing 
  • Reputation management through integrated CRM features
  • Powerful reporting tools utilising client data
  • Easily establishable reward programs

Of course, Wellness Living doesn’t just take care of the basics, but also seeks to revolutionise the way you approach your current clients, and how you gain new clients as a PT.

With the boom in popularity of online personal training, many personal training software options sought to provide practical and sustainable solutions, and this is yet another area where Wellness Living excels.

Their custom-built system fully supports Zoom integration through their innovative “FitLive” feature, combining the popular video conferencing software with all your bookings, client data, and payment information.

Not only that, but even their most basic payment package (as little as $59/£44 per month) encompasses a robust email marketing system, alongside SMS promotions as standard. 

25) Club Manager

the best software for personal training

As the name implies, Club Manager is a more unconventional option when it comes to personal training software. Rather than being a more holistic package, Club Manager was specifically designed to support health club managers. 

However, it can also be very helpful for established PTs who are looking to lighten the burden of their business, especially those that are looking to take the leap into starting a fitness business.

Our video below explores exactly how to get started with your own personal training business, with minimum start-up costs.

While the main demographic for this personal training software is established fitness businesses (like dance clubs, or boxing gyms), the benefits for smaller enterprises are huge, too.

Club Manager enables the user to assess and implement important aspects of the business. For example, you’re able to: 

  • Schedule appointments
  • Monitor attendance
  • Set up and take payments
  • Manage your clients and their data

As you might imagine, Club Manager is hugely adept at providing you with incredible scalability and adaptability as your business grows and expands, and with prices starting at as little as £25/month, you’re able to find the right package for your business’s budget, too.

26) PunchPass

the best software for pts

Attendance management can often be a costly endeavour for most personal trainers, and can even cause serious issues when it comes to business. Fortunately, PunchPass is fully equipped to deal with all aspects of your business.

This personal training software offers a full suite of tools to ensure you’re always in control of your classes. You’ll have access to:

  • A comprehensive set of resources for scheduling appointments.
  • Assessment features
  • Full tracking of client attendance.
  • Processing client billings and collecting invoices.
  • Client management and CRM tools
  • The resources to create and send fitness plans
  • A shared online store to sell your own resources
  • A wide range of wellness plans

Punchpass’ focus on the idea of monitoring and tracking each of your clients allows you to focus on structuring effective workouts and plans that they’re able to stick to.

Ultimately, many PT software options strive for simplicity, and PunchPass’ innovative system, and focus on those small administrative tasks, ensures it’s an ideal option for all levels of personal trainers

PunchPass has three different subscription options, creatively titled Bedrock, Birch and Banyan. 

  • Bedrock – includes all core features and essentials – $39 (£29) per month.
  • Birch – includes all Bedrock features, plus customer logins, recurring memberships, and a cloud-based content library for your sessions – $64 (£48) per month
  • Banyan – includes all Bedrock and Birch features, plus integration with leading online payment provider Stripe, and the ability to ticket events – $89 (£67) per month

27) bookitLive

what software should personal trainers use

As PTs, we seek to automate the things that we can, so that more of our attention and effort can be focused on what really matters – providing the best possible service for our clients.

bookitLive’s streamlined approach to session scheduling and timetable management makes it a hugely useful tool when it comes to personal training software, and one that, for many, is completely indispensable.

With an easily navigable interface, you’re able to establish appointments, build a sustainable schedule, and (crucially) control each element of your day to ensure you’re always exactly where you need to be.

While bookitLive is a more stripped-back personal training software, that doesn’t diminish its pivotal role in a PTs day-to-day role. With it, you’ll also be able to:

  • Send out push notifications ahead of sessions and appointments
  • Seamlessly book for both groups and individuals
  • Set up quick and easy online payment systems
  • Build a comprehensive database of all your clients and their individual schedules

Entrepreneurial personal trainers can also use bookitLive as a reference point to further understand the internal aspects of their business. The software can gather data that helps you better understand customer behaviour, staffing requirements and resource allocation. 

As you might expect with this more minimalist approach to personal trainer software, bookitLive’s pricing structures are cheaper than other options we’ve featured. There’s 3 choices:

  • Lite – Unlimited bookings and unlimited staff accounts – £30 per month.
  • Regular – Unlimited bookings and unlimited staff accounts with additional options such as memberships – £40 per month.
  • Premium – Unlimited bookings and unlimited staff accounts with additional options such as memberships & more resources – £85 per month

28) Omnify

what software should pts use

Arguably the biggest selling point for Omnify is its adaptive and flexible nature, particularly in tandem with its huge suite of diverse features.

While we’ve featured other versatile personal training softwares in this article, what sets Omnify apart from its competitors is its singular interface, which keeps everything you’ll need for a productive day at your fingertips.

With this simple yet powerful UI, you’ll be able to access:

  • Customisable forms and waivers
  • Detailed, meticulously crafted reports on client progression
  • Management tools for your schedule
  • Check-in and attendance monitoring
  • Analytics and insights into your services and payments

Not only that, but Omnify’s dedicated mobile app, Omnify GO, ensures you’re able to take this robust suite of resources on the road with you, making it an ideal choice if you’re planning to take the plunge and become a mobile PT.

This all-in-one functionality truly encapsulates this PT software’s approach to revolutionising the day-to-day running of a fitness business, and particularly those who are struggling to keep track of multiple different programs or apps.

Unconvinced by our review? Omnify proudly display their valued testimonials from over 5,000 different companies, with one review praising the personal training software’s huge suite of features:

Omnify has the right mix of features, customer support, and reasonable pricing. We recommend this platform for anyone needing a solution for quickly setting up a reservation process at their pool!

While Omnify do target their software towards those with huge, well-established fitness businesses, their “Solopreneur” package presents an ideal choice for an individual, and costs just $30 (£21) per month.

29) FitFerret

what program should personal trainers use

Designing workouts for your clients to do independently can be a huge challenge, especially if your demographic is one that’s unfamiliar with solo exercising. 

FitFerret is a personal trainer software that’s specifically designed to help you create visual workouts online, as well as design bespoke client meal plans that connect seamlessly with those plans.

Their vast library of over 500 professionally designed graphics provide a clear and concise overview of exactly what your client will need to do, what good posture looks like, and how they can make the most out of the exercises you’ve assigned to them.

It also provides PTs with the means to instantly communicate with any clients who have an open account on the platform. 

FitFerret believe that open channels of communication can help a budding personal trainer to grow their business, as well as optimise their services both in-person and online.

Of course, that’s not all you’ll have access to with this personal training software. FitFerret also equips you with the capability to:

  • Monitor attendance and workout completion
  • Establish a comprehensive calendar, and organise your schedule
  • Send out push notifications ahead of a client’s session
  • Efficiently combine graphics and instructions with embedded YouTube videos
  • Transfer workouts easily between mobile devices, PCs and laptops
  • Fully customise your app with company logos and colour schemes

With such an all-encompassing offering ,this personal training software has already attracted review reviews. Fitness coach Jacob Hobbs credits FitFerret as being a key influencer in his business’ success, saying that:

This is the only product that I have found that incorporates what a trainer needs.

Not only that, FitFerret’s complete suite of tools is exceptional value for money, with their unlimited package costing just $19 (£14) per month, and their basic offering is completely free!

30) Striive

personal training software pc

Striive is often considered as one of the most advanced pieces of scheduling software on the market. Like many other pieces of personal trainer software, the primary resource is designed to help personal trainers to organise their schedule. 

However, Striive goes a step further, meticulously tracking your money, time and user profiles, providing you with real-time updates to ensure you’re always in control of everything you have planned. 

In our increasingly digital world, it’s vitally important to be in constant contact with clients, and that’s where this personal trainer software excels, with push notifications, updates and easy access to your timetable wherever you are.

Striive PT software combines these instant communication features with a wide range of other helpful aspects, including:

  • An exceptional range of tools to help manage clients and their profiles
  • Simple yet powerful scheduling tools, allowing you to set up sessions with ease
  • Complete overview of your bookings, payments, and outstanding amounts
  • The unique ability to collate and send key client data via text or email, so they’re always aware of what they’ve achieved, and where they can expect to go next

With such a comprehensive offering, it’s easy to assume that Striive’s price point is out of reach for the average personal trainer. Fortunately, that’s not the case at all!

Striive starts with a free trial, to allow you to gauge exactly what you need to thrive, before offering 3 different packages to suit all needs:

  • Sessions – if you’re a personal trainer who works in just a 1-on-1 capacity, this is the package for you – $20 (£15) per month
  • Classes – are you focused more on classes and group sessions? – $20 (£15) per month
  • Everything – do you combine both sessions and classes in your practice as a PT? – $30 (£23) per month

31) PT Enhance

personal training software mac

In terms of sheer functionality, there’s very few personal trainer software options that come close to the powerhouse that is PT Enhance.

Hailed as the “Swiss army knife” of personal training software, our next option is less of a single program or PT app, but more of a fully customisable operating system that contains everything that modern personal trainers need. 

The software allows users to customise a massive range of different aspects and features, including:

  • App colour schemes and logo design
  • Questionnaires, PAR-Q forms, and waivers
  • Exercise programs and workout plans
  • Robust statistics and reports 

Of course, PT Enhance wouldn’t be considered an all-encompassing package without significantly more features to support that level of customisation, and this is where this personal training software really takes off.

With an in-built education area, which ties in aspects of holistic fitness with your bespoke training sessions, and functionality for building an effective, intelligent schedule, PT Enhance offers PTs the opportunity to automate the admin, and focus on what really matters to them.

Unconvinced? The reviews for this PT software are outstanding, with customers praising its “holistic approach to fitness software”, its “usability”, and the “continuing education” it offers as standard.

With a two-week free trial available to all potential customers, PT Enhance offers a professional service for as little as $47 (£36) per month, and with no upfront costs.

32) Fit Clients

personal trainer software pc

When browsing for more streamlined personal trainer softwares, you should never have to compromise on quality, and Fit Clients takes that to heart, packing a huge amount of functionality into a user-friendly, simple to understand package.

Originally produced by TechSweat, a fitness gadget and running watch company, Fit Clients took those same principles of high-tech meets accessibility, and applied them to their personal training software.

With their flagship PT software, you’ll be able to:

  • Capture and display client testimonials
  • Establish and run challenges for individuals and groups
  • Keep clients accountable for their fitness, and ensure session attendance
  • Track a vast range of client metrics, from PBs to key performance indicators
  • Access everything through an easily navigated central dashboard

Not only that, but Fit Clients prides itself on being a personal training software that takes care of the smaller, time-consuming tasks that take you away from what you’re truly passionate about – training your clients.

With it, you’ll be able to automate key aspects that can take precious time away from your schedule, like producing detailed reports on client progression, managing session times, and sending out notifications ahead of time.

And with plans starting at just $19.99 (£15) per month, this is an ideal personal training software for those on a tight budget.

33) PT Flow

personal trainer software mac

Norway-based PT Flow’s main aim is to provide more of a defined structure to the average personal trainer’s day. It can be easy to get carried away with planning and delivering your sessions, but this personal training software aims to change that for the better.

At its core, PT Flow is a multi-purpose personal trainer software that provides focus and rigidity to the day-to-day running of a personal training business, doing so through six key features:  

  • Dashboard – The dashboard provides a central hub for the user that displays all your necessary data in a simple yet incredibly effective layout.
  • Calendar – The calendar provides an instant overview of all a PT’s recent and upcoming sessions. With easy synchronisation to Apple’s iCal, you’re able to keep track of every session you’ll be delivering, as well as providing push notifications to your clients ahead of any changes.
  • Plans – PT Flow comes fully equipped with the capability to create new workout plans, and store them in your own personalised catalogue. These workout plans can be downloaded in PDF format and sent to your clients with ease.
  • Database – As many personal training softwares do, PT Flow has an in-built database of exercises, workouts, and suggestions for improvement.
  • Monitor – This software’s innovative system allows you to input information on your clients and view their profile any time you are logged in
  • Personalise – Apply your own personal settings so clients can view your profile and share it between accounts. You can even update information in regards to your availability, session plans and holidays.

Naturally, while those six pillars form the core of what this personal training software aims to achieve, it’s far from the complete overview. In fact, PT Flow’s simple interface hides a multitude of high tech features.

You’re able to construct entire workout plans in just a few clicks, taking exercises from their huge, regularly updated database, as well as design these alongside in-built diet plans for each individual client.

Not only that, but with such an in-depth monitoring system for all your clients, you’re able to better understand what each of them need to progress, or to simply take another step towards their SMART goals.

If all that, wrapped up in a smooth, expertly-designed interface, interests you, PT Flow offers an entirely free trial period, so you can experience everything the personal training software has to offer without the commitment.

34) TeamUp

pt software pc

TeamUp’s primary aim, as with many personal training software options on the market, is to optimise and streamline every process you associate with your PT business. 

What sets TeamUp apart from the crowd, though, is the consummate professionalism with which it accomplishes these tasks. In fact, it’s often described as an extra employee who can perform tasks that are absolutely necessary to organise a fitness business. 

Important priorities (like organising schedules and paying bills) are not only maintained, but also highly optimised by the software, so you can save time while still running an efficient fitness business. 

While it’s difficult to fully sum up all the features of this personal training software, we’ve handpicked a few that can seriously augment the day-to-day running of your business:  

  • A quick and easy configuration process that does not waste any of your valuable time
  • TeamUp’s in-built CRM software helps you analyse attendance history, payment and contact details
  • Design and send your own waivers to easily capture necessary data
  • Automate your billing periods so you can carry on developing your business while enjoying a steady stream of income
  • You can embed the dashboard into your website so clients can login and use the software while still using your personal training website.

Still uncertain? Reviews for this personal training software, with established PT Louise Redmond leaving this glowing testimonial:

And now over the past year because of TeamUp and the help that it’s given me, I’ve managed over two hundred and fifty people to help with their fitness and nutrition and health goals. So it’s a wonderful process and I couldn’t be where I am without it.

Prices start at just £49 for as many as 50 clients, making it a perfect choice for those looking to develop and grow their fitness business.

35) StrengthPortal

pt software mac

As you become more adept as a personal trainer, it’s natural you’d start to seek ways to boost your gym’s revenue, and especially so through your personal training software.

StrengthPortal aims to revolutionise the way you approach your finances, using a sophisticated suite of money management tools to streamline payments, manage your invoicing, and organise client and staff accounts.

In addition to their stellar offering of financial features, you’ll also be able to:

  • Program and track individual client workouts and plans
  • Easily monitor gym and studio attendance, wherever you are
  • Construct a huge library of exercises and workout programs
  • Implement strategies for online and hybrid training

What really seals this personal trainer software’s pedigree, though, is its exclusive partnership with another of the biggest players in the fitness industry – MindBody.

We’ve already talked at length about how MindBody’s robust PT software can help budding trainers really excel, but StrengthPortal uses those features to create a program that’s incredibly scalable for larger businesses, and ultimately supports later career development.

As you might expect, the pricing packages for this personal training software offer unmatched flexibility, with their basic package (1 PT with unlimited clients) costing just $25 (£19) per month, all the way up to $250 (£190) for an unlimited number of trainers and clients. 

36) FitApp.Pro

personal training software for budgeting

Personal training software should be as flexible and mobile as its demographic, and that’s where our next entry, FitApp.Pro truly excels.

Available on both iOS and Android, across a wide range of devices (including laptops, tablets, and smartphones), FitApp aims to provide PTs with a software that ties together the innovative features we’d expect of our software, with ultimate flexibility and functionality.

With that in mind, FitApp.Pro allows you to:

  • Craft bespoke workouts using their in-built library of over 1,250 exercises, and more than 50 pre-constructed workouts
  • Design diets that work in tandem with your client’s workout plans
  • Manage your schedule easily and effectively
  • Track key client data and metrics, including measurements, one rep max, and progression

Not only that, but as a self-proclaimed all-in-one fitness solution, FitApp.Pro also offers full integration with the most popular social media platforms (including Facebook and Twitter), as well as seamless connectivity with messaging functionality through WhatsApp.

This unparalleled level of connectivity with both social media and messaging platforms, as well as video calling service Skype, ensures you’re never far from your clients, and can keep in touch ahead of new developments or changes to your schedule.

For this personal training software, the subscription packages start at just $9 (£6) per month, but for those looking to really impress clients, FitApp.Pro also offer a package that includes fully customisation with your logo and colour scheme, costing $49 (£38) per month.

37) Exercise Pro Live – BioEx Systems

personal training software for scheduling

We’ve already featured another personal training software from BioEx (Total PT Fitness), but their expertise in this industry ensures they’ve earnt another spot on our list with their Exercise Pro Live (EPL).

Unlike many of the personal training software options we’ve featured so far, EPL focuses more on the rehabilitative side of training, and how you can provide effective exercises to aid in a client’s recovery process.

With a colossal database of over 3700 holistic exercises, EPL offers an ideal choice for those involved in the exercise referral process, with a huge suite of useful functions, including:

  • Full integration with EMR systems, sending over detailed patient PDFs automatically
  • Complementary educational courses included as standard
  • On-hand customer support teams that guide you through the whole setup process
  • An accompanying smartphone app for both physicians and clients

While EPL’s primary functionality makes it a more niche option for personal training software, its impact on those who offer more rehab-focused workouts is undeniable. 

And the reviews support this. Well-established personal trainer Pat Clayton credits the software praises the specialist personal trainer software, saying that EPL is the:

Best rehab program I have used in 40 years of practice.

Price-wise, EPL offers a superb budget option, with an annual price of just $134 (£102) for a single user, and more inclusive options for larger-scale ventures with more staff.

38) for Business

personal trainer software for budgeting

Already established as one of the most recognisable domain names in the fitness industry,’s business management software comes with a well-deserved reputation.

As far as personal trainer software is concerned, this is perhaps one of the most well-rounded options, and one that takes into account a huge range of day-to-day tasks that the average personal trainer needs to incorporate into their schedule.

While there’s too many individual aspects to list here, we’ve selected a few of our favourites that really help this personal trainer software stand out from the crowd:

  • Integrated ability to conduct, grade and provide feedback on assessments
  • Set up online stores for any products you sell alongside your PT sessions
  • A highly sophisticated schedule management system
  • Full support throughout your marketing endeavours
  • In-depth, detailed reports on client progression, measurements and metrics

Of course, while these features are hugely beneficial for any personal trainer, it’s this PT software’s approach to business development that really distinguishes it.

Everything from the easily navigable interface, to the robust tools that are at your fingertips, to the vast suite of e-commerce features, sets your business up for success, and ultimately turns you from a budding novice into a highly successful personal trainer.

Unconvinced by our appraisal? Tony Gentilcore started an entire business using the strengths of’s personal training software, and credits it with a huge portion of his success: makes my life easier by providing an all-in-one solution and the opportunity to help those who otherwise would never have access to my programming!

The log is not only fast and super easy to use, it keeps me motivated with points as well. I train 5-6 times a week and for me, it’s motivating to see that there are other women out there who are using similar weight lifting workouts as me. I can also take influence from them and improve my own.

You can get started as a free user today.

39) LegitFit

personal trainer software for scheduling

It’s rare, in such a competitive personal training software market, to find an easily understandable option that combines high-tech functionality with expert customer service. That’s what LegitFit offers, and what earns it a spot on our list.

Their approach to bespoke software for personal trainers is what really sets them apart from the crowd. Let’s first look at their features, and what they can offer that means they’re an excellent option for PTs of all experience levels.

As standard, you’ll receive access to:

  • A powerful suite of tools designed to streamline the booking and payment process
  • Simple integration of your personal training social media accounts
  • The ability to host and promote your online services
  • Effective communication channels between you and your client base
  • Comprehensive, in-depth reports for all clients

Arguably LegitFit’s best feature, though, is its incredibly intuitive scheduling functionality, which monitors your sessions and manages your timetable on the fly, making adjustments when they’re most needed.

Of course, this is all coupled with LegitFit’s unmatched customer service, offering tutorials and guidance for all aspects of their personal training software.

Unconvinced? Check out this review (one of many 5 star ratings) from established PT Jerry Lynch:

We couldn’t recommend LegitFit highly enough. Exceptional support and customer service to match a slick, easy to use, impressive product.

40) Glofox

pt software for budgeting

One of the key traits you should always be on the lookout for when browsing personal training software options is its scalability, and how it can support you as you grow and develop as a PT.

GloFox’s huge range of tools not only provide a great baseline for newer business and personal trainers, but their flexibility and adaptability ensures they’re able to keep pace with your professional development.

Opting for this personal training software means you’ll have unrestricted access to:

  • Fully customisable membership plans for your clients
  • Complete CRM functionality, taking you from initial contact to sales to client management
  • A host of tools to provide a huge boost to your client retention strategies
  • Tracking and monitoring of client engagement
  • Personalised mobile apps that best represent your business

We’ve already touched on GloFox’s incredible adjustability, particularly in terms of your individual needs as a PT, but this goes beyond just the features the personal training software offers.

It’s natural, as a personal trainer with entrepreneurial spirit, you’ll be aiming to branch out, and one day own your own business or studio. GloFox’s robust features scale as you do, and ultimately offer one of the best personal trainer software solutions for budding business owners.

While pricing is only available upon enquiry, GloFox promise a competitive rate, and with thousands of positive reviews, it’s clear to see they deliver what they promise.

41) TrueCoach

pt software for scheduling

TrueCoach was built with professional trainers and coaches in mind, and offers a comprehensive experience, both in terms of its features and its ingenious interface. Let us explain.

As part of the Xplor network of software, this personal trainer software already has a well-respected background, and does everything to warrant the reputation that precedes it. 

Unlike other products that focus on sending groups of athletes the same templates, TrueCoach is focused on giving coaches the tools they need to efficiently write and deliver individualised programming.

These tools include:

  • Effortless tracking of client data and progression
  • Full support for video workouts and consultations
  • In-built messaging features
  • Tracking support for nutrition, including macros and micros
  • Complete personalisation of your apps and software

It’s a one-stop-shop for you and your athletes, offering seamless video and mobile support, as well as full access from any device with a web browser.

With it, you’ll enhance the client experience, increase communication, compliance, and add a layer of professionalism to your business.

Tempted by TrueCoach? They’re currently offering an entirely free 14 day trial, so you can fully experience everything this bespoke personal training software has to offer.

42) Mogy

top personal trainer software

Arguably the most influential feature of personal training software Mogy is its all-in-one dashboard that not only simplifies the day-to-day running of even the largest PT businesses, but also keeps everything you need in one expertly designed place.

Let us explain. Mogy’s user interface is clean and streamlined, yet focuses your attention to the areas needed most, allowing you to:

  • Keep in constant communication with clients and customers
  • Design and manage personalised workouts on the fly
  • Fully track client progress
  • Collect feedback and reports to inform your service
  • Monitor and maintain client data and key information

Of course, this personal training software doesn’t prioritise fashion over functionality, and its superb design is complemented by a suite of tools that offer huge amounts of interaction.

Not only that, but Mogy provides the ability to create your own customisable workout videos and routines, ensuring that your clients receive the best possible training both in your sessions, and outside of them, too.

And with a free trial available to all personal trainers, a software like Mogy is an ideal option for those who are aiming to kickstart their personal training business on a tight budget.

43) PT Essentials

top personal training software

Developed by renowned titan of the fitness industry PT App, PT Essentials is just that – a personal training software without the unnecessary bells and whistles other programs can become bogged down with.

Its streamlined approach to PT software ensures that its mastered the basics, and provides everything a newer personal trainer could possibly need.

By opting for PT Essentials, you’ll have unlimited access to:

  • Assessment tracking and monitoring
  • A full dashboard of metrics and data for each of your clients
  • Customisable workouts and routines
  • Robust scheduling tools to ensure you’re always exactly where you need to be
  • Client history, including performance, weight, and one rep max

Not only that, but given this personal training software’s parent company, you’ll also have access to their highly rated app service, meaning your clients always have access to your services.

PT Essentials’ full branding capabilities also mean that you can fully personalise both the app and your personal trainer dashboard.

Unconvinced by our review? Physical training instructor called Aaron uses the ‘PT App’ to lighten his workload, stating that:

PT App saves heaps of time and paperwork and lets me set up my business that way I want.

And at just $30 (£22) per month, PT Essentials is one of the more budget-friendly options we’ve featured on our list. 

44) TrackActive

top pt software

While the majority of personal training softwares on our list have been geared towards PTs with clients, it’s vitally important to recognise the programs that can help those working as an exercise referral specialist, too.

That’s where TrackActive takes precedence, as one of the foremost pieces of software aimed towards those PTs working in a medical capacity.

TrackActive is an evidence-based service that comes with a database full of qualitative exercises that are sourced by professionals. Many fitness professionals were instrumental in the development of the app’s features in concordance with scientific research.

With it, you’ll be able to prescribe workout routines and specific exercises, designed in conjunction with other medical professionals, as well as work out plans that are the most effective for those you’re working alongside.

Some of the standout features of this specialist personal training software include:

  • A huge database of evidence-based exercises, as well as the ability to upload and add your own
  • Design and distribute customised exercise plans to your patients via PDF or through TrackActive’s dedicated app
  • Full monitoring and analysis of all key patient information
  • Complete suite of patient reported outcome measures, so you can keep track of clients’ rehabilitation and progression
  • Integration with Cliniko and Nookal, incredibly popular patient management softwares

With a backbone of strong, innovative features, this specialised personal trainer software will allow you to not only gain insight into your client’s physiology and routine, but also gain insight into the process of personal trainer marketing.

You’ll be able to better understand the fundamentals of how to put across your business, as well as be able to provide a more comprehensive service for those who opt to use your service.

And with prices starting at just £19 per month for a single practitioner, with unlimited scope for development, this specialised personal training software offers one of the more complete packages on the market.

45) Trainer Workout

personal trainer software for beginners

There’s often overlap between gym and personal training software, and Trainer Workout combines the best of both worlds in one convenient, robust package, supporting both the individual PT, and those looking to expand their horizons.

As arguably one of the more comprehensive options for those really looking to develop, this personal training software takes the guesswork out of scheduling, client management, and workout planning.

With a huge array of innovative, adaptive features, you’ll have the ability to:

  • Design bespoke workouts for each individual client, combining cardio & aerobic exercise with weight and resistance training
  • Pick from their ever-expanding library of over 2,500 workouts to provide tailored guidance both during and after your sessions
  • Create full client profiles that contain all the relevant data and information you need to create the best possible sessions
  • Send and receive push notifications whenever a client completes a workout, or you set up a new session
  • Fully brand and customise the layout and appearance of the PT software to match with your brand’s aesthetic

Of course, a personal training software of this nature only works if it’s as flexible and adaptable as the trainer who’s using it, and fortunately, Trainer Workout excels here, too.

Your information, key data and (crucially) your schedule all migrate seamlessly between your devices, whether that’s a desktop PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone – you’re never far from exactly what you need.

To cap all these exceptional features off, though, Trainer Workout is completely free for those with less than 10 clients, and just $10 (£8) per month for those with as many as 35 clients.

46) Training Tilt

personal training software for beginners

Searching for a more tailored personal training software solution for your endurance coaching? 

Training Tilt offers some of the most robust tracking functionality of any software on the market, allowing you to monitor various different metrics across client exercises, including:

  • Time
  • Speed
  • Pace
  • Elevation
  • Heart Rate
  • Temperature Data

Plus, Training Tilt offers complete connectivity with some of the most popular client tracking apps, including Strava and Garmin, ensuring you’re always in control of the necessary data you need from clients.

Of course, all of this tracking needs to be accompanied by a plan, and this personal trainer software goes above and beyond here, too, with one of the strongest schedule builders on the market. 

Training Tilt’s ace, though, is its one-stop-shop approach to your training services, incorporating a huge number of quality of life features into its standard package. These include:

  • A fully integrated payment system that accepts both PayPal and bank transfers
  • Completely customisable mobile phone apps to accompany your PT software
  • Social interaction features, including private messaging, groups, and competitions
  • An exercise-focused social feed
  • Custom-built online forms and questionnaires

This comprehensive package takes you from an initial sale, through sessions and consultations, all the way through to fully tracking data and progression, making it ideal for the coach or trainer whose sole focus is getting clients to their peak performance.

When it comes to pricing, Training Tilt offers a huge range of different pricing structures, encompassing both newer trainers, and those who are more experienced:

  • Free Starter Package – Unlimited coaches, up to 3 clients – Free forever
  • Coaching Tools – Unlimited coaches, up to 10 clients – $17 (£13) per month
  • Business Toolkit – Unlimited coaches, up to 20 clients – $37 (£31) per month
  • White Label – Unlimited coaches, as many as 500 clients – from $297 (£227) per month

47) Zenfit

pt software for beginners

The final entry on our list of the best personal training software on the market is by no means the least. 

Zenfit’s streamlined approach, coupled with its huge suite of exceptional tools, means it’s already tried and trusted by over 10,000 fitness coaches and personal trainers.

Those who opt to use Zenfit are given unrestricted access to:

  • Fully automated invoicing and billing through Zenfit Pay
  • A robust and efficient workout builder
  • In-built messaging feature that supports voice memos, as well as video and text
  • An exceptional schedule management system

The real jewel in Zenfit’s crown, though, is its huge database of pre-built recipes and meal plans, which allows personal trainers to construct detailed diet plans.

This personal training software really excels here, and offers something that many of its top competitors don’t, especially when it comes to understanding the fundamentals of making a meal plan for your clients.

For many, this can be a sticking point, and Zenfit recognises that, providing over 2,000 detailed recipes, meal ideas, and suggestions you can implement into your client’s routines.

Of course, meal planning is just one area you’ll need to be in control of, and Zenfit’s personal training software suite expands beyond that with its exceptionally high-quality workout planner. 

With it, you’ll have access to:

  • A comprehensive library of workout videos
  • An intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • Simple yet incredibly powerful tools for designing and customising your workouts
  • High-quality graphics and images for illustrating the process

Not only does Zenfit offer you all of these features, it also optimises them to suit your own individual requirements. 

Its automated functionality reads your patterns and behaviour, and makes adjustments on the fly to better suit exactly what you need from your personal trainer software. 

This adaptability is a huge plus point for many, with personal trainer Jamaal praising the PT software’s capabilities in a business environment:

Managing all of my clients has never been easier! I love having every single thing I need all in one place, even messaging! It was hard searching through texts and social media messages to keep my schedule, client information, and progress up to date so Zenfit has helped tremendously!

And with a 14 day free trial, you can get started immediately!

Before You Go!

Our list of the best personal training software set out to outline ideal options for every PT, regardless of their experience level, the size of their business, and even their budget. 

Ultimately, though, it’s down to the individual trainer to find what works best for their situation, but with our complete guide to the modern PT software market, you’re never far from the ideal solution.

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