Personal Training Package Ideas

Whether you’re a newly qualified or established personal trainer, thinking of creative personal training package ideas can be tough!

That’s why we’ve compiled this comprehensive guide, detailing the best ways to create and promote your own packages. 

This article will cover:

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Personal Training Package Pricing Structures

When it comes to personal training package ideas, there are two main structures to choose from: block sessions and monthly packages. Let’s break down each of these options to see which is best. 

Block sessions

This is perhaps the most common way to make money as a personal trainer with packages. However, it’s not necessarily the most effective! 

Block sessions are simply when clients buy a block of sessions upfront. The table below is an example of a block session pricing structure:

Personal training offers 2

As you can see, a client pays a set price upfront for a certain number of sessions over a set number of weeks. For example, they could get 2 sessions a week over 6 weeks for £324. 

Whilst this may seem like an easy pricing structure, there are several reasons why this is not the best personal training promotion idea:

  • Too many options. Presenting your client with a table with this many options could be confusing for them, and even put them off from signing up with you at all. Not only do clients have to decide how many sessions they want a week, but they also have to work out how many weeks they want sessions for, too. A good personal training promotion should be clear and easy for the client to understand. This is just one reason why the monthly package pricing structure, which we will explain next, is much more effective. 
  • The packages have end dates. By stating a set time period (i.e. a number of weeks) that the client has to use the sessions in, it implies an end date for when your services will stop. At the end of this period, you will then have to re-sell another package to your client. Not only does this increase the risk of them not carrying on with you, but it creates a lot more work for you, just to retain an existing client.
  • Creates a payment gap. Whilst you are waiting for a client to rebook when they reach the end of their block package, there will naturally be a gap in your income. This means that you won’t know when or if your revenue is coming in, creating all sorts of issues in terms of forecasting your finances. For example, you won’t be able to guarantee that you will have enough money for outgoings such as gym rental or your personal trainer insurance

As you can see, there are several reasons why we would advise any personal trainer against using the block sessions pricing structure. Next, we’ll take you through a much better personal training package idea.

Monthly packages 

Instead of offering blocks of sessions, you may choose a monthly price structure for your personal training packages.

Here’s what a typical monthly package structure looks like:

Personal training package names 2

As you can see, there are only 3 options for a client to choose from: bronze, silver and gold. 

The main reason that this is a much better personal trainer package idea is that it is a lot easier for the client to understand. This makes them more likely to purchase the package, as they won’t have to spend time trying to work it out!  

With this kind of personal training offer, the price per session should be lower the more sessions per week that someone signs up for. 

As well as paying the full amount for the package upfront, you should ask clients to set up a direct debit, so that their payment will be renewed at the end of the month. 

The benefits of using this structure are:

  • Continuous guaranteed income. Since your clients will be set up on a direct debit, there will be no gaps in your payments. This is a huge benefit of monthly packages over block sessions, as you will have more of a guaranteed income each month, creating more financial stability. Plus, people are much less likely to cancel direct debits than they are to ‘forget’ or stop transferring you money for payments.
  • It is easier for the client. Having just 3 set packages to choose from also makes things a lot easier for the client, as they won’t be confused or overwhelmed by lots of different options. Setting up a direct debit also means that they won’t have to think about doing a new payment every month or handing cash over, and it makes it easier for them to incorporate the cost into their budget. Making things as easy as possible for your client all helps to increase your client retention rates.  
  • Reduces the amount of re-selling. Unlike with block sessions that have an end date, you won’t need to re-sell your services to your existing clients. This saves you lots of time, and means that you can focus on other aspects of your business more such as planning your PT sessions, marketing, and attracting new clients. 
  • Equality between clients. With this personal training package idea, every client is paying the same in relation to the number of sessions a month that they choose. This avoids complaints from clients that others are paying less than them and makes it easier for you to know how much you are charging each client. 

For more information about how to create a personal training packages, watch our video guide below: 

Personal Training Package Name Ideas

Now that you have decided on your personal training price presentation, it is a good idea to name your various package options. 

Bronze, silver and gold are perhaps the most common personal training package names, as shown above. But why not get a bit creative? Here are some other suggestions that you could use:

  • Red, Amber and Green 
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Pro
  • Starter, Extra and Elite 

For example, Amor Fitness have used ‘Starter’, ‘Medium’ and ‘VIP’ to label their packages. The label ‘VIP’ is particularly effective, since it gives the customer connotations of luxury and exclusivity, making them more likely to choose that option. 

Personal training package ideas 2

If you have a specific area of fitness that you specialise in, you could also use that as a theme to base your personal training package names around. 

For example, the running coaching company ‘Strengthen Your Stride’ have named their personal trainer packages based around running goals:

Personal training package ideas

Personal Training Package Ideas: Themes

An often overlooked but highly effective personal training package idea is to choose a theme to help promote your offer.

This helps you stand out from other personal trainers who may have taken a more conventional approach to their marketing. It is also a great chance to show off your creativity, which is an important skill of a personal trainer.  

One of the best ways to choose a theme for your personal training promotions is to base it around an event, season or holiday. Here are some examples of themes you could use for each month of the year:

package ideas personal training

For example, with so many people starting new year’s resolutions, January is one of the most popular times for people to enrol in personal training. You can capitalize on this by creating a package designed to attract those who are looking to get back into fitness in the new year.

The same goes for February – Valentine’s Day is a great time to promote any couple’s personal training services you may offer. 

There are also some more obscure fitness-related days and holidays that you could use as a theme for your personal training promotion ideas. For example:

  • Global Running Day on 2nd June
  • International Yoga Day on 21st June
  • National Fitness Day on 22nd September

That’s just to name a few! Nowadays, there is a ‘National Day’ for pretty much everything, so you’ll never run out of ideas.

Here is a good example from Fitness Worx, who have used Black Friday to promote their personal training offers:

personal training package ideas 3

As you can see, there are opportunities to give a theme to your personal training promotion ideas every month! 

Days and events like these not only help you keep relevant in the fitness industry, but they are great tools for generating interest and engagement from potential clients. Plus, associating an offer with a specific date or time period also creates a sense of urgency, encouraging clients to sign up there and then.

Special Offer Ideas For New Clients

As part of your packages, there are some personal training special offers that you can use to help attract new clients. These are things that add value for a potential client, without reducing the amount of money you are receiving from them. 

Whilst discounts may sound like an easy way to attract clients, they actually reduce the amount of money that you are earning from that client. 

For example, say you were trying to sell a £120 monthly package to someone, but they were hesitating. In order to help close the deal, many personal trainers make the mistake of immediately offering them a discount of 20% off. 

Personal training offers 4

This discount may indeed be attractive to the customer, but it will reduce the amount of money you receive from the client from £120 down to £96. When you think about the fact that you will be losing out on this 20% every month, you can see how this approach drastically reduces your total income.

You might think that you could offer this discount initially and then start charging the full cost after a set introductory period. However, this approach almost always sees clients quit once the cost goes up, or request to keep paying that discounted cost. 

Consumers in general will never pay more for something that they already have, or have had, access to, and so ‘introductory discounts’ rarely help to acquire new clients who will actually stick around.

Instead, you should keep your pricing the same, but simply add to the value of the package by including a ‘complimentary’ extra. 

For example, take that same £120 monthly package. Instead of reducing it to £96, you could keep the price the same but throw in a free body analysis check or general meal plan. These things cost hardly anything for you to provide. But for a client, they increase the perceived value of the product, making them more likely to buy it!  

A good sales pitch could therefore go something like this:

package ideas personal trainer

These kinds of incentives are what could help you stand out as a personal trainer, and could be what makes a client choose you over another PT. 

Personal training offers can be categorised into two types: service and substance. Let’s break down each of these types of promotions.

To see how you can effectively communciate with clients to make them use your service, check out our article ‘Rapport Building as a Personal Trainer‘.

Personal Training Offers: Service

Personal training offers 2

When it comes to personal training special offers, there are services that you can offer your clients that would add to the value of a package and help convince a client to start training with you. 

Here are some examples of services that you could offer: 

  • Free nutrition plan
  • Body analysis checks
  • Biomechanical check 
  • Free access to bootcamps
  • Free group training once a week

As you can see, you can label them as ‘free’, which is a very appealing word for a potential client, as it implies that they are getting more for their money.

But in fact, the price you charge them will stay the same, and many of these services will not cost you much, or take you much time to create. It is a win-win for both you and your clients!

Personal Training Offers: Substance 

Personal training offers 3

As well as services, another good personal training promotion idea is to offer something of substance to potential clients. In other words, a physical and tangible product or item. 

Here are some examples of items that you could offer potential clients: 

  • Protein tub / supplements 
  • Gym clothes/trainers 
  • Meal prep kit 
  • Resistance bands
  • Fitness diary
  • Earphones 

These are all reasonably cost-effective things to offer your clients that will add value without diluting the amount of profit you are making from the package. 

Plus, physical items are a great potential marketing tool in themselves. For example, why not print your business logo onto a shirt, water bottle or fitness diary and give them to your clients? 

If a client goes on to wear or use a branded product in the gym, this will help to build brand awareness. Building brand awareness and getting the word out there about your business is just one of many personal trainer marketing strategies that you should consider!  

– – – –

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Special Offers For Existing Clients

As well as attracting new clients, it is just as, if not more important, to create personal training special offers for your existing clients, as a reward for their loyalty. This keeps them interested in training with you and helps with client retention by deterring them from leaving you and choosing another personal trainer. 

Some examples of personal training offers ideas for existing clients are:

  • Loyalty program. For example, you could offer your clients a discounted or free session for every 10 sessions they complete. 

This shows your clients that you value their loyalty, encouraging them to stay with you. It is also a great way to motivate your clients and keep them engaged in your training program! 

You can track your loyalty program on a stamp card, such as the one below. Every time your client completes a session, they get a stamp. This is also a great way to build your brand image, as you can include your business name and logo on there. 

personal training package ideas 4

  • Discounted upgrades. A great personal training special offer to present to an existing client, is a discounted upgrade to the next type of package. 

For example, say one of your loyal clients has reached a plateau with their training. They are currently on the Silver membership package. To help motivate them and reward their loyalty, you could offer to upgrade them to the Gold package at a discounted rate of 20%. 

This makes your client feel valued and as if they are receiving an exclusive offer for them. Although you won’t be making as much money as if you signed up a new client to the Gold package at full price, you will benefit from the stability and reliability of this client’s payments, who is likely to stay with you in the long-term.  

  • Refer a friend.Refer a friend’ schemes are a great way to use the loyalty of your existing clients to help you gain new ones. 

Here is a good example of a referral scheme from Fit 4 Life:

Personal training package names

This offers existing clients a clear incentive for referring a friend, with more rewards for the more people they refer.  This kind of personal training offer therefore benefits both the business and the clients! 

You could implement a similar scheme, offering a reward to clients who refer a friend to sign up for one of your monthly packages. The incentive doesn’t have to be cash, either, you could offer any kind of ‘gift’ that you think your clients would want!  

Tips For Creating A Personal Training Offer

So, now that we’ve shown you some different types of personal training package ideas, we’ll now take you through some important tips for making your offers as effective as possible. Include all the relevant information

Perhaps the most obvious thing to remember when thinking of a personal training package idea, is to include all the relevant information that a potential client will want to know. 

If a client has any doubt as to what the package involves, they are more likely to be discouraged from making the purchase. You should therefore make it absolutely clear what you are offering!

When creating a monthly personal training package, make it clear how many sessions are included a month and for how much. 

Good examples of this can be found on most commercial gym’s websites. For example, take a look at PureGym’s pricing page on their website:

pt package ideas

As you can see, they have used succinct bullet points to outline exactly what is included in each of the 3 different membership packages. Bullet points are a great way to present your packages in a way which is easy to read for a potential client. 

If you are including any of the personal training special offers we mentioned above (such as free services or products), make sure to include these clearly too, along with logos of any brands you are working with. 

For example, if you have a deal with MyProtein and you are including one of their protein shakers in your package, you could include the MyProtein logo. This gives you brand credibility and increases the perceived value of your services. 

You can present your packages to clients in various ways, whether it’s speaking to a client in-person, on your website or even your social media. We’ll discuss where to promote your personal training promotions later in this article. 


package ideas pt

When presenting a personal training promotion, you should create a sense of urgency. 

In sales, this simply means conveying to customers that they should act immediately if they want to purchase your product at the best price, or suggesting that your product won’t be available in the future unless they buy it now. 

Creating a sense of urgency motivates customers to act sooner rather than later. This will increase your sales rate, as well as strengthening the perceived value of your services by making them seem more desirable. 

There are several ways that you can create a sense of urgency when presenting a personal trainer offer to a client, such as:

  • Create a deadline. Without a time limit, there is more risk of a potential client talking themselves out of the purchase, or even forgetting about it completely! But adding a deadline implies that your personal training promotion won’t be available for long, so they have to act fast if they want to benefit from it.

For example, you could say that a particular personal training offer expires at the end of the week, or even in a matter of hours at the end of the day. 

A good way to do this is by having a countdown clock graphic on your website, for example, giving a visual element to the deadline. 

In fact, a good example of this is on OriGym’s website:

personal training offers 3

Your website designer will be able to do this, or here is a simple countdown clock that you can embed into your website yourself

  • Emphasise the popularity of your product. We’re all familiar with that feeling of FOMO, or ‘Fear Of Missing Out’. This is when we do or buy something simply because we don’t want to be the ‘odd one out’ or miss out on something. You can apply this to sell as a personal trainer with special offers. 

A good way to do this is by stating how many people have signed up already. For example:

“Ten people have already signed up for this offer today, so you won’t want to miss out!”

Testimonials and reviews are also a great way to emphasise the popularity of your product. For example, look at this review left by a client about a personal trainer at the PT Factory in Manchester:

Personal training promotion 2

Testimonials such as this convey the popularity of your services to potential clients, increasing your perceived value and prompting them to make sign up before they miss out on something so popular. 

If someone is still hesitating as to whether they want to take up your personal training offer, seeing a positive review could be what pushes them to make the purchase! 

  • Make the transaction as quick and easy as possible. One of the main things that can really delay a purchase is the process of the transaction itself. 

For example, if your online payment system is difficult to use, this could increase the amount of time a customer spends making the payment, which could put them off the purchase completely! To avoid this, make sure that you reduce the amount of potential barriers to a customer making a transaction. 

To take a payment online, you can simply get your client to enter their bank details and set up a direct debit. There are also some third-party payment services you can use, such as PayPal and Stripe. 

personal training packages paypal          personal training packages stripe

  • Use words that convey urgency. There are some simple words and phrases that can help you convey a sense of urgency when selling your personal training promotion. Such as: 
    • Limited time only 
    • Exclusively available 
    • Right now/ immediately
    • Last chance
    • Don’t miss out
    • Today only 
    • Offer expires in x hours
    • Don’t hesitate 

CTA (Call To Action)

Personal training offer 3

A vital thing to include in a personal training promotion is a Call To Action, or CTA. In other words, telling the client what they need to do if they want to take up your offer. 

A Call To Action needs to be as clear and easy as possible, so they have no doubt about the action they need to take. If someone is remotely unsure about what they need to do, they are a lot less likely to follow through.

For example, compare the following two captions that you could use alongside an Instagram post promoting your packages. 

1: …so if you want to take up this offer, get in touch. 

2: …so if you want to take up this offer, DM me on Instagram and I can sign you up straight away. 

Option 2 is the most effective, as it uses a direct Call To Action. In other words, it gives the client a specific action to take (sending a direct message on Instagram). 

Although the first option says to ‘get in touch’, they have not given specific contact details or a clear action for the customer to make. This means that the potential client will have to figure out the best way to get in touch themselves if they want to pursue the offer. If they cannot find your contact details, say they don’t think that you monitor your DMs, they might be likely to give up on the offer altogether!

In general, you should always make your contact information easy to find for any potential client who may want to contact you. You can do this by including them in your personal trainer bio on your website or social media pages.

Where To Promote Your Personal Training Offers

So, now that you have plenty of personal training package ideas, you may now be wondering where to promote them. There are 3 main platforms you can use to promote special offers, which we will outline below: 

  • On your website. This is perhaps the most obvious place to list your prices and promote your personal training special offers. 

When someone lands on your website, your packages should be as easy as possible for a potential client to find. If they have to spend too much time trying to find them, they might be discouraged from making a purchase at all! 

With this in mind, it is a good idea to advertise your packaging on your homepage, or at the very least, just one click away from the homepage. For example, below is the homepage for Eden Personal Training. 

Personal training offers

As you can see, the user simply needs to click on the ‘Packages’ button once they’ve landed on the homepage. 

Check out these personal trainer website ideas for some more inspiration! 

  • Social media. Social media is quickly becoming the most effective marketing tool for personal trainers. It is a great way to stay relevant in the fitness industry, express your creativity and reach a wide range of potential clients. 

For example, on Instagram, you can add direct links to your website and sales pages. The best way to do this is by adding a link to your bio. The example below is a good example of how to use social media to promote your personal training offers.

personal trainer package ideas

They have included a link to their website, which takes you directly to their membership page. They have also included a Call To Action to point the user to their website, through the ‘Contact’ and ‘Message’ buttons, and by saying ‘Sign up today through the link below’. 

If you have a Business Instagram page, all of these features are easy to add to your account through the ‘Edit Profile’ icon that you will find on your Profile page.    

personal training promotion ideas 3

personal training promotion ideas 4

  • Gym noticeboard. Posting a physical copy of your personal training offers on a noticeboard in the gym or fitness centre you work in may seem old-fashioned. But in fact, it is an easy way to reach a large potential client base, i.e. gym members, who will already be interested in fitness. 

Here is a good example of a poster you could put up in a gym to promote your personal training package ideas:

This is an effective poster for several reasons: 

  • It has a clear colour scheme 
  • It details exactly what services the PT offers 
  • It gives the starting price for sessions ($30/session)
  • Their contact details are clear 

For more ideas of how to promote your services, check out these personal training marketing strategies

Before You Go!

We hope you now have some personal training package ideas you can use to attract new clients and retain existing ones. 

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