Best PT Accounting Software

Personal trainer accounting software is a highly underutilised tool within the fitness industry but, when used effectively, can help even the busiest of professionals to maintain their finances in a simple and effective manner.

Once we have provided a list of the 7 best recommendations, we will elaborate on this topic and discuss why we think you should use personal training accounting software in your business. 

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Best Personal Trainer Accounting Software

#1 – Sage

Price: 3-month free trial – subscription packages starting from just £12 per month

Starting our list of the best personal trainer accounting software is Sage, voted the Best MTD (Making Tax Digital) Software of 2021. 

Sage offers incredible packages for small to medium-sized businesses with easy-to-follow guidance on how to get started. 

The software also boasts a plethora of smart features that are designed to make your professional life as a PT that much easier.

This includes: 

Sending and tracking invoices: Protecting your cash flow has never been more simple with Sage’s invoice tool. 

Regardless of whether you’re working with customers across the globe through online personal training, or sending recurring invoices or tracking payments to gyms, Sage has you covered. 

The Snapshot feature also allows you to capture photos of receipts which will automatically transfer to your bank feed. 

Making Tax Digital is a tool Sage has personally created to help keep you on top of all of the latest legislations. This allows you to complete your tax and compliance with the utmost ease, making it easy for freelance trainers to report their earnings. 

Furthermore, if your personal training business hires other employees, you’ll be pleased to note that Sage’s Secure Payroll System ensures you can accurately file pensions, P60s, and payslips for your business reducing the need for physical paperwork. 

Collaboration tools are also implemented in this software, allowing you to securely connect to your team in real-time directly.

Sage is a fantastic personal training accounting software that we believe will make the admin and financial side of your business significantly more organised and less stressful.

What makes Sage so great is that you can test the waters with a 3-month free trial, before payments begin at £12 per month. This provides you with an appropriate amount of time to test whether or not this personal training accounting software is right for your business.

#2 – Quickbooks

Price£6 – £16 per month, depending on the package 

Whatever your business size, Quickbooks is fantastic personal trainer accounting software that you ought to consider investing in.

Through Quickbooks there is an extensive selection of services on offer, each of which allows users to create custom packages to perfectly tailor to their individualistic needs. 

This is something that other software companies don’t offer so it is worth contemplating investing in. 

One of Quickbooks’ most popular packages is QuickBooks Online, a cloud-based service that is ideal for those who have no previous experience with personal trainer accounting software. 

With the purchase of this package, you will also receive a 45-minute onboarding session with one of Quickbooks experts. This will provide you with insight into the following online areas:

  • Setting up your Quickbooks account
  • How to start using the account
  • Managing your expenses
  • Self Assessment
  • VAT
  • Payroll
  • CIS

But don’t worry you won’t be alone following the completion of this session, as there is an abundance of webinars and training courses for newcomers to attend. 

The best part? You have 24/7 access to these features, meaning that you can learn wherever and whenever you have free time.

Speaking of accessibility, Quickbooks also has an excellent support team who are on hand through their live chat feature 7-days a week. 

For all those interested in purchasing this bookkeeping software for gyms and trainers, there are 3 packages to choose from:

  • Simple Start – designed for small businesses who need to manage VAT and income tax. £6 per month.
  • Essentials – for small businesses working with suppliers and who need to manage VAT and income tax. £11 per month.
  • Plus – ideal for business managing projects, stock, VAT, and income tax. £16 per month. 

One of Quickbooks unique selling points is that you can adapt your package as your business grows. 

For example, if you find yourself hiring new training staff, or producing your own workout equipment/gear, you can easily upgrade from the essential package to the plus, with the simple click of a few buttons. 


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#3 – Xero

Price: £12 – £33 per month (depending on what Package you choose)

Next on our list of personal trainer accounting software is Xero, a perfect option for those with newly founded PT businesses. 

Xero is a powerful online accounting solution that promises to keep your financial records tidy and make compliance a breeze. Even better yet, the site includes a spectrum of customisable tools that you can implement to suit your specific needs, including: 

  • Build a plan with various add-ons like Xero Payroll, Xero Expenses, and Xero Projects.
  • Connect third-party apps like Stripe and Vend to process payments easily.
  • Select from over 1,000 apps in the Xero App Store to truly take advantage of what the software has to offer.

You can also collaborate in real-time with your accountants, bookkeepers, and even employees regardless of location. This is done through the softwares various communication options, which include both video calls and traditional text. 

With this in mind, Xero could be the ideal option for personal trainers who sell fitness programs online, as you’ll be able to keep track of all the virtual payments coming into and leaving your business. 

Now, if you’re currently scouting out the best deals for personal trainer accounting software, Xero has an irresistible new customer offer.

When signing up, you can automatically benefit from a 30-day free trial to see whether these features are suitable for your personal training business. However, following this trail members will get 50% off their first 4 months, regardless of which package they opt for. 

Naturally, the more expensive packages include a significantly higher amount of perks. For example, if you intend on training clients who are overseas, then Xero’s premium option would suit you best, as this package allows you to trade in various currencies.

Just be sure to read each package description carefully before deciding which personal training accounting package will suit you best.

#4 – Wave Apps 

Price: Pay-Per-Use

The next entry on our list of the best bookkeeping software for gyms and trainers is Wave Apps. 

As one of the most successful cloud-based accounting services online to-date, this premium software has been designed with small business owners in mind. 

Unlike other personal trainer accounting software to feature in this list, Wave allows you to pay per transaction rather than subscribing to a monthly membership. 

This could be ideal if you’re just starting a personal training business, and still in full-time employment elsewhere. 

You won’t have to worry about spending excess money when you’re not actively training clients – instead, you can wait until your business is actually generating money.

Such transactions can be completed in as fast as 2 business days, allowing you to truly enhance your brand and look more professional. 

In terms of Wave App’s accounting tools, you can track your income and expenses effortlessly. This is all backed up on the software’s cloud feature, meaning that you’ll never have to worry about manually keeping track of taxes again! 

This information is displayed using real, double-entry bookkeeping methods to maintain your financial information carefully and accurately. 

Now, if you’re on the hunt for gym accounting software for free, Wave Apps’ offers free customisable invoice software. 

This helps you to get paid faster and at a time that suits you, saving time and energy from chasing around clients.

Countless small business owners around the world are using Wave Apps for their accounting needs, which is why they have earned a rightful place on our established list. 

#5 – Zoho Books

Price: £60 – £150 per year (Dependent on Package)

Zoho Books is among some of the best bookkeeping software for gyms and trainers, because it was built with your business in mind and wants to see owners succeed. 

The online software is entirely multifunctional, helping you to complete essential daily tasks such as:

  • Manage your finances
  • Get VAT ready
  • Help to file your VAT returns directly to HMRC
  • Automate business workflow
  • Help you to work collectively across departments

Even better yet, if you’re a new personal trainer, or just starting an independent business for the first time, Zoho Books provides a team of financial experts to help with difficult tasks, like negotiating deals and managing invoices.

It’s understandable if you don’t have any previous experience in these areas, but with Zoho’s help you can spend less time worrying about your potential weaknesses, and spend more time training and engaging with your clients.

However, if you’d like to personally strengthen up in these areas, you can obtain guides from the site to learn more about the business side of the personal training accounting software. 

This will include guidance on topics such as VAT liability and preparing audit reports, all of which will be in accordance with the latest HMRC guidelines. 

Plus, as your business grows, you can add more of Zoho Books’ accountancy apps to your profile to help you manage every aspect of your business with utmost ease.

In terms of pricing, Zoho Books operate on a yearly membership basis. 

Packages range anywhere between £60-£150, which is arguably a fair price to pay for an entire year’s worth of accounting assistance. But, before you part with your cash, you can make sure that Zoho Books works for you thanks to their 2-week trial. 

Therefore, if you’re scouting out all of the best bookkeeping software for gyms and trainers Zoho is certainly a viable option, especially if you’re a new PT who is operating a business for the first time.

#6 – Oracle NetSuite

Price: £999 a month for the Base Licence

Oracle NetSuite is one of the world’s leading cloud-based software management tools which promises to enhance any personal training or gym businesses. 

The software is designed to scale with you as your business evolves from pre-revenue through IPO and onward, meaning that, as you progress throughout the world of physical fitness, you can incorporate more support provided by Oracle.

Oracle NetSuite’s dedicated team of accountancy experts helps you to lay the groundwork first and then advance you to newer levels to truly take your business above and beyond. 

Here is some insight into what this personal trainer accounting software has to offer:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) – a modern, scalable solution to run all of your financial and back-office operations.
  • NetSuite Professional Services (PSA): a collection of project management tools, timesheets, and expense management, all integrated with accounting and e-commerce capabilities.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): offers to-order management as well as customer upselling and cross-sell opportunities to boost sales. 

Oracle NetSuite also has an award-winning live chat service that offers clients the opportunity to brush up on their knowledge of various accounting topics. Therefore, if you’re just starting your personal training business you don’t have to worry about having any previous experience in finance management. 

If you’re keen to be a part of one of the best personal training accounting software around, you should consider getting in touch with an advisor.

Experts offer comprehensive run-throughs of exactly how Oracle NetSuite can take your business up a notch. This is considered to be one of the most premium options to appear on our list of personal training accounting software. 

For this reason, it may only be a viable option for those who have already scaled their business to a great extent.


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#7 – Quicken

Price: £27.59 – £49.75 per year (Depending on the package)

Finishing up our list of the best personal trainer accounting software is Quicken, a product that was developed to assist everyone, regardless of how much prior experience they have with finances or accounting. 

The software promises to streamline your administrative work and provide clear insight of your spending and earnings, and how these relate to your business.

This can benefit your personal training business as you can directly see what aspects of your business your clients are most invested in. 

For example, you could track that earnings in your meal planning services are higher, and thus invest more time in advertising and promoting this service. 

With this in mind, the software also gives you the ability to create income and expense categories. This allows you to track how much you’re actually spending, which could indicate where you need to cut down on too. 

These are features that aren’t often found in other gym accounting software making Quicken unique in its approach and delivery. 

Quicken also helps you with services such as:

  • VAT assistance
  • Sending and tracking invoices
  • Working collectively with other team members 

Another great feature on offer is Quicken’s compatible mobile app which allows you to manage your finances without needing to be at your desk. 

As a mobile personal trainer, you will be constantly on the go in various locations throughout the day, meaning that this service will be invaluable to your business.  

In regards to packages, they start from £27.59 per year, and extend all the way to £49.75 per year. 

As with the other packages to feature on our list of gym accounting software, the more you’re willing to pay, the more perks you will receive.

As always, be sure to read the packages diligently before determining what one is most suitable for your personal training business.

Why Use Personal Training Accounting Software?

Now that we’ve covered our personal trainer accounting software recommendations, you may still be curious as to the necessity of this technology. 

Having control of your finances is the first step toward having a profitable fitness business, providing vital information that will be a key influence when it comes to expanding in order to attract new clients. 

As you now know, investing in personal training accounting software can help you to stay on top of the following:

  • Profits
  • Losses
  • VAT
  • Self Assessment Tax Returns
  • Payroll

In addition, some software even provides the opportunity for you to chat with a team of experts who can provide you with bespoke business advice and recommendations. 

As we discussed at length throughout this article, this information can be vital regardless of whether you’re a new business owner or simply looking to expand.

This advice can cover topics that you may have easily missed, such as project management guidance, and how you could best implement e-commerce techniques. 

This list has provided just a sneak peek at some of the best bookkeeping software for gyms and trainers. 

If implemented correctly they can assist in growing your business, allowing you to get ahead of your competitors and establish yourself as a premium service within your field. 

In addition to this, we advise using personal trainer accounting software as they are often available across multiple platforms including mobile and desktop. 

This means that you won’t have to confine yourself behind a desk in order to get your admin work done. Instead, you can do this on the go including locations such as gyms when you’re working with clients. 

In short, if you want to work professionally as a personal trainer you need to do so much more than just workout with clients at the gym. 

Instead, these software’s allow you to work on the administrative duties that are necessary for any functioning business. 

Before You Go!

We’ve covered a range of price points to accommodate different budgets, as well as offering a detailed discussion into why this investment is a necessary one. However, it’s now up to you to determine which software will be best for you and your PT business. 

The best way to build your business and improve your service is by completing one of our Level 4 PT courses, starting with our Sports Nutrition Course. You can market yourself as both a nutritionist and personal trainer to increase revenue with more clients.

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