As you grow your business, it’s vital you take every opportunity to promote and market yourself. This is why you should consider upgrading your personal trainer email signature!

Our guide will cover:

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Why You Should Have a Personal Trainer Email Signature

personal training email signatures

As an individual or business that offers a service, brand recognition and professionalism are hugely important to ensure you can attract and get personal training clients

By having a formal personal training email signature, your online marketing becomes much more recognisable and effective, which is sure to positively impact your business and make money as a personal trainer.

A well designed fitness email signature will provide clients quick links to more information about you and your services as well as promote your socials amongst your clients at little to no cost.

Ultimately, without a PT email signature, you’re not effectively using the space that’s available to you, and missing out on an opportunity to promote yourself and your business.

With that in mind, we’ve put together our top tips on creating the perfect personal trainer email signature!

Tips for Creating a Personal Trainer Email Signature

#1 – Include The Basics

personal trainer email signature

On a base level, email signatures for personal trainers are a type of marketing that help introduce you to new clients.

If they’re looking to sign up with you, clients are going to want to know:

  • Who you are
  • Where you’re based
  • How to contact you if they need to

This means the first step you should consider is what basic information you need to have in your fitness email signature to ensure your clients are kept up-to-date with your business.

This includes but is not limited to: 

  • Your name
  • A contact phone number and other contact information
  • A professional address if you have one
  • Your logo if you have one
  • Your credentials and qualifications

There should also be links to your overall online presence which we will discuss in more detail below.

As we’ve already mentioned, your email signature acts like digital personal trainer business cards

Having all of your necessary information in one place not only looks professional but helps you appear more legitimate and trustworthy as a business.

#2 – Add Links to your Social Media

fitness email signatures

As we’re sure you’re aware, social media is hugely important for any type of business, especially in the health and fitness industry. 

According to data from the Office for National Statistics, 70% of people aged over 16 were using the internet to access social media platforms in 2020.

This rose to 90% or more in the age brackets of:

  • 16-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44

This information shows it’s simply good sense to include links to your personal trainer social media in your email signature. 

This will direct a potential client’s attention to more of your content, allowing them to get an understanding of what you can offer them as a trainer.

Potential clients are also far more likely to positively engage with content posted on your social media platforms because the algorithm is designed that way.

By getting more followers you’ll become more visible online. In turn, this will encourage more clients to sign on with you as they will recognise your services.

#3 – Add a Link to your Website or Blog

fitness email signatures

Similar to our previous point, including a link to your website or blog within your personal trainer email signature helps raise awareness to your overall online presence.

By including links to your own website and blog, you’re making it known to your entire mailing list where they can research you in their own time. This will also cut down what information you need to add to your email signature.

For example, if you have several fitness qualifications, you can be more selective in what you put in your signature. 

This is because you can direct client attention to the whole list of your credentials on your website. 

fitness email signatures

This opens up valuable space that will help make your email signature look clearer and more professional. With a blog, you’re already putting time and effort into this extra resource, so why not draw attention to it! 

Something to remember is that when you’re including links to any extra websites or online platforms, remember to make them live! 

No matter how good your fitness email signature is, no-one is going to copy and paste a URL to look at your content, especially on mobile. 

#4 – Include Additional Information

personal training email signature

Depending on your design, you may have the option to include additional information that could add value to personal trainer email signatures, and help you stand out from the crowd.

This could come in a variety of different categories and largely depends on your final design and what will work for you.

Some ideas may include:

  • Links to special events or one time training sessions you may be running that makes it easy for a client to book onto them.
  • Promotional offers for new or existing clients.
  • Links to new research you’ve found interesting or fits in with the content of the email
  • Links to personal trainer testimonials from previous clients 
  • A motivational quote or weekly/monthly fitness tip that helps clients stay engaged with your content.
  • A link to a promotional or instructional video, especially if media based marketing is something you regularly do.

This is not an exhaustive list! You can pick and choose what suits your brand identity and marketing style. 

However, it’s crucial to remember that you don’t want to overwhelm your clients with a bulky fitness email signature – only add extra information if it will add value.

#5 – Update Regularly

personal training email signatures

As clients need relevant and current information to stay informed of your services, it’s worth investing the time in regularly updating your personal trainer email signature. 

This is especially true if you have a change of circumstances such as a new:

  • Address
  • Contact number
  • Facility
  • Qualifications

If your information doesn’t change, you may still want to consider updating your email signature anyway to make sure it’s engaging for your clients. 

By tweaking and fine tuning the style or layout of your signature, it may help encourage your clients to engage more with your services.

It also keeps your emails looking fresh and professional as styles change over time.

Outside of informational changes, look at how well your email signature is performing at least twice a year to make sure it works for your brand and overall marketing style.

#6 – Use Simple Graphics

fitness email signatures

Although some graphics can certainly enhance the impression of you as a personal trainer, email signatures are digital so you need to remember not all formats will download the image if it’s too complicated or large.

This means you should consider limiting graphics to very simple and easily downloadable images that will survive different formats intact. 

You should also limit yourself to only one or two graphics so as not to overwhelm the design and your client.

The most popular graphic options are fitness logo designs and a headshot. These directly relate to you and your brand and will add the most value to your design. 

personal trainer email signature

Including a logo if you have one will help you maintain consistency across different marketing platforms alongside providing clients with a recognisable piece of your brand identity.

A professional looking headshot will make your email signature look more professional, as well as keep your face in the forefront of your business and in your client’s mind.

#7 – Choose a Small Colour Palette

fitness email signatures

When you’re designing a small area such as that of a fitness email signature, you need to make sure you don’t include anything overwhelming or complex that will ruin the whole design.

This includes the colours you choose as colours are hugely influential in how we perceive designs, even if it’s only on a subconscious level.

Try to use colours that compliment each other or are different shades of the same baseline to save both you and your clients from sensory overload.

If you’ve already got established branding, you should definitely include some of the colours from your pre-existing designs to maintain continuity within your business.

personal trainer email signature

For example if you’ve been using blue, include the same shade in your design, either for your text or formatting devices.

If you haven’t fully decided on colours or just use black and white, take some time to consider what colours would work well with your overall business model and relate back to your intended impression. 

Sometimes, just black and white can look too stark. Consider using a bright colour to help your email fitness email signature stand out!

#8 – Use An Appropriate Font

personal training email signatures

Like colour, the font you use can have an impact on how your design is perceived by potential and current clients. 

Email signatures for personal trainers need to be professional enough to attract new clients. However, they also need to showcase your personal trainer skills by giving off a friendly and personable vibe that will encourage them to want to work with you.

When it comes to choosing your font you want to think about how it will look on different screens and formats. 

While a variety of fonts can look chaotic and cluttered, there are some fonts that come in different weights which will be able to offer you some flexibility in your design.

For example, a font such as Oswald comes in different weights or thicknesses that are the same base form with the option to change how they look. 

It’s worth checking out the fonts that can offer you more options as you’ll be able to make your design more impactful without cluttering your email signature with unnecessary additions.

#9 – Consider Design Hierarchy

personal trainer email signature

Basically, design hierarchy is a way of designing information that uses scale, colour and font weight to direct the eye to the most important pieces of information first. 

Even though all the information in your personal trainer email signature is important, design hierarchy helps organise it from the most to the least important for the reader.

For example, your name and contact information should be higher and bolder because that is the most important information for the client and will help attract attention to it. 

Links to your website or blog can be in a lighter font weight because it’s less important in comparison.

personal training email signature

Remember here, it’s important to pick your battles of what is more important for a client to know. 

Putting all the information in bold or heavier fonts defeats the purpose of being more selective with your design. Keep in mind that not every piece of information has the same importance for your clients.

#10 – Use Icons

fitness email signatures

If you’re unsure, an icon is basically a small pictorial reference for an idea or concept that saves space in a design.

These are helpful when you’re designing email signatures for personal trainers because they allow you to link to the relevant social media in a more efficient way, and save valuable space in your design.

Icons are an easy way for clients to find new information and move between email and social media platforms with the click of a button, especially on a mobile.

Icons are also more adaptable to different design styles and can help your design look more cohesive and understandable instead of lots of text. 

If you’ve got the time, it may be worth creating your own icons that match your design as you can use them across your entire marketing and branding systems.

#11 – Align Your Design

email signatures for personal trainers

Another simple yet impactful tip on your personal trainer email signature design is remembering to keep everything in the same alignment. 

This helps your design look clear and purposeful as all of the information will follow the same scheme.

Alignment also gives your design a more professional finish and consistency because all of the information is formatted along the same angle.

While you can certainly choose the alignment you want, the most popular option is to align to the left as a large percentage of the world processes information from left to right so it’s easier to understand.

personal training email signature

Above you can see the difference alignment makes on how your mind processes information and how jarring it seems when the alignment looks off.

– – – – 

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#12 – Make it Balanced

email signatures for personal trainers

Alongside alignment, you should also make sure your design is balanced. Balance in design is basically a visual representation of gravity. 

Large design elements appear heavier than smaller ones which means you need to distribute your information accordingly.

This may sound complicated but a large part of balanced design is instinct and feel. We’re programmed to find and enjoy patterns and symmetries because they’re pleasing to our brains. This is why we can just ‘tell’ when a design is wrong.

email signatures for personal trainers

As you can see in the designs above, one is certainly more pleasing than the other.  This is because the elements have different weights and don’t seem to follow any order.

By considering how your information is weighted, you’ll be able to make a clearer and more aesthetically pleasing design your clients will be able to respond to.

#13 – Consider Using Dividers

email signatures for personal trainers

Once you’ve decided on what information to include you need to figure out how the design will fit together. 

Dividers are a valuable design element that will keep your design clear and easy to read in the small space.

These can come in varying thicknesses and lengths depending on your design and will break your text into manageable chunks that are more aesthetically pleasing.

They may also be a great way for you to incorporate some colour into your design without overwhelming the whole scheme. 

Whatever you choose must be impactful but also play a part in how the entire design works together.

email signatures for personal trainers

Here’s a great example of these separators in action. They act as a great way to differentiate between key information, as well as ensure everything is clearly readable, especially on smaller screens.

#14 – Make it Mobile Friendly

email signatures for personal trainers

Another thing to consider when it comes to designing your personal trainer email signature is making sure it’s easily scalable for different screen sizes, like a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop.

A large majority of people have their personal email accounts synced to their phones because it’s easier and quicker when they’re out and about. This means your design needs to look good on a small screen.

For example, you need to make sure links are still clickable on a phone and that images will be downloadable in a smaller format so you don’t end up with lots of blank space on your design. 

Depending on your design, you could also consider a centralised alignment as this looks better on a mobile device.

Before you formalise your fitness email signature, be sure to test your design on different sized devices. You could always ask a friend or someone you trust to let you email them as a dry run to check for any issues before inputting and sending it to clients.

#15 – Include An Email Disclaimer

email signatures for personal trainers

Once you’ve settled on a personal training email signature design you’re happy with, it’s time to consider adding a disclaimer at the end of your email signature.

The information included in the disclaimer can be personalised to the legal aspects that are important to you or your business.

Email signatures may hold disclaimers for:

  • Breach of Confidentiality
  • Liability for the unintential transmission of computer viruses
  • Unintentionally entering into contracts
  • Negligent misstatement
  • Employer’s liability

For example, OriGym’s email signature contains a disclaimer regarding the transmission of computer viruses:

personal trainer email signature

By including this, the company is not liable should an email contain an unknown virus which may infect the recipients computer. This makes it the responsibility of the addressee to carry out their own virus checks before opening any email attachments.

It’s wise to place this at the end of your fitness email signature as it will save you a lot of hassle should any unfortunate situations arise. By not including a disclaimer, it means you assume liability in the situation, not the addressee.

#16 – Test it on a Friend

personal training email signatures

We mentioned above that you should test your email on a friend to make sure it works for different screen sizes.

However, it’s also worth checking with people you trust to help finalise your design to get an outside perspective of whether a design will look good to clients.

Getting honest opinions from the people around you will help ensure you have the best design possible for your fitness email signature and to make the most of this more unique personal trainer marketing strategy.

Alongside that, you’ll be able to check whether you’ve installed your email signature properly and fix any kinks or issues with the format before sending it out in a professional context.

#17 – Use Design Software

personal trainer email signatures

Most of the tips we’ve included on this list have a view to what you can include to optimise the impact of your personal trainer email signature. 

Once you’ve put the thought in, we highly recommend using specific software to create your design.

A cohesive design is incredibly important because it gives you clear brand communication and consistency, reinforcing your brand identity for clients. 

It also helps connect your fitness email signature with the rest of your online resources and marketing such as in the example below. Consistency is key!

email signatures for personal trainers

By using design softwares specifically made for email signatures (for personal trainers or any other businesses), you can guarantee a professional end result that highlights the uniqueness of what you have to offer. 

While using a design software does initially take more effort, the end result will be easy to input into your email as well as easy to edit if needed. 

This software is often filled with free templates you can base your design on or browse for inspiration.

Most design software is easy to use, with step by step instructions for how to create your design. You can then download and insert it into your email to ensure it works well and projects the right impression.

Things to Avoid in your Personal Trainer Email Signature

#1 – Avoid Including Too Much Information

personal trainer email signature

The whole point of your personal trainer email signature is to pass on relevant information your clients need to know about you and your business. 

The key word here is relevant! There’s such a thing as too much information, especially when you only have a small space like at the foot of an email. 

Try and avoid including every single piece of information you can think of, certainly when your clients don’t need it. 

One prime example of this is the email address you’re sending the email from – your clients already have access to this as they’re receiving an email from you. 

Additionally, if you’ve included links to your website you’re unlikely to need to list every single qualification you’ve earned over the years. 

Choose the most prestigious or relevant one to the subject matter. You can always direct your clients to your website if they want to learn more.

#2 – Avoid Including Personal Information

fitness email signatures

Although providing contact information to your clients is vital, you should make sure you aren’t giving out your personal contact details. 

You need to keep clear boundaries between your professional and personal life.This separation allows you to maintain healthy relationships with your clients, as well as look after your mental health. 

Any phone numbers you give out should be business ones with defined contact hours, else clients should send an email if they have an issue. 

Similarly, unless you run your business out of your home, clients have no need to know where you live. 

Boundaries are important for the health and safety of everyone. Make sure you screen the information you’re sharing in your fitness email signature.

#3 – Don’t Use Complicated Fonts or GIFs

personal training email signature

While it may be tempting to jazz up your email signature for personal trainers with a fun fitness GIF or custom font, these can actually detract from the overall impression you want your emails to give.

GIFs and animated content don’t always download automatically and they can take up too much space on the file. 

This can make your emails look bulky and unprofessional. You’ll likely lose any of the levity you were hoping to gain from the image.

The same is said for complicated or intricate custom fonts. If they don’t download, your signature has completely lost its impact and purpose.

#4 – Avoid Outdated Design Choices

personal trainer email signature

Even though the design you choose for your personal trainer email signature is entirely up to you, there are some design pitfalls you should try and avoid to ensure your signature is effective.

For example, try to avoid using bullet points to list out necessary information. 

This is an outdated style that tends to look clunky and unprofessional, implying you’ve put the minimum effort into your design.

Using a phone and letter icon can also look outdated and unnecessary. Clients will be able to recognise a phone number and email, especially as you don’t need to differentiate from a fax number.

Similarly, try to avoid clashing colours that will detract from your overall design or affect how the formatting will come together. 

As you only have a small space for your email signature, try to avoid overwhelming the space.

Sample Email Signatures for Personal Trainers

To give you some help when it comes to design inspiration for your own personal trainer email signature, we’ve included a few mock up ones below. 

These have a mixture of the tips and tricks we’ve mentioned above so you can see them in action and how well they work together.

email signatures for personal trainers

email signatures for personal trainers

email signatures for personal trainers

Each of the above designs uses balance and alignment to ensure the overall end result is a professional and pleasing design. 

Once you have the base format down, you have a lot of freedom in how you present the rest of your information, such as:

  • Font colour
  • Dividers
  • Font weight and size
  • Alignment

On the other end of the scale, the following designs are exaggerated to show how much one element can disrupt the overall impression of your design and how important it is to consider each element individually and together.

fitness email signatures

As you can see, too many colours can clash and make your fitness email signature look chaotic and cluttered. 

Too much sensory overload means clients won’t engage with your marketing, and may feel you’re not the right trainer for them.

fitness email signatures

Too many fonts can destabilise your design and affect how you read and engage with the information. 

When you choose an image or GIF that doesn’t download properly, it really changes the whole design and readers may ignore it because it looks incomplete and unprofessional.

Personal Trainer Email Design Software

Using design software or fitness email signature templates will help you avoid more obvious mistakes and allow you to create a professional looking design with ease.

Email Signature Rescue

fitness email signatures

Email Signature Rescue is a design website offering templates and ideas for email signatures for personal trainers and other businesses, as well as design help and instructions. 

It’s available on a majority of email softwares and comes with step by step installation instructions so you can be sure your design will work with your email domain.

It does cost to use, with a starter plan covering 3 different HTML signatures for £45 per year, as well as giving you access to hundreds of different templates.

Mail Signatures

fitness email signatures

Mail Signatures is a free design website with dozens of templates to help you create the best look for your personal trainer email signature.

It’s easy to navigate, with options to choose your email system and create your design to suit you and your business. 

Once you’ve inputted your information, you’ll be able to preview your design before installation to make sure you’re happy with the final result.

They also have a user manual which provides you with tips on using the website to its fullest potential.


fitness email signatures

Exclaimer is dedicated to email signature design and covers the main email services, including Outlook and Gmail.

They offer a free trial for their design options, allowing you to explore what templates they have to offer you before committing to a payment. 

Each design format is linked to the corresponding email service, meaning you can be sure your design will work with your email.

Alternatively, Exclaimer offers you the chance to work with designers to create a fitness email signature rather than going it alone. 

This is a more expensive option for fitness email signature design, with each signature starting from around £99.

If you have the money, this may be a valuable option for you. By considering the tips we’ve provided, you’ll be able to direct the designers to the impression you want while taking advantage of their market knowledge.

Should You Have More Than One Personal Trainer Email Signature?

fitness email signature

Although there’s no hard and fast rule for how many email signatures are needed for personal trainers, you could consider having more than one depending on your different circumstances.

For example, you could have one design attached to an automated email for new clients that has more information about you to help them learn more about their trainer. You may also have a different design for your newsletter that relates to the content of the email.

If you run different classes or offer different services such as Yin Yoga, you could personalise your email signature for each standard situation with information or deals to catch the attention of each group.

Before You Go!

We hope these tips have inspired you to design your own personal trainer email signature and take advantage of a simple yet effective marketing opportunity in front of you!

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