How to Write a Personal Trainer Instagram Bio

Knowing how to write a powerful and effective personal trainer Instagram bio will help you to use the powerful tool that is social media.

That’s why we have created this guide, covering:

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What To Include In An Impactful Personal Trainer Bio For Instagram

If you’re wondering how to make a personal trainer instagram bio that communicates what kind of trainer you are, we have all the answers you need here.

Ensure you tick these elements off of your list and you will have a strong bio for your PT Instagram account.

#1 Include What You Do & Who You Are In Your PT Instagram Bio

personal trainer instagram bio

First and foremost, what you do and who you are need to be the main attraction!

Even if your name is in the Instagram handle, you should dedicate the first line of your bio to:

  • Your name
  • Your qualifications 
  • Your line of work

This doesn’t have to be over complicated, take a look at this example below to see how you could fit all of this in:

personal trainer instagram bio example

As you can see, where we have highlighted she has stated that she is a:

  • Sports Massage Therapist (SMT)
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer (PT)

In any area of the health and fitness industry qualifications are a must, in fact they’re a legal requirement for most practices.

You could do the same by writing your name followed by ‘PT’ or ‘Level 4 PT’ if you have even further qualifications – it essentially represents your professional status which people need to know when choosing you.

She’s made the most out of the 150 characters that you get on the bio by putting her job role, which is also related to the fitness field, communicating her extensive knowledge surrounding the fitness industry. 

Plus, she makes it easy to find out how to book a session, as she has told us to DM her for appointments – it couldn’t be clearer!

This is a good example of making the most of the space you have and showing who you are beyond the qualifications, for example like where you’re based as she has done, which is incredibly important since people normally want a local PT.

This is particularly important when it comes to a personal trainer bio on Instagram as you need to be approachable and have the traits of what makes a good personal trainer when it comes to personality as well as the certification.

#2 Ensure That Your Personal Trainer Bio for Instagram Includes Persuasive Language

personal trainer instagram bios

Along with the qualifications and personality, you need to remember the goal of your business page. As a personal trainer, the idea is to get clients and to do this, you need to sell yourself as succinctly as possible.

As we mentioned you only have 150 characters, so it needs to be short and sweet but still persuasive enough that you’re intriguing potential clients. The only way to do this is by using the correct language.

A great way to do this as a personal trainer is to use personal pronouns. This kind of language communicates inclusivity and puts you and the potential client as a team rather than separate entities. 

You don’t want your clients to feel like they’re unwelcome, so use language such as:

  • We
  • You
  • Us
  • Our

You can use these in plenty of different ways. For example, you could say something along the lines of:

Together, we can reach your goals, that is our ultimate mission and we are dedicated to your goals just as we are with our own – let’s do this as a team!

This statement is a short example, but spacing this kind of language out over your bio and your captions on your post is a great way to make it a habit of speaking online. Your posts should always be inclusive, after all, your job is to work with people 1-2-1!

You don’t want to alienate anybody or talk about yourself too much, you should try to strike the correct balance and a good way to do this is to use inclusive and persuasive language like this.

Take a look at this example below to show you how you can easily incorporate persuasive language to use in an Instagram bio for a personal trainer.

personal trainer bio instagram

It is easy to blend in this kind of language and it goes a long way when you do. Plus, this PT has used this kind of language to push one of their CTA’s (their linktree) –  stick around for more on the importance of call to actions later.

#3 A Bio for Your Personal Trainer Instagram Needs a Concise Conclusion of Your Company Mission

personal trainer instagram bio examples

Something else you need for your bio to capture what you offer in a sentence or two is a concise version of your personal training mission statement.

Essentially, your mission statement is something that encapsulates what you offer and why you do it. It is often slightly emotive but is to the point as it shares your end goal for each and every client. 

Since your bio is what is going to be the first thing many potential clients see, you want to share a snippet of your mission statement. For example, take a look at this PT below who has done this perfectly.

personal trainer instagram bio example

You can see how in 1 sentence, she has managed to communicate her passion, what she does, and why. It is an easy way to communicate your target demographic and to display where your focus is as a personal trainer.

This is a good place to put any niche demographic too. For example, if you are a pre or post-natal personal trainer you should be stating this in your bio for your Instagram. It helps to communicate to anybody interested if you’re a good fit for them. 

The Importance Of CTAs And Links In Your PT Instagram Bio 

bio personal trainer instagram

A CTA, or ‘Call To Action’ is a vital component of any effective bio. This CTA should be an easily accessible action that you can direct anybody interested in your services to do to get in touch.

For example, you could write ‘book a consultation by..’ and direct them to:

  • Direct message you on Instagram
  • Call you (remember to add your phone number)
  • Click a link in your bio

Adding a link to your bio is an easy and effective option. You can link to a website or simple landing page, where you can have a hub of information on your services and somewhere for potential clients to enquire.

Simply click on the edit profile button and you’ll be taken to the screen that you can see below.

bio personal trainer instagram

The link that you enter in here sits just below the bio that you’ve written so you can use some arrows or call to action statements like:

 “click the link below to get started”

Something good to put here would be your personal trainer website, so that your followers can find more information on your service without having to sift through your posts. 

Or, you could create a one off landing page with a simple enquiry box.

Another thing you can do is link to a linktree page that is a hub for various links that are useful, take a look below at an example of what this can look like. You can see below a personal training business who uses this technique.

bio personal trainer instagrams

Once you click on this link you will be taken to a page where you can choose the appropriate link for what the client wants, it will look something like this below:

bio ideas for personal trainer instagram

You can update your link and call to actions as you please. In fact, it is a good idea that you do just that incase you have particular promotions or are running bootcamps or anything alike. 

This is a good way to navigate potential clients to a landing page that is advertising one particular package. If you’re pushing a new package or class, making this your main CTA on your personal trainer bio on Instagram is a great way to direct people in the correct direction. 

You can see below a personal training business that has done that:

bio idea for personal trainer instagram

As you can see, they’re directing their potential clientele to the application form rather than a link tree. It makes the journey to the application straight and narrow which essentially, is the end goal for actually on-boarding new clients.

Take a look below at the landing page that the link takes you to.

bio idea for a personal trainer instagram

This customer journey is extremely straightforward, the call to action leads you to a page that allows you to read all about the package you can buy and flows straight into another call to action to pay and get started.

This is the power of having a useful bio, and as you can see this is among the personal trainer instagram bio examples that displays how clear and concise the journey from instagram to actually drive sales without over complicating anything.

Call to actions are the only way people are going to move away from them just simply being aware of your business to them actually taking action and becoming a client of yours and all of this can come from an actionable and attractive bio.

Other Areas To Consider Alongside Your Personal Training Instagram Bio

bio pt instagram

Apart from your personal trainer instagram bio which by now we’re sure you’ve aced, there are some accompanying aspects that boosts your profile from a regular personal account, to a reliable business account. So let’s see what these are.

A Relevant Instagram Handle

Along with your personal trainer bio, for Instagram you also are going to need a good handle. 

An Instagram handle is the account name, in other words, it is the unique wording that cannot be the same to any other user. Take a look below to how you can distinguish the difference between the two and how a personal trainer has done this.

personal trainer instagram bio

It is especially useful and important for personal trainers to do this as it helps show who is behind the business which is very important to the role of a personal trainer.

You should try to make your handle easy to remember, not too long and keep your business name as the handle and introduce your personal name in the designated “name” section on your profile.

This is great for branding as it gets your business name out there.

Your Profile Image

Profile images should be as professional as possible, avoid generic selfies as a more professional looking picture comes across more trustworthy. 

For example, a high quality front facing picture puts a face behind the brand, however, another good idea is using your logo. 

Both of these options can actually work really well, take a look at these examples side by side below.

personal trainer instagram bio

As you can see, both look professional but are very different. You can decide at your own discretion as to what you think works best for your business.

You should make sure you have the correct dimensions and it may take some trial and error, but every detail contributes to a professional feel.

Professional Account

One more thing you need to remember to do with your fitness instagram is to change it to a professional account.

This makes it much easier for potential clients to get in touch with you, while also being able to check your insights which include the likes of:

  • Your follower demographic
  • Growth
  • Location of viewers
  • Which posts are strongest
  • Run ads & view their progress

Along with all of these free insights, people can get in touch with you with ease by adding a phone and email button, it looks like something like this below:

personal trainer instagram bio

This button can make phone numbers and emails super accessible taking out any hassle of getting in touch. 

Considering changing your account to a professional account is completely free, it is something that we definitely recommend to stay on top of your progress and to professionalise your brand’s social media.

Before You Go…

Now that you’re ready to ace your Instagram and personal trainer bio you’ll soon have clients getting in touch!

Remember that every last detail matters and this includes your social media. If you’re ready to excel into something more, why not enquire about a Level 4 Advanced Sport Nutriton course to add a new line of qualifications into your bio!

For more information about health and fitness courses, click here to find our free downloadable course prospectus.

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