Personal Trainer Video Marketing

It’s important to consider all aspects when you’re seeking new clients, and personal trainer video marketing is one of the best ways to reach new demographics with your services. 

We’ll explore exactly why you should get on board with video marketing, and how you can maximise your results with just a few simple steps. More specifically, we’ll cover:

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Why You Should Use Video Marketing As A Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer Video advertising

First off, you may be wondering why video marketing is the way forward for any business, and why you should consider it for your personal training services. 

Technology is constantly evolving and shifting, especially when it comes to social media trends, and in this sense, video takes the lead when it comes to advertising your services.

With the advent of social media platforms like TikTok, and features like Instagram Reels and Highlights, video has become much more commonplace, and no more so than in advertisements.

Recent data shows that this isn’t a passing phenomenon, either. One industry insight discovered that 94% of those surveyed had purchased a product or paid for a service directly after seeing a video advertisement for it.

This is a huge proportion of people that have been swayed simply due to the impact of video marketing, and you can see that kind of impact on your business too.

Video marketing allows you to encapsulate your service in a way that other forms of personal trainer marketing wouldn’t necessarily. Take OriGym’s YouTube channel trailer, for instance.

Immediately, customers can see a snapshot of what we offer, how it could be right for them, and what they’ll need to do to take that next step, all in a short 30 second window. 

That’s perhaps the biggest advantage of using personal trainer video marketing – it’s a way to put across a small glimpse of your personality, and give clients a reason to choose you over other PTs in the same niche. 

But where, and how, can you do that effectively? Let’s first examine the options that are available to you, and the content you can expect to produce for those sites.

Choosing Your Platform

video marketing platforms for pts

Before creating any video content, you need to first decide on the best platform for you to upload your content to. 

Many trainers immediately assume that the best option is to use YouTube, and while there are benefits to using that platform (which we’ll discuss in more detail later), it’s not the ideal choice for newer personal trainers.

However, you also should remember that you don’t have to only choose one platform to upload your videos to. Video is becoming more and more predominant on all social media platforms so you can, and should, utilise them all for different content.

Instagram Reels

personal trainer video marketing skills for tiktok

The ideal option if you’re new to personal trainer video marketing is Instagram reels. It’s undoubtedly a feature that you’ve seen, but many of its features can be ideal ways to attract and retain clients.

Instagram Reels was created in response to the huge success of TikTok (another video platform option which we’ll discuss in a moment), but offers numerous options that can set it apart when it comes to video marketing for personal trainers.

Like all posts on Instagram, Reels allow you to tag your location, as well as designate hashtags and key information that can allow specific users to find your content much easier than they otherwise would have.

For instance, if you’re aiming to market your services in your local area, you can include a specific location to ensure that your post reaches clients that are more likely to reach the clients that are able to use your services.

Once posted, Reels appear in 3 different places:

  • Your follower’s content feeds
  • Your profile page
  • The Explore tab on Instagram

With Instagram’s explore page, too, you’re able to appeal to a much wider audience, and expand your services to reach those who are not only interested in your services, but that are close by, and are therefore able to utilise them.

A great example of this is LivFit Personal Training, an independent fitness facility based in Liverpool. 

Their reel that you can view here makes use of their business location to give potential clients a clear picture of what customers can expect from them, and whether or not it’s right for them.

This targeted approach makes Reels an ideal starting point for personal trainer video marketing. You’re immediately marketed to a local audience, and are offered leads that are not only relevant, but easily pursuable. 

It should also go without saying that Instagram is immensely popular, with recent statistics finding that around 28 million people use the social media platform in the UK alone.

However, despite its massive popularity, it shouldn’t be the only place you post your personal trainer video advertising campaigns.  



Personal trainer video marketing tips

One key thing to keep in mind with personal trainer video marketing content is to keep it concise, and to the point. 

If the video doesn’t need to be long, then it shouldn’t be. Unnecessary information or long-winded explanations are only likely to deter potential clients, and could reduce your potential revenue.

That’s where TikTok arguably excels, and presents itself as an ideal option for very short form content and videos.

Perhaps best known for its comedy skits and videos, TikTok is also a particularly powerful platform to utilise for your personal trainer video marketing campaigns.

TikTok videos can range from 30 seconds to 3 minutes, allowing you to show snippets of workout videos or progress videos, or provide a quick insight into what you offer.

Perhaps one of the key things to note with TikTok, though, is that it operates less on a local scale, instead showing your video on a more global scale. You won’t be able to market in the same way you can with Instagram Reels.

However, that doesn’t mean TikTok can’t have an impact – it has the potential to work exceptionally well for personal trainers who offer online services, or virtual training sessions, but the approach needs to be slightly different. 

personal trainer youtube video marketing

Trends move quickly on platforms like TikTok, but in the fitness world, there are numerous areas you could venture into to appeal to the wider community. A great example of this is the “What I Eat In A Day” videos.

These videos generally receive a large amount of engagement through likes and comments, ultimately bringing in brand awareness, potential customers and revenue. Here is a link to an example that will help you better understand this concept.

While TikTok shouldn’t act as your primary way of personal trainer video marketing, its effects are huge, and the opportunities to market yourself to a much larger audience can mean you’re getting online personal training clients without too much effort.

You’re also able to cross-post your TikTok videos to Instagram reels, ensuring that you can continue to consistently post content for both your global audience and your local clients, too.


pt video marketing for youtube

Without question the most popular platform for longer form videos, YouTube will always have its place in personal trainer video advertising, and for good reason.

YouTube is great for videos that are more in-depth, and is an ideal option if you’re going to upload regularly, or plan to supplement your PT services with video blogging, workout videos, or educational content. 

This way, you can create a channel with personality and a structured theme around fitness that can demonstrate your knowledge, passions and character all in one place.

YouTube’s monthly user base is huge and incredibly diverse, meaning that, by producing quality content, you’ll start to reach the audience you want to appeal to. 

For instance, some personal trainers document a day in the life of a personal trainer, which works extremely well. Check out this example below.

video marketing for pts

Immediately, from the title alone, we know who this personal trainer is, where they’re based, and what we can expect from the video. It also gives viewers an insight into this PT’s personality, and what they could offer a potential client.

It’s important to stress here that videos of this nature should not be your primary form of personal trainer video advertising. While they’ll undoubtedly bring some views and interest, they can’t generate the same targeted leads that Instagram and TikTok can.

Our advice here would be to use videos like this as a way to put across the things you want to talk about that relate to fitness, and build interest in you as a professional in the industry. 

But now that we’ve established exactly what platforms you can use to kickstart your personal trainer video marketing campaign, let’s look at creating your content with our step-by-step guide.

Step-by-Step: Creating Your Videos

Now that you’ve decided on the platform you want to use for your personal trainer video marketing, the next step is to create your content.

This can be a daunting process at first, but our step-by-step walkthrough explains everything you should consider, and how to market yourself as effectively as possible in a competitive industry.

Pre-Production | Step 1: Research

video adverts as a pt

This is absolutely crucial, and should always be your first step when producing any form of content, whether it’s personal trainer video marketing, writing a blog post, or even posting a photo to your Instagram or Facebook page.

Without effective research and planning, you’ll be producing videos that don’t have the impact you’re looking for, and essentially wasting your own time.

Instead, you should start by having a clear plan of the content you want to post, what you’ll need to produce that content, and how it can fill a gap in the market. 

Start by asking yourself a few questions: 

  • What aspects of your service do you want clients to see?
  • What equipment and/or software is necessary?
  • Do you need others in the video?
  • What are your competitors doing? How can you beat them?

Your first step here should be to scope out the competition, and make a note of how they’re presenting their own services, as well as how they’re making their services as relevant and approachable as possible. 

Think about the aspects of your personal training services that could be appealing to your potential clients, and make these the main focus of your video. 

For instance, if you offer formal advice on sports nutrition in addition to your usual personal training responsibilities, or you have a specialist qualification in sports massage, you should definitely mention these, as they can help set you apart from your competitors.

Let’s look back at OriGym’s YouTube trailer again as a good point of reference.

We discuss how we’re the UK’s leading training provider, as well as our range of study options, and our formal accreditation, all of which are aspects that help set us apart from the competition. 

Personal trainer video marketing should always be about selling yourself and what you can offer, and your most attractive selling points (like specialist qualifications, or industry experience) should be centrestage.

Pre-Production | Step 2: Scripting

personal trainer video marketing videos

While you might assume that this is something you don’t really need, especially for a short video clip for an Instagram Reel or TikTok video, it’s vital that you know what you want to say, which is why it’s the second step in our guide.

You should now have a good idea of what you want to say in your video, even if it’s just a short advertisement of your personal training packages, but writing a script can help you make these ideas much more coherent.

Think about it. If you don’t put these selling points together in a way that the audience can understand, you’re essentially losing out on potential revenue and clients.

Take the notes you made in step 1 of this guide, and use those to flesh out your ideas and services so that they’re explained to the viewer in a way that makes them want to learn more, or gives them a reason to get in touch with you.

Exercise guides are an ideal option when it comes to personal trainer video advertising. They demonstrate your proficiency with exercise, they show a little glimpse of your personality, and they can be used to display your passion and enthusiasm.

Pre-Production | Step 3: Software & Equipment

personal training marketing software

After completing your research, as well as checking out the competition, you should have a good idea of what you want to achieve with your next video, and how you’re going to put across what you want to show your viewer.

Next, you should start to consider how you’re going to film the video, as well as any necessary equipment you might need to get started. 

This can be where it gets expensive, especially if you’re new to personal trainer video advertising, but we’ve put together some beginner tips and suggestions to help you get started. 

Film It Yourself – If you’re just starting out, it’s unlikely that you’ll have the money available to pay for a videographer to film your video. Many modern smartphone cameras are ideal for starting out, and a tripod can be picked up cheaply online, making a simple yet effective video set up. We’ve linked a couple of budget-friendly options below.

Use The Space Available – Hiring out a studio or filming space is incredibly expensive, especially in built up city areas like London or Manchester. We’d strongly recommend using the space available to you – this could be the gym where you train your clients, at your home studio, or even in your garden. 

Get The Right Lighting – Lighting is immensely important when it comes to video. If a video isn’t lit properly, you run the risk of viewers clicking away, or being unable to see what you’re doing. Professional lighting is very expensive, but there are plenty of home solutions that are much more affordable for those just getting started with personal trainer video marketing. We’ve linked a couple of examples below.

Use Budget-Friendly Video Editing Software – Once you’ve filmed your video, you’ll also need to edit it before it can go live on your chosen video platform or platforms. This can seem like a difficult or tedious task, but with modern software, it’s incredibly easy and intuitive. Most of the big names (like Adobe Premiere, and Final Cut) offer free trials, but we’ve also linked a couple of options for completely free software below.

Production | Step 4: Begin Producing!

personal training video advertising

By this point, you should have everything you’ll need to begin properly producing your video. This includes your filming set up, your choice of location, your script, and the core concept for your video.

We’ve already touched on this, but personality and approachability is key when it comes to presenting yourself on camera. This likely won’t be something you can do straight away, and you may need to do several takes before you’re satisfied with it.

Confidence is key when it comes to being a personal trainer, so you should try your best to represent yourself as such on your marketing videos. Ensure you portray your approachability, your personal trainer communication skills, and your natural confidence throughout. 

You’ll speak differently to the way you write, and you should avoid reading from a script directly with no emotion as anything you say may come across as disingenuous or uninteresting. 

If you’re opting to do one of the video formats we’ve previously touched on (like an exercise guide, or explaining what you eat in a day), make sure to explain each concept or idea thoroughly and clearly. 

Of course, your video doesn’t have to be completely perfect on the first take, and it may take a few attempts to get it exactly the way you want it, but this will get easier with practice. Our next step can help with this, too.

Post Production | Step 4: Edit, Organise & Prioritise 

personal training marketing video

So, now that you’ve filmed your video, along with any other additional information you might want to include, it’s time to edit, organise and prioritise the useful content. 

Before you decide on what to cut and what to keep, though, you should ensure that you understand what useful content consists of. A particularly valuable video should:

  • Create value for the viewer – Provide them with information or ideas they can take away after watching the video, such as tips on form or exercise alternatives.
  • Tell a clear story – Your video should have a focus, and provide your viewers with a storyline they can follow and understand
  • Provide actionable advice – Giving advice is a great way to make your videos impactful and relevant to your audience. Exercise guides and workout suggestions are fantastic examples of this.
  • Be informative – Always remember you’re a trained professional, and the advice you give can be hugely beneficial for your audience. Some PTs use their videos to provide form corrections, or common mistakes to avoid, which give viewers huge value in their personal workouts.
  • Be well-organised – Having the information in your video presented in a good order can mean the difference between someone taking your advice, and them completely disregarding what you say.
  • Be visually engaging – With so many other personal trainers using video as a form of marketing, it can be difficult to stand out. That’s why aesthetics are important – making your videos visually appealing can ensure those that see your video actually click on it.

All of these things are equally important, and you should ensure that you give an even amount of attention to each one, especially if you’re planning to make personal trainer video marketing a big part of your schedule.

Investing into things such as this comes with big returns, and understanding what makes a good TikTok video or Instagram Reel can make a massive difference. 

You’ll use your initial research, as well as your editing software and the tips we’ve just detailed, to ensure that your video carries as much impact as possible in the short timeframe you’re given with these platforms. 

So with your video completed, it’s time to upload and optimise on your chosen platform. This is usually done with some key optimisations and tweaks to ensure that your video is shown to the audience you want to see it. 

5 Tips On Optimising Your Videos

Optimising your video is vital, and it should not be overlooked if you’re hoping for success. 

People all around the world with a business just like your own will be making marketing videos and so, with so much content circulating the internet – how do you make yours the one that people click on?

So, with this in mind, here are our top tips on how to optimise your personal trainer video marketing in the best way possible.

#1 – Make Your Caption Descriptive

personal trainer video

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of setting up your personal trainer video advertising campaign is to ensure that your descriptions are a good snapshot of what the viewer can expect from the video.

We’d suggest having no more than 100 words, but this should be more than enough to encapsulate the key ideas in your video, as well as give the audience a reason to stick around. 

For example, what will they see if they watch your video? What sets it apart from other similar videos? These can be difficult questions to answer at first, but as you publish more content, you’ll become more accustomed to writing meaningful, descriptive captions.

Here’s a link to a great example from Sean Casey, who’s using Instagram Reels as a way to pass out recipe content that entices potential clients to use his online nutrition services.

Immediately, we know what the recipe is and its key nutritional information. But, what we don’t find out is how to make it, which means we need to watch the video, and therefore engage with the content he’s produced. 

Captions are predominantly applicable to Instagram Reels and TikTok content, but the core ideas also translate really well to YouTube descriptions, should you decide to bring your personal trainer video marketing to that video platform too.

Make it short, informative, and just enough to encourage potential clients and viewers to watch the whole video to discover more, both about you and your video’s content.

#2 – Harness The Power Of Hashtags

how to make a personal trainer video

The likelihood is, if you’ve used social media for any length of time, you’ll have come across hashtags, and be somewhat familiar with their purpose. 

When it comes to personal trainer video advertising, though, they can take on a new meaning, and allow your video to be seen by many more people than might have otherwise seen it. 

Hashtags essentially act as ways for social media platforms and users to determine how to categorise your video, what your video is about, and (crucially) who to display your video to. 

One crucial thing to remember, though, is to not overuse hashtags. While you’re allowed up to 30 per post, doing so can be a red flag for Instagram, and you risk having your posts hidden, or reducing the amount of people they’re shown to.

To fully understand this, Instagram released a set of guidelines for creators to follow, which are ideal if you’re looking to use the platform for your personal trainer video advertising. 

pt youtube video marketing ideas

TikTok adheres to a similar set of guidelines, and prioritises content that adheres to those same principles.

Your video can then appear on the “For You” tab on TikTok, and the “Explore” tab on Instagram to people who are interested in the kind of content you’re sharing.

Finding relevant hashtags should form part of your research in the optimisation process. Here’s a few tips on what you can do to maximise your results:

  • Check out the hashtags your competitors are using
  • Use the “Explore” or “For You” tabs to see popular hashtags
  • Browse other social media sites like Facebook to understand current trends
  • Explore lists to find more niche suggestions

personal trainer video marketing

Each of these methods can combine to ensure that you’re targeting the right audience through using the right hashtags.

#3 – Boost Your Bio

making a personal trainer video for marketing

Your Instagram and TikTok profile (also called a “bio”) is a fantastic way to ensure that you’re seen by only the most relevant of potential clients, and offers numerous features that can help market you.

This essentially functions as a landing page for anyone who’s interested in you. This could be for the services you offer, your personality, or those who want to see more of the personal trainer video content you produce.

With that in mind, you should optimise this aspect of your social media presence, and use some of the hidden features that can help augment your personal trainer video marketing campaigns.

In fact, many of the most successful bodybuilding accounts on Instagram already do this.

One key thing to note is that, when you establish your page as a Business and Creator, you’re able to list your location in your bio. This can have multiple benefits.

Visitors to your profile know immediately whether you’re right for them, plus you’ll be marketed more towards those who are nearby, and those that have an interest in what you’re offering.

So, for instance, if you were a personal trainer in Liverpool who offered a specialist service in sports massage, you’d be marketed more towards people in the Merseyside area who have an interest in fitness and health.

#4 – Utilise Keywords

how to make personal trainer video marketing

This is perhaps one of the more technical aspects of our list of optimisations, but regardless of the platform you’re using, keyword usage is probably one of the most pivotal areas to consider, especially when it comes to your rank in Google.

Briefly, keywords are how Google knows what your content is about, and what it could tell a potential viewer or visitor to your page. They’re a big factor in how they ensure that results are as relevant as possible.

By having a description or caption that explains what your video is about, you’ll be helping your content to find its way to the people that you want to see it.

This has particular relevance to YouTube and TikTok, but Instagram’s recent guidance for creators also proved that its algorithm highly values descriptions that contain relevant keywords for the video.

We’ve gone into much more depth on this with our complete guide to building a fitness Instagram, but we’ll touch on some of the key points you need to know here, too.

pt video marketing for instagram

Firstly, you’ll need to determine what your main keyword is. This should encapsulate what your video is about, and accurately describe what a viewer can expect. 

So, for instance, if your video is about your daily routine as a PT, your main keyword could be something along the lines of “day in the life of a personal trainer” or “personal trainer daily routine”.

Next, you should find a platform that can help you determine the popularity of that keyword, as well as other keywords that similar content could rank for. 

The most powerful (and popular) tool on the market is Ahrefs, but for those just beginning their personal trainer video marketing, this can be expensive. An alternative here could be WordStream, a less robust tool that’s free to use. 

With either of these sites, you’ll be able to discover numerous key data points about your chosen keyword, including:

  • Search Volume – how many people in your country are searching the term each month
  • Clicks – the amount of people that click the links each month
  • The Global Search Volume – how many people are searching for that term globally
  • Keyword Ideas – other keywords that relate to your chosen topic
  • Questions – what are people asking that relates to your topic?

So from just one keyword, you open up to countless opportunities, and can even start to plan for your next projects.

Finally, you should look at how you can incorporate those keywords into your personal trainer video marketing. When it comes to embedding these keywords into your video, there are a few different approaches. These are:

  • Keyword optimising your description and caption.
  • Naming your video file as the target keyword before uploading it to YouTube.
  • Integrating the target keyword naturally into your title
  • Adding a transcript and including your keywords throughout the script.
  • Use hashtags that are relevant to the context of your video.

For example, this is how you can integrate a keyword into your video title seamlessly:

Target Keyword: personal trainer diet 

Video Title Option: My Personal Trainer Diet

Caption Example: Seen this a lot in the comments, so though I’d do a full video on my personal trainer diet! Really not difficult to follow, but combines everything I love – plenty of protein, good carbs, high energy and a sweet treat to cap it off! Watch to find out my unusual choice for snacking (Hint: It’s found under the sea).

Example Hashtags: #personaltrainerdiet #healthydiet #fitnessdiet #dieting #ptdiet

All of these elements combine to create a title and caption that’s short yet descriptive, and contains just enough information to intrigue prospective viewers. Plus, you’ve integrated each element we’ve already discussed to create the full package.

#5 – Have A Gripping Thumbnail 

personal trainer video marketing skills

We’d generally only associate thumbnails with YouTube, where they’re the first thing that somebody sees when scrolling through their results page. 

However, you might not necessarily be as familiar with making custom thumbnail tiles for your Instagram feed, which can help set you apart from your competitors when it comes to personal trainer video marketing.

Firstly, though, let’s look at why you should invest time into this. An eye catching image that reflects the context of the video instantly sparks curiosity and interest, and ensures you convert those who doubted your video into viewers.

Custom thumbnails are the best route to take when it comes to making a statement. After all your hard work, small aspects like this can make a huge impact so we recommend taking the time and making a high quality image. 

For example, check out celebrity personal trainer Magnus Lydback’s video, which instantly grabs your attention using an image of the trainer themselves, as well as a hint towards the food we’ll see in the video.

personal trainer marketing with video

Simple things done effectively like this can make a massive difference when it comes to the reach your video has, even on Instagram. That’s part of the reason Magnus’ video is successful – it provides a hint towards the results viewers could see by following the diet plan he uses.

Creating custom thumbnails for your Instagram Reels can be more difficult, but it’s ultimately worth the effort for a few reasons.

You’re able to create a consistent aesthetic across your whole profile, plus you can attract organic traffic through your use of images, as well as a hint towards what you look like as a result of what you’re suggesting your viewers should do.

We did extensive research, and found that the Instagram Creator Studio allows for content creators to add custom thumbnails that can then appear as a tile both on your profile and on the Explore feed.

Take OriGym’s Instagram as a great example of how these thumbnails can create a consistent aesthetic that looks both professional and inviting for viewers.

personal trainer video marketing example

Ultimately, thumbnails tie together all the hard work you’ve put into creating your videos, and offer a great way to get viewers interested initially, before your content keeps them engaged.

Personal Trainer Video Marketing Ideas

make a personal trainer video for marketing

A concept for your video is clearly vital, but finding the right one can be overwhelming. So, we’ve compiled a list of some popular titles for personal trainer video marketing for you to get inspired from. 

Don’t be worried about the title taking a different turn as you plan your work and get to writing your script – this is not uncommon, as since your video is a working progress, your title will be too. 

Nonetheless, it is a good idea to encapsulate your concept in a working title so that you can give yourself guidance, keeping your video as concise, informative and engaging as possible.

Here are some examples of how you could market your brand as a personal trainer, as well as ideas on current trends you can capitalise on.

Personality and Character

personal trainer video marketing subjects

Allowing your personality to become apparent through your videos as a personal trainer is extremely important – you’re going to be 1-2-1 with clients so they need to see that they can trust you, that you’re genuine, and that they are going to feel comfortable around you.

Here are some example titles that would allow potential clients to get to know a little bit more about you. 

  • Why I Became A Personal Trainer
  • My Weight Loss Journey
  • Preparing For My First Physique Competition!
  • Progress Video: Monthly Check In

As you can see, all of these titles discuss your life as a trainer, which allows for viewers to get to know you, what’s going on in your life and how you tackle your own fitness challenges. 

These kinds of videos are likely to be lengthy, and so they would be more inclined to be successful on YouTube

However, you could take sections or snippets from your main video to use as an Instagram Reel, especially if you feel that there’s a particularly impactful or interesting section of your content. 

On OriGym’s Instagram, we’ve taken short sections from our longer form content that we feel would be relevant to our followers. Check out a great example here below on building rapport with clients.

For longer content, though, you’re able to go into detail on what you feel about personal training, your personal battles, and ultimately give potential clients and viewers an insight into your own opinions and personality.

There’s a few different ways to approach this, but it has to come from you as an individual – everyone’s journey is different, but it’s important for clients to understand that, and how it can influence their own choices.

Take this video from personal trainer Dani Barker as a good example of content that puts across your opinions and insights.

personal training video marketing ideas

You should also take note of the short title – the fact it doesn’t run off the page is one of the keys to success. This way, the end user knows exactly what the video is about, who it is about, and whether it appeals to them.

But why is this important for you as a personal trainer?

While it’s highly unlikely that each viewer has become their client, it’s still amassed a significant amount of interest, which can only be a good thing. 

Through their efforts online, they’ve been able to reach huge audiences that they never would have got in touch with otherwise. 

If even a small percentage of those viewers were in their area and potentially wanted to hire a personal trainer, they are going to be at the forefront of their mind. 

Or, if they’ve decided to branch out to offer online personal training services, viewership like this can have a massive impact on the amount of interest they’d receive.

Promotional Material

video marketing skills for a PT

As much as personality is important, you want to get some material out there that will help sell your services, gain more clients, and ultimately make more money.

This typically comes from the likes of videos that show how you are with clients, and what a viewer could expect from a session with you. There’s multiple ways to do this, but many of them revolve around showing you delivering sessions or training clients.

You could title your video something along the lines of:

  • Personal Training With [Insert Name] (Promo video)
  • Calorie Burn: Video PT Session
  • A Day in The Life Of My Client
  • [Insert Name]: A Client Story

These kinds of videos subliminally promote your service by showing potential clients exactly what they’re missing – they essentially act as an ideal way to get personal trainer testimonials, while still retaining the qualities of an interesting video.

These videos can range from a lengthy in detail video, to a short Instagram reel or TikTok depending on the amount of detail and content you want to embed into it. 

You can even do both, simply make the longer video for YouTube and pull out the most useful content for TikTok and Instagram reels.

For example, take a look at a video from Perspective Fit, which would be perfect for any platform. This kind of content can fit onto an Instagram feed, story or Reel – while also being acceptable for YouTube too. 

This kind of video ties together inspirational content and promotes your service, with the added bonus of showing it in action. This is a great example of how something can be simple yet effective, hitting every corner of what is needed in a promotional video.

Educational / Useful Content 

pt video marketing ideas

Educational or informative videos are the kind of content that can be open to anybody, and provides significant value to the viewer. 

Though it doesn’t have to relate to your business and personality, if the video is enjoyable, it can certainly send people to your page and ultimately give you more exposure. 

Videos like exercise or nutrition guides also offer a snapshot of your expertise and understanding of health and fitness, which goes a long way towards convincing any prospective clients of your credentials.

These are videos related to holistic fitness interests such as healthy eating or workout videos, for example:

  • How To Train Whilst on a Vegan Diet
  • Leg Burner: The Best Exercises for Bigger Quads
  • Making Popular Vegan Recipes: How Easy Is It?
  • What I Eat In A Day As A Personal Trainer

These titles are perfect for showing off your knowledge as a PT, whether that’s diet or fitness related, and is often considered an “easy win” in terms of content – you’re just discussing the things you do every day.

Recipe videos do very well on TikTok, and a subtitled recipe video makes it easy for someone to watch, save, and return to when they want to make the recipe. 

Another great example of personal trainer video marketing in action is exercise guides. These are often highly in demand, and don’t require too much effort when it comes to script work. 

Take this example from Kyla Beland as a great way to incorporate some of the questions we’ve asked above, as well as key areas of your expertise as a PT.

video marketing for personal triainers

Immediately, we know what the video is about, and how this personal trainer can help us tell the two different kinds of exercise apart. Plus, terms like this are exceptionally popular.

In fact, we did a little research into how many people actually look for an explanation of isolation and compound exercises. 

The global search volume according to Ahrefs is around 150 searches per month, so there are certainly people out there who either don’t know the difference at all, or want some clarification. 

With videos of this nature, you can be that educational source while still being able to market yourself as a personal trainer. 

Q & A Sessions

personal trainer video marketing idea

Another one of our personal trainer video marketing tips is to create channels and opportunities for communication with potential clients, and one way you can do that is by question and answer sessions. 

These kinds of videos are the ones that arguably cause the most intrigue into you as a person as well as your business.

This is because your potential clientele gets to see how you come across and it ultimately allows for them to decide if you’re the trainer for them. Plus, you’re able to put across some of your personality and ideas.

Moreover, if you share past experiences in your Q&A sessions, it’s likely that you’re going to be able to relate to a lot more people.

For example, this is a good way to share your story about why you got into personal training in the first place, and if there are particular milestones that you could share in your answers. 

Q & A’s are hugely popular on Instagram Reels and Tiktok, with both platforms having features designed for this specific purpose. 

video marketing tools

This gives your followers the opportunity to ask about anything, or you can set the theme of questions in the field highlighted above. 

For example, you may want people to ask you anything about your life, about nutrition and exercise, or you can change the focus to personal training alone

Most of all, transparency is valued when you put yourself out there on the internet, and as a PT, how you portray yourself and how you behave is key to a successful business as your job is 100% hands on. 

Overall, all of the titles above provide promo, but not only that, they show off your personality and who you are as a person. This is vital, as clients want a trainer they can trust, who won’t judge them and definitely somebody who they can have fun with too.

With these examples in mind, you should remember to keep things as authentic and as inclusive as possible, make your potential clients feel welcomed and make them want to be a part of your team.

Before You Go!

Our guide aimed to provide you with all the knowledge you need to go and make the perfect content to market your personal training business the best way possible. 

Just before you leave us, the ideal way to excel with your personal trainer video marketing is through a specialised Level 4 fitness qualification, including our Sports Nutrition Course. You’ll be able to dispense formal nutrition advice, provide specialist training, and create a comprehensive service for your clients.

Or, if you’re looking for other ways to develop your career, find all of our fitness courses here in our downloadable course prospectus.

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