As a yoga lover or entrepreneur looking to open a studio, you can either start your own studio or purchase one of the many yoga franchises available on the market.

Over the past decade, yoga has become a huge activity in the UK’s mainstream fitness market with many different companies operating using the franchise model.

This article will explore:

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4 Benefits Of Buying A Yoga Studio Franchise

If you’re considering investing in a yoga studio franchise opportunity, there are several benefits to you as an entrepreneur when compared to starting your own business from scratch.

#1 – Yoga Franchises Have A Higher Success Rate Than Start-Up Businesses

top yoga franchises success

In the health and fitness industry, the top yoga franchises have years of experience, meaning they have had plenty of time to establish a good business model and strategies.

By purchasing a franchise, you’ll have immediate access to all of these tools, increasing your chance of success within the industry.

#2 – Franchise Yoga Studios Already Have Significant Brand Recognition

franchise yoga studio

When compared with start-up businesses, yoga franchises are already established in the marketplace, with loyal students and recognisable branding.

So, if you decide to open a franchise with this branding, consumers will already know what you can offer them and will be reassured they will receive a great service.


#3 – Get All The Support You Need With A Yoga Franchise Opportunity

yoga center franchise support

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or are more interested in the yoga side of things, one of the benefits of starting a yoga centre franchise is that the brand will provide you with everything you need to set up and run your business.

From setting up and furnishing your space, to staff training and marketing a yoga business, you’ll have access to the knowledge and effective strategies the franchise owner has built up over time.

#4 – It’s Easier To Secure Finance For Yoga Franchises Than A Start-Up Business

yoga franchise finances

As we’ve discussed, businesses operating on a franchise model already have an established brand and strong strategies, meaning they’re able to operate successfully within their industry.

When you’re looking for a yoga franchise to purchase, finding one with an established brand name can make it easier for you to secure finance from banks and investors.

4 Things To Consider Before Buying A Yoga Franchise

Before we jump into the top yoga franchises for sale, there are a few things you need to consider when choosing a brand to operate under.

#1 – Choose A Yoga Franchise That Offers A Good Level Of Support

hot yoga franchise support

Although you may be passionate about teaching yoga, as a franchise owner you’re responsible for the business side of things, rather than simply leading classes. Even if you’re great at running a successful yoga studio, you may not have yet acquired all of the business know-how.

We’d recommend choosing a franchisor that can support and guide you through the whole process, this would include things such as mentorship or CPD Courses for those who are new .

#2 – Ensure You Have Secured Enough Capital To Finance Your Yoga Franchise

franchise yoga studio finances

As part of the franchise agreement, the franchisor will usually require you to have a minimum level of investment funds available before granting you a licence.

This is because you’ll need to have a large enough budget to set up your studio, as well as proof of funding to demonstrate you’re able to maintain your yoga franchise until it is profitable.

You may also need to secure a bank loan to finance your venture, meaning you’ll need to create a business plan which shows you have the ability to run a successful franchise.

#3 – Consider The Yoga Franchise Costs You’ll Incur

yoga franchise opportunity costs

There are several costs you need to take into account as a franchisee when setting up your own yoga studio franchise, such as:

  • Initial licensing fee – This is the fee you pay to have your studio associated with the brand name, as well as to allow you to use their logos, tagline, and marketing materials
  • Equipment – You’ll need to equip your studio to the standards of the franchisor before you can use their branding. This includes everything from yoga mats and props, to fittings and fixtures
  • Interior Improvements – Depending on the space you choose, you may have to change flooring, lighting, and walls to ensure they meet the franchisor’s standards
  • Lease or Mortgage Costs – Depending on whether you’re renting or buying your studio space, you’ll need to put money aside each month for these costs
  • Administrative Costs – This includes expenses such as utility costs, business insurance, and hiring and paying staff
  • Business Legal Costs – For example, licensing for music and VAT.
  • Marketing Budget – Some franchises include this in the initial licensing fee, whereas some may ask you to set aside a portion of your revenues for marketing purposes

Each of these should be factored into how you budget for any yoga franchise opportunity you choose to pursue, as well as measured against other options available to you.

#4 – Compare The Royalty Fees Different Yoga Franchises Take

top yoga franchises royalty fees

Alongside the other costs you’ll incur as a franchisee, your franchisor will take a percentage of your annual gross profits as part of the franchise agreement.

This is known as a royalty fee, which pays for maintaining the brand’s operations and allows them to continue offering you all the support you need.

On average, most yoga franchises take 3 to 5% of your gross profits. However, some may take up to 10%, meaning it’s important to check this figure before making your final decision.

9 Top UK Yoga Franchise Opportunities

Now you know the benefits and what to consider, here are our recommendations for the top yoga franchises for sale within the UK.

#1 – Go Yoga

go yoga franchise uk

Estimated Cost: £12,000 initial investment, or £37,000 for the complete package.

Based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, Go Yoga was founded by Sophie Bickerdike in 2013.

Whether your clients are beginners or more experienced yogis, Go Yoga offers a wide range of yoga styles catering to all ages and abilities, including:

  • Hot
  • Yin
  • Aerial
  • Meditation
  • Kundalini
  • Vinyasa

This is because Go Yoga believes the goal of practising yoga should be aimed at improving general wellbeing, rather than achieving perfect technical proficiency.

This promotes a sense of belonging and community spirit with the self and others within their classes.

As a yoga centre franchise, Go Yoga is unique in the way they offer music-based sessions, ranging from classical to hip-hop music depending on the type of yoga participants choose.

The company offers a Complete Franchise Package as they’re keen to expand throughout the UK.

franchise yoga expansion

This covers everything from licensing and fitting out your studio, to business shadowing and on-site support.

Along with giving you assistance with site selection, Go Yoga also provides franchisees with marketing materials and equipment, such as a music system and wall art for your studio space.

Although Go Yoga have no formal requirements for application, their ideal franchisee is someone who:

  • Loves yoga but is also customer-focused
  • Has strong people skills
  • Has solid basic business and management skills, or is prepared to learn them

They do ask for a monthly royalty fee of 12% of your gross income, which goes towards running costs such as their yoga software, and any administrative expenses.

However, with the opportunity to generate over £300,000 revenue a year, we think Go Yoga is worth the investment!

#2 – BabyBeats and Mindful Movers

mindful movers yoga studio franchise

Estimated Cost: £6,995 start-up cost

BabyBeats offers unique classes aimed at enhancing the bond between mother and baby through yoga and a combination of other elements such as:

  • Baby massage
  • Sensory play
  • Gentle postnatal exercises

The yoga franchise holds a BabyBeats before birth class for pregnant women, as well as a post-birth class for mothers and babies from their post 6-week check to when they’re crawling.

Part of the BabyBeats brand, Mindful Movers is a yoga class for toddlers, children, and their parents.

mindful movers yoga franchise

They also hold two classes:

  • One for toddlers from walking age to 5 years
  • Mindful Movers for older children

BabyBeats was founded by Rose Gibson in 2017 in response to the demand for higher quality parent and baby classes. Rose then went on to set up the BabyBeats franchise opportunity in 2020.

There are now many locations up and down the UK, including several in:

  • Yorkshire
  • Lancashire
  • Cheshire
  • The South West
  • South Wales
  • Hertford

Most of their franchisees work within school hours and term time only, although the variety of programmes available allows you to choose what works for you.

BabyBeats offer both online and face-to-face training for all of these programmes. They even provide training at national standard to become recognised as a postnatal specialist in your field.

As part of the franchise package, you’ll receive 24/7 email and phone support on everything from creating your own bespoke website, to marketing materials and social media.

yoga franchise package

Franchisees also receive branded card advertisements and uniforms, as well as full equipment for every class taught. No prior experience or qualifications are necessary to open a BabyBeats yoga franchise.

You just need the passion to run your own successful business, work to your own schedule, and support women and children. This is among the top ideal yoga franchise opportunities for those whose goal was to become a prenatal yoga teacher.

prenatal yoga franchise

Depending on the number of hours you choose to work, you can earn over £24,000 in your first year, with the potential to earn up to £85,000 by your fifth year.

Unlike other yoga franchise opportunities, BabyBeats don’t take a percentage of what you earn as a royalty fee.

Instead, they set a monthly franchise fee, which is agreed when you become a franchisee. This means the more classes you teach, the more you earn.

Unconvinced? Here’s a testimonial from a successful BabyBeats franchise owner:

babybeats yoga franchise testimonial

#3 – Hot Pod Yoga

hotpod yoga franchise opportunity

Estimated Cost: £17,500 + capital for studio fittings (varies by location)

Designed to give yoga lovers across the globe the opportunity to start their own business, HotPod’s programme for yoga franchises was started back in 2012.

Founded by yoga teacher Nick and strategy consultant Max Henderson, the company began with pop-up classes in London before opening their first franchise in Swansea.

With over 50 studios worldwide in 7 countries, they provide hot yoga classes in either their own studios or in inflatable, heated pods, which can be located in any free space.

This is an incredibly versatile business format, enabling a true studio experience in any location.

hotpod yoga franchise opportunities

Their hour-long classes of up to 20 people combine an aerobic and cardiovascular workout with elements of meditation and relaxation.

Running more than 500,000 classes, with over 500,000 customers and more than 75,000 social media followers, HotPod has now become the world’s largest hot yoga franchise.

HotPod provides franchisees with their own hot pod and ecosystem which is patented in Europe and the US, as well as the technology and infrastructure to run your franchise with maximum efficiency.

Along with mentoring during setup, you’ll also receive a week of training at their London HQ offices, covering all necessary areas for running a HotPod franchise.

In terms of qualifications required, you don’t need to be qualified with yoga teacher training courses. All HotPod asks is for their franchisees to be passionate about the brand. However, you should still get qualified to ensure you have plenty of industry knowledge.

With over £200,000 per year potential income, HotPod definitely offers one of the best hot yoga franchise opportunities on the market, demonstrated through the testimonials below from their current franchisees.

hotpod yoga franchise testimonials

– – – –

To help you know all about running successful yoga franchises, check out these articles below to succeed in the industry:

#4 – Children Inspired by Yoga

children inspired by yoga opportunity

Estimated Cost:  £10,000 + VAT minimum initial investment

Established in 2004, Children Inspired by Yoga are the longest running children’s wellbeing activity company in the UK.

The brand was founded by Sam Petter, a typographer, interactive designer, and yoga teacher with 17 years of experience.

Their creative, developmental classes for children and babies use yoga, music, and storytelling to help children learn vital life skills and meet developmental targets.

The programmes are developed by a core team of yoga teachers, paediatric physiotherapists, and educationalists, and are aligned to UK school curriculums.

yoga studio franchise opportunity for kids

Operating nationwide, Children Inspired by Yoga run 3 classes for different age groups:

  • Baby Bumpkin class for 0 to 2 years
  • Tatty Bumpkin for 2 to 7 years
  • Tatty Guroo for 8 to 11 years

They currently have a thriving community of 34 yoga franchises which have been running since 2007, from Edinburgh to Plymouth, and even overseas in Dubai, Qatar, Spain, and the Channel Islands.

No specific experience is required to take on a yoga studio franchise opportunity with Children Inspired by Yoga. You can get involved with as little or as much teaching as you like.

Training for each of the 3 classes is included, as well as full lesson plans and associated materials for 48 weeks of the year.

Some examples of the resources you’re likely to receive include:

  • Story plan for Tatty Bumpkin Teacher
  • Support materials (Toys, dolls, flashcards)
  • Curriculum links for nursery/school
  • Certificate and stickers for child

children inspired by yoga franchise

You’re not required to write your own content, although with their class structure they do welcome individuality and creativity if this is something you’re interested in.

Children Inspired by Yoga work with a franchise mapping company to establish the most effective territory boundaries for each franchisee.

This means that, when you purchase a franchise in your local area, that area will become yours and you’ll have a minimum demographic of 20,000 children aged 0 to 11 years.

The minimum customer base you can expect is 2.5%, which is 500 customers a week!

#5 – Sandstone Yoga & Pilates

franchise sandstone yoga

Estimated Cost: £9,950 – £19,950

Sandstone Yoga was started in Michelle Nicklin’s attic in 2010 and has now expanded from its original site in Walsall, West Midlands, to 3 sites in Aldridge, Sutton Coldfield, and Lichfield.

They provide both group and private one-to-one yoga and Pilates sessions, focusing on creating a sense of calm and relaxation while improving fitness and flexibility.

Sandstone offers two yoga franchise opportunities, which are:

  • The Sandstone Petra Package – Allows you to run your own yoga business through access to the online SuperStudio, by working from home and from other community venues. This requires an investment of £9,950.
  • The Sandstone Marrakech Package – With this package, you can run your own high performing yoga studio and operate your business from a commercial building. This requires a higher level of investment at £19,950, plus studio fit out.

All equipment, software, and marketing is included in these packages, which is great value for money in terms of your investment.

sandstone yoga franchise costs

One of the benefits of choosing Sandstone is you’ll be able to offer an unrivalled product range, allowing you to generate revenue from a whole host of secondary streams, such as:

  • UK and international yoga retreats
  • Corporate clients
  • Specialist meditation short courses
  • Themed workshops

With the minimum investment level of £9,950, franchisees are expected to get a return on their investment by month 8.

Over the 5-year lifetime of the agreement, conservative-minded franchisees can earn a net profit of £197,000!

You can renew your licence for 5 years after the initial term is up or sell on, which Sandstone will assist you with.

#6 – YogaBugs

yoga bugs yoga franchise uk

Estimated Cost: £10,000 minimum investment.

As the largest children’s yoga and mindfulness activity in the UK, YogaBugs revolves around teaching yoga to kids, offering classes for children from walking age to 12 years.

Founded in 2004, they operate mainly in schools and childcare settings, with classes designed to encourage children’s learning and development through a combination of:

  • Yoga
  • Mindfulness
  • Storytelling
  • Action songs

Their yoga franchise opportunities are available in two forms:

  • Micro Franchise
  • Management Franchise

The Micro Franchise is a flexible business opportunity which YogaBugs awarded to 16 franchises across the UK when they launched in 2009.

This allows franchisees to operate within a small exclusive area, ideal for those looking to work around their other life commitments.

The Management Franchise is a full-time franchise opportunity, allowing individuals to develop YogaBug classes and the brand over a larger region through a team of teachers.

yogabugs yoga franchise uk team

YogaBugs offer a unique training programme which begins with a two-day teacher training, covering both the theoretical and practical sides of the business.

This includes everything from yoga techniques, to health and safety. Plus, the business elements of the training are led by CEO of The Bugs Group, Mark Goode.

Within this training, Mark guides franchisees through a detailed business action plan, preparing you for both the immediate weeks and future years of the business.

You’ll then be provided with free training for the first 3 years your franchise is open.

Along with this, YogaBugs provide franchisees with a marketing start-up package to help you hit the ground running with your business launch.

#7 – MummyYoga

mummy yoga franchise uk

Estimated Cost: £1,500 minimum investment

MummyYoga was founded in 2015 by Dr. Rehana Jawadwala, originally as a small side project to a demanding day-job.

Rehana went full time with MummyYoga in 2019 and since then has gone from strength to strength, becoming the birth preparation yoga class of choice amongst a community of strong, independent-minded women.

mummy yoga studio franchise owner

The company is continuously improving their classes, workshops, and retreats to reflect the current needs of their mothers, making them a standout brand in the world of pregnancy yoga.

They now want to share their success with like minded, driven franchisees who share their passion and commitment to empower families as they transition into becoming parents.

Operating in small teams, MummyYoga have a clear commitment to seeing their franchisees succeed, meaning they don’t set any limits to the help they provide.

You’ll be given guidance with business planning, as well as a complete training package covering all areas for setting up and running a franchise.

yoga studio franchise training package

The team will also give you hands-on support throughout the launch process.

Their aim is to build a community of like-minded studio owners who are passionate about the ‘mummy’ demographic.

However, you don’t have to be a teacher or established business owner to open a MummyYoga franchise, as they enjoy working with people who have a broad variety of skills.

They invite a range of different people to apply to open a yoga studio franchise with them, including:

  • Parents
  • Grandparents
  • School teachers
  • Other community members

In terms of the financial gains you’ll make, MummyYoga suggests their franchisees typically break even anywhere from the first 3 to 6 months.

#8 – Fierce Grace

fierce grace yoga franchise opportunity

Estimated Cost: Available on request

Former Martial Artist Michele Pernetta introduced hot yoga to the UK and Europe in 1994, opening the first Hot Yoga studio in the UK in 2000.

Michele was getting requests for yoga franchise opportunities before she even launched Fierce Grace in November 2013!

yoga franchise founder michele

From over 20 years of experience, Fierce Grace have taken a combination of several styles to create a new system that allows the practitioner to tailor the practice to their needs, including:

  • Ashtanga yoga
  • Classical Hatha yoga
  • Iyengar yoga
  • Power yoga
  • Strength and interval training

This allows students to achieve the ultimate combination of strength and flexibility for both the body and mind.

Bringing a fresh look to classical yoga, classes are heated to 35-38 degrees Celsius, which is warmer than other hot yoga classes, but slightly cooler than your average Bikram yoga class.

With franchises across the world, they have hundreds of thousands of clients in more than 15 countries and 25 locations. This includes London, the US, Italy, and even New Zealand.

fierce grace franchise yoga locations

In terms of Fierce Girl’s yoga franchises, Michele says:

I don’t sleep at night if a franchisee has got a problem, I feel like that’s happened with my brand.

As far as the training is concerned, they’re constantly handheld from budgeting and marketing to operations and equipment.

If they’re in Europe, they come here, we train them in our studios and they can see how it works and teach them the systems and if they’re abroad, we send one of our managers to help and I go to run workshops.

As a Fierce Grace franchisee, you’ll also receive:

  • Business start-up support and on-going training
  • Access to expertly trained teachers
  • Operational manuals covering every aspect of the yoga business plan
  • A proven conversion plan for existing yoga studios
  • Trained yoga teachers, if required

While you’re provided with guidelines and marketing materials, you’ll also be given ample creative freedom, as Fierce Grace prefers their franchisees to be quirky and individualistic.

#9 – Kalma Life

kalma life yoga franchise opportunities

Estimated Cost: Available upon enquiry

Founded in South Tyneside in 2014, Kalma Life launched their franchise model in 2016. They now have 16 franchises across the country.

The franchise provides yoga for children and adults, catering from the womb to walking age, and babies through to teens.

In 2021 alone, Kalma Life has worked with and positively impacted the lives of over 30,000 children and adults.

kalma life yoga franchise impact

The company is on a mission to make yoga and mindfulness easily accessible to every generation and the aim of their franchise model is to help them achieve this!

They have several different classes and programmes, including:

  • Kalma Mamas – Pre- and post-natal relaxation programme.
  • Kalma Baby – Baby yoga and massage, creating opportunities for parents to bond through therapeutic touch with sensory, music, and songs.
  • Kalma Toddlers – Multi-sensory yoga fun through stories and songs.
  • Kalma Minds and Wellbeing – For children 3 to 18 years old, helping them to develop healthy creative mindsets and cope with stress and anxiety through yoga and mindfulness.

You’ll be required to pay a one-off initial investment fee to purchase your yoga studio franchise, which comes with full training, equipment, uniform, and marketing materials.

If you feel you don’t have the funds to open a Kalma Life franchise, their team can put you in touch with their partner company who will talk you through a Government Start-up Loan from as little as £98 per month.

If you’re looking for a yoga franchise for sale, Kalma Life is unique as they ask franchisees to pay fixed fees each month, meaning they don’t take a percentage of your turnover.

yoga franchise kalma life transparent model

However, you’ll get three months free of the fixed fees upon purchase of the franchise to help you get your business set up.

Their business model gives franchisees the opportunity to expand their knowledge and open up secondary revenue streams.

For instance, they offer further training in specialist areas such as:

  • Yoga for autism
  • Massage
  • Teen yoga and mindfulness
  • Aqua mamas prenatal relaxation

There isn’t a minimum or maximum number of classes you’re required to run each week or month, so you can make your working life as flexible as needed.

Here’s a testimonial from a satisfied Kalma Life franchisee partner:

kalma life yoga franchise


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