Train the Trainer Qualification

Train the trainer courses are the perfect qualification for those who want to share their passion for health and fitness with like-minded individuals. By nurturing the dreams and aspirations of hopeful personal trainers, you will find success as a fitness tutor and assessor. 

The fitness industry currently has a shortage of qualified tutors, but in order to enter the industry at this level, you will first need to achieve the right certifications, which are otherwise referred to as ‘train the trainer’ qualifications. 

This article explains how ‘train the trainer courses’ can benefit your career, by covering the following:

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What is The Train The Trainer Model? 

Many readers may have selected this article out of pure curiosity, from the sheer interest of questioning ‘what is the train the trainer model?’. This isn’t a commonly used term within the fitness industry, as many organisations (including ourselves) simply refer to this model as Fitness Teaching & Assessing

Instead, train the trainer certifications were first developed within the NGO and non-profit organisational sector, as a way of training new volunteers. 

The phrase ‘train the trainer’ is often used in relation to a training program that qualifies students to become instructors, who will in turn train others. In relation to OriGym for example, our train the trainer qualifications will certify you to teach and instruct other aspiring personal trainers. 

The expected outcome of this model is that attendees will learn and develop the skill of teaching. The vast majority of individuals on these courses are personal trainers, however, that doesn’t mean that every PT is suitable for the job role of a tutor, as teaching clients is far different from teaching other professionals. 

At OriGym, we dedicate our ‘train the trainer accredited courses’ to focusing on both practical and theoretical elements, in order to ensure that the tutors we qualify are fully rounded educators.

The ‘train the trainer certification’ heavily relies on the aspiring instructor having prior experience within their chosen profession, which is why we like to get a sense of your physical fitness. Whilst it is not a necessity, having prior knowledge of how personal training operates will only better your overall performance as a fitness tutor.

At OriGym we recommend working within the industry professionally before attempting a career as a tutor. Students will be more likely to take your advice and guidance if they’re aware that you have experienced the same/a similar course.

Therefore, it’s simply the better option to ensure you have at least a Level 3 Personal Training qualification before sending off any applications.

What is a Train The Trainer Course?

If your attention has been captured by the previous section of our article you may now be questioning ‘what is a train the trainer course?’. This isn’t exactly an easy question to answer, as every institution may approach their train the trainer accredited courses in a different manner. 

A key example of how these qualifications may differ is dependent upon what sector of the fitness industry you wish to work in. For example, some PT ‘train the trainer certifications’ may rely heavily on practical training and ignore the important theoretical elements. 

Whilst several train the trainer courses in the UK may differ in delivery, they all typically offer the same Level 3 Award in Education and Training or an equivalent. 

However, at OriGym we go the extra mile to ensure that you receive the best education possible. This is achieved through our dedication to teaching both practical and theoretical training methods, an aspect which should set you apart from your contemporaries.

Without a doubt, we can guarantee that our ‘train the trainer course’ is unlike any other in the industry. 

See how else you can continue your education with our guide ‘Continuing Education for Personal Trainers‘.

OriGym Fitness Teaching & Assessing Course

If the previous section has prompted you to question what an OriGym train the trainer course outline looks like, we can share an insider insight regarding our fitness training course.

Within this section we will break down the individual modules you’ll study, and what qualifications you can expect to achieve from completing your fitness teaching certification at OriGym. 

At OriGym our standards simply cannot be beaten by any competitor within the industry, there is a reason why we have a 97% pass rate. We are dedicated to ensuring all our students receive the highest quality of education as possible, which is why we deliver both practical and theoretical modules within our train the trainer accredited courses. 

Once you have enrolled on training the trainer course you will be able to study the following topics:

Understanding Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in Education – Within this section of our trainer the trainer certification you will learn all about relationships between client and teacher. This module will teach you how to create a safe and supportive environment, which is sure to put even the most anxious of students at ease. 

Incorporating Inclusive Teaching Approaches – As a fitness tutor you will need to adapt to multiple students needs and skills on a daily basis. Teaching isn’t a one size fits all practice, and thus clients who are new to fitness may require more intense teachings, whereas regular athletes may simply require general guidance. 

OriGym’s train the trainer qualifications will teach you how to physically adapt to your clients needs and abilities, regardless of how advanced or scarce they may be. 

Facilitating Group Learning – This module is an example of how we incorporate theoretical teachings into our trainer the trainer qualifications. Specifically, this section outlines how fitness tutors should be working with large groups. 

Through this module you’ll learn how to run introductions and icebreakers, as well setting ground rules for group sessions in order to create a positive learning environment for all. 

Principles and Practices of Assessments – This is the second theoretical module to be included within our train the trainer certification, which centers entirely around assessment methods. 

Here you will cover the legal requirements surrounding assessments, whilst learning how to ensure quality control across the entire testing process. You will also gain the opportunity to shadow an OriGym student assessment day! 

If our high caliber train the trainer course outline wasn’t enough OriGym can also guarantee multiple qualifications upon the completion of our Fitness Teaching & Assessing course. 

As previously stated most fitness training courses can only guarantee a Level 3 Award in Education and Training upon graduation. However, with OriGym you will receive this and so much more through our package deal, that will ensure you stand out when applying for job roles. 

Upon completing our course in Fitness Teaching & Assessing, you will achieve both:

  • Level 3 Award in Assessing Vocational Related Achievements
  • Level 3 Award in Education and Training

Whatsmore, at OriGym we also provide a Fitness Teaching & Accessing package course at a discounted rate, in which you can earn all of the following certifications at a discounted rate:

At OriGym, we offer a unique blended learning approach that will allow you to split your time working on our train the trainer course online at home, as well as in-person with practical gym sessions. If you’re serious about entering the industry as a fitness tutor but want to do so in a way that fits around your current responsibilities, no matter how demanding they are, we can provide you with all of the tools and support you need. 

The Job Role of a Fitness Teacher and Assessor

Throughout this article we have mentioned the job role of a fitness teacher and assessor, which is the occupation many choose to pursue following the completion of their train the trainer qualification. But what exactly does this role entail?

At OriGym we can provide insider knowledge on this matter, due to the fact that we have a dedicated team of tutors who operate within this role. 

Fitness teachers and assessors take on a variety of responsibilities, the vast majority of which relate back to the students. As a teacher you are responsible for guiding your clients through their chosen course, ensuring that they pass and achieve their desired grades. 

This involves personally teaching both theoretical and practical classes, as well as ensuring that all online courses are up to date for students who are studying their train the trainer courses online. 

OriGym goes one step further when it comes to supporting our students through their courses, as our tutors operate a support system that is available 7 days a week. Whenever students or even alumni feel stuck with a fitness-related issue, they can simply get in touch and receive advice from a tutor. 

Whatsmore, the fitness teacher and assessor’s job role extends to conducting assessments. The assessment process may vary with different organisations, for example, many may solely conduct theoretical or practical assessments. 

However, we choose to approach our assessments through a 50/50 method, ensuring that our students are qualified in both theory and practice. For example, the Fitness Teaching & Assessing course is assessed in through the following methods:

  • Online Coursework in Education and Training – Pass Required 
  • 15 Minute Practical Micro-Teach – Pass Required 
  • Online Coursework in Assessing Vocationally Related Achievements – Pass Required 
  • Practical Examination of Assessing Personal Training Students – Pass Required 

The job role of a fitness teacher and assessor will naturally differ depending on what company you work for, some may ask very little of you outside of teaching hours, whilst others may ask you to take on other responsibilities such as general personal training sessions. 

However, the primary responsibility remains the same, you will be guiding and shaping future personal trainers into members of the fitness industry. 

Benefits of Taking a Train the Trainer Course 

Train the trainer courses in the UK are slowly but surely becoming a growing trend, and whether you’re currently a personal trainer or an aspiring teacher, these courses can greatly benefit your livelihood and career prospects. 

This section is designed to highlight the benefits of train the trainer courses and seeks to inform you of how you can capitalise on this form of teaching.

#1 – Combine Your Love For Fitness and Teaching! 

By completing a train the trainer qualification you can share your love for fitness with others, whilst simultaneously developing a passion for teaching. By targeting your interests these training courses can lead to a career that is both personally and professionally fulfilling.

Following the compilation of this course, many graduates choose to work within the industry as fitness tutors and assessors with companies like OriGym. But with this certification, you can choose to pursue just about any fitness-related career you so wish. 

There is no better feeling than enjoying your current job, and once you have achieved your train the trainer accredited certification you can begin working towards a brighter future that will allow you to use your passions.

#2 – Convenient and Easy Way to Learn 

For most fitness enthusiasts, the trainer qualifications are easier to complete when compared to their initial personal trainer certification. This is due to the fact that the aspiring teachers and assessors will already have background knowledge of fitness prior to applying for said teaching course.

Whilst it isn’t a necessity to have a Level 3 Personal Trainer certification before enrolling in our Fitness Teaching & Assessing Course, at OriGym we highly recommend having some professional and educational background in the subject. 

This will make completing your ‘train the trainer qualification’ significantly easier, as you will have a foundation of knowledge to build upon, setting yourself up as a well-educated tutor. 

Whatsmore, another example of the benefits of train the trainer courses is that you can complete it with ease from the comfort of your own home, thanks to our blended learning approach. 

Blended learning essentially ensures that you can complete your train the trainer course online and in person. This split method allows our clients to get the best of both worlds, learning at their own pace whenever they choose, as well having the opportunity to interact with industry professionals who in turn can impart helpful advice. 

#3 – There is a Demand for Fitness Tutors 

Arguably one of the biggest benefits of train the trainer courses is that there is currently a high demand for tutors within the fitness industry, essentially meaning that it will be easier to find work following graduation. 

This new necessity is largely due to the growing number of businesses and educational environments providing health and fitness-related courses. This industry-wide boom has led to a shortage of teachers, and by completing a train the trainer course online or in person, you will be able to perfectly slot into one of these positions. 

The health and fitness sector can be highly competitive, it’s not often that you will find a gap in the field as big as this one, so be sure to take the opportunity whilst it lasts. Be sure to reap the benefits of train the trainer courses and set yourself up for a successful career.

– – – – 

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Are You Well Suited for a Trainer the Trainer Course?

You may have read our train the trainer course outline and been instantly sold, alternatively you may have decided to leap at the opportunity upon discovering the job prospects, but all this enthusiasm for the course will be negated if you’re not right for it.

Let’s be clear, not everyone is suited for the role of being a teacher, it’s a unique profession which requires dedication and a willingness to support others. 

This section will highlight the characteristics one must possess if they wish to find success, following the compilation of their train the trainer certification.

#1 – Experienced and Qualified

As previously stated, in order to reap the benefits of train the trainer courses you must have some prior knowledge within the field. The very purpose of this learning model is to build upon what you already know, and doesn’t typically benefit those who are looking to learn from scratch.

By having a solid foundation of knowledge to build-upon you will find the learning process of your train the trainer certification significantly easier. You may find initially qualifying as a personal trainer to be a timely speed bump on the way to your dream teaching career, however, this speed bump will benefit your overall learning experience in the long run.

Whatsmore, gaining experience and other qualifications to match your train the trainer accredited courses will not only be of benefit to you, but they can also greatly benefit your students. 

By taking the time to dedicate yourself to your education, you will inherently better the learning experience of aspiring students, as you will have a greater wealth of knowledge at your disposal. 

However, teaching is so much more than simply relaying information to your students, you have to be able to emotionally nurture them too. Through gaining this experience you will also have first-hand knowledge of what your students are going through, which in turn will allow you to provide them with specialised support. 

We understand that going through a secondary qualification is a time-consuming process, but we can guarantee that it will only better your overall approach to the teaching.

#2 – Good Communication Skills

Good communication skills will help you when leading and engaging discussions among your fellow classmates within your train the trainer course. During this time of education you should seek to help each other, by passing information and knowledge throughout the class. 

But remember, communication is so much more than verbally engaging with another person, communication also requires listening skills. During your train the trainer course you should be making an effort to listen to your fellow classmates, in order to learn from individuals who may have different backgrounds in fitness, which could provide unique insight on certain topics.

Additionally, in order to find success following the completion of your train the trainer certification, you will need to adapt these communication skills to fit your own student’s needs. By acquiring and developing this skill, you will be able to successfully communicate in a clear and concise manner with all of your clients.

Please note, listening to your students may be even more important than verbally communicating with them. By listening intently you will be able to gain a better understanding of what they’re struggling with, allowing you to think of an effective solution.

Communication skills can also be utilised when students or classmates aren’t physically present. If your train the trainer course is online you will have to communicate in a manner that is efficiently detailed for all those who are learning from home.

Please remember that you won’t always be present to explain your work in person, so be sure to make online resources as concise as possible.

#3 – Be Respectful Towards Students 

Train the trainer accredited courses aren’t for everyone, it takes a certain type of person to not only be academically smart enough to pass, but to also be nurturing enough to be a successful teacher. 

Once you have completed your qualification you should strive to always treat your students with the utmost respect. Never put somebody down just because they can’t do a specific exercise, or grasp a certain theoretical subject, instead be sure to correct them and guide them towards the correct processes. 

We recommend that all aspiring teachers put themselves in the shoes of their students, and be the tutor that you wanted when initially qualifying for your initial Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification

Achieving a train the trainer certification does not entitle you to respect, that is something you will earn from your students through your approach to teaching. 

#4 – Be Open to Feedback 

The right candidates for train the trainer accredited courses will be open to receiving and providing detailed feedback. 

When studying for your Fitness Teaching & Assessing Course you will be required to take on board any feedback that may come your way. Remember, to never take this type of information personally, your tutor will only have your best interest in mind wanting you to become the best teacher possible. 

Likewise, once you have achieved your train the trainer qualification you will be required to pass these critiques along to your own students. Remember, when providing feedback to others you should always be respectful, it should be constructive and always in regards to a student’s work, never personal to them. 

#5 – Flexible Approach to Teaching 

Once your train the trainer course has been completed you will officially be a qualified fitness teacher, but when approaching students of your own you need to be willing to adapt your teaching style, in order to get the best results.

Some students may require more help with the practical aspects of the course, at which point you will have to mold your teaching style to focus heavily on aspects that will help them improve in this area. Likewise, if they’re struggling with the theoretical side of the course you may be required to take things at a slower pace, or provide extra resources to use in their spare time. 

Whatsmore, your style of teaching will need to be amended depending on how the class is delivered. Train the trainer courses online will greatly differ in approach to in-person classes, as such should be taught differently. 

Never define yourself by one approach to teaching, remember always be the teacher that you wanted to have whilst you were studying. Treat every student as an individual rather than a collective group, and we can guarantee you’ll find success. 

If you feel as if you match with any of the aforementioned characteristics then we greatly encourage you to sign up for OriGym Fitness Teaching & Assessing Course. We provide the highest caliber train the trainer courses in the UK, and there is simply no better place to receive your qualification. 

The fitness world needs dedicated teachers, and you could help to shepherd in a new generation of personal trainers by completing a train the trainer qualification.


Can I Still Take a Trainer the Trainer Course if I have a Physical Disability? 

One of the benefits of train the trainer courses at OriGym is that we can provide accommodation for physically impaired individuals. 

We have helped dozens of physically impaired complete their courses, all of whom have gone on to have successful careers within the fitness industry. We strive to provide the highest quality of care for all our students, part of which is achieved through our state-of-the-art centers, which are equipped fully with lifts, ramps, and disabled toilets. 

To register for our train the trainer accredited course submit an inquiry detailing your disability, and we can in turn assess your suitability for this course and how you can undergo this form of training. 

How Long Does It Take to Qualify From a Train The Trainer Course?

Due to the extensive nature of our Fitness Teaching and Assessing Course, this qualification does take slightly longer than some of our other certifications. 

On average students complete this train the trainer course within 8 weeks, however, due to the self-paced nature of our learning structure, students can complete their certification in whatever time frame they wish. This enables you to flexibly study at your own pace, working around existing work and other commitments. 

Before You Go!

Now this article has provided you with a better understanding of train the trainer courses, it’s time to use this inspiration to pursue this new career path. 

One of the best ways to become the ultimate personal trainer is with specialist courses such as our Level 4 Sports Nutrition Course. Combine expert nutrition knowledge with tailored fitness programmes to help clients hit their goals at a much faster rate.

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