Finding the best weight bench in the UK is a difficult task, which is why we decided to create the ultimate list of products. Armed with our advice, you no longer have to spend hours researching for yourself!

If you have never used a weight bench before, you should know that it’s not just for the gym – it’s an affordable and fantastic piece of equipment that can also be used at home. It’s basically a bench covered with thick foam that will support any lifting you do, and won’t bend or buckle as you lift. 

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1. Yoleo Compact Weight Bench

Price: £83.98

best folding weight bench uk

If you’re after a folding weight bench in the UK, then this product from Yoleo is highly versatile. It comes with 7 backrest pad positions to meet all of your workout needs. It’s also easy to assemble and to store away.  

The bench is ideal for working out and training various muscle groups such as your chest, shoulders, back, abs and many more. 

The padding on the bench is made out of high-density foam so the body is firmly secure and safe whilst you are working out. The product is also wrapped in soft leather for a comfortable feel. 

The weight training bench is made out of high-quality steel construction with a thickened supportive pipe running throughout it to ensure it can withstand a weight of up to 150kg.

2. Jordan Fitness Adjustable Incline/Decline Bench 

Price: £660.00

weight bench

We are thrilled to include this commercial-grade weight bench from Jordan Fitness. It’s great value for money considering its quality, meaning those looking for a product to suit their home gym or private personal training studio will be glad that it made our list. 

It comes with ten angles of adjustment, making it ideal for all of the staple upper-body exercises, such as the seated shoulder press, chest press and curls. The anti-slip rubber feet will keep it in place on most floor surfaces, and ensure that you are provided with all of the stability that you need for a safe and injury-free workout. 

Want to perfect your hammer curls, concentration curls, or looking for the best piece of equipment to go with a set of adjustable dumbbells in your home gym? This is the only foundation you’ll need for a powerful strength training session. 

It is available in three different colours: red, blue and black, so you can even customise your purchase to ensure that it fits in with the rest of your exercise equipment. The dimensions are: Height – 460MM, Length – 1,520mm, Width – 695mm, making it sturdy yet easy to store if you have limited space.  

Overall, this is a great weight training bench and we’d highly recommend it to those looking for commercial quality on a budget! 

3. Rebel Strength Weight Bench 

Price: £459.00 

rebel strength adjustable incline bench

Another brilliant adjustable flat to incline bench, this UK manufactured product from Rebel Strength is a must have in any home or garage gym.

Featuring an adjustable incline design that allows you to switch the position of the bench, this bench is suitable for a whole range of exercises, allowing for a complete workout targeting multiple major muscle groups.

This all-in-one piece of equipment will help to strengthen your back, shoulders, chest, abs, and more when used with free weights.

Some great exercises to try out include the bench press and the dumbbell shoulder press.

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty and durable piece of kit that will stand the test of time, then this might just be your best bet.


4. BLK BOX Utility Lite Adjustable Weight Bench

Price: £239.99

weight bench uk image

A brilliant adjustable weight bench from BLK BOX, this product has 8 backrest pad positions from -15° to 85°. It also has the option to switch between 3 seat positions, allowing you to perform a range of upper body exercises as well as some lower body movements, such as hip thrusts.

This bench can be assembled in minutes, it’s easy to adjust, and it can be moved or stored away without any hassle thanks to the fact that its design features a handle and wheels.

With 40mm thick foam padding covered with vinyl leather and a frame made of heavy-duty carbon steel, you can rest assured that this seat is sturdy yet comfortable. We also love its sleek-looking black powdercoat finish featuring the simple yet stylish BLK BOX branding.

5. – Again Faster Blue Team Adjustable Weight Bench 

Price: £260

adjustable weight bench

This compact weight bench from Again Faster is ideal for those looking for an effective home workout on a budget. It has 6 adjustable back positions and 3 seat position options, enabling you to position it in any way that you wish for an effective workout. 

Concerned that a home gym weight bench you buy online won’t be stable enough? The Again Faster Blue Team Adjustable Weight Bench weighs 35kg and comes with a thick steel backplate to support the main pad, so you can rest assured that you are paying for top quality when purchasing it. 

If space is another issue, you’ll be glad to know that in spite of its powerful frame the bench is still compact and will take up next to no space in your home gym! 

Want to perfect your hammer curls, concentration curls, or looking for the best piece of equipment to go with a set of adjustable dumbbells in your home gym? This is the only foundation you’ll need for a powerful strength training session. It has a max capacity of 450kg, so you don’t need to worry about only being able to progress up to a certain point in your training with this product. 

The dimensions are: 1270mm length x 298mm width x 444mm height, so you can be sure this bench is right for your training area prior to purchasing. 

Overall, the price is fantastic considering its quality and we couldn’t recommend the Again Faster adjustable weight bench enough! 

6. JMC Strength Adjustable Bench 

Price: £420.00

folding weight bench uk image

Designed and manufactured in Britain, this product is from JMC Strength is constructed of high-grade plate and tube steel, durable upholstery, and features heavy-duty adjustment hooks.

Despite being such a solid piece of kit, this weight bench is still super comfortable and supportive as the seats are made from durable foam padding. It’s also really easy to assemble, taking about 20 minutes to set up in total.

We love that this product features fine angle adjustment which ensures that you can isolate specific muscle groups. Plus, with the option to switch between flat, incline, and decline, this adjustable weight bench can be used for a whole variety of exercises, including the classic bench press, bicep curls, and so much more! 

Whether you want a weight bench for your own home or a commercial gym, this product is sturdy, comfortable, and easy to clean – what more could you want?

7. HyGYM Adjustable POWER Weight Bench

Price: £215.00

This bench from HyGYM is one of the best products on the market thanks to its versatility. Not only does it come with 7 adjustable height options from 130-200 degrees in 10-degree increments, but there are an additional 4 adjustment options, making it one of the comfiest products on our list. 

If you’ve been reluctant to purchase a weight training bench for your home gym because many of those found online don’t meet industry standards, you’ll be glad to know that this bench has a maximum load of 300kg. Thanks to this feature it will never limit your workouts, and you’ll be able to make significant progress through those you perform at home. 

Is comfort something you’ve considered while searching for your ideal purchase? Most standard weight training benches that you find online don’t seem to have been manufactured with this in mind, but the HyGYM Adjustable POWER Weight Bench comes with F2 Foam. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to benefit from its ultra-stable, high-grade cast iron frame without sacrificing your comfort!

Another great thing to add is that the HyGYM bench comes with a 24-month warranty at point of purchase, so you can rest-assure that you’re receiving the quality you’ve paid for in the unlikely event that something is amiss.

8. Fitness King Adjustable Weight Bench

Price: £99.00

best weight benches

This bench from Fitness King is ideal for commercial or even home use without taking up too much space, or time to assemble.

This bench can be folded away in just a few steps. It’s also designed with ample padding and heavy-duty steel construction, so it will provide superior stability for any exercises that you want to perform.

You are also able to adjust the seat base positions to 3 separate positions, as well as make up to 7 alterations to the back rest position, to ensure you’re working the way most comfortable to you. Compared to others on this list, the bench has non-slip foam padded leg handles to secure yourself when exercising.

9. JX Fitness Fold Up Weight Bench

Price: £76.99

cheap weight bench

This multifunctional product can provide lots of training exercises, from upper body to lower body. Unlike the previous JX Fitness bench on this list, this bench only has a 2-way height-adjustable system. Don’t let that put you off though, as you will still be able to perform a variety of classic exercises with this incline weight bench. 

The bench can be folded away easily so you could use it at home without any issues. It also features padded rubber feet, so your floor will be protected no matter what surface you decide to use it on. 

The foldable weight bench comes with a heavy-duty construction which helps to provide stability and safety whilst you exercise.

– – – – 

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10. Lions Weight lifting Bench

Price: £69.99

kids weight bench

Now, this product may be a little different compared to the others on our list. Not only does it come with a supportive rail, but it also gives you the option of placing your weights underneath the bench. This will ensure the weights will not be a trip hazard when you are working out. 

This fold-up weight bench can be used for various exercises. From those that are strength-based to those that target your core, you’ll be able to perform them using this product. There is a slight negative however; you are not able to adjust the height because it is a flat bench, but don’t worry! For the price of £69.99, you’re not going to get a better deal elsewhere. 

As mentioned above, the supportive rail does provide security and can hold a max capacity of 300kg. This will be great for people who use heavy dumbbells or would like to place this bench under a smith machine. 

This weight lifting bench itself has plenty of padding which will support your body as you exercise and eliminate any back strain. It’s also really easy to assemble and the instruction manual is clear and concise, meaning you can build this bench in no time at all. 

11. Brain Gain Adjustable Bench

Price: £99.99

best weight benches at home

Now you might not have heard of Brain Gain before, but this bench is one of the best on our list. It’s a fold up weight bench that can save a ton of space compared to other products, and it can be unpacked and ready to use in as little as 30 seconds!

The adjustable positions can be changed through the backrest. All you have to do is pull the quick bolt and adjust the back into a position that suits you. The weight bench has a max capacity of 300kg, so the whole family can use it.

The feet on the bench are covered in rubber, so they will not damage floors, and the noise caused by using the product should be stifled so that you won’t need to worry about disturbing neighbours or other members of the family if they’re around.

The bench is crafted from water-resistant leather for extra comfort and support. It would be suitable for targeting a range of muscles like your shoulders, back, abs, and more!

12. Marbo Sport Weight Training Bench

Price: £84.90

best weight bench

This bench from Marbo Sport has five different backrest angles and three different seat angles. This will help your workout routine by allowing you to target different parts of your body by using just one piece of equipment.

Unlike some of the other products on this list, this is a compact weight bench as the horizontal height is 48cm, so even if you are not the tallest person, your feet can be firmly planted on the floor if you’re performing a dumbbell bench press. 

The padding on the bench is tear-resistant, and is consistently thick on both the back and the seat. This will ensure maximum comfort, and also mean that the bench will last for years. 

Thanks to the plastic protective caps on the legs of the bench, you will be able to use this product on all types of surfaces. Whether you have the bench on the carpet or wooden floor, the bench will not scratch or dent the surface. 

13. Hardcastle Folding Weight Bench

Price: £199.99

outdoor weight bench

Hardcastle is a well-known gym weight bench company for providing good quality commercial gym equipment. This product will allow you to complete an upper body workout due to its multi-position angles. 

There are 6 backrest angles and 4 seat positions to choose from, you will be able to angle this bench flat, or on an incline.

Unique to the Hardcastle product is the white powder-coated steel frame to ensure stability and security when in use. The max capacity of the bench is 260kg meaning it is suitable for all types of people. 

The only downside is due to this product being semi-commercial, Hardcastle advise you to have a spanner to use when you assemble the equipment but apart from this hurdle, it’s one of the best and will last years. 

14. BLK BOX Zero-Gap FID Adjustable Weights Bench

Price: £479.99

best at home weight benches

The BLK BOX Zero-Gap Bench is a seriously heavy-duty weight bench that is perfect for strength training. Depending on which exercise you are doing, the bench can be quickly and easily adjusted using a pull-pin system, and the seat can also be altered via the same pull-pin system.

This is one of the best weight benches available today, boasting 8 backrest positions and 5 seat positions, which go up in 15 degree increments. The front seat of the bench can be adjusted forwards and backwards, eliminating any pad gaps. 

The Zero-Gap Bench features a steel frame, and a zinc-plated adjustment arm, ensuring no paint removal or chipping from your bench whilst you’re adjusting angles. Label angles are cut into the plating itself, so you can always be sure of what angle your bench is at.

A great feature of this home gym weight bench is that it can be easily moves using the neoprene coated handle at the front, and the heavy-duty wheels on the rear. The wheels have soft plastic rims which are perfect for ensuring no marks or damage to your facilities or home floor.

15. Relife Rebuild Gym Weight Bench

Price: £116.99

folding weight bench uk

This home weight bench from Relife Rebuild is part of a range of their home gym equipment. This bench is made of high-quality thickened steel which can hold a capacity of 150kg. 

Unlike some of the other benches on this ultimate list, this product has 6 feet pad positions. This will ensure extra security if you are performing any decline exercises, especially if you need to wrap your feet around something stable. 

Apart from the feet pads, the bench also has 5 seat levels and 8 backrest angles so you can really vary your workout by using this bench alone. 

The bench is foldable so you are able to store it in the corner or even under your bed. Relife Rebuild really believe you will be happy with your purchase, they have even offered a one year guarantee and a lifetime promise on all other parts and has to be a contender for the best folding weight bench in the UK. 

16. DTX Flat Weight Bench 

Price: £129.99

flat bench

DTX Fitness is an up and coming fitness equipment company and with 89% excellent reviews on Trustpilot, you can rest assured their products are great quality. 

This is a flat bench so unfortunately, you can’t adjust the height, however, this bench would be suitable for both barbell or dumbbell exercises. 

The high-quality steel construction will ensure this bench will last years to come and has a max capacity of 250kg. There is a square base on each of the 4 legs and this will help you feel secure and stable for your workout. 

Also, the flat bench itself is quick and easy to assemble, all you will need is a spanner to build the bench so make sure you’re prepared before the bench arrives! 

17. Pro Iron Decline Weight Bench

Price: £109.99

flat weight bench

If you want a home weight bench which doesn’t take long to build then you’re in the right place. Pro Iron claims this bench can be assembled within minutes due to its simple and clear instructions. Of course, it’s important to note before you jump into exercising with this bench, ensure all bolts are securely tightened and the actual bench is safe to use. 

The material used for this bench is free of phthalate and lead meaning it’s far more eco-conscious than other benches online. 

There’s a unique triangle design which prevents the bench from moving around as you exercise. This product is also suitable for flat, incline and decline positions. This is due to its 6 backrest angles and 4 front leg positions. 

Unlike other benches on this list, you will receive a pair of resistance bands for free, perfect for doing bicep curls or a reverse fly. Combine the both and if you have outdoor space at home it would be the ideal outdoor weight bench.  

This bench can also be folded up to twice so even if you are tight on space, you’ll be able to fit this product in without any issues. 


18. YLM Incline Weight Bench

Price: £140.99

cheap weight bench

YLM may not be a well-known brand in the UK, however, their product is one of the best weight benches in this article! It has high-density foam padding on the backrest and seat to ensure your body is firmly secured to the bench. The product also features a soft leather material wrapped around the padding to reduce any muscle fatigue during workouts. 

This folding weight bench features a unique system where you can quickly adjust the product between an incline to flat within seconds. The bench can also decline for sit-ups and ab work, it even includes foot straps for extra security. 

At the base of the bench, there are a number of non-slip pads on the legs to increase the surface area and reduce any wobbling when the bench is in use. There’s also a dip station behind the bench. If you wanted to challenge yourself further, instead of just doing dips normally, use a vest and luckily for you, we’ve written an article on the best-weighted vests online! 

What’s interesting to note is this bench is easy to assemble and is very compact, so you can store away the bench at home with ease.  

19. Lions Flat Weight Bench

Price: £59.75

kids weight bench

Our final product on this ultimate list is from Lions and this is, in fact, the cheapest of the best weight benches! 

This bench can help you on your journey to a healthier you. It’s multi-purpose, and will allow you to perform a variety of exercises within a compact space. It’s not just ideal for dumbbell exercise but is also great for band exercises as well. 

The steel tube frame ensures a steady support when you exercise and the max capacity of this bench is 136kg, perfect for everyone. 

As mentioned earlier, this bench is compact and doesn’t take a lot of space. When you are finished exercising, you just push it up against the wall and since it’s lightweight, you’ll be able to do this with ease. 

This bench is a no-nonsense cheap weight bench which can be used with dumbbells, or if you’re up for the challenge, with a good set of kettlebells.

Before You Go! 

We hope that you found our article on the best weighted benches available on the market both interesting and useful! When it comes to choosing the right bench, there are a lot of things to consider but as long as there is a steel frame running through the product and it comes equipped with thick padding, you’ll have a bench that will last for years to come. 

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