Are you looking for weightlifting shoes in the UK? We completely understand how hard it is to find the perfect shoe for you, but not to worry; we have you covered! 

If you haven’t used weightlifting shoes before, you should know that they are specially designed to allow you to safely lift heavier loads. Most shoes have an elevated heel so they may look and feel strange at first, but they will allow weightlifters to maintain a proper stance and body posture during workouts. 

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1.Power Perfect 3 Olympic Weightlifting Shoes

Price: £109.95

shoes for weightlifting

These shoes from Adidas are the perfect platform for you to practice all your weightlifting exercises on. They feature a specially die-cut wedge midsole along with heel support and an instep strap for superior stability. 

The durable synthetic uppersole and outsole can take significant wear and tear, so this product will be built to last. 

The mesh provides comfort and flexibility so the shoe can bend with ease if you’re doing squats or other compound exercises, and this makes it one of the top weightlifting shoes to go for.

2. Nano X Froning Weightlifting Shoes For CrossFit 

Price: £75 – £130

female weightlifting shoes

If you want to train like the elite athletes of today, well then you will need a pair of good weightlifting shoes from Reebok. These shoes join the Nike Metcon 5 Mat Fraser edition as being a shoe specifically associated with CrossFit, but can also be used for other weightlifting exercises.

These shoes have a definite crisp look to it, with boot-like construction for increased comfort. They will keep you secured and locked in so the shoes will not move about as you exercise. 

There’s innovative three-string rope lacing systems that provides additional security, which Froning also credits his three pillars in life – Faith, Family, and Fitness. There is also strong traction throughout the soles, offering a sure-footed feel for a wide range of movements. 

These shoes have a minimal heel to toe drop so these flat weightlifting shoes are more versatile compared to others.

3.Adipower 2 Shoes For Weightlifting

Price: £128.00

weightlifting shoes men

This product is the redesign of the Adipower predecessor. The original Adidas Adipower shoe has been a weightlifting enthusiast favourite for years. 

If you like the consistency of your heel height, then these shoes are the same height as the original Adipower. It’s made out of TPU so this product will be built to last. Unlike the original Adipower, the pillars are not visible so it’s a sleeker finish. 

The outer construction is actually rather simple, the textile is made out of breathable woven upper for a sock-like fit. This is very similar to Adipower’s previous model, the Powerlift 4, with the main difference being that the Adipower 2’s outer construction is slightly more rigid compared to the Powerlift 4 so it feels more durable. 

The placement of the foot strap is a midfoot strap which provides midfoot security. The placement sits slightly lower compared to the Adipower but you will hardly notice a major difference. 


4.Romaleos 4 Olympic Weightlifting Shoes

Price: £169.95

weightlifting shoes women

The Romaleos 4 are the newer product in the Romaleos series, and they’re definitely good weightlifting shoes to purchase. They’re a staple for most weightlifters even today, so we couldn’t leave them out of our list. The Nike Romaleos 4 is designed as a hybrid lifting shoe, which means it can be used for a variety of strength exercises.

Similar to the previous Romaleos 3 model, the shoe comes with two different soles, the softer sole and the harder sole. The max weight of the shoe is 425 grams, making it a lighter shoe, and therefore ideal for individuals who are performing functional style exercises. The lightweight feeling would be vital for most lifters.

The standard heel height is 0.79 inches which will help lifters who need an increased range of motion, but also want to stay below the higher 1-inch heel. The elevated heel will help lifters to remain stable, and help you to hit your PB’s in a squat to a snatch.

The Romaleos 4’s have a honeycomb-like structure, which helps to keep the heel stable and strong. This is the reason why the trainers are so light compared to the Romaleos 3 model. It’s made out of TPU material meaning these shoes are durable and will last you for years.

The most defining feature of the Romaleos 4 is the upper shoe material. The product is made out of the signature Flywire material, which is known for its ability to be lightweight and flexible, yet still strong and sturdy.

The Nike Romaleos 4 have two straps, an upgrade from the Romaleos 3 that only had one. The clever placing of the strap around the midfoot ensures there’s not excessive slack.

5.Do-Win Weightlifting Shoes For Men 


best shoes for weightlifting

The Do-Win Shoe has been a well-known brand in the weightlifting field for years and there are a few attributes which make the product different compared to other shoes on the market is the double strap design which only a few shoes still do currently. 

The shoe itself is a little wider to enhance the lifter’s ability to splay the toes when you are catching weight. This will help increase your stability on the platform by allowing a full grip to the floor. 

The weight of the shoes is 482 grams meaning it’s not the lightest shoe on the market, however, athletes who like to do strength and power-based movements. A lot of weightlifters bought Do-Win shoes because of renowned Olympic coach Glenn Pendlay.

This product is similar to most other models which offer a 0.75-inch heel and this heel is perfect for beginners adjusting to that height. 

The Do-Win shoe has a TPU heel designed with waves and extra heel support. This will benefit any weightlifting because any form of heel compression could compromise some lifts. The heel design of this product has a pillar-like structure down the mid-foot and heel, which will allow you to feel the platform really well considering you are on a TPU heel. 

The upper shoe material is made out of leather and a breathable nylon mesh. This will mean these shoes will last for years and will not stretch out fast over time. The mesh material will enable you to wear these shoes for a prolonged period of time and it will help the shoe remain comfortable and cool so you can concentrate on your workout. 

Something different about the Do-Win Shoes compared to others is the double metatarsal strapping system. These straps are positioned at the bottom and top of the tongue and this will ensure equal tightness throughout the shoe. This is vital for lifting the weight off the ground as you’re feet are secured so there will be no excessive flexion. These men’s weightlifting shoes also has velcro straps with double stitching enclosing on each strap so they’ll last for years to come.

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6.Legacy Lifter II Men’s Weightlifting Shoes

Price: £159.50

women's weightlifting shoes uk

These are the brand new models from Reebok, and they look great! The heel construction is similar to the Nano X earlier in the article, and there is an additional TPU strip which provides additional security towards the upper part of the heel. The raised heel will enable you to get depth when lifting from the floor or when you are performing squats. 

The outer construction of the shoe is made out of light synthetic leather, mesh for breathability and making the shoe lightweight.  

What’s different about these Olympic weightlifting shoes compared to others is instead of having the double strap construction, they only have the one thicker mid-foot strap which crosses over the mid-foot. 

The outsole is made out of rubber, and is flat and grippy. This will ensure your safety as you perform compound exercise movements. One thing that is different about this shoe when compared to others is that the inside of the midsole contains a stability plate, which will ensure the shoe will not be imbalanced as you workout.


7.Inov8 Fastlift 360 Men’s Weightlifting Shoes

Price: Starting from £134.95

best women's weightlifting shoes

Inov8 are one of the most well-known brands in the fitness industry, as they create many different types of shoes for a variety of fitness activities. These shoes are the perfect balance of stability, protection, and free movement. 

Weighing in at only 360g, this boasts a very supportive lifting base and highly durable upper shoe material. Due to its light weight, there is some flexibility with this shoe which will allow it to flex if you’re doing compound movements. 

There are a few things which make the Inov8 models different compared to other weightlifting shoes on the market. The heel height of the shoe is lower than the standard lifting shoe at 0.65 inches rather than 0.75 inches. This will make it a great introduction as weightlifting shoes for beginners. 

There is a wide toe box which means it’s roomier than the rest of the shoe. This will allow you to spread your toes out naturally even during your most heavy lifts. Splaying your toes will help provide a solid foundation so you can feel stronger and more secure in your stance. 

The outsoles are made out of rubber and deliver great traction on the floor during powerful lifts. This makes the product ideal for individuals who want to use the shoes as Olympic weightlifting shoes. 

On top of the shoe is a singular fastener with velcro for a more snug fit which crosses over the midfoot. This will keep your foot supported at all times so you focus on your workouts. 

It’s important to note this shoe can seem a little small, so we would recommend you ordering half a size up for a more comfortable fit. 

8.Tribase Reign Fitness Flat Weightlifting Shoes

Price: Starting £44.99

olympic weightlifting shoes uk

If you’re after cheap weightlifting shoes which are built to last, then you have definitely come to the right place. Under Armour has created their first-ever cross-training shoes. 

The outer material of the shoe has a ripstop material and lightweight mesh. If you haven’t heard of Ripstop material before, it’s basically a type of woven reinforced construction which is used for rope climbing and toe dragging which creates friction on the shoe.

One thing that is different about this shoe is the fact that there is no defined stitching. Everything is cleanly constructed and looks very sleek. There’s a nice feature at the base of the toes, that has a rib-like aspect and therefore helps the toes to flex. 

The midfoot and heel has the softer ripstop material and a rigid mesh. The reinforced layer of material extends towards the top of the trainer so it feels more secure to the feet. 

The forefoot’s toe box is made slightly wider compared to other shoes for a better toe splay. This ensures when you are performing any compound lifts, you’ll be able to secure your feet with no troubles at all. 

This shoe has a low cut design with an internal heel cup, which provides an extra layer of support outside the plastic portion. It’s only a few inches from the base of the shoe to the top but the shoe is very flexible. 

The midsole of the shoe has Under Armour’s new Micro G Foam, which is used to help provide a low to ground type feeling. 

The mid-foot has the TriBase outsole extended over the midsole, and a lot of other cross trainers use this type of construction. Towards the base of the shoe, the similar foam midsole layer is there as well, meaning your feet will be comfortable for prolonged periods. 

On the outsole of the TriBase is the TriBase technology which will allow the foot to manoeuvre through the three areas of flexibility. There are flex grooves around the toe which will provide upward and downward motion, and the TriBase sides are there to help with torsional flexion of the foot. 

The outsole also has a textured rubber base which provides a fair amount of grip on both gym floors, or on pavement if you’re doing an outdoor workout.

9.Vibram FiveFingers Flat Weightlifting Shoes

Price: Starting from  £55.99

cheap weightlifting shoes

This product is a barefoot shoe which is trying to mimic going barefoot whilst providing the protection of an outsole. The Vibram FiveFingers shoes will help improve your body mechanics by letting your foot move the way it should do and not the way it does in the shoe. 

The problem with most shoes is they push your outer toes in so instead, Vibram will allow you to spread your toes and will give you greater control at your base. This will help improve agility, body control, and balance, which are all vital components if you are weightlifting. 

The Vibram sole is incredibly responsive and will provide one of the best platforms for you to perform your workouts on. Yes, it may be tricky the first few times you use these shoes for weightlifting but you’ll realise how easy it is to adjust and hit those PB’s.

10. React Metcon Weightlifting Shoes for CrossFit 

Price: £134.95

cheap weightlifting shoes uk

The React Metcon is designed for use during both functional fitness and cross training workouts. Nike React has a soft and bouncy foam which is ideal for those who want a heel for driving their feet from the platform when performing compound movements. This product is very stable yet still comfortable, meaning that it can be used for different purposes. 

The most noticeable feature of this product is the lace lock system. Once your foot is secured where you want it to be, all you need to do is pull on the cord and you can feel the shoe lock into place. This will ensure there will be no heel slip, unlike some other Flyknit models. 

The upper part of the shoe is made with the famous FlyKnit material and this ensures the shoe to be one of the lightest on this list. The material is made of polyester yarn and has hardly any seams on the shoe.

11. Lifter PR II Top Weightlifting Shoes 

Price: £74.95

ladies weightlifting shoes

In comparison to other Olympic weightlifting shoes, the Lifter PR II price tag is a lot lower. It provides much-needed stability to execute workouts effectively. 

This heel is the standard 0.75-inch heel which will enable you to squat deeper to exert the force needed to carry the weight and maintain proper form throughout. 

The upper part of the shoe is made of a mix of both mesh-like material and leather to ensure breathability and security throughout. The shoes can be put to good use before you see any noticeable wear and tear on the product. 

The lacing system and straps help to keep the feet secure and not let your feet move within the shoe whilst lifting. There are tiny grooves on the sole which are designed for a weightlifter to make use of whilst lifting. The grooves are made of rubber so these shoes are built to last, yet they are flexible enough for you to perform box jumps whilst wearing them. We have a list of the 27 best step exercises if you’re interested in this type of workout. 


12.D Mak Rogue High Top Weightlifting Shoes  


mens weightlifting shoes

Here’s something a little different; some high top weightlifting shoes from Ryderwear. The leather is thick and covers the upper part of the shoe, and will last a very long time in comparison to a lot of the other products out there. 

If you’re looking for deadlift type shoes then these Ryderwear shoes are ideal due to the outsoles being almost flat. You will feel more grounded and when you pull the bar, you will immediately notice the difference in comparison to normal trainers, as some trainers will absorb the initial crank of the lift. 

You will also notice due to the shoes being a high-top shoe, your ankles will be protected in whichever lift you are planning to do.


13.15PFUSSIL Pendlay Women’s Weightlifting Shoes

Price: £50.30

women's weightlifting shoes

Here’s another shoe from Pendlay that are designed to allow you to reach maximum performance whilst keeping your feet safe. If you’re on the hunt for women’s weightlifting shoes in the UK, then you’ll be glad to know that this model has been engineered to make the overall experience at the gym a more comfortable one. 

These ladies weightlifting shoes have been made with leather which gives the durability and flexibility of the product. This shoe is more suited towards Olympic weightlifting because of the slightly lifted heel. The heel height is a minimal 18mm, making this the mid-range price on this list. 

The nylon mesh makes it easier for air to enter the surface of the shoe and wicks moisture and sweat away. The design of the sole has strengthened its structure and improve its durability.

One of the features which stands out of the trainers is the two straps across the laces which lock your feet into place and give you extra support to the midfoot. 

These shoes only weigh 482 grams which is a nice balance, the extra weight will also keep your feet planted on the ground but they are light enough for most people to turn their feet quickly enough on dynamic movements. 

The shoe also contains a TPU Heel which this material doesn’t easily compress but it’s light in weight and is very durable, so if you’re after sturdy ladies weightlifting shoes then this will be for you.


14.Vs Athletics Weightlifting Shoes For CrossFit


olympic weightlifting shoes

Now you may not have heard of the Vs Athletics brand before but it’s fantastic for propelling the weight upwards with a solid 1.4-inch heel to help with squats. However, if you’re looking for shoes for a deadlift, these shoes are not suitable due to the height of them.

This product has TPU heels which have been around for a while, and should not have any compression issues at all. TPU heels are a lot better than EVA heels due to the fact that EVA heels can become compressed under heavy loads. 

The upper shoe material is made out of synthetic and mesh, the mesh is around the top of the ankles and the tongue of the shoe. 

There are two-foot straps similar to some of the products on the list, and the straps are positioned at the lower and upper part of the tongue giving you a more secure and snug fit.

15.Powerlift 4 Weightlifting Shoes For Women and Men

Price: Starting From £70.60

best weightlifting shoes

Our final shoe is the Adidas Powerlift 4. The outer construction has a full outer canvas construction, and the canvas material is the same as the material that is used for backpacks and tents, making it incredibly durable. However, it isn’t the most breathable shoe as there are no holes on the toe or mid-foot. 

In comparison to the Powerlift 3’s, you may think due to the lack of ridges they might appear different but in fact, they are exactly the same as they don’t impact the models. The missing ridges actually have a heel loop to help with the ease of pulling the shoe on.

Before you go!

We hope you found our UK weightlifting shoes article interesting and insightful during your search. 15 products may seem like a lot, but it’s great to have a good range of shoes to pick from (especially when they’ve been specially selected). 

As mentioned earlier, the ideal height for any beginner weightlifter should be 0.75 inches as that’s a good foundation to start your weightlifting journey. If you are looking for shoes that are mainly for deadlifts, then we recommend going for a heel slightly lower as you are driving your feet through the platform to lift the weights. 

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