When you’re doing a triathlon; a race which involves a swim, a cycle and a run – you don’t want to be wasting time changing outfits between each stage, and that’s where the women’s tri suit comes into play.

As the only piece of apparel that sticks with you for every step of the way, the tri suit is a fundamental piece of triathlon gear, so it’s important that you choose one that’s right for you. 

Through our extensive research, we have analysed all the women’s tri suit reviews floating around the internet, weighed up the pros and cons of all that’s on offer out there, and come to a shortlist of 17 products in the hopes that you can find the best women’s triathlon suit to compliment your needs.

Whether you want a sleeved or sleeveless option, bright colours or minimal designs, we’ve got every option imaginable on our list! Make sure to read our FAQs at the end of the article for more information about tri suits for women.

Before we jump right in, if you’re interested in a career in fitness, why not take a look at our L3 Personal Trainer Diploma, or download our FREE prospectus here before you carry on reading? 

#1 – RunBreeze Women’s Triathlon Suit

Price: £39.99

RunBreeze ladies tri suit uk

The Runbreeze holds an impressive 4.5/5 star rating on Amazon from a staggering 354 satisfied customers. Better still, it’s the cheapest women’s triathlon suit on the list, and it’s rare to find quality like this for such a low price. If those reviews aren’t enough to convince you, let’s take a closer look at why it’s so popular.

Quite simply, this budget women tri suit comes loaded with impressive features. It offers some of the highest UPF protection you’ll find, at 50+, so it’s perfect for long distance runners who are exposed to the sun for large periods of time. 

Crafted with quick-drying fabric, you won’t be slowed down by excess water after the swimming segment and what’s more, this women’s triathlon suit is even chlorine proofed for training in the pool. To help further your training for the swimming element, why not check out our guide on the best swimming trackers to track your data.

The RunBreeze is, of course, designed with slick aerodynamics in mind. This tri suit for women moulds to your body as you move, providing excellent muscle support while keeping your body streamlined through every part of the race. Even the pockets have been positioned on the back of the suit so that they won’t disrupt your streamlined profile.

The attention to detail here is frankly incredible. The padding of the crotch area is designed to add comfort during the cycle section, but it’s hypoallergenic too, a feature rarely seen in other suits. It’s no wonder that this triathlon suit for women offers such quality, because RunBreeze put it through extensive testing with professional athletes in real life situations.

If you’ve read a range of other women’s tri suit reviews, you’ll know that a rating this high, and from so many customers, is extremely uncommon. In the case of the RunBreeze though, it’s fully deserved, and we can’t recommend this triathlon women’s suit enough.

#2 – Orca Core Race Suit

Price: £99

orca core tri suit for women

The Core Race Suit isn’t the only Orca ladies tri suit (UK) to make the list, and it’s slightly more affordable than the 226 we mention further down the list. 

Anybody with an eye on the environment and sustainability will love this triathlon women’s suit. The fabric is made from 80% recycled nylon, and in addition to that, it is also long lasting. Increased durability means that you can use the suit for much longer, and won’t need to generate waste by buying a new one.

As a result, the Core is by far the most eco-friendly ladies triathlon suit on the list, but its appeal stretches way beyond just that. The emphasis here is on comfort and aerodynamics, and this shows through with every design choice. 

Its patented aquastretch fabric is light and provides top of the range moisture management. As well as that, this triathlon suit for ladies is coated in water repellent for the swim section, and the fabric is designed to wick sweat fast.

A mesh back panel increases breathability even more, and gives the suit a stylish, futuristic look which we really liked. Throw in spacious back pockets and sun protection, and you’ve got a suit capable of seeing you through even the most gruelling race. 

The chamois (the small padded area in a triathlon suit’s short area) deserves a special mention; 6mm thick with an impressive density of 120kg, this impressive feature ensures maximum comfort during the cycle and you will barely notice it in the remainder of the race.

If you’re searching for a good all round women tri suit which is as kind to the environment as it is to you, then you can’t go wrong here.

#3 – Aptonia SD Sleeveless Tri Suit

Price: £29.99 (Currently reduced to £14.99)

decathlon best triathlon suit for women

Not every beginner wants to plunge in at the deep end and spend over £100 on a triathlon suit designed for gruelling, long distance races that they might never even attempt. 

A more casual athlete will almost certainly benefit from a lower cost suit capable of seeing them through a standard race, whilst still offering all the protection they need without breaking the bank. 

This black and pink triathlon suit in the women’s range from Decathlon comes with all the features you might expect from a higher end suit. The fabric is quick drying to speed you up during the transition from swim to cycle, and there’s moisture management in the form of mesh; this helps sweat evaporate much faster, and helps you shed any excess water from the swim. 

There is, of course, a foam pad for added comfort during the cycle, but it’s nice and thin so guarantees to not impede your progress during the rest of the rest. 

We know that there can be problems with sizing when buying from stores based outside the UK. Anyone searching for tri suit women’s UK sizing will be pleased to find that the Aptonia is stocked widely in the UK, and based on women’s tri suit reviews online, the suit comes true to size.

We love this triathlon suit for women because it proves that triathlons can be accessible to all, regardless of their budget. We can’t commend Aptonia enough for their work.

These suits are a common sight in a women’s triathlon suit sale, so you might be able to secure an even lower price if you get your timing right!

#4 – Orca 226 Race Suit

Price: £129.00

orca perform race tri suit womens uk

As previously mentioned, Orca is a popular name amongst triathletes and athletes alike, so our list wouldn’t be complete with just one triathlon suit for ladies from the brand.

The Orca 226 women’s tri suit prides itself on its unique Stretchskin fabric, which brings a number of benefits. The core principle is that the suit moulds perfectly to your body, almost like a second skin, and adjusts with your every movement. It balances comfort with support, and this feature alone assures the Orca 226’s position on the list. 

Stretchskin helps to create a slim and streamlined profile, perfect for aerodynamics, as well as providing muscle compression. Any triathlete will know about the importance of good compression, which promotes oxygen transfer to the muscles, and in turn helps to reduce the build up of painful lactic acid.

The features don’t end there though. This Orca 226 women’s tri suit is made of quick drying fabric, and the Italian weave in the chamois is exceptionally comfortable during the cycle, but never gets in the way during the run or swim. Crafted with laser cutting and thermo sealing helping with temperature moderation, and we were big fans of the nanocrystal technology that wicks away sweat.

Pockets on the back of the suit and a reflective design for added nighttime visibly sweeten the deal still further. This is a women’s tri suit that really has got every base covered. We think it’s perfectly suited for triathlons of any distance, as well as for training. Whatever you choose, you’re bound to get a lot of performance from the Orca 226, and all for a price that doesn’t break the bank.

#5 – Pearl iZumi Women’s Select Pursuit

Price: £34.38

pearl izumi tyr womens tri suit

No list exploring the best women’s triathlon suit would be complete without giving Pearl iZumi a mention. Pearl is one of the biggest and most respected triathlon brands in the world, and this is a tri suit women will love for its many benefits, comfortable fit and focus on high performance.

The two biggest areas of interest for triathletes are breathability and moisture management, and we think this triathlon women’s suit is industry leading in both categories. The Select Transfer Dry fabric decreases the transition time between swim and cycle by wicking moisture fast. You won’t find yourself bogged down with excess water, and the fabric is great at helping sweat evaporate too.

The Select Pursuit also features a separate bra top, making it much easier to take the suit on and off as well as adding extra support. We love how lightweight the fabric is, and the chamois is especially comfortable. It’s flexible and soft, but also offers brilliant support for the cycle and, like the rest of the suit, it’s quick dry.

The stretch fabric offers some brilliant compression, and a variety of features have been added to prevent chafing, including silicone leg grips and extra wide arm holes. You won’t be uncomfortable at any point in this women’s tri suit, and nor will you lack storage space; the pocket on the rear of the suit is vast and easy access, perfect for storing gels and energy bars.

This is a triathlon suit women will love for it’s attention to detail. From breathability to the moisture management and anti-chafing features, it feels like everything has been engineered to provide you with maximum comfort and performance. 

With a brand like Pearl iZumi, none of this comes as much of a surprise. All of their suits are worth a look, but we think this is their best offering to date.

#6 – Zoot Sports Women’s Ultra Aero

Price: £275.00

zoot aero best womens triathlon suit

Another famous and well respected brand amongst sportspeople, Zoot has designed the perfect tri suit for women with aerodynamics at the forefront of their production. 

This triathlon women’s suit comes with unique Aero fabric that has undergone extensive wind tunnel testing to ensure that it delivers top performance. The result is a fabric which reduces wind resistance and drag, and, quite simply, helps you go faster. 

The new fabric is fascinating, and Zoot was inspired by the dimple design of golf balls, which fly through the air unimpeded. They placed these dimples at critical points on the triathlon women’s suit to reduce the vortex of air which is generated behind an athlete. The result is less drag, saved watts, greater efficiency and faster times. 

If this all sounds like science fiction, that’s because Zoot has been pushing the boundaries of athletic equipment for years, and this women’s triathlon suit represents the latest innovation. 

Of course, you’ll also find a variety of other features including stretch mesh for moisture management and durability, grippers for better compression and next-to-skin-stitching for comfort and streamlining.

A triathlon takes on average three hours, therefore, you need to ensure you’re providing your  body with the correct amount of nutrients and boosters to keep your body energised for the entire duration. Make sure to check out our guide on the best hydration tablets to fuel your body.


If you’re looking for a tri suit for women which allows you to keep your possessions with you during the race, then this Zoot suit provides specifically for that.

We loved the huge centre back pocket, which Zoot describes as “kangaroo style,” and there’s certainly enough room for all your gels and bars. A full length front zipper makes mid race bathroom stops that bit easier, and the traditional chamois has undergone a bit of a redesign too. 

The Carbon Free-Edge is much more comfortable, and Zoot promises comfort up to six hours in the aero position. 

Anyone searching for a triathlon suit for women’s will be blown away by the technological advances on offer here, but Zoot also does the basics incredibly well.

#7 – 2XU Women’s Active Tri Suit

Price: £85.00

 2xu Active women's triathlon suit

2XU specialises in high quality triathlon suits which draw on the apparel of elite and world beating athletes. Their equipment is top class, and their tri suit for women’s version is no different.

We chose the Active ladies tri suit for our shortlist because we think it’s the best compromise between quality and price. It comes with all the features of some of the more expensive 2XU suits, but at a much more affordable price.

As you might expect from 2XU, this women’s triathlon suit comes with a lot of features, nearly too many to list. Of special interest is the fabric itself, which combines elastane with high-lament nylon. The result is what 2XU calls Skin Lite. It’s lightweight and moulds to the body, and excels in hot conditions where it will manage your temperature brilliantly. 

The lower section of the suit is all about compression, and boosting circulation to the muscles. This helps decrease lactic acid, increases endurance and shortens recovery time. We loved how the lower portion of the suit moves with the body in perfect sync, providing support but never feeling uncomfortable.

Moisture management is the name of the game with the chamois on this women’s tri suit. It provides excellent support during the cycle but you’ll hardly notice it during the run. 

Overall, this suit represents an excellent balance of comfort and support, quality and price. We would certainly recommend it for beginners, but more advanced triathletes will benefit too.

#8 – Wyn Republic Tri Classics Sleeveless Suit

Price: £219.00

wyn republic  triathlon suit for women

It’s possible that you haven’t heard of Wyn Republic, but they’re increasing their presence in the world of triathlon and their gear has a reputation for being subtly stylish as well as high quality.

We love the smart styling of the Classics, and Wyn Republic’s bear logo really sets the design off. It’s great to see a triathlon suit for ladies that ups the ante in the fashion stakes, and this triathlon women’s suit represents a nice departure from many of the other, purely functional offerings.

Of course, it has a lot of substance to go with the style. The emphasis is on breathability and comfort, and the Italian fabric feels exceptionally soft against the skin, with no sign of any chafing. It’s the perfect tri suit for women who want high performance but don’t want to sacrifice comfort during longer races. 

The fabric is quick dry, and vents facilitate better airflow and breathability, as well as helping moisture to evaporate much more quickly. The special 3mm chamois even comes with draining holes to smooth out the transition from the swim, and the suit offers UPF protection of 35+.

On such a strenuous race, it is crucial to your physical health that you keep on top of your hydration at all times. Go and take a look at our favourite water bottles catered specifically to match the needs of runners and athletes alike.

Wyn Republic is making the transition to an eco-friendly company, and is part of the worldwide 1% for the planet, whereby companies donate at least 1% of their profits to environmentally friendly causes. They’re an American company, but if you’re looking for ladies tri suit UK delivery, you’ll be pleased to find that shipping rates are reasonable and delivery is prompt. 

#9 – ROKA Generation II Women’s Elite Aero 

Price: £255

ROKA womens tri suit

It’s certainly not the cheapest women’s tri suit on the market, but you get what you pay for. In this case, that’s potentially the most advanced tri suit for ladies that you’ll find anywhere, from a company with a fearsome reputation for innovation and success. The suit itself looks like something from the future, and it performs like that too – trust us, it appears in virtually all tri suit women’s reviews.

ROKA has drawn on a huge number of influences for this women’s tri suit, including time spent in wind tunnels working on aerodynamics, feedback from professional athletes, and the performance of their Pro Cycling Collection. The result is a suit which ticks every single box. If you’ve got the money to spend and feel like making an investment in your athletic pursuits, then you won’t be disappointed. 

Sleeves are laser cut and strategically taped to max out your aerodynamic advantage without sacrificing comfort. There’s huge amounts of core support from the special Schoeller Eschler carbon knit on the front panels, which also provides efficient temperature control. 

The chamois contours to your body, and even the pockets have undergone extensive testing. They’re designed to be easy to reach and safe, and positioned so as not to upset the aerodynamics of the suit.

While some suits are designed with specific distances in mind, ROKA’s women triathlon suit is perfect for anything from a short distance race to a full length Ironwoman challenge. We could go on, but if you want a high quality suit that feels like the future, look no further.

#10 – TYR Women’s Competitor Tri Suit

Price: £109.99

TYR Competitor ladies triathlon suit

TYR routinely produces some of the best triathlon gear in the world, so it’s no wonder that so many athletes search specifically for a new TYR women’s tri suit. 

Competition is stiff amongst the various suits on offer, but we think the Competitor wins due to its emphasis on compression and blood flow, which can really make the difference in a longer race. 

The TYR women’s tri suit is made using the brand’s personal patented Competitor fabric, which comes with special compression webbing. The webbing boosts blood flow to your muscles, thereby increasing oxygen levels and helping prevent the buildup of lactic acid. This in turn means that you’ll be able to perform at a higher level, increase your endurance and shorten your recovery time. 

These are bold claims, but TYR describes this triathlon women’s suit as going beyond “the bounds of apparel.” It’s capable of lifting your performance above that of standard gear. We particularly liked the built in amp pad, which is designed to absorb your weight in the aero position. Better still, it’s so discrete that you’ll barely feel it, and it keeps your movements nice and unrestricted.

Throw in quick drying moisture management, spacious back pockets and an impressive 11” front zipper, and you’ve got a suit which will benefit athletes of all levels. Anyone who has already read up on tri suit women’s reviews will already be familiar with TYR, and while they do offer a lot of suits, we think this is their finest work.

#11 – Sugoi RPM Tri Suit

Price: £140.00

sugoi RPM triathlon suit women

Another regular face on tri suit women’s reviews is this favourite from Sugoi.

The RPM enjoys the prestigious honour of coming with the most up to date chamois in the world. It’s called the TriLite 3, and it emphasises comfort and support, so your movements will be unrestricted but your muscles will still be getting the lift that they need. The TriLite 3 is super lightweight too, so you’ll hardly notice its presence. 

This women’s tri suit is about much more than just the chamois though, and you’ll find plenty to love elsewhere too. The combination of Triflex and Speed Mesh moulds nicely to the body and doesn’t sag in water. It’s extremely lightweight and there’s a good amount of ventilation through the back.

The RPM really excels in the moisture transfer department, so you’ll be able to speed up your transitions after the swim. There are no worries about the buildup of sweat either, which wicks quickly due to the mesh and the breathability of the fabric. 

With 30+ UPF sun protection, it’s safe to say that this triathlon suit for women will see you through all kinds of races in all kinds of different weather conditions. 

The two spacious rear pockets are a great addition, and you’ll have no problem fitting your essentials in. Sugoi might not be as well known as some of the other brands on this list, but their triathlon suit women’s edition is a high performer. We recommend it especially to beginners who might not be sure which suit to buy, and are looking for something that covers all bases well.

#12 – Betty Designs World Champion 3.0

Price: £249.99

BETTY DESIGNS tri suit women

If you want to stand out from the crowd, look no further than Betty Designs. 

The company specialises in bright and vibrant designs full of colour and bold patterns. They’re already starting to make a big splash on social media with their eye catching apparel, so this is certainly a company to keep an eye on for the future.

We’ve chosen the World Champion 3.0 Women’s Triathlon Suit in part because we love the design. The black background with skull and flower prints is striking on its own, and Betty Designs has added a series of multicoloured stripes across the chest, back and sleeves, ensuring that you’ll stand out from the crowd. 

There’s plenty going on beneath the surface too, not least the special Raceflow fabric. It’s highly breathable while providing fantastic levels of compression to keep your circulation up. Acqua Zero Lite fabric gives this women tri suit its moisture management credentials, and it’s one of the fastest drying suits on the market. 

The chamois is lightweight and antimicrobial to offset the risk of saddle sores during longer rides, and two back pockets provide all the storage that you’ll need. The stylish design may be a touch on the expensive side for some, but you can always wait for a ladies tri suit sale and try to grab a bargain. 

When making the decision to sign up for your first triathlon, or any race at that, it is crucial you do as much research and preparation as possible – as going into one of these events untrained can cause deterimental effects to your health. Make sure you give our ultimate guide on outdoor training a read before jumping straight in.

Anybody searching for a ladies tri suit in the UK with real flair will absolutely love the World Champion 3.0, but don’t mistake it for a case of style over substance. There are enough features here to keep even triathlon veterans happy. 

#13 – dhb Hydron Women’s Sleeveless

Price: £55.00

dnb ladies tri suit

dhb is another leading brand in the sportswear department, so if you’re looking for the best women’s triathlon suit, they’ve got it covered. 

Their apparel is popular with athletes of all levels, and we’ve chosen the Hyrdon for the list because of it’s all round appeal. It does everything well, and anyone searching for a dhb women’s tri suit but feeling overwhelmed by the amount of choice, will find that the Hydron represents the best of dhb.

It does so at an affordable price too, which is somewhat surprising considering how advanced this women’s triathlon suit is. There’s 50+ UV protection, flat locked stitching and brilliant elastic leg grippers that strike a balance between comfort and support.

The special VITA fabric in this black and pink triathlon suit is probably the biggest draw. It comes with a number of benefits, not least the fact that it’s 25% thinner than other fabrics and also much softer, so you’ll always be comfortable even during gruelling races. Better still, it’s quick drying and resistant to chlorine, and VITA holds its shape better than other fabrics, so the suit is much more durable.

We loved the fit of this dhb women’s tri suit; it moulds to the body and offers fantastic compression without feeling tight or uncomfortable. This is mostly down to the VITA fabric, but dhb has done a great job with the fit. It really is one of the most comfortable suits on the list.

dhb suggests that the Hyrdon women triathlon suit is suitable for athletes of all levels, from enthusiasts right up to seasoned veterans. With its many features and all round strong performance, we can’t help but agree. This is a triathlon suit for ladies that really does tick all of the boxes. 

#14 – Xenon Full Suit

Price: £70.00

speedo xenon speedo tri suit women's

The Xenon is another great all round ladies triathlon suit, perfect for any distance and comes equipped with enough features to cover all your needs. 

This suit, from the Speedo tri suit women’s range, has the appealing addition of a silver treated TRI pad. The silver treatment works an antimicrobial effect which reduces odours over the long term.

There’s also integrated bra support, and we especially liked the silicone leg grippers. They offer a secure grip without being too tight, and the bonded leg hem helps with chafing. That said, the biggest draw is certainly the Endurance 10 fabric. It stretches with your muscles, so you’ll never feel restricted as you race.

This black and pink triathlon suit in the women’s range comes with a few other benefits too; the fabric is more resistant to chlorine than standard elastane, and it’s great at wicking sweat. You’ll also benefit from the mesh on the chest and back, boosting ventilation even more. As the fabric moves with the body, it provides excellent compression, and all the added bonuses of increased circulation, better oxygenation and boosted endurance.

The Xenon is much more affordable than some of the other entries on the list, and given its strong all round credentials we think it’s an absolutely perfect first suit. Anybody looking in the Speedo tri suit for the women’s department will be pleased to find the Xenon there, so you’ll get all the added benefits of secure shopping, fast delivery and trusted service.

#15 – Huub Women’s Long Course Aura Top and Shorts

Prices: Top: £79.99 , Shorts: £79.99

HUUB 2 piece tri suit womens

For longer distance runners, we would highly recommend investing in a two piece tri suit; deemed to be a much more practical option that makes breaks during the race faster and easier.

Although designed with longer races in mind, we’re sure that anyone looking for a Huub tri suit (women’s version) will be more than happy with the top and shorts combo on offer here. One piece suits might be in vogue at the moment, but the classic two piece is far from dead, especially with this 2 piece tri suit in the women’s range.

A shorts and top combination still holds quite a few advantages over its more modern cousin, not least in terms of comfort. They’re far less restrictive, and tend to hold less heat than a one piece. Air flows much more easily, ventilation is better, and there’s usually more storage space – it is surprising that more people aren’t sold by a two piece tri suit for ladies

It’s great news, then, that Huub has put so much work into developing a 2 piece tri suit women’s UK version. The Aura comes with all the benefits of a one piece, including the much sought after Coldback temperature management system. The fabric is heat reflective and offers UPF 30 protection. Since two pieces are usually cooler anyway, this is a big deal.

There’s a female specific chamois, mesh panels for added ventilation, and the sleeveless design helps you glide through the water during the swim section. The shorts in this Huub tri suit (women’s version) offer all the same benefits, as well as a low slung waistband for additional comfort. 

Anyone who thinks the two piece tri suit is in danger of becoming obsolete, or can’t offer the same benefits as the more modern one piece, should take a look at the Aura. It’s comfortable, breathable, and durable enough to see you through races of any distance. If you’re searching for a two piece tri suit ladies design, then you won’t be disappointed.

#16 – Zone 3 Activate Plus

Price: £84.00

zone 3 triathlon womens suit

Zone 3 has enjoyed tremendous success in the triathlon suit for ladies market, scooping prestigious awards in 2016 and 2017. 

They’ve continued to build on that success since, and the Active Plus is the culmination of years of evolution. This is a mid range suit, so it won’t break the bank, but it comes with enough features to elevate it high above the field of other similarly priced pieces of apparel. 

It’s the perfect suit for anyone who puts breathability and sweat control at the top of their priorities. The fabric is lightweight and wicks moisture brilliantly, mostly due to the waffle back panel. We loved the super stretchy Lycra Sport fabric, which provides support without ever feeling too constrictive. It moves with you and genuinely does feel like a second skin.

The Activate Plus is a ladies triathlon suit full of useful features which don’t appear elsewhere. The inner chest lining is particularly handy, as it allows you to open the front zipper for added ventilation without exposing too much of your chest. A big elastic back pocket is a great addition too, and there’s ample room for storage. 

We were big fans of the design as well, and this is a ladies tri suit that keeps at least half an eye on fashion. The momentum version is decorated with some spacey and colourful geometric side panels, but we think we prefer the stealth camo edition. It’s a twist on the traditional camouflage aesthetic, with hints of sparkle and fluorescence. 

Whichever you choose, you’ll certainly stand out from the crowd, and you can race safely in the knowledge that every element of the Activate Plus is working hard on your behalf. 

#17 – Castrelli Free

Price: £130.00

castelli free tri suit womens

A brand that appears across the board in tri suit women’s reviews and another huge name in the world of athletics,  it is no surprise that the Castrelli Free Women Triathlon Suit made our shortlist.

Castrelli manufactured this triathlon suit for women with shorter race distances in mind, but we think the combination of aerodynamics, storage and durability make it absolutely perfect for any length. It might be the lightest ladies triathlon suit on the list, and of course that becomes incredibly useful the longer the race goes on.

The upper segment of the suit is made of SpeedFreak fabric, which helps with moisture management and dries quickly after the swim. If you’re looking for a suit which will help with the cycling part of the race, then you’ll be pleased with the Castrelli free. The back is made from Velocity Mesh, which underwent win tunnel testing to maximise its efficiency when you’re on the bike.

The KISS Tri seat is an area of particular interest, and what sets this women’s triathlon suit apart from the competition. It offers brilliant support during the cycle, but it seems to disappear for the rest of the race. Castrelli prides themselves on this addition, and it’s unlikely that you’ll find a better seat anywhere else. 

Smaller details, like the soft finish armholes help with chafing, and the Istadry Speed fabric is fantastic at preventing excess moisture. Throw in two hip pockets for nutritional supplies and quality leg grippers, and you’ve got a suit capable of seeing you through anything.

If you need a new women’s tri suit for any distance that performs well in all areas, Castrelli is a beloved brand that you should definitely take a look at. 


What is a Women’s Tri Suit?

A tri suit is for women is traditionally a one-piece that is a hybrid of a swimming suit and pair of running/cycling shorts – the three disciplines of a triathlon.

It can be worn under a wetsuit while you swim, thanks to its quick-drying fabric, so after the water stage you just peel off your wetsuit and wear your tri suit for the remaining bike and run legs. If you’re particularly looking for a tri suit for women, all that you need to know is that this is a suit that is manufactured with women’s body types in mind, as opposed to those that are made for men. 

Now that we’ve got the quick question of what is a women’s tri suit? out of the way, it’s time to check out what you should be looking for in your pick.

How to Choose a Women’s Tri Suit?

Choosing the right women’s tri suit for your next race is a crucial part of the race’s process, as there are a number of factors that could either enhance or diminish your performance.

We’ve compiled a list of these factors that you should consider at all times when searching the market for your new women’s triathlon suit:

  • Quick Drying –  Potentially the most important factor of a tri suit, it is vital to ensure your suit is quick drying. Water holds onto weight, which will inevitably have a negative impact on your performance. As well as that, if a suit retains water following the swim, it increases the level of friction between fabric and skin, therefore, causing chafing; to elimate this, it is crucial to look for quick-drying tri suits for women. 
  • UV Protection – Depending on the distance of your triathlon, you may be exposed to the sun for a long period of time so it is important that your suit offers a good level of UV protection.
  • Padding – For the maxium comfort, this is a prime factor of finding the best suit. This element may not be so important in the swim and run segment of the triathlon, however during the cycle, you will thank your lucky stars that you put a high level of consideration into finding a suit that can provide padding in all the correct places.
  • Pockets/Pouch – Like we previously mentioned, a triathlon can last on average three hours, so it is crucial you keep your body hydrated and fuelled. When searching for a women’s tri suit, make sure to look for suits with storage where you can store any gels, supplements or any other essentials to keep your body going.

Before you go!

We hope you found our guide of the top 17 women’s triathlon suits (UK) helpful. We believe that 17 products is a good enough variety for you to choose from without feeling overwhelmed, and we hope we gave you an insight on finding the best women’s triathlon suit for you! 

If you’re interested in a career in fitness, why not take a look at our L3 PT Diploma, or check out our prospectus before you go to find out more.

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Graduating from Liverpool John Moores University with a BA (Hons) in Journalism, Annie specialises in mental and physical wellbeing, with a specific interest in nutrition and mindfulness. Her long standing interest in fitness is what brought her to OriGym, and led her to become a qualified Personal Trainer and obtain specialist qualifications in Advanced Sports Nutrition. Annie’s primary professional attraction lies in following and tracking the ever-changing trends in the fitness industry. Beyond OriGym, Annie divides her time between personal writing, her passion for the countryside and mountain walking, and charitable runs.

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