Sure, you can use your traditional yoga blanket for cosying up on the sofa and we know it completely ties your whole bedroom decor together, but did you know that the humble blanket is actually the perfect tool for a relaxing yoga practice? Yes, really!

Before we get started, if you are investing in products such as these it’s likely you have a passion for yoga. So, why not turn this into a career through the completion of a Level 3 Yoga Teaching diploma?

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What is a yoga blanket?

Yoga blankets are a simple yet effective tool used during yoga practices. They are slightly thicker than regular blankets, and their purpose in yoga is to provide warmth during specific poses for relaxation such as the Savasana pose (corpse pose), provide extra support during more advanced poses which your body might not be completely ready for, and also to give some cushioning for your hands, feet, knees, and elbows throughout the practice.

For more info on how to use a yoga blanket, read through to the bottom where we give a few more details.

#1 – The Sea House Co. Mexican Baja Yoga Blanket

Price: £12.31

best yoga blanket uk

Etsy is a great website that allows you to purchase beautifully handcrafted products from independent creators and artists across the world. Etsy stocks every product imaginable: from clothes to candles, to kitschy gifts. Amongst this wide array of products are a number of great, handmade, high-quality yoga blankets.

This Mexican Baja yoga blanket from The Sea House Co. is handmade using a soft polyester material and is very multifunctional. First and foremost, this yoga blanket is perfect for using during your yoga practice, either for comfort during a relaxation practice or for additional support in more dynamic yoga poses. Another great way to support your poses is with yoga straps. However, this blanket is also ideal for using as a decorative throw for your bedroom, or a picnic blanket or even just as a regular blanket to keep you warm while you lounge around the house.

With dimensions around 170cm by 135cm, this yoga blanket is a great size for a whole host of activities. It gives you plenty of material to work with during your yoga practice, as well as providing a large surface area, should you use it as a picnic or beach blanket. Moreover, this blanket is relatively lightweight in comparison to some other yoga blankets on the market, which makes it ideal to travel with.

The design of this Mexican Baja blanket is in line with the style of a traditional Mexican yoga blanket, which features an intricate stripe pattern. This blanket is also available in 9 vibrant colours:

  • Neon Yellow, Grey and Black
  • Hot Pink, Grey and Black
  • Yellow, Aqua and Green
  • Pink, Grey and White
  • Purple and Aqua
  • Pink, Green and White
  • Aqua, Turquoise, Grey and White
  • Blue, Pink, Orange and White
  • Neon Yellow, Blue and Purple

#2 – Decathlon DOMYOS Yoga Blanket

Price: £12.99

discount yoga blankets

Decathlon sells products from a range of brands, but DOMYOS is their own brand of fitness equipment and activewear. DOMYOS has a wide range of great products and, as a whole, is a great brand to look at if you are looking for high-quality fitness equipment on a budget.

This DOMYOS yoga blanket is made from a Polyester and Polyamide fabric blend and is really soft and gentle on the skin. The unique design of this blanket means that there is one side which is made of felt and the other which is made of fleece. This is great because it gives you options in terms of which fabric you would prefer to have directly on your skin, and added warmth from the fleece.

A great feature of these cheap yoga blankets is the small flap on the bottom which allows you to attach your blanket to your yoga mat. This is amazing for helping your blanket stay in one place throughout your yoga practice, as it can be really annoying having to constantly keep adjusting it!

In terms of this yoga blanket size, it’s definitely on the smaller end of the scale in comparison to other blankets for yoga on this list. For this reason, this blanket may not be ideal for you if you have a larger frame. However, it does make it very handy to travel with as it is also very lightweight, weighing just 575g. To make it even more travel-friendly, this yoga blanket comes with an elastic strap which you can wrap around it to keep it tightly rolled up.

The design of the DOMYOS yoga blanket is very simple, as it is just one plain colour all over. It does, however, comes in a choice of 2 colours:

  • Burgundy
  • Deep Chocolate Truffle

#3 – Base Yoga Mexican Style Falsa Yoga Blanket

Price: £15.99

wool yoga blankets

Base Yoga offers a great range of different yoga accessories to help get the most out of your yoga practice, including: yoga straps, mats, blocks, and blankets. This specific blanket is in the style of a traditional Mexican yoga blanket, which is very popular amongst yogis.

These cheap yoga blankets are made from a soft cotton/polyester blend that is really comfortable to sit on, and provides great warmth – perfect for wrapping yourself up in. It can be used to lay over yourself in a Savasana pose (corpse pose), but is specifically recommended to be used as extra padding for positions like shoulder stands where you feel you need the added support.

The yoga cotton blanket itself measures around 1.8 metres by 1.3 metres, which offers a great surface area for you to use during your yoga routine. What’s more, the Base Yoga blankets weigh 1.2kg, which make it on the heavier side to carry around but perfect for using as a weighted anxiety blanket, and the extra weight gives it a very luxurious feel. However, it does mean that it isn’t as handy to travel with as it can be quite bulky if you want to pack it in a bag.

The look of this cotton yoga blanket for UK yogis is very stylish as it has a traditional Mexican weave and stripe design. The blanket is also available in 2 colours:

  • Green
  • Dusky Pink

#4 – Canyon Creek Mexican Yoga Blanket

Price: £19.20

indian cotton yoga blankets

Over the years, traditional Mexican yoga blankets have become the number one choice for yoga-lovers, because of their vibrant designs and thick, durable material. As a result, many brands now produce their own version of a yoga blanket from Mexican design. One of these brands is Canyon Creek, selling yoga blankets with cheap prices, whose products can be found on a number of online distribution websites, including Amazon.

This Canyon Creek blanket is constructed from a soft cotton material and is actually handmade in Mexico. The extreme softness of this yoga blanket, from cotton materials, means it is perfect for using in relaxing yoga practices, or simply for wrapping around you to cuddle up on the sofa. What’s more, the blanket is great for keeping you warm if you like to practice yoga outside, as it is made from a very thick material.

The discount yoga blanket’s size is approximately 194cm long and 135cm wide, which makes it a great size for whatever you may be using it for during your yoga practice, whether that is rolling it up to use for support, or draping it over you during Savasana. Moreover, weighing around 1.5kg, it is perfect for using as a weighted blanket to help relieve anxiety or stress. However, as it is quite heavy, it can be slightly tricky to travel with.

The design of this blanket is in keeping with traditional Mexican yoga blankets, which is a vibrant striped pattern. It comes in 10 beautiful colours:

  • Pink
  • Burgundy
  • Grey
  • Teal
  • Brown
  • Orange
  • Dark Blue
  • Sea Green
  • Turquoise
  • Light Purple

#5 – Bodhi Asana Yoga Blanket

Price: £18.15

cotton yoga blanket uk

Bodhi products are all about providing a luxurious yoga experience at an affordable price. Bodhi believes that, with the right products, yoga has the power to enrich your life and lift your mood. This is why they create their products with the utmost care and attention to detail, selling yoga blankets at cheap prices, while also using sustainable materials so the products benefit both you and the earth.

This Bodhi Asana yoga blanket is made from a soft, polar fleece material which will keep you warm and cosy during the relaxation period of your yoga practice. It is also ideal to use as cushioning under your hips or for added support during a shoulder stand.

For extra added comfort and cosiness make sure you invest in some of the best yoga socks on the market too!

This yoga relaxation blanket is around 1.4 metres by 2 metres, so it is on the larger side which makes it really versatile in terms of usage. For instance, it is big enough to use as an extra layer of cushioning on your yoga mat, or you could roll it up and use it for support during Savasana or Supta Virasana (reclining hero pose).

Moreover, as these blankets for yoga are made of fleece, they are pretty lightweight, coming in at around 800g. This makes it really easy to travel with or carry to and from the yoga studio.

The design of the Bodhi Asana fleece yoga blanket for UK customers is very simple, with one block colour all over and a small OM symbol stitched in contrasting colours in the corner. The colour range is great, however, as it is available in 9 different colourways:

  • Burgundy
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Natural (beige)
  • Green
  • Saffron
  • Grey
  • Petrol (teal)

#6 – Ruth White Yoga Productions’ Traditional Cotton Yoga Blanket

Price: £22.95

fair trade yoga blanket

Ruth White Yoga Productions is a family-run business that prides itself on providing friendly customer service and high-quality products. The team at Ruth White Yoga Productions works alongside professional yoga instructors, who help them to ensure that all of their products are made to the highest quality, at the most affordable price possible.

This company sells a number of yoga blankets, but the 100% cotton yoga blankets are one of their most popular. The material of these yoga blankets, from Indian cotton, is relaxingly soft on your skin. This fabric also means that the blanket is very easy to fold or roll, which is perfect for putting it in your bag if you are travelling or just for use throughout your practice.

Another great thing about these 100% cotton yoga blankets is that they are 2 metres long and 1.5 metres wide, which is useful because it allows you a lot more freedom in how you can use the blanket during your yoga routine. Its length makes it perfect for wrapping around yourself in a Savasana pose or for rolling up to help lift your hips up off the mat.

Furthermore, this blanket for yoga weighs around 1.5kg, which is significantly heavier than other blankets on the market. This makes it perfect for laying on top of yourself to create the feeling of a weighted blanket, that has been shown to help with anxiety and stress. However, the weight of this yoga blanket does make it slightly difficult to travel with.

The design of the Ruth White Yoga Productions blanket is simple but stylish. The design is minimal with just a plain colour and the OM symbol stitched in contrasting colours in the corner. These indian cotton yoga blankets are available in 7 colours:

  • Neutral (beige)
  • Petrol Turquoise
  • Purple
  • Mid Grey
  • Lilac
  • Burgundy Red
  • Mid Blue

#7 – Benevolence LA Falsac Native Mexican Blanket

Price: £18.92

yoga wool blankets

Benevolence LA is all about giving back. They sell a range of products from jewellery to homeware to candles and each product is connected to a specific charitable cause. The ethos of Benevolence LA is that you give by buying. They want to make it as easy as they can for people to give back to those in need. They do this by creating high-quality, stylish products that people would want to purchase anyway, but with the added benefit that they also benefit those in need.

This Benevolence LA Falsa Native Mexican yoga blanket is made from 100% hypoallergenic recycled synthetic material. Each yoga blanket is handwoven by artisans on traditional wooden looms to create a soft, thick, luxurious product.

What’s more, this yoga blanket is 200cm by 130cm in size, so it offers a great surface area for you to work with during your yoga practice. It also makes it really versatile in terms of what it can be used for as it can double up as a beach blanket, picnic blankets or even a twin bed cover.

Furthermore, this blanket is really thick, which makes it great for using both indoors and outdoors. For instance, this yoga blanket is the ideal thing to keep you cosy and warm on a camping trip. This thickness does mean that the blanket is pretty heavy, weighing in at around 1.3kg, which can make it difficult to travel with.

These Benevolence LA yoga blankets come in a range of bold colours and designs. For instance

  • Aqua Diamond
  • Coral Diamond
  • Turquoise Diamond

#8 – Ekotex Organic Cotton Yoga Blanket

Price: £25.00

organic cotton yoga blankets

Ekotex is passionate about producing simple, affordable products that are kind to their customers and the environment. They do this by using minimal packaging, all of which is completely plastic-free. This reduces the cost of their products and makes them more environmentally friendly. All of Ekotex’s products are designed to be as sustainable as possible, without compromising their quality.

This Ekotex organic yoga blanket is made from 100% organic cotton and each one is handwoven. This results in an extremely soft, carefully crafted yoga relaxation blanket that is ideal for using during a relaxing yoga practice for extra comfort. Moreover, this  blanket is also really thick, which makes it great for rolling up or folding to use as additional support for your hips or shoulders during dynamic or restorative yoga poses.

These organic cotton yoga blankets are 200 cm by 150 cm, meaning they’re a great size for any kind of yoga activity. What’s more, they are on the heavier side, weighing in at around 1.4kg, which makes them one of the best yoga blankets for using as a weighted blanket during Savasana (corpse pose) to relieve anxiety or stress. However, as it is pretty heavy, it does mean it can be awkward to travel with.

The style of this yoga blanket is very simple, as it has no pattern or design on it. It comes in 3 plain colours:

  • Natural (beige)
  • Grey
  • Purple

#9 – The Mad Group Seamless Yoga Blanket

Price: £27.49

100% cotton yoga blankets

The Mad Group is an online distribution platform that offers high performance fitness equipment at affordable prices. It offers products designed for general fitness, yoga and Pilates from a range of leading British brands, as well as US brands, such as, Toe Sox, Tavi Noir and Base. As navigating a platform as extensive as The Mad Group can be overwhelming, to make the search easier,  their products are split up into 3 main groups: Fitness-Mad, Yoga-Mad and Pilates-Mad. This makes it easy for you to go straight to shopping for the products that you want.

This Seamless Yoga Blanket can be found in the Yoga-Mad section of the website. This blanket is made from 100% cotton and is handwoven in India. The material of this yoga blanket (cotton) means it is really soft, making it perfect for using during a relaxation yoga practice or during meditation.

A great thing about this cotton yoga blanket is that it is completely seamless. Seamless blankets are great because they don’t create harsh edges once they are folded. For this reason, seamless yoga blankets are perfect for using as support for the hips, shoulders and neck during restorative yoga practices as they provide a smooth, flat surface on which your body can rest.

This 100% cotton yoga blanket is 200cm by 150cm is size, which provides a great surface area for you to work with during your yoga practice. Whether you are rolling it up to use as support or placing it over yourself in a relaxing yoga practice, this blanket offers you a wealth of material to do whatever you like. However, this yoga blanket is pretty heavy, weighing around 1.4kg, which can make it hard to travel with.

The design of this Yoga-Mad blanket is very simple, as it is one colour all over with a simple contrasting hem. It is available in 3 different colours:

  • Aubergine
  • Dark Grey
  • Natural (beige)

#10 – Yogamatters Organic Cotton Yoga Blanket

Price: £28.00

how to use a yoga blanket

Yogamatters was founded by yoga teachers, Paul Walker and Sandi Sharkey, who had a desire to make quality yoga equipment available to everyone. They began simply by selling yoga mats out of the back of their cars after class, and have grown their business from there. Yogamatters has now been providing people with high-quality yoga equipment for 20 years and currently sells over 2,500 yoga and wellbeing items on their website.

One of the many items that Yogamatters has for sale is their Organic Cotton Yoga Blanket. This yoga blanket is made from 100% certified organic cotton sustainably sourced from India, which is super soft on the skin and kind to the earth. This blanket is extremely versatile and can be used for almost anything: from a warm covering during a relaxation practice, to a padded support during a shoulder stand.

Furthermore, these 100% cotton yoga blankets are 2.32 metres by 1.5 metres, which provides you with a lot of surface area to play with during your yoga practice. A bigger yoga blanket is great for those with larger frames as it means that during a relaxation practice or during Savasana you can get the blanket fully wrapped around you.

These indian cotton yoga blankets also weigh around 1.3kg, which definitely place them on the heavier end of the scale. This is great if you want to use it as a weighted blanket to help relieve anxiety or stress, but it can make transportation difficult.

In terms of design, this yoga blanket is simple but cute. It has a lotus flower stitched into the corner of the blanket, which is a subtle but stylish detail and it comes in a range of pretty, muted colours:

  • Eucalyptus (turquoise)
  • Grey Ice
  • Natural (off-white)
  • Peony
  • Wisteria (purple)


If you’re enjoying this article, give these a go too!

#11 – Lotuscrafts Yoga Blanket Savasana

Price: £27.95

fleece yoga blanket UK

Lotuscrafts is run by a team of people who are passionate about creating products that inspire people to connect with others through the practice of yoga and meditation. Lotuscrafts’ products are made to the highest quality and are all fully sustainable, so they are kind to both people and the environment. Whatever you are looking for, Lotuscrafts has all of your yoga and meditation needs covered.

The Lotuscrafts Savasana yoga blanket is made from 100% organic cotton. This high-quality fabric is carefully constructed by hand and is extremely soft on the skin. What’s more, this blanket is 2m by 1.5m metres, so it provides a lot of surface area for you to use throughout your practice. The size of these yoga cotton blankets gives them a lot of versatility in terms of what they can be used for. Perfect for wrapping around you during a relaxation yoga practice, or for rolling up and using to prop your hips up during a seated pose like Sukhasana (easy pose) or Baddha Kosana (bound ankle pose).

Furthermore, even though it is on the larger side, this organic yoga blanket only weighs around 1kg, which makes it really easy to travel with.

The design of this Lotuscrafts Savasana yoga blanket is very simple as it is just one plain colour all over. However, it does come in a choice of 5 rich colours:

  • Bordeaux
  • Cornflower Blue
  • Natural Beige
  • Aubergine
  • Anthracite (dark grey)

#12 -Yoga Bliss Born Peaceful Om Blanket

Price: £33.00

yoga blankets cheap

Founded in 2005, Yoga Bliss was created with the intention of sourcing the highest quality, ethically produced products on the market and putting them all in one place for people to easily find. In addition to selling products from other brands, Yoga Bliss also has a range of their own brand of clothing and accessories called ‘Born Peaceful’. All of the products in this range are made in the UK and India, including the Born Peaceful Om Blanket.

This yoga relaxation blanket is made from the highest quality polar fleece material, which is extremely soft and durable, and it doesn’t pill over time. The blanket is also really thick, which makes it ideal for relaxation yoga if you are seeking warmth and cosiness, or if you are practicing yoga outside. What’s more, the thickness of this fleece yoga blanket makes it great for rolling up and using instead of a bolster (a firm cylindrical cushion used in yoga) to provide extra support and cushioning in restorative poses like Bālāsana (child’s pose). If you’re looking to buy one of these as well, check out our article on the 13 best yoga cushions and pillows now!

This fleece yoga blanket is approximately 140cm by 200cm in size, which places it on the larger end of the scale and it weighs around 820g. This size to weight ratio is ideal because it provides a large surface area for you to work with during your yoga practice, whilst still being lightweight enough to travel with.

The design of this blanket for yoga is simple but stylish. It unfortunately only comes in one colour, which is a slate grey. This may seem dull, but it is made more interesting by the contrasting cream stitching on the edges and the Om symbol which is embroidered onto the corner.

#13 – Complete Unity Yoga 100% Cotton Meditation Blanket

Price: £39.00

buy yoga blankets

Will Fisher and Malene Vedel launched Complete Unity Yoga after they noticed the amount of yoga and meditation products that were made unsustainably from materials like plastic. They decided to create their own company which would produce products for yoga and meditation that were stylish, eco-friendly, modern, high-quality and ethically made. In addition to this, Complete Unity Yoga gives you the opportunity to put their products to the test in some of the most beautiful places in the world as part of their yoga retreats, which happen all over the world and are guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed and fulfilled.

Complete Unity Yoga offers a wide range of products, including this cotton yoga blanket for UK yogis. This blanket is made from 100% cotton, so it is extremely soft, making it perfect for integrating into a relaxation yoga practise. Moreover, this blanket is 200cm by 150cm, so it is a great size for any kind of yoga movements, whether that is laying it over you in Savasana or rolling it up and using it as a support during restorative yoga poses.

These 100% cotton yoga blankets are also super thick, so great for keeping you warm if you practice yoga outside. Moreover, this means the Complete Unity yoga blanket doubles up well as a regular blanket as it will keep you warm and cosy while you relax on the sofa. The thickness of this blanket does mean that it is pretty heavy, weighing around 1.4kg, which can make it hard to travel with.

The design of these yoga blankets is very plain and simple. It only comes in an off-white/cream colour and has no pattern on it. However, the Complete Unity Yoga logo, which is sewn onto the corner, does add some interest and colour to the blanket.

#14 – Open Road Goods Thunderbird Heavyweight Yoga Blanket

Price: £39.53

blankets for yoga

Whilst yoga blankets may seem like normal blankets that you use to lounge around in, they actually serve as a vital tool in yoga practice. They offer support, comfort and warmth, and without them many yoga poses are either dangerous or ineffective. This is why some yoga blankets, like this one from Open Road Goods, are on the pricier end of the scale.

The Open Road Goods’ yoga relaxation blanket is made from a cotton, acrylic and polyester blend, which has proven to be more durable than a traditional Mexican yoga blanket. These blankets are also handwoven, so each one has a slightly different colour and pattern, which makes them feel very unique.

Moreover, this fair trade yoga blanket is a really great size, at approximately 200cm by 140cm, which offers a large surface area for you to work with during your yoga routine. Despite its size, this blanket is super lightweight as it only weighs around 860g, making it easy to travel with.

Another great feature of this blanket is that its subtle, attractive design means you can use it for a whole range of things when it’s not being used as a yoga blanket. For instance, it can be used as a picnic blanket or a decorative throw.

The design is simple, but very stylish. It has a solid background colour and is covered in handwoven thunderbirds. This yoga relaxation blanket also comes in a range of colours:

  • Aqua Blue
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Grey
  • Light Purple
  • Olive Green
  • Red
  • Red Earth
  • Yellow

#15 – Manduka Recycled Wool Yoga Blanket

Price: £40.79

savasana yoga blanket

Manduka is a yoga company that is designed by yogis for yogis, and all of their products are made with the intention to inspire people to become their most empowered selves. What’s great about Manduka is that they are committed to sustainability.

Wherever possible their products are created using the most sustainable materials, and they now have a zero-waste programme with The Renewal Workshop. This programme allows you to send them back your old Manduka yoga mat to be recycled into materials that will be used to help communities everywhere.

In keeping with this philosophy of sustainability, this Manduka recycled wool yoga blanket is made from 100% recycled wool and synthetic fibres. This results in a material that molds to your body, as well as providing warmth. This fabric is also made from a very dense weave, which makes it stretch-resistant, so you know it will keep its shape over time.

As well as being soft on the skin, this yoga wool blanket is very sturdy. This makes it amazing for rolling up and using as a support for yoga poses like shoulder stands; or as a substitute for a bolster, which is a firm cylindrical cushion used in yoga for support.

The dimensions of this blanket are 208cm by 152cm, which is definitely on the larger end of the scale. This is great because it offers you a lot of versatility in terms of how you use it during your yoga practice. What’s more, these wool yoga blankets weigh around 1.6kg, which is very heavy for a blanket. This is fantastic if you want to use it as a weighted blanket during relaxation yoga practices to relieve stress or anxiety. However, this can be a little heavy to pack into a bag.

The style of these yoga wool blankets is extremely simple and earthy, definitely fitting in with Manduka’s focus on sustainability. The blanket only comes in one colour: ‘sediment’, which is a muted grey/green colour. Overall, this yoga blanket is not for you if you are looking for something fun and vibrant, but if you enjoy muted earth tones and a quality weighted blanket, it is perfect.

What are yoga blankets used for?

There are a few main purposes for yoga blankets, but they’re a versatile item that can easily be incorporated into anyone’s home and yogi kit, along with other important items like yoga towels. One of the most important purposes is to provide warmth to the yogi. This is really important as it’s going to be really hard to properly relax if you’re shivering from cold! Yoga blankets are especially useful during poses like the Savasana pose as your whole body is laid on the floor.

Another important use is to provide some support during some of the more difficult poses, such as the child’s pose. They allow for much gentler yoga practice, helping to build flexibility slowly and at a comfortable pace for your body.

Conversely, not all yoga blankets are used for yoga. The style and designs often mean they make great accentuating pieces for your home! Throw one over your favourite chair for some added cosiness and colour. Another way to use yoga relaxation blankets is just as a blanket – wrap one around you and settle in with your favourite film and a hot chocolate for ultimate comfort.#

How to use a yoga blanket

best yoga blanket

Following the few different purposes of yoga blankets, we’re going to provide a few specific ways to use these blankets (for yoga only).

  • Savasana – this is considered the best pose for healing after yoga, and you can use a yoga blanket to cover yourself during this pose to provide warmth or a comforting weight (to ease anxiety). You can also fold the blanket up to use as a pillow during this pose, or to elevate your torso for increased relaxation.
  • Fallen Tree Pose – This a lying down version of the standard tree pose. Fold up your yoga blanket and place this under your right knee to ease some of the stress on your leg (your knee doesn’t have the cushioning of your thigh in this outstretched, bent position). The added height means less of a stretch, helping to build your flexibility comfortably.
  • Sukhasana – sitting on a square folded yoga blanket in the simple crossed legged pose is a great way to elevate your body and start your meditation with a straight back, allowing for deep breathing and improved posture.
  • Anjaneyasana (crescent moon pose) – folding the yoga blanket once or twice and placing it under your knee will help cushion your body and make the pose more comfortable.

These are just a few examples of how to incorporate a yoga relaxation blanket into your routine: with such a versatile tool, these blankets can be utilised in a huge amount of standard yoga poses to aid flexibility and relaxation.

If you’re a newcomer to yoga then check out our article on the best yoga kits for beginners to get started on your yoga journey!

Where to buy yoga blankets

Yoga is a huge and modern practice with hundreds of companies selling yoga equipment. You can easily buy online from a number of retailers, including Amazon, and some local sports shops will also sell cheap yoga blankets.

How to choose a yoga blanket

This is down to personal preference, but there are a few key features to look out for.

The material is important; yoga blankets made from cotton materials are great for their versatility,  and being thinner means they’re easier to fold and often lighter to carry. Plus, the cotton helps them to retain their shape.

Wool yoga blankets are a thicker option, and often more sustainable, better for those looking more for warmth and who aren’t too bothered about carrying them around. Some do come in a blend of materials which can provide cheap yoga blankets that are often more durable as well.

The yoga blanket size is also important; if you like a lot of space to move around, or want high elevation after folding, then go for a larger blanket. There are also a few different styles, including traditional Mexican yoga blankets which are often more colourful and handmade, and Indian cotton yoga blankets which aren’t as bright but are often hand-loomed.

Before you go!

You’ll now be prepared to perform the supine twist and the adho mukha svanasana (downward facing dog), or you’re looking at your couch and hot chocolate mug longingly, we know the best yoga blanket for you is on this list.

Remember, you can take your first steps into the industry by completing a Level 3 Yoga Teaching qualification. More information about this course and how it can benefit your career can be found in our latest course prospectus.

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