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What are Yoga Blocks?

In a nutshell, yoga blocks are essential props used to facilitate or add an extra challenge to yoga poses. They aid your alignment and release any tension that you may feel.

They’re usually made out of the following types of materials: foam, cork, wood or even bamboo. The blocks are often shaped like rectangular bricks, which is where their name comes from.

However, there are now many different types of yoga blocks which come in different shapes and sizes, and sometimes even come in the shape of an egg! Other shapes include cubes or half-moons.

The popularity of yoga blocks came about in the 1970s, when the founder of the Iyengar yoga style named BKS Iyengar integrated props such as straps, blankets and blocks into this type of yoga. You definitely cannot forget yoga mats either.

So since we’ve now covered the answer to the question; what are yoga blocks?, let’s move on to our list of the best yoga blocks in the UK!

1.Lululemon Yoga Block 

Price: £18.00

what are yoga blocks made of

This product from Lululemon is great for all users. The fabric is made out of dense foam which is both durable and supportive, and will stay so throughout your workout. It is specifically designed for yoga but you would also be able to use it for other exercise methods, like pilates.

One handy capabilitiy of this product is the fact that there are three height options you can choose from to offer customised support. It’s a fairly standard size and it has a soft-touch.

2.VLFit Yoga Block

Price: £8.99

yoga blocks and straps

If you’re looking for cheap yoga blocks, then this product should be one of your main buying options! The blocks come in a set of 2, and are made out of eco-friendly materials, including high-density foam. This will mean that it should have long-lasting durability. The structure is solid, and the soft surface will ensure optimal grip and stability.

The yoga blocks as a set of 2 make a lot of positions easier, as having 2 will mean that you can have the blocks on either side of you to complete each position.

3.Manduka Recycled Yoga Block

Price: £16.00

Cheap yoga blocks uk

The Manduka recycled foam block is one of the first foam blocks that is made out of 50% of recycled EVA Foam. The lightweight yoga block provides superior comfort, support, and style.

The foam yoga blocks are slip-resistant with radius edges. Thanks to the rounded edges, you will benefit from added comfort when gripping or holding the blocks.

Some foam blocks end up being too soft, which could mean a waste of your money, or worse – injury. Thankfully, the Manduka Recycled block is far more durable than others on the market so it’s definitely value for money.


4. Gym Stuff Base Yoga Block

Price: £4.49

yoga blocks for beginners

Arguably the most budget-friendly yoga block option on our list, this cloudy blue offering from Base Yoga combines quality and affordability like no other.

It also has a rounded edge which ensures that it will provide superior comfort whilst you workout. The yoga foam blocks are shaped so it’s easy to pack away and transport, wherever you wish to exercise.

From the downward dog to the child’s pose, the foam yoga block helps you perform the stretches and poses that seem completely unreachable to yoga novices. You can slowly improve your overall flexibility with different positions and heights.

The product provides a shorter range of motion and promotes correct alignment in each pose, making any stretch possible!

5. Yogamatters Large Yoga Blocks

Price: £6.00

yoga bricks and blocks

This product is one of the most cheap yoga blocks on the market, yet it’s great value for money.

Using it, you will be able to support, stabilise, and align your body correctly. You will be able to use these blocks to work towards a straighter spine, or if you purchase more than one block, you will be able to use it for more advanced postures like the shoulder stand!

The blocks are made out of high-grade, non-toxic foam. The stylish design has rounded edges for additional comfort and easier hand grip. It’s extra durable, scratch-resistant and it’s light enough to carry around with you anywhere.

The blocks are still sturdy enough to hold your weight in a variety of postures. They also come in a variety of colours, so you will be able to stand out from the crowd!

6. Ruth White Cheap Yoga Blocks (UK) 

Price: £5.95

foam yoga blocks

This yoga block is made out of reconstituted foam, which is also produced with various grades of recycled foam. The dense quality means that it’s strong enough to support any yoga posture, yet it’s a soft touch.

As it’s recycled, the chip foam blocks may vary, but it’s ideal for many yoga postures and comes in a pack of 2, which you can use on either side of your body during poses.

7.Yogamatters Cork Yoga Block 

Price: £14

large yoga blocks

This yoga block is made out of cork which is a renewable and recyclable material. The yoga blocks will help you lift yourself, stabilise or even ground in your yoga pose.

The cork block is made out from the bark of the cork oak tree, and this is the only tree in the world that regenerates its bark once it has been harvested. The Cork Oak Tree can live for more than 200 years, whilst harvesting will take every 7-10 years.

The block has no toxic chemicals used during manufacturing, so it’s eco-friendly and perfect for anyone who’s conscious about the environment. It has a non-slip textured surface and has rounded edges for better grip.

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8. Opti Cheap Yoga Blocks (UK)

Price: £5.99

cheap yoga block

The yoga block is lightweight and made out of durable foam. It has a non-stick surface and it has a soft, scratch-proof exterior that helps you with key poses in yoga. The high-quality block will help you with your alignment, as well as aiding your flexibility.

As it’s a foam yoga block, you will be able to use the blocks for gentle back stretches, and for your pelvis. The shape of the yoga blocks will mean that you will be able to take the blocks anywhere with you, whether it will be in your own home or at a local yoga studio.

9. USA Pro Yoga Block 

Price: £3.50

best yoga blocks

These foam yoga blocks from USA Pro are a great choice for beginners. The high-density foam construction features different edges to ensure great balance to hold weight and pressure. The blocks are lightweight and can be taken anywhere with you.

The block would be ideal for anyone who is looking for a cheap yoga block, even if you buy 2, you will be able to use the blocks for even more advanced postures in yoga.

10. Myga Yoga Block Gift Set

Price: £20.00

yoga block gift set

This block and towel set from Myga is ideal for beginners, and it also comes in a gorgeous teal design. This yoga block is made out of EVA foam, and there’s a handy towel you can use that would be great for hygiene purposes, as well as yoga straps to aid in more advanced poses.

It comes in a handy carry case so you can take it anywhere you want to, whether it be a yoga studio or at home. This would be a perfect present for anyone who is looking to start yoga.

11. Ekotex Cork Yoga Block 

Price: £11.57

Using yoga blocks

This cork yoga block from Ekotex is entirely eco-friendly and sustainable. The bricks are heavier and have a firmer feeling than other yoga bricks on the market. The blocks are ideal for either using at home or you could take them to a yoga studio

The Ekotex Cork Bricks have rounded edges for added comfort, and are ideal when you add lift and stability in standing and balancing poses.

12. Yoga Studio Cork Block Board

Price: £11.50

cheap yoga blocks

If you’re looking for one of the best cork yoga blocks in the UK then this product from Yoga Studio is fantastic as it provides optimal grip, has ultimate comfort, great texture, and has a softer feel due to the natural characteristics of the eco product.

Cork is a non-allergenic, anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-static. The product is eco-friendly and can be biodegradable and recycled.

13. KIMJALY Yoga Foam Block

Price: £6.99

KIMJALY Foam Yoga Block

KIMJALY large block can help with supported and opening poses. The blocks are also large in size, yet they’re lightweight so you can take them to all of your sessions! The bright colours are a nice way of standing out of the crowd.

The blocks are non-slip and will ensure that even in hot yoga sessions, they will be supportive in a range of yoga flows. Also, it’s affordable to buy 2 of them so you will be able to try different poses that might seem difficult which if you find difficult, you’ll be able to use 2 blocks.

14. Reehut Yoga Bricks and Blocks

Price: £19.99

 yoga blocks and straps

The Reehut yoga blocks are non-toxic and eco-friendly. They’re lightweight and high-density, and made out of sturdy foam for long-lasting durability. They have exceptional strength whilst holding their position even under a considerable weight.

The edges provide a soft grip and the yoga blocks are moisture-proof, so they will be long-lasting. They also come in a set of 1 or 2 so you can choose whatever suits you best!

15. LotusCrafts Cork Yoga Block

Price: £14.99

 Cheap yoga blocks

Here’s another natural cork block from LotusCrafts. This product is made out of sustainable and environmentally friendly. The yoga brick is easy to grip and is non-slip, even in the most strenuous yoga exercises.

The cork yoga block is a practical yoga aid which will help you learn new asanas. You will, therefore, perform yoga routines much easier and safer by using these blocks. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yoga instructor, the cork yoga block is versatile and will help you for a lifetime!

Now that we’ve listed the best yoga blocks in the UK, let’s have a look at the benefits of yoga blocks.

Benefits of Yoga Blocks

#1 – They prevent injury

Yoga blocks offer great benefits if you have tight hips or knees, and will help to prevent injuries from occurring as long as you know how to use them correctly.

There are many different poses, like the Virasana (otherwise known as the heroes pose), that are difficult for beginners to execute. Using yoga blocks for this particular pose will prevent you from any unpleasant sensations in the knee area. Also, at the same time, you will be able to gently stretch your thighs.

If you are feeling more comfortable you will be able to slowly work towards a full asana without any noticeable strain or even risk of injury. You could even complete it with a complete yoga kit to really help you progress, which normally includes yoga bricks.

#2 – They add support

Yoga blocks are also helpful props that improve balance and build strength for the more advanced positions in yoga.

For example, the crow pose is one of the more complex positions, and requires a significant amount of upper body and core strength. If you are a beginner it can even be challenging to lift your feet off the floor.

In order to build confidence, you will place a yoga block under your feet and keep lifting them one at the time. With the help of yoga blocks, you will be able to progress at your pace and also advance to difficult positions when you are ready. Feeling confident? Get a partner and try out OriGym’s yoga poses for two!

#3 – They aid flexibility

One of the most straightforward functions of how to use yoga blocks is to decrease the distance between you and the floor. This will help modify and facilitate a whole range of yoga poses to help match your flexibility.

For example, a forward fold is one of the core yoga poses that any keen yogi would need to stretch their hamstrings. If you can’t touch your toes, using a yoga block will help ease the strain on the lower back by shifting some of the body weight to your hands.

Using yoga blocks can help you modify a difficult pose to a much more manageable position.

#4 – They build good alignment

If you are unable to breathe properly in the pose or at any point feel uncomfortable, then this is a sign that you need to work on your posture and position. The yoga blocks and straps will help improve your body alignment.

Let’s take a look at the side angle pose, for example. This pose is a great full-body exercise as it includes a range of things like flexibility, balance, and spine lengthening. The full pose is where one hand touches the ground and the top arm forms a straight line from the toes to the fingertips which means that a lot of people cannot do it.

Many people will not be able to perform the full pose and normally will end with rounded shoulders. If you place your bottom hand on the yoga block, you can still enjoy the benefits of the pose whilst maintaining a strong spine.

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#5 – They activate different muscle groups & add difficulty to poses

Even if you are an experienced yoga instructor or someone who practices yoga frequently, you will get a lot of benefits using a yoga mat and blocks in your everyday routine.

The blocks help with muscle activation, and also with burning some extra calories in common yoga poses.

For example, you would be able to hold the block between your knees to activate your inner thighs and prevent your legs from spreading. You could even hold the blocks during your standing positions such as the Warrior II or III. The heavier the block, the more intense the practice and more added benefits for you.

Including a yoga mat and blocks would be a great aid for deepening a stretch and will make it easier to advance to the next level.

Since we have discussed the answer to; what are the benefits yoga blocks?, let’s move on to discuss the materials yoga blocks are normally made out of.

What are yoga blocks made of?

Cork Yoga Blocks

Cork yoga blocks uk

Cork is an eco-friendly material and is normally much cheaper and lighter than wood yoga blocks. Cork yoga blocks are sturdy and durable and will not collapse inwards if any pressure is applied.

In comparison to wooden yoga blocks, those made out of cork are not as smooth and may leave some flakes on the floor after your workout if you don’t look after them properly! Also, as cork is more porous, it can be harder to clean than the foam or wood yoga blocks. If you do not buy good quality cork yoga blocks, you could find that the corners will crumble.

However, the flakiness of the blocks still has some benefits, as they are comfortable to grip and are non-slip even when wet. They can also be stacked on top of each other easily.

In comparison to yoga foam blocks, cork blocks are quite heavy to travel with or even to carry to your local yoga studio. To some people, they also might be a bit too firm to lie on with your back or head.

Wooden yoga blocks

These yoga blocks are made out of different woods like pine and bamboo. Out of all the yoga blocks in existence, wood blocks happen to be the most durable on the market. Unfortunately, they don’t tend to be cheap yoga blocks in the UK, but they’re definintely a worthy investment. Some companies even offer a lifetime warranty on these products.

The majority of the wood yoga blocks on the market are now made out of bamboo. This would be suitable for anyone who wants to be more environmentally friendly. Yoga blocks made out of wood are sturdy and useful to help strengthen your core and balance.

The blocks are really easy to clean as they can be easily wiped down and also look very aesthetically pleasing.

On the other hand, it’s important to note yoga blocks are more expensive than cork and foam. These yoga blocks would be suitable for use at home but it will be difficult to carry around.

Also, the large yoga blocks are rectangular shaped, these are normally quite uncomfortable on the spine. Your hands may slip if you get sweaty hands so it does not stack well.

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Foam Yoga Blocks

foam yoga blocks

These yoga blocks are probably the most popular out of the 3 yoga blocks. The foam yoga blocks are the most affordable out of the three main types, as well as being lightweight and perfect for people who are new to yoga.

The yoga blocks are normally softer in comparison to wood and cork yoga blocks. These blocks are the most gentle on the spine and pelvis. They are also non-slip, easy to clean and carry around.

However, the yoga foam blocks can be flimsy and sometimes can’t support the entire bodyweight, which could lead them to collapsing. The material can easily be bent or scratched, so do take care!

The yoga blocks are made out of foam so they’re not the most eco-friendly option out of all the types of yoga blocks. Some products on the market are actually made out of recycled materials, so you may want to take a look at other options if this is important to you.


The majority of traditional yoga blocks come in a rectangular cube or a brick. However, now there are a number of blocks with different shapes.

Take the egg shaped block, for example; it’s very useful for any postures that you need to recline and would be useful for any backbends.

If you decide to have hollow semi-circle blocks that are also useful for arm balancing, yoga wedges were created also for individuals who have sore wrists when they practice.

Now that we’ve discussed the shapes of yoga blocks, let’s move onto when you should use yoga blocks, before we conclude our article.

How to use yoga blocks

If you want to purchase yoga blocks to help aid you in your practice of yoga, then you definitely should. However, it’s important to note to not get too attached to them. Why, you may ask? Well, yoga blocks will make postures easier, and you are more likely to be very comfortable and not push yourself.

Instead, here’s what you should do; if you are finding some of the postures too easy, you will be able to change the height of the block and you should gradually lower the blocks to make it more challenging and before you know it you will execute the asana with ease.

You should also not force too much weight onto the blocks when you are doing any sort of balancing posture. Instead, you should engage muscles in your arms to support you whilst also using the yoga mat and blocks.

Before you go!

We hope that you enjoyed our list of the best yoga blocks on the market, as well as our quick-fire guide to blocks and how to use them. As we mentioned earlier in the article, yoga blocks help improve your alignment, prevent injury and help you activate your muscles, so they’re a great piece of kit!

If you’re interested in beginning your yoga career, why not check out our Level 3 Diploma in Yoga, or even take a look at our how to become a yoga instructor article for more information on how to pursue this career path.

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