Are you looking for yoga chairs in the UK, but have no idea what product to invest in? We’ve got you covered with this definitive list of the 13 best products on the market, each of wich is sure to better your practice.

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What Is A Yoga Chair?

A yoga chair is a prop to help support your legs when they are stiff or weak and holding the back of the chair will allow you to extend your legs in standing poses.

The chair will also help with balancing poses and help with any extensions of your arms in forward bends as well.

Yoga chairs come in various different forms, some are backless or others are designed for inversion practices. These different designs ensure specialisation in different yoga flows.

Wondering ‘what is a yoga chair for seniors?’. Do not worry, our list has covered a range of yoga meditation chairs so you will be sure to find something that is suitable for you.

So now you know what yoga chairs are, let’s find out exactly where to buy a yoga chair right now!

13 Best Yoga Chairs (UK)

#1 YogaMatters Yoga Chair

Price: £45.00

If you’re looking to take the next step on your yoga journey, a yoga pose chair may be just the thing to help you advance in certain postures.

This yoga chair from YogaMatters can be a huge help in achieving different yoga asanas that you may currently struggle with.

For example the back of the chair can be used to reach further in twist postures because your body has extra support and something to work against. This will help to improve your overall flexibility, and may help in relieving back pain.

A strong and sturdy yoga pose chair can also be used to bring the floor to you during standing postures – there’s no shame in needing extra help during balancing postures, and this yoga chair will help you in the long run.

This product can double as a yoga meditation chair because the back support will help you sit comfortably for longer, and you’ll be able to fully concentrate on your meditation.

As an added extra you also have the option to purchase a separate backbend attachment, so you can even use this yoga chair to stretch out your back and start to learn inversion postures.

Overall YogaMatters has made sure this yoga chair is built to last, with durable non-slip feet that won’t mark up your floor. It’s excellent value for money as both a yoga and meditation chair.

#2 BonVivo Yoga Meditation Chair

Price: £44.90

yoga chair uk

If you’re looking for fully fledged yoga meditation chairs that won’t break the bank, looks good and is exceedingly comfortable, then you can’t go far wrong with the bonVIVO.

It offers the right combination of comfort and support to help you switch off and turn your thoughts inward.

Meditation is fantastic for mental health, improved concentration and mood, and this chair will help you switch off.

The backrest is adjustable and locks into a variety of positions, so whatever posture you choose to adapt, this yoga chair can match it.

It can support up to 100kg too, so it’s one of the most solid on the list.

Comfort is key in a meditation chair since the smallest exterior distraction can disrupt the session.

This offering from BonVivo is heavily padded with PE and PU foam, which is incredibly thick. Once you adopt a position you won’t experience a moment of discomfort.

Better still, the chair helps you maintain a good posture even when you aren’t meditating, so there are plenty of benefits to be had when using it to relax, read or simply watch television.

A yoga floor chair can sometimes be somewhat bulky, but the BonVivo is nicely streamlined and surprisingly lightweight.

It weighs just 3kg and it’s foldable, making it easy to move about and store.

Maintenance is hassle free, and the synthetic fabric coverings can be wiped down with soap and water or even washed at 30 degrees.

There’s a great deal to love here, but the biggest compliment we can give the BonVivo is that when you start meditating, you won’t even be aware that you’re sitting on it.

#3 Yoga Mad YCHAIRT Reinforced Yoga Chair

Price: £43.99

yoga seats chairs

There are a lot of benefits to owning a good, sturdy chair. If you suffer from mobility issues that limit your movement, but you still want to practice yoga, they are an absolute life saver.

These chairs can help anybody though, and they open up a whole range of new positions and exercises.

A folding yoga chair like this is even more convenient as you can store it away once you’ve finished!

This chair from Yoga Mad might not be anything special to look at, but it’s proof that sometimes simple is best.

It’s built from robust alloy steel that can support up to 100kg. At just 5g it’s portable and easy to move around when folded.

Some of the more stylish chairs on this list sacrifice portability for their looks, but we think it’s great to have a lightweight chair that’s easy to move around.

The cross members underneath the seat are raised, which helps you get your legs under for various poses.

Similarly, the back of the chair is high, making it much easier to fit your legs through there, too.

Thoughtful touches like this abound, and we also appreciated the caps on the feet, which protect the floor.

Mad recommends this chair for seated twists, backbends and support during Viparita Karani.

We loved it for its simple, no frills approach and many small details that enhance user experience.

It also happens to be one of the cheapest chairs on the list, but it’s so robust we think it will last for years. Anyone searching for yoga folding chairs needs to look no further!

If you’re looking to follow a yoga flow but you have no idea where to start, below are ways where you can learn yoga at home and at your own pace:

#4 Yoga Inversion Bench

Price: £65.00

The simple design of this yoga inversion chair means that you have plenty of freedom to practice different yoga asanas, and are only really limited by your creativity and understanding of various postures.

Unlike the yoga floor chairs you’ll see in this list, the advantage of this product is its adaptability from a meditation chair to a yoga inversion chair (and everything in between).

If you’re using this as a yoga meditation chair, the backless design forces you to concentrate on your core and back strength in order to improve your posture which can give you something to focus on during meditation.

On the other hand if you’re looking for a yoga inversion chair, you can remove one of the cushions to allow your head to fit in the gap when you’re upside down.

The extra cushioning makes it easier on your shoulders and helps to spread the pressure across the top of your body so you can practice for longer to perfect your postures.

This yoga chair benefits from a reinforced H design for extra strength and support, whilst the non-slip pads on the feet ensure that it won’t move during use – so you can feel safe and secure whilst you train.

The cushions are covered in soft leather, which is comfortable on the skin and easy to wipe clean after use.

So although the price may seem on the more expensive end for yoga inversion chairs, this product is excellent value for money and can certainly help you achieve your yoga goals!

#5 Yoga Headstand Stool

Price: £119.00

yoga office chairs

There’s a lot to love about this seated yoga poses chair.

It promises that it will make inverted yoga easy and accessible to beginners, which is great because inversions are often thought of as much more advanced.

Better still, this is one of the few yoga chairs for sale that can truly claim to be eco friendly.

The emphasis on beginners is evident at every turn. There are detailed instructions on how to perform your first inversion, and they make it look so easy that anybody will want to give it a try.

The chair itself is top quality and has a premium feel, despite being reasonably affordable.

The clever design spreads the weight of your body evenly across your shoulders, which are rested on the cushioned top.

There’s no sensation of strain or excess weight, and the chair makes inversions feel light and easy.

The extra padded rest takes all the pressure off the neck and shoulders.

It’s one of the deepest and most luxurious cushions on the list, so you certainly won’t have to worry about putting undue pressure on your body.

We loved the stability of the frame, too, which never wobbles or feels like it might become unstable.

We also think that this is one of the most stylish offerings on the list. The light wood and white cushion have an airy aesthetic which would fit perfectly into nearly any decor.

This stool is minimalism personified, so it won’t take up too much room either.

#6 Seagrass Meditation Chair

Price: £295.86

where to buy yoga chair

The Seagrass will likely split opinion. On the one hand, it’s easily the most comfortable yoga chair on the list, making it perfect for meditation and general relaxation.

On the other hand, it’s on the large side, somewhat imposing and a little more expensive than some of the other chairs.

Whether you want to take the plunge with this yoga meditation chair will likely depend on how much room you have to spare in your home, and how seriously you take your yoga.

It probably won’t appeal to beginners or those unsure of how big a part they want yoga to play in their lives, but more serious practitioners will love what’s on offer here.

The cushion is truly luxurious, and perfect for a long meditation session. It’s also big enough to function as a yoga pose chair and will see you safely through a range of exercises beyond just meditation.

The curved design supports the feet and knees during any cross-legged poses, and you’ll never feel cramped or short of space.

Solid construction makes it safe and easy to use, and the 100% cotton cushions are just an added touch of class.

The design would look right at home in a yoga retreat, and we loved the stylish rattan body. It’s available in four colours so you’ll be able to find one that fits your home.

All in all, this is one of the best yoga chairs available anywhere in the world.

That level of quality comes with sacrifices (namely in terms of price and size), but if you want to take your yoga to the next level, this might just be the chair for you.

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#7 Yoga Inversion Chair 4-in-1

Price: £69.99

yoga chairs for sale

Another yoga inversion chair, this particular piece of equipment comes with a few additions that distinguish it from the crowd.

While it’s perfect for inverted yoga, it’s also part resistance bench, making it suitable for other exercises including push-ups, tricep dips and general upper body, arm and shoulder workouts.

It is, at its heart though, a chair for yoga, and a high quality one at that.

It’s foldable, comes with anti slip feet, and the cushion is extremely comfortable. The padding minimises pressure on the body and ensures that you feel nearly weightless as you perform the various inverted poses.

Weight capacity is high and some of the best on the list at 250lbs.

The metal frame is robust, so there aren’t any problems with structural integrity and we didn’t detect any issues like the sway of instability.

This is especially important since inverted yoga performed on substandard or unstable equipment can be dangerous.

Unless you have a lot of free space, not everybody wants to devote a large portion of their home to a yoga chair.

That’s why the resistance bench is such a great addition. It effectively allows users to kill two birds with one stone.

#8 Yoga Studio Folding Yoga Chair

Price: £35.95

yoga desk chair

Yoga Studio is a big name in the world of yoga, so they certainly know what they’re doing.

This is another no nonsense, budget friendly yoga chair that is incredibly durable and strong enough to see you through any kind of exercise.

Strength is the big selling point here. The chair is constructed from heavier gauge steel than many of the others on the list.

This makes it super robust, so you won’t ever have to worry about sway or any problems with structural integrity.

Higher than average cross struts make it more convenient to get your legs underneath, and anti slip feet further bolster its credentials as the most stable chair on the list. This chair won’t mark your floors or move while you’re using it.

If you are having trouble getting comfortable on the chair, not to worry, check out our guide to the best yoga blankets to help with any yin yoga flow.

In particular, if you’re looking for a yoga chair in the UK with the option to attach a back bender, you’re in luck!

Although the back bender is sold separately, it’s nice to have the option to upgrade, and you can buy the chair safely in the knowledge that you’re not limiting yourself in the future.

Yoga folding chairs are fantastic if you don’t have much space in your home, and this offering from Yoga Studio folds brilliantly for storage.

Even the additional back bender isn’t particularly large, so this chair represents a uniquely portable option.

Since it’s also fairly cheap, we think it’s a great starting point for anyone looking to give seated yoga a try without compromising on space or making a big commitment with an expensive chair.


#9 Sukhasana Yoga Desk Chair

Price: £1500 – £1690

backless yoga chairs

Sukha means bliss in Sanskrit, and that’s exactly what this company has tried to channel with their chair.

While it doesn’t quite join the ranks of backless yoga chairs, the backrest is small, narrow, and offers just the right amount of support and freedom.

This is, without doubt, the best yoga office chair that you’ll find anywhere, and it can transform your workday.

For a start, it’s designed to facilitate the Asana position, which means sitting in a pose which is firm, relaxed, and often cross legged.

This alone is enough to improve your posture and comfort, but the padding on the chair is exceptionally comfortable, and Asana can easily be the starting point for a variety of other yoga poses and meditations.

The chair offers great support, and its design ensures that you are always seated in the correct, Asana position.

This is due to the pads on the side of the seat, which gently hold your legs in the correct position, pair this chair with a pair of yoga straps for a full extension of the body.

It’s testament to how comfortable this chair is that after prolonged use you stop feeling it altogether, which means that your body is doing the work and holding you in perfect equilibrium.

We loved the design, too. Since this chair is meant to be used in an office space, anything garish or over the top would be a hard sell.

Fortunately, the smooth lines and minimalistic design are incredibly subtle, and we think it would fit perfectly into any office environment.

Yoga office chairs are effective because they make good posture and yoga a habit rather than an isolated exercise.

By maintaining a meditative posture throughout the day, and interspersing this with more specific yoga poses, it’s easy to improve both mental and physical wellbeing.

#10 Samadhaan Iyengar Backless Yoga Chair

Price: £63.02

yoga chairs

This backless metal folding yoga chair does tick all the boxes. It’s strong, ergonomic, foldable for easier storage and it’s one of the cheaper chairs on the list.

We think it’s especially suited to more advanced practitioners, since the backless design facilitates a wide range of new poses.

This yoga chair is perfect for performing Asanas which can be standing or sitting, twists, extensions and even inversions.

More advanced postures like this are possible mostly due to the lack of back bar on the chair, which makes it far more versatile.

Happily, this versatility doesn’t come at the expense of safety.

A bar connects the back legs, making the chair especially stable, and the frame is made from high-grade tubular steel. It’s also powder coated, so the finish will last for years.

The maximum user weight of 100kg is much higher than average, which speaks of this chair’s strength.

It’s easy to store too, and the foldable design is extremely convenient.

If you own a few of these chairs they can be stacked, so they make the perfect addition to a home gym or yoga setup.

Best of all, the chair comes with a free poster that demonstrates 45 yoga positions! This is a fantastic and too often overlooked inclusion.

Many yoga chairs make all kinds of promises about their potential, but if you don’t know where to start then there’s no point owning one.

That certainly isn’t the case here, and the chart is great for beginners.

#11 Yoga Accessories Backless Yoga Chair

Price: £48.19

yoga pose chair

This backless metal folding yoga chair is of special note due to its high weight capacity. It can hold up to 200lbs, which is easily the most on the list.

This means that no matter what exercises or postures you choose, the chair will never buckle under the strain.

It’s perfect for backbends, seated twists and a whole array of other yoga poses that will help you increase flexibility.

The backless design opens up even more opportunities, so it’s the perfect chair for more advanced yoga practitioners who want to take their routines to the next level.

If you wanted to learn more about becoming a yoga instructor, take a look at OriGym’s step by step guide to become one.

A raised front bar also makes it much easier to get your feet and legs underneath the chair.

As you might expect from the steel construction, the chair is durable, and anti slip feet protect both you and your floors. There are no issues with instability, and this chair will remain rooted to the spot no matter what you throw at it.

Yoga folding chairs bring a whole new layer of convenience, as they don’t take up any excess space in your home.

When you’ve finished using this chair, it folds into a tiny, compact package that you can store anywhere.

Of course, a foldable chair is also much more portable, so you can transport it to and from classes with ease.

There are a lot of similar yoga chairs on the market, but this offering from Yoga Accessories distinguishes itself due to its sturdy design and robust, long life feel.

#12 Alexi Meditation Seat

Price: £232.84

yoga meditation chairs

Another yoga meditation chair to make the list, the Alexi certainly isn’t cheap, but we think it might be the most stylish yoga chair currently available.

There’s a range of customisation on offer too, and every aspect of this chair has been intricately designed to improve your posture, facilitate a deeper variant of yoga and improve general wellness.

The back and sides of the chair are designed in such a way as to gently cajole you into an ergonomically correct sitting position, perfect for meditation.

Sitting at a 90 degree angle for lengthy periods can harm muscles, joints and bones, but the Alexi gently realigns you into a more suitable position.

Better still, it allows your spine to form a natural S shape, which will help relieve any back or muscle pain.

Grooves in the side of the seat support your feet, and your knees rest on top. This lifts you into a natural upright pose, where every part of your body is fully supported.

The seat is designed in such a way that it’s nearly impossible to use it incorrectly, and you’ll find that you fall into the required meditative pose naturally. This seated yoga poses chair is perfect for beginners.

It comes in a range of colours and fabrics, with a leather, vegan leather and purely fabric version available.

All of this comes at a price though, and if you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful chair for yoga that you can carry around with you and store easily, this probably isn’t it.

If, however, you suffer from back or muscle pain, or you simply want a beautifully designed chair that facilitates perfect meditation, there’s no need to look any further.

#13 Back Jack Floor Chair

Price: £84.85

folding yoga chiar

If you’re looking for a super portable yoga floor chair that you can take anywhere you go, then the Back Jack will certainly appeal.

The chair folds down into an incredible portal, compact size, making it ideal for trips to the gym or sessions at a yoga studio. You could even take this chair on a yoga retreat!

Portability isn’t the only thing in its favour, either. The backrest is fully adjustable, but once it clicks into place it’s extremely secure.

You could even take a complete yoga kit with you and still be able to carry this chair.

There’s no unwanted wobble or rocking, and you won’t have to worry about the back suddenly giving way.

The steel frame adds another layer of durability, and while the chair does feel light to carry it has an incredibly firm foundation.

The upholstery is 100% cotton, and the cover can be easily changed without having to get a new chair.

Back Jack is so confident about the longevity of this product that it comes with a 2 year guarantee.

We love yoga folding chairs for their space saving credentials, and this Back Jack offering is particularly tiny.

If you happen to need more than one, these chairs are easily stackable. They’re perfect if you want to start building your home yoga studio with like minded practitioners.

It’s worth noting, however, that this seat doesn’t come assembled, so you will have to build it yourself!

That said, assembly is fairly simple, and once you’ve got it put together it will give you many years of loyal service!

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