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Differences between Yoga Bolsters, Cushions, and Pillows

Before we get stuck into our list of the best yoga cushions and pillows, there’s something that we should probably clear up first!

So the question is, what is the difference between a pillow, a cushion, and a bolster? It may seem a little confusing at first but not to worry, it’s fairly easy to understand.

If you haven’t used a bolster, cushion, or pillow before, you should know that they are all designed to make the practice of yoga easier and to support your muscles as you exercise. Most are both affordable and comfortable and suitable for all types of people.

Yoga Bolster:

A traditional yoga bolster is often a long, firm, and narrow cushion or pillow that helps to provide support during your practice. It is mainly used in Iyengar yoga practices.

Yoga Cushion:

Mainly used in meditation, a yoga cushion helps to correct your posture and is often softer than a bolster so that you can sit in the same position for longer periods.

Yoga Pillow:

Yoga pillows come in all shapes and sizes, and are typically used to help you to unwind after practice. Pillows are usually very soft and they often have lavender inside.

Now that you know what the differences between all 3 are, let’s jump into the article!

Best Yoga Pillows and Cushions

1. Lotuscrafts Yoga Meditation Cushion

Price: £35.95

yoga balance cushion

If you’ve been looking for the best yoga cushion in the UK, then this option from leading yoga equipment provider Lotuscraft may be the one for you.

Built on the desire to inspire people to practice meditation and yoga, Lotuscraft pride themselves on creating high-quality ecological products at a reasonable price.

The yoga balance cushion is made out of eco-friendly materials and is made to the highest standards. Once you have bought one, it will be unlikely you will have to buy another one anytime soon!

Lotuscraft believe in beautiful, high-quality workmanship. They use eco-friendly materials and centre their branding around their passion for inspiring yogi’s all across the world, a passion which this yoga balance cushion enshrines.

The yin yoga cushion is made of organic cotton and is sustainably produced. Filled with heat-treated organic husks, this is the perfect cushion for supporting your yoga practice.

If you have always struggled with your flexibility, a yoga meditation cushion could be your answer. With this product, you will always find the ideal sitting position for your practice and receive the correct support no matter what yoga class you’re in.

Ideal for seated support at an approximate height of 15-20cm, this yoga meditation cushion is perfect for people with less flexibility or longer legs. Plus, it’s a great option to help beginner yogis to achieve their optimal posture during meditative practices.

With a removable cover, the inside filly can be adjusted for your needs. Available in a variety of colours, this is the perfect yoga meditation pillow cushion if you’re brand new to yoga and looking for something that is both practical and pretty!

This product can be used alongside a mat allowing for the perfect spiritual yoga session.

2. Yoga Studio Organic Cotton Cushion For Yoga

Price: £44.00

yoga pillows cushions

Available in a range of different colours, these pillows for yoga are perfect if you’re looking for a simple design that will still stand out in your yoga class.

Yoga Studio is well-known for its specialist, multi-branded online yoga retailers. First established in 2003, Yoga Studio offers a broad range of yoga brands and yoga-inspired products that appeal to all levels of yogis.

Yoga Studio prides themselves on customer satisfaction and knowing that their products are affordable to all walks of life.

This pillow will help you to keep great posture during yin yoga poses and it provides excellent protection for your knees and feet even on hard surfaces.

If you haven’t already invested in a yoga block to help with your practice, we recommend that you do! Check out the best yoga blocks to purchase here.

We love that this product has a removable zipper cover that makes it easy to clean the pillow and allows you to maintain the product’s durability by refilling it with organic buckwheat.

The organic cushion gives every yogi a superb cushioning as the fibres are securely connected to the cotton inner cover.

3. The Walden Yoga Cushion Set

Price: £245.00

yoga cushion uk

Next on our list, this yoga cushion set comes in the colour Cloud white and exudes both luxury and sophistication.

The package includes one cushion, one tote, and a colour-matching mat. Finish the set off with a matching yoga towel to stand out in your yoga class!

Cushions for yoga are often filled with natural, hypoallergenic, organic buckwheat, and this one is no different! It even has a super soft top layer of gel-infused memory foam, plus the mat and cushion are perfect to adapt and fit your body type.

This yoga seat cushion has an elastic support band with an integrated carry handle that makes this product really easy to transport and tidy away easily when you’re not using it. Plus, because the cushion is water-resistant with an antimicrobial zippered shell, it’s really easy to clean.

Walden believes every yogi needs a space to reflect and find comfort. That’s why their yoga meditation cushions are so unique. This product is one of their best-sellers with its minimalist design and superior comfort.

These are one of the best yoga cushions in the UK that you can find online today. Due to their more luxurious price range, this set is for the more experienced yogis and for people who want to have the coolest gear around.

4. Ekotex Yoga Cushion

Price: £28.15

best yoga cushion uk

This fantastic product comes in 4 different empowering colours of Grey, Ocean, Olive and Violet. If you’re after comfortable yoga cushions, then the Ekotex Cushion will be your answer.

The cushion provides maximum comfort and allows you to align your pelvis and knees all in this one cushion.

Filled in this cushion are buckwheat husks for ultimate comfort and heat retention. You can also regulate the height thanks to the removable zippered and washable cover.

Unlike other yoga cushions you regularly see online, this product is uniquely designed in a crescent moon shape to provide support and invigorate joy.

This cushion is guaranteed to improve your practice, reduce back pain and promote peace. You can use the cushion for both meditation and yoga practises as well as during home workouts. If you need some workout ideas, read our ultimate home workout guide to help you!

Another feature of the cushion is the attached handle which allows you to carry it anywhere easily.

5. Starwater Yoga Pillow

Price: £70.45

best yoga pillow uk

If you’re after a yoga pillow made from 100% cotton, then this is the perfect product for you.

Made and designed in Los Angeles, the pillow connects you more deeply to peaceful energy during meditation.

You can also use the yoga pillow to help with any yoga poses that require balance.

We love the design of the white rose crystal on the front of the pillow, and it’s one of the bigger yoga pillows you can find online so that you can feel relaxed at all times lying on this product.

The cotton stuffed pillow can be stored away in a yoga bag so you can take it to your local studio or set up space to practice in your garden without any fuss.

This product may be an expensive purchase at £70.45, but we can’t recommend it enough!

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6. Hugger Mugger Zen Choice Yoga Pillow 

Price: £65.00

yoga eye pillow lavender

Next on our list is this unique yoga cushion pillow from Hugger Mugger.

Hugger Mugger has designed this rectangle-shaped pillow that doubles as a supportive prop for restorative yoga poses. The height of this cushion is slightly different from most of the other products as it allows your knees to drop below the hips easier than similar yoga cushions.

For us, this is one of the highest quality yoga meditation pillows on our list as its made from sturdy upholstery-grade fabric, plus it comes in a variety of beautiful shades.

Want to adjust the sturdiness of your yoga cushion? No worries! The Hugger Mugger zipper allows you to adjust the filling to meet your yogi needs.

The cushion conforms to the contours of your body and provides a healthy sitting posture, making this pillow great for seated yoga poses and even meditation.

The Zen pillow gives you the peace of mind that all yogis are searching for, and its unique rectangular shape offers easy storage and easy comfort.

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7. YogaStudio Cushion

Price: £32.00

yoga pillows buckwheat

If you’re after a cushion for yoga made from buckwheat, then this is the perfect product for you.

This cushion is designed to assist you with sitting poses, but it can also be used to help with pretty much any yoga pose that you might struggle with.

We love that you can adjust the softness of this yoga cushion by adding or removing some of the organic buckwheat to suit the type of yoga you want to practice.

If you’re looking for something easily portable, this cushion has a useful carry handle so you can take it to your local studio or set up space to practise in your garden without any fuss.

Yoga cushions made from buckwheat tend to be on the more expensive side but for the price of £32.00, we can’t recommend this product enough!

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8.Bodymate Yoga Cushion 

Price: £19.84

eye pillows yoga

Similar to the YogaStudio Cushion above, this product from Bodymate is filled with buckwheat husks.

This product is both practical and stylish, with a handy zip that wraps around the cushion and a range of 14 colours to choose from.

The cover itself is made of 100% cotton and can be machine washed at 40 degrees. For the price of £19.84, you really are getting yourself a bargain here!

Looking for a yoga neck pillow? You’re in luck! This cushion can actually change into a neck pillow, all you need to do is remove the buckwheat husks and the pillow will become much softer.

9. Sugarmat Secret Garden Yoga Meditation Cushion Set

This exceptional yoga cushion set from Ekotex combines a semicircular cushion with a larger pillow, and is best suited to those who are looking for a complete meditation experience.

This classic round yoga knee cushion helps you to keep your posture at an ideal setting and your natural balance centred and focused. It allows for a comfortable perch as you relax and meditate, limiting muscular strain and back pain.

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As a company, Ekotex are big on customer satisfaction. They are completely committed to creating the most eco-friendly yoga cushions possible, which is why all of their yoga cushions are free of toxic materials.

Made with durability in mind, this is a great quality product that is sure to last.

If you’re looking for a company that is environmentally conscious and provides high-quality yoga pillows that are both aesthetic and high quality, this is certainly for you.

10. Mini Camp Shop Yoga Pillow For Meditation

Price: Starting from £52.00

best yoga pillows uk

The Mini Camp Shop Pillows provides exceptional support for yoga and meditation practices.

Available in sizes small, medium, and large, you’re able to choose the best fit for your practice.

With this option, you even have the choice between organic buckwheat hulls and polystyrene beads as your fillings. However, the buckwheat hulls are not available for the large pillow due to the hulls’ weight.

Mini Camp Shop has truly excelled when it comes to attention to detail. The large floor pillows come with a linen handle, making it easier to carry the pillow to your practice.

All of the covers on the pillows are made from 100% pre-washed linen and free from harmful chemicals.

If you’re looking for a yoga pillow that you can customise the size and filling, then you’ll be happy with this option.

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11. Yoga United Yoga Lavender Pillow


yoga pillow uk

Have you been searching for something different than the usual yoga pillows for meditation ? Then this pillow from Yoga United is for you!

Yoga United has been trading since 2003, and all of their pillows are made to bring a colourful meditative state and joy to all users.

Available in a variety of colours, this particular product is perfect for relaxation and meditation sessions.

This affordable yoga pillow is filled with real lavender flowers and linseed, giving it a natural and relaxing scent.

With a 100% cotton gold border trim, this is the perfect product for anybody looking for something a little luxurious without breaking the bank.

Its convenient size means that it can be easily transported to and from your yoga studio, meditation centre, home, or wherever you wish to take it!

Plus, this product even comes with a machine washable cover that can be removed, making it really easy to clean.

Yoga United’s products are also unique and colourful, trust us, once you’ve bought one it will be tough to avoid buying another!

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12. Blue Banyan Zafu Yoga Seat Cushion

Price: £20.50

 lavender yoga eye pillow

Blue Banyan is a brilliant brand that has designed this particular pillow with the purpose of helping to relieve pressure from the knees, ankles, and back whilst also supporting your spinal alignment.

The product has been made with getting a comfortable posture in mind, meaning that this product works perfectly as a yoga sitting pillow.

If you’re looking for a classic Zafu cushion that conforms to the traditional Japanese custom, this product is a great option.

This yoga balance cushion is guaranteed to provide comfort and support through the lengthiest meditation or yin yoga practice.

If you’re looking for yoga cushions with buckwheat then this will be the product that you have been looking for.

Made from 100% cotton fabric and filled with organic buckwheat, this pillow can mould to the shape of your body, and thanks to the high-quality materials used, it doesn’t compress or go flat after the first use.

One thing that we really love about this product is the hidden pleat which allows you to easily adjust the firmness of the cushion by removing or adding extra filling.

The Blue Banyan yoga cushion is also really easy to keep in pristine condition as it can be cleaned quickly with warm water and a stiff brush.

If that wasn’t enough, this product also has a practical carrying handle which makes the pillow easily portable to and from all your yoga classes.

Available in a variety of colours, the blue banyan cushion is perfect, affordable, and satisfies all of your yoga needs.

13. Yoga Studio Eye Pillow

Price: £8.99

pillow yoga

With an astounding 20 different colours and patterns to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice! This product is designed to provide relaxation to your yoga sessions and can even relieve stress and even headaches.

Pillows for yoga are usually made from cotton and this is no different! This is made out of organic cotton and the soft material is breathable yet still durable enough to withstand any wear and tear.

Mixed with linseed and lavender, the aromas this cushion provides ensures each session is as relaxing as the last.

The product has 2 layers, the first layer is the outer cover and can be taken off to be washed. However, it’s important to note this pillow can only be washed in cold water but other than that, it’s a great product!

Before You Go!

We hope you found your perfect yoga cushion, bolster, or even pillow! Striking the balance of these 3 types of yoga accessories is not easy but we hope that our article has helped you to narrow down the thousands of products out there.

Choosing the right one will be entirely down to you but they all serve the same purpose. They are designed to help make your yoga practice comfortable and will compliment your yoga style.

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