19 Best Yoga DVDs to Enhance Your Practice

Below are the 19 best DVDs for yoga lovers, covering yoga for kids and workouts for weight loss, to the best yoga routines to practice during pregnancy and everything in between.

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19 Best Yoga DVDs (UK)

#1 Yoga Stretch for Beginners and Beyond with Jessica Smith

best yoga dvds image

Price: £14.00

First on our list is Amazon’s Choice for the best yoga DVD for beginners to buy in the UK.

This is a brilliant yoga fitness DVD, hosted by Jessica Smith, a certified yoga instructor and wellness coach with 20 years experience in the industry and host of the half-million subscriber YouTube fitness channel, JESSICASMITHTV.

This 1-Hour yoga workout DVD is split into two gentle routines, making it the perfect option for beginners looking for somewhere to start.

Developed for those of us who are short on time and hard on ourselves in the early stages of beginning a new fitness journey, this yoga for beginners DVD requires no previous experience and uses no complex yoga terminology so you’ll never be lost mid-practice or made to feel inexperienced.

Shot by a Miami poolside, the DVD is split into an AM ‘Energising Flow’ and PM ‘Relaxing Flow’, both of which are 30-minutes in length and come complete with instructions backed by either classical musical or string guitar.

The AM Energizing Flow includes yoga-inspired stretch routines and familiar yoga poses such as warrior, downward-facing dog, and cat-cow to get muscle groups working and build stamina.

The PM Relaxing Flow is gentler, designed to help you destress with deeper stretches to improve overall range of motion. Both sequences finish with a short meditation.

Yoga Stretch for Beginners and Beyond has been developed to build the foundations of total body strength, stamina, flexibility, and most importantly the self-confidence necessary to make the first step physically and mentally towards more advanced practices at a pace that suits your body and lifestyle.

#2 Yoga Made Simple: For a fitter healthier you: 4 workouts for Beginners & Improvers

best yoga dvd image

Price: £10.00

Hosted by TV Sports Presenter and founder of the thriving yoga company Alexandra Legouix, Yoga Made Simple is a 1 hour and 25 minute long yoga fitness DVD divided into four core workouts that you can do at any time, anywhere.

A complete introduction to the foundations of yoga for beginners, Yoga Made Simple doubles as a great Yin yoga DVD with traditional Yin exercises for building self-control.

The DVD includes a ‘Mindful Meditation’ section to help calm the mind, stretching exercises to encourage better body form, a more challenging ‘Yoga Tone’ section for building up muscle definition, and an ‘Energising Flow’ segment filled with classic yoga poses and postures to invigorate, energise, and strengthen the body.

Alexandra gives simple and clear instructions, making this DVD one of the easiest to follow, with simple poses and effective routines it’s an especially great choice for beginner yogis.

Looking for new poses to try with your yoga partner? Check out these brilliant yoga poses for two.

#3 Yoga For Weight Loss [3 DVD Set]

yoga for weight loss dvd

Price: £15.08

This yoga DVD for weight loss by BodyWisdom comes in a set of 3 discs, each of which is a top-seller in its own right.

Together the compilation has over 35 routines to target problem areas, tone the body, and promote weight loss.

Whether you’re looking for the best yoga DVDs for beginners or more experienced practitioners, this option is a great bet as the program is split into two levels.

With stunning, escapist filming locations including a glacier natural park and Half-Moon Bay, Antigua, each DVD delivers total-body programs to tone, destress, maximise flexibility, and boost your overall energy levels.

Disc 1 includes 8 targeted flow yoga routines to challenge core strength, legs, arms, hips, and the back.

Disc 2 is packed with customised practices delivered by veteran instructor Maggie Rhoades, each routine ranging from 15 to 60 minutes in length.

Finally,  Disc 3, ‘Power Yoga For Everybody’, includes Slow Flow vinyasa sequences by instructor Barbara Benagh, as well as AM and PM practices ranging from 20 to 120 minutes in length.

Overall, the Yoga for Weight Loss DVD is a replete series of workouts that can progress with you as you advance throughout your health and fitness journey.

#4 Jillian Michael: Yoga Meltdown

good yoga dvd reviews image

Price: £5.79

Celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels from NBC’s The Biggest Loser hosts Yoga Meltdown, a compilation of stretches and cardio to push your body, work up a sweat, build muscle and burn calories.

This is one of the best yoga DVDs for home practice, complete with two 30-minute workouts, both including a full warm-up and cool-down, too.

The first session focuses on a fast-paced, dynamic, and cardio fueled yoga flow and hard-core yoga power poses, incorporating a lot of upward/downward dogs, warrior postures, and exercises working hamstrings and glutes.

The second 30-minute session includes twists, balance postures, and more advanced yoga moves targeting flexibility and muscle definition.

As you would expect it’s a high-impact workout, so for beginners, it might be a struggle to complete the full session on your first try, but if you stick with it you will definitely get there and see some impressive results for fat loss and building muscle.

#5 Yoga Boost: Beginner’s Yoga System For Men and Women Who Don’t Normally Do Yoga

yoga for men dvd image

Price: £33.95

Want to know ‘what are the best yoga dvds for beginners?’, well we’re here to tell you that Yoga Boost is definitely up there.

From Dean Pohlman, author of bestseller Yoga Fitness for Men: Build Strength, Improve Performance, and Increase Flexibility comes Yoga Boost, is an especially brilliant mens yoga DVD that cuts out gimmicks completely and focuses on building muscle.

Not only that, we also rate this as one of the best yoga DVDs for flexibility if that is something that you want to improve.

A four-part series, ‘Yoga Sharpen’, ‘Yoga Strength’, ‘Yoga Sweat’, and ‘Yoga Stretch and Destress’, each session is around 20 to 30-minutes in length and includes low to high impact workouts for beginners up to experienced yogis.

With only a mat and block, your host Dean will lead you through vinyasa flows, balancing poses, beginners power yoga, and muscle recovery stretches amongst many more.

Stripped back to no scenery or music, just Dean, a block, and a mat, this is one for those who prefer a gym to a mountain top retreat.

Each of the poses are clearly explained, allowing you to focus on your body and posture without the need to glance at the screen, with Dean providing straight-talking encouragement for you to really push yourself further.

With some of the best yoga DVD reviews on Amazon, Yoga Boost is a must-try for those who want a gym-style workout with all the benefits of yoga.

But don’t just take our word for it. If you’re still not convinced that this is a good yoga dvd to buy, check out some of their 4.5 star reviews from almost five hundred customers over on Amazon.

#6 Total Yoga Collection – 4 Disc Box Set [DVD]

yoga weight loss dvd image

Price: £16.98

This Four-part yoga DVD set is led by husband and wife team Ganga White and Tracey Rich,  directors of the Santa Barbra yoga retreat center the White Lotus Foundation, and described as the “architects of American yoga” by the Yoga Journal.

Together, they are internationally renowned, having proved themselves as fun, easy to follow instructors, over their years in the industry.

In their four-part Total Collection of Yoga DVDs, they promote a three-sixty approach to good physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Disc 1, ‘Total Yoga The Original’, introduces the benefits of yoga with classic, easy-to-follow postures.

Disc 2, ‘Earth’, includes their Level 1 Flow series with an emphasis on conscious breathing and deep relaxation.

Disc 3, ‘Water’, is their Level 2 Flow series where poses such as warrior, boat pose, and sun salutations are introduced.

Disc 4, ‘Fire’, completes the compilation with their most advanced sessions combining classic postures with aerobic exercises, both of which make this particular disc one of the best yoga DVDs for toning.

The four discs together make for a complete program to take you from beginner to advanced yoga at your own pace, allowing you to recap foundation poses and breathing, full classes on demand, in the privacy of your own home.

#7 Cosmic Kids Yoga

children's yoga dvd image

Price: £12.00

Wondering ‘what is the best yoga DVD for kids?’ Cosmic Kids is a great choice!

Split into three sessions of 15-minutes classes for ages three and up, Cosmic Kids Yoga began in 2012 as a YouTube channel, and now it has almost a million subscribers.

The Cosmic Kids children’s yoga DVD set has proven to be such a popular choice that it has now run to its third series, plus its Amazon’s Choice for a yoga DVD for children.

Cosmic Kids Yoga is a great way to capture your kid’s attention, get them active, and start them off on the road to a healthy lifestyle encouraging mindfulness, balance, and confidence.

Jaime, the DVD’s host, guides the children through a kinesthetic story adventure as they copy her poses.

Series 1 includes three stories: ‘Squish the Fish’, ‘Parsnip the Cat’, and ‘Kickapoo the Kangaroo’.

Series 2, Bedtime Yoga: ‘Twilight the Unicorn of Dreams’, ‘Tommy the Bedtime Turtle’, and ‘Fernando the Silver Fox of the Night’.

Series 3, I Love Being Me: ‘Stella the Stick Insect’, ‘Norris the Baby Seahorse’, ‘Dodgson the Dodo’ and ‘The Bye Bye Boat’.

Each DVD runs to just under 1-hour if all stories are played together, and the DVD works just as well with groups of kids as it does children practicing alone.

Cosmic Kids Yoga is great because it combines TV watching with the natural restlessness of toddlers and preschool-age kids to help them burn off energy in a fun, engaging, and health-packed storytime.

#8 Gaiam Athletic Yoga: Yoga for Runners

yoga for runners dvd image

Price: £12.53

A 1-hour feature with runner and yoga instructor Matt Giordano, Gaiam Athletic Yoga: Yoga for Runners explores bio-mechanics, and mind and body techniques in three 20-minute practices developed for runners to enhance performance, stretch and strengthen muscles, limit the chance of injury, and aid joint recovery.

Sessions include the ‘Pre-Run Practice’ to help prepare joints and muscles, ‘Yoga for Conditioning’ for non-training days with poses focusing on bone realignment and muscle tension and aches, and the ‘Post-Run Practice’ for muscle tension and recovery.

The DVD also includes four bonus 1-2 minute videos with further details to help you go deeper into your stretches, with poses such as ‘Lizard Pose’ for the groin and the thighs and ‘Soleful Stretch’ for the soles of the feet.

With no yoga terminology and shorter sessions to fit around your running schedule, this yoga DVD for runners is a great addition to your training schedule to aid calves, hamstrings, glutes,  and quads.


#9 Yoga Edge DVD

good yoga dvd image

Price: £31.00

Another one from Dean Pohlman, Yoga Edge is a great yoga for runners DVD with a targeted program for competitors of all types who regularly put a lot of stress onto their body with daily training.

Yoga Edge is tailored to be used on days off with the overall aim of improving performance and recovery.

The DVD is built up of 25-minute exercises for rest days and post workouts, led by Dean and focusing on core strength and stretching to increase agility soothing sore muscles, protecting joints, and maximising full-body health.

Don’t believe that this yoga DVD is a must have? Find out all about the importance of rest days here.

Yoga Edge’s stand out feature is a unique matrix allowing you to select your yoga workout according to the sport you play.

Promising to be the missing puzzle piece to your training regime, Dean has designed anatomy-based flow series aimed at strengthening knees and ankles, glutes, improving hip flexibility, easing lower back problems, booster range of motion, and better your balance.

Yoga Edge is a great choice for athletes and competitors looking to lower their chances of injury and maximise their performance with the natural benefits of yoga.

If you’re enjoying this article on Yoga DVDs, we think you’ll enjoy these more!

#10 Shiva Rea Daily Energy Vinyasa Flow Yoga DVD

hatha yoga dvd image

Price: £16.05

One of the best vinyasa DVDs available for purchase on Amazon with four stars out of 377 ratings, Shiva Rea Daily Energy Vinyasa Flow Yoga, hosted by yoga teacher Shiva Rea, is a compilation of smooth, classic yoga postures and poses which are easy to follow and clearly instructed.

The DVD includes seven 20 minute videos, solar practices for morning and day, and lunar practices for evening stretching and flexibility training.

Poses are suitable for beginner and advanced practitioners and the DVD comes with a 6-minute video to test starting ability and track your progress.

Routines are customisable according to your preferences, meaning you can make your own programs choosing introduction, meditation, main exercise, and cool down.

The length of videos also means routines can be easily slotted into a busy working schedule allowing your practice to adapt to your lifestyle.

#11 The Barkan Method: Hot Yoga DVD

yoga weight loss dvd best

Price: £19.22

If you’re interested in trying the Californian craze of the 90s, Bikram yoga, in the comfort of your own home The Barkan Method: Hot Yoga is a recorded, one on one live hot yoga class with all of Bikram’s original poses.

The DVD runs for a 1-Hour session with James Barkan hosting and includes all of the 21 poses and flows of classic Bikram-style hot yoga, a tough practice targeting stretching and balance.

James moves through flows and poses at a gentle pace and gives clear verbal instruction allowing you to focus on your poses, and in time with practice, allowing you to repeat your class at home flowing smoothly through postures without glancing at the DVD or a mirror.

James gives two options of beginner and advanced poses so the DVD can be used by beginners interested in trying hot yoga and seasoned practitioners.

Another great yoga practice for athletes and competitors, many of these stretching poses are taken from sports and work wonderfully for joints, increasing flexibility, and lowering recovery time.

Ever considered making a career out our your love for yoga? OriGym explain everything you need to know about free yoga teacher training here!

#12 Element: Hatha & Flow Yoga for Beginners DVD

yoga dvd for beginners uk image

Price: £5.99

Filmed by the Pacific Ocean beaches, Element: Hatha & Flow Yoga for Beginners is one of the best Hatha flow yoga DVDs out there.

The 30-minute Hatha yoga session promotes relaxation and stress reduction and the 30-minute flow sequence builds up muscle strength, supports body toning, and increases flexibility.

Hatha yoga is a practice best for recharging and circulation and Tamal Dodge, the DVDs instructor is encouraging, motivating and gives excellent guidance on creating awareness by encouraging your focus to fall to and remain on your breathing.

Dodge’s instruction is a well-paced, step-by-step guide through poses, many of which will require the use of a strap, belt, or towel to aid in stretching.

Element: Hatha & Flow Yoga for Beginners is a challenging workout, if you decide this is the DVD for you go easy on yourself with rest breaks listening to your body as you go.

This combination practice DVD is a wonderful way to release stress, improve mental health with meditation and mindfulness training, and improve your concentration all whilst supporting your body and health journey.

#13 Kundalini Yoga for Circulation and Detoxification DVD

best yoga dvd graphic

Price: £31.10

Renowned Kundalini yoga teacher Gurmukh, co-founder, and director of the Golden Bridge Yoga Center in Los Angeles, and Snatam Kaur, American singer and world peace activist, teach this Kundalini Yoga and meditation class backed by Snatam Kaur’s new-age Indian devotional music.

Recorded live at Spirit Voyage’s second Sat Nam Fest in September 2011, this yoga DVD is a live concert replete with the energy of hundreds of live practising yogis.

This is one of the best Kundalini yoga DVDs, so you can expect to reap all of the rewards of Kundalini yoga, such as a focus on lymphatic health, detoxification of the body, improved circulation, and heightened immunity.

The workout itself is pretty tough, with postures like sun salutations paired with dance cardio to really work your muscles, and improve your upper body and core strength.

Kundalini Yoga for Circulation and Detoxification DVD is a perfect choice for experienced practitioners looking for a DVD with a difference.

#14 Yoga for Seniors with Jane Adams (2nd edition)

what is the best yoga dvd image

Price: £37.95

One of the best yoga DVDs for beginners over 70, with 4.5 stars of almost a thousand ratings on Amazon UK, is this yoga DVD for seniors taught by yoga veteran instructor, Jane Adams.

Jane has over 20 years of experience and holds a certificate in RYT 500 yoga teacher training in Yoga for Seniors and Therapeutic Yoga.

With a run time of over 2-hours and set in a sunny garden in Kalispell, Montana, the program includes 3 practices (levels 1 -3), so it accommodates seniors wanting to progress at their own pace, and it’s also a great option for middle-aged practitioners.

Jane’s voice-over is clear, mirroring her poses, so it’s super easy to follow her instructions, if she wants you to lift your left leg, she will tell you and lift her leg on screen too, meaning you can see exactly what to do and how to do it.

As an idea of what you can expect from this pregnancy yoga DVD, the poses and flows focus on good posture, deep breathing, relaxation, meditation, and mental alertness.

Level 1 is 26 minutes long and focuses on improving range-of-motion and joint health with gentle twists and stretches, leg and arm lifts, wrist and ankle rotations, all performed whilst seated.

Level 2 is a little longer (40 minutes) and involves alternate sitting and standing movements.

When practicing balancing poses Jane recommends using the chair to steady yourself. The practice targets strength, flexibility, and balance.

Finally, Level 3, which lasts 55 minutes, is a tougher practice. Broken into 6 small flows, this level alternates between sitting and standing, with more time spent on your feet than in Level 2.

Yoga for Seniors with Jane Adams is a great option for seniors with stiff joints, or older people who struggle to find options for exercise classes, and can help build the physical stamina to support them living more independently.

#15 Jane Fonda: AM/PM Yoga For Beginners

Best yoga dvds for beginners image

Price: £27.64

Jane Fonda’s AM/PM program is a great yoga DVD for beginners over 50 and has three morning programs: ‘Abs & Back’, ‘Energy’, and ‘Strength’ to rejuvenate and energise and two night sequences ‘Mobility’ and ‘Relaxation’ to relieve a day’s worth of tension and stress.

With a run time of 50 minutes, the focus is on strengthening core muscles for lower back support, light stretches, basic yoga poses, weight training routines, and removing tension from the hips, back, and legs.

Many exercises incorporate a chair and the DVD includes a bonus 5-Minute stability and posture session to improve your balance.

Exercises overall are gentle, simple, and ideal for seniors to build strength and stability and Jane is sincere, easy-to-understand, and an encouraging familiar face.

#16 Gentle Yoga for Balance, Flexibility and Mobility, Relaxation, Stretching for All Levels

Best yoga dvds for home practice image

Price: £28.00

Another one from trainer and YouTube influencer Jessica Smith, this is arguably the best pregnancy yoga DVD out there.

Gentle but effective, this DVD includes four 20-minute flows, each focusing on flexibility and stretches.

It includes chair modifications to make the moves easier, and the DVD menu allows you the option to customise the routine so that you can choose a class tailored to your body and exercise needs.

Thanks to the use of a chair and gentler flows, this yoga for pregnancy DVD also doubles up as a great yoga DVD for seniors.

To take part all you will need is a mat or a towel, chair, and a pillow to make certain poses gentler on the knees.

Flow 1 is designed to release tension in the shoulders and neck, Flow 2 to ease back pain and improve posture, Flow 3 focuses on hips and joints, and Flow 4 full-body stretching.

With Jessica’s emphasis on stretching and easing aches and discomfort, Gentle Yoga for Balance is also a great option for those who suffer chronic back or joint pain, arthritis, and fibromyalgia.

#17 Yoga Pregnancy: Pre and Post Natal Workouts

Best yoga dvds for beginners uk image

Price: £5.36

With two 30-minutes pre and postnatal workouts, Yoga Pregnancy is targeted to help moms-to-be to help control weight gain, build strength, improve mental focus, and maximise flexibility.

This antenatal yoga DVD is designed to help with back and ankle pain, relieve stress and tension, regain your pre-pregnancy shape at a health fueled rate and potentially ease the delivery process by building up appropriate muscles.

The workouts open with floor movements, progressing into standing postures, and then close with stretching and relaxation.

The DVD shows three female instructors each performing beginner, intermediate, and advanced exercise options so that you can mirror whichever difficulty suits your fitness level best.

The program’s host Heather Seiniger is a mum herself and is encouraging, supportive, and clear in her voice-over creating a tension relieving atmosphere.

The sequences are best for the second trimester of pregnancy onwards as they are slow-paced focusing on relaxation. Yoga Pregnancy has all the sequences necessary for a gentle exercise routine during pregnancy.

Thinking about a career as a yoga teacher? Our recent blog post explains exactly what makes a great yoga instructor.

#18 Yoga For Stress Relief

best yoga dvd uk image

Price: £19.98

Instructor Barbara Benagh, with over 35 years of experience and described as: “One of the most intelligent and insightful teachers around” by the Yoga Journal, hosts Yoga For Stress Relief.

This really is one of the best yoga dvds for stress relief, with Barbara Benaghand and her co-host Dalai Lama guiding you through a 30-minute meditation.

The pair have put together a great yoga for anxiety DVD, complete with over 20 routines for mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

Breathing techniques and postures are taken from Hatha yoga, moved through at a gentle pace, and are equally as effective for beginners as they are advanced practitioners.

With a total run time of 6 hours, routines range from 15 to 60 minutes in length targeting insomnia, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain targeting the neck, shoulders, and joints.

Step-by-steps are easy to follow focusing on mindfulness, reducing negative thoughts, subsequent negative emotions, and promoting positive thinking. The DVD has an interactive system allowing you to customise your routines to fit your needs and tailor your practice.

This is a great yoga class to practice daily to relieve symptoms of chronic conditions, keep mental health at a max, and reduce stress and anxiety.

#19 Yoga Strong: Power Yoga For Weight

yoga dvds for beginners uk image

Price: £30.95

Yoga Strong: Power Yoga For Weight is a complete power yoga conditioning program created for all fitness levels beginner through to advanced and has separate sections for the upper body, lower body, and total body.

A more aggressive routine than traditional yoga, Yoga Strong uses a form of slow-burn power yoga promising “total body transformation” working muscle groups conventional exercises can neglect.

The program promises to help you build lean muscle in your chest, upper back, shoulders, glutes, core, and thighs.

The DVD includes three workouts, each running 20-40 minutes in length.

Each and every exercise within this yoga DVD aims to promote weight loss, improve performance, improve balance, build lean muscle, and renew physical vitality by improving joints and relieving chronic pain.

Yoga Strong can be used as a stand-alone fitness program or as a supplement to training. It is a power yoga DVD great for athletes, those who already have a good level of fitness, intermediate or advanced yogis, and beginners who are ready to feel the burn, serious about getting into shape.

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Whatever you are looking for from a yoga DVD, we hope that the list above has helped you to decide on the best option for you!

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