Whether you’re new to the practice or not, looking for a good yoga kit in the UK can be difficult when there are so many to choose from, so we are here to help.

To save you the trouble of endless searching, OriGym have created a definitive list of the best yoga kits on the market. Not only that, but we help you to choose the right starter kit and what should be included so you’re going to class well prepared.

Before we jump straight in, if you have a passion for yoga that you want to turn into a career why not check out our level 3 diploma in yoga instructing here. Alternatively, sift through all of our health, fitness and yoga courses here in our downloadable prospectus.

How To Choose the Right Yoga Kit for You

Before we jump right in on the different types of yoga kits in the UK, the question beckons – how do you choose the right kit? Below we have a list of what it should include and the things you need to know about each item.

Yoga Mats

best cheap yoga kits

The yoga mat is probably the most vital piece of equipment to any keen yogi.

Prices range from anything between £7 – £100. So with such a wide price bracket, use this as a rule of thumb, the thicker the mat, the more comfortable it is when performing yoga positions and thus, is typically more expensive. However, you may not feel as connected to the floor compared to thinner mats.

This list contains kits with mats and it is often better value for money compared to buying them separately.

Yoga Straps

best starter yoga kit

Yoga straps will be able to assist you in terms of correcting alignment in your body.

Think of the straps like an extension of your arms and they will help in a number of ways if your flexibility hasn’t improved just yet.

They help you to progress when it comes to difficult poses and overall flexibility so you should certainly look out for this component in your kit. Buying everything in one package is a great way to save not just your money but to also save you time without scrolling through pages of products.


cheap yoga kits

Similar to the yoga straps, blocks are another way of assisting any difficult poses.

You will be able to rest your hands on the blocks, sit on them or rest your feet on them too. They are a handy piece of equipment particularly if you’re new to yoga.

Yoga Kit Bag

best yoga kits for beginners

Some of the products mentioned above can be difficult to fit in a backpack, or other carrying products.

However, there are some bundle options available out there that have yoga kit bags included, which is great as you can then transport your items to each yoga session safely and securely.

It makes for a complete kit so you can have your designated yoga bits ready to go, so you never forget your blocks, straps or towels!


#1 Yoga United | Complete Yoga Kit 

Price: £50.00

Yin Yoga Kit

This product is ideal if you’re looking for a yoga kit for beginners. This set helps you to keep the practice on the mat, and remain relaxed and cushioned throughout the workout.

This product contains:

  • 2 Yoga Blocks
  • Yoga Strap
  • 6mm luxury thick yoga mat
  • Lavender eye pillow

The yoga blocks are very helpful if you are looking for a yoga beginners kit. When you start yoga, you are less likely to be flexible. You will use these types of blocks to make it less intense which will allow you to perform poses while increasing your flexibility over time.

The yoga strap also works as great assistance for individuals who are less flexible, as it will help you to modify advanced poses. This will in turn help you to improve upon that area when you practice to eventually allow you to ditch the straps and do it on your own.

This yoga mat kit is a skid-free mat, so it will be a lot easier for you to perform your flow on the mat. Not only that but the lavender eye pillows help create a weighted sensation when placed over your eyes, this light pressure triggers a reflex to help lower your heart rate and helps to regulate your mood.

All of these products come in a bag too, so you can easily bring this with you to any yoga class, anywhere!

#2 Clever Yoga | Complete Yoga Set for Beginners  

Price: £58.02

Therapeutic yoga kit

Looking for the best yoga kit for beginners? Then why not invest in this 7 piece starter kit from Clever Yoga.

Starting a yoga class may not be an easy venture as there are a number of styles, poses and accessories that can sometimes be overwhelming.

With this product, Clever Yoga have collated their favourite equipment into just one kit, including:

  • A lightweight yoga mat
  • Cotton strap
  • Two EVA foam yoga blocks
  • Microfibre yoga mat
  • Hand towel
  • Handy carry case

What’s fantastic about this brand is they test each and every product until they are satisfied with the quality before distributing it out to their customers.

The cotton yoga strap is 8 foot long and is a great tool for any beginner who is looking to improve their range of motion and stretches.

Using a yoga strap can help you get into positions safely and hold poses when you are still developing your flexibility.

Whatsmore, the yoga blocks will assist you in maintaining appropriate posture if you can’t yet reach the floor. This will provide support and balance to modify the more difficult poses.

The mat is extra thick, non-slip, and designed with joints in mind. The 6mm yoga mat ensures that your wrist, back, knees, ankles and shoulders are all protected.

Finally, all of these come in a handy yoga kit bag so you will be able to take all of the equipment with you.

#3 Lixada | 5 piece Yoga Exercise Set

Price: £23.99

yoga fitness kit

If you’re looking for a yoga kit in the UK but don’t want to break the bank, why not check out this amazing kit from Lixada.

This kit includes:

  • 6mm yoga mat
  • Yoga block,
  • Stretching belt,
  • Mat strap
  • A handy mat bag!

The yoga mat has a 0.4-inch thickness. It’s soft and textured and can grip the floor. The mat is even waterproof and non-slip so even when the soles of your feet or palms sweat, your feet will not slip.

This yoga mat is ideal for not just yoga but for pilates, warm-up exercises, and dancing. The mat also comes with a strap, making it easily portable.

The yoga block which comes with the kit provides stability and balance which helps achieve alignment, deeper poses, and more strength. It can either be used vertically or horizontally during your workout, is very stable, and can still be easily stored away.

The cotton strap has a soft yet durable material which is ideal for muscle stretching and even physiotherapy exercises. The strap will help elongate your stretches which will help you progress and become a more advanced yogi week on week.

#4 Sivan Health and Fitness | Yoga Starter Kit UK

Price: £30.45

Beginner yoga kit

If you’re looking for a complete yoga kit, then this product from Sivan may be your match. The complete kit contains the following items:

  • 12 mm thick yoga mat
  • 2 yoga blocks
  • Yoga mat towel
  • Yoga hand towel
  • Yoga strap

The 12mm thick yoga mat consists of memory foam and is fairly wide, making it super comfortable. This mat is not only great for yoga but for other mat activities such as pilates or even stretching and toning workouts.

It comes with a ribbed surface which grips the floor to prevent any movement (and subsequent injuries), along with an integrated carry strap. It has an easily wipeable surface to ensure that it can be kept clean and in good condition wherever you take it.

The yoga mat is one of the thickest on the market, offering superior impact absorption and most importantly comfort; also, it is made out of long-lasting NBR foam which is ideal for all types of yoga.

The yoga blocks contain durable foam and assist you in reaching a deeper stretch at the beginning of your yoga journey, they assist many yogis and help you practice until you conquer any advanced poses.

Sivan has also kindly provided a 200cm strap within the bundle which will allow you to extend your body even further, so it isn’t just the blocks that you can use to advance, but also the straps to become more flexible.

What may be different from other beginners yoga kits is the inclusion of microfibre yoga towels. The towels are designed for superior absorption and also to provide slip-resistant and sweat-free workouts.

It’s a great price for £30.45 and with the Sivan brand name on all the products, you have chosen one of the best yoga kit bags in the UK!

#5 Yoga United | Restorative Yoga Kit

best yoga kit for beginners

Price: £98.00

Yoga United offers a kit specific to a particular style of yoga, Restorative yoga.

Within this, you will find the following:

  • Size bolster
  • Lavender eye pillow
  • Yoga block with a cover
  • Blanket
  • Yoga strap

This is the perfect option for those who want everything they will need for a relaxing yoga class without forgetting any pieces of equipment.

They say that this kit will help you conserve energy, whilst keeping you supported and snug. So what do you need these pieces of equipment for?

Everything you will need for optimal comfort, you can lie comfortably over the bolster, hold your hips in place with the strap and get cosy with an eye pillow  and blanket.

You can choose whichever colour you like, basing your kit on your yoga outfits alike. This kit has a review which states it is good value, so even if it is a little above your price bracket, you will be able to rest assured that you’re well prepared for your class without having to order from multiple websites or shops!

#6 Yogamatters | Iyengar Yoga Kit

Price: £59.00

Yoga travel kit

If you’re looking for complete customisation then this yoga kit is for you. Yogamatters have gone the extra mile and designed this for Iyengar style yoga specifically.

This type of yoga emphasises on precision and alignment in each movement. Iyengar yoga is all about breathing control and posture. It’s a great way of building strength and flexibility and then moving on to more advanced yoga flows.

Let’s jump right in terms of what the yoga kit includes:

  • Yoga carrier bag
  • Yogamatters sticky yoga mat
  • Four lightweight foam yoga blocks
  • Two foam bricks
  • Classic yoga belt

The yoga carrier bag that is provided is spacious enough to fit all of your equipment, which is a great bonus.

The Yogamatters sticky yoga mat is one of the most popular yoga mats on the market. This is one of the best value mats and you can see this company in almost every yoga studio.

The yoga mat comes in a standard size yet it still has plenty of grip. It will also wear in to develop excellent grip to help your hand and feet stay static and free from slipping. The mat is thick enough to protect your knees and back from any hard surfaces, yet it’s not so dense that you can’t feel the floor beneath you to help you steady when you are in a balancing position.

Likewise, with the previous product from Addax, it also comes with 4 lightweight foam yoga blocks and 2 foam bricks. The yoga belt also is a great yoga prop for lengthening reach when you perform certain types of movements.

As we mentioned earlier, this yoga beginner’s kit is completely customisable, you can choose your favourite colours so you will definitely stand out from the yoga class!

#7 Ekotex | Yoga Essential Kit

Price: £38.29

cheap yoga kit

Next up we have Ekotex Yoga, who offer a kit with just the essentials that you need to get prepared if you’re a class newbie.

Whether you’re looking for a starter kit to practice yoga from home or looking to join a studio, these are the basic pieces that will assist you in your poses.

The mat offers a fantastic grip and comfortable cushioning that is light weight to carry yet supportive on the ground.

Not only that, but you can finally take a shot at those poses you’ve been putting off due to difficulty as the handy yoga block is here to help you.

This yoga block is not only perfect for support, but is also lightweight and easy to carry thanks to the material being made from recycled foam – saving the planet, all the while working on your own inner peace!

Staying consistent with our eco-friendly yoga kit, the yoga straps are created from EKO Organic cotton. You’re able to use the strap to stretch your shoulders, back and legs – perfect for anybody who is looking to improve their flexibility.

With a choice of colours from ocean blue to apricot, you have freedom of choice when it comes to colour and material, so we recommend checking them out and their budget friendly price.

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#8 G&H Sports | Yoga Accessories Kit 

Price: £18.79

Cheap yoga kit

If you’ve already purchased a yoga mat then this yoga kit will be a great addition to your kit. Below is the contents that’s in the Yoga accessories from G&H Sports:

  • 75cm Yoga ball
  • 2 yoga straps
  • 2 yoga blocks

With the 75cm yoga ball, you are able to challenge your stability and abdominal strength, which are two key components to progressing in your yoga practice.

The yoga ball has a weight capacity of up to 200kg, it also comes with an anti-burst PVC material. It’s very easy to clean and it’s non-slip.

This can be used as a yoga and pilates kit so you can be prepared for both classes. The two yoga straps assist you in your stretches and to help with your postures. They also help you to expand your range of motion and flexibility, and with an anti-slip metal D ring, you can ensure to be using a durable piece of equipment.

The two yoga blocks will also help you attain the difficult poses. It has a sturdy EVA surface, it’s easy to clean and most importantly non-slip. The yoga blocks will also help you to improve your balance and maintain poses for longer periods.

In terms of price, it is extremely budget friendly at under £20 and with the exercise ball included, it ensures you can vary your yoga workouts to make it more challenging each session.

#9 Yoga Bliss | Beginner Flow Yoga Kit

Price: 49.95

best starter yoga kits

This complete yoga kit is great value for money while providing high quality equipment.

By investing into the kit you will receive:

  • 1 yoga mat
  • 2 yoga blocks
  • 1 yoga belt

More often than not, yoga kits will come with one single yoga block whereas this kit includes two. If you’re new to yoga you may be wondering why, well this opens the door to many more poses.

Though you can use one block to assist you in a variety of poses, you can also use two for many more too. For example, take a look below at how two blocks can assist you in the easy pose.

best yoga kit

This is a great choice if you’re looking to get flexible and dive straight into the difficult poses. These blocks are made from EVA foam which makes them super supportive so you need not worry about them breaking underweight.

The yoga mat is made from TPE, a good non-slip material that will ensure your balance is assisted. Finally, your yoga straps are made from cotton and enable an extended reach for the arms and legs; not only that, but this is great to utilise to advance your flexibility!

#10 Gaiam | Yoga Beginners Kit

Price: 22.07

best yoga kits for beginners

For guidance in your beginners yoga class, you can rest assured that Gaiam is going to provide just that with a very budget friendly kit.

The kit provides the key components to a successful yoga class, a mat, strap and block.

You can be the most trendy classmate in the studio with two designs to choose from, either purple or blue with floral designs.

What makes this kit so helpful is the handy hand and feet placements on the chosen mats or you can opt for a lily shadow for a chic look.

You can have strong assistance with any challenging poses with a 6″ yoga strap made from cotton and a yoga block that is made from foam, perfect for carrying around on the go.

By investing just over £20, you can have everything you need to work up from beginners level all the way up to advanced. Soon, with the help of this kit, your flexibility will improve and you’ll be able to ditch the block!

#11 Core Balance | Yoga Block and Strap Set 

Price: 12.99

yoga fitness kit

This product from Core Balance will help ease beginners into yoga. If you have already bought a yoga mat but find some of the poses difficult, this can help you to improve your flexibility.

Within the Core Balance Yoga Kit you will find:

  • 2 Yoga Blocks
  • 1 Yoga Strap

The use of yoga blocks is essential for both beginners and experts at yoga. As you reduce the gap between your hands and the floor, the blocks will help you bring yourself to the floor when stretching. When you hold a position, it will prevent you from overstretching.

The yoga blocks are softer than cork blocks which will help reduce the strain on your joints. The soft design will be ideal for a yin yoga session, with the blocks boasting non-slip features and contoured edges. This will in turn, help with superior grip for better confidence when you stretch.

The blocks are also made out of highly dense EVA foam for long-lasting usage. It’s still compact and lightweight so you can take it anywhere with you.

The yoga strap is perfect for getting a deeper stretch and can help maintain correct posture due to it providing greater stability whilst stretching. When you keep your body aligned, it will help strengthen and tone your muscles during yoga because it helps engage them in a coordinated manner.

The cotton yoga strap has a durable webbed construction which is very similar to a seatbelt. Like with the majority of yoga straps on the market, it has a metal D ring which is a lot tougher than the plastic ones which tend to be on cheaper yoga straps.

So, if you already have a yoga mat at home, why not try out this kit for some other key pieces of equipment?

#12 Everyday Yoga | Yoga Beginners Kit

yoga and pilates kits

Everyday Yoga is the perfect budget friendly option that has your basic pieces of equipment so you feel prepared for your next class, whichever style of yoga that may be.

This yoga kit is colour coordinated, meaning you won’t accidently get your yoga block mixed up with anybody elses!

With this kit including a mat, block and a strap you have the basic necessities for a beginners class.

With a price point of just over £20, this is a great place to start. That is approximately £7.50 per piece of equipment, which is amazing value for money!

Not only do you get the equipment, but you also get access to digital workouts available for download so you can practice your yoga at home before heading off to your first class.

So with your yoga straps improving your flexibility, your block assisting you along the way, and a comfortable mat with hand to feet placement guidance – there is nothing more to need for a head start.

#13 Go Yoga Starter Kit | 7 Piece Set

Price: £36.50

yoga for beginners kit

Our final yoga kit is from a company called BalanceFrom. Below is what the 7 piece set consists of:

  • 1 yoga mat with carrying strap
  • 2 yoga blocks
  • 1 yoga mat towel
  • 1 yoga hand towel
  • 1 stretch strap
  • 1 yoga knee pad

The yoga mats have two different thicknesses to choose from, you are able to choose from half an inch or a quarter of an inch. They both consist of high-density foam which would be ideal to cushion the spine, hips, knees and elbows on hard floors.

The mat is easy to clean, and the material can be easily washed with water and soap. The yoga towels are made out of 100% microfibre materials and absorb sweat in an instant. You can even pop them into the washing machine after your yoga session so that they’ll be ready for your next session.

The knee pads are there to support you in certain positions where you might struggle and feel uncomfortable. Likewise, with the yoga blocks, you are able to use these blocks to aid you in shortening the distance between your body and the floor.

The stretch strap is useful as like with other products on the market, it will help to deepen your stretches and lengthen your body. This is ideal to improve flexibility overtime!

You will be able to choose up to 7 colours and for the price of £36.50 for a 7 piece yoga kit for beginners, it’s definitely great value for money.

Before you go!

We hope you found our list informative enough to make the right decision in choosing the best yoga kit. It can be an overwhelming venture when just starting out in your journey, or even when you’ve been practicing yoga for a long time.

If you are a long time yogi, or simply want to start from the beginning, you can become a yoga teacher with OriGym with our level 3 diploma in yoga instructing that you can check out here. Or, you can find all of our health and fitness courses along with yoga advancement courses in our downloadable prospectus. 

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