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5 Best Yoga Sequence Builders

#1 – Tummee

yoga sequence builder

With more than 500K sequences to choose from, you’ll never rerun the same two moves again with this essential yoga pose sequence builder! 

Covering a massive array of topics, you can construct routines in a wide range of styles of yoga, including:

  • Prenatal
  • Power
  • Therapeutic
  • Restorative

Taking advantage of this enormous database of yoga positions will give you a huge advantage when it comes to creating engaging and dynamic classes that will keep clients coming back for more. 

String together a variety of positions for classes of varying lengths, from just 15 minutes to a couple of hours, and find your inner balance with this yoga sequence builder.

Each sequence has been designed and approved by yoga instructors around the world. 

You can lead classes in unique cultural styles as you gather moves from different parts of the globe for a truly in-depth session. 

yoga sequence builder app

You can also add, edit, and share your own customised combinations with users on the site, creating a community of like-minded individuals with a passion for all things yoga.

When it comes to developing your own sequences, this yoga app is user-friendly. You can easily choose from a range of manoeuvres presented neatly in a series of images – simply find the move you’re looking for and add it to your sequence. 

From there, you can categorise separate sequences to deliver different results. 

For example, you can highlight one sequence as ‘back pain alleviation’ with appropriate positions within, and another as ‘digestion help’, again with its own series of moves.

This standout feature allows you to quickly find and conduct different lessons without hassle, allowing you to provide a professional service to your clients with this free yoga sequence builder.

free yoga sequence apps

Tummee also enables you to learn the original Sanskrit translations of classic yoga moves, deepening your knowledge of the origins of yoga as well as giving your clients a more authentic experience. 

With audio pronunciations available to listen to, you can quickly master the language you’ll need to deliver the language properly.

As if in-depth customisation of sequences wasn’t enough, you can even edit the details of individual poses. You can add instructions for clients to follow such as specifying the breathing type and duration of the pose, so no yoga stretch ever goes half-baked. 

As well as this, you can take advantage of third-party multimedia services through this yoga sequence builder.

best yoga sequence builders

You can connect your Apple Music or Spotify account to Tummee to combine your custom sequences with accompanying playlists – clients can take your wisdom and feel the intended mood of your class from home.

Being able to conduct classes online of a similar experience of an in-person class will diversify your client pool, allowing you to take more people under your wing.

Furthering the trend of multimedia integration, you can post and share details of your sequences straight to services such as:

  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube

This allows your yoga-filled content to reach the widest audience possible!

#2 – Yoga Class Plan

yoga sequence builder

With Yoga Class Plan, you can take your yoga sequences to the next level. With more than 400 positions to help you build the perfect class, you’ll be spoilt for choice. 

The interface on display here combines ease of use with sophisticated features, allowing you to string together your ideal yoga sequences using a series of in-depth tools. 

One of these tools is a simple yet effective drag-and-drop gadget. With this, you can find the moves you’re looking for and add them to your sequence as you go. 

This tool gives you the freedom to edit your routines flexibly, without having to worry about locking in any mistakes.

yoga sequencing apps

Featuring clear and aesthetic illustrations to depict classic yoga moves, you can easily find what you’re looking for and create a build people can instantly recognise and follow. 

This is ideal for sharing your routine, as a concise chart of diagrams will make clients more receptive to your instructions.

Now you have your yoga sequence completed, you can seamlessly share it online with clients and friends alike, as well as instantly move it between your devices. 

You also can also print your sequences off – the perfect choice for the interior of a home yoga studio to keep your focus on track.

free yoga sequence

This yoga sequence builder freely comes equipped with a number of preset classes, and to prevent you digging through them endlessly to find exactly what you’re looking for, you can apply search filters to narrow down the results.

By applying key filter words like ‘hip opener’ against criteria such as difficulty level and the time to complete the routine, you’ll quickly find great premade sequences to take advantage of! 

If you’re still struggling to find your feet as a yoga instructor, you don’t need to look any further. 

One of the greatest strengths of this yoga sequence builder is the high level of online support you have access to.

yoga sequence apps

With a variety of tools to pick from, you could watch in-house quality tutorial videos on YouTube or even jump on a call with a professional on standby.

The team at Yoga Class Plan will take your questions and even make feature requests for a subject that can be tackled in a future video, ranking this pick as one of the best yoga sequence builders out there.

#3 – Sequence Wiz

yoga sequence builder

With hundreds of preset moves and thousands of routines, Sequence Wiz has everything you might expect from a yoga sequence builder app. 

However, what sets this option apart from the rest is the incredible level of detail and customisation you can infuse any given sequence with.

Let’s start with the most creative tool the service has to offer – the pose editor. With this, you can create and control the diagrams that symbolise different positions. 

With a simple click, you can draw and manipulate a stickman figure into any yoga-related position that fits your routine.

yoga sequencing apps

By taking advantage of mini-tools such as add text, rotate, and warp, you have the freedom to design motions for your students to follow in a way that isn’t possible with a preset stick image.

Another great use of this feature is you can edit parts of the preset manoeuvres you don’t like. 

This means that instead of starting from scratch and sketching out every single pose, you can just access a position from the database and adapt it to fit your class. 

This can be useful for upping the ante of moves while making others a little easier, depending on the experience levels of your classes.

You can even swap between different versions of each pose with just the click of a button, meaning you can have several variations of one move as part of your sequence and easily flick through them to create a more dynamic sequence.

yoga sequence builder app free

Another standout feature with this yoga sequence builder is the ‘muscle lady’ diagram. With muscle lady, you can select niche or broad muscle areas you want your clients to work on and Sequence Wiz will suggest the best poses in an instant. 

This assisted suggestion is great for both newbies and seasoned veterans of the yoga game, as it’s always good to brush up on your knowledge of anatomy. 

As well as this, you may be surprised to find a pose suggestion you’ve overlooked or not heard of. This will allow you more variation in your classes which often leads to higher rates of client retention.

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#4 – Flow

yoga sequence builder app

Creating routines is just the beginning when it comes to this yoga sequence builder app. You can branch out to create more value for your clients by developing additions such as pocket yoga, yoga workouts, and headspace meditation.

Get into your flow by crafting a sharp and sophisticated yoga sequence with the help of this intuitive app. 

You can save your favourite personal sequences and load them at any time so you don’t need to keep starting from scratch.

By keeping a bank of your favourite routines, you’ll streamline your yoga classes by easily switching between sets of different difficulty, duration and movements to keep your clients on their toes.

yoga sequence builder free

Reaching a large audience is key when you become a yoga instructor, and additional features such as real-time streaming are a great way to gain online clients as they join from home. 

With Flow, you can take full advantage of this technological reach and extend your services to clients anywhere in the country, or potentially anywhere in the world. 

You can share your sequences with students watching your stream so they aren’t just relying on watching you for instruction. 

They can understand the full extent of the routine resulting in more focus and independence from moment to moment.

Flow can help you to develop sequences for a wide variety of end results, essentially widening your potential client pool. 

You can create flows for:

  • Mental Health
  • Strength
  • Mindfulness
  • Kids

The latter can especially help you attract a more diverse market as you tap into families. 

Having safe and fun yoga sequences for kids is bound to entice groups of families and communities to your services – a great way to boost your career.

A further additional feature of this yoga sequence builder is that it provides guided meditation classes, be they for you or your students.

yoga sequence builder

These meditation classes cover a broad range of topics including sleep and chakra meditation which contain useful bits of information you can learn for yourself and then pay forward to your students.

Enhancing your existing skill set and services is a great way to stand out amongst the crowds of online yoga teachers. 

Any yoga pose sequence builder that grants bonus features such as this is definitely worth your consideration.

Flow is one of the best yoga sequence builders on the market due to its additional features, so make sure to take advantage of this all-in-one essential app!

#5 – Yogidia

yoga sequence builder app

This yoga sequence builder free demo comes with all the basics and more. With an array of additional features, you can take advantage of several handy tools to help enhance your yoga teaching skills.

Now, let’s start with the builder itself. Intuitive, responsive, and beautifully designed – you can add over 350 downloaded asanas to a sequence. 

With a simple drag and drop mechanic, you’ll be stringing together yoga combinations quickly and effectively.

If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, you don’t need to worry. You can easily add your own poses manually, allowing you to closely customise the already existing sequences as you please.

yoga sequencing apps

This can save you time when preparing for a class, as instead of starting a custom list from scratch, you can simply edit a similar routine to yours. This level of customisation here continues to deepen. 

You can also add your own cues to individual moves. This means highlighting vital information such as breathing cues, the time length of the position, and even the type of meditation you want your students to be striving for with a move.

This yoga sequence builder app also features a calendar feature designed for you as an instructor to host yoga retreats and classes. Your students can access the calendar, view future events you’ve highlighted, and opt in to join.

yoga sequence builder app free

The calendar can help you to streamline the booking process. All you need to do is choose the date and time of your class and let the students come to you!

Tips For Planning A Yoga Session

There are tons of ways every yoga teacher could be improving their planning process. Integrating just a few of the following tips into your planning routine will save time, as well as help deliver more satisfactory classes to your clients.

#1 – Start Slow!

best yoga sequence builder

Yoga is all about relaxation, right? In order for your students to get into the flow of a routine and truly feel the benefits of doing yoga every day, you need to ease them in.

Jumping headfirst into intense and difficult positions can not only shatter the peaceful atmosphere but may result in minor injuries, particularly for students who are older or lack experience. 

The key here is to start with light poses designed to loosen up the body’s muscles in preparation for more advanced moves, especially if you’re hosting a long class.

#2 – Build Up Your Most Challenging Yoga Sections

yoga sequence builder free

Starting at a slow pace has the added benefit of creating a sense of momentum. Ideally, you want your session to follow an arc like an upside down horseshoe. 

It should start light, gradually rising up in intensity to a crescendo before falling back down to a slower, more manageable pace.

This formula will take your students on a journey and provide them with an easy step-on and step-off point, making your class more accessible.

This easy access allows people to accrue the strength, flexibility and focus to build their way up to more difficult poses. 

You can push people beyond what they think is possible by building up to the toughest moves you’ve got in your yoga sequence, resulting in extremely successful classes.

#3 – Strike a Balance

yoga sequence builder free

You can use the previous tips to build momentum by starting slow and then reach new heights by adding in tough challenges at the peak of the session. 

However, it’s important not to take this challenge too far.

The main takeaway here is to know your class. If you have elderly, disabled, and inexperienced yoga clients or teach yoga for children, you need to make the peak of the session challenging yet achievable without injury or serious strain. 

If you have a range of skill levels in your class, it could be a good idea to add more sessions specifically for different ability groups. 

For example, hosting an intense class one day and a beginner’s introductory class the next.

Versatility like this is a great way to appeal to more clients with inclusion-based yoga classes.

#4 – Set a Key Goal

yoga sequence builder

Having a key goal at the forefront of your mind and your class will help keep you and your clients on track for a productive session.

Essentially, your goal could be anything. You could set the goal of ensuring a particular position in your yoga sequence is met for a certain amount of time, requiring more focus and willpower on behalf of your students. 

It could even be something as simple as completing a session with every move performed successfully.

The scale of the goal is ultimately dependent on what your clients are hoping to gain from their yoga experience. 

You should always consider tailoring objectives for different classes and skill levels.

#5 – Time Your Sequences Beforehand

yoga sequence builder

Timing your yoga sequences will give you insight into how many positions you can fit into one larger routine. 

This level of preparation will make your classes run more smoothly, resulting in higher rates of client retention and satisfaction!

What makes a good yoga teacher is one who has already revised the session at hand, meaning you can be more focused on time orientation. 

yoga sequence builder free

Knowing by heart how long certain positions are meant to last and in what order they arrive in the sequence. 

You can remain in total control of your class and be more adaptable to potential hiccups or interruptions.

For example, if you’re midway through a session and there’s a technical malfunction which makes you stop the class momentarily to deal with it, you’ll still know where in the sequence you’re supposed to be.

As anything can happen, it’s good to stay prepared and be on your toes, ready to jump back into the role of a leader at exactly the right point in the sequence.  



How many poses are in a yoga sequence?

best yoga sequencing apps

If you’re creating your own yoga sequence from scratch, that’s really up to you. 

The most important advice to keep with you when developing your sequence is to take variables into account. 

For example, the number of poses in any given sequence can depend upon the time allotted for your class and the experience level of your students.

If you only have the time for a half hour class, you need to pick an appropriate number of poses to fit in naturally without rushing. 

On top of that, you also need to take into account how adept your clients are.

best yoga sequence builder

Having a class of beginners means it may be best to start off with fewer moves so they can really take their time. 

However, if you’re choosing to go with a pre-established sequence, there could actually be a certain number of poses set in stone. 

Take Bikram yoga, for example. This style contains the same 26 poses, the idea being that the student is supposed to master the moves and focus on their breathing technique rather than worry about the next set of ever-changing moves to keep them on their toes.

Essentially, it all comes down to you as a teacher. Either you assign an appropriate amount of poses to your own sequence, or rely on a tried formula to provide your students with something they’re already familiar with.

How do you make a restorative yoga sequence?

best yoga sequencing apps

Restorative yoga is the favoured yoga style when it comes to providing relaxation and improving flexibility. The general purpose of this style is to alleviate any stiffness or pain your clients may feel, and achieve a state of deep calm and serenity.

A restorative yoga sequence typically consists of around 5 to 6 poses, each of which is to be held anywhere between 5-10 minutes depending on how long your teaching session is scheduled to last. 

The idea of maintaining these positions for so long is for students to breathe and maintain their core strength over a long period of time. 

yoga sequence builder app

Restorative yoga sequences often rely on the use of props and accessories such as step-up benches, yoga wheels and medicine balls. This is to suspend the user and provide them with the additional support needed to hold their position for extended periods of time. 

It’s important to incorporate these support tools and different pieces of equipment to provide your students with the help they’ll need to truly get the best out of restorative yoga sequences. 

And, of course, using yoga sequencing apps will help you make the perfect restorative experience. 

Are Yin and Yang poses different?

best yoga builder apps

Traditionally, there are 26 poses within the Yin Yoga. Despite what you may assume about Yin’s relationship with its usual counterpart (Yang), these two styles actually have a lot in common rather than being total opposites.

Despite this, they’re not entirely the same either. There’s a middle ground in which the two styles cross over. 

Yang style will have you running a gauntlet through heavy-hitting, sweat-inducing yoga sequences designed to push you to your limit.

On the other hand, Yin is a less physical procedure as it involves breaking down emotional energy in the body. 

The two styles often find themselves using very similar positions, albeit for slightly different reasons under different names. 

Before You Go!

We hope you’ve taken on board the tips we’ve provided so you can truly step up the quality of your yoga classes by using some of the best yoga sequencing apps out there.

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