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What are yoga socks? 

Before we jump straight in with our article, we thought we would quickly explain exactly what yoga socks are and why you might need them!

Normally with yoga, it’s all about your balance and control going through each pose. 

Yoga socks will not only help you grip the mat by the non-slip shapes on the bottom of the sock, but they also keep your feet warm!

So let’s find out what are the best socks for yoga down below! We have even split them into two seperate sections for men and women to make it easier for you to find exactly what you need!

Best Men’s Yoga Socks (UK)

Below are some of the best male yoga socks you can find online today and if you’re wondering where can I buy yoga socks? All of the ones down below for men can be found on Amazon!

#1 – Yoga Addict Yoga Socks For Men

Price: from £7.97

 yoga socks for men

These non-slip yoga socks from Yoga Addict are a great choice of footwear if you are looking for an accessory to assist you when practising yoga. 

If you find yourself struggling to hold positions due to your feet slipping, then you will benefit from purchasing the Yoga Addict socks. 

On top of this, you may already choose to wear these men’s yoga socks while practising yoga for hygiene reasons. 

You might be thinking why wear yoga socks? Maybe you are taking yoga classes in studios where lots of other people walk around, and you feel that covering your feet is a good way to protect yourself from dirt or other unsavoury things on the floor.


Well, be sure to choose a good quality pair of yoga socks for men such as this pair from Yoga Addict that have some form of grippy material on the bottom to keep you from sliding or losing control during your pose.

The 80% cotton content in the makeup of these socks means that they are comfortable and breathable, featuring an elastane cuff that won’t fall when wearing them – perfect for practising yoga. 

These sticky yoga socks, in particular, are unisex and have sizes that go up to XL so will fit all sizes of feet. 

Furthermore, there are also plenty of different colours and styles to choose from, so you should have no issue finding a pair that you like!   

If you would like to improve your balance or make exercising more challenging, invest in a Bosu ball!

#2 – Zeekeri Non-Skid Yoga Socks

Price: £8.99

best yoga socks

You can find these pairs of men’s large yoga socks on Amazon and they are a great purchase for anyone looking for some sticky yoga socks. 

The reason that these socks stand out is due to the uniquely designed grip shapes that cover the bottom of the sock.

Rather than just using circular dots or lines, Zeekeri uses hexagonal grip shapes that are located in ergonomic positions on the heel and the sole of your foot and contour to the shape of your foot during wear. 

Aside from the great anti-slip technology used, the grip yoga socks also have an elastic arch band that provides support during exercise. 

As well as this, they also have a cushioned cuff to help easily take the socks on and prevent them from slipping off by keeping them in place. 

These yoga socks with grips are available in black, grey, and navy, and come in sizes ranging from UK men’s size 4-12. 


#3 – Falke Homepads Men’s Slipper Sock

Price: from £14.53

where to buy yoga socks

If you are looking for comfy woolly socks for yoga that you can wear around the house, then Falke’s Homepads may be the best choice of sock for you. 

These socks are made of a blend of cotton and merino wool. This blend is perfect for keeping the item light while still remaining warm, and it also makes the Homepads one of the only woolly socks for yoga out there.

Anti-slip silicone pads litter the soles of the socks, with a border of smaller silicone surrounding the larger silicone pads in the centre of the sock, designed to encourage the most natural grip possible.

These full grip yoga socks come in a range of colours and sizes, all the way up to men’s UK size 14, and fit above the ankle as a crew sock would.

So, if you need a pair of yoga slipper socks that will be just as good for lounging around the house as they will be for performing your downward dog, then give Falke’s Homepads a try.

If you feel like you need a helping hand if you’re a complete beginner, check out our yoga kit buyers guide as it includes all the tools you need to buy to improve your yoga practice!

#4 – Rymora No-Slip Grip Socks

Price: £13.95

where can i buy yoga socks

These non-slip socks for yoga by Rymora can at first glance blend in as ordinary ankle socks, but at a closer glance, it is clear that they provide additional benefits that normal socks can’t provide. 

As they are made of 80% cotton, the Rymora socks for yoga are comfortable and breathable.

The 12% polyamide and 3% elastane content mean that the socks can stretch to your feet and retain their supportive shape. 

The final 5% of these men’s yoga socks material is PVC, and this is in the form of the underfoot grip that provides the base of any effective yoga socks. 

Furthermore, the cuff of the sock is cushioned which prevents the sock from slipping down your foot during exercise, a common complaint against some ankle socks, while also making the sock more comfortable overall.

The arch band is ventilated to keep your foot cool and prevent sweating which can impact performance. 

Finally, the toe seam is made as smooth as possible to mitigate any irritation that could be caused which would distract from your time dedicated to relaxation.

These men’s yoga socks come in sets of two, also offering different colour pairing options of either all black, navy, and grey or purple and teal. On top of this, they start at size 3 and go up to UK size 13.5 making them a suitable choice for either men’s or women’s yoga socks.

#5 – Rainbow Yoga Socks With Arch Support

Price: from £6.99

why wear yoga socks

Rainbow Socks’ no-slip yoga socks are ‘Amazon’s Choice’ for the men’s yoga sock category. 

With a positive rating from over two thousand reviews, you can trust that these socks will be high-quality and fit for purpose. 

A selling point for Rainbow Socks (that you may have been able to predict!) is their range of bright colour options. Of course, there is still your choice of grey or black yoga socks, but they also have options like orange, green, red, or purple which may be more up your street!

These yoga socks with arch support are designed to be suitable for all sports where you need extra grip between your feet and the floor, yoga included. 

On the underside of the yoga sock, an Italian silicone ABS system provides grip to the foot from a range of surfaces. This grip design meets the Global Organic Textile Standard, meaning that the socks are high quality and a safe bet when choosing a pair of yoga socks. 

If you’re planning on practising a yin yoga or meditation session, maybe look at investing in a yoga cushion or pillow for your practice!

#6 – Gogogoal Long Yoga Socks

Price: £15.90

nike yoga socks

These yoga socks for men from Gogogoal are designed to provide the additional grip between yourself and the floor will help performance. 

If it’s good for athletes in sports such as football or tennis where every movement needs to be precise, then this will be perfect for yoga as you move at a much less demanding speed and with less momentum behind yourself.

These yoga grip socks are made of a breathable and durable combed cotton, with elastic fibre keeping the sock firmly fitted to your calf and shin.

As these socks are tall, they would be better suited for use in cold environments where you need a bit of added warmth during your exercise.

Gogogoal sells these combed cotton socks in sets of three, in white or black yoga socks.


#7 – YogaAddict Yoga Toes Socks

Price: from £10.97

yoga socks mens

While it may throw you off if you’ve never seen a design like this before, yoga toe socks are actually becoming quite common and toe socks, in general, are found more and more in everyday life too. 

Of course, these yoga toes socks provide the benefits of all other yoga socks on this list. 

They have grip pads on the soles that make practising yoga on smooth surfaces easier, meaning you can have a more enjoyable time and focus more directly on your body and mind rather than worrying about falling. 

Similar to a pair of gloves, these toes socks for yoga have individual slots that cover your toes.

These toe pads are also equipped with their own section of grip, which creates a more natural type of assistance during yoga as you are still able to move your toes freely as if you are barefoot. 

As opposed to being half toe yoga socks, a full toe pair means that your feet still remain fully covered, which is great if you want to wear socks during yoga for hygiene purposes.

These yoga non-slip toe socks have a selection of colours and sizes available, so if you want to make the switch into a new type of sock for you then go ahead and find a pair right for you!

Best Women’s Yoga Socks 

Wondering ‘where can I buy yoga socks’? Luckily for you, all of the options below are sourced from Amazon!

#8 – TOETOE Anti-Slip Half Open Toe

Price: £5.45

yoga socks

A unique form of footwear for yoga is the toeless yoga socks. 

This design is able to provide grip during exercise through pads on the underside of the sock, and it also is more freeing and breathable than ordinary socks.

The wearer can move their toes with more freedom, helping when trying to reach difficult poses. If the poses are too difficult, even with open-toe yoga socks then maybe check out our guide to the best yoga blocks to help you as well! 

This shoe by TOETOE is made of cotton and Spandex fabric and leaves the toes uncovered, with a single connection next to the big toe to hold the shoe in place. 

The Spandex material encourages a barefoot feel, with minimal interference with foot movement and flexibility. As well as this, they are stretchy and elastic, so can easily fit any foot shape or size. 

Non-slip silicone is ergonomically located on the heel and the ball of the foot, providing stability support when making movements and holding poses during yoga.

The TOETOE yoga toeless socks come in four colours: black and green, green, orange, and blue.

#9 – Ozaiic Women’s Yoga Socks

Price: £17.99

yoga toe sock

These socks are the number one bestseller in the women’s yoga socks category on Amazon. 

They have over one thousand reviews and 91% of them are either four or five stars!

This is a great score and means that the no-slip yoga socks by Ozaiic have been a great purchase for a wide range of customers. 

The design of these socks is inspired by ballet shoes and they feature elastic straps that crisscross over the top of the foot. 

This feature serves the dual purpose of looking stylish as well as keeping the socks fitted to the foot. 

On the underside of the foot is a silicone grip pattern that contrasts with other yoga socks that feature spots.

This yoga sock’s design is with lines and shapes and circles that help to provide traction with the floor while looking attractive. Combine it with a brand new yoga mat to really stand out in your yoga class! 

As well as this, the underside of the women’s yoga socks is cushioned to protect the foot from impact injuries during exercise and helps to improve overall comfort.

#10 – GOAMZ Yoga Socks

Price: £9.99

yoga socks for men

If you like the look of the previous yoga ankle socks with the ballet-inspired design and would like to get a pair like them for a little bit cheaper then GOAMZ can offer an attractive purchase option for your money. 

Elastic ballet-inspired straps remain on this design, holding the sock on to the foot and preventing slipping while looking unique and fashionable. 

Another similarity to the previous socks is their combed cotton construction.

This is a great material for socks for yoga as it is soft, breathable, and durable. 

Combine this with the added spandex and elastic materials in the design and you have a comfortable and fitted sock, perfect for yoga.

However, the underside of the sock does not contain a special grip pattern. Instead, the non-slip material is scattered circles. 

This will still make these a pair of sticky yoga socks just without the added flair in design.

Overall, these socks will still be a great purchase – as is shown by the yoga socks’ reviews, with 100% of their fifty-nine reviews at either five or four stars!

#11 – ToeSox Yoga Toeless Socks

Price: £15.99

mens large yoga socks

There are various benefits of using half toe yoga socks, all of which we’re about to discuss.

They provide all the features that standard socks provide, such as enhanced grip and warmth.

In addition to this, they provide the wearer with a more natural feel on the floor compared to normal socks. 

Rather than enveloping your foot in one piece of material, your toe pads are instead able to move freely. This encourages the proper development of your yoga skills in an accurate way. 

Available in black, pink, grey, or nude, and a complete range of sizes, if you’re someone who wants to try making the switch to wearing footwear while practising yoga then you should have no issue finding the right pair of half toe socks for you from ToeSox.

To conclude, yoga half toe socks provide a mixture of benefits for wearers who want the best of both worlds when it comes to yoga footwear without sacrificing their yoga form.

#12 – Gaiam Grippy Toeless yoga Socks

Price: £15.99

best yoga socks

Another pair of non-slip socks for yoga with great features is this pair by Gaiam. 

The socks are made of 81% combed cotton and 11% nylon. What this means is that the cotton fibres are treated, making them both softer and more durable than regular cotton. 

The cotton that Gaiam use is also 100% organic and environmentally friendly. 

On the sole of the sock is a 100% silicone rubber grip pattern, perfect for practising yoga poses on smooth surfaces.

One size fits most foot sizes, so you don’t need to worry about this if you don’t usually struggle to find the right sizes in footwear.

If you need even more convincing, then know that these socks by Gaiam have some of the best yoga socks review ratings on Amazon, with 82% of their 500+ reviews being at four or five stars!

#13 – Pauboland Cushioned Socks For Yoga With Grips

Price: £6.99

half toe yoga socks

We have done the legwork and searched through the plethora of reviews out there and found a pair that has some of the best yoga socks review ratings, with 94% of all reviews being at four or five stars.

These yoga ankle socks by Pauboland come packed with features that make the reason behind their popularity clear.

For example, not only do they have a pattern of anti-slip silicone on the sole of the sock, but they also feature a cushion under the material to support the foot during exercise. 

Yoga straps will also help provide support for hard to reach poses and makes your yoga practice interesting! 

Across the all-important arch area, these socks for yoga have a compression zone that will support your foot during movement without compromising comfort or construction quality. 

On top of this, the toe seam is designed to be anti-blister which can be a great feature when wearing your socks underneath shoes on the way to yoga or any other exercise. 

These socks are a discreet all black design and come in either a pack of two or six.

Before you go!

We hope you found the best yoga socks for you!

13 different yoga socks is excessive but in reality, there are thousands of different socks out there so we made it easier and narrowed down the search for you! 

If this article has inspired you to take up a career in the health and fitness industry, check out our internationally-recognised yoga teacher course here or download our prospectus for completely free!

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