19 Best Yoga Straps to Help Your Poses

Are you after the best yoga straps in the UK? You’re in the right place. Here at OriGym, we have performed extensive research so you don’t have to spend hours trawling through the internet in search of the best products.

If you haven’t tried yoga with straps before, you should know that they are yoga props to help beginners (and even yoga experts) through those hard-to-reach poses. The straps will help to provide support and form alignment, improve posture, and help you to get the best stretch possible.

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1.H&S Yoga Stretch Straps

Price: £4.99

Yoga straps for posture

If you’re on a budget and on the lookout for cheap yoga straps that are made out of sturdy cotton material, then this would be for you. The badge is made out of faux leather so not only does it look luxurious, it feels luxurious.

The D ring buckles will allow you to easily switch between yoga positions. It will help you to stretch into those hard-to-reach poses, and to improve your flexibility and stability in each position.

With this bundle, you’ll receive two yoga belts at two different lengths, 1.85 and 2.45 metres, so no matter which type of yoga you’re practising you will have a strap to guide you.

2.Vandeep D Ring Yoga Strap


yoga inversion straps

This yoga strap can help to assist you with different yoga exercises to help enhance the flexibility of your body. It’s meant for improving your posture and strengthening other parts of your body.

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an expert, this high-quality strap is strong and does not break down over time.

It is friendly to skin, comfortable to hold, and is non-slip. After using these straps for a few weeks you’ll be able to get to those hard-to-reach places and gain the confidence to practice without the strap once you are used to the position.

The buckle has a sturdy feel, it has an adjustable metal D ring which is a great help if you’re into yin-yoga which requires you to maintain positions for a period of time. The Vandeep shoulder straps can also help to reduce the risk of muscle strain and other injuries whilst improving flexibility.

3.Pete’s Choice Yoga Straps With Loops


yoga straps cheap

If you are looking for safe yet highly effective ways to enhance your flexibility and align your spine, then this product from Pete’s Choice is for you.

No matter the pose, using yoga straps will help you through any yoga flow you wish to try. You don’t even have to use this strap just for yoga, as you can also use it for pilates, gym classes, physiotherapy, and even outdoor use.

The straps are made out of high quality thick and reinforced cotton which has an adjustable D-ring. This will help with a non-slip grip without tiring your hands. Each strap is 8ft long and can be taken anywhere with you.

This product is suitable for men, women, and children. The straps are more than enough to withstand the most strenuous of yoga poses.

4.Yamkas Yoga Stretching Straps

Price: £9.99

colorful set of yoga straps

This product from Yamkas is made out of thick durable cotton that won’t slip, so you can try new yoga poses with confidence. The yoga strap with loops is perfect for beginners for basic, intermediate, and advanced positions for long holds.

The metal D-ring buckles can be adjusted and secured for various poses and alignment. All you need to is fold the loose strap and then adjust it to your desired size. The D Ring is made out of thick metal which will not bend or break.

The Yamkas Strap uses premium-quality environmentally friendly products that are safe for your body. The belt can be put in the washing machine for easy cleaning even after the sweatiest sessions like hot yoga.

The 6ft strap is the perfect length for basic poses, the 10ft strap is ideal for the taller yoga user or people who are less flexible. You are also able to choose up to 13 different colours, so you will definitely be able to stand out in your yoga class.

5.Tumaz Yoga Hanging Straps

Price: £6.95

yoga straps long

The Tumaz strap is a simple, non-elastic band that provides extra stability to general stretching exercises, yoga, and more.

The D ring yoga strap buckles are 4mm wide in diameter and 2.5mm thick, and this strap is much thicker than other straps online. It assures the durability and comfort of this product for years to come.

It’s one of the best tools for stretching or hanging, and as you may know, stretching can effectively help you relax your stiff and tight muscles. Tumaz even recommends using this product to do stretching every day.

Unlike other straps online, the Tumaz strap has a special webbing technique to make the product stand out.

6.VoidBiov Yoga Stretch Straps


using straps in yoga

VoidBiov is useful for yogis of all levels, but they are best for beginners who feel frustrated at their lack of flexibility and are looking for cheap yoga straps if they’re on a budget.

Beginners and others who need help with flexibility often use straps as an extension of the arm to help with twisting and stretching poses. The belt can exercise different parts of your body like your waist, legs, and back.

This product is durable, lightweight, and in fact, one of the cheapest on our list. The strap has a high tensile-strength weave meaning it will not slip and will keep its shape even after heavy use.

The 5mm bold metal D-Ring fastener is durable, adjustable and uncomplicated. The buckle won’t be bent or broken.

You will be able to purchase the yoga belt in different colours and lengths to suit all types of people. Whether it would be for men, women or children, you can choose your favourite colours without any issues.

7.Reehut Ring


best yoga strap

If you’re after an affordable yoga strap then this product will be for you. It is made out of a soft and sturdy polyester cotton material which will protect your hands from injury and will not break or lose its shape after prolonged use.

Using a yoga strap will provide safe and effective stretches that will improve your flexibility, extend your range of motion, and most importantly, improve muscle recovery. If you want to improve muscle recovery even further, find out more with our step-by-step guide to myofascial relief!

This strap is ideal for a range of sports like yoga, pilates, or even physiotherapy. The product will help deepen stretches, assist with hard to reach poses, help with warm-ups, improve flexibility, strengthen and tone muscles.

The metal D-ring buckles can also be adjusted for a more snug fit for various poses and alignments. All you would need to do is to fold the loose end back on itself and tighten it to your desired loop size.

8.Yoga-Mad Yoga Strap With Buckle Closure

Price: £4.99- £12.66

yoga strap stretching with yoga strap

This product from Yoga-Mad has 3 different colours; purple, green, and blue. These bright straps will enable you to stand out in your yoga local studio with no problem!

Using yoga straps will help lengthen your arms and help with hard-to-reach positions, especially if you’re new to yoga.

Unlike other yoga straps, instead of the normal D-Ring to tighten the strap, it has a clinch buckle instead. This will ensure your practice will not be held up for constantly trying to adjust the strap.

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9.Jim’s Store Yoga Blocks and Strap Set

Price: £12.69

yoga strap with buckle closure

If you’re a complete beginner and after some equipment to start you off then these yoga blocks and straps from Jim’s Store will be the perfect bundle for you.

The yoga bricks are made out of high-density EVA foam with a non-slip surface and bevelled edges for easy gripping. The eco-friendly EVA foam is closed-cell so won’t absorb sweat and stays bacteria free so it can be used for a long time. If you are just looking for blocks specifically, why not take a look at our ultimate list of yoga blocks for more information.

Turning our focus to the yoga strap, you will only get one however, you only need to use one to help lengthen your arms and improve your yoga practice.

The strap also comes with a D ring which can be adjusted according to your preference. You will be able to adjust it so you can perform various stretches or yoga moves if you’re a beginner or an expert!

10.YDL Yoga Straps With Loops

Price: £15.00

yoga strap for posture

You may have heard of Yoga Design Labs as a provider of high-quality yoga mats, and these straps are unique; not only in colour but also in length. The length of the strap is one of the longest online at 240cm, so it is suitable for anyone.

The strap itself is light yet thick enough to handle rigorous practice and exercises! It’s eco-friendly and has a number of non-fade colours.

This strap is suitable for beginner, intermediate, or advanced yogis, and it’s incredibly easy to take with you anywhere whether you’re practising outside, at home, or at your local yoga studio.


11.Riarbronee Cotton Yoga Straps


yoga with straps

These yoga hanging straps from Riarbronee can help you to expand your range of movement, extend the time of posture retention, and help regulate your posture. This product can be suitable for not only yoga but for pilates, general stretching and physiotherapy.

The soft and sturdy durable cotton material will not lose its shape or break, and it will not dig into your hands or feet when you use this piece of equipment.

The strap is environmentally friendly, breathable, sweat-absorbent, and has anti-slip properties. The buckles are also rugged and resistant to deformation.

For the price of £4.99, it’s suitable for different heights and various yoga styles. It’s also lightweight and comes with a portable yoga strap so you’ll be able to take it anywhere with you.

12.Omnihabits Yoga Stretching Strap


yoga straps for posture

This strap can be used to help extend the arms and legs, and it ensures different positions can be achieved with less strain on the user.

What’s different about this product compared to others on the list is the strap can be recycled once it’s worn out after years of use.

Using a yoga strap can improve flexibility and positions are made to be easier and kept longer so when you are more confident in those difficult poses, you’ll be able to do it without the use of the strap.

The strap also comes with two sturdy D-rings which are made out of durable iron so you can adjust the product with ease for practice.

13.Yogamatters Yoga Stretching Straps


yoga inversion straps

This yoga strap from Yogamatters is used in most styles of yoga classes so it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most common yoga props. If you are a complete newbie to yoga why not take a look at our article on yoga kits for beginners to help you out.

The easy-to-use metal buckle will allow adjusting the length of the belt safely and securely. This yoga stretching strap is different from others due to it’s wider strap but this ensures the product will help you with even the most difficult poses.

This product is made out of 100% of natural cotton and is made in a factory in India. Yogamatters has visited and worked closely with the factory to ensure good working conditions for all staff.

14.Houstour Yoga Blocks And Straps

Price: £13.99

yoga inversion straps

This combo set from Houstour makes it the ideal bundle for beginners as it provides support to ensure optimal grip and comfort during practice.

The yoga bricks are made out of high-density EVA foam for better balance, proper alignment and deeper poses. This would be suitable for everyone, whether it’s for beginners or experts, it is always handy to have yoga bricks for your practice.

The Yoga strap enables you to ease into more difficult postures as you gradually open your body up to help with further depth, endurance and mobility.

The yoga blocks and strap set is great for a range of sports like yoga, pilates, gymnastics, dance, and more! Everything included is very easy to carry so you’ll be able to take it outside, use at home or even at your local studio.

15.Yogibato D Ring Yoga Strap

Price: £10.90

colorful set of yoga straps

Yogibato is a well-known yoga brand and this strap can help you increase flexibility when learning new asanas. These belt straps facilitate your yoga sessions and can also be used for pilates or other stretch exercises. The strap has a metal fastener so you can securely adjust the strap to the required length.

This product is made out of 100% soft cotton and is skin-friendly. Due to the rounded D-ring and non-slip material, it’s ideal for hot yoga as well. The strap is easy to clean and machine washable of up to 40 degrees.

Yogibato compared to other major yoga brands is quite a young yoga brand but stands out for affordability and high-quality products. Compared to other budget straps, they often have plastic buckles and the metal D-ring strap ensures it stays safely in position for those who use the straps for long periods.

16. Scotamalone Yoga Strap With Loops

Price: £7.55

yoga straps long

This product is made of durable cotton material. The strap provides high comfort for the hands, feet, and skin compared to other stretch straps. It’s great for a sturdy grip to assist yourself in stretching or any extension exercises.

Included in this strap set are 12 individual loops, so unlike the normal metal D-Ring, this strap is designed to be durable and long-lasting.

This strap is ideal for a number of exercises like pilates, yoga, or even pre or post-workout stretching.

This product will allow you to perform assisted stretches with greater control. Performing yoga with a strap will also help with greater flexibility, improved range of motion, enhanced muscle recovery and reduced risk of injury.

17. Organic Cotton Yoga Strap

Price: £4.99

using straps in yoga

These straps from Decathlon are one of the cheapest on this list at only £4.99, and you have up to 5 colour choices.

The length of the strap is 2.5 metres, ideal for most yoga movements and the raw strap is made from 100% organic cotton, a raw and undyed material.

use this product for a range of different sports from yoga, pilates, or even just stretching out before or after workouts. Gradually and gently move into difficult poses and gain flexibility.

18. RDX D1 Non-Slip Cotton Yoga Strap With Rust Proof Steel D-Ring Buckle

Price: £5.99

best youga strap

This yoga strap uses thick, flexible, and tensile cotton material so this strap will last for years. It’s non-slip and durable, easy-to-clean and environmentally friendly.

The strap is small in size, lightweight, and can be easily folded. You’ll be able to take it anywhere with you and it can be used at any time. The sewing of the strap is neatly and finely stitched, and is double reinforced to ensure that it is resistant from tears.

This product can effectively stretch the body and is ideal for activities such as yoga, pilates, and stretching pre or post-workout.

19.AQF Yoga Stretching Strap

Price: £6.99

yoga strap stretching with yoga strap

Our final yoga strap on this list is designed to provide better support and help you achieve better stretching long term. This product would be ideal for gym classes, yoga, and pilates. This strap is suitable for both beginners and yoga professionals.

The product is made out of premium quality cotton material with high-quality Iron D-Buckle rings which makes the strap durable and long-lasting.

The strap is available in 3 sizes, 6ft, 8ft and 10ft long so it can be suitable for all types of people. The 4cm wide sustainable cotton webbing with two non-slip metal D-rings will help you to adjust the strap and switch between different yoga postures. Yoga straps help you to get all benefits from specific yoga positions whilst maintaining comfort at all times.

The AQF Sports brand believes in using high-quality raw materials for customer satisfaction. For the price of £6.99, you really can’t go wrong with this strap. Use this strap during your practice and improve your yoga practice each day you use it.

Before you go!

We hope you found our yoga strap article useful and insightful. As mentioned before, no matter your level of experience in yoga, the strap can aid you in reaching difficult poses, and over time it can help to increase your flexibility and alignment.

The fact that there are 19 yoga straps on this list means that you have a wide range to choose from. You should make sure that you choose a strap that will be long enough and suitable for your height.

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