Sourcing the best candles for your yoga studio can help to add ambience to a room, whilst creating a positive atmosphere for your students.

Whilst the scent you choose will largely depend on personal preference, this article will list 17 candles that you can purchase for your yoga practice.

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17 Scented Candles For Your Yoga Studio

#1 – CREASHINE Scented Candles Gift Set

Price: £15.99

Creashine Best Candle for your yoga studio

When it comes to selecting yoga studio candles, a variety of options may be better than one specific scent. The CREASHINE gift set, for example, contains 4 scents, allowing you to use them interchangeably for your different classes.

The scents included in this box set are: 

  • Lemon
  • Lavender
  • Mediterranean fig
  • Spring

Made from soy wax mixed with natural essential oils, these handmade candles are 100% organic and are incredibly eco-friendly.

Another factor which helps to certify these products to be suitable candles for yoga studios is the lead-free cotton wick. Not only will this produce a smokeless burn, but it also guarantees 25-30 hours burning time. 

Creashine Scented Candle for Yoga Studio

Once this time passes you can even reuse the decorative tins, with CREASHINE suggesting that they be repurposed as flower pots or storage for valuables.

When deciding to buy a particular product, reviews can be a swaying factor, so you’ll be pleased to note that the CREASHINE Scented Candle gift set is currently sitting at 4.7 stars on Amazon.

Whilst these are arguably some of the best candles for a yoga studio you don’t have to buy these products specifically for yourself. 

With an eye catching design in a patterned box, this could be the perfect gift for a yoga instructor or student alike. x

#2 – Kindred Fires Aromatherapy Candle

Price: £12.99 – £15.99 (depending on size)

Happiness Scented Candle for yoga studio

With over 70,000 sales, and 9,000 5-star reviews, Kindred Fires are one of Etsy’s biggest candle brands. 

Handmade in their Manchester-based workshop, the 100% natural aromatherapy candles contain only premium pure essential oil blends. 

These have been proven to provide several health benefits, including improved focus and energy levels, both of which are essential when practising yoga. 

The benefits these oils provide actually influence the different scents Kindred Fires offer, which include: 

  • Sleep
  • Calm & de-stress
  • Happiness
  • Focus
  • Meditation
  • Energy
  • Immune boost

Naturally, each scent is different so be sure to check out the descriptions of each product before making an informed purchase. 

Kindred Fires Yoga Studio Scented Candle

When shopping for yoga studio candles, keep in mind the end goal of your session, as this can influence what scent you purchase. For example, hatha yoga is more relaxing so will be best paired with the likes of ‘Calm & De-Stress’.

Kindred Fires is also regarded as one of the best candles for yoga studios due to the fact they’re made with natural clean burning soy wax. Not only does this make the product vegan friendly, but it also guarantees that they’re biodegradable.

#3 – La Jolie Muse Blue Lotus Scented Candle

Price: £5.99

La Jole Best Candles for Yoga Studios

The La Jolíe Muse scented candle for a yoga studio is made from 100% soy wax and provides a clean, long-lasting burn. On average, customers have reported that the product lasts anywhere between 35-45 hours, meaning you’ll get several uses out of it.

In part, this is thanks to the lead-free cotton wick, which helps to provide a premium, highly refined fragrance, whilst still remaining biodegradable and eco-friendly.

This long-lasting burn is particularly impressive when you take into consideration that this particular candle for yoga studios is only 6.5-ounces in size. 

La Jole Scented Candles for yoga studios

Speaking of which, many customers on Amazon have noted that the size of the product is one of their favourite attributes. This will allow you to transport the candle from one location to another, perfect if you’re an instructor who works at multiple different studios.

We have chosen the La Jolíe Muse’s Blue Lotus scent which blends notes of lemon and lily of the valley, to help create stress-relieving and health boosting qualities.

Other La Jolíe Muse products include:

  • Coconut Vanilla 
  • Lavender Eucalyptus 
  • Sage & Eucalyptus 
  • Orange Blossom
  • Ruby Grapefruit 

This means that you can pick a variety of scented candles for yoga studios, each chosen to your or your students preference. 


#4 – Yogamatters Restore Soy Wax Candle- Lavendar + Neroli

Price: £15

FreeSpirt Candle for Yoga Studio

Scented with calming lavendar and spicy neroli, Yogamatters’ Free Spirit hand-poured, vegan soy wax candle makes the perfect addition to any yoga studio.

In addition to being completely cruelty free, this candle for yoga studios is also made with a cotton wick to produce a clean and even burn. This helps the product last for an impressive 25 hours of use, before you need to replace it. 

As part of Yogamatters’ Wellness Collection, the warm glow of the candle is designed to ignite a sense of freedom and expansiveness in your students.

In particular, it’s recommended that you use this particular product for restorative yoga teachings, as the sense of freedom can help to ease issues relating to physical and emotional stresses. 

Freespirt yoga studio candles

When it comes to your yoga studio, scented candles may set off certain student’s allergies. This worry will be non-existent with the Yogamatters’ product due to the fact it’s made with only pure essential oils, with no synthetic colours or fragrances.

#5 – Chesapeake Bay Peace and Tranquillity Candle

Price: £19.99

Chesapeake Bay Best Candles for Yoga Studios

When shopping for the best candles for a yoga studio, you’ll naturally wish to prioritise a product that induces feelings of relaxation. For this reason, Chesapeake Bay’s Peace and Tranquillity product comes highly recommended.

Made with all natural essential oils, the candle carries notes of:

  • Exotic jasmine
  • Delicate cashmere woods
  • White musk
  • Sandalwood

Like many products on this list, Chesapeake Bay’s recipe is specifically crafted with a natural soy wax blend, meaning that it is ecologically friendlier than other brands.

Whilst on the topic of design, you’ll be pleased to note these candles for yoga studios are reported to last for 50 hours of burning.

Chespeake Bay candles for yoga studios

This long lasting effect occurs due to the self-timing wick feature that is present in all of Chesapeake Bay’s designs. This curves the burning of the flame, ensuring an even distribution among the melted wax. 

In addition to this, the self-timing wick also reduces the risk of soot, which could otherwise disturb your class or make it unsuitable for students with asthma or other breathing problems. 

#6 – Yoga Bliss Hand Poured Candle- Meditation

Price: £10.50

Yoga Bliss candle for yoga studio

Manufactured using natural plant sources, this candle from Yoga Bliss is subtly scented with essential oils including:

  • Ylang ylang
  • Ho wood oil
  • Bergamot
  • Clary sage

These scents combine to form their ‘Meditation’ fragrance, which makes this the perfect candle for a yoga studio to induce feelings of relaxation and ease among students. 

But the all natural elements don’t stop there, as the product is also naturally coloured too. 

This will undoubtedly be good news for all those of you who wish to avoid synthetic ingredients, and promote a more ecologically friendly lifestyle.

Yoga Bliss candles for yoga studios

In this instance, you should also note how Yoga Bliss also uses recycled materials in their business too.

Not only is the wax hand-poured into recycled glass, but the packaging will also be shipped to customers in recycled cardboard too. 

This seems to be a popular feature among Yoga Bliss customers, who have rated the Meditation candle 4.9 stars. In particular, many applaud the companies’ approach to sustainability, and their use of local sourced ingredients. 

As one of the most popular yoga studio candles on their site, Yoga Bliss has also released a travel sized version of the Meditation candle, suitable for the instructors on the go.

#7 – A Calm and Quiet Place Yankee Candle

Price: £11.99

Yankee scented candle yoga studio

If you want reassurance that you’re receiving the best candles for a yoga studio then you may wish to focus on name recognition. 

With a popular brand you’re almost always guaranteed to receive a product of high quality, and when it comes to candles there’s no bigger name than Yankee. 

In particular, ‘A Calm and Quiet Place’ is a meditative fragrance with notes of:

  • Patchouli 
  • Warm amber 
  • Gentle Jasmine 

All the ingredients listed above, and in all other Yankee products are seasonally curated. This helps to produce a richer scent, and reduces the need for synthetic additives.

Yankee Candle for yoga studios

But that isn’t the only benefit of purchasing the Yankee ‘Calm and Quite Place’ candle for a yoga studio. In fact, due to its natural fibre wick the product holds an incredibly long-lasting burn time of up to 75-hours.

In addition to this, the iconic jar shape is a symbol for Yankee’s 50-year commitment to creating the world’s finest candles. In particular, the lid ensures that the fragrance remains just as strong from the first burn till the last. 

One of the best things about this design is that there are multiple sizes to choose from, including:

  • 105g
  • 411g
  • 624g

This will allow you to buy an appropriately sized candle for your yoga studio, opting for the larger option if you or your students have previously enjoyed the scent. 

#8 – L’Occitane Relaxing Candle

Price: £20.50

L'Occtaine scented candles for yog studios

Crafted with a combination of rich essential oils known for their relaxing properties, this yoga studio candle from L’Occitane is sure to create a soothing aromatic atmosphere among your students. 

L’Occitane’s Relaxing Candle has been created to engulf the senses, with their 100% vegetal wax holding notes of:

  • Provence-sourced lavender
  • Sweet orange
  • Bergamot
  • Mandarin
  • Geranium

This means that you get all of the relaxing benefits of the lavender without its overpowering nature, thanks to the addition of the fruity elements.

The Relaxing candle is designed to evoke the Provincial spirit of art de vivre, which transports you to the heart of nature and into moments of well-being.

L'Occtaine yoga studio candle

For reassurance that you’re receiving one of the best candles for yoga studios be sure to check out the review section on L’Occitane’s website. 

Rated an average of 4 out 5 stars, users applaud the relaxing properties, with one in particular noting that it was also a good piece of equipment for sports massage therapists.

#9 – The White Company Calm Candle

Price: £20

The White Company yoga studio candle

This 100% biodegradable, soy wax candle from The White Company combines ingredients such as:

  • Juniper berry
  • Bright geranium leaf
  • Resotative clay sage 
  • Ylang Ylang
  • Tonka bean
  • Sandalwood

These ingredients promote a sense of peacefulness, which will help your students to unwind and focus on the class at hand.

The White Company yoga studio scented candles

The White Company prides itself on offering top of the line products, which is why their 200ml candle can burn for an impressive 60 hour. 

This particular scent is also available through alternative products such as:

  • Diffusers 
  • Fragrance Oils 
  • Room Mist 

You can use each of these products separately or combine with the scented candle for your yoga studio to create a vibrant and relaxing experience.

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#10 – Aloha Bay Happiness Chakra Energy Candle

Price: £24.18

Aloha Bay Scented Candle for Yoga Studio

Aloha Bay have created a range of yoga studio candles dedicated to the seven chakras, or energy centres, of the body. 

To learn where these chakras are located and what properties they are said to hold, check out our exploration of yoga symbols and their meanings

Whilst there are 7 candles available for purchase we have chosen to specifically focus on the Happiness yoga studio candle. This particular product is made up of 3 essential oils, including: 

  • Labdanum – Helps you to moderate your emotions
  • Patchouli – A grounding scent, ideal for meditation
  • Frankincense – Calms the mind

Aloha Bay Candle for Yoga Studio

The combination of these 3 fragrances help to promote happiness, grounding the mind and encouraging positivity all round. 

In addition to this, the candle is specifically designed to be purple, a colour which is said to symbolise a connection with your higher self. Once in tune with this power, you will be able to manifest your dreams into reality. 

As this article is centred around providing insight into the best candles for yoga studios, you should note that there are varying designs you can choose from when shopping with Aloha Bay, including:

  • Jars
  • Pillars
  • Votives 
  • Incense Sticks 
  • Wax Melts

Customers can also buy 6 differing scents that correspond with the other chakras.


#11 – Aery Positive Energy Scented Candle

Price: £27

CDN Yoga Studio candles

Designed to help you manifest positivity, the Aery’s Positive Energy recipe has been carefully selected as one of the best candles for yoga studios that are said to invigorate a student’s passion and creativity. 

For those interested in purchasing specific scented candles for a yoga studio, you’ll be interested to know Positive Energy consists of:

  • Top notes of lemon and vetiver 
  • Middle notes of grapefruit and peppermint
  • Base notes of amber and violet leaf

Aery have designed the Positive Energy candle with a 100% plant-based wax, making it vegan and cruelty free. It also comes with fully recyclable packaging and is shipped with carbon neutral DPD. 

CDN Candles for yoga studios

With a perfect 5 star rating on TrustPilot, the Aery Positive Energy candle has rightfully earned a place on our list, certifying itself to be one of the most popular candles on the market today. 

What customers seem to love the most about the Aery Positive Energy candle is its strong fragrance, which can burn for approximately 45 hours before it needs replacing. 

#12 – Neom Complete Bliss Scent to Calm and Relax Candle

Price: £35

NEOM Candle for yoga studios

Neom’s Complete Bliss candle contains a complex blend of 17 of the purest essential oils, including:

  • Moroccan blush rose
  • Lime
  • Black pepper

The candle is part of the “Scents to Calm and Relax” range, which has been specially formulated with natural fragrance to help you unwind, by bringing about feelings of calmness and relaxation.

To promote this sense of mindfulness, Neom encourages customers to practice breathing techniques. 

As a yoga instructor, you have a distinct advantage of guiding everyone, thus influencing how everyone experiences the benefits of the candle.

During your class, encourage students to inhale the relaxing fragrance, breathing in through their noses for 7 seconds, before exhaling through their mouth for an 11 count. 

Neom yoga studio scented candles

In terms of the overall quality of this candle for yoga studios buyers should note that the 100% natural wax is hand poured, with the final product weighing in at 185g. In addition to this, users can expect the one wick variation to burn for 35 hours at a time.

#13 – Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic Aromatherapy Candle- Calming

Price: £35

Neal's Yard Candles for Yoga Studios

The Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic Aromatherapy candle is scented with soothing rose and comforting geranium essential oils, with absolutely no synthetic fragrances included.

The hand-poured beeswax surrounds a textile wick, which guarantees approximately 36 hours of burning. 

Buyers should be made aware that Neal’s Yard does divulge that there may be some variations in terms of appearance from each of their products. This is simply down to the technique they use, certifying each of their yoga studio candles to be homemade.

One of the benefits of shopping with Neal’s Yard is that the retailers are often running promotional deals, allowing you to buy multiple items for a discounted rate.

In addition to this, you may wish to buy products of the same scent. For example, the Calming room spray can help to further enhance the sense of relaxation prompted by the candle.

#14 – The Calm Society Focus Candle

Price: £19.99

The Calm Society Candle for Yoga Studios

With 7 different candles, each with unique mood-enhancing blends, Calm Society have designed their products to promote a sense of inner balance and healthy wellbeing. 

In particular their ‘focus’ variation is said to fight daily fatigue, all whilst promoting a sense of concertation.  

Containing 100% natural and vegan ingredients, the ‘Focus’ candle is made with an essential oil blend, consisting of:

  • Cypress – Produces a cleansing aroma that has both an invigorating and grounding effect on emotions
  • Eucalyptus – Oozes invigorating tones and is known to promote relaxation
  • Citronella – Produces powerful, floral, and citrus-like aromas that promote a sense of invigoration and refreshment
  • Grapefruit – The uplifting scent increases emotional openness, as well as helping to energise and provide clarity

The Calm Society Best Candle for yoga studio

These scents combine to cleanse the environment around you, encouraging mental clarity, and boosting your brain power. All of this allows you to remain completely focused, perfect for leading a class of large numbers.

Just this list chose to highlight the ‘Focus’ variation does not detract from the other 6 candles. Be sure to do your own research before determining which Calm Society candle is right for you.


#15 – Luna London The Meditation Collection: Calm Candle

Price: £28

Luna London candles for yoga studios

This Luna London ‘Calm’ candle is a deeply rich scent, combining notes of:

  • Amber 
  • Vanilla
  • Musk
  • Lavender
  • Jasmine 

One unique aspect about the Luna London Candle is that it comes with an inscription printed on the front of the jar. The distributors encourage you to incorporate this reading to a yoga class in order to promote peace and tranquillity. 

The ingredients used in this wax are 100% cruelty free and non-toxic to promote a healthier sense of wellbeing. On top of these benefits, customers can also expect a burn time of approximately 40 hours.

Luna London yoga studio scented candles

In addition to all this, the ‘Calm’ candle is also infused with amethyst, a crystal which can specifically heighten the overall sense of calmness in whichever room it’s placed in.

This is designed to help you reset and recharge, allowing you to take time out for yourself so that you are able to continue leading your classes with enthusiasm. 

#16 – Chakra Candle Set The Divine Flame

Price: £46.50

Chakra Candles for yoga studios

Sometimes the best candles for yoga studios will be considered a little more high-end, which is exactly why The Divine Flame’s entry is a little pricey than others that came before it. 

In this instance, you will certainly get your money’s worth as each candle not only represents one of the seven different chakras, but also comes in seven different scents.

  • Root Chakra: Cinnamon & Vanilla / Obsidian / Red Verbena
  • Sacral Chakra: Orange Ginger / Carnelian / Safflower
  • Solar Plexus: Lemon Verbena / Calendula / Citrine
  • Heart Chakra: Rose / Aventurine / Rose Petals
  • Throat Chakra: Coconut & Lime / Amazonite / Forget Me Not
  • Third Eye: Musk Amber Patchouli / Amethyst / Cornflower
  • Crown Chakra: Sage, Lavender, Fir / Clear Quartz / Lavender

Chakra Best candles for yoga studios

These handmade candles for yoga studios are created with the utmost care, with each product being encased in a custom made tin to symbolise the seven chakras. 

Users who wish to steer clear of animal products will be pleased to note that The Divine Flame’s products are made with organic coconut wax. In addition to this, the final product is completely non-toxic and made with lead & zinc free cotton wicks.

#17 – Aery Heavily Meditated Aromatherapy Candle

Price: £27

Aery best candles for yoga studios

Described as your ‘go-to chill-out companion’, the final entry on this list of the best candles for yoga studios is the second Aery Living product. 

Designed to steady your mind and ground your body whilst you practice, the Heavily Mediated Aromatherapy candle boasts layered notes of: 

  • Top notes of bay and thyme
  • Middle note of patchouli and frankincense
  • Base notes of cinnamon, eucalyptus, and cedarwood

These scents combine to minimise distraction and promote focus, creating an ideal environment for practising mindfulness.

Aery candles for yoga studios

Similarly to the previous Aery product to feature on our list, the Heavily Meditated variation is also vegan and 100% cruelty free, due to the fact it’s made with plant-based wax and recyclable packaging.

You’ll also get your money’s worth when shopping with Aery, as this candle (just like their others) also has an impressive 45 hour burn life. 

As always the quality of this yoga studio candle is guaranteed thanks to social proofing provided by previous customers who rated the product an near perfect 4.8 out of 5 stars. 

Before You Go!

You’ll now be able to make an informed decision and purchase the best candles for your yoga studio, and choose the right scent for a calming, restorative session, or an intensive power yoga class. 

Level 4 Yoga Teacher Training can also help to provide you with knowledge on how to lead and instruct your classes. With these skills you will be able to create an environment in which your students flourish. 

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