Whether you’re almost ready to start inviting in clientele to your first class, or want to improve your brand awareness, a yoga studio mission statement is the perfect place to start. 

If you have no idea what one is, we’ll guide you through everything you need to know, including:

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What is a Yoga Studio Mission Statement?

what is a mission statement

In a nutshell, a yoga studio mission statement is the purpose of your yoga studio, why you created it, and what you hope it will achieve.

It is a succinct way of conveying why clients should choose you for their next yoga class. It should be short, maybe a couple of sentences long, and should make an impact on those who read it.

Not only that, it should also be an informative piece that not only attracts your clientele but informs them on what it is you offer exactly. 

For instance, if your yoga studio offers only one style of yoga, let it be known. Or, if you offer over 10 different styles of yoga, you should ensure this is clearly communicated in your statement.

For example, take a look at this mission statement from a yoga studio in London below:

yoga studio mission statement

This is the perfect amount of text to get your message across without overwhelming the reader. It communicates:

  • Who it’s suitable for
  • What yoga they offer
  • The benefits of their service
  • Why you should take the class

This is exactly what you’re going to need within a mission statement for your yoga studio to easily allow potential clients to consider your service in the first instance. 

So, now you’re clear on what a mission statement is, you may be wondering why you need one.


Why Your Yoga Studio Needs a Mission Statement

As a business owner, you’re going to need a mission statement. This goes for any service provider and since you will have competition it is vital. 

A yoga studio mission statement can set you apart from other businesses in your industry. It gives you the power to provide enough information for any readers to not have to ask any questions and to simply book their next class with you!

More specifically, these are the top reasons why you need a mission statement for your yoga studio.

#1 – It Shows Your Purpose

Mission statement yoga studio

Having a well established mission statement is the easiest way to communicate what your purpose is when it comes to running a yoga studio. 

You can explain what you hope to do for other people or why you decided to open a studio in the first place. It shows that, as the instructor and owner of the studio, you have plausible motivation behind you. 

You’re able to talk about why you want to help others in their yoga practice and by exposing your own motivation, it creates trust between you and your potential clientele.

You can easily convey the characteristics of your studio through your mission statement, especially if they are a part of a particular niche. For example, take a look at this yoga studio mission statement below:

Mission statement for yoga studio

They clearly state that their studio represents a sustainable way of living, they state the fact that they know the ‘earth’s supplies are limited’ and in turn, provide food and apparel that is sustainable and ‘earth friendly’. 

In a few words, they have communicated their outlook on life and what they will provide for the lives of their clients. It’s a great example of how you can show who is behind the brand and the ultimate purpose of the studio. 

Similarly, it not only shows your clients the purpose of your studio, but you as the owner too. You’re able to use your mission statement as a means of direction on business decisions. 

For example, if your mission statement regards progression as a key component, you should do the same, taking further courses to offer more classes or in other related areas.

#2 – Provides a Concise Overview

Yoga studio mission statement examples

Not only can you communicate what you hope to provide for clients in your mission statement, and how yoga benefits them, you can also use it as a means of disclosing useful information. 

This could be a price that some studios may choose to put in their mission statement so all of the most important information is in the same place. For example, it would make sense to have any questions that clients may have answered underneath or embedded into the statement. 

Take a look at this example below from the Atrium yoga studio. It’s succinct, and has prices on the page that are easily accessible. 

mission statement for yoga studio

It doesn’t have to be over the top when it comes to making your price accessible – it can be very subtle just like this one. 

Not only that but you can surround your mission statement with useful links that can make it even more practical. 

After reading your mission statement, anybody interested should easily be able to find where you are based, your prices and even a schedule for classes. 

After all, you want to communicate clearly with your ultimate goal being to get clients to your classes!

#3 – It’s An Opportunity To Sell Yourself

Yoga studio mission vision statement

You should use your yoga studio mission vision statement to your advantage when it comes to selling your service. 

You’ll be able to do this with minimal effort if you’re simply honest about the motivations behind your career as a yoga instructor. 

A mission statement provides you with the opportunity to connect with minds alike. You’re able to communicate why your ideologies are embedded into your yoga studio and practice, and how this can help clients who join your class. 

Paper Dress yoga conveys this in their statement below. They tell you what their practice is all about and the house style of the yoga studio. With this knowledge you can immediately know if it is the right fit for you.

Yoga studio mission and vision statement

You should be able to convey the direction of your business, ultimately displaying that you have a future for your studio and clients should be on that journey with you. 

Being with a business from the beginning before they become prestigious brings with it exclusivity.

You should let the readers know that your business will or is already growing and they will benefit tremendously by being a part of it.

With your yoga mission statement, you should also aim to sell your studio as well as yourself. You could describe:

  • Atmosphere
  • Design space
  • Characteristics 
  • Safe space

By including all of the characteristics of your studio, you’re advertising to the correct target audience without even trying.


Components of a Successful Yoga Studio Mission Statement

We have provided you with some varied yoga studio mission statement examples, but for a more clear direction, we’ve outlined some of the most important components of your studio’s mission statement that you should have.

#1 – The Service You Offer

Yoga studio mission statement

It goes without saying that your mission statement should include what service it is that you’re offering.

However, you should trim it down, and ensure this part of your business practice is concise and self-contained.

Save an in-depth look into your services for something like an ‘about’ page on your yoga teacher website, and instead try to encapsulate what you offer in one or two sentences. 

Take a look at this yoga studio mission statement below from The Fire Within. The highlighted area is just two sentences, but describes the service that they offer with enough detail to still sell the service effectively.

Yoga mission vision statement

It is inviting, whilst still being informative and succinct enough that the reader will read the whole paragraph. 

Here, it’s important that you don’t get too lost in the details and description of your service that what you actually offer isn’t clear enough.

So, ensure that you state goals for your clients as the example above does. They clearly state that they focus on gratitude, building strength, balance and flexibility. 

This, along with concise but attractive descriptions, will certainly do the job, and ensure that readers are sufficiently intrigued.

#2 – Your Target Audience

yoga mission statement examples

Next, you should direct attention to your target audience when writing your mission statement for your yoga studio. 

After all, these are the people who you’re trying to reach and get into your class, and it’s a great idea to keep them in mind with all the decisions you make. 

Keeping your audience in mind actually makes it easier for you to write your mission statement – the less ground you have to cover, the easier and more concise your statement becomes. 

So, use this to your advantage and ensure you’re speaking to the right people.

Below you can see an example of this in action. Numi Yoga studio states how they are building classes that offer exclusive spaces for specific populations.

yoga studio business mission statement

Your target audience does not need to be so specific. If you’re looking to have a yoga space suitable for anyone and everyone like many successful studios, you can mention that your class is open to everybody and is not population specific.

#3 – Future Goals

yoga studio goal mission statement

You should be inspiring your clients and class to be looking for future progress and goals and this can be included in your mission statement. 

It is a good idea to show what you clients could be expecting to achieve with your help. Not just that, but with a well thought out mission statement, you’re able to convey how your clients are going to build and expand the community of yoga goers in your community. 

Your mission statement could mention what you hope to accomplish as a business, for example:

“We want to build a community within our classes that can have the potential to make lifelong friendships”

This is the kind of language that portrays a vision and a future from your mission statement. Potential clientele can read this and see their future with your studio. 

It sets them a goal to not only progress in their yoga practice, but to also meet other minds alike where friendship can flourish. 


#4 – Philosophy

mission statment for my yoga studio

One component that is vital to include in your mission statement is your studio’s philosophy. Your statement should be talking about your current state, what philosophy does your yoga class currently follow?

This is particularly important for yoga, especially as beliefs and connections to a higher power are heavily embedded into the practice. With this in mind, you should let it be known if your beliefs are too, embedded into your practice that you teach. 

Since yoga is prominent in Hinduism and Buddhism, it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to have clients that follow that faith. 

In fact, many centres (including the Kadampa meditation centre in Liverpool) incorporate these key teachings into their yoga mission statement.

mission statements

With this in mind, you should let this be known if it is necessary. Using this as an example, you may have in your mission statement that you offer classes that intertwine the physical practice with Buddhist compassion chants. 

Your display of philosophy doesn’t have to be religious based – it can simply be the mention of everybody being welcome and your studios belief in a non-discriminative space for all to learn yoga.

#5 – Desired Perception

how to write a mission statement

Whether it is in your yoga business name or your mission statement, the way you hope potential clientele perceive your brand should be communicated. 

For example, hot yoga is demanding and there may be people who perceive the practice as intense and overwhelming, so it’s up to you to put their mind at rest and provide a realistic perception of what your class is really about. 

For example, take a look at this mission statement from Beyondhot yoga studio below, whose mission statement is contrary of the common perception of hot yoga being overwhelming or intense:

how to write a yoga mission statement

This clearly gives the reader the correct perspective of what to expect in their studio through their mission statement communicating properly. 

Anybody interested is able to change any negative perception of hot yoga and may conquer any trepidations to joining a class simply through a reassuring mission statement.

How to Write a Yoga Studio Mission Statement

Avoid over complicating your yoga studio mission statement, it is easier than you think once you have organisation. Here are the steps you should take to write your mission statement for your studio including all of the key components that we spoke about earlier.

Step 1 – Write What Your Company Does

yoga studio mission statement

In this instance, you are a yoga studio owner, so you either offer classes or 1-2-1 yoga sessions. So, write a sentence or two about what service it is you offer.

Keep it concise, to the point and avoid over description. You can get into the details of tranquility after you have made it abundantly clear the services in which you offer. 

This is, above all else, the most important stage of your mission statement, and should be the first aspect you consider.

Step 2 – Why Your Company Exists

writing a yoga studio mission statement

Step 2 is the all important why behind your business. Yoga in particular is surrounded by belief systems and mental benefits as well as physical. Thus, if there is a reason that you started your company, put it into your mission statement. 

People enjoy a back story, by allowing people into why you became a yoga teacher you’re encouraging them to see your true motivation behind your studio. 

This not only builds trust between you and the client but it also integrates some of your personality into it too. 

It is here too that you can write a sentence on your philosophy and core values as a company. 

This is a direct link between why you started the studio and how you intend on using your experience and core values to improve the livelihood of your clients. 

Step 3 – How You Achieve Your Mission

writing a yoga studio mission statement

It is great talking about your intentions, but clients are going to want to know how exactly you make this happen if they come to your yoga studio. 

So, write a sentence on how you do this. For example, you could say something like:

“We reach a state of tranquility and peace through a combination of complementary breathing exercises alongside the asana sequence”

However you want to put it, ensure that you describe how you reach the mission itself. This is also really important for desired perception. 

For a client to perceive your mission as genuine, it is likely that they’re going to want to know how exactly you plan on making it happen!

Step 4 – Combine Everything Together

how to make yoga studio mission statement

Finally, you’re going to want to put all of these components together. This is how you end up with your piece that will communicate succinctly and effectively what it is your yoga studio offers, and all the reasons why you should be the perfect class to join. 

Ensure there is flow in your mission statement. To avoid it reading like a list, allow all of these points to be heard individually while all being part of one conversation.


Where Should I Publish My Mission Statement?

yoga studio mission statement

Mission statements are usually published on a business website for your company. However, you can publish it just about anywhere that you have your business published. 

For example, you can place your mission statement on a:

  • Grid post on instagram 
  • Story highlight on Instagram
  • Header on Facebook
  • Pinned post on Facebook.
  • Leaflets
  • Business cards 
  • Walls of your studio

Your mission statement should embody your brand, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t put it everywhere that could benefit your business in turn. Ultimately, you will be pushing your brand and in turn, building brand awareness – ensuring potential customers find your service easily.

Can I Change My Mission Statement?

yoga studio mission statement

Businesses evolve and this is a good thing. Your business may grow and your missions and visions may change as you get on a larger scale. 

With this in mind, sometimes it may feel natural to change the direction of your mission statement. This is especially true if you plan on offering new services, maybe you took a yoga advancement course and now specialise in a specific style, if so it would make sense to make some changes.

Ultimately, yes you can change your mission statement without it damaging your brand so long as you’re within the same business and it is a good time for your business to have a new one.

Before You Go!

After reading our article, you should be ready to take the dive and build your mission statement. Breaking down each step makes the process easier, but the key thing to remember is to keep it concise. 

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