Whether you want to take your pick from the best yoga studio names or get inspired to think of something unique, we are here to help you do just that.

This article covers the key things to consider when coming up with your own ideas, as well as some inspiration from existing examples. You can start from the top with us or jump to the all-important list of names you’re looking for by clicking below:

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Why You Need A Captivating Yoga Studio Name

Yoga studio names

Before we dive straight in, you may be wondering why it’s so important to think about a studio name and not pluck one out of thin air, so allow us to explain. 

Coming up with a studio name can seem super overwhelming, especially when there is so much choice and various directions you can go in. 

However, unique yoga studio names are a good way to make your business stand out. If there are multiple studios in your area, you have to give potential clients a reason to come to you over anywhere else in the area.

Yoga’s constantly growing popularity means you’re going to need a name that is:

  • Memorable 
  • Relevant
  • Simple
  • Unique

Any brand name that you remember is usually because they are unique, there is nothing else quite like them, or because they are relevant to the place of practice.

Therefore, there are things you need to consider to come up with a name for your yoga studio such as the following.


Coming Up With Your Own Yoga Studio Name: Things to Consider

#1 – Consider Doing Some Market Research

yoga studio name ideas

It is absolutely vital that you research your competitors in your area and come up with a yoga studio name that is relevant to your yoga studio mission statement, as well as the overall atmosphere that is attached to your practice.

Therefore, the only way to differentiate from other yoga studios alike is by researching what they are doing. 

For example, let’s take a look at some examples of Liverpool-based yoga studio names below, These include:

Fun yoga studio names

Though these are all great yoga studio names, there is one that presents a unique nature to the approach, and this is White Wolf.

White Wolf has managed to come up with a name for their studio that reflects the physical atmosphere and their location and has a logo design that is recognisable. 

These are all features that you, as the owner, should be thinking about before naming your studio. This is exactly why you need to do your market research to ensure that you aren’t naming your studio similarly to one that already exists.

Now that you are aware of the importance of competitor analysis, let’s see some other things you should consider before giving your yoga studio a name.

#2 – Matching Your Studio Aesthetic

yoga studio names list

It will be a little confusing to have the physical studio aesthetic different from the energy your yoga studio name has, but how can this help you decide a name?

You may find it much easier to design a space and be confident in the interior you want for your studio in the first instance. 

So you should use this to your advantage and take inspiration from your physical studio interior to help you come up with your own yoga studio names suggestions.

We previously mentioned White Wolf yoga and their name being unique in nature, but they also have a studio aesthetic that compliments the name well. Take a look at their interior below:

Yoga studio name

The logo, name and simple yet relaxing energy all complement one another and make the unique name all the more fitting. 

Maybe you’re confident in the interior that you desire for your space, so use this as inspiration to narrow down your list to some real creative yoga studio names.

#3 – Relation to Your Location

Best yoga studio names

One other factor that could make your yoga studio name unique is the relationship between the name and the location.

For example, The Yoga Loft in Burbage is a prime example of how your studio name can relate to the physical location. 

This yoga studio has a loft style space on the top floor with a rustic yet peaceful feel that is highly complementary to the studio’s name. 

Take a look at the link between the physical link between the location and the name:

Great yoga studio names

Yoga studio names suggestions

Keep in mind that your yoga studio name should be relative to everything your practice represents and this is exactly what will make yours unique.

#4 – Check The Name Is Available

Yoga studio names in Sanskrit

Before you go ahead and set in stone your new yoga studio name, you’re going to want to check if it is available on social media channels and as a domain first. 

You don’t want to make your business difficult to find and by opting for a name that is already taken on social media, you’re going to achieve just that. 

Although you may have chosen a name that is not the same nor similar to that of a fellow yoga studio, you don’t want it to be the same as another unrelated business either. 

Let’s take a look at an example. Maybe you choose the name Moon and Sun Studio. You know that it is a yoga studio, but that doesn’t mean everyone else will – take a look below at the many results that show on instagram from this search term:

As you can see, your yoga studio could easily get lost within the masses and whatsmore, none of these names state the kind of studio they are. Many are digital designers or fashion stores – so how do you make yours stand out?

First, check different combinations of the similar term but avoid over complicating it. For example, take a look at the results below when you simply add ‘yoga studio’ into the term, as opposed to ‘studio’ alone:

Unique yoga studio names

As you can see, there are no search results for accounts under that name, meaning that not only does your name communicate what business your studio is, but it is also much easier to find. 

As well as social media channels, you’re going to want to check if a domain is available so you can have an easy-to-find and accessible business site. 

This is really simple, you can use the likes of Google Domains to check if your desired domain name is available or not. Plus, if it is taken, it will provide you with similar alternatives. 

Indian names for yoga studio

You should definitely be checking these factors before you’re certain on a name, remember, you want the whole package so that your studio is one of a kind and as professional as possible. 

For some more resources on how to become a successful yoga instructor, check out our articles below: 


Best Yoga Studio Names: Examples & Inspiration

Creative yoga studio names

Unique yoga studio names and ideas don’t come naturally, you’re going to need some inspiration so allow us to provide just that.

Below we have 15 ideas for yoga studio names that have been put together with the history and energy of yoga in mind. 

You should try to come up with a name that rolls off of the tongue, easy to remember and of course reflects your brand’s ideologies. With that in mind, let’s see what names are first on our yoga studio names list.

Unique Yoga Studio Names & Examples 

best yoga studio name ideas

Unique names can be hard to come up with if you don’t have a direction. You should brainstorm and use word association to come up with relative words that are unique in nature but relate to the practice but also your individual studio and style. 

Maybe you’re a yoga instructor that teaches Ashtanga yoga specifically, this is certainly a unique selling point to your studio so why not put it in your name? 

Here is an example below of StoneMonkey Ashtanga Yoga, showing how you can easily incorporate a yoga style into a studio name:

Sanskrit yoga studio names

It is simple yet effective, showing how, within a short studio name, you can still communicate:

  • That you’re a yoga studio
  • The style of yoga you teach
  • A relative and memorable brand name

We have some examples below on how to incorporate the style of yoga within the name.

  • Power Yoga Studio
  • Tri-Yoga Tranquillity House
  • Energy & Flow Vinyasa Studio
  • The Bikram Basement
  • The Restorative Room

All of these names incorporate a style of yoga that attracts a particular niche who are interested in that particular type. Power, Tri, Vinyasa, Bikram and Restorative are all kinds of yoga and are recognisable names for those who are interested.

This is a great direction to go in if you have a particular discipline in yoga that you offer, it makes your studio exclusive to one audience and thus, trusted in that area.

Sanskrit Yoga Studio Names & How To Make Yours Personal

yoga studio name idea

Sanskrit language in yoga is very relevant, it is the ancient language in which the very first yogi’s spoke in. 

Not only that, but many historical yoga texts that have the original practices and teachings are also written in Sanskrit.

Sanskrit is embedded into modern day yoga and will continue to be, so choosing this approach is sure to provide you with one of the most timeless and best yoga studio names out there.

You may see Sanskrit words more than you’re aware of, for example, take a look at this studio below named ‘Namaste’.

Good names for a yoga studio

It is a word that is not only recognisable to clients but also is perfect for the name of a studio considering the translation, (greetings to you) which is the welcoming message everybody wants to hear when coming into your studio. 

So these are some of the yoga studio names in sanskrit we thought would be suitable to take inspiration from:

  • Asana Attic
  • Stay for Namaste Studio
  • Shanti Studio
  • Asha Ashtanga Studio
  • The Ananda Yoga Space

As we mentioned, Sanskrit is a historical, valuable and important part of yoga and you should use this approach when coming up with a name of your own – make it personal. 

Sanskrit is a sacred language. It’s hugely meaningful to yoga, and so you should treat it with the respect it warrants. Think of what is sacred to you and your practice to embed that into your studio name.

Take the examples above. In Sanskrit, ‘asha’ translates to ‘hope’. If you believe yoga brings you and your clients hope, a great way to show that is through your studio name and it being in Sanskrit.

Fun Yoga Studio Name Ideas

fun yoga studio name ideas

Most yoga studios will have a relaxed approach to their name like we mentioned prior, but maybe you’re looking for some cool yoga studio names that have a little more character. 

Of course yoga is meant to be a place to wind down, but it is also a place to have fun and be happy above all else. Therefore, it only makes sense to communicate this in your yoga studio name!

  • Happy Hatha Yoga Studio
  • The Sukha Studio सुख
  • Virya Vinyasa Yoga Studio 
  • The Chakra Chamber
  • The Four Walled Chaturanga Studio

These are still acting as relevant words to the practice, whilst also being a little more light hearted, similar to this example below from Sweat Studios.

ideas for yoga studio names

This is a good example of professionalism, relatability and light hearted energy that have been morphed into one.

It is the perfect mix for anybody who wants to create a studio that is a balance between calm and fun – a great combination for anybody looking to de-stress!


Are There Limitations To A Studio Name?

inventive yoga studio names

We have spoken about all of the ways you can come up with a studio name and the different ways that you can use factors such as location or yoga style to shape it – but yes, this can have limitations. 

Though using the likes of your location and yoga style can provide you with unique yoga studio names, it does limit you in some circumstances. 

For example, you should be aware of your goals when you’re business planning and use this knowledge accordingly to inform your decision in a studio name. 

If you decide to locate your studio in a loft or a basement and incorporate this into your name, you need to be sure that you are not going to move to a larger space that isn’t a loft or a basement.

studio names yoga

Or, if you do wish to do this in the future, you should be prepared to re-brand. 

The same goes for those who want to name their studio according to their yoga discipline. You may choose to expand and not only offer Restorative yoga, but Vinyasa flow too – so how do you go about this? 

These are the limitations you can expect when naming your studio but there are ways to overcome this. If you’re looking to expand, you could have a second brand that is a holistic yoga studio and yet still keep your Restorative studio separate. 

If you don’t want to rebrand completely, yet still want to expand your business, you should be prepared to set up a whole new studio with a different name completely and run both side by side.

There is definitely scope for success within this plan but it is something you should be prepared for or at least keep in mind when deciding on a niche yoga studio name.

How Do I Brainstorm for a Yoga Studio Name?

interesting yoga studio name ideas

There are plenty of random name generators out there, but they don’t know who you are or why you started teaching yoga.

Therefore, we recommend coming up with your name by yourself with some brainstorming and imagination. If you’re wondering where to start, begin with a mind map so that you can physically see in front of you the results of your brainstorming.

These are some of the things that you can consider when brainstorming for yoga studio names and ideas:


Colours are a great way to attach an aesthetic to your studio and it can reflect the kind of yoga that you offer. 

For example, if you run a hot yoga business, allow your yoga studio name to reflect this with associating colours. 

You can use colours like red, orange, yellow and warm tones to make your studio aesthetic work with the studio name just like this example below from Red Sky Yoga.

cool yoga name idea

They describe their studio as warm and friendly, and their interior as you can see above are representative of this.

Word Associations

As well as relative colours, you can brainstorm word associations to do with yoga. 

You can start with the word ‘yoga’ and write down the feelings, atmospheres and words in general that you relate to your practice.

For example, take a look at The Zen Shed’s logo below. The word association technique works perfectly (in that we commonly associate yoga with being calm or “zen”) along with rhyming slightly.

yoga studio name ideas

This is a great way to make your studio personal to you, the words you come up with will be coming from the depths of your subconscious mind and will mean a great deal to you and your practice. So, it only makes sense to give your own studio that personal touch. 

Rhymes & Alliteration

Finally, you’re going to want your yoga studio name to have a ring to it. 

As we mentioned earlier, it should be easy to remember and a great way to achieve this is by using alliteration and rhyming words.

Below you can see a great example of this in action. The Hot Spot Yoga is the perfect name for this studio, relating their yoga style (hot yoga) along with a memorable rhyme.

interesting yoga studio name ideas

Some of the most successful and memorable brands out there use this technique and it is a timeless key to success when it comes to fun and more importantly memorable. 

Before You Go!

You may think that all of the good names for a yoga studio of your own are generic, but with our help you should be able to either find a suiting name or at least expand your brainstorming abilities to find your perfect fit. 

Before you go, if you are thinking about progressing your career in yoga, maybe choosing a certain discipline to specialise in, be sure to check out our level 4 course in yoga teaching here at OriGym. 

Alternatively, browse through our course prospectus to find all of the health and fitness courses that we run.

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