As positive actions can have a huge impact on someone’s mental health, why not purchase some yoga teacher gifts to show how much you appreciate them?

To help with your selection, this article will cover:

The ultimate yoga teacher gift is showing them how much they’ve inspired you by completing a Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Yoga of your own!

To see how quickly you can pursue this career, check out our step-by-step guide on How to Become a Yoga Instructor here!

Practical Yoga Teacher Gifts

#1 – Yoga Towel

yoga teacher gifts

Price: £22.99

If you’re looking for a practical gift for a yoga teacher, you might want to consider a simple yoga towel.

This useful piece of kit can be laid over a mat as an extra layer to absorb sweat and stop any slipping during practice. Smaller towels can be used to wipe down after a practice and keep other pieces of equipment sanitary.

Yoga towels are often made from microfiber which dries much quicker than ordinary cotton towels, making it the perfect gift for a yoga teacher on the go.

Why not try the IUGA yoga towel set which comes with both a large and small towel. The larger towel has folded corners designed to sit over a yoga mat and stop it moving during various postures.

#2 – Yoga Mat Carry Bag

yoga teacher gifts

Price: £12.99

It’s likely you already know there’s nothing more annoying than trying to juggle a yoga mat, gym bag, and your phone while also looking for your keys. A yoga mat carrier might be one of the best gifts for a yoga teacher.

Yoga mats are difficult at the best of times, and often don’t fit into regular gym bags because they’re too long or too wide.

Yoga mat carry bags are usually tubular with a shoulder strap which makes them much easier to carry.

There are plenty of options out there in terms of design and colour, with some bags having features like straps and pockets.

For example, the Kimjaly Yoga Mat Bag has an adjustable strap so you can choose where you want to wear it as you travel.

The material is water repellent to keep your mat safe from the elements and they’ve also worked to use some recycled plastics in the design.

There is even a handy quick access outside pocket – perfect for keys or wallets.

#3 – Yoga Mat Spray

yoga teacher gifts

Price: £7

A yoga teacher will spend a lot of time in contact with their mat so keeping it refreshed and smelling nice is hugely important.

Mat spray is a great yoga instructor gift you can easily personalise for the individual by being watchful of their favourite scents and choosing the spray accordingly. It’s also a great chance to support smaller and more sustainable businesses across the UK.

Yoga Studios is a Dorset based business that handmakes various mat sprays from various essential oils. Not only are they 100% vegan and cruelty free, but the bottles are completely recyclable too!

We’ve highlighted their Gingergrass and Tea Tree Oil Spray because of the antibacterial properties of tea tree oil.

Gingergrass is native to India, with a floral yet zesty scent that is meant to be invigorating – perfect for a brisk yoga practice!

#4 – Organic CBD Coconut Oil

best yoga instructor gift ideas

Price: £64.99

When giving people gifts, it’s often the smaller things people value the most. While it may seem like one of the more random yoga teacher gifts on this list, it doesn’t mean your teacher won’t appreciate it.

Raised Spirit Products has launched their Organic CBD CACAO Pro Coconut Oil with a twist. Handmade in Oxfordshire, the CACAO Pro jars are created using raw cacao powder and sweetened with coconut blossom syrup.

They pack double the amount of CBD their standard CACAO jar option have – 1,000mg of full spectrum CBD!

Just like the chocolate listed below, this can be eaten raw or added to your yoga instructor’s favourite meals, drinks and smoothies.

While this can be enjoyed by both vegans and non-vegans, if you’re yoga teacher is vegan or has other food intolerances, this can make for a simple yet thoughtful gift!

#5 – Yoga Blanket

yoga instructor gifts

Price: £18.63

Now you may be thinking that a blanket seems like a strange gift for a yoga teacher. However, they’re an incredibly versatile yoga accessory that can be used in a variety of ways.

A folded up blanket can stand in for a block. This helps bridge the gap between the floor and the body in certain poses when taking it easy or trying to improve flexibility.

It also makes a great cushion for shoulder or headstands that can be adjusted to an individual’s comfort levels.

It can also be used in place of a knee cushion or rolled into a makeshift bolster (see more about these pieces of equipment below). This is clearly a yoga teacher gift that pulls double or even triple duty.

Blankets are used traditionally for warmth and comfort during savasana (corpse pose), where yogis take the time to regulate their breathing and maybe slip in some meditation practice.

Why not check out Ekotex’s Organic Cotton Yoga blanket? Ekotex is keen to remain environmentally friendly, with their organic cotton and minimal packaging helping to reduce their impact on the world around us.

#6 – Yoga Notebook

yoga instructor gift ideas

Price: £6

Teachers tend to have a lot of admin, especially if they’re self employed like many in the fitness industry. A yoga themed notebook is a great yoga instructor gift idea because they’ll be able to use it to keep track of their business ideas and information.

There are dozens of design options and sizes to choose from with this yoga teacher gift. Notebooks tend to range from A4 to A6 so you’ll be sure to find one that suits the style you need.

We’ve chosen these adorable Yoga Cats Notebook Set found on Etsy. These are exercise book style notebooks which make them flexible and easy to fit into any bag, with the smaller A6 able to fit into a pocket if you need it!

As a yoga teacher gift these are brilliant as a small token that will make your instructor smile without breaking the bank.

#7 – Meditation Cushion

gift ideas for yoga teacher

Price: £24.95

As meditation and yoga usually go hand in hand, one option for a yoga teacher gift is to buy something to make meditation practice easier.

A meditation cushion is ideal for anyone who wants to experience the benefits of meditation and make themselves more comfortable. The cushion works by elevating the hips and upper body so that you can sit for longer which will help improve your meditation.

They’re also excellent for your posture as they encourage your back and core muscles to strengthen rather than slouch in place.

yoga instructor gift

Individuals will want different qualities from their meditation cushion depending on how and where they practice, so make sure you investigate the best option for your yoga teacher gift.

For someone who meditates in different places we recommend the Traditional Kapok Foldable Meditation Cushion.

The handles make it easy to take with you wherever you plan on meditation, while the natural Kapok fibres are suitable for any terrain, including grass and sand.

Kapok is a cotton-like fibre, known for being durable, organic and sustainable. This makes it the perfect construction material for a long-lasting cushion.

#8 – Wireless Microphone Set

yoga instructor gift ideas

Price: £49.99

While a little more expensive, a wireless microphone set is a phenomenal gift for a yoga teacher that will be invaluable for their business.

A wireless microphone may seem like a less ‘exciting’ yoga teacher gift compared to others, but it offers an instructor the opportunity to expand their class size without straining their voice, or ruining the atmosphere of a calming practice.

It’s also useful for online teaching, especially if it’s compatible with a computer, phone or other recording equipment.

One option we’ve found is the SENQAO Wireless Lavalier Microphone, which offers both the chance to use it via a headset or pin it to the front of a shirt.

The set comes with a series of jacks to connect it with a phone, laptop or desktop – perfect for online streaming or recorded sessions.

Otherwise, the lavalier clip means this yoga teacher gift can be used easily during classes.

#9 – Yoga Lesson Planner

yoga instructor gift ideas

Price: £6.49

A lesson planner is a brilliant gift for a yoga teacher as it helps keep everything in one place, ensuring nothing important is forgotten.

They’re also able to consider different class ideas and keep track of what works and what doesn’t for their teaching style.

Different planners will have a variety of sections to help a teacher stay on top of their admin, so they’ll be definite options to match the style you want.

Some will have extra yoga quotes to inspire your practice, or sections for reflection or commentary on how the lesson went.

yoga teacher gifts uk

On the other hand, if you can’t find one that works some small businesses will take commissions to make a more personalised product if you need them.

The Yoga Teacher Class Planner has all of this and more to help plan the best classes and sequences possible!

With 52 double page spreads, there’s loads of space to plan out different yoga sequences for classes.

The spread also includes space to choose essential oils, music, and class themes to go the extra step in making a practice special.

#10 – Room Spray

yoga instructor gift ideas

Price: £8.95

Although an underrated sense, smell has the power to energise or relax us. The right room spray can help set the mood for a yoga class by encouraging energy, relaxation or introspection in the practitioners.

By buying different room sprays as a gift for a yoga teacher, you’re able to help them choose how they would like their classes to start.

Citrus smells tend to help energise and refresh people, whilst florals and earthy tones aid relaxation.

best yoga teacher gift ideas

As a practical side note, room sprays would also help the studio smell fresh for new groups and is the perfect gift for yoga teachers who are using the same room multiple times a day for various classes.This yoga teacher gift idea is simple to personalise as you can choose a selection of sprays and make a small hamper to give away.

Holland and Barrett stocks Tisserand aromatherapy room sprays that are themed on how they will make someone feel.

Their Total De-Stress Spray is a mixture of orange, geranium and nutmeg to warm and refresh the air around you.

#11 – Kit Bag

yoga teacher gift ideas

Price: £14.99

Carting your kit around can be annoying and yoga teachers know this better than anyone. They have to bring their own mat as well as their planner, diary, water bottles and more for their classes.

If you’ve noticed your instructor is struggling, a new kit bag is a thoughtful and useful yoga teacher gift idea.

These bags are different from the mat straps we mentioned above because they’re able to carry more than just their mat if they need to.

best yoga instructor gifts

This is an extra great gift idea for a yoga teacher who doesn’t work from a studio and needs to bring their equipment from home to each session.

The Cotton Total Yoga Tote Bag is a simple but stylish kit bag that has a handy yoga mat pocket for quick access at the beginning of a class.

A tote bag is comfortable to carry and easy to reach in and grab what you need. Outside of classes they could use this as a regular handbag meaning this is a yoga teacher gift they’ll get a lot of use from.


Yoga Teacher Gifts: Equipment

#12 – Yoga Wheel

yoga teacher gift ideas

Price: £22

New equipment will always be one of the best gifts for a yoga teacher because it’s useful for their business, as well as personal use.

In this case, you could decide to give your yoga teacher a yoga wheel, which will aid with their flexibility and core strength.

Yoga wheels are hollow circular props that are used to build strength for various postures, stretch out the front body and help relieve tension in the front and back body.

They can be made from either plastic or wood, with a foam or cork outer lining. If you’re trying to be more environmentally conscious, this is one of the best gifts for yoga teachers.

yoga teacher gift

Some wheels are made of TPE and cork, which are both more recyclable and environmentally friendly.

The Palm to Soul Yoga Wheel has a cork outer ring and a strong ABS inner core. ABS is a durable polymer plastic, able to withstand significant stress without breaking, whilst also being recyclable.

The cork outer ring has extra grip that increases with use, and provides a cushion between the body and the inner ring. At £22 it’s excellent value for money that will stand the test of time as an excellent yoga teacher gift.

#13 – Singing Bowl

yoga teacher gift

Price: £20

A singing bowl is a great yoga teacher gift for someone looking to deepen their own meditation, or use it during classes to help set a more reflective mood.

These singing bowls (also known as tibetan or himalayan singing bowls) are made from a combination of metal alloys blended together to create various sounds.

These are traditional accompaniments to meditation, sound healing, and certain ceremonies because the sound and vibrations resonate through the mind and body.

The sounds and vibrations are considered helpful in deepening meditation and clearing the mind, making it easier to fall into a meditative state.

Yoga Matters has what could be considered a ‘beginner’ Small Singing Bowl, in that it’s relative size makes it easier to use and transport between the home and the studio.

You simply hold the bowl in one hand and strike it with the bamboo stick to create the sound, keeping the stick in contact with the bowl around the rim.

#14 – G10 Mini V2 Vibration Plate

best yoga teacher gift ideas

Price: £1,099

Although this is one of the more expensive yoga instructor gifts on our list, the G10 Mini V2 Vibration Plate by Hypervibe is a whole body vibration machine, ideal for weight loss without the intensity of normal workouts.

Benefits of using vibration machines a few times a week include:

  • Burning fat
  • Enhanced blood flow
  • Improved flexibility
  • Reducing muscle soreness after exercise
  • Strength training

If you’re yoga teacher has experienced an injury or is suffering from a physical, this is a perfect gift to help them on the road to recovery by staying active while healing. Using the machine for even as little as 15 minutes a day can provide them with the benefits mentioned above.

While it is an expensive machine, this could be a gift that all students of varying classes could contribute to, especially if your yoga teacher has suffered a serious injury and everyone wants to do something to help.

#15 – Yoga Mat

best gifts for yoga instructors

Price: £9.99

A yoga mat is an absolute staple for any yogi, making it an obvious choice for a yoga teacher gift.

Although they will likely already own one, we’re sure your teacher would be grateful to replace or alternate with a new one!

Having more than one mat means your instructor could double up if the studio floors are harder than they’re used to, making it a thoughtful and worthwhile yoga teacher gift.

Yoga mats provide a cushion between the body and the floor, which can save your hands, knees, and feet from hurting too much.

They come in loads of colours, designs, and thicknesses meaning you’ll have plenty of options to pick one that will suit your teacher best.

This Yoga Mat from Core Balance comes in a variety of colours. With a 6mm thickness, this mat can provide the cushioning needed for the body while also making sure you can maintain a connection with the ground to keep your balance.

#16 – Yoga Knee Cushion

best gifts for yoga instructors

Price: £4.99

Although yoga mats provide a great level of padding between the body and floor, sometimes you need a little extra – especially around the knees.

This is why a knee cushion is a brilliant yoga teacher gift! Your teacher likely runs regular classes through the week, so the extra support for their joints will go a long way into making their life more comfortable.

Knee mats come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are mini versions of a yoga mat while others are specifically shaped to support the joints during a routine.

Kimjaly has designed a Yoga Knee and Wrist Pad that is tailored to support the joints and cushion them from the pressure some postures put through the body.

They’ve been moulded into the rough shape of a chakra, making them even easier to bring to every class.

#17 – Yoga Bolster

yoga instructor gifts

Price: £38

Even teachers need to take their practice easy sometimes, so getting a bolster cushion is an excellent yoga instructor gift!

A yoga bolster is a cushion practitioners can use to support the body through different positions and poses.

It helps by bringing the floor up to the body, allowing you to relax into a posture without straining your muscles.

For example, you can use a bolster as a cushion beneath the neck to support the spine during savasana, beneath the hips during bridge posture, or beneath the body during child’s pose.

best yoga instructor gifts

These are on the more expensive side as a yoga teacher gift, but you will get quality for money.

This Yoga Bolster from Yoga Matters is an excellent example of this. For £38, it’s 100% cotton with removable filling so they can choose the firmness that suits them.

The cover is machine washable for easy cleaning and it comes with a carry handle for easy transport between home and studio.

The reviews here speak for themselves, with a 4.8 star rating this is certainly one of the best yoga teacher gifts in the UK.

#18 – Stretch Strap

yoga teacher ideas uk

Price: £14

While a yoga teacher will have trained for years to achieve the different postures and poses involved in yoga, there are certain gifts that can make their practice easier.

A yoga strap is a stretchy length of material, valuable for both beginners and experienced yogis. It helps improve strength and flexibility, bridging the gap in poses where the body can’t quite reach where it needs to.

These are also great for warm ups involving dynamic stretching and cool downs to help a teacher fully stretch out before and after class.

You have the option here to find a product more sustainable and environmentally friendly depending on the materials used to make the strap.

For example, the Hemp Yoga Stretching Strap is made from hemp – a natural plant fibre that is sustainable and biodegradable over time.

The fibres are strong and lightweight, which will be able to survive prolonged use.

#19 – Foam Roller

yoga teacher gift ideas

Price: £8.99

As yoga is just like any form of exercise, you need to look after your muscles to prevent strains, overuse injuries, and delayed onset muscle soreness.

A foam roller is a thoughtful gift for a yoga teacher because it shows you care about their overall well-being.

Foam rollers work as a form of self massage where the ridges stretch and soothe the muscles after exercise, helping to reduce inflammation and soreness.

They’re great at assisting the body in shifting lactic acid after exercise to help improve recovery times between classes.

best yoga teacher gift ideas

Properly stretching the muscles after exercise will work to improve flexibility, which is a useful skill for yoga with more advanced positions.

The Starwood Sports Foam Roller has different sized ridges to mimic thumb and palm massage techniques, which will create varying levels of pressure depending on how much is needed after a routine.

It also comes with a handy carry bag to ease travel between training locations.

#20 – Yoga Block

yoga instructor gifts

Price: £6.99

A block is one of the fundamental basics for yoga practice and can be a brilliant gift idea for yoga teachers.

These are primarily used to make postures easier as you learn by bringing the ground closer to you, but they can also help prevent overstretching and reduce the risk of straining muscles.

For example, you can place the block beneath the knees in savasana to reduce the pressure on the lower back, or put it beneath the heels in a squat to help stretch out the feet.

The Base Yoga Block from Gym Stuff is one of the better examples of yoga teacher gifts from the UK.

Here you can get a set of two matching blocks for the very budget-friendly price of £6.99, and with 86% of customers giving a 5 star rating, the reviews are certainly positive!

#21 – Yoga Dice

yoga teacher gifts

Price: £13.59

A lot of work goes into creating new and interesting yoga routines meaning it can get harder over time for a teacher to keep their ideas fresh.

This is where a yoga dice comes in! These are one of the best yoga instructor gifts because they can help increase creativity when it comes to combining postures into a new routine.

Each die has a mixture of poses that can be combined into a routine or used to spark new ideas for combinations when a teacher is stuck for inspiration.

There are no rules for how to use them. Teachers can roll and reroll as needed until they’re happy with what they have.

WHSmith sells a comprehensive set of 7 Yoga Dice, with one to echo each chakra. Each die has a selection of seated, standing, balancing, and twisting postures that can be fit into new and engaging combinations.

#22 – Hydragun Massage Gun

gift ideas for yoga teacher

Price: £269

Adequate recovery after exercise is just as important as the act itself! You need to dedicate time to your body when you finish your workout – don’t ignore any joint pain or muscle soreness.

Used by Olympians, recovery professionals, and people of all abilities, the Hydragun Massage Gun could be the ultimate yoga teacher gift!

Considered the quietest massage gun on the market, this device comes with:

  • Powerful performance
  • Stellar specs
  • Design features for performance and safety
  • Components that are built to last

As this massage gun works without much noise, your yoga teacher can use it while watching the television, reading a book, or listening to music.

While this may be one of the more expensive gifts on our list, it really is one of the best on the market.

If muscle pain is something your yoga teacher complains about frequently and as a class you all want to show your appreciation to them, everyone could put money in and help.


#23 – Ankle Weights

yoga teacher gifts

Price: £9

Although yoga is already a great form of exercise, there are ways to make it more intense on the body.

As a gift for yoga teachers, weighted bangles allow them to add more difficulty to their own routines by adding resistance at the wrists and ankles.

You don’t want to go too heavy for this product as it’s important the yoga teacher still be able to move easily and flow through the different postures of the routine.

As far as it goes for a yoga teacher gift in the UK, Argos stocks the Opti Wrist and Ankle Weights which would work well during a routine.

These come in at only 500g per weight, enough to add a hint of intensity without overwhelming or affecting manoeuvrability.

Accessories For Yoga Teachers

#24 – A Yoga Book

yoga instructor gifts

Price: £5.75 – £16.75

We’re aware ‘yoga book’ is quite vague. However, that’s because this is more of an umbrella term used to cover any yoga-related book.

These could be about the science behind yoga practice, a book on different poses, or even the history of yoga!

Depending on their interests, this could be a great yoga instructor gift because you have so many options.

A book is a classic gift that shows you listen and are aware of your teachers interests, helping you build a positive relationship to let your teacher know you care.

yoga teacher gifts uk

One book gift idea for the yoga teacher interested in science is Kaminoff and Matthews Yoga Anatomy.

In its third revision, this explores the physiology behind various yoga poses and how your breathing, memory, and muscles are affected by yoga.

Alternatively, another option is The Little Book of Chakras by Wild, which explains the functions of each of the 7 main chakras of the body and how meditation and yoga can provide mental benefits and improve spiritual well-being.

#25 – Yoga Jewellery

yoga gift ideas

Price: £24.30

If you’re looking for a more personal yoga teacher gift, jewellery might be the way to go!

Jewellery gives you the luxury of several options ranging from bracelets to necklaces, meaning you can be sure to find something your teacher will love.

It’s also a great gift because it’s something your teacher can wear outside of teaching to show what they’re passionate about.

Outside of the personal considerations, choosing jewellery as a gift for your yoga teacher is also a wonderful way for you to support small or local businesses in your area!

We found this simple but charming Yoga Necklace from Etsy which would make a wonderful accessory to any style of outfit.

The lotus is an iconic meditative and yogic pose, instantly recognisable regardless of your yoga knowledge.

This necklace is handmade in sterling silver and the seller offers easy personalisation options to make it an even more special gift for a yoga teacher.

#26 – Muscle Soak

gift for yoga teacher

Price: £6.95

We’re sure you know aftercare is hugely important for fitness recovery. As you put your body under strain, you need to allow time for rest and healing. If you’re stuck for gift ideas for your yoga teacher, a muscle soak is a simple but thoughtful option.

There are loads of products to choose, from bath salts and oils to bubble baths designed for relaxation and muscle restoration.

Each one is formulated with various essential oils and ingredients to encourage rest and recovery.

Buying a yoga teacher gift from the UK specifically offers you the opportunity to support small businesses in your local areas while being mindful of the environmental impact of shipping and transportation.

These Muscle Soak Bath Salts are a mixture of Cornish and Epsom salts, Cornish seaweed and a selection of essential oils designed to soothe the muscles – the perfect gift for a yoga teacher to relax after a long week.

Made by The Kernewek Soap Company who are based in Cornwall, you can be sure they’re using local ingredients to make their products.

#27 – Yoga Candle

yoga instructor gifts

Price: £12+

Candles can be used to guide and help direct a yoga class, or assist in improving focus during meditation.

They come in loads of shapes and sizes which offers you loads of choices when it comes to selecting your yoga teacher gift.

On the one hand, you could choose a more sculpted candle – something in the shape of a lotus or yoga pose. These are more quirky and fun which could appeal to your teacher’s personality.

Alternatively, you could choose a more traditional candle in a soothing scent or part of a range of chakra candles to help with reaching a more meditative state.

BreatheandBlossom is an Etsy seller who offer a range of Chakra Meditation Candles. Each chakra is represented with its own blend of essential oils to evoke specific emotions and assist in balancing specific chakra through meditation and yoga.

#28 – Essential Oils

gifts for yoga teacher

Price: £10.95

As we’ve already said, scent is one of the most evocative senses and can be a huge help in meditative or yogic practice. As such, a set of essential oils might be just the right gift to help a yoga teacher relax more in the evening or during their meditation practice.

If they’re more craft oriented, essential oils are a great gift that can be used to make their own bath products or scented sprays.

With various essential oils, they might be able to make their own candles and soaps tailored to their preferences.

best yoga instructor gifts

A little goes a long way with essential oils so these are a long lasting yoga teacher gift that is real value for money.

Essential oils are best bought as part of a set because this allows the recipient to choose from a variety of scents and make a blend that suits their purposes.

We recommend Nikura’s set of 7 Favourite Essential Oils as an excellent starter kit as they’ve put together some of the most popular oils, including:

  • Lavender
  • Orange
  • Lemon
  • Sage

– – – –

Enjoying our list so far? We think you’ll love these other yoga themed products:

#29 – Essential Oil Diffuser

gifts for yoga enjoyers

Price: £68.00

Gift sets are always a solid choice for a present because they’re something you can easily personalise for the recipient to make them more thoughtful.

An oil diffuser would be a great combo yoga instructor gift with a set of the essential oils we mentioned above!

To spread the price you could get the whole class involved, and each person could have a hand in what scents they think the teacher would want.

Oil diffusers work by slowly and evenly spreading the diluted oils through the air and around a room without overwhelming the space.

It also makes it far easier to vary the scents as you simply need to change out the oils when it’s finished.

Fern Forest Zen Diffuser has a sleek and stylish design that would fit in any yoga studio or at home for personal practice.

The ultrasonic technology renders the spray virtually silent, and offers 7 lighting colours to cycle through, promoting a calm and relaxing mood.

#30 – Yoga Themed Phone Case

yoga teacher gift ideas

Price: £15.60

If you’re stuck for gift ideas for a yoga teacher, one easy option is a yoga themed phone case.

This is a simple and relatively easy present to find which still shows you pay attention to your teacher.

Of course, you’ll obviously need to know what type of phone they use, but this should be easy to discover!

A phone case is a practical but fun accessory. There are plenty of fun and quirky designs to choose from, meaning you’ll be sure to find one that works best.

We love this Skeleton Yoga Phone Case – the perfect combination of spooky and quirky!

The design is clear and well balanced, while the case is offered in soft, snap or tough styles to cover every possible accident and scenario.

#31 – Yoga Travel Cup

what gift to buy someone who loves yoga

Price: £6.99

For the early rising yoga teacher, one gift idea could be to buy them a themed travel mug. Regardless of whether they drink coffee, green tea or hot chocolate – a travel mug may be just the thing they need for those early morning classes!

Not only are travel mugs practical, they’re also a lot more environmentally friendly in the long run because they reduce the consumption of single use takeaway cups. If you can find bamboo mugs, these are even better because bamboo is more sustainably grown.

Most coffee shops even offer discounts if you use a reusable mug, so it’s a yoga teacher gift that keeps on giving!

This eco-friendly reusable travel cup from Tech High Street has a mandala-inspired design, and for just £10.29, you can purchase this gift for an eco-conscious yoga teacher.

A sustainable travel cup made from real coffee husks – the green external casing of the coffee bean. This is removed during the coffee production process, creating lots of natural pollution.

Huski Home has reduced the amount of waste by using it to create their travel mugs, making it a thoughtful gift for both your yoga teacher and the planet!

#32 – Yoga Mindfulness Journal

yoga gift ideas - journal

Price: £26

Journaling is hugely popular with the mindfulness movement. It requires you to take time for self-reflection, consider your behaviour in the moment, and encourages a more healthy attitude to approaching your emotions and how situations make you feel.

This makes a yoga mindfulness journal a great gift for a yoga teacher because it works well with the meditative element of yoga and will help them deepen their understanding of themselves through their writing.

Certain yoga specific journals encourage reflection on and off the mat, promoting a healthy journey towards self-discovery and inner happiness.

Papier has a range of wellness and mindfulness journals to suit your style and particular purpose for keeping a journal.

By writing everything down, you learn more about how your body works and can become more confident in your sense of self.


#33 – Yoga Colouring Book

yoga teacher gifts

Price: £16.99

Alongside the mindfulness movement, adult colouring has become more socially acceptable as a way to work through anxiety, depression and even sensory overload.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, colouring helps relax the brain because it’s a simple and single minded pursuit. There are no stakes, meaning there’s no pressure to ‘get it right’ or complete the task so the brain relaxes in the moment.

This is why colouring is largely used for mindfulness, as it’s easy to slip into a more meditative state due to the repetitive and calming action.

yoga instructor gifts uk

Colouring books are a brilliant gift for a yoga instructor because they can take time for themselves in a relaxed way, helping to improve their meditation skills over time.

They can also be used to absorb new information without the pressure inherent in other forms of learning.

For example, The Yoga Anatomy Colouring Book uses images of the body in different asanas to show how the muscles and joints function in each posture.

The handy labels and clear descriptions mean, not only do you get the relaxing aspect of colouring but you also learn new and interesting facts.

#34 – Herbal Tea Set

yoga teacher gift ideas

Price: £15.99

People have been using herbal tea for generations to soothe, help with sleep, or re-energise after a hard day. Different tea mixes use a variety of herbs and spices to create the perfect blend depending on your mood.

As a yoga teacher gift, they’re an excellent move away from caffeinated hot drinks whilst still providing the warmth and energy boost you associate with coffee.

Pukka is a well known and trusted tea brand with dozens of mixes to choose from. Their Herbal Tea Selection Box has 45 individual sachets compiled from 7 of their popular tea blends.

They’ve also put more consideration into their environmental impact. All of their packaging and tea tags are plastic free and recyclable, with the tea bags themselves being compostable.

#35 – Mindfulness Gift Set

yoga mindfulness gifts

Price: £12

Continuing on with the theme of gift set ideas for yoga teachers, why not consider buying or creating your own combination of mindfulness presents?

A mindfulness gift set allows you to combine several smaller ideas into a more extravagant present, and offers the chance for other people to get involved with the gift.

On the other hand, you could take advantage of premade sets which tend to be well thought out and will have items that aren’t readily available on their own.

Either way this is a thoughtful yoga teacher gift that reminds them to take time out of their schedule for self-care.

One such gift set is the Monty & Ridge Ultimate Mindfulness Gift Set, which includes bath salts, colouring pencils and paper, a face mask, and a specially-selected scented candle.

This box set comes with a helpful brochure to get the most out of the products within and even includes mindfulness bingo cards to encourage more daily care routines.

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#36 – Spa Set

spa gift set for yoga teachers

Price: £25

Similar to the idea of a mindfulness set, a spa set focuses more on pampering your yoga teacher and helping them relax after a long day of work.

A spa set can incorporate elements of mindfulness practice but is definitely more focused on physical well-being and mental relaxation rather than healthy introspection.

You have loads of different products you could put into a spa set, from bath bombs and muscle soaks to sweet treats and wax melts.

There’s also the choice of whether you want to put together your own selection or buy one that’s ready made from a shop.

Our pick would be a giftset from the experts at Temple Spa. Their “Spa Wherever You Are” set is the perfect yoga instructor gift.

#37 – Ayurveda Shakti Chocolate Bar

yoga teacher gift ideas

Price: £3 per bar

Honestly, chocolate is typically a safe gift, for yoga teachers and everyone else. Chocolate is delicious and makes people happy, what more does a gift need to do?

When we’re thinking of it as a gift idea for yoga teachers more specifically, chocolate can be shaped or packaged into just about anything – you’d definitely be able to find some themed creations to delight an instructor.

Another argument for chocolate as a yoga teacher gift is that it can be framed in terms of a meditative and mindfulness aid where the eater focuses on the flavours and works towards being present in the moment.

The Ayurveda Shakti Bars by Elements Truffles are energy-fuelling snacks made with real, organic ingredients – void of anything artificial!

If your yoga teacher follows a vegan diet, these are the perfect gift because they are created without nuts, sugar, and gluten, making them perfect for the whole family to consume.

Flavours include:

  • Mango
  • Rose
  • Chocolate Coconut

This makes them an interesting gift for both vegans and non-vegans to enjoy.

#38 – Chakra Stones

gift for yoga teacher

Price: £9.99

Chakra is the Sanskrit word for ‘disk’ or ‘wheel’ and refers to a convergence of energies in specific places on the body that need to flow or be ‘open’ properly to stay healthy.

When these energies are blocked, yoga exercises or crystals can help magnify and balance them back into the right direction.

best yoga instructor gift ideas

There are seven main chakras centred along the spine that are associated with different areas of the body and each have their own yoga postures to improve energy flow.

Chakra stones are one of the best gift ideas for a yoga teacher looking to balance their energy centres and deepen their connection to their body.

Each Chakra has specific crystals that resonate with them and assist in channelling their energies.

The Chakra Healing Crystal Pack from The Psychic Tree contains one crystal for each chakra as well as a clear piece of quartz to help amplify each individual stone.

The set also comes with a helpful booklet to explain each chakra and related crystal.

#39 – Namaste Coffee Spoon

gift ideas for yoga teacher

Price: £14+

We understand a coffee spoon may seem like a random or even simple yoga teacher gift. However, for a coffee-loving yoga teacher, the Namaste Coffee Spoon by EOJStudios on Etsy could be a very thoughtful one!

For the yoga teacher who appreciates the little things, this vintage style silver spoon can be the perfect companion to their favourite mug. Beautifully crafted, this is a gift they could treasure.

‘Namaste’ is a common greeting in yoga, used as a sign of respect and appreciation to another person, entity, or deity. Presenting this gift to your yoga teaching engraved with this word is a great show of respect.

While we understand this gift may be on the more expensive side for something as simple as a coffee spoon, it works exceptionally well as a display piece or sentimental gift, rather than something they will use daily.

Clothing Gifts For Yoga Teachers

#40 – Yoga Leggings

yoga instructor gift ideas

Price: £27.50

Honestly, who doesn’t love a new pair of yoga leggings? If you’re stuck for gift ideas for a yoga teacher, leggings are an easy choice because you can be sure they’ll get use out of them.

This is a more personal gift because you’ll need to know at least rough sizes to make sure the leggings will fit. These are a better gift when you’ve gotten to know your instructor better.

Leggings come in all lengths and designs. Some have extra features like pockets or mesh fabrics so there is plenty of choice for you to find the right one.

We love the BAM Bamboo Enduro Leggings – they’re bright, comfortable and durable so you know they’ll make it through even the most strenuous of practises.

The bamboo fabric weave is more sustainable than other plastic based fibres. It uses less water, less land, and less carbon during transportation.

#41 – Yoga Jumper

yoga instructor gift ideas uk

Price: £25

Clothing can be a tricky gift to navigate if you’re not as close to the person in question. However, jumpers are a great way around this.

Baggy jumpers will never go out of style. If in doubt, you can always guess slightly bigger than you think without upsetting anyone.

A jumper is a brilliant gift for a yoga teacher because they can keep them warm and cosy during and after a routine.

Jumpers are also handy in place of a cushion or a block because they can be scrunched up if needed and used to elevate the knees, back or head.

This simple Yoga Sweatshirt would complement any colour and style of workout gear, and is a great basic yoga teacher gift. The fabric is a soft fleece for maximum comfort whatever the temperature.

#42 – Workout Headband

yoga instructor gifts

Price: £4.99

Sometimes it’s hard to beat a classic. If you’re really stuck for yoga teacher gift ideas, you could always get a funky headband as a small but practical present.

Most of us know from experience that it’s really irritating to have your hair in the way during exercise – headbands are a reliable way of avoiding this.

They’re also way more comfortable during any flat poses like savasana (corpse pose) instead of having a hairband get in the way.

Headbands are excellent at keeping sweat off the face, which may help your teacher during particularly challenging classes.

The Kalengi Running Headband would work just as well during a yoga class, with the polyester blend easily keeping sweat from running whilst drying quickly to prevent an uncomfortable fit.

The stretch fabric will fit well to the head to prevent slippage down the forehead and into the eyes during inverted postures.


#43 – Non-Slip Socks

gift ideas for yoga teacher

Price: £3.99

Socks are an absolute classic in the world of gift giving and may seem a bit boring. However, yoga studios often have wooden flooring, so non-slip socks are actually a helpful yoga teacher gift that can make a real difference to their practice.

Non-slip socks prevent slipping on the mat as well, which will make postures like downward dog and planks much more comfortable and easier over time.

You have a lot of freedom when it comes to choosing socks. Colour, size, and design are all important considerations in picking the best gift for your yoga teacher.

We feel that the Nyamba Yoga Socks are brilliantly designed for comfort as well as function. The rough soles and elastic strap improve stability, while the breathable cotton fabric is comfortable whilst stopping you from overheating during exercise.

#44 – Yoga Top

yoga gifts ideas

Price: £11.99

Yoga tops are another simple but fun yoga teacher gift, relatively easy to style out. Like jumpers, baggy tops can be worn in various ways to disguise or emphasise it’s fit.

You have lots of choice with clothing to find something stylish and practical, from vest tops for exercise to long sleeve outdoor wear. Having multiple yoga tops is a gift in itself as you have to do fewer washes for clean workout gear.

Aside from sportswear, you could find a funny design or pattern that a yoga teacher can wear outside of class, either at home or out and about.

This Sheep Yoga T-Shirt is a great novelty yoga instructor gift that will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Buy it slightly oversized and it would wear well knotted at the waist, as part of a pyjama set or simply worn around the house.

Yoga Teacher Gifts For The Home

#45 – Yoga Figurines

yoga gift ideas uk

Price: £13.99 – £24.95

A statue or figurine is a simple decoration that can help set the mood of the room or studio, and inject some personality into a space.

Yoga figurines are a cute and fun yoga teacher gift you can easily match to your teacher’s style and interests.

These Meditation Yoga Pose Statues are classically elegant and minimalistic, which would fit into the relaxing environment of a yoga studio.

At 11cm tall, they’re small enough to fit on a shelf or reception desk to create a point of interest in the room.

Alternatively, the Rainbow Yoga Joes are a funny novelty gift set that will bring some light hearted humour and colour into a home or yoga studio.

These are made from recyclable ABS plastic and come in their own small box made to mimic a real life studio.

#46 – Wax Melts and Burner

yoga teacher gift

Price: £21

As we’ve already discussed, a large part of yoga is about meditation, mental health and relaxation.

So why not get your yoga teacher a gift that will help them relax both during and outside of their practice?

Wax melters and wax melts are a soothing alternative to burning candles, made more fragrant by adding extra oils.

A yoga teacher will also have the option of combining complementary scents if they wish by using different scented tealights and wax melts at the same time.

Snug Scents has a customisable Wax Melt Burner Set, which comes with the burner, 3 tealights, and 3 wax melts of your choice.

All of the candles are handmade in the UK from vegan and cruelty free ingredients, free from palm oils and packaged in entirely recycled and recyclable materials.

#47 – Yoga Tapestry

yoga gift ideas

Price: £11.90

If you and your teacher are more interested in quirky or cute decor you could consider buying a yoga themed tapestry for their home or studio.

This is a more original yoga instructor gift idea you can match to your teacher’s personality or one that fits with their style of decorating. Either way, you definitely have more freedom in terms of style and size.

This Yoga Tapestry celebrates the freedom and spirituality inherent within yoga with a warm and earthy colour palette.

The butterflies are a lovely nod to transformation and becoming the best version of yourself through yoga and meditation. By marking International Yoga Day, it would fit into any studio as an elegant wall hanging.

#48 – Yoga Coasters

yoga teacher gift ideas

Price: £14.67

On the other end of the scale, a small but quirky yoga teacher gift might be a set of coasters. They may seem boring but coasters are an easy way to accessorise a table whilst also adding a personal touch.

Coasters are an excellent practical gift with loads of options available depending on the style and personality of the person in question, you’ll be sure to find one that suits the teacher in question.

The ‘Movement’ Coasters are sleek and stylish, whilst also being obviously yoga themed. The design is simple but fun, and the cork backing will protect surfaces without leaving any marks.

#49 – Yoga Cookbook

gift ideas for yoga teacher

Price: £12.39

A cookbook may not be your first thought as a gift for a yoga teacher but that’s what makes it a great option! This is slightly left field but there are a variety of cookbooks and vegan cookbooks out there filled with healthy recipes to encourage a positive relationship with food.

It’s important when anyone exercises that they know how to fuel their body correctly, so a cookbook gives someone the chance to learn new recipes and make their weekly meal plan more interesting.

As a companion to yoga, many try to follow the principles of Ayurvedic cooking which focuses on healing through food by listening to what your body wants and needs.

Sahara Rose Ketabi is one such influential food writer, with her book Eat Feel Fresh: A Contemporary Plant-Based Ayurvedic Cookbook being packed full with healthy recipes and meal inspiration.

She has also included quizzes designed to help you find your mind-body type and assist in determining what types of food are best for you as an individual.

#50 – Yoga Mug

gift ideas for yoga teacher

Price: £5

We can all agree that a mug is the ‘go-to’ gift, especially if you don’t know the person well but want something cute they can keep.

This makes it a great yoga teacher gift because it’s personal as well as practical.

We’re firm believers that you can never have too many mugs in the cupboard and a specifically themed mug makes a great statement present.

A mug offers several choices for style. From quirky quotes to sophisticated and stylish, you’re sure to find one that fits the style of your teacher and their studio.

This Yoga Mug from M&S is cute and colourful – a great addition to any kitchen cupboard.

Thankfully, it’s microwave and dishwasher safe. At £5 is a great bargain gift for a yoga teacher.

#51 – Yoga Cookie Cutters

yoga teacher gift ideas

Price: £16.69

Like people, biscuits come in all shapes and sizes – each brilliant in their own way! To make things even better, you can now get yoga themed cookie cutters that will bring your favourite postures to life.

This is one of the best gifts for a yoga teacher who loves to bake. You may also get to try their fun sweet treats at the end of your next class?

The Shanti Nation Yoga Cookie Cutters are a great example of how cute these cutters can be. This set has three classic poses, instantly recognisable in a yogic context – cobra, chair and warrior I – which will translate beautifully into biscuit form.

They’re made of safe stainless steel for durability and are dishwasher safe for easy clean up.


#52 – Incense Burner

gift ideas for yoga instructor

Price: £6.39

Incense is along similar lines as the essential oils we mentioned above in that it’s a gift for a yoga teacher looking to improve the meditative side, rather than the physical practice of yoga.

Incense comes in plenty of different scents that can evoke different moods, from earthy tones to more floral notes that can refresh a room.

The holders come in loads of shapes and sizes, depending on whether you prefer incense sticks or cones.

Psychic Tree sells a Large Pebble Backflow Incense Burner that is effortlessly beautiful once the incense has been burning for a while.

The cone is placed at the top and once lit,the smoke will flow downwards through the pebbles like water. This creates a soothing effect that would be perfect for meditation.

#53 – Yoga Fridge Magnets

yoga teacher gift ideas uk

Price: £11.53

Fridge magnets are one of the easiest ways to personalise a kitchen space because they’re small but functional.

They’re one of the best gifts for a yoga teacher because they can use them at home or in their studio to decorate their fridge or magnetic board.

Different poses could be assigned different types of post or the magnets can just add a touch of whimsy to a space.

These Yoga Fridge Magnets are the perfect yoga instructor gift to incorporate a dash of colour and fun into a kitchen or workspace.

Handmade and available in sets of 6, 10, 15 or 20, you’ve got a choice of how many you need or want.

#54 – Yoga Wall Art

gift ideas for yoga teacher

Price: £8.95

Buying themed wall art as a gift for a yoga teacher is a wonderful way of decorating a studio space or living room. Wall art can bring an element of a teacher’s personality into their studio, making the space feel more approachable to their clients.

Remember, it’s better to have some knowledge of their own personal or professional tastes to ensure they’ll like it before you buy.

Simple and classic pieces are an excellent middle ground because they’ll fit in with any decorating style, meaning there’s no shame in staying simple if you’re unsure.

Yoga Pose No4 is a timeless piece of yoga themed wall art that can be incorporated into any decorating style. Line drawings are incredibly fashionable right now because they’re elegant and beautiful – this lotus pose image is no exception.

#55 – Yoga Christmas Ornaments

yoga gift ideas

Price: £12.95

If there’s ever a time for tacky, kitsch or novelty decorations – it’s Christmas.

Taste is optional when it comes to festive ornaments, so this is an area that you can go wild in when it comes to buying a gift for your yoga teacher.

Retailers have definitely run with this theme. From Santa yogis to Gingerbread people in downward dog, there are lots of options for you to choose from to bring in the seasonal spirit.

We’ve chosen the more classic but still beautiful Glass Yoga Bauble from The Letter Room. The mat is made from blue glass that will stand out proudly on any Christmas tree, with the purple ribbon a stylish and practical hanging loop.

Before You Go!

From our list, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect yoga teacher gift! It’s the thought that counts and we’re sure your yoga teacher will appreciate anything you get them.

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