If you’re looking for the best journal for yoga teacher training, you’re in the right place!

We’ve compiled a list of the top 9 yoga journals in the UK to help you to be more organised, plan sequences effectively, and feel ready to teach a yoga class.

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#1 Yoga Sequence Journal

Price: £34.78

best journal for yoga teacher training

Our first option for a yoga teacher training journal is this one from Etsy ‘Star Seller’ HighDesertYogi.

This yoga journal has a high-grade, matt black hard cover with gold foil details and a unique snake design on the front, giving it a smart yet interesting look.

However, this hasn’t just made it onto our list for its aesthetics!

As well as containing 50 theme concepts to help you design sequences, the journal also has 3 pages to brainstorm themes for future flows or classes.

It also has 144 create-your-own sequence pages and 10 affirmations to help inspire you when creating your classes.

This is the perfect yoga journal notebook for trainee teachers, as it contains a yoga pose key with 60 essential postures.

This will help to inspire some ideas for postures to use within your sequences, as well as providing a quick translation guide from Sanskrit to English if you’re unsure of a particular word.

Finally, the journal has 6 blank index pages, with room to write down the sequence theme or name of the class, as well as a page number to reference it by.

This ensures that you can quickly and easily find the class you’re looking for, and therefore leaves you with more time to dedicate to your teaching and practice!

#2 The Personal Yoga Practice Journal for Yoga Teachers

Price: £9.82

best journal for yoga teacher training 2

Whether you prefer to plan practices a month ahead, or record them day-by-day, this yoga teacher training journal has something for every type of yoga teacher.

Created by yoga teacher and author Olga Kabel of Sequence Wiz, this has been designed to support your own home practice, as well as helping you to improve as a teacher. This journal:

  • Enables you to take care of yourself
  • Inspires you, to help keep your teaching fresh
  • Helps you to connect more deeply to your students
  • Allows you to experiment with techniques that you may decide to include in your class

With an overview of two foundational yogic models, this is the perfect yoga journal for a teacher who needs help building their own practice into their day.

If you’re in need of further inspiration, check out these benefits of doing yoga everyday!

The journal provides space to draw and plan your yoga practice by hand. Alternatively, you have the option to print a PDF file of any practice from Sequence Wiz and add it to your journal.

It also describes 10 different types of yoga practices, to help you choose the right one for you. 

Plus, if you’re wanting to take your practice on the go, the journal also has a companion Home Yoga Practice mobile app too. This is therefore more than just a yoga journal! 

#3 Yoga Teacher Training Journal

Price: £8.99

best journal for yoga teacher training 3

Designed by a yoga teacher, this journal is perfect for yoga teachers and trainees.

Firstly, it has one of the most beautiful covers for a yoga journal notebook on our list. 

As well as the mandala on the front, it also has illustrations of yoga symbols throughout. These can be enjoyed as they are, or can be coloured in to add your own personal touch.

With 270 pages in total, this journal provides you with one place to keep all of your certification and training information safe. 

As well as itinerary and contact pages, it also has space to keep all of your personal and teaching notes together. It has 200 organised pages for planning and recording classes, as well as 60 separate pages for note down your personal reflections before, during and after your sessions.

This is therefore one of the best journals for yoga teacher training, as it provides you with the chance to reflect on your own feelings and experiences when teaching, as well as your students.

#4 Teaching Yoga Beyond the Poses

Price: £11.79

best journal for yoga teacher training 4

The next best journal for yoga teacher training is ‘Teaching Yoga Beyond the Poses.’

Created by experienced yoga instructors Sage Rountree and Alexandra DeSiato, this is a reflective workbook-style journal that contains practical advice to help you on your teaching journey.

It is designed to give yoga teachers the tools to discover their own voice, find their own wisdom, and run a successful yoga class.

The journal provides detailed yoga class themes, along with flexible templates to help teachers create their own authentic themes once they have gained more experience.

Along with these 54 templates, Rountree and DeSiato also give advice on how to improve your teaching skills and put together your own sequences.

With the themes in template form so that they can easily be used in your classes, they are separated into easy-to-read chapters such as:

  • Seasons
  • Meditations
  • Quotes
  • Philosophy

If you’re unsure of what to write in a yoga journal, Teaching Yoga Beyond the Poses is a great choice thanks to its gentle prompts to help you along the way.

Enjoying this article so far? Here’s 3 more that we think you’ll love:

#5 Dailygreatness Yoga Journal

Price: £34.04

yoga journal teacher

The Dailygreatness yoga journal is great for both the practical and spiritual side of teaching yoga!

It contains a yearly diary and appointment planner, which gives you space to plan and record the dates and times of your classes.

It also allows you to write weekly, quarterly, and yearly check-ins, to record your own and your students’ achievements, both on and off the mat.

As for the spiritual side, the journal’s daily pages cover subjects such as:

  • Yoga practice
  • Intentions
  • Journaling 
  • Gratitude
  • Inspired action
  • Self-inquiry
  • Inspiration

This will not only help to ground you as a practitioner, but also gives you inspiration to share with students! 

The smooth matte finish and flexi-bound cover makes this the best journal for yoga teacher training as it is sturdy and durable, yet lightweight to carry around with you.

With premium quality paper for you to write on, and two silk ribbon markers for keeping your space, we’d definitely recommend checking out this yoga journal!


#6 My Yoga Companion Self-Discovery Journal

Price: £12

yoga journal teacher 2

Every yoga teacher needs somewhere to reflect on their own practice, which is why we’d recommend this yoga journal from Paperchase.

Beginning with a handy content page, the journal contains sections such as:

  • Lessons from the mat
  • Little guide to chakras
  • ‘My Yoga Loves’

It gives you the space to reflect on your own practice, such as challenges you come across and future goals.

Often find yourself wondering what to write in a yoga journal? Well, this yoga teacher training journal provides you with yoga quotes to help guide and inspire you!

Plus, you may even find yourself incorporating the quotes into your sessions and inspiring students too.

Each of the 84 pages are split into sections to help you stay organised. Every page is also complete with different illustrations and high-quality stitching binding.

This yoga teacher training journal therefore has a winning combination of both being functional and looking good!

#7 Yoga Journal: Set Your Intentions and Deepen Your Gratitude

Price: £5.99

yoga journal teacher 3

This yoga journal is all about helping you reflect on not only your yoga teaching journey, but also your own yoga practice. 

So if you’re looking for the best journal for yoga teacher training for self-reflection and intention-setting, then this is a great option!

The suggested way to use this yoga journal notebook is:

  1. Consider the intention for your practice and write it down beforehand.
  2. After practice, complete that day’s journal page.
  3. You can then go back and consult previous pages as and when you like, to enhance your learning and support your yoga journey.

The journal also has many quotes from the world’s celebrated yogis for you to draw inspiration from- and to share with your students too.

Plus, the beautiful sun and moon cover design makes this one of the most visually attractive yoga journals in the UK! 

#8 Yoga Teacher Journal Class Planner

Price: £6.49

yoga journal teacher 4

The Yoga Teacher Journal Class Planner is one of the best journals for yoga teacher training if you are looking to be more organised.

As well as having a sturdy paperback cover, it also provides 52 double page spreads for you to plan out 52 unique yoga lessons.

This allows you to record all of your class dates, times and venues, ensuring that you never miss a class!

The left-hand side of each double page has plenty of space for you to write down things such as:

On the other side of each page, there’s space for you to plan your sequence of postures for each lesson.

There are also 10 extra dot-grid pages at the back of this yoga teacher training journal, which is ideal for anything from making extra notes on your class, to jotting down ideas when they come to you!

To really help you to become an organised yoga teacher, there is also space for you to make a record at the end of the class of:

  • The number of attendees
  • Any feedback points from students
  • Reminders for next time
  • Things you could improve for next time

This is therefore a great yoga journal notebook if you want to stay organised and keep track of your yoga teaching journey! 


#9 Personalised Dream Plan Do Life Planner

Price: £37.95

yoga journal teacher 5

This notebook is not designed specifically for yoga, but it is actually a great yoga journal for a teacher! 

Designed by Martha Brook, this Personalised ‘Dream Plan Do’ Life Planner is not only aesthetically pleasing, but extremely functional too.

The journal comes in a stunning blush pink colour, which is embossed with gold foil lettering. It can also be personalised with a name of your choice.

It contains a selection of weekly spreads, which allow you to plan your class schedule and boost your productivity.

It also has year-at-a-glance spreads, along with planning pages for setting yearly goals and intentions.

The additional notes pages throughout are ideal for taking notes during your classes, and jotting down any ideas for sequences that may come to you.

If you’re unsure of what to write in a yoga journal, the quotes dotted throughout provide some great inspiration and the chance to pause and reflect upon your yoga teaching journey.

The refillable planner has a gold binding that can easily be clicked open, to allow you to add content throughout the year, or reuse the journal for years to come.

With a choice of journal designs that span a year, start in the middle of the year, or are undated, you can start using this yoga journal at any time!

Before You Go!

So, we hope that we’ve helped you find the best journal for yoga teacher training. Whether you’re wanting to be more organised, or are just looking for a space to jot down ideas, there’s something for everyone!

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