18 Best YouTube Yoga Channels Videos

YouTube is the second largest website in the world, only behind Google and ahead of Facebook.

It is impossible to determine how many yoga channels are on YouTube, as there are new channels popping up every second, but we have cut through the noise and created a list of the “best YouTube yoga channels” and “yoga YouTubers” that you need to be subscribing to.

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1) Yoga with Adriene

With a whopping 6.1m subscriber base, Yoga with Adriene is definitely one of the “go to” places for getting high quality free yoga videos.

Since bursting onto the scene in 2012, Yoga with Adriene has gone to strength to strength and now is widely considered the best yoga channel on YouTube after formulating a loyal subscriber base and accumulating over 511m views at time of publishing.

You will find yoga videos for all ability levels and routines that you can implement at home. There are videos for every type of athlete and fitness goal, including yoga for runners, for weight loss and lower back pain, to name just a few. Additionally, the yoga workouts range from quick 10 minutes stress reliefs, through to 1-hour intense workouts, which appeals to every individual, no matter how busy your schedule!

With a total of 550 videos on the channel and most videos accumulating over half a million views, Yoga with Adriene is the most popular yoga channel son YouTube.

If you’re looking to relieve a tired mind and body after a tough day at work, this channel is for you. Check out the OriGym guide to becoming a Yoga Teacher to learn more.

2) Body Positive Yoga 

Body Positive Yoga is an up and coming Yoga YouTube channel. This channel is perfect if you have confidence and anxiety issues surrounding your physique or size. The clue is in the name “Body positive”, founded by Amber Karnes in 2012, Body Positive describes their channel as “for big bodies, creaky joints, and beginners”.

Not just will you find some great workouts, but what makes this one of the most unique and best YouTube yoga channel is that Amber demonstrates tips, tricks and adaptions to yoga poses for the larger person and shares her own emotional journey of how yoga has transformed her life.

Body Positive might have the smallest subscriber base on this list of 19.4k at time of writing, but it offers a great solution to those looking for a yoga beginner YouTube channel to taking the first steps into yoga.

3) Yoga by Candace

Candace Moore is a qualified E-RYT 500hr yoga teacher and certified personal trainer and best-selling author of Namaslay and founder of Mantra Box.

Candace has some of the best yoga videos on YouTube, which is reinforced by her 269K subscriber base and she has accumulated over 26 million views from just over 500 videos.

It is one of the best YouTube channels for learning yoga, with videos such as her yoga foundation video and a plethora of supporting videos with tips, tricks and guides to help get you into shape. Candace has a very soothing voice to listen to, making you feel relaxed and enables you to really zone out.

Workouts range from 15 minutes through to an hour and she even has videos for yoga in bed, yoga on the couch and yoga in the office, so not matter where you are, there is no excuse to get your yoga workout in.


4) Yoga with Tim

Tim Sensei is a qualified yoga instructor and enthusiast who has battled his own issues with weight, self-confidence and negative self-image until he found yoga. This is really reflected in his YouTube yoga classes and challenges, where he breaks them down into simple and easy to follow steps, which is ideal if your trying yoga for the first time.

Tim’s creative and innovative yoga challenges and workouts, such as his famous 30-day yoga challenge, is what makes his channel one of the best YouTube yoga channels that you need to subscribe to in 2023.

He has over 75k subscribers and close to 4 million views and for good reason, there is videos for all ability levels and even for specific sports, such as his yoga for cyclists and yoga for surfers’ videos.

5) Yoga with Kassandra


Canadian yogi Kassandra has over 10 years’ experience as a certified yoga instructor who specializes in Yin Yoga and is the author of ‘restore balance with Yin Yoga”.

Her channel has a huge library of yoga videos for different movements and poses, as well as stretches for every part of your body. Kassandra does not just stick to Yin Yoga though, she has videos on power, restorative, and hatha yoga in addition to workouts for every fitness goal including developing strength, flexibility and you core.

Yoga with Kassandra makes our definitive list of the best yoga on YouTube as the channel is really easy to navigate to find exactly what you want, with playlists labelled and dissected by workouts, style of yoga, focus, level and length.

With 489K subscribers, over 32million views to date and some of her videos hitting the millions in views it is one of the most popular yoga channels on YouTube.

6) Sarah Beth Yoga

Sarah Beth yoga channel is renowned for her yoga stretching videos, which are fantastic for increasing your suppleness, de-stressing and relieving tense muscles. Join 710k other subscribers to her weekly YouTube yoga classes, which range from 45-90 minutes in length.

If you’re looking to get into yoga for the first time as a method to relieve the wear and tear of work and general life, this yoga beginner YouTube channel is for you!

You will find videos on routines you can deploy before work, on your lunch break or before bed.  Sarah’s yoga meditation videos are chilled out and feel good videos which are very relaxing and combined with her tranquilizing voice is the perfect fix for battling anxiety and tension.

7) PsycheTruth

Although Psyche Truth has videos on everything from massage, nutrition and toning exercises, there most renowned for having some of the best yoga videos on YouTube with some videos, like their morning yoga for weight loss smashing millions of views.

With over three and half million subscribers, 868million views to date and 2,700 videos this is arguably not just the most popular yoga YouTube channel, but one of the best across the entire fitness sector.

You will find videos for core, flexibility, strength, wright loss and even detox, but what the channel is great for is their workouts and guides for complete beginners that are easy to implement all from the comfort of your own home.

What is truly unique and admirable about this yoga fitness channel is that they have contributors from doctors, health coaches and yoga instructors, not just giving them a platform to reach their market, but for you to tap into multiple leading yoga experts.

You will find some of the best yoga on YouTube on Psyche Truth, and with so many individual voices and styles of teaching, you are sure to find a perfect fit for your needs.

8) Caren Baginski

Caren Baginski’s makes our list of “best YouTube yoga” despite perhaps not been the most well-known on YouTube with 13.8k subscriber base, buy she is a leading expert within the field of yoga and has featured in the likes of the Yoga Journal and Mantra Wellness Magazine amongst many other major publications.

Caren is the founder of “Being Enough”, has 11 years’ experience as a certified yoga instructor and is qualified in yoga nidra meditation, vinyasa yoga and yoga therapy, but what makes the Caren Baginski channel, one of the best YouTube yoga channels is her specialty in restorative Yoga.

She has restorative yoga exercise videos on every body part and for every purpose including restorative yoga for better sleep, stress and pain relief, energy and many more. Additionally, her yoga breathing exercise videos are highly sought after on the most popular in terms of views on her channel, with her yoga breathing exercises for anxiety video clocking over 718k views to date.

9) Shilpa’s Yoga

You may remember Shilpa Shetty from Celebrity Big Brother or her rise to fame as a Bollywood star, but what you might not know is her passion for health, fitness and in particular yoga!

Shipla describes her view on Yoga as “Everyone wants to feel and look good. I discovered something that did both, Yoga and I’m completely overwhelmed by the beauty and power of it.”

Shipla’s yoga channel is actually one of the most watched and certainly one of the best YouTube yoga channels you will find on the web, with her channel obtaining over 630K subscribers and 56million views from just 80 videos. This may be due to her fame and popularity, but her videos are well presented, educational and informative.

You will find videos for tone, strength and flexibility, but what is really different about this yoga YouTube channel is the videos for specific health issues, such as yoga for spondylitis, digestion, constipation, detoxification and enhancing immunity.

Shilpa’s passion for yoga is evident and justifies her place on our list of best yoga videos on youtube.

Enjoying this yoga article? You’ll love these even more!

10) Purple Valley Ashtanga Yoga


Anybody searching for yoga breathing exercise videos need to look no further than Purple Valley Ashtanga Yoga. As the name suggests, the channel teaches Astanga vinyasa yoga, which synchronises breath with movement. It’s fast paced and somewhat more intense than the other channels on this list, but that doesn’t mean that beginnings won’t feel right at home.

Purple Valley upload their videos from the idyllic Purple Valley Ashtanga Yoga Retreat in Goa, close to the coast and surrounded by sandy beaches. What really sets this channel apart is the quality of teaching. Since these videos are coming directly from a Yoga Retreat, the coaches are some of the best in the world.

An array of videos cater to every level of ability, and there’s a nice mix of demonstration and explanation. Since Ashtanga is one of the more intense yoga practices on the list, beginners might feel a little anxious, but they need not fear. Purple Valley offer a number of beginner exercises, and their explanation videos are incredibly detailed.

11) Fightmaster Yoga

Fightmaster might just be the best YouTube channel for learning yoga. The channel’s introductory video informs visitors that “yoga is actually an inside job,” so even if you’re a beginner who isn’t sure they’ll be capable of the various stretches and poses, this is the channel for you. It prioritises internal, mental wellness over everything else.

This channel offers some of the best YouTube yoga for anyone who wants to make positive changes in their life. Its coaches are endlessly encouraging, and know that everybody begins at a different level, and proceeds at a different pace. In fact, there’s an entire playlist dedicated solely to yoga for beginners.

Variety is the name of the game with this channel, and we love the way the videos are curated for ease of access. Videos are categorised in playlists according to the type of yoga you’re looking for, and there’s a huge amount to choose from:

  • Yoga for strength
  • Yoga for balance
  • Yoga for bedtime
  • Yoga for energy
  • Yoga for flexibility
  • Yoga detox

That really is the tip of the iceberg, and there’s too much on offer even to list. Throw in a few 30-day challenges, including the brilliant 30-day Hatha Yoga Happiness, and we’re sure you’ll find something that you absolutely love.

With such variety, it’s no wonder that this channel has amassed an impressive following of 601k subscribers. Its 400+ videos will keep you occupied for a long time. Fightmaster is certainly the best yoga channel YouTube has to offer in terms of sheer accessibility and positivity.

12) Spirit Voyage

Spirit Voyage feels special. From the moment you visit the channel, you’ll be immersed in a world of spiritually, with kirtan, chants and sacred music. This is a yoga YouTube channel with a difference. Rather than just routines and exercises, it delves deep into the realms of spirituality and consciousness, making it the best YouTube yoga channel for anyone after a fully immersive, all-encompassing spiritual journey.

This channel focuses on kundalini yoga, which is quite rare. It’s not taught that often in classes, and there certainly aren’t many YouTube channels that teach this form. While other types of yoga can be more physically demanding, kundalini focusses on expanding the consciousness and activating dormant energies within the body.

If this kind of “deeper dive” sounds perfect, then you’ll love Spirit Voyage. Kundalini’s internal emphasis means that you’ll be learning chanting and hand gestures, as well as focusing on your breathing. The channel is well stocked with yoga breathing exercise videos, and deeply calming, spiritual videos provide the perfect music for your meditation.

Best of all, the teachers on this channel are simply world class. It features kundalini masters from around the world, and the classes are incredibly varied. You’ll be focusing on energising breathing techniques one minute, and then mind-expanding meditation the next. Everything has a very traditional feel, and in a world of superficial, Hollywood yoga, that can only be refreshing.

Spirit Voyage and kundalini might not be for everybody, and this certainly isn’t a channel that you can dip into casually, but it really is worth a look, if only to understand a little more of the deep mind-body connection that yoga can forge.

13) Koya Webb

Koya Webb is fantastic if you’re looking for a yoga YouTube channel that aims to develop every aspect of your health. She’s a holistic health coach, so you can expect videos on a variety of topics to complement the yoga sessions.

Think diet, emotional support and help with anxiety. We can’t praise this channel enough for its all-encompassing approach, and with 250 videos to keep you going, you’re bound to find something beneficial. A fun aside, Koya Webb used to coach P Diddy!

She offers some of the best yoga on YouTube, and a variety of 7-day challenges will get you started and give you daily goals to work towards. Her recipe videos offer all kinds of tasty and, crucially, healthy meals, many of which are vegan.

It’s the holistic approach to health that really sets this channel apart. With everything from yoga to food, and even a dash of romantic advice, Koya Webb is great for anybody who wants to make more sweeping lifestyle changes. If you’re suffering with pain, you’ll find plenty of exercises to help relieve that, too.

You know that you’re getting expert advice because Koya is one of the best yoga teachers in the world, internationally recognised and with several bestselling books to her name. She’s also a motivational speaker who aims to help everyone reach a point of optimal health.

Exercises are simple, and anyone looking for yoga breathing exercise videos will be pleased to hear that Ujjayi breathing is covered, complete with an introduction for beginners.

14) Boho Beautiful

Boho Beautiful is a yoga YouTube channel with a real feel-good factor. Not only do you get all the benefits of a traditional yoga channel, but you get an extra dose of relaxation as the exercises take place against a series of beautiful backdrops. There are tropical beaches, lavish swimming pools, lakes and mountain vistas to give you some serious location envy.

This channel certainly produces some of the most beautiful yoga videos YouTube has to offer, but it’s so much more than just attractive backdrops. With an impressive 1.68m followers, Boho Beautiful is one of, if not the most, popular yoga channel on YouTube.

Anybody searching for varied yoga on YouTube will not be disappointed with Boho Beautiful, because the channel features over 300 videos ranging beginner to intermediate. Nearly every form of yoga is available in one form or another, including:

  • Yin Yoga
  • Hatha
  • Astanga Inspired
  • Yoga workouts
  • Morning Yoga

Whatever you’re searching for, you’re likely to find it in the channel’s extensive back catalogue. It’s also attached to the feel-good Boho Beautiful lifestyle brand, which focusses on conscious living and positivity. As such, you’ll also find videos on healthy vegan foods, meditation and reflection, as well as Pilates and fitness.

Boho Beautiful prioritise all round experience and creating a positive, healthy lifestyle with yoga at its heart. The channel’s motto is: “your decisions today will define your tomorrow,” and Boho Beautiful is a fantastic place to start or develop your yoga journey in the most tranquil setting possible.

15) Cosmic Kids Yoga

Cosmic Kids is something a little different. We all know the many mental and physical benefits of yoga, so why should those benefits be limited solely to adults? There are a surprisingly small number of yoga channels for kids on YouTube, but Cosmic Kids more than makes up for this. It’s absolutely perfect for kids trying yoga for the first time, and it makes routines fun, accessible and healthy.

Videos are bright, vibrant and colourful. They’re themed in ways that children will love, including workshops with aliens on a spaceship, yoga with dinosaurs, yoga with pirates and mermaids, and even yoga with popular characters like Sonic the Hedgehog. These videos are all incredibly well rendered, and we couldn’t believe the quality of the graphics.

It’s no wonder than this channel already boats an impressive following of 921k, a number which continues to grow. There are nearly 500 videos available, and what really impressed us is how visually different those videos are. It’s important to hold a child’s attention, and each video has a unique design, so we know they’ll never get bored.

As well as the physical aspects of yoga, like balance and flexibility, the channel focusses on the mental wellbeing of children. It stresses confidence, as well as peace and calm. Cosmic Kids is without a doubt the best YouTube yoga channel for kids, and adults will be happy to find a YouTube yoga class that keeps their kids occupied, happy and healthy.


16) Yoga Journal

 Yoga Journal is, without doubt, the best yoga beginner YouTube channel. In fact, it’s probably the best resource for anybody thinking about taking up yoga full stop. Supported by its magazine and website, it’s been the leading source of yoga resources for over 35 years, and it keeps getting better.

The channel offers some of the best yoga for beginners YouTube videos anywhere on the internet, but experts will find plenty to love here as well. Sequences scale all the way up to advanced, so there really is something for everyone, regardless of their level.

Videos range from more generalised exercises like backbends, to yoga for athletes, yoga for the core, into specialised holistic topics like Ayurveda. Better still, the channel is linked to the hugely popular and influential Yoga Journal brand, which offers a website crammed full of resources like podcasts, online classes and meditation tips, as well a Facebook group with over 2.2 million subscribers.

The channel has attracted a following of 99.7k, and you’ll find over 130 videos to get you started. Yoga Journal’s YouTube channel is very much a gateway into their wider infrastructure, where you’ll find enough resources and support to keep you going for a long, long time.

Anyone looking for yoga on YouTube and beyond will be delighted with the amount of information available both on this channel and on the Yoga Journal website. It’s a fantastic place for beginners and seasoned experts to come together.

17) Tara Stiles

With a staggering 671 videos available at time of writing, this channel offers unbelievable choice. As you might expect from so many videos, there’s yoga for everyone and every goal, with relaxation, fitness, energy and much more on offer.

What’s really interesting is the form of yoga that Tara uses. She’s the founder of Strala Yoga, which eschews the more spiritual side of yoga to focus purely on movement, exercise and the more physical aspects. The aim is to make yoga as accessible as possible by removing some of the more esoteric elements, which might seem alienating to newcomers.

That said, a typical YouTube yoga class with Tara draws upon a lot of influences, including tai chi, quigong and traditional Chinese Medicine. She combines these disciplines to make some of the best yoga YouTube content available, always with an emphasis on accessibility.

She also offers a number of live classes, which have a welcoming and personal feel sometimes absent from YouTube videos. There’s an app too, and everything is designed to help you destress, heal and meet life’s challenges. It’s a brilliant and simple way to make sustainable changes.

This a brilliantly varied channel with a huge back catalogue. We really appreciated the unpretentious and completely down to earth approach to yoga that Tara takes. Anyone who isn’t sure about yoga, or feels put off by traditional practitioners, will be right at home here. This is a yoga channel YouTube users of all ages, backgrounds, skillsets and aims can enjoy.

18) Faith Hunter

Faith Hunter is an international yoga and meditation teacher with a strong focus on all round wellness. She’s a successful author, and her YouTube yoga class has gained over 21k subscribers. It’s easy to see why. With over 150 videos, the channel offers a mix of pure yoga workouts, as well as health and lifestyle tips.

It also includes some of the more visually interesting yoga videos YouTube has to offer, including long time lapses showing lots of poses, perfect for anyone who wants to get a feel for what a full workout looks like.

There’s a great twist with the “fun yoga” playlist, which includes some exercises designed to be a little more light-hearted. This is a nice touch, and a welcome departure from some of the more serious yoga channels.

There’s a strong emphasis on meditation alongside yoga, and beginners will find everything they need to know about chanting and mantras. This is a yoga fitness channel perfect for beginners, as Faith has uploaded explanation videos on everything from chakras to how to lead a more spiritually fulfilling life.

We were particular fans of the relaxing yoga sequences, which are perfect for letting out stress after a long day, and the collection of morning yoga routines. There are more intense programmes like the yoga for core and strength playlist, and there’s even beach body yoga for getting into shape before a summer holiday.

Better still, the lifestyle element of the channel includes beauty tips and advice, and Faith has a strong philanthropic side. It’s fantastic to see yoga being exported to a wider audience and used to help as many communities as possible. We think this is a channel with a real heart.

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