If you’re new to the world of skating or want to brush up on your knowledge of what’s currently on the market, this article will discuss some of the best skateboards available to you right now. 

We’ve included a wide price range, various types of boards as well as bringing your attention to some cool designs and features you might never have considered. Whether you’re a street skater, or a half-pipe hero, our guide encompasses everything you’ll need from your board.

So, if you’ve ever wondered “what are the best skateboards and where can I find them”, our complete article explores all you need to know.


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The Best Skateboards for Cruising and Tricks 

#1 – Arbor’s Martillo Artist

Price: $179.99 (approx. £131)

Kickstarting the list of the coolest skateboards on the market is the Arbor Martillo Artist.  

With a length of 31.5” and a width of 9” this is a great cruising board, ideal for smooth street skating and travelling from A to B easily and efficiently and perfect as an alternative to walking to work in the morning

It is designed with a blunt hammer-shaped nose to make your turns tighter when compared with longboard skating.

The board is crafted from 7 Ply Canadian Maple to promote strength and durability. It also comes with relatively soft 80A wheels to enhance grip to street surfaces and promote a smoother skating experience (this article will run more in depth as to wheel codes later). 

The wheels are accompanied by ABEC 5 bearings with spacers to facilitate a silky roll. 

The Arbor Martillo Artist’s design fuses minimalism with funky, getting the best of both worlds from a simple black top deck with a colourful underside. The natural design will be sure to turn heads on the skatepark as you flash your fellow skaters when performing tricks and flips. 

When purchasing a skateboard, reviews may be a good reference point for you before making a purchase. This board currently has a 100% 5-star track record, showing the Martillo Artist’s product specification lives up to customer satisfaction.

#2 – Enuff’s Evergreen

Price: £74.95

Next up we have a product from Enuff – the Evergreen, one of the best but cheap skateboard options for you. 

This board is a combination of a cruiser and double kick-board. It is longer in length coming in at 32”, the average size for a cruiser board but has the wheels of a double kick-board, 95A’s. 

The harder wheels make the Evergreen glide over skatepark and pool surfaces, also ideal for enhancing your flip and trick ability. The wheels are accompanied by ABEC-7 chrome bearings to keep the wheels rotating smoothly to increase your speed. 

Enuff’s Evergreen is designed for more advanced skaters as well as those over 5’6” due to the wider 8” deck, making it harder for beginner skaters to keep stable and balanced. 

The minimal yet beautiful design of this board is attractive to all, presenting a simple black tree outline with a beige and red background. It is innovative while promoting a more mature skating aesthetic. 

With a price of just under £75, this is certainly one of the best skateboards on offer to consumers for an affordable price. 

#3 – Rampage Plain Third Complete Skateboard

Price: £29.95

Want an insight into some good but cheap skateboards? If so, you’re in the right place with this product. 

This 8” width skateboard comes in both black and neutral tones, providing a simple look for your board, and easily colour matched to your favourite cushioned running shoes.

It is equipped with heavy duty 5” sea eagle trucks, ensuring optimum control when you turn, ollie and grind. It also comes with carbon steel bearings to make the wheel rotation smooth and slick. 

This is a double kick skateboard, meaning it has two kicks at either end of the board to make performing flip tricks easier. 

The maximum weight for this board is 100kg and is recommended for those aged 6+. To accommodate for younger and smaller skaters, you can also opt for a 7.75” width board.

This is one of the best skateboards to buy if you’re just starting out skateboarding, with a good grip to help you to develop a more accurate sense of footing and to build confidence. 

Now, when you come to purchase a skateboard, reviews play an important factor – especially if you’re a parent purchasing a skateboard for a child. However, you needn’t worry when it comes to the Rampage range as this product currently has an average of 5 out of 5 stars as indicated on their website. 

So, if you’re new to the world of skating and want the best skateboard for your level, why not consider the Rampage Plain Third Complete Skateboard? 


#4 – Landyachtz Dinghy Cruiser Skateboard

Price: £166.95

Next up we have a product by Landyachtz, the Dinghy Cruiser, which may well be one of the coolest skateboards on the market. 

Coming in a range of colours and innovative designs, you’re spoilt for choice of which one to go for. There’s a vast range of weird and wonderful options to choose from, ranging from a black and white skeleton design to a yellow skateboard with cat designs. 

Want to know more about the features of the Dinghy Cruiser? This board is ideal for cruising and meandering through city crowds and busy parks while being equally perfectly smooth for cruising in bowls and pools. 

The Landyachtz range comes with high-quality parts that include soft 78A wheels, ideal for gliding over rougher surfaces like street pavements or even bumpier trails designed for running. The wheels are also made from PU (polyurethane) a unique material that offers riders ultimate elasticity while being highly durable. 

The wheels have a diameter of either 60mm or 63mm depending on your riding style. 

The board is crafted from Canadian maple, known for its hard-wearing qualities, providing a worry-free experience when skating as your board can withstand bumps and dents without affecting performance. 

So, if you approached this article wanting to get a better insight as to the best skateboards on the market, then the Landyachtz Dinghy Cruiser range should definitely be one to take note of. 

#5 – Enjoi Panda Whitey Complete Skateboard

Price: £64.95 (RRP £92.95

“What are the best skateboards and where can I find them?may have been a question you had when you began reading this article. Here we have a product brought to you by Enjoi. 

The Panda Whitey is both super cute and cool skateboard that is ideal for both cruising and practising your tricks. Its neutral colour scheme is also perfect to match with your best gym shorts or protective helmet.

It has a medium concave design to keep you well balanced and controlled when riding. It is also crafted with different sized wheels, either 52mm or 53mm, to give you some versatility with how your board feels when riding. The wheels are soft in a 92A, promising a comfortable and smooth ride.

There are two options available to you in regards to the width of the board – 8” or 8.25”. But what does either size do for the rider? 

The 8” board is a good all-rounder that will keep you supported in all types of skateboarding. However, if you’re someone who would like some additional stability when doing aerial tricks, you may want to consider opting for the 8.25”. 

The skateboard reviews for this item are glowing, with an average of 5 stars over on Skatepro’s website. And with such a low price point, why not grab a bargain as well as a super cool skateboard? 

#6 – Renner Z Series Pro Complete Skateboard – Z3 Black

Price: £47.95 (RRP £49.95) 

Want to find out more about the best cheap skateboards on the market? Take a look at the Renner Z Series Pro skateboard, one of the cheaper options for you on this list. 

This board is ideal for skaters who are used to riding but want to get a board that is a bit more substantial and durable. It is fitted with top-quality components including Renner’s Pro Core 53” wheels along with Chrome Abec 9 bearings promising riders ultimate control when riding. 

The dimensions of the board are 7.75” width and 31” length, designed with a black and dark green gradient that will be sure to turn heads on the skatepark. 

As for the ideal rider for this cool skateboard, it’s encouraged that riders are aged 13+ and are taller than 5’3” (160cm) and do not exceed 100kg in weight.

If you’re someone who wants to get a better idea of the best budget skateboards, why not have a gander at Renner’s Z Series skateboard to benefit from a discounted rate today?

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#7 – Stoked Ride All Stains Skateboard

Price: $109.95 (approx. £80)

There are so many decent skateboards out there that you may not know about but the Stoked Ride All Stains is one that you should. 

It comes in a range of widths varying from 7.75” to 8.5” to accommodate for your needs as well as giving you the option to choose what type of trucks you want. These include Independent Stage 11, Paris Street or Litezpeed Price Point Trucks. Keep reading to find out the benefits of each. 

Want to know more about the specifications of this skateboard? The wheels are 54mm/100A with Fireball Dragon Built bearing to accompany them. 

The Stoked Ride All Stains provide consumers with an affordable board, appropriate for beginners or experienced riders. Each deck is made from rock hard maple wood to enhance durability. 

What this range offers riders that other skating shops don’t is 3 price point ranges to fit with your budget; Pro Level, Mid Level and Price Point. But, what are each of these and what do they offer? Let’s explore in more detail:

  • Pro Level: Come with Independent Stage 11 Trucks. These are the best selling trucks to add to your board. 
  • Mid Level: Come with Paris Street Trucks. These are super high quality and are marginally taller than standard trucks to serve larger wheels. 
  • Price Point: Come with Litezpeed Street Trucks. These are suitable for entry-level skateboarders to get used to controlling the board, and adjusted to the correct posture and movements. 

With a price of just shy of $110, this board is slightly more expensive compared with some of the other options on this list, however, it is amongst the best skateboards available on the market. 

#8 – Osprey Kids Skateboard

Price: £18.99 

Want to know more about some of the coolest but cheap skateboards? Osprey have been supplying skaters of a variety of levels the best quality equipment since 1974. It’s safe to say that they know what they’re doing.

This may comfort the minds of parents looking for a safe and sturdy board for youngsters. 

Osprey’s funky designs may attract the eyes of wannabe skaters from the get-go, with flashy colours and artistic designs covering the base of the board. 

The board has a deck length of 31” and is crafted from 7 ply maple wood and strong black grip tape promising great durability from scuffs and dents. It is also equipped with heavy-duty aluminium trucks so that even novice riders can manoeuvre with ease. 

Additionally, Osprey’s kid’s skateboard has a slight concave shape making it both ideal for cruising through the streets while also accommodating for tricks. Your little ones will be doing ollies and shuvits in no time! 

One important thing to note, though, is that the maximum weight that these boards can withstand is 50kg. 

So, if you’re aiming to broaden your knowledge of good skateboards for kids, Osprey is certainly a great place to begin. With a price of just £18.99, it is the cheapest option on this list while not compromising on quality. 


#9 – G1 Gone Tomorrow (+ Free Beanie)  

coolest skateboards

Price: £91.87

Next on our skateboard review is the G1 Gone Tomorrow board by skateboard brand, Globe. 

The G1 Gone Tomorrow is an 8.0” skateboard featuring a blue and pink dye Resin-7 design on a hard rock maple deck.

This is a full concave board accompanied by 5.25” Tensor alloy trucks for enhanced stability when riding. 

The trucks are attached to 52mm, 99a hard wheels which are perfect for gliding down smooth streets or at your local skate park.

Each of Globe’s boards are individually pressed to meet the exact same shape and requirements, so if you’ve had a Globe board before, you can expect similar results.

As mentioned earlier, the G1 Gone Tomorrow features a pink and blue-dyed background with a sand timer graphic that will be sure to turn heads when you ride.

Alternatively, if this design doesn’t take your fancy, you could opt for a minimalistic black board with black and white chequered, or a black board with a camouflage feature. 

Each purchase comes with a complimentary double-knit black beanie made from eco-friendly, organic cotton. Both the board and beanie will be sure to make you look the part. 

So, if you approached this article thinking “what are the best skateboards on the market?”, the G1 Gone Tomorrow is well worth checking out. 

It’s a great quality board with an innovative design that will guarantee to turn heads at your local skate park.

#10 – Tony Hawk 180 Wingspan Complete Skateboard

Price: £30.95 (RRP £34.95

Obviously, Tony Hawk is a huge deal in the world of skating and so to have a cheap skateboard available to you is nothing shy of amazing.

This 8” x 31” board is ideal for entry-level skaters, ideal for young skaters wanting to develop their skills. It is made from 100% maple 7-ply wood for optimum durability and strength.

The wheels are made from 95A urethane and are 522mm in diameter. Accompanied by Abec 3 Bearings, you’re guaranteed to have the smoothest ride possible. 

As ever, when buying a skateboard, reviews are something that you might want to take into account. The 180 Wingspan has an average rating of 5 stars over on Skatehut, which is the perfect board for young kids who admire Tony Hawk’s ability and want to build upon their own. 

Read on to discover more cruising skateboards on offer for you. 

#11 – NKX Classic Mini Cruiser Skateboard

Price: £53.49 

Next up on the list of good skateboards on the market is the NKX Classic Mini Cruiser. 

This board comes in different lengths ranging from 26”-29” and a width range of 8”-8.5”. It is made from the conventional 7-layer Canadian Maple with a moderate concave shape to accommodate for tricks. 

The wheel hardness ranks as a soft 78A, and is secured with ABEC-9 bearings, meaning a secure and stable ride. 

According to the reviews on the website, the NKX Classic ranks 5 stars out of 5 in the surf feel and carving, cruising and long distance pushing, perfect if you’re looking for a skateboard that excels in its cruising capabilities.

The design of the board is super minimalistic with no bright colours or patterns, ideal for if you’re opting for a simpler aesthetic when skating.

If these features sound attractive to you, then why not get yourself an incredible limited time deal of £120 off the NKX Cruiser for just £53.49? You won’t find a better deal than this so grab yourself a bargain! 

#12 – Cruiser Yamba 500

Price: £59.99 

The Cruiser Yamba 500 is another one of the best budget skateboards on offer for you and is super accessible over at Decathlon. Recognised as one of the foremost providers of sports equipment, ranging from running gear to boxing shoes, their pedigree means you’re in safe hands.

This board has been specially developed by Decathlon’s team of expert skaters intended to make skater’s lives easier. Its super soft wheels make riding a relaxing experience, ideal for riding on pavements, roads and even rough tarmac. 

The wheels are made from a soft 78A with ABEC 7 bearings to facilitate a smooth roll.

The Yamba is smaller compared with a normal skateboard and is perfect for making short trips. It is also super light, weighing just 2.24kg, which is ideal for carrying it around with you whenever you’re not riding it. 

The design of the Yamba is also rustic and chic, with a combination of both exposed wood and simple green and blue tones. 

Working out at just shy of £60, this is another one of the good but cheap skateboards on offer for you today!

#13 – Arbor Foundation Oso Cruiser Factory Skateboard

Price: £169.95

Next on the list of the best skateboards to buy is the Arbor Foundation Oso Cruiser. 

The board itself has dimensions of a 10” width and a 30” length, including a 15.5” wheelbase. The board itself, as always, is crafted entirely by Canadian hard rock Maple wood and is also glossed with a premium palisander finish to provide a sleek aesthetic. 

The design of this board is inspired by 80s surfers, guaranteed to turn some heads when you pass fellow skaters on the street. 

Want to know more about the Arbor Cruiser’s specification? It’s equipped with Paris Street 169mm trucks with 78A wheels, perfect for cruising down pavements and meandering through the streets. 

Priced at just under £170, it is more expensive than some of the other options on this list, but the Arbor Oso Cruiser is a super high-quality, durable and attractive skateboard that you should certainly consider when you’re looking to improve your skateboarding abilities.

#14 – Globe Chromantic 33” Cruisers

Price: £131 (RRP £135

Here we have a slightly different type of board for you – a longboard skateboard. But what are longboards and what are they good for?

If you haven’t already guessed by the name, longboards are slightly longer than the average skateboard (28.5”) and instead have an average length of 33”. They are the ideal board to use for cruising, perfect for getting you from A to B easily and efficiently, and a great alternative to running to work.

The Globe Chromantic Cruiser is another one of the decent skateboards on offer to you. It’s constructed from 7 ply Canadian Hardrock maple wood and coated with an epoxy resin to make the deck both stiffer and stronger. The deck is also engineered with a medium concave to make it easy to catch and flip up once you’ve reached your destination. 

The wheels are constructed from Globe’s own Conical Cruiser 78A super soft wheels that are 62mm in diameter. They are attached to the tracks with Globe’s ABEC 7 bearings that include a spacer for added support.

The design resembles a coral reef with beautiful peach and turquoise tones that will be sure to turn heads when cruising down the street. 

SkateDeluxe are currently holding a discount on the Chromatic Cruiser, so if this board sounds ideal to you, why not benefit from some money off too?

#15 – Osprey Skateboard Carve Board

Price: £69.99 

Last but certainly not least, we have another product for you by Osprey – one of the best budget skateboards for carving. 

Carving boards are great for riders to have more control of their speed, offers a smooth feel and mimics the motion of a surfer carving a wave, hence the name!

The Osprey board is equipped with 12mm rubber risers and 95A wheels, paired with ABEC 7 chrome bearings to facilitate a smooth roll. The board itself is made from 7 ply Canadian maple for maximum strength and durability. 

The dimensions of the skateboard are 29” length, 8” width and 5” height. It is recommended that the maximum weight of the rider doesn’t exceed 100kg. 

This is another example of a good but cheap skateboard, a little more expensive than some other budget boards, however, carving boards are more expensive than the average skateboard. Out of most other carving boards on the market, you’ll struggle to beat Osprey’s while matching on quality. 

So, there we have 15 of the best skateboards to buy. There’s been some high-end, elite options and some good but cheap skateboards too so that you can make an informed decision of which is best for you and your needs. 

Next up, we’re going to outline what you should look for in a skateboard and some information on different types, board shapes, wheels and more. 

What To Look For In A Skateboard 

Now that we’ve looked at some of the coolest skateboards on the market, you may now be curious as to what to look for in choosing your skateboard.

There’s a lot of information about different aspects of a board, so here we’re going to run through the significance of each so that you know exactly what to look for.

Type Of Skateboard 

There are 5 main different types of skateboards: Longboards, Cruisers, Mini Cruisers, Carves and Double Kick. Let’s run through each of these. 

  • Longboards: These come in a range of shapes and sizes; however, the average length of a longboard is 33”, trumping the average length of a skateboard by 3”- 5”. Longboards are a great mode of transport and offer good stability for beginners and can help you to practice cruising and getting accustomed to how the skateboard manoeuvers. Longboards aren’t typically used for performing tricks as the additional length and weight make it difficult to do so. The length can also make carrying your board more awkward, especially if you’re carrying other equipment, like your best water bottle, or a set of kneepads. 

If you’re after a longboard, refer to #14 in this list. 

  • Cruisers: As well as longboards, Cruiser skateboards are another great method of transportation. The main difference is that the cruisers are slightly smaller and so are more convenient to carry around with you when not riding. You can also carve out tighter turns compared with a longboard, ideal for beginners wanting to develop their basic skills. The cruiser skateboard isn’t good for doing tricks.

The average length of a cruiser board ranges from 27”- 32” with widths of 7”- 9.5”

If you’re after a cruiser, refer to #4, #8, #12 & #13 in this list. 

  • Mini Cruiser: They are smaller versions (standard 27” length and 8” width) of cruisers and are typically made from either plastic or wood. A mini cruiser is better for more advanced cruisers as stability is more difficult to attain. They still offer a smooth ride like cruisers which is great for travelling around. Their small, lightweight design also makes them the most ideal skateboard to carry around with you or put into a backpack. Additionally, because of the smaller, compact size, tricks and flips can be done with a mini cruiser. 

If you’re after a mini cruiser, refer to #11 in this list. 

  • Carves: Carve skateboards are designed with a special front truck (the axel holding the wheels together) which makes the board tilt slightly, causing the front trucks to pivot and wheels to change direction more so compared with a regular skateboard. This gives the rider more control over speed and mimics the feeling of surfing and carving a wave. These boards are better for more advanced skaters, as stability can be a little difficult to grasp, and you’ll need ideal posture. Carves are also not ideal for tricks and flips. 

The average length of a carve skateboard is between 29”- 31” in length. 

If you’re after a carve skateboard, refer to #15 in this list. 

  • Double-Kick: This type of board got its name from the two kicks at either end of the board to facilitate tricks and flips. They are also good for cruising around but controlling speed can be trickier when compared with a cruiser. They are also good for using at skateparks as twists and turns are easier than longer boards. 

Double-Kick boards are typically 30”- 31” in length. 

If you’re after a double kick skateboard, refer to #3, #5, #6, #7, #9 & #10

Types of Wheels

Firstly, there are 3 main types of wheels for skateboards: skatepark/street wheels, cruiser wheels and longboard wheels. Secondly, wheels correspond to a code, for example 78A is a soft type of wheel. This section will run through the different wheel codes so that you can recognise whether a product specification indicates it is soft or hard. 

  • Skatepark Wheels: Are lightweight and extremely hard. They roll perfectly on smooth surfaces and are great for doing tricks. The hardness range of skatepark wheels are 95A to 105A. This range refers to a hard wheel to a super hard wheel. Skatepark wheels don’t roll well on rough surfaces (e.g., a concrete pavement with cracks in) which is why skatepark surfaces are optimum. 
  • Cruiser Wheels: These types of wheels may also be referred to as ‘filmer wheels’. These wheels are a lot softer compared with skatepark wheels and have a better grip. The hardness range of cruiser wheels are 78A to 98A. This range refers to a soft wheel to a harder wheel approaching skatepark type. Cruiser wheels are better for street riding, however, longboard wheels are the best for riding on concrete pavements with cracks.
  • Longboard Wheels: Out of all types of wheels, longboard wheels are the softest. They have a great grip, ideal for using your board for travelling to places, such as enjoying the benefits of regular exercise on your way to work. They also make carving super smooth. The hardness range of longboard wheels ranges from 75A to 85A, the code referring to a softer wheel to a harder wheel. An 85A is still a relatively soft wheel. 

Length and Width

There are ample decent skateboards available to you ranging in type, wheel hardness and designs. However, another key aspect of a skateboard is the length and width. With each type of skateboard there is a range of length and width on offer. 

But, what do the different lengths and widths mean and how do you know which is best for you? Read on to learn more. 

The length of a skateboard refers to the distance between the top of the nose (front) and the tail (rear). Shorter skateboards range from 27”- 32”, with longboards being anything 32”+

The main factor affecting the length of your board is the type of board it is. A longer board is better for carving out big turns, good for travelling to places, helps riders control speed better and typically come with softer wheels to enhance grip. 

Selecting the correct width is arguably more important than the length of the board. Widths of board decks typically range from 7”- 8.5”

  • Narrow decks (7”- 7.5”) are better for youth riders that are smaller in height.
  • Medium decks (7.5”- 8”) are better for teenage or smaller adult riders who are riding in skateparks and/or doing tricks.
  • Wide decks (8”- 8.5”) are better for more cruiser boards. These may be used in skating pools and on the street for carving big turns.
  • The widest decks (8.5”+) are best for travelling longer distances, cruising and larger skate pools. 

Height and shoe size plays a significant role when deciding your deck width. You need to choose a deck that isn’t too wide or narrow for your feet. To help you better decide on the right deck, we’ve provided a graphic to indicate how your feet should fit onto the board. 

As for how wide the deck should be in terms of the height of the rider:

  • 4’6” or shorter: 7.25”-7.75” width board
  • 4’6” – 5’6”: 7.75” – 8” width board
  • 5’6” or taller: 8.0” – 8.5” width board 


The design of your skateboard may be an important factor for you. 

While you should always prioritise comfort and stability when choosing the right skateboard for you, the design of a board can be an exciting aspect of skateboard shopping.

There are various different designs that you can choose from varying in loud, colourful designs to more toned down and minimalistic. You might also choose to have a colour scheme that better represents you, or that matches with other kit.

Whatever your preference, there are countless skateboards out there that will tailor to your style. 


Beginner Guide to Street and Trick Skating 

There are so many good skateboards to choose from in this list as well as some tips and tricks of how to find the best type, length, width and wheel type for you. 

This next section will be a beginner guide on how to start street and/or trick skating once you’ve got your board. 

First and foremost, it’s encouraged to begin practicing street skating before doing tricks. It’s important to get to grips with keeping yourself stable when riding, learning about weight distribution to turn and how to speed up and slow down. 

It’s also encouraged to get protective equipment such as a helmet, knee and elbow pads when you’re learning to skate to protect you from injuring yourself. 

We’d also strongly recommend limbering up before skating, too. 

Street Skating

Start by trying to skate on grass. The rough terrain will ensure that you don’t skate off too quickly and risk injury. 

Position yourself on the board with your feet in a similar position to the image above that refers to the footing position. With your back foot, take it off the board and onto the ground and push through to accelerate the board forwards. Keep doing this until you feel confident before trying on a smoother surface. 

When you make this transition, you will be able to practice returning the pushing foot back onto the board to stay stable. 

To steer, you need to practice re-distributing your weight. Practice this on a stationary board or balance pad, to begin with. 

Stand tall on your board with your feet in the skating position. Slowly lean back slightly so that your body is no longer vertically straight, holding for 3 seconds. Return to the centre. Lean forwards slightly, again until your body is no longer vertically straight and hold for a further 3 seconds. 

Familiarising yourself with these movements will put you in good stead to practice steering. Once you feel confident, lightly push off your board on a smooth surface and begin to lean back and forth to steer.

Trick Skating 

As recommended when starting out with street skating, make sure you wear protective equipment such as a helmet, knee and elbow pads. It’s likely that when you start skating on the street or begin practicing tricks you will fall. 

When beginning trick skating, consider practising new tricks on grass. This is for three reasons. 

  • Firstly, if you start by practicing tricks on smooth surfaces like concrete, your board can easily run away from you if your footing is slightly off. By opting for grass means that your board will always remain near to you, reducing the amount that you need to go and fetch your board.
  • Secondly, grass provides a springy texture beneath your board. This will help you to perform certain tricks a little easier than you would on concrete. 
  • Thirdly, should you fall when practising tricks, it’s much better to land on grass than concrete as it is softer and has better shock absorption. Until you’re confident in your trick abilities, it’s encouraged to practice on grass first.

Another tip that you may want to consider before starting out tricks is to have knowledge of what type of trick you want to perform. Having an awareness of the steps required to complete the trick is important in preventing injury. 

Finally, you might wish to go and ask around at your local skatepark whether any of the more competent skaters could spare some time in teaching you how to perform some tricks. 

Many people will be more than happy to help out a fellow skater. Plus, this way you may get some additional tips on how to best perform certain tricks to make it easier for you. 

So, there we have everything that you need to know about the best skateboards on the market, what to look for in your ideal board as well as some tips on how to begin street/trick skating. 

The following section will outline some FAQs that you may be curious to know the answer to. Check them out! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can You Do Tricks on a Cruising Board?

Cruiser boards are specifically designed for cruising down streets and meandering through people. They’re great for travelling from A to B easily and efficiently, and provide a much quicker alternative to running on rainy days

If you’re looking for a board that does tricks, you’re better off with a double kick-board. There are loads of examples of these within this article for you to look at all ranging in price, size and design.

Additionally, if you’re wanting to find the best skateboard for cruising, we’ve outlined a few choices on our list that encompass different budgets and styles.

What Skateboard Deck is Best for Tricks?

If you’re wanting to find the best skateboard for tricks, then a shortboard will be best. 

The optimum width for a trick board is 7.75” – 8.25”. There are plenty of boards of this size in this list varying in price, size and design. You may also find that opting for a board with harder wheels is better for tricks. 

Longboards and cruisers are for street skating and are longer in length, making doing tricks more difficult, but ideal for travelling longer distances in greater comfort.

We’d strongly advise opting for a board that best suits what you’re hoping to achieve with it, your level of experience, and the kind of skater you are. Our list includes options to suit all skaters and ability levels, so it’s absolutely vital to browse thoroughly before committing to a board.

What Is the Most Popular Type of Skateboard?

The most popular type of skateboard is the Double Kick Skateboard. 

These types of boards are good for doing tricks with, using in skateparks and pools. They’re also smaller when compared with other types of boards such as longboards and most cruisers, which is beneficial for carrying the board around with you whenever you’re not riding.

However, just because the Double Kick is the most popular, doesn’t mean that it’s the best skateboard for you. If you’re wanting to use your board for travelling further distances and to carve out large turns, then a longboard may be best for you. 

Or, you might opt for a board that caters towards a specific trick or style of skating, such as street or park skateboarding, which may offer different features and 


Before You Go! 

With this article, we’ve covered the various types of skateboards on the market, and discussed some of the main differences in terms of wheels, length and width, as well as options for design and comfort features.

There are plenty of fresh designs to choose from to accommodate for your own taste whether that be loud, colourful designs to more toned down and minimalistic boards.

If you’re after the best but cheap skateboard out there, we’ve also covered some budget range options with some more high-end boards for when you build up your skill set. 

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